Saturday, May 14, 2016

Nevada Democratic convention erupts as Bernie Sanders supporters demand recount.

Courtesy of The Hill: 

Tensions were high at the Democratic convention in Nevada Saturday, with Bernie Sanders supporters demanding delegate recounts, booing Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and causing other disruptions, according to local media reports. 

Sanders supporters were angry over a voice vote that adopted a set of temporary convention rules as the permanent rules, according to the Las Vegas Sun. 

And supporters also reacted angrily to the count of delegates attending the convention, which put Clinton at an advantage. 

There were also reports that a female Clinton supporter was knocked unconscious by a Bernie Sanders supporter, but the video posted is lacking in detail.

Apparetnly things were not much calmer up here in Alaska:

Internal strife rocked the Alaska Democratic Party on Friday as it headed into its three-day state convention, with some members of the party that heavily favor Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton protesting the convention by planning an alternative event Saturday night. 

“Alaska voters are an independent people and they don’t want to be told what to do,” said Ed Cullinane, a member of the state central committee from an Anchorage House district. 

The anti-convention event at the Egan Civic and Convention Center comes because Florida congresswoman and Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz plans to give the keynote speech at the convention in Anchorage Saturday, Cullinane said. 

Alaskan Democrats gave Sanders 81.6 percent of their support in the March caucus. Many believe Wasserman Schultz has limited debates and unfairly allocated resources to give Clinton a boost, he said. 

“A lot of us feel that Debbie Wasserman Schultz has displayed very unethical behavior,” he said.

They do realize that holding their own unsanctioned anti-convention does not really help them to elect delegates right?

Is anybody else getting a weird Ron Paul deja vu out all of this?


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Fuck this chickenshit woman!
    Roberta Gustave Lange, a Clinton supporter and Chair of the Democratic State Party, changed the rules without a 2/3rds majority quorum, which are listed HERE:
    And because she illegally changed the rules, again, without a legal quorum and thus NO AUTHORITY to do so, Clinton has now won the 3rd tier of the Nevada election.
    This is extraordinarily illegal behavior. It is actually election fraud, by every definition of the term. You do not flout rules like this in these settings; this is literally a violation of basic Democratic procedure.

    1. Anonymous5:12 PM

      Who are citing? Reporter Jon Ralston tells a different story.

    2. Anonymous5:13 PM

      Finally tally - Hillary wins NV.

    3. Anonymous5:45 PM

      Nope. Sanders delegates didn't understand the rules.

    4. Anonymous5:55 PM

      Bernie Sanders Math is and interesting new branch of science.

      It's very interesting watching the Trump supporters trying so hard to get Bernie Sanders the nom, isn't it?

    5. Anonymous6:49 PM

      Fuck you Bernie supporters that don't understand the party process. This isn't a one year or 6 months thing, this is a 4 YEARS thing.
      These votes are brought up from all around this great nation and voted on t every level before receiving a vote at the state level.
      Bernie the Independent chose to run under the Democratic Party platform.
      Every issue is brought up to vote on at ea h level and then up to the state level( democracy in action) Some of these things being voted on have taken 4 yrs to be brought to the state party level.
      Now I do realize that many of Bernie's supporters don't quite understand how the system works ( The system Bernie chose freely to run under)but it is run under the "Roberts Rules of Order: ( ou can find that online or in your local library)
      In an adult event tantrums are not looked upon very well so grow the F up.
      As an adult citizen, and an adult old enough to partake in our political system it would be wise to understand that system before whining and stomping your feet.
      I, personally, have seen issues voted on at the Nat'l level that have come from very rural, very small town areas and have come up all the way to the top.
      But as now voting adults, you also have to realize sometimes you lose. Maybe you were raised your whole life with "participation trophies" instead of being taught that sometimes you lose but that is just life.
      Tantrums, stomping your feet, having a hissy fit is never going to change the end results.

    6. Anonymous7:16 PM

      6:49, you need to thank Bernie for running as a fucking Democrat. Otherwise, his supporters would be voting third party Independent come November and Trump would be President! So, stop your constant bullshit whining about Independent Bernie running as a Democrat and face the reality that Hillary will become President ONLY because he didn't run Independent! Ignoramus!

    7. Anonymous8:17 PM

      @ anon 7:16 pm
      Bernie the hack could have run as an Independent and it wouldn't change a darned thing. Bernie is a loser, always has been a loser and can flail his tiny hands until he dies a loser.

