Thursday, June 16, 2016

Track Palin succeeds in having his assault case moved to the Veteran's Court in Anchorage.

According to Court View tomorrow's court date in Palmer has been vacated, and Track's case has now moved to Anchorage.:

3PA-16-00145CR Crim Dist Ct Misd (3PA) 01/19/2016 

Palin, Track Defendant 06/13/2016 

Unopposed Motion for: 

Unopposed Motion for Transfer of Case File 
Attorney: Fitzgerald, Kevin T (8711085) 
Filing Party: Palin, Track 
Case Motion #2 


Order Granting Motion Order Granting Motion 
Case Motion #2: Unopposed Motion for Transfer of Case File 

06/15/2016 Temporary Transfer of Case to: 

Temporary Transfer of Case to: Anchorage

My assumption is that this is called a "temporary transfer" just in case Track does not show up or does not agree to the treatment that the court will insist upon in exchange for less jail time.

So another Palin finds a way to circumvent justice in Alaska.

Same old story that I have been telling for over eight years now.

(H/T to the Anonymous IM commenter who sent me this information. Thanks.)


  1. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Well, he did have that 24-hour PTSD bug that was going around.

  2. Anonymous6:12 AM

    “We’re going to have great judges, conservative, all picked by the Federalist Society,” Trump says, if he is elected president." THIS IS DANGEROUS.

    1. Anonymous7:31 AM

      And, Bill O'Reilly was on 'Good Morning America' this morning supporting Donald Trump. Should it surprise anyone? Both are ego driven assholes.

  3. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Your SarahPAC dollars at work. Creating jobs for criminal lawyers throughout Alaska!

    1. Anonymous11:45 AM

      Dakota Meyer is the one who is out there getting jobs for people.

      That is what he does for vets, he gets them work.

      Track Palin is so lucky to have Dakota as his brother. He will never have to be unemployed.

    2. Anonymous2:11 AM

      What is Track qualified to do?

  4. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Bristol better be scared out of her pointy chin. If her brother who has no authentic right to be dealt as a veteran gets away with beating the fuck out of a g/f imagine what Dakota can get away with. Add Bristol has already acknowledged Dakota has serious problems. Dakota will get a free out of jail card.

    And we all know Dakota is going to blow up.

    Bristol should have saved her ill gotten gains. All those jeans are not worth having no independence.

    1. Anonymous6:24 AM

      ...cuz you know how she can push buttons! Just hope the kids aren't around to witness it. She deserves what she gets, they don't.

    2. Anonymous7:04 AM

      Whoa, there @6:24...I don't think she deserves a beat-down.
      I'd like to see her cows come home, as well as those of her freak ass family. 'Renaissance mother', my ass. Still dont think she's legally married, OR that her latest kid is the MOH's. If those Paylin lips are movin, they're lyin.

    3. Anonymous10:09 AM

      Well you can always call Animal Control! haha

    4. Anonymous11:52 AM

      Dakota is the one to go to animal control. Not only does he beat on women, he lies about it.

      Bristol is known to beat on men. She can take care of herself. She is a girl and a Marine can't press charges for being beat on by a female. Besides Palins get off of all their crooked and criminal doing. She will just be publicized as being a good mother for having her children witness the drunken violent brawls.

  5. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Why hasn't Bristol changed her last name yet?

    1. Anonymous7:23 AM

      let's see the marriage certificate, or it didn't happen

    2. Anonymous8:15 AM

      Many women nowadays don't change their last names. Especially those who work professionally and who have 'made a name' in their own right.
      I guess, Bar$Tool has made a name in her own right - just not a good one, and she does not realize it.

      That said... I also do not believe those two are legally married.

    3. Anonymous10:02 AM

      It'll be the same as w/Sarah and the retarded child she supposedly birthed! We never saw that birth certificate and never will. Most know she never gave birth to that kid. He is suppose to be the birth child of The Bristol!

      We'll never see Bristol's supposed marriage license either (IF they ever actually were married?!) Has it been blocked from obtaining from the State of Alaska as was the birth certificate of Sarah's last kid?

      Oh, those Palins are shifty!

    4. Anonymous10:10 AM

      because they do it until the courts say...

    5. My name is the same as the day I was born and has never changed. I'm in my second marriage - first one in 1976. I like my name and would not have married anyone who thought I should change it. Maybe she does too, and she has the right to keep it no matter how much we may dislike her.

