Saturday, May 28, 2016

Just another glimpse into Donald Trump's America.

Courtesy of Raw Story:  

In a video posted to Twitter by AJPlus, weekend warriors in Texas explain that they will be using bullets dipped in pigs blood or smeared with bacon’ grease when the time comes to stop the “Arab uprising” they believe will overrun their state. 

In the video, one unidentified militia member explains the importance of using pork-dipped bullets. 

“A lot of us here are using either pig’s blood or bacon grease on our bullets, ” he explains, adding, “So that when you shoot a Muslim they go straight to hell. That’s what they believe in their religion.” 

Added another militia member, “Don’t f*ck with white people,” before showing off his shooting prowess with a shotgun.

Putting pig's blood on bullets, now where would they get a ridiculous idea like that?

Oh yeah, that's right:

Presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Saturday resurrected an apparent hoax story about Muslims being executed with bullets “dipped in pig’s blood.” 

What a bunch of redneck inbred douchenozzles.

In other news just yesterday Donald Trump's appearance in California, you know the same one that Sarah Palin dragged her Down syndrome child and still convalescing husband to, was met by a rather large crowd of very agitated protesters:

Those awaiting Donald Trump’s arrival in San Diego on Friday were mostly peaceful. But once he gave his speech and left, small fights broke out in the streets outside the Convention Center among crowds of supporters and protesters, and police in riot gear ended up massing to drive the crowds from the area. 

In one clash near Harbor Drive, thrown items hit people in the head, and several small street fights erupted in the same area, as the environment outdoors became tense when anti-Trump crowds started to mix with his supporters just before 5 p.m. 

San Diego police declared an unlawful assembly in the Gaslamp Quarter due to violence about 4:40 p.m., announcing in Spanish and English that people needed to disperse. Officers with riot gear were moving among the crowd. 

Several people were also throwing plastic bottles, some that hit police officers, near Petco Park on L Street between 5th and 6th avenues. Also nearby, someone grabbed a man's "Make America Great Again" hat and burned it.

So on the one side we have heavily armed dipshits practicing to kill Muslims in this country, and on the other side a much larger group of brown skinned Americans who see a Donald Trump presidency as a very real danger to their safety and the safety of their families.

I think at this point it is legitimate to ask if America has any hope of even surviving a Donald Trump presidency?

I think you know my answer.


  1. Anonymous4:40 PM

    The saddest thing - people celebrating their ignorance with guns. And who are they to say someone is going to hell? I thought that only their God could make that determination. Maybe their God will determine that they should go to hell, instead of making my life hell with their stupidity and intolerance. Please.

  2. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Right, Donald, straight out of Exodus 12:7.

    Then they are to take some of the blood and put it on the sides and tops of the doorframes of the houses where they eat the lambs.

    Yeah, Donald, of course that happened. FOOL.

    1. Anonymous6:03 PM

      Meant as bullets dripped in pigs' blood.
      Straight out of the Palin handbook.

    2. Anonymous6:12 PM

      Donald Trump = Orange Foolious

    3. Anonymous6:00 AM

      Or the Sepoy Rebellion. Google how well that turned out.

  3. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Trump (and previously Palin) brought the knuckle dragging bigots out into the bright light. There are way too many of these ignorant idiots. It's a disturbing reality.

  4. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Latest twitter from the mouth -

    "Does President Obama ever discuss the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor while he's in Japan? Thousands of American lives lost. "

    What an ignorant sick twister vindictive hater he is - and sadly there are far too many who think just like him.

    I presume he will refrain from making comments about Nazis and the holocaust should a visit to Germany occur given the fact that there were probably Drumpfs in the service of the fuhrer no doubt.

    1. Anonymous6:00 AM

      Oh, sure, what brilliant advice! The President of the United States, while visiting our ally Japan, should lecture his host about the incident that that took place 80 years ago, ending in a defeat for them. This idiot can't even SPELL diplomacy, let alone define it.

    2. Anonymous10:46 AM

      No loss of life should be trivialized, and anyone who has visited the USS Arizona Memorial is forever changed by the experience.

      However, about 2,400 military personnel and civilians were killed at Pearl Harbor while some estimates of the death toll in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are ONE HUNDRED TIMES that number.

      Both sides caused unimaginable pain to the other, and the best we can do is learn from it and vow to never let it happen again.

  5. Of course, there would be no trace of blood or grease on the round by the time it got to it's intended target. Besides, while the Quran bans the consumption of pork there is no penalty for simply coming into contact with it, or being shot by it.

    1. Anonymous2:32 AM

      Wouldn't the grease/blood be contaminated, as it wouldn't be refridgerated? It's not like these mental giants would wash their hands or anything after touching a contaminated bullet. bet they go make themselves a sandwich afterwards with those filthy hands.

      But then again, bacteria didn't exist in their buybull. Or the laws of nature concerning DNA.

  6. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Ok is this for real? Bristol hit by a semi.She spent night with Dakota this weekend and
    WTF is Limpy she meets in dark?

    1. Anonymous6:24 PM

      I don't know about this- but here is a working link

    2. Anonymous6:27 PM

      Nothing found on this.

      Name of witness Eileen Ulick, (say it: I lean you lick?)


