Thursday, May 26, 2016

Though he is going to lose the Democratic nomination Bernie Sanders may have just arranged a debate with Donald Trump. WTF? Update!

Courtesy of CBS News: 

Kimmel asked Trump if he'd be willing to debate Sanders, given that Hillary Clinton had turned her primary opponent down for a California debate. Trump declared he would -- as long as the proceeds go to charity. 

As he accepted the hypothetical debate, Trump asked, perhaps jokingly, how much Sanders would be willing to pay him -- for charity -- then conceded that it would be fine if a network were willing to put up the money. Trump also said he has never met Sanders.

Sanders then responded with this:
So you saw in the interview that this was something that Sanders is asking for in an attempt to get momentum before the California primaries.

That is a dick move.

For one thing this is simply not something that a legitimate Democrat would do before a Democratic primary. And for another this is playing right into Trump's hands.

The entire debate will have NOTHING to do with policy, despite Sanders' attempts to make it about policy, and will instead simply be a Hillary Clinton bash-a-thon with Trump using Sanders' own words to inflict the most damage.

So this will mean that either Bernie Sanders will find himself forced to defend Hillary, or piling on with Trump.

If he chooses the latter he is going to further damage his standing with the Democratic party and I think remove any chance of having a lasting impact on the party moving forward.

At this point I cannot believe I was EVER supportive of Bernie Sanders being in this race.

Update: Sanders is now promoting this debate during his rally in California.

Clearly, unlike Trump, he does not consider this a joke. 


  1. Bernie fooled me too. No longer have any respect for him.

    1. Anonymous9:38 AM


    2. Anonymous9:55 AM

      +2 (even my hubs did not vote for him.)

    3. Anonymous10:20 AM

      @Sarah Palin has a serpent's heart 8:39 AM

      '''Bernie fooled me too. No longer have any respect for him.'''
      I've lost all respect for him, too. You couldn't pay me to vote for him.

    4. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Or, he can say (repeatedly), "Hillary's not here, pathalogical bloviating liar....I am. This is you and me, mano a mano. You're too dangerous to allow near the Whitehouse, and I'm going to spend the next hour explaining to the civilized world exactly why."

    5. Anonymous11:33 AM

      No, he'd just repeat his stump speech three times and never touch old Donnie.

    6. Anonymous12:10 PM

      10:20 I agree. Vote Trump!!

  2. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Bernie Sanders just released his upcoming debate schedule.

    Donald Trump
    Mickey Mouse
    Daffy Ducks
    Martha Stewart
    And will end with Bristol Palin

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  3. Anonymous8:49 AM

    The debate between the blowhard buffoon and the cranky old man probably won't happen. Evidently it was a setup question from one of Bernie's campaign staff for the Trump appearance on Kimmel. Anyone else ready for a much shorter campaign season for presidential elections?

  4. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Now Trump is saying he was just joking.

    1. Anonymous9:41 AM

      He always flips flops. He is going to make a fun President. He will say one thing and the next hour or so he will say another.

      He has always done that and you can count on him for that.

      You can play with him and just have fun.

    2. Anonymous9:56 AM

      He will never be President. So no worries.

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  5. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Sanders proving he is an idiot and all about himself.

  6. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. He has never been a Democrat. He is a loner and not a team player. At all. At this point, all he cares about is his ego and the adulation he's received from his young (and naive) supporters.

    1. Anonymous9:44 AM

      If Hillary will only come around now. She has known Sanders for years. She should join the DNC and burn the Bern. Forget about Trump.

    2. Anonymous9:57 AM

      No one cares about Bernie. #loser. Trump and Sanders can have the losers debate.

    3. Anonymous11:27 AM

      Hillary Clinton has all the credibility possible in a Democratic candidate. She's been active in the Democratic Party since her husband was governor in Arkansas. And then from 1992 to 2001 she was a Democratic First Lady. Since then, a Democratic US Senator and Secretary of State under a Democratic president. What more could anyone ask of her?

  7. Anonymous9:03 AM

    If you're afraid this may hurt your Borg Queen just remember she can take anything and come out on top right?

    1. Anonymous9:57 AM

      It must hurt to be so bitter! #losing

    2. Anonymous11:23 AM

      And Senile Sanders will look more senile than ever with his flailing little hands.

    3. Anonymous2:24 PM

      Trumpet with his alligator arms and Bernie flailing about like an orchestra conductor.

    4. Anonymous4:45 PM

      You never have seem to have anything of substance to say. Just gendered insults.

  8. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Gryphen, I certainly understand how one could believe this would be a negative for Hillary Clinton. I tend to believe the opposite.

    1. Anonymous11:01 AM

      Apparently it's OK for Elizabeth Warren to go after Trump because she's a woman or something. But if Bernie Sanders goes after Trump he's an idiot, a moron, hurting Hillary, a buffoon, selfish and self-centered and the Anti-Christ.

      Bernie Bashers skip no opportunity to insult and belittle Sanders and those that supported him.

    2. Crystal Sage11:17 AM

      Elizabeth Warren is not running for president for starters. She is doing to Trump what Trump has been doing for years and beating him at his own game. Bernie is merely trying to hang on to a losing campaign. However it would be a must-watch debate, if only for the cringe/laugh opportunities.

    3. Anonymous11:24 AM

      @ anon 11:01 am
      Bernie hasn't gone against tRump at all, he is too busy agreeing with him.

    4. Anonymous11:32 AM

      When has Bernie gone after Trump? He has praised Preibus, and he bashes Hillary, but he is happy to stand on a stage with Trump.

    5. Anonymous8:55 PM

      Anonymous11:01 AM,

      Oh, stop whining. You make it is to be insulted. You don't seem to mind when Hillary is being insulted.

    6. Anonymous10:27 PM

      11:24 ~ Are you out of your fucking mind? Bernie does NOT agree with Drumpf and is not above using Drumpf for publicity.

  9. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Any news about Track Palin?
    Is he doing the perp walk crying like a bitch because he knows Tyrone will be violating him and pimping Track out for some smokes, a jug of toilet wine, and a Snickers at the Spring Creek Correctional Center

    1. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Racist much?? On top of that rape jokes are never funny.

