Sunday, May 01, 2016

For those of you who missed President Obama's performance last night at the WHCD, here it is in its entirety.

And here's part two. Overall I thought the President was pretty damn funny. Sure we have seen better jokes in the past, but I somehow doubt we will see better ones in the future.

I personally thought some of his Hillary barbs were a harsh, but then again he did make this joke:
His crack about Bernie Sanders making distance from him not being hoe comrades treat each other was pretty good as well.

And then of course that video with John Boehner was brilliant. 

I hope he was never thinking of seeking another job in Republican politics again.

My biggest takeaway from the night was just how muhc I am going to miss this man, and how I am becoming more an more convinced that he is virtually irreplaceable.

I mean sure Hillary will be a good President, I really don't doubt that.

But there will never be another Barack Obama.

And that's just a damn shame.


  1. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Someone who appears to have walked away basically unscathed from this event would be VP Joe Biden. If you watched his interaction prior to the dinner Biden appeared to be the host of the event working the room. I still hold out hope that Hillary will select him for her VP
    and that he would accept.
    I watch Larry Wilmore several times a week and have seen much better material than presented last night.

    1. Anonymous7:30 AM

      I hold out hope she'll select Obama as her VP. :)


    2. 66gardeners8:51 AM

      I'm convinced we will be seeing more of President Obama in his capacity as a superb community organizer.

    3. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Mildred, wouldn't that be something?! I doubt he would accept though.

      He will be fun to follow as I'm sure he'll do great things that will be positive and beneficial for the people of our country.

  2. Sharon6:29 AM

    I feel like crying....yeah I am going thru Obama withdrawal myself. This wasn't the funniest year but the last part with Boehner was hilarious, esp the smoking. There is no one to fill his shoes but having a woman president is gonna help. Hillary does pretty well in the humor dept, if you ever saw her SNL skit. I feel like we are getting a 2 fer with Bill and all the world leaders know them both. Hillary isn't gonna be naive when it comes to the Congress, there will not be a honeymoon and she knows the Senate. My only hope is every lazy asshole citizen votes and Trump goes down in a blaze of glory and we take back the Senate. Considering all the voter suppression we will need everyone to vote.

    1. Anonymous7:12 AM

      I don't know that I agree with "lazy asshole citizen" because OF voter suppression.

      I have never seen such a messed up election in my life and,in my mind, it IS because of President Obama. There is no replacing him.

      I hope Drumpf gets pummeled if only to watch the pee pond wail and clutch their prayer beads.

    2. Anonymous10:41 AM

      I think we are going to see a major changeover in the U.S. Congress (to majority blue) as well as in the Alaska Legislature!

      I personally can hardly wait to help get the voters out and to educate them in the badly needed change!

      Republicans have screwed up the nation horribly ('do nothing' Congress and obstruction) as they have in Alaska (spent too much money and put us deeply in the red!).

  3. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Thanks for posting this, Gryph! I wasn’t able to watch it last night so I appreciate the videos.

  4. Anonymous6:59 AM

    The barbs at Clinton weren't a surprise. The Obamas can't stand the Clintons.

    1. Anonymous8:50 AM

      You are mistaken, sir. They are friends now; they have been ever since Hillary went to work for him for 4 years. The President had to make jabs at both Democratic candidates or he couldn't make fun of The GOP.

    2. Anonymous8:54 AM

      keep telling yourself that tool

    3. Anonymous10:24 AM

      You're sadly mistaken if you believe the Clintons and Obamas are friends. Especially Michelle Obama still loathes Hillary for what she said during the 2008 campaign. Obama had Clinton in his cabinet for the same reason Lincoln had Seward and Chase: keep your enemies close/put them on your team so they can't undermine you from outside. Last night he mocked her campaign roughly while softly digging Sanders. Only the most blinkered Clinton fan would fail to recognize Obama doesn't support Clinton the way anonymous insiders claim after he said that military intervention in Libya and overthrowing Gaddafi - what Clinton calls one of her chief accomplishments as Sec of State - was his most regrettable mistake.

    4. Anonymous10:35 AM

      The Clintons and Obamas are a great foursome!

      Won't it be wonderful watching President Hillary and President Bill arrive at the White House in 2017? We can all view the welcome ceremony by President and Mrs. Obama for the smooth transfer of power?

      Two very dynamic couples to say the least!

    5. Anonymous12:59 PM


      Silly. You believe that nonsense. Bless your heart.