    6. Anonymous11:39 AM

      You're absolutely right, Linda.

  6. Anonymous6:25 AM

    If this veterans court has any balls, it would look at wtf Trackie actually DID in the service and question how that led to the alleged PTSD. Do the due diligence to question the latest narrative the Palins are trying to hoax on the nation this time.
    Dog! Are there any critical thinking skills in Alaska when it comes to the grifting Palins????

    1. Anonymous6:39 AM

      Exactly! Most Alaskan's may be over the Palins but I think she still has "friends" in the military up there. I haven't heard anything about that National Guard scandal that was supposed to be so huge.

  7. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Please stop writing about people who live private lives and hate attention. These problems start/ exacerbate themselves when gawkers submit ignorant opinions and hate on a strangers life.

    1. "Stop blogging. Stop blogging now!"

      Ah it never changes.

    2. Anonymous6:55 AM

      Ooooooh, "exacerbate!"
      What a big word for such a small mind.

    3. Anonymous7:00 AM

      You're right. It never changes.

      You keep throwing shit against the wall praying something will stick.

    4. Anonymous7:02 AM


      Do you carry a badge and a gun when you police the internet? Who gave you the authority to dictate to others? You must be very special.

    5. Anonymous7:17 AM

      First of all you didn't get the quote right.

      “You should be ashamed! Stop blogging. Stop blogging right now!”

      Second of all, isn't it plagiarism
      when you don't give credit to the author of the quote? Which happened to be former state babysitter Ivy Frye.

      Keep up the good work!

    6. Anonymous7:25 AM

      many of us are not strangers to the Palins. This is personal for us.

    7. Anonymous7:43 AM

      If Plains didn't spend their lives posting their dirty laundry and contacting media,they'd have nothing to do $$$ and we'd have nothing to comment on.

    8. Anonymous7:44 AM

      Brainfart, please drop dead. In private of course. What country do you live in? It certainly can't be the USA.

      EVERYBODY! That means ALL get to have an opinion. You just can't grasp that, can you dopey?

      Your own silly self, (you ridiculous little gawker you), stalks people that you don't know and never will. You scold and have a fit and tell lies. Hypocrite! I just read about yet another person you're stalking around the net. Sicko! But your twisted shriveled little brain seems to think that is a-okay.

      It just kills you that other people get to have an opinion too. You would much rather that everyone that does not agree with you should not get to express their opinion. Get the fuck over yourself. You can't even run your own life, I'll be damned if you'll run mine or anybody else's.

      Practice what you preach 24/7, stop stalking strangers and lying about and trying to silence others. What is the matter with you?

      How's Italy, liar? What do you do with your pretend kids while you're on the computer 24/7 spreading hate and lies?

    9. Anonymous8:00 AM

      "...people who live private lives and hate attention." Did you seriously just write that? Who are you trying to convince, us or yourself. BWAAHAAAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAA

    10. Anonymous8:04 AM

      You need to accept a majority of people disapprove of domestic violence. Disapproval is not the cause of it. Actually condoning and enabling interpersonal violence contributes to exacerbating the problem. We have a right to hate beating, terrorizing, brandishing weapons, obstructing police intervention and even physical brawls at parties.

    11. Anonymous8:32 AM

      Spoken like a rational adult, 8:04. The rest of you should take note, especially when posting to someone who is known to not be mentally well. Teasing and poking like bratty little kids never helped anyone.

      In fact, Grypen should stop letting Alicia's posts through. You are contributing to her mental illness. Mental illness is not funny. You use Alicia's illness as a weapon against the Palins. Shame on you.

    12. Anonymous8:40 AM

      Maybe you should blame Sarah Palin who used Track as one of her props, claiming that he was a combat vet when he wasn't.

      Maybe you should blame Sarah Palin for covering up for Track's bad behavior, starting with the bus vandalism and the brawl.

    13. Anonymous10:47 AM

      Well maybe Track should have thought about keeping his "private life" private instead of committed several crimes which are public information.

    14. LOL! I think the original comment was sarcasm, but you all are deeply serious about any comment that might anyone here on IM.

    15. Anonymous10:58 AM

      Remember $carah fawning over Track's "warrior body" Who knew "warriors" hit women at the time she was saying that??

