Tuesday, June 14, 2016

So today is the final final primary day open thread. (The last final primary day open thread was the next to last final primary day open thread.) Update!

Why is he always yelling?
So today is Washington DC's primary day.

There are 20 delegates up for grabs, and apparently this is very important to Bernie Sanders and the Bros.

Speaking of Sanders earlier today, like any good hostage taker, he gave his list of demands for the DNC.

Speaking just a few blocks from Congress with campaign manager Jeff Weaver and national spokeswoman Symone Sanders (no relation) at his side, Sanders ticked off his list of priorities to change the party. Story Continued Below 

"We need a person at the leadership at the DNC who is vigorously supporting and out working to bring people into the political process," Sanders said, before stressing the need for "the most progressive platform ever passed by the Democratic Party. A platform which makes it crystal clear that the Democratic Party is on the side of working people." 

The Vermont senator called for replacing Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, enabling open primaries so non-registered Democrats can vote, and better staffing to prevent long lines and difficulty being able to vote. Sanders pointed to Arizona, where both Democratic and Republican officials denounced the long lines and fewer polling stations available in the March 22 primary. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won that contest. 

By the way I watched an interview with Debbie Wasserman Schultz earlier today and it is pretty clear she has no intention of vacating the job voluntarily.

Sanders also called for the end of super delegates: .

The idea that we had 400 superdelegates pledged to a candidate some eight months or more before the first ballot was cast is to my mind absurd. And we need to also make sure that superdelegates do not live in a world of their own but reflect, reflect, the views of the people of their own state." 

I certainly hope that somebody has taken the time to explain to Bernie that even if the DNC concedes on the issue of super delegates it will not help him this time around.
Is it a socialist thing that even if you lose a nomination you believe that you have the right to completely restructure the entire party?

Later today, after polls have closed in Washington, Bernie and our next President are going to have a meeting.

During which I imagine Hillary will put Sanders into a headlock and refuse to let him out until he concedes the nomination.

I will update this post when we get the results of the primary, as well as the results of the Clinton/Sanders powwow.

Update: Okay so Hillary is now the projected winner in DC, which really should surprise absolutely nobody. 

So when Sanders goes into his meeting with Hillary it is with the knowledge that he has lost the last seven out of ten primaries, and therefore has no right to demand a damn thing.


  1. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Let's tick through the BS in BS's demands:
    1) DWS is already stepping down at the end of the year (So, what difference does it make at this point?)
    2) Superdelegates - No, Bernie. Thank God for them! I have already written a letter to the DNC expressing my support for them; if not, we'd be in the same shape as the GOP possibly. They do not vote against the will of the voters. (But hey, your own campaign manager Tad Devine designed the super delegate system, Bernie!)
    3) Same Day Voting Registration - a state issue. The Party does not control this.
    4) Open Primaries - I'm against them. I believe that if you cannot commit to joining a party, too bad for you in terms of the primaries. But at any rate: it's a state party issue.

    So Bernie, as a longtime Democrat, I disagree with your points but half of them are state issues, not the party's.

    1. Anonymous4:25 PM

      YES YES YES.
      Everything he listed is something that the national party doesn't even have the power to do, or that is irrelevant.
      Bernie might as well have asked for a purple pony.

    2. Anonymous6:01 PM

      Especially #4. Why should non party members choose a party's candidate? That makes no sense at all.

    3. Anonymous6:33 PM

      As someone else said, and it's what Bernie and his supporters don't understand, a primary election is a club (a Democratic club or a Republican Club) that is voting for who will represent that club in the big election in the fall. In my state, Indiana, we have an open election so Independent voters can vote but they must declare if they want a Republican ballot or a Democratic ballot. They can't cross vote in the Primary but they can in the fall election.
      You either join the club and you get to participate in selecting the nominee or you don't join and you get what the members who did join voted on. How hard is that to understand?

    4. Anonymous8:14 PM


      You do realize, right, that some of us just don't want to join "the club"?

      There is a reason that we have been registered Independent, Undeclared or Non-Partisan. Here's a hint, it's not so we can vote for keeping the system the same, we want change, a change in governmental machinations and most importantly a change in the electoral system in this country. Is that too much to ask?

    5. Anonymous8:49 PM

      Anonymous8:14 PM,
      Then stop fucking whining about not getting a say in its platform. And the reason you have been an unregistered independent is because yiu think you're a soecial snowflake. Well here's a hint. Form a Soecial Snowflake Party and hold your own primary. Then you and Sanders can dictate its platform.

    6. Anonymous2:45 AM

      Bernie wasn't even a Democrat until he decided to run for President, and now he thinks he should be able to redo the Democratic party in his image. (TBH he has some good ideas, but not on open primaries)

  2. Anonymous4:15 PM

    The GOP's lack of a response to Clinton's assaults on Trump almost suggests they want her to win


  3. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Screw Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump! It's way past time we get back to the normal election cycle and rid ourselves of these two jerks! I detest both of them for all the division they have created in the past months.