    3. Anonymous6:39 PM


    4. Anonymous7:06 PM

      It's a satire site you idiots!

    5. Anonymous7:10 PM

      W#hat? Did she get rear ended?!

    6. Anonymous8:54 PM

      I'll bet she liked it, 7:10 PM.

    7. Anonymous4:36 AM


      She was hit by a semi 9 years ago. Has the Peterbillt emblem on her ass to prove it. A peter built her.

  7. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Donald DRUMPF FAIL!

    Judge acknowledges Donald Trump's attacks, unseals files in Trump U suit

    "A federal judge blasted by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Friday has taken note of the fact that Trump isn't happy with the way the judge is handling lawsuits over alleged fraud by the Trump University real estate seminar program."

    Also too the "mexican" judge born in Indiana apparently wasn't happy with Drumpf! All that stuff under seal? BWAHAHAAAHAHHA

    "Defendant became the front-runner for the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential race, and has placed the integrity of these court proceedings at issue," Curiel said in an order unsealing a series of internal Trump University documents that Trump's lawyers asked be kept from the public."


    Pay attention Sarah. Some things are just plain stupid. Such as pissing on the judge hearing your case.

    1. Anonymous10:38 PM

      Trump is only running to get out of this case. A guilty verdict is his Titanic. He'll forever be known as a fraud and he doesn't want that title.

    2. Anonymous7:34 AM

      Trump Goes On Insane Racist Rant Against American Born Trump U Case Judge

      I can't wait until he loses Trump U scam.

      I was watching the repeat of the Bernie Maddoff movie last night, the whole time I kept thinking this sounds just like Scammer Donnie.

      I bet Donnie's tax returns are a real interesting read.

  8. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Never in the history of America have we had a Presidential candidate that not only eggs violence on but promotes it.

    Nazi Germany references are not that crazy.

    Gather all the angry and promise them the world, better jobs and more pay and blame Hispanics or Muslims or any other bad guy but don't blame corporate America who's profits are never enough.

    Trump is corporate America. The greedy the born with a silver spoon who has never known a hardship in hie entire like.

    Fuck you Trump and fuck Palin the whore who is a low class sell out turning her screeching voice and her po dunk family into a for sale sign.White trash has suddenly found their voice in Palin who claims to be a Christian but never lives it.

    And she speaks for all the losers out there who have messed up families and never took responsibility for it. Suddenly it was ok to have a Daughter that is an unmarried slut and dumb as a box of rocks. Suddenly it's ok if your son is a woman beater. She is the hero for white trash. A hero for every failed Parent who's ambition superseded their first priority which should have been their children and that children's future.

    That a leader does not make.Her kids are failures in their relationships and can't live without Mommy's money. Am i going to blame Sarah all on her own? No! Todd is a payed for wuss sitting on his ass since 2008! That guy lost his manhood a long time ago and stays with the crazy bitch for the money.

    1. Anonymous7:48 PM

      And there you have it.
      The plaintiff rests her case.

  9. Anonymous8:16 PM

    OT: Dump dRumpf>

  10. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Donald Trump supporters bring to mind the 70's movie deliverance where those moonshiners are raping ned beaty's character and making him squeal like a pig. Holy shit, that's what we have to look forward to if Donald Trump wins. Mama!

  11. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Whatever. They will shoot each other or get shot by their toddlers before ISIS ever comes to Texas.

  12. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Damn, I never knew there were so many ignorant inbreds! They must multiply like rabbits..Trump and Palin just invoke violence.

  13. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Today at about 2:30 pm, Trump tweeted about Pres Obama being in Japan. He used a present-tense "does" and "is" phrasing referring to the pres as if he were in Japan still. But the pres had flown back the day before. Anyone interested would have known this, and you'd think a presidential candidate would. Obama was in Asia for the G7 summit and he stopped at Hiroshima's memorial on his last day, yet the GOP idiots keep referring to the trip having been an "apology tour." And on top of this, today Trump was trying to lie, as usual, and stir up stuff by making it sound as though Obama was spending Memorial Day weekend in Japan. I really hate Trump. Everything he says and dies is ugly. Last night I wondered if many people out there kinda wish that Trump would have a heart attack. I googled "Trump heart attack" and it was great seeing a twitter page dedicated to comments about that orange lump of fat having a heart attack. Yes, I know real hear attacks are serious things.

  14. Anonymous3:12 AM

    And Canada won't take in Americans who feel threatened by this creep.

  15. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Google Sepoy Rebellion.

    1. Sarah8:21 AM

      I'll tell the Diaper to do it!

  16. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Wanna bet Little Donnie tried to make a business deal with some Muslims in the past and they got the best of him, now he is "getting his revenge".

  17. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Actually, this practice goes back much farther, to when the British ruled India. The cartridges at that time had to be greased and there was a rumor the British were using lard. That way when the Muslim shooters were required to "bite the bullet" to load their guns, they refused.

  18. Anita Winecooler3:17 PM

    Take guns out of the equation, and these nimrods would lose in a fair fight. Trump is the Alpha dog to this pack mentality, and deserves whatever Karma tosses his way. The man's a con artist, using other people's information on Trump U applications to set up his own ponzi scheme. Where's your birth certificate and Tax Returns?
    This is why it's important for us to gotv.


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