    8. Anonymous8:40 PM

      He rode in on Clinton's coat tails. If he had been running against her in the Dem primary, he never would have this many supporters. Bernie said as much, himself.

    9. Anonymous9:35 PM

      8.17 You're right. He's lazy and has achieved nothing for himself and nothing for America.

      I don't know why he is trying to start a new career as POTUS in his dotage- unless it's Mrs Bernie Sanders completely focusing on her own financial future behind the run that was never meant to lead anywhere.

    10. Looks like the Bernie campaign machine has screwed its Alaska supporters who wanted to be able to be considered to be delegate representatives in Philadelphia.

      At the Alaska Democratic Party caucuses in March Democrats voted on how many of Alaska’s 16 allocable delegates each presidential contender should get. Bernie Sanders, with 81% of the vote, was awarded 13 Alaska delegates.

      Many Sanders backing caucus goers stuck around after the caucus itself in order to run to be a delegate from their local district to the state convention, and if they won, put their name in contention to be one of the 13 Sanders delegates at the national convention.
      Many of those Sanders supporting delegates were blindsided in the past week when they were informed the Sanders campaign has decided to take advantage of the provisions of Rule 12 of the party’s Delegate Selection Plan under which national campaigns can effectively veto the names of those who are eligible to represent Sanders as delegates at the national convention.
      Of the 270 Bernie supporters going to the state convention who indicated they were interested in going to the national convention only 48 were approved.
      “The problem is the Sanders campaign plays as if they are come with a higher calling, but they are doing the things they accuse the DNC and the Hillary campaign of doing, and now they are doing it.”

  2. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Ron Paul?

    You mean the sole guy who stood up to his whole party against the Iraq war? The guy who is very outspoken against unecessary foreign intervention? The guy who spoke very plainly about the failed drug war and the toll it has taken on our own citizens as well as in other countries?

    Yeah, what a nut right?

    1. Anonymous5:11 PM

      The racist Ron Paul? Yeah. Him.

    2. Anonymous5:33 PM

      What party? He was never a Democrat until he wanted to use them.

    3. Anonymous5:47 PM

      The guy who wants to take away reproductive freedom? Not just a nut.

    4. Anonymous5:52 PM

      That is a bullshit smear 5:11.

    5. Maple6:47 PM

      Uhhh, I seem to recall a fair amount of racist comments in Ron Paul's newsletters, all of which came to light in 2012. Not to mention Rand Paul publicly stating he'd be just fine with vendors having the right to refuse service to African Americans.

    6. Anonymous6:56 PM

      You mean Ron Paul that retired with over 25 million from "failed" presidential campaigns and is still laughing? Yeah, I know him, he lives 8 miles down the road from me.

    7. Anonymous7:06 PM

      5:52 - no it's not, Google Ron Paul racist newsletter.

    8. Anonymous7:11 PM

      Oh, 5:52 -

    9. Anonymous7:47 PM

      Republican racist goldbug anti-choicer Ron Paul? It's telling that Sanders supporters would admire him.

    10. Anonymous12:27 PM

      @6:56 PM:

      "You mean Ron Paul that retired with over 25 million from "failed" presidential campaigns and is still laughing? Yeah, I know him, he lives 8 miles down the road from me."

      Since when is being a con-artist noble? If I could make millions of dollars off dumb motherfuckers like you, by running FAILED presidential campaigns, I'd be laughing all the way to the bank, too.

  3. Caroll Thompson5:08 PM

    Clinton/Warren 2016. Bernie who?

  4. Anonymous5:10 PM

    When I have the same visceral reaction to some Bernie supporters as I do to the far right, then I'm gonna trust my gut and say it is coming from the same place. I started out as a Bernie supporter, and while I dislike Hillary for many reasons, Trump is worse than Bernie. I can't deal with the unrelenting misogyny which, as a woman, I know will affect all areas of my life. If it looks like misogyny and acts like misogyny, I'm gonna trust my gut and switch my vote. After two elections where I was able to vote FOR a candidate, I now find myself once again voting for the evil of the lessers in an effort to protect a tattered remnant of my hard won civil rights.

    1. Anonymous5:27 PM

      Bernie is getting the republican treatment, how does it feel? Democrats cheat and lie, MSM covering for their champion. They aren't covering this now, but they can parade a 25 year old scratchy recording of Trump around for days. I was once a democrat until I became aware.

