Thursday, May 19, 2016

Senate Democrats are rapidly losing patience with Bernie Sanders, want him to move quickly to unite party and focus on Donald Trump.

Courtesy of Politico:  

Long a lonely voice of the left in the Senate, Bernie Sanders is poised to return to his day job as a potential kingmaker after a presidential campaign that made him a household name and hero of the progressive movement. 

But the Vermont senator risks frittering away that newfound clout, Democratic senators said Wednesday, if he doesn’t move soon to unite the party and train his fire on Donald Trump.

The lawmakers said they’re disturbed that Sanders hasn’t more forcefully repudiated the behavior of his supporters in Nevada last weekend. Sanders backers threw chairs, shouted down Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and threatened a state party chairwoman — raising the specter of similar ugliness at the Democratic National Convention in July. While Sanders has not suffered permanent damage in the eyes of his colleagues, his reputation among Democratic Party stalwarts is hanging in the balance. 

“It depends on how he handles the national convention in Philadelphia and how he handles the next months,” said Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), who says she was heckled for the first time in her life by Sanders supporters during the New Hampshire primary. “I appreciate that he’s going to continue to stay defiant, but the fact is Hillary Clinton’s going to win the nomination. Is he going to support her and campaign for her, or is he going to help elect Donald Trump?” 

A number of other Democrats in the Senate expressed frustration that Sanders' response to the violence and threats in Nevada was weak, and are becoming frustrated that his campaign is now only serving as a distraction from the important job of focusing on the general election.

It’s a painful moment for Democrats in the Senate, who have marveled at Sanders’ success and celebrated the placid nature of the primary contest in contrast with the GOP’s insult-filled proceedings. But now the Republican Party is reluctantly coming around to Trump, who is now going after Clinton full time, while the Democratic primary is generating headlines about intraparty warfare. 

That’s starting to grate on senators. Democrats say they want to give Sanders a hearty welcome when he returns as a high-profile leader of the party’s progressive arm, but that it will be difficult the way the campaign is unfolding.

Of course Senate Democrats are by now means the only folks who are becoming fed up.

Every day it seems there are more stories of former supporters who are now becoming embarrassed at what they see happening in the campaign.

Currently #bernielostme is trending on Twitter and I have the feeling that it is only the beginning as more an more people come to realize that the campaign of idealism and hope has now devolved into one of acrimony and denial.

P.S. Oh and before anybody starts throwing around conspiracy theories Politifact has already labeled allegations of fraud and misconduct by the Democratic party in the Nevada convention as false. 

But hey Bros, nice try.


  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    It's time Bernie. You're starting to look like Ben Carson who will do anything to make people think he is in the loop.

    I was a fan long before you ran, and loved your interviews on MSNBC to provide a progressive response. I hope to see you doing that again, after working very very hard to overturn the hatred of clinton that you instilled in the fans.

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    How many readers have you lost over all this Sanders stuff?

    1. Anonymous12:30 PM

      Why do you care?

    2. Anonymous1:07 PM

      Not you 11:46

    3. Anonymous3:52 PM

      Good point,1:07!

    4. Anonymous7:35 PM

      It was just a question, morons.

    5. Anonymous8:49 PM

      Gryphen has acknowledged losing Sanders supporters as readers. Gryphen keeps posting critiques of the way Sanders is running his campaign. From these two pieces of information, we can conclude that he's just not that into you, 12:46. Sucks to be you, losing the nomination and not being nearly as valued a blog reader as you fervently believed you were.

  3. Anonymous11:52 AM

    This seems like were being served weak tea by the Senators. People who want someone who isn't beholding to the banks and Wall St., until the primaries are over get use to people wanting Sen. Sanders to be the nominee.

  4. Anonymous12:01 PM

    And this is exactly why Sanders is correct to set the party insiders on fire. The conservative wing is already sabotaging us.

    The “Eh, Sure, Why Not” caucus: Why are some Senate Democrats already talking about working with President Trump?

    Senators preemptively telling constituents they're taking a “wait and see” attitude towards Trump is beyond silly

    One of the only hilarious bright spots of this execrable election has been watching Republicans come to grips with the fact that their party has nominated as its presidential candidate a googly-eyed racist yam by the name of Donald Trump. From his former opponents in the primary to legislators in tough races this fall to the GOP’s propaganda channel to the head of the Republican National Committee, much of the party has fallen in line, apparently having decided that while Trump might be a know-nothing demagogue with fascist tendencies unseen in a major Western leader since Benito Mussolini was finally cut down from that meat hook, at least he’s no Hillary Clinton.

