Thursday, May 26, 2016

Remember that conspiracy theory spouting lunatic running for the school board in Texas? Yeah well she lost.

Whatever you do don't stare directly into her eyes.
Courtesy of NBC News:

A retired Texas schoolteacher who received national attention for her outrageous conspiracy theories and claimed President Obama was once a gay prostitute was denied a spot on the state board of education Tuesday. 

Only several months ago, Mary Lou Bruner, 69, of Mineola, Texas, had been the front-runner for the powerful seat on the Texas State Board of Education, the second-largest school system in the nation. 

But as conspiracy theories in Bruner's old Facebook posts surfaced, her lead shrunk. Voters ultimately chose fellow Republican Keven Ellis, a local school board president, for the GOP nomination. Bruner lost by about 18 percent in the primary runoff.

Her defeat was celebrated by the group that had outed her Facebook posts. 

"Texas escaped an education train wreck tonight," Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller said in a statement. "If Bruner had ultimately won election to the board, she would have instantly become the most embarrassingly uninformed and divisive member on a board that already too often puts politics ahead of making sure our kids get a sound education."

You know I ding Texas fairly regularly, and often they deserve it, but this time they got one right.

Good on ya Texas!


  1. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Look at Bruner; read her comments.

    That's Sarah Palin in 10 years -- bad color job to hide the grey hair; 30-year-old hair style; kooky opinions; loser.

  2. Anonymous6:18 AM

    OT Daily Mail has not written a Bristol story for the past few weeks.

    Would someone please send the police to her address to do a wellness check and make sure she is not dead.

  3. Anonymous6:30 AM

    So a flag top makes you more American in Texas... SMH

  4. Anonymous6:45 AM

    We Texans actually do alright when push comes to shove. You and the world other holier than thou rednecks on this blog may want to concentrate on your own back yard before criticizing us. Exhibit A is your girl Palin.

    1. Anonymous7:00 AM

      @Anonymous 6:45 AM

      Texas sucks. I use to live there.

    2. Anonymous7:05 AM

      Actually, exhibit A is that Bruner got as close as she did to being responsible for setting curriculum standards for the state of Texas.
      Just a suggestion, but stop putting vodka in your corn flakes.

    3. Anonymous7:13 AM

      Agree that Bruner is the Texas palin and may be a one-off but how does one explain Cruz, Perry, Gohmert, Abbot, Sessions & Cornyn?

    4. Anonymous7:32 AM

      This far-too-close-to-power-ding-bat only lost by 18%, not 100%, so don't tell us you are doing all right down there.

    5. Anonymous8:17 AM

      Texans are always very proud of themselves for being Texan. I know. I am a Texan.

    6. Anonymous9:24 AM

      You Texans also gave us Ann Richards and Jim Hightower and Molly Ivins.

      Too bad Hightower is the only one of these three still standing tall.

      Meanwhile, we in Virginia have Ken Kookynelly, Bob "Sideshow" Marshall, and Bob "Governor Rolex" McDonnell.

      Just goes to show, The Stupid is EVERYWHERE!!

    7. Anonymous9:59 AM

      @Old Redneck 9:24 AM
      You Texans also gave us Ann Richards and Jim Hightower and Molly Ivins.
      Molly Ivins is a Californian. She moved to Texas from NorCal.

    8. Anonymous10:06 AM

      @Anonymous 8:17 AM
      '''Texans are always very proud of themselves for being Texan. I know. I am a Texan.'''
      My family got the hell out of Texas. and I am proud of that. The best decision we ever made when we left Texas.

    9. Anonymous10:10 AM

      @Old Redneck 9:24 AM

      California gave us Molly Ivins, not Texas.

  5. Anonymous7:10 AM

    We've got Wendy Davis in Texas and you Alaaaskans have Sarah Palin, 'nuff said :)

    1. Anonymous8:43 AM

      I'll agree that that's enough out of you. Wendy Davis is no incompetent phony like Sarah Palin.

    2. Anonymous11:14 AM

      7:10 AM knows nothing about Wendy Davis.

    3. Anonymous11:18 AM

      @ anon 11:14 am
      Of course I do, but then you think you know everything about everyone don't you? Now go and look for a job and quit living off your Mom.

  6. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I can't stand it when I see someone using the American flag as an article of clothing. I literally want to set them on fire.

    Too much?

    1. Anonymous8:44 AM

      No, just shows you have a sense of humour.

    2. Anonymous10:24 AM

      Before you set them aflame have them remove the flag garment. You don't want to be accused of burning old glory

    3. Anita Winecooler4:32 PM

      I have the same disgust. The flag isn't meant as fashion, we lost too many lives to the war machine and we're not one of Pink Floyd's bricks in a wall.
      Another one I don't get is the stretch black pants with the huge letters "PINK" across the butt?

  7. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Looks similar to Screech's momma.

  8. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Everything is bigger in Texas including the stupidity.

  9. Anonymous11:23 AM

    It's still Texas. How much you want to bet the guy who won holds the same views, but was smart enough to keep his mouth shut?

  10. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like a sexier version of a younger, shorter, petulant, somewhat dissipated Arnold Stang?

  11. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Your move, Alaska.

  12. Anita Winecooler4:39 PM

    Not all Texans are dipshit losers, every state in the union has them, it's just that Texans are more louder about them.
    I did look in her eyes, before reading the warning, the full effect is scary as hell, she looks like church lady on steroids mated with the fortune telling dummy at the carnival. I'll be wearing garlic around my neck and sleeping with a wooden stake on my nightstand.


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