      Heidi WY

    2. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Save your racism for another blog or another day.

    3. Anonymous10:46 AM

      My guess is Track will have special treatment. There will be no one to cover anything? Like Anchorage Press? In Palin world this is private. No one in Alaska protects or cares about the Palins (few exceptions) so they will be left alone. If someone tries to see any proceedings, they will have problems, little access. Any sight of Track would be minimal. It has been handled with DA office and in chamber. Court will be little as possible or another delay. Sarah is not about to call Daily Mail for this. She won't mention her good news. If she or an attorney say anything, it will be little and positive for Track. He is a combat vet, has PTSD and will be cured. They may have someone to front him a job, as they did with Bristol.

      Sarah needs to get her energy expert butt next to her man in Wyoming and start doing positive PR for her family values along with her support for Trump and all she will do for him. Trump cares so much for the military and he will help her vindicate Track. He is some kind of victim. His girlfriend beats on him and you know, Obama.

  10. Anonymous9:11 AM

    On what planet do Bernie and Jane live?

    1. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Planet Loser

    2. Anonymous11:24 AM


    3. Anonymous11:30 AM

      Planet "How much money can we make before we shut this thing down?"

  11. Anonymous9:12 AM

    There seems to be conflicting information out there. The debate idea came up last night. Then, Trump bragged about what great ratings it would get and how much money he would donate to charity. Where have we heard that one before? This morning, Trump was asked if the debate was still on. This time, Trump said that there was zero chance of it happening. They are still promoting it on TV, while I heard Trump squirm out of it on radio. Trump can't debate anyone. His routine consists of playing the insult comedian.

    1. Anonymous11:03 AM

      That's because Trump thought he'd be getting the money and then decide what charity and how much. Like his Vet scam. As soon as he found out the network would be running the show, collecting the money and distributing it he was out and had no interest in a debate.

      Anyone that couldn't see that Trump would never go through with this is an UTTER MORON. That would be all you Bernie Bashers.

      By agreeing to debate Trump Bernie turned the tables and put all of the negative on Trump for flip flopping and bowing out.

  12. Anonymous9:12 AM

    OT I can't wait to hear what happened to Track in court today. Or did they delay his hearing again again again? How is the Pregnant Jordan doing?

    1. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Why does every thread have to turn into a Palin discussion. Why are you folks so obsessed with the Palins?

    2. Anonymous10:57 AM


      There is news of another delay or something special for terrorist Track. It is legit to ask about a military fraud with unresolved ongoing anger issues. His love of guns make him a crazy threat. Kyla has been better protected but there is another bastard on the way. If you are one of the Alaskans that do not care about the Palins or their corrupt and criminal syndicate, you will be bored and want to control all things to do with Palins. Say you don't care, no one else should care and you need to get control over anyone that is not like you.

      Too bad others have freedom of speech because you care so little that it annoys you.

    3. Anonymous8:57 PM

      Anonymous10:57 AM
      "Too bad others have freedom of speech because you care so little that it annoys you."

      You too, have freedom of speech. You just don't have immunity from criticism.

  13. Anonymous9:15 AM


    1. Anonymous9:59 AM

      Outlier poll. Don't worry- she's got this. Bernie's peeps could not be bothered to register. Millions of us for HRC in CA have already voted.

    2. Anonymous11:04 AM

      My mailed it ballot went out yesterday.

      For Bernie.

    3. Anonymous11:19 AM

      If so many of us who post on this site are sorry about ever supporting Sanders, you can be sure that many California democrats are also sick of him. I hope Hillary wins the CA primary by double digits.

    4. Anonymous11:26 AM

      Hillary only needs %50 to cinch the nomination.
      Now if you are still feeling that Bern I would suggest you make an appt with a urologist.

    5. Anonymous11:32 AM

      There are plenty of posters on here who supported Bernie in the beginning but have become disillusioned listening to the same old crap from him. We have become anti-Bernie by his actions to disrupt the Democratic primary process. He is losing fair and square. I'm glad the Dems have the superdelegate process to stop fake Dems like Bernie from ruining our chances in November. Bernie has disappointed me immensely and it has nothing to do with his age since I'm almost as old as he is. He is a sore loser.

    6. Anonymous4:19 PM

      Hillary needs 614 more pledged delegates to reach the nomination threshold of 2,383 pledged delegates in advance of the convention. There are only 781 available in the contests before the convention.

      She would need 78% of delegates in upcoming contest to cinch the nomination, and the polls don't predict her doing that well. No wonder she wants Bernie to drop out now, so she won't have to face him at the convention and risk the unpledged delegates who don't count until the convention, voting for him like they did for Obama.

    7. 4:19, sorry, but your math is off, way off.

      It appears you are counting the superdelegates into the total (2383) but not counting them when you say how many are left.

      The number of pledged delegates left in future races is 782, then there are 712 superdelgates, most of which have already gone to Hillary but they can change.

      Pledged (4051) + Super (712) = 4763/2 = 2382

      Hillary has 1771 pledged, Bernie has 1499.

      Let's just say they split the whole remaining wad 50/50:

      Clinton: 1771 + 391 + 356 = 2518
      Sanders: 1499 + 391 + 356 = 2246

      Oh look, Clinton wins.

      And ... oh look, Clinton wins even if she performs under 50% in all the remaining races (as long as it's not too many by too much).

      I do not know where you got this wrong idea Clinton needs to win the next races by 78%.

      The truth is it's Bernie Sanders who needs to win all the next races by a pretty big margin (like, 65%) in order to win the nomination.

  14. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Please, no jokes about prison rape.

    And G, has it occurred to you that someone might be calling Trump's bluff?

  15. Anonymous9:19 AM

    A while back people said Bernie Sanders is a DINO and is still a Socialist Independent who has no allegiance to the Democratic Party. Home come the Sanders camp is praising the Republicans?

    Sanders camp praises RNC chairman for leadership
    By NICK GASS 05/26/16 12:40 PM EDT
    According to Bernie Sanders' campaign manager, the Democratic National Committee needs a leader who is willing to unify, one who is willing to bridge divisions and bring people from different parts of the party together. Someone, Weaver suggested Thursday, like Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

    1. Anonymous4:49 PM

      Maybe Sanders will be Trump's VP pick. I would bet that Sanders would sell his soul in a New York second to be VP.