    Fuck both of them.

    And, thank you President Obama for being the best leader we've had in a number of years. Where are the Democrats in support of our President and Hillary Clinton? Why are they not publically speaking out against Bernie and Donald? I'm appalled at the Democrats not publically going anti Trump on the national, state and local levels! Get some balls, Democrats!

    Vote Republicans out of office in the upcoming elections. They are nothing more than a hateful group that actually support the fucker, Donald Trump!

  4. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Trump Polling Starts Collapsing

    And so it begins. The imminent collapse of his polling. What’s he gonna do now that he’s not winning? In fact, he’s getting creamed, and he has no capability to turn this around.

    I’ll tell you what he’ll do, he’ll do what he always does; he’ll double/triple/quadruple down on everything. He’ll hate harder. He’ll whine. He’ll complain.

    It is going to become obvious very quickly now to anyone with a functioning brain that he is totally un-electable.


    1. Anonymous5:22 PM

      NO! NOT YET! It's too soon for Donald to implode!

      We WANT HIM as the R candidate!!! We NEED HIM as the R candidate!

      He's so easy to beat! Keep him as the nominee!!!

    2. Anonymous6:27 PM

      Come on, Bernie Bros. Where are all the comments saying Sanders does better in the polls against Trump and that Hillary will lose against Trump?

    3. Anonymous6:38 PM

      He won't last until the convention. Ole' Paul Ryan will pull a Dick Cheney and nominate himself as the Republican Presidential nominee at the convention in Cleveland. lol!

    4. Anonymous6:52 PM

      I wonder how many folks voted for Donnie in the primaries because they were voting against Cruz and all the other losers, not because they intend to vote for him in the general election.

    5. Anonymous8:11 PM


      Isn't it enough that we're actually voting for Trump? Real change will come to America once we elect this idiot. The entire process will have to be rethought. And isn't that what we all really want?

      Trump 2016, it's gonna happen.

    6. Anonymous8:56 PM

      Clinton Has 12-Point Edge Over Trump in Bloomberg National Poll


    7. Anonymous8:57 PM

      Anonymous8:11 PM,

      Glory, glory hallelujah! It's amazing how you think that "real change" is some abstract pie in the sky shit. The reality of "real change " is not going to be painless. It will more closely resemble WWII Germany. People often ask how did the German people allow it to happen? Well take a look in the mirror, Herr/Fräulein.

  5. Anonymous4:19 PM

    "I imagine Hillary will put Sanders into a headlock and refuse to let him out until he concedes the nomination."
    Gryphy poo,put down the Alaskan Thunderfuck and get a grip.Hillary is pushin' a bucket of shit around with a toothpick and will have to listen to and agree with Bernie on a few things.
    "For me, a few hours ago, this campaign came to an end. For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die."
    Senator Kennedy at the 1980 Democratic National Convention.

    1. Anonymous5:04 PM

      How ironic that you quote Ted Kennedy in 1980. His undermining of Carter in that primary race was the reason Dems lost to Reagan that year. Fuck you and fuck Bernie, and fuck anyone who values their precious "principles" (aka, selfish entitlement) over defeating the fascist right wing agenda.

    2. Anonymous6:28 PM

      Anonymous5:04 PM


    3. Anonymous6:57 PM

      Bernie has stated he has no intention of endorsing Hillary. Nice guy, such a gracious loser, not.

      He wants to go to the Democratic Convention and DEMAND his list of priorities, yet he is still registered as an Independent.

      So instead of running as an Independent, it looks like his plan is to destroy the Democratic Party in a crucial election year.

      Bernie needs to concede and go back to Vermont, where he can collect on his Wall Street Mutual Funds cuz they are the enemy and the reason he never released his tax returns.

    4. Anonymous3:10 AM

      @Anonymous 5:04 PM

      ''How ironic that you quote Ted Kennedy in 1980. His undermining of Carter in that primary race was the reason Dems lost to Reagan that year.''
      Carter lost because candidate Ronald Reagan, and his running mate George H.W. Bush made a deal with Iran (Arms For Hostages) to hold the hostages until after the election, so the voters would blame Carter for the hostages still being in captivity and vote for Reagan out of anger. The Iranians would get arms in return. It worked.

      Look-up 'Arms For Hostages'. THIS is why Cater lost.

    5. Anonymous3:17 AM

      @Anonymous 5:04 PM

      Kennedy did not cause Carter to lose. Kennedy had gotten out o the race long before election day.
      Carter lost because of the sleazy 'arms for hostages' deal Reagan and Bush made with Iran, to hold the hostages until after the election, so the American voters would blame carter, and vote for Reagan.