    2. Anonymous5:51 PM

      5:10 - Hillary is not evil. But I agree that we must vote for her to maintain our civil rights, because Trump is a fascist and a pathological liar!

    3. Anonymous5:52 PM

      Nobody cares about your pity party. Slamming a woman and then saying you're afraid of misogynists? Fuck you.

    4. Anonymous6:26 PM

      Bravo, 5:52!

    5. Anonymous7:10 PM

      Quite the charmer, aren't you, 5:52. I hope you are knocking on doors for Hillary.
      Sanders 2016

    6. Anonymous8:48 PM

      Excuse me?! Because I'm a woman, I have to vote for a woman or be called a misogynist, 5:52 PM? Not the OP of who you're going off on, but that's just stupid.

    7. Anonymous9:16 PM

      8.48 you need reading comprehension lessons if you're going to comment on other peoples' discussions. Suggest you read the original post more carefully- if you're able.

    8. Anonymous12:38 PM

      @5:27 PM,

      Shut the fuck up. You're projecting. All republicans ever do is cheat, and lie.

      So, the MSM can't parade out a "sketchy" 25 year-old recording of Donald Trump, but it's o.k. when Donald Trump, and the MSM parade out Bill Clinton's baggage from 25 years ago, even though Bill Clinton isn't running for president? Typical republican hypocrisy. You people don't think the rules ever apply to you!

      FYI, what the MSM is doing to Donald Trump is called VETTING, asshole. And, it's only going to get to worse. Deal with it!

  5. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Ron Paul's army IS Bernie's crowd. That's why his rallies are so well attended and why his campaign is so troubled and why his acolytes are so troublesome.

    And of course they'd take a crack a the AK Democrats after what the did to the Republicans.

  6. Anonymous5:53 PM

    lol 5.27 "once a Democrat", you probably have trouble spelling your own name.

  7. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Jesus Gryphen, are you channeling Jan Brady or what?
    "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!"
    This is getting old.

    1. Know whats getting old? You whining every time gryphen voices his opinion about on sanders on HIS blog. If you really have this big a problem with it, go away and start your own blog.

    2. Anonymous8:49 PM

      Then go away.
      It really is that simple, 5:59 PM.

    3. Anonymous8:33 AM

      5:59, EXACTLY! I guess some of us Bernie supporters don't like it when Hillary's people cheat. If she wins honestly, oh well, but when they cheat right in front of our fucking faces, we have a right to get pissed off. Any you guys telling us to go away, we came here looking for Palin's downfall, not to be insulted and preached to about how fucking awesome Hillary is.

    4. Anonymous12:50 PM

      @8:33 AM:

      Hillary Clinton didn't fucking cheat! Hillary Clinton doesn't need to cheat. Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by almost 3 million popular votes, states won, and delegates won--and that's doesn't include super-delegates. Hillary Clinton's supporters don't need to cheat. Bernie Sanders has more reason to cheat, because he's LOSING.

      It's not Hillary Clinton's supporters' fault that Bernie-bots don't know, or care about the rules, just like it's not Hillary supporters' fault, you "independents" think you're too damn special to register with a political party, and weren't allowed to vote in the New York democratic primary!

      But, you people don't think the rules, apply to you anyway, right? So, who cares?

      REAL democrats are sick of the "holier than thou" bullshit, coming from you Bernie supporters. You aren't entitled, and the democratic party doesn't owe Bernie Sanders, and his supporters, anything! Bernie Sanders isn't a democrat, and neither are the majority of his supporters!

      Stop trying to high-jack the democratic party, and go start your own stinking party! Go the hell away!

  8. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Ugh, why are his supporters such a-holes?

    1. Anonymous8:34 AM

      Most of them are not. It's just the Hillary camp looking for those few dicks who can't control themselves. She plays dirty. Can't say I want her as President but she's at least a tiny bit better than Trump.

    2. Anonymous12:56 PM

      @8:34 AM:

      Can't you Hillary-haters take off your freaking blinders, for once? Bernie Sanders is the one playing dirty.

      Bernie Sanders is the reason his rabid supporters believe the democratic party is "corrupt," and has "rigged" the primary.

      Guess who told them that? Bernie Sanders did. Bernie Sanders plays dirty.

  9. Anonymous6:15 PM

    As an Alaskan, I support and will vote for Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders is not qualified to be POTUS! There is no comparison between he and Hillary! She comes out on top by a long shot!