  8. Anonymous6:34 AM

    He doesn't need jail. He needs his desire to remain private be respected. He isn't a criminal. He is angry that he was forced into celebrity. Look at the way he succinctly defended his brother when that man a couple years ago said trig shouldn't be born. "Be jealous I'm impervious to your opinion and only know love and happiness"as if trig was saying it.

    1. Anonymous6:54 AM

      I see your point. That whole brood has suffered from a narcisstic "mutha" that didn't give two sh*ts about anything but herself.

      That this case is continuing, does it mean that a pregnant Jordan is not going to marry him?

    2. Anonymous7:07 AM

      Would this be an appropriate time to worry about those 'vapors' i keep hearing about from some troll, 6:34AM?
      Or is that snark?

    3. Anonymous7:13 AM

      Go got it now!! Thanks so much for elaborating. So unwanted celebrity makes a man beat on a woman. Then this post means if we cease to have celebrities then there will be no more domestic abuse? Feckin idiot meet the door.

    4. Anonymous7:38 AM

      Brother?? ;) Try Nephew.

    5. Anonymous7:53 AM

      6:34 There are laws in this country (USA) that say that a human can NOT strike other humans. What country do you live in?

      He broke the law. He made himself public. So called 'men' that smack females around deserve no respect. He wasn't FORCED into a god damn thing. Dream on dopey.

      I'll bet the sky is pink in fantasy land where you live.

    6. Anonymous7:58 AM

      No, he needs serious psychiatric intervention. He is certifiably nuts, violent, and addicted to serious shit. The fact that you support those qualities in him and minimize it by saying he just wants privacy shows what kind of a loon you are. Seek help.

    7. Anonymous8:32 AM

      'I'm impervious' a Sally word of the day. They were trying to create a nice persona for Track, he didn't write that. Remember how Bristol would say the crap about he is a good father yada yada...

      Track took the guns, after the last assault weapon threats, Track lost more parental rights. He is a total jerk with a long history of an angry deteriorating mind. Starting before they fixed it so the military and taxpayers could foot the bills for him.

    8. Anonymous8:39 AM

      He doesn't need jail. He needs his desire to remain private be respected. He isn't a criminal. He is angry that he was forced into celebrity.

      Track beat up his girl friend. She was so frightened that she called 911 and hid under a bed.

      Track was cited for threatening to use guns while he was drunk. He drove while he was drunk. The police report makes it pretty clear that he broke the law.

      This has nothing to do with privacy. Track is not a celebrity. Track was involved in vandalism when he was a kid. He abused drugs and alcohol and he never got treatment for any of his psychological problems.

      You sound like Sarah Palin, trying to sweep Track's bad behavior under the rug by lying about it. The longer that it is neglected, the more dangerous Track will be.

    9. Anonymous9:18 AM

      Sarah, your grammar makes absolutely zero sense.
      Take your meds.

    10. Anonymous9:32 AM

      When Sarah Palin's egg met Curtis menard's sperm, Sarah's mentally ill genes won the battle. He is as sick in the head as she is. Coupled with poor nurturing and substane use, the man just cain't get right.
      He lost the nature and nurture brain health roulette and marinates it all in brain chemical fucking drugs.

      What could go wrong lol?

    11. Anonymous9:44 AM

      Track Palin is an adult now. He should have gotten over being upset by his mother's vice-presidential nomination years ago. He should gotten some education or training and be employed now. No one buys the story that he has been (or is) a PTSD counselor. He should be man enough to take the punishment that he deserves. But then, he's a Palin.

    12. Anonymous10:37 AM

      Sorry to burst your bubble, 6:34, but Track Menard PayMe IS a criminal. He DID hit and kick his pregnant girlfriend and threaten her with a gun while being highly intoxicated. He NEEDS TO go to jail and afterwards get some GOOD counseling and hopefully a job where he will be held accountable.

    13. Anonymous11:05 AM

      10:37 Are you kidding? A JOB? He is a Payme (supposedly) they do not believe in gainful employment. Once the grifting $$$ runs dry, his pregnant girlfriend had better find work, pregnant or not.

    14. Anonymous11:27 AM

      Track is a public figure. He is not a celebrity like Rob Kardasian or Caitlin Jenner sons, they have personalities and can function (Rob is working on it). Track is a celebrity brother to Bristol, Willow, Piper, Trig. Celebrity son and so on.

      He has had 'celebrity' treatment since the Bush Administration used him as a poster boy in their propaganda (2008 when they had to go to the illegal war and used him to recruit) Track could have put a stop to it, he didn't.