  6. Anonymous4:20 PM

    District of Columbia Democratic Primary


    1. Anonymous4:47 PM

      Hillary is cleaning his clock.

    2. Anonymous5:11 PM

      Hillary Clinton Ends The Primary Season With A Huge Win In Washington D.C.

      Hillary Clinton put an exclamation point on her primary campaign Tuesday night with a huge win over Bernie Sanders in the Wahington D.C. Democratic primary contest.

      With well over half the vote counted in D.C., the former Secretary of State is routing Sanders by almost 60 points – 79 percent to 21 percent.

      The victory will do little as far as changing the outcome of the primary race – Clinton is already the presumptive Democratic nominee – but it does give her more momentum as she pivots toward an already-heated general election campaign against Donald Trump.

      The storyline to watch as Clinton coasts to victory in the nation’s capital is what Bernie Sanders decides to do next.

      The Vermont senator has said that he planned to stay in the race until the final contest, after which he would assess his candidacy, but how soon he will drop out remains to be seen. The news that Sanders will meet with Clinton on Tuesday night suggests that he will concede sooner rather than later.

      After Clinton’s big victories in several states last week, including California and New Jersey, there has been a concerted effort on the part of top Democrats, as well as Sanders, to bring the party together to defeat Donald Trump.

      As the primary season comes to a close and divisions in the Democratic Party begin to heal, it’s only a matter of time before we see a Clint0n-Sanders joint rally.


    3. Anonymous6:43 PM

      I don't think I would trust Bernie to campaign for Hillary. I keep thinking of Bernie as Sarah Palin without the McCain short leash.

    4. Crystal Sage7:53 PM

      Surely, there was cheating in the DC primary. After all, Bernie lost. Cue the Bernie Bots claiming the vote was fixed in 3, 2, 1....

  7. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Has anyone else taken a look at this Blind Item on CDAN? "The buzz is getting louder that this A list political candidate is suffering from a mental illness that requires medication." Of course, it's gotta be Trump. http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2016/06/mr-x-blind-item-2-86.html

    1. Anonymous5:15 PM

      Donald Trump Wants Controversial Sports Figures To Speak At GOP Convention Because They’re ‘Winners’

      ...There are a few problems with this plan. First of all, Trump’s wishlist of sports figures is not exactly chock-full of the most beloved names in the world.

      Roethlisberger has been accused of rape twice, Knight is a misogynist known for his violent temper, Brady is currently suspended from the NFL for allegedly deflating footballs, White is infamous for getting into petty feuds, and France runs a sport that is still overrun by the Confederate flag at certain races. Trump certainly knows how to pick his allies.


    2. Anonymous5:49 PM

      Orlando shooting exposes Donald Trump’s biggest weakness: A total lack of empathy


    3. Anonymous7:04 PM

      Empathy? The entire GOP lacks that--every freaking one of them. My husband's family is all GOP, non-church going "Christians," and against all social programs, public schools, liberal ideas, and all for wars and torture, and Donnie Trump. I had to walk away at a reunion a few years ago when the host was making crude jokes about our President. Every one of them has money to burn, and none to spare for taxes or donations to anything but their evangelical churches.

  8. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Pro-Sanders Union Gets Behind Hillary Clinton: ‘She Is The Candidate’

    After endorsing Bernie Sanders, a union president says Hillary Clinton is now the only choice.


    1. Anonymous5:06 PM

      Bernie's recent actions have turned some of his own voters away.

  9. Anonymous4:24 PM

    And, I think Bernie Sanders should never have been allowed into the Democratic party. He is NOT a Democrat! He's an asshole!

  10. Anonymous4:29 PM

    The idea that we had 400 superdelegates pledged to a candidate some eight months or more before the first ballot was cast is to my mind absurd. And we need to also make sure that superdelegates do not live in a world of their own but reflect, reflect, the views of the people of their own state."
    Then why did he tell Lester Holt recently that "we are on the phones right now" with the superdelegates to turn those votes? Lester replied that Sanders would be defying history and the will of the people, to which Sanders said that's what his campaign has been all about.

    I'd still like to know how he thinks he has any say in the people Hillary chooses for her Cabinet, but politics is such a dirty, money-fueled game that sometimes I wonder if my vote even counts anymore.

    1. Anonymous4:56 PM

      In other words, 'the superdelegate system is terrible and should be eliminated...UNLESS I can convince them to vote for me. In which case, it's a great system and we should keep it.'

    2. Anonymous7:00 PM

      He always neglects to mention that those delegates were for Hillary when there WAS no Bernie Sanders (D). Still isn't. He's a greedy little fraud. Never accomplish diddly-squat in the Senate, but somehow has cast himself as Superman and Saint all rolled into one.

  11. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Is Trump Losing the GOP?

    Never before have so many leading Republican figures questioned the nominee’s basic fitness for office.