  10. Anita Winecooler6:18 PM

    We're going to be seeing more and more like this. That old math and new math are hard to reconcile. Then add the delegate and superdelegate concept,and all heck will break loose.

  11. Anonymous6:58 PM

    You can be sure she listens to Fox Noise.

    Angry Bible-waving mom screams at Target customers

    A mother who was apparently angered over Target’s vow to allow transgender customers to use bathrooms and fitting rooms that correspond to their gender identity went marching through a store while waving a Bible.

    A video of the woman’s loud protest was posted to YouTube. The woman was not named but appears to have her family in tow.

    1. Anonymous7:55 PM

      A mother of 12? Talk about satanic.

    2. Anonymous2:07 AM

      I bet she wants a TLC show.

  12. I'm betting that some of those "Berniebros", are really planted Republiclowns.

    1. Anonymous7:20 PM

      Maybe some, but not most.

    2. Anonymous7:50 PM

      @Patti 7:04 PM

      '''I'm betting that some of those "Berniebros", are really planted Republiclowns.'''


    3. Anonymous8:42 PM

      These were Sanders' Nevada delegates, not planted Republicans.

    4. Anonymous9:10 PM

      More and more with every primary. There's nothing else for them to do and who wouldn't want to join the Paul brigade in trying to destroy the Democratic Party and then the Republican Party?

  13. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Focus Group Of Women Rip Hillary Clinton: 'Corrupt, Liar, Deceiver, Opportunist'

    "In an anti-establishment year, Independents might actually decide the election. Traditionally independents have voted along the side they've been leaning on, but this year we're seeing a lot of anomalies like the rise of Trump and Sanders. Plus, the polling data we do have is incredibly biased towards older voters due to the landline / mobile phone gap. What if the information we have is missing a crucial shift within voter psychology?
    If the Independents actually decide the candidate this year, then party loyalty wouldn't go too far. Let's assume that every single registered Democrat will vote for Secretary Clinton - it still wouldn't matter. Combined the GOP and the Democrats are 26% and 36% of the voting aged population. 46% of the population - and rising - comes under the category of people who don't really care about either party and won't pledge their allegiance to party lines.
    In this world, it is entirely possible to have 60% of the democrats i.e. 21.6% of the population support Clinton and choose her as her nominee. Or for 12% of the population to choose trump. However, this does not mean that the country wants Trump, or Hillary. And this might be the opening for Bernie Sanders.
    One analysis of the data - Sanders' propensity to win primaries where independents vote - might suggest that Sanders is close to what the majority of the country might be willing to vote for and that he might be able to draw support from Independents, Democrats, and some Republicans over Trump. What this means is that although he is placed suboptimally within the Democratic party - it is still very much possible for Sanders to have more than 46.6% of the population behind him, which would make him an ideal candidate for the general."
    >smart person at reddit<

    1. "smart person at reddit" = oxymoron

    2. Anonymous8:48 PM

      Just cast my vote for Hillary in CA (by mail). Soooo excited!!!!!!

    3. Anonymous2:06 AM

      Has it occurred to the 'smart person' that many GOPers are voting for Bernie in the open primaries to screw Hillary? They would much rather face Bernie than Hillary. The ads are already written about Commie Bernie.

    4. Anonymous3:27 AM

      Clintonista in denial.

    5. Anonymous1:45 PM

      @7:11 PM,

      Lol. A Frank Luntz "focus group?" I remember a Frank Luntz "poll" from 2012, that got a lot of media buzz, because it said Mitt Romney was leading President Obama among women voters, by 10-points! The election results proved that Frank Luntz's "poll" was bullshit, of course.

      Ready to get schooled by a "Clintonista?"

      Most of those women in the focus group, were WHITE women, and white women don't like Hillary Clinton. And, that's a fact, and there's plenty of polling to back it up.

      The majority of white women are republicans, or independents, and aren't going to vote for Hillary Clinton, anyway. President Obama lost among white women, in the 2012 election. Did it matter? Nope.

      Hillary Clinton isn't playing the "woman card." Being a woman is not Hillary Clinton's core message, and she doesn't even mention being a woman, 95% of the time. Hillary Clinton mentioned being a woman a few times, and now some people act like that's the all she talks about, and it isn't.

      It's no different than when people freaked out in the 2008 election, over the few times then Senator Obama, mentioned that he was black, and the same people accused him of using his race to "pander" to minorities.