    2. Anonymous10:12 PM

      4:49 ~ I hope Bernie would agree to be Hillary's VP so we could all calm the fuck down a little.

      You must really despise Bernie to suggest such a ludicrous idea as Bernie is in it for the glory. I'm tired at only age 60, so Bernie must be running on passion and adrenaline.

  16. Anonymous9:20 AM

    The SS Trump is sinking...

    Trump’s presidential campaign parted ways with its national political director, Rick Wiley — a move that stems from an ongoing turf war within the campaign.

    Rick Wiley was the first high-profile hire by Paul Manafort.

    "Rick Wiley was hired on a short-term basis as a consultant until the campaign was running full steam. It is now doing better than ever, we are leading in the polls, and we have many exciting events ready to go, far ahead of schedule while Hillary continues her long, boring quest against Bernie,” a statement from the Trump campaign said.

    However, campaign sources told POLITICO it traced the termination to Wiley’s row with Karen Giorno, a seasoned Florida campaign consultant and Lewandowski ally who oversaw Trump’s big March 15 win that knocked home-state U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio out of the race.

    Wiley refused, at times, to return Giorno’s calls or take them. Giorno began calling other campaign officials to ask them whether Wiley had it out for her or for everyone.

    On Thursday, word leaked back to Trump. He phoned Giorno, concerned, sources said. “Tell me what’s wrong?” Trump asked her, according to one person familiar with the call. "Karen unloaded on Wiley,” the source said. “Mr. Trump is loyal. He believed her. … Rick picked a fight with the wrong person.”

    At that point, Trump ordered Wiley to stay away from Giorno and to neither call nor email her. Now is has been fired

  17. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Since when is the Democratic primary a team sport? Saying that belies your expectation that Clinton has been a done deal and her competition should layup to let her win and sour grapes that Bernie won't roll over.

    Bernie is not the problem. Not being able to put Bernie away decisively is a symptom of Clinton's problems.

    1. Anonymous10:01 AM

      Bernie is a big fat problem- lack of intellect and his ego.

    2. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Seriously, could you demonstrate any more ignorance of the Democratic primary system? First vote, Junior? Or just too busy being "non-political" to ever educate yourself?

      We have proportional delegate allocation in this party. Those are big words, I know, but what they mean is that we have no winner-take-all contests like the GOP does. What is happening right now is what a total rout looks like in our system when there are two popular candidates. If you were paying attention in 2008, you'd have noticed the same thing happened with two well-received candidates -- except that Obama beat Clinton by a smaller margin.

      The fact that you can't recognize a shellacking when you see one is hilarious. By every single measure, she has won this thing. She has an unsurmountable lead in pledged delegates (Bernie's actually gotten more than his percentage of the vote should have earned him, but you don't hear us whining). She leads in the popular vote (even generously overestimating Sanders' caucus votes). She's won more closed primaries. She's also won more OPEN contests, which Bernbots in their arrogance never seem to realize. By every method of counting, she has won and won decisively in a proportional system.

    3. Anonymous11:07 AM

      Ah, more personal insults.

      Are you going to turn around and tell 9:24 that they better vote for Hillary? With that same dirty mouth?

    4. Anonymous12:25 PM

      Bwa ha ha, which words did you find "dirty"? Proportional? Shellacking? Arrogance? Overestimating? Anything with more than two syllables in it?

    5. Anonymous3:54 PM

      Silly 10:03. Shellacking? With just 2 primary voting days left, Clinton is still hundreds of pledged delegates short of the 2,027 needed to claim she has the majority, let alone the 2,383 needed to clinch the nomination.

      With Sanders unlikely to concede before the convention, they proceed into a contested convention. What an embarrassment for Clinton.

      10:03's got a fuck-boat of nerve lecturing about understanding the Democratic primary rules then poor-mouthing that Sander got more than his fair share from proportional awarding.

      Insulting Sanders' supporters intelligence is not the way to persuade them to support Clinton. The condescension is just another manifestation of the abusive authoritarian mindset of the typical Clinton supporter who thinks people know their place, will fall in line when told, and be grateful to be there even after being told they're dog-shit. Good luck with that 10:03!

    6. Anonymous4:52 PM

      Anonymous11:07 AM,

      What dirty mouth? There were no dirty words in 10:03's comment. Are your special snowflake feelings so delicate that truth is perceived as an insult?

  18. Anonymous9:25 AM

    It is on>

  19. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Mother Jones:
    Bernie Sanders Is Switching Teams

    This is just sad. Trump is the master of modern publicity, and he knows perfectly well that a debate like this would (a) help Trump and (b) hurt Hillary. That's it. That's all it would do. And Bernie is all in.

    Is Bernie really so aggrieved by losing the Democratic nomination that he's now willing to explicitly campaign on Donald Trump's behalf? Because that's all this is. What happened to the old Bernie Sanders?

    1. Anonymous11:08 AM


      Bernie is all about getting his message out to as many people as possible by any means.

      By running for president the media started to pay attention and his message reached a wider audience.

      That is all it's ever been about.

      I guess it's OK for Elizabeth Warren to go after Trump but not Bernie Sanders?

    2. Anonymous11:57 AM

      11:08 what about Elizabeth Warren not running for president do you not understand? And she's exchanged tweets and speeches, not a face to face debate. No equivalence whatsoever.

    3. Anonymous12:01 PM

      Bernie is all about getting his message out to as many people as possible by any means.
      Bernie hasn't said anything new for months, his message is out there.
      Trump Chickens Out And Refuses To Debate Sanders Unless Bernie Pays $10 Million

      Good old Donnie, always looking for another way to make a buck.

    4. Anonymous12:27 PM

      I would LOVE it if Bernie ever got around to "going after Trump." Something preventing him from ever having done it on the stump? He needs a debate between the other party's nominee and our party's non-nominee before he can bear to attack the real enemy?

    5. Anonymous4:54 PM

      Anonymous11:08 AM,

      You keep posting that stupid ass comment. When has Sanders gone after Trump?

  20. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Bernie Sanders has truly done himself in!!
    What a shithead he has turned out to be!