    1. Anonymous4:56 PM

      One doesn’t want to believe for a minute that there are a majority of Americans who think that just because Trump says what he believes means they know where he stands. Despite what Trump or his adherents claim, he is as establishment a conservative as any Republican and is not “anti-politics.” Remember, Donald Trump is a scam artist and a television show celebrity and has successfully dialed in to what the base wants him to be; a loudmouthed bully who claims he, as a real American badass, can deliver what establishment Republicans have failed to give the base; a white Christian nation with a dictator at the helm.

      It is unlikely that Democrats are unaware of Trump’s appeal to the GOP base, but it is unclear if they understand that what is offensive to decent Americans is precisely what Trump is employing to garner support among more than just the Republican base. For decent human beings at home and abroad the idea that any American supports a madman like Donald Trump’s candidacy is a damning indictment on the sad state of American society.

      For Democrats, Trump’s candidacy is a prime opportunity to shift the balance of power away from the hate-mongering Republican party but only if they heed Professor Robert Reich’s sage advice. Resist being politically stupid by dismissing Donald Trump’s chance at being elected president because what may seem offensive and a death knell for Republicans is exactly what no small number of Americans want much more of and they want it from a loudmouth, racist bully like Donald Trump.


  12. Anonymous4:35 PM

    What Big Bullets You Have, Grandmother!


  13. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Rainbow just appeared over #OrlandoShooting scene. Beautiful.


  14. Anonymous4:50 PM

    They called it for Clinton.

    1. Anonymous4:58 PM

      Yea, Hillary Clinton and fuck Bernie Sanders! He's deplorable and needs to go back home and hide forever!

    2. Anonymous6:25 PM

      Hillary stomped Bernie in the DC primary.

  15. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I'm mad at the old man for a number of things but most of all I'm mad that he turned out to be nothing but a Boring Old Fart.

    He can take his demands and his ten million dollars and go to hell.

  16. Anonymous4:53 PM

    How come Bernie's super delegates are okay and not Hillary's?
    And Fuck Bernie, he isn't a Democrat since he already stated he is going to be an independent again so why should he get a say in the party leadership?
    Bernie, you are either senile or just plain drunk.

    1. Anonymous6:52 PM

      I missed that he said he was going back to being an Independent. Do you have a link to that information, please?

    2. Anonymous8:58 PM

      Is your googling finger broken, 6.52?

    3. Anonymous9:52 PM

      Bernie is planning on running as an independent for his Senate seat in 2018.

    4. Anonymous8:04 AM

      I don't believe either of these things are true. My google fingers couldn't find it, and it would be really stupid for Bernie to argue to change the D party while saying he's going to run in 2018 as an Independent. I don't like Bernie (although I like him a lot better than Republicans), but he's not stupid.

      However, I am opposed to Bernie holding the Democrats hostage to change the Democratic party into the party he wants under the guise of being fair and open. Anyone who wnats to can join the Democratic party. It's not that difficult or exclusive. Why shouldn't that be a minimum, and maximum, requirement to have a say in the candidate.

  17. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Hillary wins D.C.!!!!!!

  18. Anita Winecooler5:05 PM

    He's playing chess with a checkerboard and yelling "king me!" Reminds me of my son when he was seven, he'd change the rules and pout when it was obvious he lost.
    Did this suddenly get sprung on Bernie? Or wasn't this the way the system always was. Love the person in second place making demands. Real Classy!

  19. Anonymous5:05 PM

    "We should call 'bro-socialism' what it is: White Populism."

    1. Anonymous6:44 PM

      Really good article and viewpoint. Thank you for posting and for the link.

    2. Anonymous6:45 PM

      All Democrats should read this.

  20. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Punitive action should be taken when warranted. In this case, I hope the DNC shows festering butthole jeff weaver where he can go. That guy has no place in (Big D) Democratic politics. Why was THAT guy hired by the Sanders campaign in the first place? If I were DWS, I would make dumping his ass by the wayside a REQUIREMENT before starting talks about which Bernie policies should be included in the platform.
    Also, too, his standing in the Senate is at stake.
    To be acting this way. He LOST.
    I go right back to the question of whether bernie is really a big D Democrat or not.
    Too often it seems that the answer is NOT.

  21. Anonymous5:21 PM

    The Shady History Of The Private Security Firm Omar Mateen Worked For

    Omar Mateen’s employer, private security behemoth G4S, is taking a nosedive in the stock market after the 29-year-old suspect went on the deadliest shooting rampage in recent history, killing at least 49 and injuring 53 others in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

    G4S is currently being thrust into the spotlight because it employed Mateen, but the firm’s murky reputation precedes it. Staffers have been caught beating and abusing detained immigrants, keeping children in solitary confinement, and torturing inmates all over the world.

