Thursday, June 23, 2016

So about those Donald Trump rape allegations.

Courtesy of the Real Deal:  

A new lawsuit filed in federal court accuses presidential hopeful Donald Trump of raping a 13-year-old girl at Jeffrey Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion more than 20 years ago. 

The woman, who alleges the rape occurred in 1994, filed a civil complaint in New York Federal Court on Monday against the presumptive Republican nominee and Epstein, a notorious ex-hedge funder previously convicted in a prostitution scandal involving minors. Trump allegedly attended at least four of Epstein’s parties at 9 East 71st Street, known as the Wexner Mansion. The plaintiff, like other girls at the house, was lured to the parties with a promise of a modeling career, the lawsuit claims. 

Testimony attached to the complaint alleges that a woman — identified only as Tiffany Doe — was hired by Epstein to recruit young girls for his parties. The woman allegedly met the plaintiff at Port Authority Bus Terminal and told her the parties would help connect her to the right people to launch her career. The lawsuit, which repeats some allegations made in a dismissed complaint filed in California in April, offers a graphic account of the young girl’s alleged encounters with Trump, the worst of which is described as a “savage sexual act.” 

The lawsuit claims that during this instance, Trump tied her to the bed and struck her face with his hand, saying he could do what he wanted, despite her pleas for him to stop. The complaint alleges that Epstein also raped her.

Sounds bad doesn't it?

However I resisted reproving on this because, to be entirely fair this kind of allegation against wealthy and powerful men happens with some frequency, so I decided to wait and see if it got traction.

It did.

Death and Taxes:

In the next section, she adds that “Immediately following this rape, Defendant Trump threatened Plaintiff that, were she ever to reveal any of the details of the sexual and physical abuse of her by Defendant Trump, Plaintiff and her family would be physically harmed if not killed.”

The Frisky:  

Another woman, identified as Tiffany Doe, backed up the allegations in a testimony claiming Epstein hired her to bring other young girls to his parties. The court papers say the original woman didn’t speak up for 20 years because she still believed Trump’s alleged threats would hold true. However, constantly seeing the presidential hopeful’s orange face in the media every day for the past year was emotionally difficult for her, she claimed in the lawsuit, convincing her to take action. 

Raw Story, The Inqisitr, Alternet, and the New York Daily News are now also reporting the story. 

Now like I said these kinds of allegations happen all of the time to famous people (Though since the Bill Cosby case we probably should start giving them more credibility before dismissing them out of hand.), however in this case I think it is very important to shine a spotlight on it.

And the reason I say this is because currently Trump is dredging up every bit of mud that he can find against Hillary Clinton, including Bill's past with women, in order to undermine her popularity with women and smear her with Right Wing conspiracy theories about her husband.

Now there is NO way that Hillary will use this story, neither will any of her surrogates, but the fact remains that everything we know about Trump reinforces his sense of entitlement and his disdain for women.

So if Trump wants to mine the depths of the Drudge Report and World Net Daily for his talking points, then perhaps it is up to all of us to demonstrate just how fragile the glass house he is living in actually is.


  1. Trump seems like the typical child abuser to me...loud-mouth lying republican.

    1. Anonymous9:18 AM

      The daughter he acknowledges the most adores him. She doesn't look abused. Probably raised by the grandparents and daddy was like the rich uncle she had to call dad.

    2. Ivanka's entire career is tied up in her dad liking her. Put me on the payroll, I'll adore you too.

    3. Balzafiar10:11 AM

      @9:57AM -- You won't if you have to sleep with him.

    4. Anonymous11:17 AM

      Please don't be ignorant. Child abusers are not just Republicans. Politics has nothing to do with it.

    5. Anonymous11:35 AM

      1117 I beg to differ when they are saying 'Rape is God's Will' and all! Give it up!

    6. Anonymous 11:17 AM wrote: Child abusers are not just Republicans. Politics has nothing to do with it.

      You seem to be saying that there is zero ("nothing") correlation between political party and authoritarianism, or between authoritarianism and child abuse.

      That's a rather strong statement.

    7. Anonymous12:44 PM

      11:17 -

      These kinds of comments are rarely, if ever heard from Democrats. They ARE, however, disgustingly common among Republicans.

      32. “Rape is kinda like the weather. If it’s inevitable, just relax and enjoy it.”
      -Texas Gubernatorial candidate Clayton Williams, March 1990.

    8. Anonymous12:51 PM

      Child abusers are not only Repubs. Repubs are just better at organizing and lying for each other. There are more Repub pedophiles and child abusers and more are caught. More get off and light sentences because more Repubs are into complicity and covering up. It is what they would want when they get caught.

    9. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Those of you saying repubes are more likely to be child-abusers than democrats are stunningly stupid. It's one thing to despise a candidate and a party. They are despicable. It's another to misrepresent from whence child-abuse springs. It crosses all demographics.