    It is all fine and good for the Republican Party to lash itself to the mast of the S.S. Trump as it steers into a typhoon. But with Trump’s historically high unfavorables and his continued avowals to undo every liberal gain of the last eight years, there is no need for even the most moderate Democrat to so much as book passage on the ship. Even if they are running for re-election this fall, and especially if they are not.

    Which is why it is so irritating, if unsurprising, to see a handful of moderate Democratic senators this week tell Politico that they could work with President Trump, should the American public lose its collective mind and elect him to the presidency in November.

  5. Anonymous12:06 PM

    #bernielostme is an orchestrated political dirty trick.

    Burgess Everett's hit piece is a day late. Since Earnest called the primary "passion" and "good for our democracy", the anonymous "lawmakers" have shut up about calling for unity. Democrats in the senate aren't "marveling" at Sanders' success, they're shitting their pants wondering how their candidate they thought was a done dela that was going to be a cakewalk to White House is tied with a reality show carnival barker in national polls.

  6. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Forget about unity, Bernie isn’t letting go: Sanders is willing to harm Clinton down the stretch, report says

    It makes sense for Bernie to maximize his influence, but he must tread lightly or he could harm the party

    On Wednesday, I wrote about the cascade of concerns from various Democrats about the tone and direction of Bernie Sanders campaign. Many in the establishment are worried that Sanders is needlessly stoking resentment and doing lasting damage to Hillary Clinton. It’s not clear that challenging a candidate in the primaries is a bad thing, but the angst is rising among Democrats nonetheless.

    Now that the race is essentially over, Sanders has a choice to make. He will continue campaigning until the last ballot is cast, but how he orients himself to Clinton is an open question. He can push his message without attacking Clinton or he can push his message and take a “scorched earth” approach. It appears he’s leaning towards the latter.

    According to a New York Times report, the Sanders campaign has no intention of backing off. On the contrary, they plan to up the ante and increase the pressure on Clinton and the DNC:

    “Defiant and determined to transform the Democratic Party, Senator Bernie Sanders is opening a two-month phase of his presidential campaign aimed at inflicting a heavy blow on Hillary Clinton in California and amassing enough leverage to advance his agenda at the convention in July – or even wrest the nomination from her. Advisers to Mr. Sanders said on Wednesday that he was newly resolved to remain in the race, seeing an aggressive campaign as his only chance to pressure Democrats into making fundamental changes to how presidential primaries and debates are held in the future.”

    This notion that he can “wrest the nomination” from Clinton is foolhardy. The delegate math is straightforward. Even a huge win in California won’t change the broader race.

    Sanders campaign blasts DNC chair and ex-Clinton co-chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz for helping Hillary

    The Bernie Sanders campaign says the former Hillary operative has been "throwing shade" while the DNC helps Clinton

    1. Anonymous1:26 PM

      If sanders continues to attack Clinton and the DNC instead of trump then after the election they shouldn't caucus with him. If he wants to be an independent then treat him like one put him in no mans land politically.

  7. Anonymous12:10 PM

    When ever I see that picture of Bernie, I am half expecting him to yell "SCIENCE!" But seriously, I have no problem with Bernie staying in the race to the end like Hillary did in 2008, but I never felt Hillary was going to figuratively turn over a table at the convention. A short while ago, some pundits compared Bernie to McGovern in 1972. With what has been going on lately, and what may happen at the convention, he is coming across more as McCarthy in 68 who had the support of the anti-war movement and young people. We remember what happened in Chicago that year.

  8. Anonymous12:10 PM

    “Let the people in”: 8 times Bernie Sanders slammed the Democratic Party

    The battle between Sanders and the Democratic party is coming to a head

    The DNC just called for Bernie Sanders to keep his supporters in check after chaos at the recent Nevada Democratic Convention, resulted in death threats against the state’s Democratic party chair, Roberta Lange.

    In response, Sanders refused to apologize. He released a statement in which he urged the Democratic party to “treat [his] campaign supporters with fairness and the respect that they have earned,” and listen to their concerns.

