Wednesday, June 29, 2016

President Obama demonstrates five things that are harder than registering to vote.

Damn just watching the Prez trying to name all of the dead characters from my favorite cable TV show gave me a minor nerdgasm.

I'm going to resist the urge to say it again, but I think you all know what I am thinking.


  1. Anonymous4:23 AM

    I won't resist the urge to tell you what I'm thinking, Uncle G...Post that PalinStomp article you've been teasing us with!!! Please!
    And I'm kinda in agreement with you about our Pres.

  2. Anonymous5:09 AM

    What a guy! What a man! What a President! Love him and his family. Going to miss him terribly but am excited to see what he does next.

  3. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Love this video!

  4. Anonymous7:04 AM

    "Jehovah’s Witnesses have confessed to the destruction of the stone altars" THIS reminds me of ISIL, ANYONE ELSE?

  5. Anita Winecooler4:41 PM

    He's right, Voting isn't something to be taken lightly, it's a privilege and an honor to have your voice be counted, now more than ever before.


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