    6. Anonymous1:44 PM

      6:59, 10:24 Read it and weep as Michelle calls Hillary a phenomenal woman! You're not in 2008 anymore!

  5. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Obama roasts the media, RNC and, of course, Trump at annual dinner

    The president delivers his final address at the 102nd annual White House Correspondents' Dinner.

    Behind the scenes on the White House Correspondents' Dinner red carpet

    POLITICO photographer M. Scott Mahaskey gives readers a unique look at the red carpet at Saturday's White House Correspondents' Dinner.

    The White House Correspondents' Dinner pre-parties

    Journalists, politicians, actors, entertainers and glitterati descended on Washington D.C. Friday for the frenetic festivities leading up to the White House Correspondents' Dinner, in the kick-off to the D.C. political and media world's annual showpiece event. Here are a selection of the best entrances, party snacks, famous faces and breathtaking backdrops.

  6. Anonymous6:59 AM

    There will never be another one like President Obama. I am grateful that he happened in my lifetime, but his legend and legacy will only grow in future generations.

  7. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Obama's top 10 jokes at the correspondents' dinner

    Read more:

  8. Anonymous7:01 AM

    '''I mean sure Hillary will be a good President, I really don't doubt that.

    But there will never be another Barack Obama.'''
    I agree. There never will be. Also there never will be another first lady like Michelle Obama. Both of them are just awesome. I am SO proud to have had them as our president and first lady.
    I will miss them so much.

    1. Anonymous7:28 AM

      Totally agree with you 7:01. They are a rare team that I'm afraid we'll never see the likes of again. A combination of brains, humility, sense of humor and humanity, and of course beauty.


    2. Anonymous8:50 AM

      Love them both!

    3. Anonymous10:30 AM

      Me too!

      So hope they return to Alaska sometime after he has completed his second term as POTUS.

      I know Hawaii will be his first destination, but he knows Alaskans will give them another warm welcome!

      I'd love giving he and Michelle Eskimo kisses!

  9. Anonymous7:08 AM

    @Sharon 6:29 AM

    '''Hillary isn't gonna be naive when it comes to the Congress, there will not be a honeymoon and she knows the Senate. '''
    President Obama didn't have a honeymoon either. Right after he was elected, BEFORE he was even inaugurated, the Repubs were talking about making him fail.

    1. Anonymous8:55 AM

      nobody said Obama got a honeymoon

    2. Anonymous10:23 AM

      It has been an outstanding pleasure watching President Obama screw with the Republicans and win!!!

      We are going to miss him, but I do look forward to voting for Hillary Clinton and watching her take the oath in January 2017!

  10. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Larry Wilmore Gets Mixed Reviews For Nerd Prom Roast

  11. Anonymous7:23 AM

  12. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Clintonism screwed the Democrats: How Bill, Hillary and the Democratic Leadership Council gutted progressivism

    1. You're wasting your time posting links to Salon to change anybody's opinion here.

      They have shown themselves to be more anti-Hillary than most Right Wing outlets. And they are also playing a little fast and lose with the truth right now.

    2. Anonymous7:53 AM

      The people who gutted progressivism are progressives who stay home for virtually all elections and only jump on some bandwagon every 4-8 years.

    3. Anonymous8:51 AM


    4. Anonymous8:57 AM

      "people who gutted progressivism are progressives who stay home for virtually all elections and only jump on some bandwagon every 4-8 years"

      AKA berniebros

    5. Anonymous10:57 AM

      "progressives who stay home for virtually all elections and only jump on some bandwagon every 4-8 years."

      And gave us Republican governors who perfected the art of gerrymandering, insuring GOP wins on local, state and federal levels. They, in turn, gave us voter suppression, government shutdowns, anti-LBGT laws, right to work legislation, laws that cut services to the poor, minorities and women, decimation of access to women's health care, and the most obstructive and least effective Congress in history.

      EVERY election is an important one!

  13. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Republicans Regret Their Deal With “Lucifer” As Ted Cruz Burns The GOP To The Ground

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM


  14. Anonymous7:28 AM

    And look how well his lovely daughter is turing out, unlike, well, we won't stink up the thread with 'her' name...

    Malia Obama To Attend Harvard University

  15. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Sunday that President Obama "did a nice job" at his last White House Correspondents' Dinner.

    Obama had a couple jokes at Trump's expense. "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace played a couple of them for Trump, including one gag that Trump would be good at foreign policy because he had met with "Miss Sweden" and "Miss Argentina" and that he could successfully close Guantanamo Bay because he had experience running waterfront properties into the ground.