  9. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Hillary Clinton Shows Trump What A Real President Acts Like After Egypt Air Crash

    Hillary Clinton showed Donald Trump and every voter in the upcoming election what a real president looks like during her response to the Egypt Air crash.

    Video of Clinton on CNN:

    1. Anonymous12:31 PM

      Ridiculous. Saying "it looks like an act of terrorism" before the cause has been determined is a big gaffe from Clinton. It shows what a war hawk she is: when in doubt, cry "terrorism". Totally un-presidential.

    2. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Here's a presidential answer from a president:
      François Hollande, the French president, said: “The information we have gathered confirms, alas, that this plane has crashed, and it has disappeared. We have a duty to know everything about the cause and what has happened. No theory is ruled out and none is certain right now.

      “When we have the truth we will draw our conclusions; whether this was an accident or something else, perhaps terrorist. We will have the truth.”

      And Pres Obama has yet to comment.

    3. Anonymous1:25 PM

      Taken straight from the Book of Bush. I wonder if she'll bring back his colorful terror threat rainbow that got us all where we are now.

    4. Anonymous3:08 PM


      Surely you can't be so dense as to think that speculation reveals her as a war hawk. That it might be terrorism isn't a wild stretch, a gaffe, or an extreme statement. Some of you Bernie Bros must be brain addled.

  10. Anonymous12:16 PM

    I have family members that are huge Bernie backer and have contributed to his campaign. They see him as a savior for their party. One even said he was the greatest thing to happen to their party since Ronald Reagan. Yes, they are Republicans and a while back they had resigned themselves to losing the presidential election as Trump gathered steam. Now they are thrilled. They would like to get Bernie as an opponent because they feel there is a whole lot of stuff to throw at him and say that with his demeanor he will have a meltdown moment that would cement the election for their side. And if he doesn't win the nomination, they hope he turns Philadelphia into another 1968 Chicago. This is why I wonder if all the people sending death threats against the head of the Nevada Democrats are all Bernie supporters or perhaps some are Republican operatives.

    1. Anonymous12:34 PM

      The death threats are an organized dirty trick. The Proof: no complaint to the police to search for and prosecute the callers.

    2. Anonymous3:02 PM

      I'm confused 12:34. Are you a Trump fan or Bernie fan? You all sound so much alike.

    3. Anonymous3:02 PM


      "Chairwoman Lange has been harassed with threatening messages and phone calls, including death threats, and has had to be equipped with a security detail, police said."

  11. Anonymous12:25 PM

    7 reasons why Donald Trump was no surprise — Hillary either masters them, or she might lose

    The reasons for his success were hiding in plain sight. Hillary ignores them at her own peril -- and ours

  12. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Should Progressives Unify with the Democratic Party Establishment? Hell No!

    In countless ways over the last 35 years, our society has become less economically equal and more dominated by corporate power. Less just and more jailed. Vast urban and rural areas decline as government subsidizes economic elites. Funds for education and social services are under constant threat while funding for war and surveillance seems limitless.

    These trends have persisted no matter which major party dominated Washington.

    Whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican in the White House, Wall Street personnel fill top economic posts; energy policy is dominated by oil/gas/nuclear interests; Monsanto is ever-present in food and agriculture policy; military-industrial types dominate foreign policy.

    The luminous Bernie Sanders campaign — in many ways, a youth movement — has blossomed out of this decay and corruption, as millions are saying “No” to a corporatized Democratic Party leadership.

    1. Anonymous1:39 PM

      I guess you won't mind having Donald Trump as President then.

  13. Caroll Thompson12:27 PM

    I am old enough to remember the 1968 Democratic convention when the left wing become very violent and we ended up with Richard Nixon for President. The entire country was horrified by what happened in Chicago.

    And I hear that the Sanders supporters are renting buses to go to Philly as I write this. And they say they will protest peacefully. In 1968, we also heard that the protests would be peaceful. But peaceful protests have a way of turning into violent confrontations.

    The Democrats have a really good shot this year at taking back the Senate and possibly the House as well as electing another Democrat to the White House. We could make some steady progress on progressive ideas if the D's once again ran the show.

    I don't hold out a lot of hope. It looks like 1968 all over again.

    1. Crystal Sage12:57 PM

      I agree, Carol. I too remember the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. I hoped that it would never happen again as the mess scared a lot of people into voting for Nixon.

      If Bernie's supporters behave in the same manner as the 1968 protesters, we may end up with Trump as president.