    10. Leland2:55 PM

      @ 9:18.

      And just what does an abused person LOOK like? You can't tell - in a good number of cases - whether person is abused or not simply by looking!

      I was abused. My father made certain to not leave marks that were visible. I'll grant you it wasn't sexual abuse, but the idea is the same.

    11. Anonymous7:49 PM

      I bet if you were in a Minneapolis airport bathroom and someone in the next stall was bumping your foot under the adjoining wall, you'd think all they wanted was toilet paper too....or would you tell everyone you were hiking naked but really in another country having an affair...or kiddie porn on your work computer (government..Washington DC, once again a republican) and you must have accidentally gone to over 300 kiddie porn sites...

  2. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Let's hope this sinks his odorous orange 'campaign'. Even a malignant narcissist such as dRUMPf should know ya don't run for office with a closet bursting with skeletons. Maybe that's why he hasn't put a real penny into said 'campaign'?

    But then the Tundra Turd got away with running with a bursting closet full of bones, didn't she... it wasn't the skeletons that sunk her and McShame, it was the plain ole STUPIDITY. dRUMPf has plenty of that as well as a yuuuuuge amount of arrogance.

    1. Anonymous9:55 AM

      McCain and Palin are arrogant too. Trump, McCain, Palin, McConnell and Ryan (latter two in the U.S. Congress) make me want to regurgitate every time I see them - either on the TV (which I rarely watch anymore) or on the internet!

    2. Anonymous1:50 PM

      May I add to this toxic list of LOSER character traits?

      Trump and Palin are also EXCEPTIONALLY LAZY. We will never mistake their incessant bloviating for hard work and action.








  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    "Now there is NO way that Hillary will use this story, neither will any of her surrogates, but the fact remains that everything we know about Trump reinforces his sense of entitlement and his disdain for women."
    Yeah,Bill likes that young stuff also too...

    1. Thanks for making my point for me.

      I was afraid people would think I was exaggerating about the kind of made up shit that the Righties were using against the Clintons.

    2. Anonymous9:19 AM

      "made up shit"?
      The official flight logs show Bill flew on the "Lolita Express" 26 times.
      "Between 2001 and 2003, while Hillary was serving as a US Senator, Bill took a number of “extended junkets” around the world with the hedge fund manager.
      There were also a number of other passengers identified on the manifests, usually with their initials or first name, including one named “Tatiana.”
      Clinton reportedly ditched his Secret Service detail for at least five flights, even though there does not appear to be any of the required paperwork for signing the detail off."
      Here is a pdf of the FAA required flight log.
      You callin' that "made up shit"?
      Bill is a known pussy hound and ran with a convicted pedophile...

    3. Anonymous9:28 AM

      Bill Clinton NEVER had to chase after females, they chased him. tRump uses his money to get women, whatever it is that he really has, anyway. Guess that is what it takes when you have a 2" penis. Is that what he is describing in his photo?

    4. Anonymous9:49 AM

      ZING!! Gryphen-1, Anonymous rightie-0!
      Why do people not understand that Bill is NOT running for President this year. And if you want to drag the spouses into the race then look at Trumps current wife's pornography background, the allegations made by wife #1 about rape and the adultery committed on wife #1 by wife #2. And then this fraud has the arrogance and the audacity to question the morals of the candidate by way of questioning if she has a religion.
      The evangelicals are really having a hard time deciding on their candidate this year.

    5. Anonymous9:52 AM

      I'm not surprised that Trump hung around with Epstein.

    6. 848am, Old news, asshole. Try to stay on topic.

    7. Anonymous10:46 AM

      Hillary is on record as saying she's putting "Bill in charge of the economy".
      That's at least a Cabinet level position and makes him fair game.
      I give zero fucks about Trump,but if Epstein's name is brought up,Bill Clinton automatically gets included.
      Let's remember the mission statement of the blog...
      "Old news,asshole."
      Ya know what they say about rapers and pedophiles,don't ya?
      They never change.
      The topic is Epstein and Trump.
      Bill is verified to have traveled with Epstein 26 times on the "Lolita Express".
      Juvenile potty mouth on your part does not change the truth.
      Read the mission statement of this blog.

    8. Anonymous11:09 AM

      10:46, if you don't want Bill Clinton to become a cabinet member under HRC, for whatever reason, don't vote for HRC.

    9. Anonymous11:16 AM

      10:46 AM Trolling for dollars again?

    10. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Right on schedule, Celia Harrison's crazy ass is in the building!

    11. Anonymous11:56 AM

      11:18 thanks sarah.

    12. Anonymous2:13 PM

      If you can find a source other than the so factually wrong Fox News, I will look at it. Fox News will LIE LIE LIE about anything and provide fake documents.