    But one particularly dark stain on the company’s record is its brief dalliance with the U.S. prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, known for its use of torture and suspension of due process. And the horror stories out of Guantánamo have provided ideal fodder for the type of jihadist media and propaganda that may have spurred Mateen to open fire in the Orlando club.


  22. Anonymous5:22 PM

    "Whether it’s Russia, China, Iran or North Korea, more and more countries are using hacking to steal our information to use it to their advantage -- and we can’t let that go on.” said Hillary Clinton
    So says the nimrod who had an unsecure homebrew server in their private residence.And traipsed the world using an unapproved Blackberry on top of it...

    1. Anonymous6:06 PM

      No one cares! The FBI has moved their resources on to real problems after the Orlando tragedy.

    2. Anonymous6:14 PM

      Except that the 'nimrod's' server and blackberry were more secure than the State Department's, the DNC'S and the donald's. So. Who's the 'nimrod'? You, maybe?

    3. Anonymous6:47 PM

      She wasn't hacked. But the State Department was. Who was more secure, you nimrod?

    4. Anonymous6:59 PM

      Notice her private server in the basement of her home was never hacked however the US government's server was hacked. I'd say she was wise or lucky but I wouldn't call her a nimrod.

    5. Anonymous7:06 PM

      Really and who's server wasn't hacked?

      Really you need to take your hatred over to Trump's website.

  23. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Trounce in DC>
    79 percent to 21 percent
    HRC over BS

    1. Anonymous6:23 PM

      Proud to say my millennial niece and her husband voted today for Hillary.

  24. Anonymous5:35 PM

    read this twitter stream from an attendee at Trump's Greensboro rally. Unforgettable dip into a madman's with the demons he has summoned.


    1. Anonymous6:05 PM

      Nuremberg Rally comparison in Greensboro.
      Read/scroll the storify'd. This is real!

    2. Anonymous6:05 PM

      Thank you. It's shocking, horrific, and beyond frightening!

    3. Anonymous7:05 PM

      A former GOP Senator from South Dakota (I think) was on Lawrence O'Donnell's, The Last Word, and he is endorsing Hillary Clinton because he sees this election mirroring Germany in 1929-1930. Advising other GOP to reject what Trump is selling.

    4. Anonymous7:15 PM

      Donald Trump Wants To Jail All Americans Who Refuse To Spy On Neighbors


    5. Anonymous10:31 PM

      Trump is sounding more and more like Hitler. He's a friggin' nut case!

    6. Anonymous10:46 PM

      7:05 - Larry Pressler

  25. Anonymous5:51 PM

    .@NRA spent $30,650,008 in independent expenditures during 2014 election

    $30,650,008 to make sure guns like AR-15 are readily available


    1. Anonymous6:14 PM

      National Rifle Association calls the AR-15 the most popular weapon in the U.S. “It is customizable, adaptable, reliable and accurate,” the organization says on its blog.
      In just 38 minutes...

    2. Anonymous6:20 PM


  26. Anonymous5:53 PM

    OT: Gabby Giffords> Kelly> Retired Astronaut Plans to Form Gun Control Group With Former US Gen. David Petraeus. Wow that is OUTSTANDING!

    1. Anonymous6:56 PM

      Petraus? Great...he must miss being in the spotlight, or he's planning to run for something. I find him as honorable as Ollie North, frankly.

  27. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Sorry Bernie, but primaries are designed to give PARTY MEMBERS a chance to choose their leaders.

    I wouldn't dream of voting in a Republican primary, even if I could, because I don't have the right to choose the people who represent them (although a blindfolded monkey flinging poop at a list of random names might do a better job of it!).

    1. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Agree with you completely, Anon at 5:59 pm.

  28. Anonymous6:00 PM

    There needs to be an all out war against the NRA! We need to have some gun control laws within our country that do not allow mentally ill folks able to purchase the war like guns promoted by the NRA!

    1. Anonymous6:23 PM

      Samantha Bee just scorched the NRA and the ‘high-capacity penis substitutes’ they call guns


    2. Anonymous6:46 PM

      s we mourn the tragic loss of 49 innocent people who were gunned down in a gay nightclub in Orlando, it’s important to remember that America’s gun problem continues to rage on.

      Since the early morning massacre roughly 72 hours ago, there have been another 196 shootings in the United States, claiming the lives of 57 more Americans and wounding another 137.


    3. Anonymous7:09 PM

      Yes, the cowards at the NRA won't even allow guns at their conventions.

      As far as I am concerned the NRA is the largest terrorist group and they are holding the USA hostage.

    4. Anonymous8:22 PM

      And gun shops have sold 15,000 AR15s since Sunday

  29. Anonymous6:07 PM

    The Socialist cut a lot of people in his campaign.

    How much do you want to bet that his wife

    Jane "Pay Me $200,000" Sanders

    is still riding the Socialist's gravy train and getting her Bernie Sanders pay check every month.