      The importance of independent voters is overblown. The majority of "independent" voters, aren't really "independent," at all. Most independents vote with the same party, over, and over, again.

      Barack Obama lost independents by 5-points in the 2012 election, and still won, easily. According to Five Thirty Eight, most independent voters are affluent white males, who don't like Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, and these are mainly the people who are voting for Bernie Sanders in the primary.

      And, according to the Cook Political Report, most "independents" are republicans who left the party, and now identify as "independent." That is why republicans (e.g., Mitt Romney) are able to win independents, and still lose elections.

      Next time, maybe Frank Luntz should try a focus group with no white women, and see how lop-sided the results will be, as a focus group with no white women is far less likely to be "torn" between Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton, because the vast majority of non-white women voters are DEMOCRATS.

      @3:27 AM,

      Lol. Trump-bot, or Bernie-bot in denial? I doubt you even took any of that (see above) in, since you people don't like reality, and math, and are like...dumb, and stuff.

  14. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Sooooo sick of having Clinton shoved down my throat. Now I know how Monica Lewinsky felt!
    Bernie 2016!

    1. Anonymous7:53 PM

      Bernie isn't going to be the nominee, love. Stay home, vote for Trump, whack off while thinking about Bernie's creepy wrinkled hands on you -- no one cares.

    2. Anonymous8:50 PM

      I bet you waited a long time for the opportunity to type that line. (eye roll)

    3. Anonymous2:04 AM

      SOOO sick of reading from Berniebots who think he's some kind of saint. Do you know anything about the man other than that he says what you want to hear? Now I know how his paramour felt when he left her high and dry and pregnant. Screwed over.

    4. Anonymous1:49 PM

      @7:25 P.M.,

      Soooooooo sick of Bernie-bots ignoring the will of millions of DEMOCRATIC voters all over the country, and trying to shove s NON-DEMOCRAT (Bernie Sanders) down our throats, by threatening super-delegates! Good luck, with that!

      Hillary, 2016!

  15. Dinty7:37 PM

    I think we need to have a serious talk about splitting the parties. It'll take money from George Soros, Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers and Warren Buffet to do it, but both parties are broken. Our system is broken because there are only 2 choices, and both are equally awful. A greater range of choice would represent Democracy better.

    1. Anonymous8:44 PM

      "both are equally awful"

      Are you serious? You think Clinton and Trump are "equally awful?"

    2. Anonymous9:08 PM

      I think Dinty is equally awful.

    3. Anonymous2:02 AM

      Hey Dinty, how about we take ALL their money out of it, and publicly finance all elections. Make them six months tops, and hold the 'journalists' to account.

    4. Anonymous2:28 AM

      Or you could get off your lazy ass and organize another party, but then that would take work huh.

    5. Anonymous1:55 PM


      Shove it. A third-party choice would only make things worse, dumb-ass.

  16. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Look. Anyone running for President is on a power trip. The only question remaining is who is the least insane and who is bright enough to not leave a legacy of destruction. Hillary Clinton has my vote. Not because i agree with her on everything but she is the best we have.

    And there you have it folks. Considering all the problems going on now from wars to global warming we have been reduced to people like Trump running for President and taken seriously.

    When Kennedy ran the press stayed out of his personal business his affairs were known but kept quiet. Look at the Cuban missel crises can you imagine what Trump would have done? Nuclear war.

  17. Dinty7:42 PM

    Get ready, this is going to be 2000 again. We have chosen a policy wonk with less charisma and charm than Clinton and Obama, after a successful but controversial 2 term presidency, and she is matched with an anti-intellectual populist. We lost that race in 2000, I hope we have learned from that failure.

    1. Anonymous9:07 PM

      That's the thing, Dinty. We did not lose that race. The Right-wing SCOTUS decided the winner.

    2. Anonymous2:10 PM


      You're a moron! You need to seriously, shut-up. People like you, are part of the problem! Are you a low-information voter, or something?

      The democrats didn't lose the 2000 election, stupid. The right-wing SCOTUS decided the 2000 election. Where were you?

      Al Gore won about 500,000 more popular votes than George W. Bush. Not only did a right-wing SCOTUS decide the 2000 election, George W. Bush's damn brother Jeb Bush, was the governor of Florida at the time, helped "W" steal steal the state.