    Trump responded that he has "the best waterfront properties in the world so I don't even know what he's talking about."

    Trump said he didn't attend the event, but that his children did. Wallace again asked Trump for his reaction to the jokes.

    "Well, I think it was fine. It's a comedy. It's fine. I thought he did a nice job, it was good," Trump said. "I wasn't there. But I thought he did a nice job."

  16. Anonymous7:43 AM

    I can take Larry Wilmore in small doses. I usually appreciate the points he tries to make, but I don't always like the way he makes them. Last night's performance was mostly cringe-worthy to me throughout. Like the MSNBC guy said at the end of it, Larry must have wanted to make sure that was his first and last time to address that group.


    1. Anonymous8:26 AM

      Same here. He was horrid.

    2. Anonymous10:18 AM

      Disagree! Thought he made the people in the audience squirm like crazy! Plus, there was a lot of the black card played which also made them (majority white!) very uncomfortable.

      Loved seeing all the black folks in attendance at the function though, which we'll probably not see again unless we have another black POTUS.

      We are going to miss President Obama and First Lady Michelle. They are a class act and he's done such an outstanding job!

      No one has mentioned Joe Biden and his attendance at the function last night. He seemed to me to be all about Joe and worked the crowd thoroughly. I was surprised he didn't show more of a connection to President Obama - even when President Obama spoke directly about him so kindly.

    3. Anonymous1:47 PM

      Joe gave the Prez a thumbs up when mentioned! He was escorting Helen Mirren. He was busy!

  17. Anonymous8:31 AM

    I enjoyed watching Larry Wilmore burn so many big names, even Obama himself. I enjoyed even more watching the big names cringe and wiggle in their seats, even Obama. The jester's the only one who gets to tell the truth in the king's court and Wilmore played the role well.

  18. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Was Sarah Palin's invitation lost in the mail? No Bristol? How about the pre or after parties, where Sarah spilled food all over her jacket and wore shoes that were three sizes too big? Those were the days when Sarah was Somebody.

  19. Anonymous9:46 AM

    If you want to know how the Art of the Deal gets dealt, here are some stories about how Trump saved millions in taxes on his hotel/condo combination in Chicago.
    (That's 11.7 million dollars in taxes that he saved).

    It's not a new story. It was covered before.

    The National Review wrote about his tax dealings too.

  20. Anonymous1:16 PM

    My opinion is that Obama had too much truth on his side in his remarks and obvious humour was in light doses compared to years past. He seemed to convey his disappointment and disdain about this election cycle giving Trump so much coverage when the office of POTUS ought to be serious business. When he added "I hope you are proud of yourself" he seemed to be putting responsibility on the press and newscasters that Trump is the front runner.

    I respect Obama even more for using this opportunity to leave some parting words voicing his opinions and closing remarks upholding the importance of truth and true facts to uphold democracy.

    I loved the short film with John Boehner. Truth even softened with jokes indeed induced discomfort throughout.

  21. Anonymous1:48 PM

    The bit with Boehner was true genius!

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Yes, it was :)

  22. Anonymous2:23 PM

    This President Saved The Country From An Economic Disaster. When Will The Country Thank Him?

  23. Anonymous3:01 PM

    No U.S. President has been a better comedian than Barack Obama. It’s really that simple.

    ...Presidents typically play it safe at the dinner. You can never go wrong with self-deprecating jokes; they make you more likable. But Obama rejected this approach. Instead, he has used the chance to filet his rivals. It’s like a comedic version of Game of Thrones, but instead of gouging out people’s eyes, Obama kills with punchlines.

    And it’s not just the material. Obama has a comedian’s understanding of timing. Last year, I had the chance to tell him so in person. He paused just long enough, and then responded: “I know.”

  24. Anonymous4:02 PM

    LOL...Paul Ryan is not an option!

  25. Anita Winecooler4:50 PM

    Thanks, Gryphen, for including these, I happened to be one of those who missed it. I'm going to miss President Obama and Joe Biden. How these dinners usually go, this one was kind of bittersweet. I'm grateful for all this man has done. His older daughter got accepted to Harvard, and I think that's part of his decision to stay in DC a few more years. Yeah, his jokes were a little off, but he was still good. I noticed Joy Behar in the audience, can't wait to hear her take on being there. I literally laughed with his mention of "death panels".
    Hey, Mr President, sir. I got a great blog suggestion for your couch commander days.
    The best part?
    Trump declined to go, sent Don jr and Eric to represent, hey, free dinner!!!!!


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