    1. Anonymous6:20 PM

      Jane walked into the meeting with him with Hillary tonight!

    2. Anonymous6:21 PM

      This whole campaign has been nothing but a "Ron Paul retirement plan" for Bernie. His own staffers have stated he has stated not to let it drop below 10 million dollars.

  30. Anonymous6:19 PM

    I wonder if Bill was in on the meeting at the hotel of the "pow wow"? I saw Hillary entering the building and I saw Bernie and Jane entering but I didn't see Bill. If Bernie brought Jane why wasn't Bill there also?

    1. Anonymous6:36 PM

      Because Jane runs Bernie, but Hillary can run her own meetings? Because Jane was asking for financial end-game items?

    2. Anonymous6:54 PM

      Because Hillary has a backbone, she doesn't need to bring one.

    3. Anonymous8:47 PM

      Jane - the shadow president wanna be - lost!

    4. Anonymous9:49 PM

      Because Hillary doesn't have dementia like Bernie and doesn't need a caretaker with her at all times.

    5. Anonymous10:29 PM

      Jane Sanders would make an awful First Lady! Cannot even fathom her in the roll! She runs Bernie too! .

    6. Anonymous2:40 AM

      Hey 10:29pm If you can't fathom her in the "roll" how about in a baguette?

    7. Anonymous6:12 AM

      Please stop with the nastiness about Jane Sanders. Would it ever occur to you that she's just being a supportive partner. Oh yes, she's a real gold digger as evidenced by the "mansion" they live in in Burlington. You're looking at a couple who actually care about the way our society is headed. Also, enough with the "dementia" references. That's just patently ridiculous considering how healthy Bernie is - considerably more so than Hillary I would venture to guess.

  31. Anonymous6:31 PM


    1. Anonymous7:14 PM

      Poll: Clinton Ahead Of Trump By A Staggering 12 Points


  32. Don't get your undies in a bunch!
    Clinton isn't going to give Bernie anything. She doesn't have to, because she has a weak opponent. Hillary by a landslide.

    1. Anonymous7:34 PM

      There would be nothing I'd like more than tRump to be taken down by a woman.

    2. Anonymous8:37 PM

      You know what would be even better 7:34? If he were taken down by two women!

      Clinton/Warren 2016

    3. Anonymous10:28 PM

      Hillary doesn't owe Bernie Sanders a damned thing and I doubt seriously she'd give him a spot in her Administration.

      He's a bad loser, that is for sure! I sincerely hope we never hear from him again!

  33. Anonymous7:09 PM

    WARNING: Petty Comment:
    Hillary was wearing a beautiful black tweed jacket and Jane Sanders was wearing a gaudy orange flowered jacket over a black blouse or shirt. What was Bill wearing? I don't know, I didn't see him there.

    1. Anonymous8:40 PM

      Hillary's jacket cost more than most people make in a month. How's that make you feel? A $5000 jacket does not a President make.

    2. Anonymous9:50 PM

      It makes me feel great--relieved, even. @8:40. The next President should dress well; she has had a lot of jobs, written a lot of best-selling books, and made a lot of money.

      Remember when the RNC had to, embarrassingly, buy clothes for Sarah? It won't be like that.

    3. Anonymous3:03 AM

      Where was the outrage from Republicans when Ann Romney wore a $1000 t-shirt! HIllary needs clothes that photograph well and withstand a lot of use.
      Where was the republican outrage when Sarah bought designer clothes for Piper on the party (or party donor) dime?
      How much do you thnk Trump's suits cost?

    4. Anonymous6:02 AM

      I've come to the conclusion that many Hillary supporters are in fact just very superficial. And by the way, I seem to remember that Michelle Obama bought her clothes from high street shops. Who the hell needs to spend $5K-12K on a bloody jacket? To me that says a lot about her priorities. Also, I am disgusted at the vitriolic, ugly remarks about Jane Sanders. How about not being so judgmental about her looks? Very sexist and just plain stupid. Maybe as a Bernie supporter I see something different. I see a very warm,passionate, beautiful human being. And please, give up on the B'ton College crap. There is so much more to that story and most of what you have heard is not true.

  34. Anonymous8:05 PM

    I'm glad it's over, just so I don't have to hear you whining about Sanders anymore. Really, what did he do that was so bad other than to give every state primary a chance to have their say. Based on your vitriol toward him, you'd think he was shitting on Hillary at every opportunity.

    1. Anonymous8:39 PM

      It doesn't even matter how much anyone shit on Bernie. We'll stand behind him, we'll write him in. You do realize that 70% of Bernie supporters will never, ever coronate Hillary, right?

      It's all good. We have this.

    2. Anonymous8:51 PM

      Snark? I hope so.


    3. Anonymous9:02 PM

      He was.