      He also was not forced to be in a reality show, he was a failure but he was a failed reality tv 'star'. Failed celebrity.

      He is mostly infamous. He has been known for his violence and being a jerk since he was an adolescent.

      He has a private life when he takes a piss in a private bathroom. Any time he is in public, at friends houses, the store, a bar, driving a vehicle that is not private. Just like anyone else he can be photographed for any reason.

      Due to his infamy anyone can write or talk about him all they want. He can stand up for himself if he is able. Or Sarah or Jordan if he needs to be cared for due to his disabilities. They are not clear about what it is so no one needs to think of him as actually disabled.

      Most likely he lives off of his parents and the disability checks from when he was a 'combat vet'.

      People have a right to know when they are screwed over by the military or anyone and that needs to be investigated.

    15. Anonymous12:01 PM

      Punching, kicking anyone, terrorizing with and assault weapon are not his only crimes.

      ___ Most likely he lives off of his parents and the disability checks from when he was a 'combat vet'. ___

      The latter is FRAUD.

  9. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Look at all those sour grapes piling up in the IM pig trough.

    1. Anonymous7:04 AM

      6:36 - and yet here you are, feeding and commenting at the trough. What a dimbulb. Lol.

    2. Anonymous7:07 AM

      WTF does that even mean?

    3. Anonymous7:36 AM

      Sourgrapes? Nope. Just observations. These two,like Barstool and her Pillsbury DOHboy,truelly deserve each other.

    4. Anonymous7:54 AM

      A projecting we will go..... I'm pretty sure sour grapes are your steady diet.

    5. Anonymous8:43 AM

      Track Palin is someone that needs to be on watch list, if he is not already.

      He could in a flash escape his keepers and under all the medications plus the booze he can use, he can jump in a vehicle and kill innocent people. In an accident or something more like they claim happened with Todd. Weird mysterious 'accident'.

      Or the assault weapons... I don't even want to think about it.

      TAKE NOTE. You will never see Track Palin speak up.

      His girlfriend is very vocal and if not connected to the Palins, she would be expressing herself. She could certainly say and do something.

      NOTE, Jordan Loewe is also silent.

      She can't even do the bull shit about what a good father he is, you know the fake publicity as Bristol once did.

    6. Anonymous7:46 AM

      But....sarah has always liked her son,the human time bomb ,around to threaten the locals and keep 'em in line. That boy has always had issues. PTSD my ass.

  10. Anonymous6:38 AM

    I can't think of a reason he wouldn't comply.

    1. Anonymous7:06 AM

      That's because thinking isn't your forte.

    2. Anonymous7:13 AM

      I can't think of anything but the WHY he's having to go to court, 6:38.
      Here, let me refresh you:
      He got blind drunk(was driving, too), BEAT his PREGNANT girlfriend down then scared the hell out of her by threatening suicide(and probably HER life as well, get real) with some automatic weapon of his choice at the compound's arsenal.

      All happened close by Brisssy and minor children Sailor, Tripp, and Trig.

      I can't think of a reason WHY any of that stupid drunken violence had to happen.
      Except that maybe drunken violence is the Paylin's go-to for adult conflict resolution.

    3. Anonymous7:55 AM

      Crazy ass nuts, drunk, under the influence of drugs, scared, stupid all come to mind.

    4. Anonymous8:34 AM

      Track was fighting going to Veterans Court because he would have to plead guilt to some of the charges and he would have to undergo ptsd treatment. He didn't want to do either.

    5. Anonymous11:10 AM

      6:36 Are you here to push your snout into the pig trough? Afraid we are getting too close to the TRUTH about this vile, grifting, unemployable, unemployed family? The flood gates are soon to open wide, all the family "secrets" will come pouring out, finally!! I can hardly wait to hear just how many pregnancies Bristles has really had. I count 6, so far. Duh certainly got himself a prize, the Wasilly doorknob. Everyone had a turn!

