Sunday, June 05, 2016

Hillary Clinton enjoying surge of enthusiasm after her speech in California calling Donald Trump "dangerously incoherent."

Courtesy of Buzzfeed: 

“Yesterday in San Diego, I had the opportunity to—” 

Before Hillary Clinton could finish the sentence, or even mention the speech, the crowd in Culver City cut her off with cheers. Later that day, in Westminster, it happened again. And again in Santa Ana. And again in San Bernardino. 

By the time she arrived here on Saturday in Oxnard, Calif. — her ninth stop since delivering Thursday’s major foreign policy address against Donald Trump — she seemed ready for the spontaneous applause that filled the gym at Hueneme High. As she spoke, a handmade sign popped up from the crowd: “Madam President,” it read in thick red and black sharpie. “We were proud of your speech in S.D.” 

In the days since San Diego, aides and supporters have said they see the speech “breaking through the noise,” as one put it — and resonating on the trail to a degree Clinton hasn’t seen in past efforts to draw sustained attention to Trump’s failed businesses, for instance, or to his comments about profiting from the housing crisis.

Here's more courtesy of Tuscon News Now:

As the likely Democratic nominee toured California Saturday, crowds burst into applause at the mere mention of Thursday's speech, in which Clinton cast Trump as dangerously unqualified to be president. Supporters say they feel more confident and excited in the wake of the address - which could benefit Clinton, who has struggled to inspire enthusiasm throughout the drawn-out primary contest. 

"I loved it. I was waiting for that," said Leslie Milke, 56, of Woodland Hills, a professor at Los Angeles Mission College, who saw Clinton. "I knew she was capable of that kind of speech....It really made me feel energized. It made me feel like we can win."

As I said last Thursday this speech was the first time that I really felt inspired by Hillary Clinton, and clearly I was not the only one to be inspired. 


  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    And it seemed like she dominated the news, relegating Trump to 2nd or 3rd place in coverage. Refreshing change.

  2. He made it easy for her, and continues to. Bored Richie Rich didn't know what to do with his 69 year old self, and thought it would be fun to run for president. (Probably telling himself 'if some black guy can win, I can too.')

    It's going to painful for him and fun for us to watch as he finds out how brutally overmatched he is by Hillary's political experience. Especially as she backs up her every charge against him with quotes right out of his mouth.

    1. Anonymous3:18 PM

      Now they found out that TX Gov. Abbott (R) stopped the TX case against Trump U that the TX AG brought forward. It's getting good re: political corruption.

    2. Anonymous3:22 PM

      @dvlaries 2:41 PM

      (Probably telling himself 'if some black guy can win, I can too.')

  3. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I love the fact she surpassed any of the men (Republicans) that came up against Trump! She is one dynamo lady and has my vote for POTUS! Yea, for the Democrats!

    1. Anonymous3:14 PM


    2. Anonymous4:05 PM

      So true, 2:45 PM!

  4. Anonymous3:04 PM


  5. Dinty3:05 PM

    Anxiously awaiting the Clinton's arrival here in Los Gatos this evening

    1. Anonymous3:39 PM

      Don't wet your panties...

    2. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Dinty, I'm seeing her tomorrow with Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguillera, John Legend and more at the Greek! I feel your excitement. What an historic time.

    3. Anonymous4:27 PM

      Fuck off 3:39

    4. Dinty5:07 PM

      Actually,3:39,there are going to be wet panties, but they won't be mine. I hope your evening goes as well as mine.

    5. Anonymous5:11 PM


    6. Anonymous6:42 PM

      Anonymous3:39 PM,

      aww, feeling left out or put out?

    7. Anonymous7:26 PM


      Here's a message to you. When you support a candidate for President of the United States and you think a real leader calls people losers and liars I give you as example Kennedy and the Cuban Missle crises. Trump would have blown it because he is an intellectual idiot who is obsessed with his own self importance.

      Kennedy was a dog with women but i urge everyone to see the movie The Cuban Missle Crises". That he was extremely smart and did put the United States first is never in doubt. Trump is for Trump.

      Anyone running for President has an ego. We don't "Wet our panties" That is such a juvenile statement and so typical of a Trump supporter. What world do you live in? Do you think we worship Hillary Clinton like you worship Trump?

      We have two choices and you can go with the one with a brain or an egotistical blowhard born with a silver spoon who thinks insults equal policy. Who's wife got to this country by posing nude an is an immagrant herself. We all know she is a bought for whore. Trump is for Trump.

      At least we don't see nude pictures of Hillary Clinton all over the internet. I for one never want to see a First Ladies nude photos. Maintain some class here people. This is not a reality show of "Who's Hot" It does not get more real than who is best qualified in making the right decisions .

      The United States is now facing challenges like never before and we have an egotistical maniac with NO experience in government as a choice.

      Dog or God help us.

  6. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Content and DELIVERY!

    Calm, steady, firm....she let the words and their meaning carry the crowd to their robust response. She didn't need to try and overly speechify it with a strident/shouting delivery.


  7. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Trump brought out his 13 year old boy ego out to play on Twitter today -

    "Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president. She has bad judgement, poor leadership skills and a very bad and destructive track record. Change!"

    "I am watching @CNN very little lately because they are so biased against me. Shows are predictable garbage! CNN and MSM is one big lie!"

    "The Clinton News Network, sometimes referred to as @CNN, is getting more and more biased.They act so indignant-hear them behind closed doors"


    1. Anonymous4:28 PM

      He is a man baby, and his cohorts are scum also too

  8. Anonymous3:47 PM


    G -
    If you have time check out a recent posting on Politicususa. It concerns Trump making money off of dictators. I originally read about this earlier in the day and it caught my eye - but cannot remember where. So far - Politicususa is the only other site I have seen pick this up. Rather shocking.