    13. Anonymous2:15 PM

      Why would Sarah out Celia? Go read some articles at Frozen Justice and you will recognize the rabidly anti-Hillary voice.

    14. Anonymous2:47 PM

      Anonymous10:46 AM
      Bill is not being sued in FED Court for having sex with a 13 year old and threatening to kill her.

    15. Anonymous3:45 PM

      8:48 AM Here is your Republican family values former Speaker of the House:

  4. Sounds like I've heard of this kind of attack before. Ivana?

    1. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Did he pay off Ivana to shut up?

    2. Anonymous10:23 AM

      Is there any question he paid her off? Not to me. It's either that, or sue, in the eyes of Trump!

      Would he really sue one of his children or ex-wives? I don't think so!

    3. Anonymous11:06 AM

      Yes, Ivana in divorce papers. Since then she's said 'oh I didn't really mean that.'

    4. Anonymous11:24 AM

      Yep, in the divorce they are not to speak only well of him. If that's the case, why did they divorce him in the first place? SMH.

  5. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I had read that Trump was actually going to fly in Gennifer flowers and Juanita Brodderick as guests for that speech he made yesterday, but clearly he didn't. Who knows if it's even true that this was the plan, but it sounds like a Trump thing to do. If it was the plan, then of course the new attention to his abuse of a young teen stopped him.

  6. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I think I discovered one of the Heath/Palin father's day cards.

    1. Crystal Sage9:44 AM

      Where I live, we call Father's Day the most confusing day of the year. Lots of Uncle Daddies here and families with numerous Baby Daddies. Very sad.

  7. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Please let this get legs and SOAR!

    1. Balzafiar9:41 AM

      Second that!

    2. Anonymous10:17 AM

      And, Trump thinks his sexual life ha splayed out better than that of Bill Clinton?

      Trump is far, far worse in my eyes!

      He has been married multiple times - one wife reported he raped her - he had affairs (proven and factual) and he's exposed himself to be hung up on having a tiny penis!

      Cannot imagine why ANY woman would go to his bed - when he was a young man or now!

      Wouldn't surprise me to learn that he cannot obtain an erection anymore w/o the assistance of medication. Due to his age (70) and health!

    3. Anonymous11:38 AM

      If Palin is in we can toss her in for good measure! Her family is a SICK family! For over 50 years Chucky Sr has molested and raped children! Word is he raped a baby!

    4. Anonymous12:58 PM

      The Menard kid may have had a chance if he hadn't been jerked around by his maternal family. He must be so pissed at the family that left him with the creeps, also. No wonder he is so scared to leave the Sarah's womb. It is dark, but it is what he knows. As nasty as it gets in there, the rest of the world is nasty for him. I can see why the Army never allowed him to fight or go to war.

      They also lied about him driving superiors and being a part of some big tanks. It was all lies about Track because they found out how damaged he was and had to help Sarah cover up what happened to him in childhood.

    5. The real question is, who tossed this piece of s**t in to the fan? Someone who really, really, really has it in for the Don. Who found a lawyer who knew how to file this suit in federal court? Who leaked it to some agreeable "news outlet". So many questions...

  8. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Not so fast. The timing is way off. He's not the nominee yet. This needs to grow legs in October not now. We need Trump to be to be HRC's opponent in the general.

  9. Anonymous9:42 AM

    now I'm not saying that this report about Trump are true but,
    you don't have to dig too deep into the google machine to find reports about Trump and young girls

    1. Anonymous11:12 AM

      The man is innocent. It was a case of mistaken identity. He thought it was Ivanka and she adores him.

  10. Anonymous9:42 AM

    It wouldn't surprise me that establishment Republicans are leaking this story now before the convention.

    1. This and many more -- there are still a few weeks.
      Tax evasion will be next, or ... campaign fraud ... or

    2. Anonymous3:40 PM

      Establishment Republicans like this one?

  11. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Jeffrey Epstein scandal: women with new identities run firms from Epstein-linked property

    Two women questioned about Prince Andrew in 2010, operating businesses from New York property years after appearing to have left Epstein’s entourage

  12. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Why Russia Is Trolling for Dirt on the Donald

    1. Anonymous11:39 AM

      Russia is not stupid. They are digging for more dirt on the Palins, too. Undoubtedly they are saving the best for last. Even if Thump dumps the humpers, it will be fun to slow leak the true Palin stories.

      No need to leave out Dumkotax. As everyone knows when Dumkotax is not advising VP Palin, she will rely on her ever fateful adviser TrackMarks.

    2. Anonymous1:01 PM

      Is it true the Russians hacked some of the Johnston's computers?

      Was that just John McCain?