    4. Anonymous9:51 PM

      Please write him in. He's voting for Hillary, but go ahead and write the loser in. So then we won't have to hear about it again? Thanks.

  35. Anonymous8:32 PM



  36. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Hillary Clinton Is About To Clean Donald Trump’s Clock

    They have it at Clinton 358, Trump 180. And if anything, they’re being a little conservative.


  37. Anonymous8:43 PM

    The Electoral College Map (6/13/16)


  38. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Was the Democratic Primary Just Manipulated, or Was It Stolen?

    The truth is that the Democratic primary was hobbled at the starting gate by blatant partisanship on behalf of Hillary Clinton by the DNC and the mainstream media.

    The heavy-handedness of the Democratic Party elite -- particularly Debbie Wasserman's actions as party chair in restricting debates, followed by her open admission that the purpose of superdelegates is to crush the possibilities of grassroots candidates rising to challenge the party establishment -- was called to account even by Democrats. Telling a passionate, reform-minded populist movement "we’re rigged to suppress you" is not the best way for the head of a party to start an election season. Calls for Wasserman’s removal were not isolated.

    The primary process was also one of the most distorted media political events we have witnessed in recent years, with the networks exhibiting an astonishingly destructive lust for profits by handing Donald Trump billions of dollars in free airtime in order to build ratings, even as they deliberately tuned out Sanders’ campaign.

    The California primary finale provoked ubiquitous outrage as the Associated Press played queen-maker, anointing Clinton the nominee based on secret interviews of the superdelegates, who will not actually cast their votes until the Democratic Convention in July.


    1. Anonymous9:57 PM

      She had already won in CA when AP called it due to the early voting returns. I've posted several links here about this; HRC's CA campaign targeted early mail-in voters for GOTV. Sanders ran a terrible campaign here, including suing the state for nothing. She was already +17 that Monday in CA-- no way for him to catch up her. She also won CA in 2008.

      But Puerto Rico put her over on Sunday, a day before the CA call.

  39. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Secret Money Escalates in Southern Politics, Fueled by Koch Brothers


  40. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I'm watching CNN and a two year old boy was snatched away by an alligator at Disney in Orlando. More parents who do not watch their kids! Cool!

    1. Anonymous10:13 PM



    2. Phyllis1:51 AM

      Asshole at 9:17

      Go spread your shit somewhere else.
      That child's father was standing close enough to him that he jumped into the water and tried to get his child released.

    3. Anonymous2:37 AM

      I'd like to invite that gator to my neighborhood ;-)

  41. Anonymous9:31 PM

    The narrative falls apart: Evidence that Omar Mateen was in the closet undermines GOP framing of the Orlando shooting

    Republicans want to frame the Orlando shooting as an ISIS attack against the West, but that premise is collapsing

    ...The move, while cynical, makes sense. If Republicans can trick people into thinking this was some kind of generic Islamic assault on the West, then they can run the terrorists-are-coming-for-you script that has worked so well for them politically in the past. But to admit that it might have been Omar Mateen’s anti-gay beliefs that motivated this this is political poison.

    After all, it’s not just fundamentalist Islam that is anti-gay. Fundamentalist Christianity is, too, and if anti-gay religious teachings can cause a Muslim to reach for his gun, they can surely do the same to a Christian. Indeed, hate crimes against LGBT people are common in this country, and most of them are not being committed by Muslims.

    All of which, in turn, is going to make it a lot harder for conservatives to demagogue against gay rights to rally the troops. If this is a homophobic crime, then it’s a testament to how anti-gay rhetoric can inspire horrific violence. Conservatives are still smarting over how the racist church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, resulted in the nation turning against those who fly the Confederate flag. There can be little doubt that this crime will lead to a similar darkening of attitudes against those who persist in spewing prejudice against LGBT Americans.

    But any lingering possibility that Pulse was randomly chosen as a target by Mateen is falling apart.


  42. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Maddow shows how frighteningly easy it was for Orlando shooter to get gun inside the club

    The gun used in the attack on an LGBT nightclub in Orlando was advertised as being not only lighter than an AR-15 assault rifle, but easy to conceal, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said on Tuesday.

    “In terms of understanding what happened inside that dark nightclub at 2:00 in the morning Sunday and how one guy was able to kill 49 other people and wound at least that many, it helps to know and I think it’s chilling to know that one of the things that this American gun company markets about this gun is that it is super easy to fire,” Maddow said in footage posted by Media Matters. “It’s easier to fire than an AR-15. And it fires faster and with less kick than your standard AR-15.”

    Maddow showed footage of the commercial promoting the Sig Sauer MCX, which she said was confirmed as the weapon used in the rampage on Saturday night. The ad shows a lone gunman making his way through a dimly-lit room firing the rifle, and highlights the fact that it can be folded up.