    The debate w/Trump won't be done - think Trump is just playing with him and there is no need whatsoever for Trump to make the 'effort' to debate Bernie!

  21. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Report: Trump Was Joking About Debating Bernie

  22. Anonymous9:37 AM

    I think Bernie is capable of doing a lot of damage to TRUMP when they debate one-on-one. Hillary supporters have nothing to fear from this debate and many people will see Trump as the Micro-Dick we all know he is. Bernie is no longer a threat to Hillary.

    As a side note, Trump claims that he doesn't drink because of his brother Fred dying at a young age due to alcoholism. Does anyone else think that Trump acts alot like Palin in his mannerisms? He may not drink booze but my guess is that he is altered from some pharmaceutical form. Trump readily admits he doesn't sleep very much. Things that make you wonder...

    1. Anonymous9:49 AM

      There are people with addictive personalities who don't drink or ingest drugs. The flags are a tendency to rage, lack of accountability, always blaming others, refusal to be honest with one's self, extreme inability to accept even mild criticism, etc. Sound like anyone we know?

    2. Anonymous11:10 AM

      Actually, no. I don't think Donald does anything.

      He is all about control and would never submit to losing his control to anyone or anything. Certainly not alcohol or some other substance.

      He would also be deathly afraid he would expose some sort of weakness that could be used against him.

    3. Anonymous12:03 PM

      I think they put him on sedatives to calm him down and make him "look more presidential" than the raving lunatic he is.

    4. 66gardeners3:21 PM

      In addition to having dyslexia, I believe trump and $cratch are narcissistic sociopaths. It is a whacked out combination.

  23. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Hypocrisy is not a strong enough word to describe Donald Trump's recent attacks on Bill Clinton's past alleged sexual misconduct from the 1990s. We really need to come up with a new term and maybe call it "pulling a Trump."

  24. Anonymous9:38 AM

    One word:

    1. Anonymous9:46 AM

      This shit is why people hate Berniebros.

  25. Anonymous9:43 AM

    It's Game on now>

    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      Old news..ain't gonna happen. Trump wants 10 million.

  26. Anonymous9:45 AM

    HRC won't debate, a COWARDS move.

    1. Anonymous10:02 AM

      Why debate the loser again? It's a waste of time!

    2. Anonymous10:05 AM

      Similarly, a team that wins the world series in game 6 isn't interested in playing game 7. OMG COWARDS!!!!!!!!!

    3. Anonymous10:18 AM

      @Anonymous 9:45 AM

      HRC won't debate, a COWARDS move.
      You are childish. There is no need for her to debate Sanders. She will debate the Repub nominee, though.

    4. Anonymous10:32 AM

      You mean a WINNERS move.

      Why waste time debating a loser?

    5. Anonymous11:59 AM

      Ask Richard Nixon about debating - especially if you've already won.

    6. Anonymous4:29 PM

      to 10:02

      The debate is not for the candidates! The debate is for the VOTERS!!! And California has not yet voted. So Hillary is thumbing her nose at them, and telling them that their informed vote does not matter.

    7. Anonymous5:57 PM

      You can taunt all you like. We can all see it for what it is. A last desperate attempt to get some visibility. Hillary doesn't need it. Sanders does.

    8. Anonymous5:59 PM

      Anonymous4:29 PM,

      Oh puuuuulllllleeeease. Just watch an old debate. They are online. He hasn't said anything new in the last 8 months.

  27. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Why doesn't The Holy One admit that he would rather see Trump as POTUS rather than Clinton. He is now just a Republican stooge & Trump enabler.

    Ummmm I got it wait one


  28. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Keep going down this road, Bernie. That is, if you want to end your life and career as no more than a washed-up, ostracized, permanently embittered pariah who just mutters to himself in a forgotten corner of the Senate.

  29. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I'm voting for Trump just so Hillary will lose. Any candidate who has assholes like you as followers deserve to lose.

    1. Anonymous11:24 AM

      Boy, we could say the same about you. So polite, so intelligent, so Trumplike....and I'm sure Bernie's ideas have so much chance of getting any kind of traction with President "ME FIRST" Trump. Shoot yourself in the foot, why don't you?

    2. Anonymous12:29 PM

      You FEE-FEES! Your precious, precious FEE-FEES! Can anyone deny that they're the most important thing at stake in this country right now?

    3. Anonymous6:00 PM

      It's just kiiiiillllling you that Sanders is losing to a woman. How DARE she not bow down to him!

  30. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Nothing about Bernie is as you write. If Hillary were a legitimate leader, SHED have debated Bernie in the last month.

    Bernie's already been dicked over by an unfair voting system and cheating. THAT is filmed fact.

    1. Anonymous11:23 AM

      Unfair? Cheating? You guys sound like toddlers, you know. Bernie should have known how the DNC made rules for campaigns before he deduced to hop on board the Democratic train to parade himself and Jane around the nation as some reformer. Where has he been for 35 years? Seriously. No one cheated him out of anything. Rules are rules. And why should she debate him again? What else is there to say? You want film, go watch the debates where she beat him. Every one.
      It is not to her benefit to go over the same stuff another time, with him determined to call her names. Who does that help? Oh right. St. Bernie.

    2. Anonymous12:01 PM

      11:23 you got that right. No changing the rules once the game has started- is this the generation where every kid on the team got a trophy, even if they had to stretch the rules to call that a run? And why should she debate now? The time for that was before the primaries started. TOO LATE.

    3. Anonymous12:07 PM

      Bernie just wasted more money having KY recanvased and he still lost.

      He seems to have a problem understanding you can't change the rules to suit yourself in the middle of the game. Also known as sour grapes

      Sanders Requested Recanvass Fails To Change Results As Hillary Clinton Wins Kentucky

    4. Anonymous1:28 PM

      Hillary debated Bernie 10 times, the 9 scheduled times and his whining for another on in NY.
      Fuck Bernie, Hillary has a nat'l election to win and shouldn't waste her time with Loser Bernie.

    5. Anonymous4:12 PM

      It was so nice having him close when the power went out. I could read from the reflected light of his halo. Now I ask, any other socialist democrat out there going to share the light of his halo for free?