    Pat Padrnos

  9. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Hillz could hardly have tweeted: Scamming Donald is a filthy asshole.

  10. Anita Winecooler4:04 PM

    She's smart, poised and well rounded, can't wait to watch her debate Trump one on one. The man is clueless and the world revolves around his ego, in his own head, of course.

    1. Anonymous5:18 PM

      Little water drinker rubio beat his a$$ today>

  11. SallyinMI4:40 PM

    She's always had it in her-Bernie was getting the press, Trump is DEMANDING the press listen to his drivel, and she played the patient lady. Now is her time, and I think we will see the dynamo come out and steamroll Trump.

  12. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Waiting in the GOP wings NEWT>

  13. Anonymous8:20 PM

    What I'd like to know is why you choose the worst pictures of her.

    1. What difference does it make, 8:20? Madame Clinton is running for Commander in Chief, not cover girl.

  14. Anonymous8:36 PM

    If the Republican Party stands by Trump they are doomed and it will take them years to recover their dignity. How far have you sunk when the best you have is an unexperienced corporate con is the best you have. They overestimated the redneck population who believe that their guns will be taken away and Obama is really a secret Muslim.

    They have sold their souls an ideals and are willing to put their country at risk like it's some kind of game now but they can fix it later. Meanwhile other countries watch in awe and fear as a candidate for President's motto is "Make America Great Again"

    Fuck you Trump. If you don't believe we are already great you underestimate The United States Of America. Think about that.Here you have a candidate who is bassically saying they don't believe in their own country, that's it's weak as it now stands . Traitor comes to mind. No one should run on that kind of platform.

    Thanks a lot Trump from all the vets out there who were infrantry while you avoided the draft. You tell them America is not great now and get your draft dodging ass kicked. Go on you draft dodger as you throw some money at the vets to make YOURSELF looks good.Vets don't like being used as tools. Has this asshole ever visited a VA? has he ever spoken to vets in person? Take your money and shove it, you never visited a Va have you Trump you just throw money around like you made some kind of sacrifice like you giving to the animal shelter but never give your time to work there or get your hands dirty.It's all from afar isn't it Mr. Business Man. How many vets have you hired to work at your Hotels or any other businneses you own? Do they sew your clothes made in China?

  15. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Sanders and Clinton: critical differences in foreign policy:

    "Hillary Clinton’s ‘Major Foreign Policy Address’ Was Anything But"
    June 05, 2016

    Phyllis Bennis
    Foreign Policy In Focus

    “Clinton is right: Trump would be a disaster on foreign policy. But her refusal to engage with the alternative offered by Sanders says more about her own war-driven approach than anything else.”
    Phyllis Bennis

    “…Nor did she mention the two issues which shape her foreign policy legacy as a senator and as secretary of state: her vote for George W. Bush’s 2003 war in Iraq, and her role in pulling the administration — including a reluctant president — into the U.S.-NATO regime change war that devastated Libya and sent a cascade of Libyan weapons into conflict zones across North and Central Africa and the entire Middle East.

    “It was a notable absence. Most especially because Clinton calls for a new Libya-style “no-fly zone” to be established in Syria — something she didn’t mention in this speech. She was cheerleading for intervention in Libya in 2011 when then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, a Republican, challenged her. “A no-fly zone begins with an attack on Libya to destroy the air defenses,” he warned. He was clear that a no-fly zone is an act of war, and wars have consequences. Clinton’s plan calls for just that kind of a war against not only the Syrian government, but potentially its military allies Iran and Russia as well. Her “foreign policy speech” didn’t spell that one out this time.

    “As Clinton’s speech recognized, a Trump presidency promises an unprepared, dangerous foreign policy accountable to no one but the chief executive himself. As her speech claimed, a Clinton presidency portends a disciplined, ready-on-day-one foreign policy — but one that also happens to be war-based and accountable to longstanding corporate and military powers in the United States.

    “The Sanders campaign, unmentioned in the Democratic front-runner’s speech, has increasingly offered a different kind of foreign policy — one rooted in diplomacy over war, global egalitarianism, and accountability to international law and broad movements against war and for justice. Yet in her bid to prematurely claim the Democratic nomination, Clinton failed to mention her more progressive rival even once.

    “Ultimately, Clinton’s failure to engage with this real, robust alternative — rather than just the cartoonish one offered by Trump — may say more about her own war-driven foreign policy than anything else.

    I am very concerned that Hillary's lack of diplomacy and war-first philosophy is dangerous--not to mention illegal and unconstitutional.

    Regime change is clearly illegal under international law but it's one of the preferred MOs of the neocons. Worse, it has yielded disastrous results in both Iraq and Libya where both failed states now are centers and magnets for ISIS and other dangerous factions. Hillary voted for the Iraq invasion in 2003. She was actively involved in the overthrow of Libyan leader Quaddafi, and of the democratically-elected president of Ukraine. In Ukraine, neo-Nazis now make up at least 10 percent of the government and are provoking a war with Russia with the neocons' assistance.

    For neocons war and violence are the only answers to every dispute. The US is now escalating the nuclear threat under their direction, putting new tactical nuclear weapons in Europe pointing at Russia. This is extremely worrisome and dangerous: we should be very concerned that the neocons are willfully trying to provoke Russia into a conflict--especially since nukes are involved.

    Hillary has drunk deep from the neocon well and is a dangerous hawk. If she becomes president we will be at the mercy of the neocons and their illusions of world-domination through force, and the military-industrial complex that both Repubs and New Democrats like the Clintons embrace.


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