    2. Anonymous8:55 PM

      So, protests should be outlawed? And, there won't be any progress on progressive ideas if Hillary is elected. Hillary is not progressive. Unfortunately, she is the only alternative to Trump.

  14. Anonymous12:28 PM

    They Asked Hillary If Trump Is Qualified To Be President, Her Answer Was Epic (VIDEO)

  15. Anonymous12:36 PM

    All the bullshit attacks on Bernie smack of fear and desperation

    I Supported Bernie Early and Late, But No Longer.

    ...Bernie’s continued candidacy has become destructive of the Party and, increasingly, of himself. Good no longer can come from it. The primary was decided weeks ago. You may not like it, I certainly did not, but that is the reality. The Sanders’ campaign needed to adjust accordingly, and it adjusted oppositely. If Bernie cannot correct course, every one of his supporters eventually will need to work through for themselves what I worked through a few weeks ago. With stakes this high, you need to be ready.

    I still have enough of the “Bern” to hope that what I’m seeing now is just the result of a long, tough campaign. I still have hope that Bernie will become a full and enthusiastic supporter of Clinton, and that he will do so in time to bring most of his remaining people with him. At this point, though, I need to see it to believe.

    Robert Reich to Bernie folks: "Don't demonize/denigrate Hillary.'

  16. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Yeah well,tough shit.

    "Hillary Clinton's lead in delegates over rival Bernie Sanders is now almost insurmountable as they move toward the conclusion of the Democratic presidential primary contest. But Clinton has not called on him to drop out of the race, for one simple reason: the example her own campaign set in 2008."
    And there is no "conspiracy theory" about what went down in NV.
    All the low information (or rather low investigation)Clinton voters have already heard everything they need to hear and have made up their minds anyway.
    Not a single chair was thrown yet that was the narrative here and many other places.
    This is what all the Hillaristas would have you believe happened:
    And Barbara Boxer:
    “It was a scary situation” said Boxer.
    She's blowing kisses..
    And Jon Ralston's account/tweet was bullshit that this blog and other places went batshit over and repeatedover and over like little methed out parrots.
    "Nevada analyst Jon Ralston, who was in the room and over time has been a very reliable source, reported that a chair was thrown. We okayed using and sourcing his reporting." But, she added, "When Ralston's reporting came under question, we adjusted our language," by not repeating the word "thrown."

    1. Anonymous1:40 PM

      I hope you like Trump because unless the Democrats unite, Trump will be the President.

    2. Anonymous4:27 PM

      I have a feeling he's fine with Trump even if his first choice is sanders.

    3. Anonymous9:00 PM

      @12:37 Thanks for posting that.

  17. Anonymous12:39 PM

    There you have it. Sanders is flat-out "not thinking about" whether his efforts to hurt Clinton could aid Trump—he's just going to "put the blinders on" and worry only about himself, not the national and global issues at stake. It's an absurd and outrageous win-at-all-costs strategy: absurd because Sanders cannot even win, no matter what “power” he might grab hold of; outrageous because Trump poses an existential threat to this country—and to this world.

    Sanders claims he still wants to influence the Democratic agenda, but if he finishes out his campaign by trying to tear down the one person who can actually stop Trump, how can he expect anyone at the Democratic convention to listen to what he has to say?

    1. Anonymous1:07 PM

      Some male needs to slap some sense into Bernie! What a egomaniac we have on our hands and he wasn't even invited into the Democratic party! Kick his ass out, Debbie!

  18. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Hillary Declares Victory: ‘I Will Be The Nominee. That Is Already Done’

    “I will be the nominee of my party,” and adding, “That is already done, in effect. There is no way that I won’t be.”

    1. Anonymous12:52 PM

      "There is no way that I won't be."

      She'll walk back that one. Sounded like Trump.

    2. Anonymous5:12 PM

      12:52, have you been paying attention? Trump IS going to be the nominee

  19. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Yeah, I was feeling the Bern and now I have a bad case of HEARTBURN!

