Friday, June 03, 2016

California Christian school uses modern technology to indoctrinate children with superstitious nonsense.

Courtesy of The Orange County Register:  

A dozen second-graders in Kim Kihm’s Bible class watched slide shows about the Ten Commandments on the classroom’s smart board and scrolled through Bible passages on their iPads. 

While reading about the Good Samaritan, the Capistrano Valley Christian Schools students formed hearts in the air with their arms and sang a Bible verse about loving your neighbor as yourself. 

“I like how we can use iPads so we can read and see pictures how it was back then,” said Scarlett Vukich, 8, of San Juan Capistrano, about the lesson. 

It’s all part of the school’s digital Bible pilot program, which goes beyond teaching the Bible with high-tech tools. 

With the help of a $1.5 million grant from two south Orange County families who wish to remain anonymous, Capistrano Valley Christian Schools are creating a web-based program that teaches Christianity using evidence they say can prove the truth of the Bible to better equip students to defend their faith – a discipline known as Christian apologetics. 

“Our goal is to revolutionize the way the Bible is taught in Christian schools so kids will be firm in their faith,” said Kim Van Vlear, director of Bible curriculum development at the schools. “We want to show why the Bible is true with proven evidence like science, archeology and history.”

You know using science to teach religious faith is sort of like using water to build a campfire.

I still think that indoctrinating these children into ANY religion that informs them to mistrust facts and science is a form of child abuse.

If the tenets of your religion are so compelling then why can't you wait to teach them to people once their minds have fully matured and their critical thinking skills have kicked in?

This shit just pisses me off.


  1. It's a Christian school. They can teach what they want. And the same thing struck me: why the hell do they have to push their beliefs right, left and center if their beliefs are so obviously "right"?

  2. Leland7:00 AM

    "...with proven evidence like science, archeology and history.”

    Yeah? Like how? Archeology has already proven the lie about the Jews being slaves and building the pyramids. Biology and medical science pretty well preclude most of the reproductive "facts" stipulated in the bible. They also contradict the misogyny crammed down little girls' throats to make them believe they are inferior to the male.

    Only SOME of the physical facts like locations of towns can be proven.

    In fact, whether these idiots know it or not, scientific evidence is proving most of the mythology spouted to be just that - mythology.

    And what's this concept of them seeing pictures of how it was back then?! I got the impression from what that little 8 year old said that they are actually being led to believe they are real pictures!

    I would be willing to bet that I can answer Gryphen's question in his last paragraph. Simply put, many of those exposed to the religion "once their minds have fully matured" - unless coerced through bribery and such - can't swallow what's there! It has to be locked into children's brains in such a way it is almost impossible to break free.

    And I find it a hoot that they decry science and its findings on the one hand and misuse it on the other. Along with lying and telling them to ignore the contradictions and so on and not even exposing them to such things until they are truly hooked.

    I think this type of thing is the worst "sin" of religion - ANY organized religion that does these sorts of practices.

  3. Randall7:06 AM

    Why don't these wonderful Christians teach their children to help the poor? feed the hungry? house the homeless? help the downtrodden? get medical care to the sick? do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

    1. Because there's no profit, power or control in that. Where's the fun if you don't get to feel superior?

  4. Anonymous7:22 AM

    You use modern technology to indoctrinate people to vote for crooked Hillary. You are as sick as these folks.

    1. Yes talking about politics to grown men and women is JUST like filling children's heads with primitive superstitious nonsense.

      Ahh and i see that you give yourself away as a Trump troll by adopting his language.

      Epic fail there Spanky!

    2. Anonymous7:54 AM


      I suspect very few (none) are being indoctrinated here. Folks exchange opinions and ideas. Folks like you get easily indoctrinated because of your low intelligence. Just look at how you parrot Trump. He likes stupid people like you. You're easily fooled.

    3. Anonymous11:17 AM

      @7:22 -- you have not matured, at whatever age you are, to post such a statement. That said, of course there is indoctrination proposed and tried in every political stance, but hopefully you have critical thinking to judge it for yourself.

      Grow up, dear person. Spouting epithets like "crooked Hillary" is just playing into Trumps' plan for you and yours: nothing. He is scamming you left, right and centre.

    4. Anonymous11:34 AM

      I dare you, 7:22, to read this:

      "Like his campaign, Trump University was a con job. It was an attempt to prey on the desperate and credulous, people who bought into Trump’s brand and thought they could bring a slice of it home. But they were sold a bill of goods by an unaccredited for-profit institution on the basis of Trump’s celebrity. Indeed, Trump himself, without any interest in the school or its curriculum, used his fame to peddle the product.

      I"n a separate interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Schneiderman explained: “Donald Trump’s sole role was in marketing. He was the pitchman. We have the videos of him making these false promises. He was not involved in the curriculum. He never met or trained the instructors. But he was clearly in charge of pitching this scam university to people, convincing them that it was his personal secrets and saying things like ‘come to the weekend seminar.’ Learn what it took me a whole lifetime to learn in real estate. ‘You can get rich, too.’ That was his role.”

    5. Anonymous12:30 PM

      Your just upset that you can't get me to vote for Hillary. Sorry, I'm not as gullible as the rest of your idiot readers; but you have proven to be a gullible idiot by supporting Hillary, and thanks for that. Now back to your cult church of HRC.

    6. Anonymous1:05 PM

      Dear 12:30

      1) Your grammar proves you are sadly low-education, but Trump loves you because he knows you are easily manipulated.

      "Your" should be "You're" as in "you are".

      2) I am not upset that I can't get you to vote for Hillary. It was never my intention. I am Bernie fan, but will vote for Hillary if only to keep a very angry, revenge-seeking, misogynistic, racist, bigoted, thin-skinned and mentally unstable man from getting any where near the office of President.

      3) Both of your posts are ones of projection.

      Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying their existence while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It incorporates blame shifting.

    7. Anonymous1:08 PM

      12:30pm -
      Do you think you are consequential enough to get upset over. You are just a youngster trolling a blog with your puerility. No one cares who you vote for.

  5. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Personally, I feel that the internet has done a lot to debunk the myth of religion. Look at the that they can just go online and google Joseph Smith, many of them are realizing that they were raised to believe in an obviously and very recently made-up religion, which was started by a con man who just really wanted to sleep with more than one woman.

    If these kids are being taught from an early age to be technologically savvy, then they will have the tools to find the truth when they hit those "questioning years" which usually hits around puberty. And unlike my own childhood experience, they will immediately find out that they are not the only ones who don't believe in a god.

    1. Anonymous11:28 AM

      Excellent point. My father's Christianist indoctrination-attempt failed when I was about 18 years old, before the internet was even a gleam in any techie's eye.

      But for my 6th book (a couple of years ago), I used the internet to research Mormon genocide of their own "converts" -- given knowingly shoddy carts they had to pull themselves across the country to Utah & then failing to rescue many of them at the final stage of their journey, in deep winter). A really shitty "religion" all in all.

      One of the worst, but then is there a good one? And before you say Buddhism --

      "Buddhism doesn't fit neatly into either category of religion or philosophy. When people asked Buddha what he was teaching, he said he teaches "the way things are." He said nobody should believe his teachings out of faith, but instead they should examine for themselves to see if they are true or not."

  6. Anita Winecooler3:40 PM

    Why group fables and bible stories with other subjects that are proven in the first place? Do they think they're fooling anyone?
    I'm fine with it if it's in a private school and my tax dollars aren't being used.

    1. Leland1:42 AM

      Unfortunately, Anita, yes, they are fooling someone - the children. And for most of them it will lead to a life time of problems they won't understand.


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