Thursday, June 02, 2016

Florida gun shop that refused to sell to Muslims now offering targets with the faces of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

A Forida gun shop owner who made news last year when he banned Muslims from his store is now selling targets at his location and online featuring the faces of President Barack Obama and 2016 Democratic presidential nomination rivals Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. 

All three lawmakers — along with presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump — are currently under the protection of the Secret Service.

Fucking POS!

In other news:

Larry Pratt, the executive director emeritus of Gun Owners of America, said on his “Gun Owners News Hour” radio program this weekend that if a Democrat wins the White House and the Supreme Court starts issuing decisions in favor of gun regulations, conservatives may turn to the “bullet box” to rectify the situation.

I certainly hope that if there are any death threats or attempts on the lives of President Obama, future President Hillary Clinton, or still Senator Bernie Sanders, that the first two places the Secret Service visit during their investigation is the home of this Larry Pratt asshole and the owner of that Florida gun shop.

And even if they are not directly involved I think a case could be made for helping to create and atmosphere which attributed to the crime.

Oh don't worry about their constitutional rights. The only one they really care about is that 2nd Amendment.


  1. Canada, please rescue me.

    1. Anonymous9:05 AM

      Please American, let's look to ourselves to solve this overuse and popularization of guns. Canada has its' own problems. If you watch Lords of War with Nicholas Cage you can get an idea about the weapons industry and how they egg us eggheads on. Money talks and in this day and age so does bullshit.

  2. Anonymous4:40 AM

    Gryph, your link to Raw Story doesn't work.

    1. Should be fine now.


    2. Anonymous4:55 AM

      This should be illegal, making targets of elected officials.
      I am just disgusted with the rightwings hatred.

  3. These second amendment idiots have been so suckered by the weapons industry. The weapons makers don't need to advertise when they need another new country house or twenty million loft in the city; they have morons in this country screaming about democrats taking their guns---which has never nor will it ever happen.

    How long will people buy this kind of crazy?

    I suppose all you have to do is look at Trump, as to what happens when right wing lunatics are repeatedly lied to by the people they elect

    Any day the NRA will be getting lawyers for and defending gun wielding serial killers----as they basically already do.

    1. Leland5:58 AM

      "---which has never nor will it ever happen."

      WRONG! let them get convicted of a violent crime and their guns are GONE!

  4. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Anyone who foments rage, paranoia and violence should be charged with crimes against humanity because it sanctifies and excuses
    such crimes.

  5. Anonymous5:04 AM

    How stupid are gun owners! Whenever a Democrat runs for president the paranoia level rises ever higher and higher. Did President Clinton take their guns away? No. Has President Obama taken their guns away? No.

    1. Anonymous6:05 AM

      I like you, but I hope you realize that just like white supremacists don't speak for all white people, these douchebags don't speak for all weapons owners.

    2. Anonymous8:37 PM

      Idiot...hillary keeps saying sites declaring war on gun owners

    3. Leland1:48 AM

      8:37, two things, please.

      First make some sense out your sentence. It makes NO intelligible sense at all.

      Second, once you do that, please be so good as to PROVE what you say with clear, RELIABLE links. It is easy to CLAIM something.

  6. Anonymous5:32 AM

    This is a direct threat against our President, and a sitting U.S. Senator, and a presidential candidate, and the cretins who made them and selling them should be charged with threatening the president of the United States and other elected officials.

  7. Anonymous5:57 AM

    No shit Hillary as an image control system. NO one in the public atmosphere is without one. Trump is the only person who speaks off the cuff. No one else can. We saw in 08 how Obama needs 100% prepping, like the rest of us would, or he freezes and starts babbling. Why is Trump different? Because Trump truly doesn't care what comes out of his mouth.

    1. "We saw in 08 how Obama needs 100% prepping, like the rest of us would, or he freezes and starts babbling."
      That is probably the stupidest thing I will see today.

    2. Anonymous10:42 AM

      @Anonymous 5:57 AM

      '''We saw in 08 how Obama needs 100% prepping, like the rest of us would, or he freezes and starts babbling.''
      Total B.S. you posted. You must be Sarah Palin, or her evil mini-me, Bristol.
      President Obama is well spoken and articulate.

