Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mitt Romney on Donald Trump: "I don't want to see trickle-down racism."

Courtesy of CNN: 

Mitt Romney suggested Friday that Donald Trump's election could legitimize racism and misogyny, ushering in a change in the moral fabric of American society. 

The 2012 Republican nominee, who has openly opposed Trump's candidacy, went further than he has before in outlining to CNN's Wolf Blitzer how the country's character would suffer in a Trump White House. Trump's rhetoric has caused even some other Republicans to label him a racist, and Romney said he would not be able to paper over his incendiary remarks.

"I don't want to see trickle-down racism," Romney said in an interview here in a suite overlooking the Wasatch Mountains, where he is hosting his yearly ideas conference. "I don't want to see a president of the United States saying things which change the character of the generations of Americans that are following. Presidents have an impact on the nature of our nation, and trickle-down racism, trickle-down bigotry, trickle-down misogyny, all these things are extraordinarily dangerous to the heart and character of America."

Romney, who you may remember also praised the husband of Bristol Palin's ghostwriter during his short lived career as a third party candidate, is now saying that he would not rule out voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson.

I don't know, does anybody really care what Mitt Romney says anymore?

Well Donald Trump seems to:
In other Donald Trump is having a shitty week news, guess who's dropping in the polls.

My theory is that, with Sanders now essentially out of the way, Hillary's numbers will continue to rise while Trump's drop like the IQ's of his supporters.

By the time we get to November, assuming Trump is still in the race, we may see his poll numbers barely nudging thirty.

And let's face it if Hillary adds Elizabeth Warren she could come into November in the high 70's.

Oh man is this going to be great!


  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Where's the perfunctory adjective, Donald?
    How about Mangy Mitt Romney?
    You know you want to.

    1. 66gardeners11:54 AM

      He'll never live down "Etch-A-Sketch Mitt"

  2. Like the "Animal House" reference.

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Reality says Trump can do nothing to attract new voters. He has maxed out his supporters. Hillary can only go up from here. Johnson supporters will all be people who are or will be "Never Trump".

    1. Anonymous2:52 PM

      Trump spent the majority of his time relitigating the primary at his rally today in Moon Township, PA. He was sweating like a pig and looked like he needs to be committed to the hospital.

  4. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Just imagine the possible debate questions:

    Donald Trump, if you lose to Hillary in November, how do you expect to avoid being labeled as a choker?

    Mr. Trump, why has your self-funded presidential campaign essentially gone bankrupt? How do you square that with your reputation as a smart business man.

    If you are so good at the art of the deal, how is it you couldn't get even one sitting republican members of congress to endorse you even though they said they would still vote for you? Is there a difference?

    Feel free to add yours. Think of the jokes being written as we speak.

    1. Anonymous12:21 PM

      Mr. Trump, given that you expect our allies to pay 'protection money' if they want our support, please explain how much you would charge them, who would collect it, and where it would go.
      Mr. Trump, how do you propose to 'make Mexico pay' for a wall they do not want built?
      Mr. Trump, you have said some very nasty things about President Clinton's sex life, yet you have been married three times and cheated on your wives. Can you tell the 'Judeo-Christian' evangelicals why they should vote for you versus a woman who actually reads the Bible and has kept her one marriage together?

    2. Anonymous2:02 PM

      12:21 PM -
      May I have your permission to 'screenshot' your post and put it up on Twitter?

    3. Anonymous5:54 PM

      Anonymous12:21 PM

      Not only did Trump cheat on his wives. But he got his mistress Marla Maples pregnant when he was married to Ivanna.

  5. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Suck it up, cupcake! Trump is going to be the biggest loser ever. If he doesn't quit first.

    1. A yuuuuge possibility that he will cry fowl and play the victim card at the convention... and storm off, leaving his gun-totin Trumpeters blowin' in the wind.

    2. Leland4:01 PM

      Barbara, you forgot to add: "and rioting!"

  6. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Politico has a scary article re trump and nuclear war. Jesus, don't these republicans have a screening process for candidates? As much as I disliked bush/cheney, they did not scare me like Trump. Palin scares me too. Vindictiveness and power is not a good match.

    1. Anonymous12:44 PM

      And they are aligned. Just you wait, she's silent now but will out her cloven hooves soon enough.

    2. Anonymous5:56 PM

      @Anonymous 12:15 PM

      Palin is not running for president, so you don't have to fear her.

  7. Atlantic has an interesting psychological profile of Trump:

  8. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Furious GOP donors stew over Trump

    At an exclusive Park City retreat, some of the Republican Party's top financiers lashed out at their nominee.

    Donald Trump is trying to win over a skeptical Republican donor class, but they’ve closed their wallets — and they’re angry.