  20. Anonymous1:06 PM

    FEAR Hillary pukes

  21. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Republicans’ desperate focus on wooing white men will be their undoing

  22. Anonymous1:17 PM

    From Robert Reich Facebook Page

    Robert Reich
    12 hrs ·
    Many of you who support Bernie ask me what you should do at this point. My suggestion:
    1. Continue to work like hell for Bernie, especially given upcoming primaries in California and New Jersey on June 7. Putting aside superdelegates, the difference between him and Hillary Clinton isn’t huge. So far, Bernie has won nearly 10 million votes and has 1,499 pledged delegates. Hillary Clinton has won 13 million votes and has 1,771 pledged delegates. California could make a huge difference.
    2. Don’t demonize or denigrate Hillary Clinton. If she wins the Democratic nomination, I urge you to work like hell for her. She’ll be the only person standing between Donald Trump and the presidency of the United States. Besides, as I’ve said before, she’ll be an excellent president for the system we now have, even though Bernie would be the best president for the system we need.
    3. Never, ever give up fighting against the increasing concentration of wealth and power at the top, which is undermining our democracy and distorting our economy. That means, if Hillary Clinton is elected, I urge you to turn Bernie’s campaign into a movement – even a third party – to influence elections at the state level in 2018 and the presidency in 2020. No movement to change the allocation of power succeeds easily or quickly. We are in this for the long haul.

  23. Anonymous1:23 PM

    HRC didn't quit her race with Obama until June 7th. But I guess Bernie isn't allowed to continue like Clinton did, just because you Clinton supporters are assholes who like to start fights at Democratic conventions.

    1. Anonymous1:35 PM

      “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.”
      -Hillary Clinton-

    2. Anonymous1:42 PM

      Only extreme left wingers have caused violence at Democratic conventions. I hope you like Donald because when the violence happens in Philly, we Dems will be toast.

    3. Anonymous2:00 PM

      There's a difference between the scenario in 2008 and today. Hillary Clinton in 2008 was a serving Democratic senator and the wife of a former Democratic president. She was not wallowing in self-pity, accusing every Democrat in office of working against her and demanding that the established rules of the Democratic Party for conducting primaries and conventions be changed two months before the national convention. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, is an outsider who joined the Democratic Party last year to use it in his run for the presidency. He's not even running for reelection in Vermont as a Democrat. Equating the 2008 situation with today's is impossible.

    4. Thanks, Beaglemom. Right on as usual.

    5. Anonymous3:48 PM

      With all due respect,knock it off.
      WE need to get it together and knock off Trump,TOGETHER.
      Until any candidate produces a "Platinum I'm Perfect Vote for Me Card",WE as Dems need to sit down at the table and hash this shit out.
      Trump is DANGEROUS for ALL of us.

    6. Anonymous9:19 PM

      By this point in 2008, Clinton had pivoted from attacking Obama and was aiming all her fire on the campaign trail at McCain.

      That's how grownups -- people who care about a larger cause more than about their own egos -- do it when they're winding down their campaigns. To not do this when the GOP has chosen its nominee is the height of selfishness and shortsightedness.

      Sanders should stay in through June 14. In the meantime, he needs to knock off characterizing Clinton and the entire Democratic Party as corrupt, evil and unworthy of votes. He needs to stop pretending that he lost via conspiracy and cloak-and-dagger intrigue. It's a damn shame how cynically he's manipulating his underinformed base. That needs to stop yesterday.

      Bernie will be remembered by how he lands this plane.

  24. Anonymous1:29 PM

    John McCain’s Trumpian nightmare: New poll shows veteran Arizona senator in the political fight of his life

    Republican Arizona Senator John McCain has already admitted he is in the political fight of his life. The former Republican presidential nominee announced early this year that he would actually skip out on this year’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland to focus on campaigning for re-election in Arizona, where he faces a tough primary challenge.

    “If Donald Trump is at the top of the ticket, here in Arizona, with over 30 percent of the vote being the Hispanic vote, no doubt that this may be the race of my life,” McCain recently said a closed door fundraiser:

  25. Anonymous1:31 PM

    I will never vote for Donald Trump and I have supported Sanders in the primaries. Please read today's Matt Bai column and the excellent point he makes about the argument that Clinton shouldn't make:

  26. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Hillary as a candidate is dangerously weak, against Donald Trump. A reality TV star. Think about that. She's quickly losing ground and poll numbers, the election SHOULD be a shoe-in. She NEEDS Sanders supporters to lock this up, but she, and all of her rabid fanboys/girls are alienating a good chunk of them. BernieBros, BernieBots, children, uninformed, unrealistic, temper tantrum having. All names you're calling 45% of voters. 45%. Dismissing HALF of potential voters with a hand wave and some "I am superior to you, because I know better" smug attitude, is going to lose this election to a reality TV star. A goddamn reality TV star. Calling 45% of voters "cry babies" is ridiculous, and frankly, fucked up. That kind of "holier than thou" attitude is no better than the goddamn Republicans. Bernie speaks a message that resonates with a lot of citizens of this country, they live here too, they get a choice in the matter. This is going to play out until the end, so we just have to wait and see HOW Hillary is going to breach a divide that NONE of you are helping. Quit with the damn rhetoric before we're all in FEMA camps under Supreme Leader Trump.