      In case you haven't noticed, there are HUGE differences between the 2000 election, and the 2016 election. For one thing, the demographics have changed ALOT, and the electorate isn't going to be as white it was in the 2000 election. Not only that, Donald Trump, and George W. Bush ran completely different campaigns. Back then, people actually liked George W. Bush, but today people are TERRIFIED of Donald Trump!

      You're an idiot. Go away.

  18. Is it a full moon?

    1. Anonymous8:06 PM

      yeppers. I just read the thread. I'm a yellow dog dem, so Bernie, I'll still vote for you, but he needs to get his asshole supporters reigned in. my dog! such hate! Such parroting of RWNJ talking points! !! !! !! -sjp btw - use math.

    2. Anonymous8:22 PM

      My guess is the price of weed jumped and too many parents of adult children have not raised their allowances to cover it.

    3. Anonymous8:50 PM

      I am a yellow dog Democrat & I just cast my vote for Hillary in CA! Yay!! Also yay for the vote by mail option here!!

    4. Anonymous8:50 PM

      HAH! I asked my husband the same thing today, Liz, over different circumstances.

  19. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Ron Paul? No.
    McGovern in 1968.

  20. Anonymous8:00 PM

    They dissed Barbara Boxer. Stupid, right before the CA vote. But a bernie bro said, she won't be elected again! (heh, she's retiring, not running again idjit) - sjp

  21. Anonymous8:02 PM

    If dRUMPf becomes president, we have the Bernie 'do or die'rs' to thank for it.

    Though I like what Bernie has to say on many levels, he has YET to define how he will get any of it done with a just say no, and do-nothing congress. Oh yeah, and how he will pay for it.

    Bernie Sanders or Ross Perot - 6 of one half dozen of the other.

    Oh, by the way, I have been an independent voter for 40 years.

  22. Bernie Sanders and his supporters have totally turned me off to him. I switched to Hillary. At least she is classy. WTF is happening?

    1. Thank you SR of RM12. I am also appalled and annoyed at Bernie who I USED to like.

  23. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Gee, come election day, everyone will have to take a selfie with their choices just to make sure records are accurate.

    1. Anonymous1:59 AM

      You know, that's a VERY good idea!

  24. Anonymous8:43 PM

    I don't understand Bernie switching to another party to run and totally trying to destroy that party. Why didn't he stay in his party? I'm sure a lot of democrats would switch to his party. I don't get it. Was his intent to destroy the Democratic party and create all this chaos?

    1. Anonymous9:09 PM

      I just read on Twitter that someone from the Democratic party is going to run against Bernie for the senate in VT in 2018, because of the Sanders' campaign behavior today in Nevada. Heh!

    2. Anonymous10:00 PM

      It would be like Hillary suddenly decided to be Independent and we'd all be like "what, she doesn't share our political philosophy"!

      Bernie running as a Dem was a real kick in the pants for us Independents. We tend to caucus perhaps 30% in tune with the Dems but for the most part we desire a candidate that will run under our party.

      Perhaps one day that will happen again, until then, you guys have fun!

    3. Anonymous4:08 AM

      It amazes me that some people (anon at 10:00 for example) think there is an "Independent" party. It means you don't have a party! No need to feel betrayed that Bernie didn't run under your "party."

  25. Anonymous9:05 PM

    I feel the majority of people are in the middle on most issues .

    Only fools are kidding themselves if they think they have never been in a women's bathroom with a transgender who is there only to use the bathroom.

    I find it funny in an age where women are capable of taking care of themselves that all of a sudden men need to feel macho.

    Women have not dropped the ball here men have.And they lost it when they quit respecting being a Mother as a worthy job. Women have been made to feel that being a Mother is a non productive occupation that if you don't get a paycheck your nothing.Count the cost. Rack up the cost of child care and see what you you get. Depending on where you live, in Boston you pay 20 dollars an hour for childcare that's considered a job but if a woman stays home it's not a job.I have never understood this concept.

    1. Anonymous1:58 AM

      This is nothing new. There have been moves over the years to let stay at home moms qualify for SS (Hillary?) but it goes nowhere. The GOP wants some to bear every zygote that may or may not ever take a breath, but give them credit for staying home to raise them? Right. Give them good schools so the kids can get jobs to support themselves? Only if they want to work in the coal mines. And even then they have taken away their unions and their safety nets. But big man Trump will 'bring back coal jobs!' He'll 'treat women with respect, unlike that big predator Clinton,' And they are falling for it. Trump has respect for no one. I do hope the GOP wakes up.