    6. Anonymous4:40 PM

      to 11:23

      The voter cheating is not just the imagination of Bernie supporters. And across all the states has added up to an estimated 120 delegates that went to HRC from counties that were tampered with.

      Here is a very thoughtful series that you might want to read, 9 parts:

    7. Anonymous6:01 PM

      Stop fuckin whining. If he can't handle a primary, how can he run the country?

    8. Anonymous6:03 PM

      Oh, from COUNTERPUNCH. Why didn't you say so? Now I believe every thing you say as gospel truth. /s

  31. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Why Would Hillary Clinton Debate Sanders?

    1. Hillary already ripped Sanders a new asshole during the previous debates

    2. Wanting to debate everybody and anybody is a sure sign Sanders is in campaign desperation mode.

    3. Why would Hillary debate an angry old man and risk more chances of losing his followers after wiping the stage floor with him?

    Enough with this. Kick fuck out of Sanders would just cause more hate from his followers

  32. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Sanders Requested Recanvass Fails To Change Results As Hillary Clinton Wins Kentucky

    1. Anonymous11:20 AM

      Oh gee. So he cost Kentucky a bunch of money and didn't even prove that Hillary cheated? How surprising.

    2. Anonymous1:25 PM

      Kentucky should sue Senile Sanders for the cost involved.

  33. Anonymous10:18 AM

    This Is How a Revolution Ends

    The Democratic insurgent’s campaign is losing steam—but his supporters are not ready to give up.

  34. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Supposedly tRUMP said he was only kidding & they won't debate at least at 11:30 am EST.

  35. Anonymous10:28 AM

    For those Ds who are anti-Bernie because his "plans" are unsustainable socialistic ideas, I deem you ageists.

    For years those same Ds have attacked republicans who fear Obama had socialist plans. You called them racist.

    So technically, using the same logic, you could be called ageist, a person with distrust of the elderly.

    1. Anonymous11:19 AM

      No, son. We have read the reports. His plans would bankrupt the country, cost us all a lot more in taxes, and would never get through Congress. That's not ageist; that's common sense. Bernie could use some, and you too.

    2. Anonymous12:02 PM

      Common sense and realism.

    3. Anonymous6:05 PM

      You "deem" us? I "deem" you sexist.

  36. Anonymous10:33 AM

    The boy's club ain't taken this one laying down. Nope. They will even go as far as to pretend the girl is not in the room.

    1. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Had it happened, I'm sure there would have been an early Trump joke about "Where's Hillary? Looking for the correct bathroom?"

  37. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Vince Foster’s sister pens blistering op-ed shaming Trump for his insane conspiracy theories

  38. Anonymous10:48 AM

    But the whole proposal appears to have been orchestrated by the Sanders campaign.
    Michael Briggs, a Sanders spokesman, said that Kimmel allowed the Sanders campaign to submit a question to Trump to be asked during the taping -- so they asked about a potential debate.

    1. Anonymous11:17 AM

      Doesn't surprise me. They thought they could trap Trump into appearing on stage with Bernie, and they knew Hillary would not want a thing to do with they saw it as a win-win for St. Bernie. Did they not watch him at GOP debates? He's a bully and a mean selfish bastard. He would have treated Bernie with disdain, called him a communist, and spent the night mocking him and disparaging Hillary to boot. Lose-lose, bernie.

    2. Anonymous6:06 PM

      If true, that is beyond pathetic.

  39. Anonymous10:49 AM

    If you look up the word mysogyny, you will find the exact description of Donald Trump. Any ho, it sez that men who are lesser on the supposed alpha wolf spectrum tend to become woman haters to up their status. It's a lengthy description about all the religions and scientist including Darwin who held women below esteem. It's an ongoing thing for us women. Who knew that our candidate would one day have to fight a fight for all womankind. Poor Hilary. I'm rootin' for you girl. Fight the good fight. And from experience, boys can be mean when cornered so watch your back girl.

  40. Anonymous10:54 AM

    All he's done is piss people off..bigtime.

    Evidently, between the time I started this and finished it, Trump has admitted to punking Bernie Sanders. There will be no debate.

    My frustration still stands, though because somehow, Senator Sanders and his not-ready-for-prime-time campaign decided that this would have been a good idea.

    It was pure idiocy and gave Trump a news cycle win he didn’t need.

    A truly stupid move by Sanders’ Campaign.

    For the most part, I’ve tried hard not to say anything about Senator Sanders in anger. If you review my comment history, you’ll see that I’ve worked hard to support my chosen candidate and save for a few comments right around the period when I shifted my support from Sanders to Clinton, I’ve tried hard to be respectful of the Senator, his supporters, and his campaign.

    This Fucking Debate is making it hard to stay respectful, not of his supporters — regardless of my feelings about the Senator, I respect your choice — but of the Senator and his campaign.

    1. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Exactly, this move was a kneejerk middle finger to Hillary for choosing not to debate Bernie, because he's got a temper and ego as well, and how DARE she smile and say "no".

  41. Anonymous10:55 AM

    It's not only Latinos: Donald Trump is also driving Asian Americans toward the Democratic Party

    1. Anonymous11:14 AM

      Of course he is. The man has insulted virtually everyone in this country who isn't white, male and rich like he is. This will be a tidal wave the likes of which we can hope is near repeated.

  42. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Dear Senator Sanders:

    Are you riding the wave, or is the wave riding you? You are way busy keeping folks all hot and bothered. “The system is rigged; Kentucky reported a bad count.” All this is a drive for you to hit the convention riding a wave of explosive support.

    You will want things from the platform committee and time on the podium (of the convention of a party of which you are not really a member). You will win some battles at the convention; you will speak at the convention; you will lose on others issues. You will be okay with that (emphasis on the YOU).

    BUT, how will your supporters take that horror of horrors—compromise with the Corrupt Devils of the Democrat party? I am sure that you think you can play this game of pushing the limits and then drag it back in so that Trump gets walloped.

    When a correspondent asked recently if your criticism of Hillary might hurt her general election chances, you launched into this lame rant about why not just appoint someone King without any discussion. If that is the level of sophistication you are working at, then I fear you may be as delusional and narcissistic as I sometimes think.