    On Friday afternoon, at an exclusive Republican donor retreat here hosted by Mitt Romney, frustration boiled over. During an off-the-record question-and-answer session with House Speaker Paul Ryan, Meg Whitman, the billionaire Hewlett Packard chief executive officer, confronted the speaker over his endorsement of Trump. Whitman, a major GOP giver who ran for California governor in 2010, compared Trump to historical demagogues like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and wanted to know how the speaker could get behind him.

    At another discussion session during the day, which featured top Romney alumni Stuart Stevens and Matt Rhoades, Ana Navarro, a Republican contributor and ubiquitous cable news personality, called Trump a “racist” and a “vulgarian and a pig who has made disgusting comments about women for years.” (Neither Whitman nor Navarro would comment.)

    Even Ryan, who has endorsed Trump despite criticizing his behavior, joked during his presentation on Friday that in a recent conversation with magician David Copperfield, he said that he wished he could make himself disappear.

    The incidents, which were relayed by three sources who were present — one of whom described them as “shocking” — illustrates the intense anger coursing through the GOP donor community. Far from letting go of their white-knuckled opposition to Trump, they’re stewing in it.

    1. Anonymous1:09 PM

      They have ZERO reasons to be angry They made this candidate because he says exactly hat they think and have thought for decades. Suck it up buttercup, you made it you own it.
      These idiots thought they could string along the uber Xtian rubes and redneck racists with god guns, and abortion slogans. They didn't realize these folks would eventually turn on them for LYING through their capped and straightened teeth.
      If they want to see who to blame and where the problem lies, they need to look into the mirror.

  9. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Romney knows damn well that 'trickle-down economics' was an outrageous scam so why is he now worried about trickle-down racism?

    1. Anonymous2:57 PM

      I believe you mean to say RMoney was all for "trickle-down economics" so why is he now worried about trickle-down racism?

  10. Anonymous12:44 PM

    GOP is going to pull some scandal out of their hat and put up Ryan or some other establishment clown post-convention.

    1. Anybody but Trump will have a real chance at the Presidency as every GOP will vote for the surrogate, whereas with Trump, I think 20% of the Rebups just won't vote. That is the 20% Hillary needs as her unfavorables are generally as high as T's. (With E. Warren as VP pick, these #s could change.)

      And remember, in Florida, Wisconsin, Penn., Ohio, Virginia, N. Carolina & Michigan it take 2 to 3.5 Democrats votes to win the seats for the House. (Mother Jones)

      And those are only the states we know about and the voter suppression measures we know are already in place. There will be many, many more tried for November.

    2. Anonymous1:40 PM

      Agree, 12:44. Something's afoot in the GOP!

    3. This just in my email inbox...

      But this year, Democratic turnout is down by nearly 20%! [1]

      And meanwhile, Republicans are breaking voter turnout records to support Donald Trump. [2]

      [1]Real Clear Politics | 2008 Democratic Popular Vote and 2016 Democratic Popular Vote
      [2]Washington Post | Trump got the most GOP votes ever — both for and against him — and other fun facts | 6/8/16

    4. Anonymous5:13 PM

      The GOP had big turnout for awhile due to having so many candidates in the primary race. Now, not so much.

  11. Anonymous12:54 PM

    New Clinton campaign ad hits Trump University

  12. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Narcissism, disagreeableness, grandiosity—a psychologist investigates how Trump’s extraordinary personality might shape his possible presidency.

    ...Trump’s personality is certainly extreme by any standard, and particularly rare for a presidential candidate; many people who encounter the man—in negotiations or in interviews or on a debate stage or watching that debate on television—seem to find him flummoxing. In this essay, I will seek to uncover the key dispositions, cognitive styles, motivations, and self-conceptions that together comprise his unique psychological makeup. Trump declined to be interviewed for this story, but his life history has been well documented in his own books and speeches, in biographical sources, and in the press. My aim is to develop a dispassionate and analytical perspective on Trump, drawing upon some of the most important ideas and research findings in psychological science today.

    1. Good article, and pretty unbiased. The Comments are scary. So, so much hatred for Liberals, I wouldn't blame American Liberals for going into the closet.

      “[Trump] --an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.”

      "Who, really, is Donald Trump? What’s behind the actor’s mask? I can discern little more than narcissistic motivations and a complementary personal narrative about winning at any cost. It is as if Trump has invested so much of himself in developing and refining his socially dominant role that he has nothing left over to create a meaningful story for his life, or for the nation. It is always Donald Trump playing Donald Trump, fighting to win, but never knowing why."

