Thursday, June 16, 2016

I lied this is actually my favorite tweet of the week. (So far.)

I know it's a little childish but I swear I could watch this over and over again.

In fact I already have.

This tweet was found on the highly entertaining twitter feed called #LGBTQHatesTrumpParty.


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  2. Anonymous3:04 AM

    I read my absolute favorite nickname for Trump this morning (from a GOP old time operative!) Cheetos Jesus. My dog how perfect!!!

    1. Anonymous6:06 AM

      Personally I like to call him
      "Lover boy" seeing how he keeps telling us how much "we" love everybody at his rallies.
      (Mexicans, LGBT, Muslims etc

  3. Anonymous3:05 AM

    That is perfect. I ended up watching about 6 or 7 times, even though I'm late for work.

  4. Anonymous3:10 AM

    Gee? its mariscal! Oh heck, poor don cannot say organized crime. He has failed to con the masses and now has 1000 more lawsuits to pay for.

  5. 66gardeners3:23 AM

    Proof that any and all republicans are stupid, crazy, or grifters.

    A week after Hugh Hewitt called on the Republican National Committee to change its convention rules if Donald Trump could not change himself, the conservative radio host has signaled that he is back on-board supporting the party's presumptive nominee.

    "Although there’s been talk in recent weeks of implementing new rules at the Republican convention in Cleveland that would allow party leaders to replace Trump — talk that I’ve entertained — the appetite for that sort of drastic measure is gone," Hewitt wrote in a Washington Post op-ed.

    What changed his mind? Trump's speeches on Friday and Monday, addressing religious liberty at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference and responding to Orlando, Florida, attack, respectively. Hewitt wrote that Trump "has returned to a winning message and walled off the assorted 'never Trump' holdouts trying to upend his nomination."

    Hewitt's endorsement comes after Trump, in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre, repeatedly insinuated that President Barack Obama supports terrorism.

  6. 66gardeners3:33 AM

    Herman Cain made a Shucky-Ducky appearance at a Trump rally.

  7. 66gardeners3:37 AM

    anybody know where to get the video
    "8th grade impersonator in chief"

    Saw it on Morning Joe. Absolutely hysterical.

    1. Anonymous8:17 AM

    2. 66gardeners9:57 AM

      thank you 8:17
      If you haven't seen it, it is definitely worth watching.

  8. Anonymous3:43 AM

    Time to cut the crap. Nothing in the 2nd awards the right for an assault rifle. THE REPUBLICANS and THE NRA have flooded the WORLD and country with assault rifles. Way to go bozos!!!! Real men don't need assault weapons to compensate for his tiny Johnson.

  9. Anonymous3:43 AM

    The half of the country who supports Trump are the racists/white supremacists. It is very disturbing to know how many people in this country are white supremacists.
    They are the same people who were at Sarah Palin's Klan rallies.

    1. Anonymous4:16 AM

      And why she can take her "christian" crap and shove it. She is the furthest thing from it.

    2. Anonymous6:30 AM

      Kristian Klan Kall> FUCK JESUS BULLSHIT.
      “Churches which act to affirm, approve, or endorse homosexual behavior would be deemed not to be in cooperation with the Convention.”

    3. Anonymous8:05 AM

      Trump is polling at 32% is new Reiters/Ipso poll. He is losing people--down 8 points.Also? He's starting his own channel to feature himself -- a joint partnership with RT?

  10. Crystal Sage4:05 AM

    Only problem with the video is that Lou Ferrigno, who played The Hulk on TV, is supporting Trump.

    Otherwise, it pretty much sums up my feelings towards Drumpf. I just hope the history books will be kind to those of us who deplore Trump and who stood up against his dangerous candidacy.

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  12. Anonymous8:18 AM

    General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

  13. Anita Winecooler4:30 PM

    My My My, Donald, what small hands you have. Love the gif, it's perfect. Especially the trail of Trump dust.


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