  43. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Trump Chickens Out And Refuses To Debate Sanders Unless Bernie Pays $10 Million

    While speaking to reporters in North Dakota, Donald Trump announced that Bernie Sanders is going to have to pay to debate him, and he would have to get $10 million from Sanders to participate in the charity debate.

    Trump knows that the Sanders campaign does not have $10 million extra dollars. The Sanders campaign began May with $5.8 million and is dealing with a cash crunch. Bernie Sanders is also trying to win the remaining primary states. What Trump is suggesting is that Sanders take money that could be used to win in California and spend it on funding a debate with Donald Trump.

    Trump is trying to get out of debating Bernie Sanders by specifying that the money had to come for Sanders. The Sanders campaign nor the candidate has that kind of cash, so Donald Trump is weaseling out of debating Bernie Sanders by imposing an impossible to meet condition on the debate.

  44. Anonymous11:01 AM

    NOW>"Oh, I’d love to debate Bernie. He’s a dream. Well, I said, and I said last night on Jimmy’s show, it was a question that was posed, and I said I’d love to debate him, but I’d want a lot of money to be put up for charity, so what we’ll do is if we can raise maybe for women’s health issues or something if we can raise $10 or $15 million for charity, which would be a very appropriate amount. I understand the television business very well. It would get very high ratings. It should be in a big arena somewhere, and we could have a lot of fun with it. I’d love to debate Bernie. Actually, I mean the problem with debating Bernie is that he’s gonna’ lose.


    The biggest problem I have is if Bernie’s not going to win, but I’d debate him any way if they’d want to put up money for charity…It’s true, but they’d have to pay a lot of money for it, because look, I’m in first place. I won. I’d say something over $10 million."

  45. Anonymous11:03 AM

    This Method Has Predicted Every Modern Election And Trump Is Screwed

    1. Anonymous11:31 AM

      Are places like earthquake Oklahoma, going to trust a dealer like Trump when it comes down to it? He can sweet talk and say what they want to hear. The smart ones will know he is for fracking and he will be in it to win his way.

    2. Anonymous3:47 PM

      Hillary has not come out against fracking either, BTW.

      Only Sanders opposes fracking.

  46. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Report Exposes How Trump Dodged $20 Million In Taxes (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

  47. Anonymous11:09 AM

    What the hell are you doing, Bernie?

    ...From Sanders’s perspective, it’s not clear what’s to be gained. Even if he thrashes Trump at the debate, nothing changes. He might get a bump in the polls and perhaps even win California narrowly, but he’ll still lose the Democratic nomination. Worse still, he’ll lose any credibility he has within the party, and thus any chance he has to improve it. Whether he wants to or not, Sanders will be forced in a debate like this – by the moderator and his opponent – to bash Clinton and the Democratic Party generally.

  48. Anonymous11:12 AM

    It's OFF. Trump is demanding 10 MILLION for the privilege of standing on a stage with Mr. Narcissist. Bernie has less than 6 million for the rest of the campaign, and I really don't think his donors will pony up a bunch more money for him to be called names by Donald Trump. Looks like Hillary was the adult in the room again for staying out of the Trump trap.

    1. Anonymous12:08 PM

      Uh huh, and proceeds to charity? We all know what happened the last time....

  49. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Poll: Clinton leads Trump among middle-class Rust Belt voters

    Donald Trump trails Hillary Clinton by 7 percentage points among middle-income voters in the Rust Belt, a key demographic he almost certainly needs to become president.

    Likely voters with annual family incomes of $30,000 to $75,000 in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin back Clinton over Trump, 46 percent to 39 percent, the latest Purple Slice online poll for Bloomberg Politics shows.

    The findings should sound an alarm for Trump because they show he's failing—at least so far—to dominate among the sort of voters thought to be more sympathetic to him. The poll also splashes cold water on suggestions that the real-estate developer and TV personality is well positioned to win in the Rust Belt.

    1. Anonymous11:33 AM

      This is good to hear. I'm originally from Cleveland and grew up in a UAW family and I still identify with the rust belt even though I'm in CA. Was thrilled to see the UAW back Hillary.

  50. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Sanders takes different position on superdelegates than he did in 2008

  51. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I heard Christ Matthews say that Trump's talk about the debate is him being a Don King. The debate won't happen and never was going to happen. It's hype. He also said the media would come away reporting that Bernie had won (and we know Trump knows nothing and would lose--no way would he allow a debate to happen). He also said you don't "debate down," and that's what it would be for Trump since he's the #1 slot and so is Hillary.

    1. Anonymous11:54 AM

      According to Trump there is no one in the world he can debate. Awww, doesn't that give you the sads. Lonely in that ivory tower or is it a golden tower?

      Neil Young Sends A Big F-U To Music Thief Donald Trump By Endorsing Bernie Sanders.
      Neil Young’s manager has confirmed that Donald Trump used his song Rockin’ In The Free World without his permission.


  52. It will draw a very big audience, and will give Bernie the opportunity to call Trump loud and clear on his abysmalignorance of all real issues, his lack of anything but name-calling as a strategy, hardly what's need in a world leader.

    Hillary should cheer this on, as Bernie (who is much better liked & respected than Clinton), will be publicly, with a Yuge audience, humiliate the egotistal blowhard, expose his foolishness and lack of anything at all to bring to the table as President.

    From Clinton's vantage point, this has to be all good. It's also good for the country to get real issues called out. Only Elizabeth Warren could do it better. So:

    Go Bernie! Sic 'im.

    1. Anonymous12:06 PM

      I don't think so. Trump is rude, crude and coarse and he shouts over other people while not answering questions. Moderators are reluctant to shut him down even when he's throwing insults. Will not go well for Sanders.

    2. Anonymous6:18 PM

      "..Bernie (who is much better liked & respected than Clinton)..." If that's so why has 3 million more votes than Sanders?

  53. Ha, Trump makes it impossible, knowing he can't stand in front of the world and joust with a long time Senator who calls it like it is. Maybe FOX news will pony up, then Trump will have to find another way to wiggle out of sure humiliation. This could be interesting.

  54. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Bernie is a moron, now I am positive he thinks undermining the Democratic Party is his ticket to the W.H.

  55. Tiresome, tiresome man. (Sanders.)

  56. Anonymous12:32 PM

    After this I look forward to what Kimmel will do with sanders on his show tonight.