    2. Anonymous3:00 AM

      Wow, you started off so well, then went into crazytown! For the past 40 years (ever since the 1980s), the rightwing powers-that-be have done everything they could to demonize women who work outside the home.

      "Count the cost" indeed. A couple of scant years staying home and becoming unemployable until the kids are in school all day. "Staying home" (that is, off to the mall, off for mani-pedis, off to join girlfriends for long boozy lunches) while the kids and hubby are gone all day is not a job. Even worse, making yourself dependent on everyone else to support you is not a lifestyle; it's permanent childishness.

    3. Anonymous7:26 AM

      9:05 pm, I pay $10/day for after-school care at my kid's the very-expensive Washington DC area. If you think you need to pay $20/hr for daycare, then why don't you open your own stay-at-home-mommy daycare and watch everyone else's kids?

  26. Anonymous2:27 AM

    I intend to ask for receipt, number, bar code of my vote. I am changing party to green. I may even sign up to work the election polls in November. I want to witness the behavior.

  27. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Get ready for the entertainment kids. I hear the traps are set! Interesting. Those that preach the constitution are the very losers that will fall by it. Extortion, bribes, lies and UNconstitutional motives are serious charges. A person's career could be harmed. Gee. How very constitutional to be a UNconstitutional goon of evil. sick.

  28. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Get mad and vote. Vote to end the same old shit. Vote for real change. Vote for President Sanders and liz warren. Mix it up. We need social change. End Citizen United. Take back our elections.

    1. Anonymous2:20 PM

      @2:43 A.M.,

      Put the crap pipe down. Bernie Sanders has been in Congress for 25 years, and has never brought any kind of "change," other than renaming a couple of post-offices.

      Bernie Sanders isn't going to be the Democratic nominee, the race is OVER!

      If in the unlikely event that Donald Trump gets elected, I'll blame you "Bernie or Bust," assholes!

  29. Anonymous8:08 AM

    every one of you so called Dems get ready for Pres Trump,, and you CAN blame the delegates jumping on Hillery band wagon even when Sanders won them fair and square and the bought and obviously paid for supers.

    1. Anonymous2:37 PM

      @8:08 AM,

      I bet most of us here are real democrats, unlike Bernie Sanders! The majority of you Bernie-bots aren't "so-called democrats," AT ALL, and some of you are threatening to vote for Donald Trump, or not vote at all. So, if Trump does gets elected, it will be YOUR fault!

      How did Bernie Sanders win "fair and square?" What happened last night in Nevada, wouldn't have changed delegate math. Even if it did, Hillary Clinton would still be hundreds of delegates ahead of Bernie Sanders.

      Hillary Clinton won Nevada, and the delegates fair and square. It's not Hillary Clinton's fault you Sanders supporters don't think the fucking rules apply to you!

      Hillary Clinton is beating Bernie Sanders in the popular vote, states won, and delegates won. And, not everybody who supports Hillary Clinton is "bought and paid for." Not everybody wants Bernie Sanders!

      Why should the democratic party do special favors for some non-democrat, who has done nothing but shower scorn upon a party, that he previously wanted no part of?

      You don't get to shit on people for decades, and then expect them to kiss your ass! I'm fucking sick and tired, of the entitlement coming from you Bernie supporters! Every time something doesn't go YOUR way, you bitch and moan, and think everything is a conspiracy! Grow the fuck-up!

      Need I remind you, that the very same primary rules worked AGAINST Hillary Clinton, in 2008, and nobody gave a shit!

  30. Anonymous9:16 AM

    So you think voice votes are democratic. Now who's the one supporting processes used by Hitler.

  31. What do you expect when an Independent tries to run as a Democrat because they have a better infrastructure. He latched on and then started to demand things be done HIS way when he started to gain traction. He is hijacking the party. It is like he found all these people who have never voted before and they believe only he can deliver. The real truth is that if they voted every time they would be able to elect people who believed as they did and could start to move the country in their direction. They seem to think only Bernie can save them. Really Bernie is someone who has gotten very little done in congress. His instincts are good but he is pretty much alone.

  32. Anonymous2:42 PM

    @9:16 AM,

    "Now who's the one supporting processes used by Hitler."

    Still Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders' overwhelmingly white supporters going around the country threatening super-delegates, and demanding that they ignore the will of millions of democratic voters, by handing the nomination to an democrat-hating "independent" (Sanders), sounds pretty Hitler-like to me!


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