  43. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Harvard Study Confirms Media’s Role In Trump’s Political Rise

    Study: “Trump Is Arguably The First Bona Fide Media-Created Presidential Nominee”

    A new Harvard University study highlighted how the media’s excessively positive coverage of Donald Trump during the primaries gave the candidate the platform he needed to secure the Republican presidential nomination.

    The study found that while media usually determined the highest polling candidate as the most newsworthy, this was not the case with Trump. He was neither leading in fundraising nor in the polls when his exaggerated coverage began. Additionally, the study found that though he eventually rose in the polls to warrant such coverage, “he was lifted to that height by an unprecedented amount of free media”


    1. Anonymous10:49 PM

      Very important points!

    2. Anonymous5:49 AM

      It also points out that Hillary received very glowing coverage whereas coverage of Bernie was very negative or non-existent. Not exactly impartial reporting and very manipulative.

    3. Anonymous7:58 AM

      The US media has never been "glowing" about Hillary Clinton. Every positive mention of her is always followed by some stupid reference to "how people do not trust her." Never mind that the fact finder blogs have given her much higher marks for truth telling and integrity and any other candidates. The New York Times is especially guilty. Multiple headlines every day for Donald Trump and only a rare mention of Hillary Clinton. When the paper did an article about how she was now the "presumptive Democratic candidate," the reporter just had to add that some people still preferred Bernie Sanders. In the US media generally, Democrats are not portrayed favorably. We Democrats always have an uphill battle to fight for good media coverage.

    4. Anonymous8:01 AM

      5:49? I guess it all depends on what you focus on. I remember an awful lot of negative about Hillary, and positive about Bernie (as well as the reverse).

  44. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Trump looks like a raving maniac when he is giving a speech. His face contorts and he looks just plain frightening!

    Plus, we all know him not to be the one least bit qualified to be POTUS!

    Watch him - he appears nuttier than a fruitcake!

    1. Anonymous5:56 AM

      If he were a woman, he would never have made it past the second tier candidates in the primaries.

  45. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Primary Popular Vote Update: That's All She Wrote Edition


    Delegate tracker




  46. Anonymous8:05 AM

    The fact is this: if Hillary wants to win this election and beat Donald Trump, she needs to address and include the 13 million voters that Bernie Sanders won.

    Fact: The Republicans cast MORE votes overall in the primaries than the Democrats by I believe was 5 million votes!

    Hillary needs to listen to the Bernie voters, or her unfavorable rating will remain where it is now at 55%.

    So I think you are wrong Gryphen, when you think Bernie can't express his convictions and that of his supporters to Hillary Clinton. The art of listening is what makes a good politician - not Wall Street influence.

    1. Anonymous10:11 AM

      Actually Hillary probably doesn't need all 13 million. Nor should she pander to them because they feel left out. To the extent Bernie has good ideas (and he has many) she should implement them. To the extent Hillary has better ideas, she should stick to her guns. It sounds like you want the Sanders camp to be able to dictate the campaign> What did I miss?

    2. Anonymous10:13 AM

      What is the reference for this fact. As I look at the electoral map, things look pretty good for Hillary right now.
      Has it occurred to you she might lose some support of those who don't like Bernie's ideas.

  47. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Hillary Clinton needs to take advice and incorporate Bernie Sanders wants and demands.

    Wait a second, Hillary had almost 4 million more popular votes than the Socialist and so why is Sanders throwing his weight around?


    9:59 AM PDT
    FINAL SCORE: HRC defeats ✊💪👊 Sanders by 3,774,927 Popular Votes.
    Sorry SARANDONISTAS, but the Will of the People supercedes the Dictatorship of the Proletariat!

  48. Anonymous1:29 PM

    To those of you who think that Bernie is hurting the Democrat party in any way: If Hillary loses to Trump this fall, she has way bigger problems than Sanders.

  49. Anonymous1:21 AM

    Bernie Sanders Not Being Vetted as Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign isn’t considering primary rival Bernie Sanders as her running mate, but is actively looking at Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whose populist politics line up closely with Mr. Sanders, people familiar with the process said.


  50. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Everybody is aware of the SARAH PALIN CURSE.

    Are you aware of THE BERNIE SANDERS CURSE?

    The first victim was Bernie Sanders

    Business Insider:
    The Bernie Sanders political revolution just failed its first post-primary test

    A House candidate backed by Sen. Bernie Sanders lost a congressional primary Tuesday night in Nevada, dealing the first blow to Sanders' plans for a post-primary revolution.

    Lucy Flores - whom Sanders endorsed in Nevada's crowded 4th District primary and helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars - came in second by a 14-point margin.

    She lost to Ruben Kihuen, who was backed by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, an establishment figure in the Democratic Party.

    A second Democrat, Jesse Sbaih, who endorsed Sanders' primary bid and ran as a so-called "Berniecrat," lost by an even wider 49-point margin in Nevada's neighboring 3rd District.



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