  57. Bernie is a big fucking joke.

  58. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Now tRump is saying he'll debate Only if Sanders gives $10,000,000 to charity.I figured the cowardly asshole would weasel his way out of debating.

  59. Anonymous2:21 PM

    If Tr(i)ump(h) the Insult Candidate ever makes it to the presidency, will he demand payment for, oh, say the SOTU Address?

  60. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Chicken Hillary needs to show the fuck up,or shut the fuck up.

    1. Anonymous6:20 PM

      Take your own advice.

  61. It's going to be tough for Trump-the-asshole to back out. I'd actually watch something on Fix Noise to Bernie cut him to ribbons. Trump has nothing.

  62. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Bernie has vowed to work 24/7 so that Trump is not elected, and this debate would be a great way for the voters to see Trump's lack of platform.

    A debate truly focused on the issues (not personality and trivia) like Bernie likes to do, would be just the thing to CALL OUT TRUMP!

    Thank you, Bernie, for having the courage to stand up to Trump. The people of California and the rest of the country would benefit by seeing Donald actually stay focused on issues.

    1. Anonymous4:13 PM

      The problem is that Trump won't allow a real debate. He'll bluster and change the subject and the moderators will let him. He absolutely will not stand for "a debate truly focused on the issues" and you can bet Fox will help him out.

  63. Anita Winecooler3:41 PM

    I'd like to have a debate myself, and think it would be wonderful if some network foots the bill, because it's easier to fund a revolution with OPM to fulfill your little fantasy than, oh, I dunno, going to the bank and taking out the money yourself.
    I've worked with charities and fundraising, and never heard of anything this preposterous. I'll debate you for charity, if someone else foots the bill. It's gauche and cheapens the Democratic Party.

    1. Anonymous3:59 PM

      Trump is vulgar and when he feels threatened, he throws his money around.

      Debating on the issues makes Donald very nervous, because so much of his platform is undefined. Don't you think the voters need to see this?

      Hillary stays in her ivory tower, and hides behind her staff and big dollar PACs. She is afraid to meet the "common man" on the campaign trail, and sends her husband or daughter out. She has ignored state after state in the campaign, only going where big dollars or big votes are. Now she has thumbed her nose at Californians, refusing to stand up before them and do a debate. THAT cheapens the whole democratic process..

  64. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Sanders was allowed a question by Kimmel. He trolled trump by asking if he'd debate him. Once Bernie said, "let's go" trump backs down. Good move by Bernie, predictable move by Drumpf

  65. I'm a lifelong Democrat, voting for Hillary. But Bernie had a rally 35 minutes from my home, so Ivwent to check it out. Thousands of people, mostly college age, and almost all white. About 1% old folks ( like me). At 1 PM I imagine most other people were at work. He gave his usual stump speech, railed against the status quo, but never mentioned Hillary by name. He had a lot of negative comments about Trump. And, yes, he said he wanted to debate Trump. ( bad idea). I was encouraged by a number of young folks who said they would vote for Hillary if Bernie didn't win. A very interesting day.

  66. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Don't push it angry old man.

    Washington Post:
    Did Bernie Sanders deliver an ultimatum that Debbie Wasserman Schultz should be fired?

    he big questions left in the Democratic presidential race are when Bernie Sanders will exit the contest and, relatedly, what he will extract by way of concessions from Hillary Clinton for doing so. Sanders has been relatively quiet about specific asks to date. But, in an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Thursday, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver seemed to suggest that getting rid of current Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz might be a necessary precursor to making peace between the rival campaigns.

    Here's the key bit:

    If the party's going to come together, the conduct that we saw from the chairwoman's office over the course of this campaign really is a sticking point for a lot of people out there who support Senator Sanders The millions of people who support Senator Sanders, they've seen the finger on the scale and they're not happy about it ...

    ... I think unity in the party would be much easier to achieve if we had a consensus, a chair who was committed to playing the traditional role that chairs of parties play, which is -- even when there's sharp elbows in a primary contest, the chair of the party is looking out for the broader interest of the party to make sure that the party can come together in the end, and we've seen repeatedly from chairwoman Wasserman Schultz that that's really not the role that she's playing.

    If that's not an out-and-out ultimatum, it sure as heck is a hint at one, no?

    Read between the lines of what Weaver is saying and you get something like this:

    Dear Hillary,

    Wasserman Schultz needs to go before the convention. Or else.



    The tensions between Sanders and Wasserman Schultz have been an ongoing storyline for much of the nomination fight. Sanders and, especially, his aides and supporters have seen signs for months of the DNC chair helping to further the interests of Clinton at the expense of the Vermont Socialist. Those private gripes broke into public following a skirmish between Sanders and Clinton supporters at the Nevada Democratic convention earlier this month.

    "The senator's response was anything but acceptable," Wasserman Schultz said of Sanders following the Nevada incident. "It certainly did not condemn the supporters for the violence and added more fuel to the fire."

    Talk about adding more fuel to the fire! What had been a bubbling cauldron of dissatisfaction turned into a volcano of unhappiness. And, Weaver's comments will only make the whole thing even more toxic for Democrats hoping to unite the party sooner rather than later.

    If Wasserman Schultz's job is the price Clinton has to pay to win the much-coveted endorsement from Sanders, is she willing to do it? It seems like we are going to find out.

    1. Anonymous6:24 PM

      I hope she doesn't give in. It will be perceived as a lack of strength by many men - that she can be told what to do and be forced to get rid of an ally.

  67. Anonymous5:56 PM

    When you watch a championship basketball you want the refs to let them play.

    Bernie wants Open Primaries, let them vote @#%=×!

    Wait a minute Bernie, beware what you ask for. You ask for Cockasis but it looks like you don't want the people to vote.

    The System Isn’t ‘Rigged’ Against Sanders
    Clinton’s winning because more Democrats want her to be the nominee.

    Whether King intended it or not, he implied that caucuses — which often require hours of participation and mean lower turnout — are representative of what would happen if a larger electorate had its say. Well, a funny thing happened in Washington on Tuesday: The state held a mail-in, beauty-contest primary — so voting was easy, but no delegates were at stake. (The Associated Press has declared Hillary Clinton the winner.) The results are still being finalized, but Clinton leads by about 6 percentage points with more than 700,000 votes counted. Sanders won the Washington caucuses, which had 230,000 participants, by 46 percentage points.