      "...But what broader purpose does winning the battle serve? What higher prize will victory secure? Here the story seems to go mute. You can listen all day to footage of Donald Trump on the campaign trail, you can read his books, you can watch his interviews—and you will rarely, if ever, witness his stepping back from the fray, coming home from the battlefront, to reflect upon the purpose of fighting to win—whether it is winning in his own life, or winning for America."

      Excerpts of article by Dan P. Adams

    2. Anonymous5:31 PM

      What's interesting is for Trump's entire career he's been known as a moderate and was even rumored to have been a Democrat.

      The Trump that is running for POTUS is simply stating what his supporters, the Republican base, want to hear and if elected would be like our standard issue politicians and not stick to any of their campaign promises once elected.

      Trump wants to win, period. Winning is everything to him and the ends always justify the means. He's putting on a show, no more.

      I think everyone is worried about nothing.

  13. Is someone standing by, ready to stop Mitt in case he starts singing "We Shall Overcome" and hurts himself?

  14. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Trump has all but said he'll do things his way which obviously means that other than the occasional teleprompter speech which he'll awkwardly stumble through he will continue to spew his vulgarian rhetoric and alienate even more. His truly 'bigly' problem at the moment though is the lack of money and the avoidance of the donor class to fund his general election efforts. Bring on Warren and the deal will be sealed...then it's only a matter of how big a victory the dems will garner. I can't wait!


    1. Anonymous1:40 PM

      Unless Sanders decides to be a real dick and run as an independent

    2. Leland4:11 PM

      Personally, I believe the man is so completely involved with himself he will try to totally ignore the Constitution and run things his way, feeling that only he can successfully run the country.

      Anybody want to make bets on how long it would take the Congress to impeach the bastard after that?

  15. F#ck Romney. In 2008 when Trump endorsed McCain, no one cared. In 2012 after Trump had become the mouthpiece of the Birthers, Romney got his ass down to one of Trump's casinos & made a big show of accepting his endorsement. All these mealy-mouthed Repugs are getting the candidate they all deserve after they all worked to lay the groundwork to make a Trump possible. Karma is a bitch.

    1. Anonymous6:06 PM

      Well said.

  16. Anonymous1:30 PM

    is this true??

    1. Of course not.

      Did you not even bother to read the parody article?

    2. Anonymous6:12 PM

      @Anonymous 1:30 PM

      This is not a Bristol Palin thread. Why is it for some of you all roads lead to one Palin or another.

  17. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Donald Trump’s 10 Craziest Failed Business Ventures—Some You’ve Never Heard Of (VIDEO)

  18. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Watch Bernie Sanders' painfully awkward reaction when asked about Obama endorsing Hillary Clinton

  19. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Dump has the ugliest mouth - inside and out.

  20. Anonymous1:52 PM

    The Trump Brand Just Took Another Hit

    It looks like Donald Trump’s vaunted business brand just took another hit.

    The presumptive GOP presidential nominee is still enmeshed in the controversy over lawsuits charging fraud from students of the now defunct Trump University, as well as Trump’s racially charged comments that the federal judge overseeing one of those cases lacks objectivity because of his Mexican heritage.

    Now the billionaire New York real estate businessman has been hit by two devastating reports by USA Today and The Wall Street Journal documenting unsavory business tactics spanning the past four decades. According to the reports, Trump’s businesses stand accused of regularly failing to pay contractors, vendors, tradesmen and hotel and casino employees, with claims worth millions of dollars.

    1. Anonymous2:29 PM

      It astounds me that this might not even matter to people. They will vote for him anyway. smdh

  21. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Sarah Palin can advise Trump on QUITTING.

    1. Anonymous3:31 PM

      Yes! She's the expert.

      But he needs to rethink her strategy for making it look like she's doing it for "everyone but herself."

      That tactic didn't work on Alaskans. We all know she did it for the $$$ and because she is weak and can't take criticism, and, and, and...We could go on.

      And we could apply ALL of them to Trump. Evil Twins separated at birth?

  22. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Yeah, R-money isn't for trickle-down racism but he sure-as-sh*t is for cripple-down economics - crippling those less well off while enriching yourself.

  23. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Hollywood Father-Son Duo Teams Up Against Donald Trump On Twitter

  24. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Is Mitt Romney so unaware of the world around him that he thinks racism is not all around him. Trump has been tapping into the worst of the GOP base; they've been racists for generations.

  25. Anita Winecooler4:50 PM

    Somehow, I don't get the feeling Trump wants advice from Mitt. Mitt went for the highest denominator, mo money, mo money, mo money. Trump took the low road, and it shows. Step from behind Twitter and debate Liz Warren. He's a lily livered poop tosser obsessed with himself and his twitter.

  26. Anonymous8:50 PM

    How does one "choke like a dog"?


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