    1. Anonymous2:07 PM

      Great comment and you are spot on!
      The only "chair" that needs to be thrown is DWS.She's a lying sack of shit.
      And Rendell is the one that "better behave".
      "Will he have some appeal to working-class Dems in Levittown or Bristol? Sure," Rendell was quoted as saying. "For every one, he'll lose 1½, two Republican women. Trump's comments like `You can't be a 10 if you're flat-chested,' that'll come back to haunt him. There are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women. People take that stuff personally."
      Now folks,this is the guy that's the Chair of the Host Committee for the Democratic Convention.
      “In a powder-keg world, erratic impulsiveness is far down the list of optimal presidential traits,” stated Paglia. “But the Democratic strategists who prophesy a Hillary landslide over Trump are blowing smoke.”
      Read more:
      Dems ALL need to come together NOW and cut the BULLSHIT.

    2. Anonymous2:51 PM

      If Hillary would name Bernie as her VP, all this crap would disappear.

      Warren can't share her tweet brilliance with the world if she's holding that kind of office.

    3. Anonymous3:17 PM

      At the very least,Bernie has earned a "place at the table".
      45% of the vote is not something to be trifled with.
      WE,yeah I said WE,need to park the shit and TEAM up,yeah I said TEAM.
      Have you seen Trump's list for SCOTUS?
      And that's just for starters...
      WE can do this.
      Everybody settle the fuck down and LISTEN to each other and hammer this out.
      There,I said it.

  27. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Let's be honest. If Bernie get the Democratic nomination, Rove and company convince people that he should be on the Mount Rushmore of Communism with Mao, Stalin and Castro. You and I know there is a difference between Democratic Socialism and Communism but how many voters don't have that curiosity. How is he going to react on the crazy attacks not just on him but on his wife his well for what happened with that college. And somehow they will manage to make it a negative that he only received one year of tax returns even thought Trump will not release any. He has been sailing along being left alone by them. I am afraid, based on what I have seen, that he may have a meltdown moment like Edmund Muskie that will be used to crush him.

  28. Anonymous1:43 PM

    The extreme left wing is no better than the extreme right wing. It is their way or the highway. No room for compromise, just a burn the place down mentality.

  29. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Nice Grandpa Bernie Sanders Gonna BURN YOUR SH*T DOWWWWWN

    ...No, Bernie Sanders is going down swinging, and doubling down, and other metaphors from baseball and/or gambling (or both if you are Pete Rose or Shoeless Joe Jackson). See, his supporters wouldn’t have had to fling chimpanzee shit all over Las Vegas’s Paris hotel if they hadn’t been robbed, by which we mean they lost.

    Wonkette has been officially neutral in the Democratic primary, until now. (We know, angry commenters; Wonkette says it has been neutral but has been a reliable source of bought-and-paid-for neoliberal corporate piece of shit one-percenter shilling for a mass murderer who will be arrested for “emails” any day now. Fair enough!)

    But if your “revolution” includes disinformation, aimed to rile up your supporters, that would make Pravda and Ronald Reagan blush, you can make like your healthcare, and keep it!


    1. Anonymous2:17 PM

      You know wonkette is snark,right?

    2. Anonymous4:29 PM

      Wonkette is snarky but it's not satire.

    3. Anonymous5:40 PM

      "Wonkette is snarky but it's not satire.'


  30. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Hillary has already dropped to even in the national polls against Trump and we aren't even at the conventions yet.

    1. Anonymous3:12 PM

      Rasmussen polls are republican/conseravtive leaning poles, please do not make people have to remind you low info types for the entirety of this election like it had to be done for the last one.

    2. Anonymous3:19 PM

      The Hidden Importance Of The Sanders Voter

    3. Anonymous3:26 PM

      Fox News polls also lean to the dark side.