  11. Anonymous6:51 AM

    AMA THIS!>

    1. Anonymous8:52 AM

      True>Three Phone Calls You Get After Your 16 year old Teenage Daughter’s Been Shot Dead!
      "Mercurius spent them trying to explain to the reporters who tracked him down how it felt to lose his only daughter. Still shell-shocked,"

      "Ms. Jacobs gushes about how much she liked having Shemel as a student in her eighth grade class. Mercurius presses the phone close to his ear as she talks. Back in Guyana, he had gone as far as high school and then worked for the fisheries. He used to imagine Shemel graduating from Edward R. Murrow and going to college."Her sweetness delighted him. Sometimes it worried him, too.
      “Shemel, sometimes you gotta be a little rough,” he used to tell her, “because this is America. You can’t be too easy.”
      “Daddy, I don’t need to be rough,” Shemel would tell him. “I’m good.”
      170 MASS shooting to date 6/16/16

  12. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Hope Jordan enjoys her beatings ... many more to come.

    1. Anonymous7:17 AM

      Does that girl have no friends or family who love her?

    2. Anonymous8:29 AM

      I know if I were a parent of an adult child that got involved with ANY of the Palin offspring - I'd talk at great length to them - show them factual information - regarding all members of the Todd/Sarah group. To include Chuck Sr. and Jr.

      I'd do everything I could to stop any type of relationship that might want w/any of the Palins!

      All done for their own good and peace of mind. Any connection to a Palin would be a friggin' disaster!

    3. Anonymous8:32 AM

      @6:51 Jordan's photos on her instagram (now private) showed her enjoying too much alcohol and acting like a wild child. Jordan has been acting out as much as Track. They deserved each other. They both have some serious emotional issues, which makes their relationship toxic.

    4. Anonymous10:41 AM

      Omar Mateen's first wife had a family that helped her when she first saw his terrorist side emerge.

      Jordan Loewe does not have that much going for her.

      I hear the mother is a self centered rich woman that married up. Now she does charity work (poses for at social events in local mags and such) for places that help poor people with problems like Jordan.

      Ironic that one of her charities is to help abused children.

      Like Jordan's fetus who has probably had more booze and speed than some adults.

      Who knows the violence the fetus has been exposed to?

    5. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Jordan, like Track, is another case of affluenza.

      AFFLUENZA, a psychological malaise supposedly affecting wealthy young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation.

      THINK Brock Turner.

      THINK Ethan Couch.

    6. Anonymous2:26 AM

      Think G. W. Bush, also too John McCain. Both suffered from Afluenza, and look where it took the entire country! The elder Bushes covered up W's drug and alcohol use. McCain disgraced his father and grandfather, both military officers, with his reckless acts.

  13. Anonymous7:03 AM

    It is my understanding that one of the conditions of being adjudicated in Veteran's court is a requirement for intensive and mandatory treatment. If the offender fails to follow through then jail time kicks back in.

    This isn't special treatment for Track and it's not just for Vets with PTSD. No doubt Track had PalinTSD loooooong before he was forced into the army from being raised by that dysfunctional POS he has for a bio mother.

    Bitch blames Obama? She only has to look in the mirror to see who eff up her only rill son.

    1. Anonymous12:08 PM

      To bad the requirement for intensive and madatory treatment will not apply to Track. That is only for the little people. Track's mammy has connections, because John McCain.

      The expert on ISIS and whose policy to for blame for ISIS.

      You really think Veteran's court is a requirement for intensive and mandatory treatment is going to hold Track Palin to the same programs as other vets?

  14. Anonymous7:04 AM


  15. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Now Sarah can say he is being treated for PTSD. It only took her how many months to get him into this program.

  16. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Hang in there dude.

    You have some serious dirt on Bristol that you can't talk about.

    How many times have you said that in the last five years regarding a Palin?

    1. Anonymous9:17 AM

      Does anyone that can talk know what was going on in Missouri recently? It was a possibility Track was in rehab. Dakota? What was he up to?

  17. Anonymous7:16 AM

    When stalkers parents kick her out or they run away from home are the Palin's taking her crazy add in?

  18. Anonymous7:21 AM

    I wonder if Jordan will testify that Track sucker-punched her when she told him she was pregnant?

  19. Anonymous7:38 AM

    good read>

    1. Anonymous8:17 AM

      "you can get a military-styled weapon in seven minutes in this country." Political Will?

      READ THIS>

    2. Anonymous10:33 AM

      The Palins would continue to support their mad violent crazy son. They would be pissed and if they couldn't steal or trick someone out of ammunition, they would buy it and pay the tax just to give it to Track.

      Remember Britta got the kid and Track got his guns.

      He is insecure and without guns and ammunition he has nothing.