      Did they hack other friends of the Palins? They must have Track's actual history in the military and his alleged service.

    3. Why in the hell would the Russians try and hack the Johnston?

      I think someone is a little confused.

      The facts are that Mercede Johnston's computer was wiped clean while McCain operatives were in their home.

      I talked to the computer tech who tried to fix her computer and he backed up her story.

    4. Anita Winecooler4:05 PM

      Sorta off topic, did Marina Afta Dark and Bristol break up? They were bff's, hanging out in public restrooms, taking selfies, wonder if she made copies of Palin's hard drives?

    5. Anonymous9:03 AM

      4:05 PM It is very strange that 2 peas in a pod would not be seen together after professing their adoration for each other. Sarah Palin may have sent Todd's 'associates' after Marina to shut her up.

  13. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Maybe tRump and toady can get together and run a brothel, Scarah can be the madam..too old and scraggly to conduct the main business!

    1. Anonymous10:53 AM

      That picture! He is bragging to Toad how much more he has.

    2. Anonymous11:58 AM

      10:13 human trafficing.
      Both drumpf & toad bee working this for decades now. SEX! Is $$$. Payme.

    3. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Alaskans already know that Todd Palin has a tiny penis that has different colors....per his prostitute that disclosed information about him in her book (verified FACTS with regard to Sarah and Todd!).

      The stand out as to the book being publishing was that the Palins did NOT threaten to sue her! Something that was very uncommon for the Palins in those days!

      That in itself verified the book being truthful. Todd and Sarah would not sue her due to not wanting to appear in Court and have to answer questions!

      Simple as that!

      No wonder they are in 'good' (?)company with their connections to The Donald! They are just as corrupt and vile individuals as is he!

  14. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Donald Trump raped Atlantic City. Donald Trump raped the Scottish seacoast. Donald Trump raped the Bonwit Teller Building. Donald Trump rapes his contractors. Donald Trump rapes the taxpayers. Donald Trump rapes the truth. #DonaldTrumprapes.

  15. Anonymous10:46 AM

    The huge Donald Trump story the media is ignoring

  16. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Maddow: Trump’s Entire Campaign Is One Big Money-Making Scam (VIDEO)

    Trump's Entire Campaign is a Failed Real Estate Investment

    How the Republican Party Bought a Few Tens of Millions of Copies of the Art of the Con

  17. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Trump virtually rapes me in ways that don't mean anything compared with these women's experiences. But I still get the vibe.

  18. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Con vs. Con

    1. Anonymous1:03 PM

      He is a good writer. He wrote some good articles on the addiction of war. That was when no one much would listen to those truths.

  19. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Here's the caption for that picture. "My penis is only this big. How could I rape anybody?"

    1. Anonymous11:42 AM

      Girls and women want him. He has to do what they want or they won't leave him alone. That is not rape. It is helping kids and some adults. No one likes women more than Donald. He is the best with kids. Just ask Donald.

    2. Anonymous1:06 PM

      Rape is still rape with a teenie penie.

  20. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Epstein is a sleazebag. He also provided underage girls to Prince Andrew and those allegations surfaced not too long ago. I am sure the rich and famous get up to a lot of illegal things because they can. Donald Trump is a creep and I hope he goes down in flames.

  21. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Where there is smoke...

    Another accusation of rape against Trump,this one was withdrawn after her husband settled with Trump.

    1. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Republicans are perverts.

  22. Trump bragged about being friends with Epstein, going to his parties and Epstein went to jail over pimping underage girls, so there is plenty of smoke coming from this fire.

  23. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Trump is so vile and corrupt. Amazes me that 'some' Americans actually support him!
    The majority do not and he will never be elected POTUS! The media continues to hype him for ratings and money! CNN is on the Republican side and constantly degrades Hillary Clinton. MSNBC has gotten asinine to watch too. Turn off your TV folks and use the internet - ask questions - research the candidates, etc. The FACTS are out there!

    The Republican party has screwed up badly and many of their candidates are going to pay for it in November.

    Vote Hillary Clinton for POTUS!

  24. Anita Winecooler4:12 PM

    I wouldn't put anything past Donald. He just comes across as an ill educated womanizer, some he can pay off, others not so much. Time will tell.
    I don't care what Bill did, they were consenting adults and both knew the possible consequences. The Starr report was a waste of time and money, and what happened back then has nothing to do with Hillary nor her campaign. Trump seems proud of Ivanka's looks and even said he'd go after her if she wasn't his daughter and he's happily married to Melania "I can't feel my face", the imported czech goat milker and model.

  25. Anonymous1:23 AM

    I would discount this lady's claim, assuming she's an opportunist... but her attorney is a very well respected, successful lawyer, who doesn't need the money, the notoriety or the headache. I can't imagine he would take on a bogus case. hmmmmm


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