    So, turnout was much higher in the Washington primary than in the caucuses, and Clinton did much better. Something similar happened in Nebraska, where Clinton lost the early March caucuses by 14 percentage points and won the early May primary, in which no delegates were awarded, by 7 points.

    Nebraska and Washington are part of a pattern. As Sanders fans claim that the Democratic primary system is rigged against their candidate and that Sanders wins when turnout is higher, they fail to point out that Sanders has benefited tremendously from low-turnout caucuses. Indeed, if all the caucuses were primaries, Clinton would be winning the Democratic nomination by an even wider margin than she is now...

    Counting only caucuses, Sanders has won 63 percent of the vote, 64 percent of the delegates and 11 of the 16 contests. In doing so, he has earned 341 elected delegates, compared with Clinton’s 195 delegates, for a margin of 146 delegates. These caucuses have had approximately1 1.1 million participants. As a point of comparison, turnout in the caucuses has been only about 13 percent of the total number of votes President Obama got in the 2012 presidential election in these states.2

    Sanders has done far worse in the states that have held primaries. Counting just primaries, including Tuesday’s in Washington,3 Sanders has won only 42 percent of the vote, 42 percent of delegates and 10 of the 34 statewide contests.4 Clinton earned 1,576 elected delegates, compared with Sanders’s 1,158, for a margin of 418. The turnout in these contests has been far higher than in the caucuses, with a little more than 24 million votes cast. That’s about 49 percent of the total number of votes Obama got in the 2012 election in these states.5


  68. Anonymous7:51 PM

    If Sanders, and that is if Sanders beats Hillary in California, that doesn't mean a damn thing.

    Doesn't mean California voters wants Bernie Sanders as their Democratic nominee.


    Because the Republican voters in California knows that Trump is their presidential nominee. They had time to change their California political party affiliation from Republican to Democrat and they will vote for Bernie Sanders because they know Trump and the Republican Party fears Hillary Clinton.

  69. Anonymous8:17 PM

    What is going on?

    Running out the clock game plan?

    Is there a Statute of Limitations we don't know about?

    What's the excuse now?

    Any boots on the ground?

    Hearing Continued?

    05/26/2016 10:30 AM
    Courtroom 2, Palmer Courthouse Trial Call: District Court Criminal
    Hearing Continued
    Wolfe, John W

    Sarah Palin has a Memorial Day BBQ to go to?

    06/16/2016 10:30 AM
    Courtroom 2, Palmer Courthouse Trial Call: District Court Criminal
    Wolfe, John

  70. Anonymous8:28 PM





    Track Palin weighs Anchorage Veterans Court for domestic violence charges

    ... The victim in the case in February requested a "no-contact" order against Palin be lifted but apparently no action was taken, Palin's attorney Kevin Fitzgerald said during a court hearing Thursday in Palmer. District Court Judge John Wolfe told the Palmer District Attorney's office to contact the woman to make sure she still wants the order deleted.

    Fitzgerald participated in the hearing by phone. Palin wasn't there.

    Fitzgerald told the judge he intends to transfer the Palin case to Anchorage Veterans Court, a program for veterans charged with misdemeanors who may need behavioral health treatment.

    The next Veterans Court hearing date is Tuesday, he said. "My client intends on attending that."

    But Palin is not officially participating in the court program yet, according to Anchorage District Attorney Clint Campion, a military veteran who oversees it.

    "We've been in negotiations," Campion said. "Ultimately, a few things have to happen. The biggest thing is No. 1, Mr. Palin has to decide he would want to go down that path. He hasn't officially yet. I think he's trying to gather information."

    Anyone eligible for benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is eligible for the program.


    1. Anonymous9:14 PM

      The Anchorage Veterans Court hearings are
      open to the public and are held on alternate
      Tuesdays, at 1:00 P.M. in the Boney
      Courthouse, courtroom #29, 303 K Street,
      Anchorage, Alaska 99501.

    2. Anonymous9:14 PM


    3. Anonymous9:16 PM

      So Track has to plead Guilty or No Contest to at least one charge

      -Alternative Sentencing
      The veteran “opts-in” to the Anchorage
      Veterans Court by entering into a plea
      agreement. The veteran must agree to
      plead Guilty or No Contest to a least one
      charge, and agree to receive one of two
      sentences: a regular court sentence if the
      participant does not complete his or her VA
      treatment plan or a lesser sentence if the
      participant completes his or her treatment

    4. Anonymous9:20 PM

      Alaska Veterans Court. Alaska Court System (November 2008). The Anchorage Alaska Veterans Court is a special court within the justice system that assists veterans charged with misdemeanors.

    5. Anonymous9:23 PM

      Who is eligble?
      • The veteran must reside in the
      Municipality of Anchorage.

      Admission to the Anchorage Veterans
      Court is not automatic. The prosecutor’s
      office, the VA, the veteran and the Veterans
      Court judge must all agree that you and
      your criminal case qualify.

      So Sarah Palin found an out for Track. But Track does not reside in Anchorage. Is he still eligible to attend?

  71. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Fashion Break: What is that thing above her right breast?

  72. Anonymous9:27 PM

    What is the Alaska Veterans Court?

    Select "Alaska" link in red

  73. Anonymous9:38 PM

    February requested a "no-contact" order against Palin be lifted but apparently no action was taken.

    Jordan got pregnant during a "no-contact" order from a judge?

    1. Anonymous9:55 PM

      So the girls in Wasilla do not like the spit or swallow method? They prefer the Bristol Palin Method?

      Bristol Palin
      Britta Hanson
      Jordan Loewe

    2. Anonymous9:58 PM

      Jordan didn't get pregnant during conjugal visits because Track wasn't sentenced yet.

  74. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Anonymous 9:14 PM

    Why are you shouting 9:14?
    Can't we all get along?

  75. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Love you but you"re mistaken on this call he will annihilate Trumpster in a debate and the goal is to do
    just that as well as move USA away from the right wing, Soviet
    type arguments of theCold War


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