  8. Anonymous6:02 AM

    I'm surprised they have a Bernie poster the way he has been ass kissing the NRA.

  9. Leland6:04 AM

    "...and the Supreme Court starts issuing decisions in favor of gun regulations,..."

    I wonder what his reaction will be when he discovers the Supreme Court ALREADY has stated that reasonable firearms control is within the rights of the government. They stipulated that in the same decision which codified the individual's right to keep and bear arms.

    Think he'll try to use "the bullet box" when he finds that out?
    And I'm sure someone will have to TELL him that since he obviously doesn't read everything in a ruling. Just that which he thinks is important.

  10. Marthe6:05 AM

    I can only shake my head in disbelief when I see this type of stupidity once again. Where do they think they are? In the lawless days of the Far West? It reminds me of the wicked witch of the West, Sarah Palin, and her crosshairs over the photos of those she was targeting. It worked out really well for Gabrielle Giffords and the wicked witch never assumed responsibility but managed to make herself look like the victim. These people are dummer than a sack of bricks. Unfortunately, the only thing that would make them accept any sensible gun legislation is if they were the victim of gun violence themselves.

  11. Let's not forget the crosshairs that $arah Palin put on that electoral map not long before Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot and other people killed...

    Maniac see, maniac do.

    1. Anita Winecooler4:10 PM

      Thanks, I was trying to recall where I've seen this done before, and the name was on the tip of my tongue /s

  12. Randall7:40 AM

    Is this an example of the "good judgment" of "responsible gun owners"?

  13. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Shouldn't those targets be illegal?

    O/T more scary news
    Trump Delegate Says Current US Leaders May Need to Be "Killed"

  14. Anonymous8:59 AM

    When growing up in the village here in Alaska my dad owned alot of guns. We always understood that those guns shot our moose, and the older boys could get grouse with the 22 and ducks with the shotguns. We knew the guns were dangerous in the wrong hands and were told never to touch them if the cache door happened to be unlocked. We were slightly curious but not overly because they seemed a commonplace thing in our lives and we knew it bought us food. A tool. Now every where you turn in the city there is some fool armed. At Barnes and Noble there was a homely woman with denim skirt and long red hair with a formidable looking colt in her holster. She knew people were looking at her gun and she loved it. It seems that people of a certain genre are just showing off at this point. Yes, yes, as Americans we have the right to bear arms, but at Barnes and Noble? Give me a break!

  15. Anonymous9:10 AM

  16. Anonymous9:50 AM

    After we win and put a ninth justice on the court, I think it may be time to better define the boundaries of the Brandenburg test on inciting violence.

  17. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I hope the FBI goes after these folks - everyone needs to report this to the agency!

    They are promoting the assassination attempts on the lives of Mrs. Clinton, President Obama and Bernie Sanders.

    Fuck the rancid supporters of these type actions!!!

  18. Anita Winecooler4:19 PM

    I understand there are responsible gun owners, and don't want to paint with too broad a brush, but I honestly don't think of this as "free speech", it's inciting hate, scaring people and driving them to madness. My BIL works as a detective, and I've seen photos of people hurt and killed by guns, it's beyond the pale of anything I've seen on tv or the movies. I can't imagine what this gun shop stands to gain by doing this. All we're asking for is better regulation, gun safety education and longer waiting periods. We can't even get that done.

  19. Leland3:52 AM

    Anita, even that for which we ask is too much for these fanatics. The fanatics only see it one way: A first step to eliminating private ownership of firearms.

    And as long as the congress is controlled by the NRA on this question, nothing WILL be done. I mean, it was well known that somewhere around 80% of the population was in favor of tighter gun controls, better background checks and closing the existing loopholes in the last attempt and STILL nothing was done.

    What I find most sad is that the NRA USED to be all about gun safety and education! When they changed, I dropped my life membership, much like my politics used to be republican - until the party left ME. I don't even recognize them now.

  20. Anonymous8:34 PM



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