  31. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Let's finish with the primaries and then discuss patience with the candidates.

    Your headline and the fact that one of the most-populous states has yet to vote speaks volumes on your opinion of the democratic process.

    1. Anonymous9:24 PM

      Okay, we'll wait for Bernie to win California by 50-something points. Because that's what he has to do if he's planning on prevailing.

  32. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Bernie would beat Trump according to the polls. And that is despite all the negative ads and whisper campaigns that the Republicans have thrown at Bernie. Oh, wait, they haven't. In fact, Republicans may even be supporting him. Or maybe they aren't but if he gets the nomination, he is going to get obliterated and I don't know if he has the personality to deal with it.

  33. Anonymous2:25 PM

    You can do all the Bernie bros you want. Hillary started that stuff last time with the Obama bros. Hillary was the one who started the birther crap with Obama . We aren't going to be bullied by any of you, so called Hillary people. There has been so much corruption in Hillary's name that has gone on. That democracy is she is a dictator. Bill's mistress of 33 years, has a book out.

    1. Anonymous3:12 PM

      My Q to you: what will you do when Bernie's not the nominee?

    2. Anonymous9:25 PM

      Next time, try to work in a reference to Vince Foster.

  34. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Bernie doesn't give two shitzus about the Democratic Party. Remember, he's an Independent. rollz eyez

    1. Anonymous3:18 PM

      Maybe the only way to get the Democratic Party to become a party of the working people is to put a Independent Democrat in the candidate's slot for President.

    2. Anonymous4:30 PM

      There are plenty of working people voting for Clinton.

  35. Anonymous3:15 PM

    With party divided, Clinton doesn't rule out Sanders as VP pick

    My first thought was NO! SCREW THAT SOB, HIS WIFE AND CAMPAIGN STAFF! But it would help get votes. Still say SCREW THAT SOB.

    1. Anonymous3:36 PM

      Speaking of staff/subordinates/shills,you ok with Rendell and DWS?

    2. Anonymous4:31 PM

      She won't pick him. Nobody gets officially ruled out yet (at least not publicly).

  36. Anonymous3:22 PM

    I've admired Bernie for years, but he's turning into Ralph Nader. I admired Nader, too...until his ego handed the election to Bush.

  37. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Bernie Sanders Fires Back at Hillary for Saying She’s Gonna Be the Nominee

    In a CNN interview today, Clinton definitively said that she will be the nominee, because this whole thing is pretty much done already.

    This is the response from Team Sanders:

    In the past three weeks voters in Indiana, West Virginia and Oregon respectfully disagreed with Secretary Clinton. We expect voters in the remaining eight contests also will disagree. And with almost every national and state poll showing Sen. Sanders doing much, much better than Secretary Clinton against Donald Trump, it is clear that millions of Americans have growing doubts about the Clinton campaign.

  38. Anonymous3:44 PM

    America has growing doubts about Secretary Clinton.
    -Bernie Sanders

    Has anybody told Sanders that the Republican Party has been after Hillary Clinton for years? Trump is going after Hillary. Bernie Sanders, campaign staff and followers are going after Hillary. The opposition is coming down hard on Hillary.



    Bernie do you THINK, maybe even a little bit, that has something to do with Hillary Clinton's image?

    Bernie do you think the Republican Party want you to become the Democratic presidential candidate because you are the weaker candidate?

    Not even Hillary Clinton is going after you

    SHALOM Bernie

    1. Anonymous3:53 PM


    2. Anita Winecooler5:01 PM

      Standing Ovation. There's been one adult in the room on the Democratic side of this race.

    3. Anonymous5:20 PM

      America has growing doubts about Secretary Clinton.
      -Bernie Sanders
      That's a cold stone FACT.

  39. Anonymous3:48 PM

    What kind of delegates does Trump have?

    Maryland delegate for Trump charged with child pornography and possession of illegal gun and explosives

    (CNN)A Maryland man who was elected as a delegate for Donald Trump to the Republican National Convention has been charged with creation and possession of child pornography and possession of an illegal gun and explosives.

    A federal grand jury indicted Caleb Bailey on Wednesday, following an investigation led by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives according to court records.

  40. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Nice picture, Gryph.

  41. If that isn't a picture of a rabid old lunatic... there he stands in his badly cut wrinkled suit nodding happily while his supporters create mayhem at every opportunity.
    He's as mad as they are.


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