      Whatever happens the Palins will keep him supplied with 'meds', guns and ammunition. It is just one of their secret lives. What's one more?

    3. Anonymous11:15 AM

      Not for much longer. The dirty truth will be exposed on the entire grifting tribe.

  20. Anonymous7:39 AM

    This whole thing should have been over and done with weeks and weeks ago. Unfortunately someday Track is going to do something that will be much worse than what he did this past winter. Sarah Palin is not helping her son by protecting him from his issues.

    1. Anonymous9:43 AM

      No one in this family takes personal responsibility for their actions starting with Sarah,it is ALWAYS the fault of others, so how do you expect her children to be any different?

    2. Anonymous10:44 AM

      He might be another one (just like this last mass-murderer in Orlando) that falls through the cracks and then everybody (except us here, I guess) will ask 'why didn't the FBI see this when he was younger? Why did they not i vestigate/arrest him?'.
      I hope, I will not be around that area when he finally and completely flips!

  21. Anonymous7:46 AM

    It doesn't take much to set these Palin's
    off. Their thought of anyone taking their
    military, combat guns from them, it is
    time for Granny Ridiculous to bring out her
    cross gun sites again and aim them at those bad filibuster people. Was the combat gun taken away from Track after
    he had put it in his mouth and threatened to kill himself. Do the police still have it , or did Granny P, get it back. Oops,
    I hope I didn't give her any ideas.
    Jordon, don't be another dead, domestic
    violence victim. You are headed for disaster!

    1. Anonymous8:21 AM

      The Palin klan on their dead lake in Wasilla, AK know they are despised by Alaskans.

      They are waiting - with their large gun arsenal - to counter anyone that comes to their door with a gun!

      Such a lovely bunch of people aren't they? Can you imagine having them as your neighbor? The value of your home would drop substantially!

      By the way, has the Palin house sold in AZ yet? Gadfree, it's in the 120's as to heat temepratures down there today! Another reason it won't sell! Has Sarah dropped the sales price again? The house doesn't appear to have been a good investment for the Palins!

    2. Anonymous10:19 AM

      Anon 8:21: Thanks for asking. No, 29005 N 82d St., Scottsdale AZ is still on the market after 177 days. That's approaching six months on the market.

      Sarah dropped the price from $2.5 million to $2,375,000 several weeks ago, still no action.

    3. Anonymous10:27 AM

      They did that 'safety' advertisement with Tactical something. Bristol, Willow and NOT Jordan were with Sarah and they claimed to be taught how to handle guns and safety. They showed the certificates.

      Right after that it became apparent they don't do do safety at all. No one in Alaska calls them on it at all.

      Having guns around, loaded or unloaded, and the ammo is cool.

      You know like Dakota Meyer when he plays with babies and rolls with a pistol by him and the baby?

      What matters to these fools is that they look cool. It is how they sell their products and extremism.

    4. Anonymous10:55 AM

      Heyyyyy, @10:27 brings up somethin': Brissley simply HAD to show us her safety certificate she got out a shootin' just 2 weeks after giving birth *cough*,
      BUT won't advertise her marriage certificate? Her hard-won, finally obtained, legally AND xtianly marriage certification? Yeah, that's what I thought.

    5. Anonymous11:20 AM

      Do they look "cool" or just plain STUPID?

  22. Anonymous7:52 AM

    That photo should be sent to the Judge that will hear Track's case. It's totally asinine - the couple ruined the beauty of Alaska shown in the photo behind them!

    Jordan is an idiot to be with a man like that and now she's stuck to him for years to come due to being impregnated with his brat!

    She's going to regret the day! And, she'll be beaten up again by him - trust me!

    1. Anonymous8:30 AM

      The police report said that Jordan and Track were fighting because Jordan mentioned seeing a former boy friend. How do we know that it's Track's baby? Maybe the reason that Track erupted with such violence was because Jordan might have been pregnant with the former boy friend's baby? It could go either way, just like Bristol and Dakota. Dakota seems quite happy to be Sailor's father, but we don't know that he is actually her biological father. That could have been a reason that Bristol left Kentucky, one week before her wedding last year. It is just as likely that Dakota found out that Bristol was already pregnant and he could count on nine of his ten fingers.

      All of this is just a thought, but the Palin Family always seems to be auditioning to be TV's next soap opera.

    2. Anonymous9:34 AM

      She is sick. Addiction problems. Meth and a boozer. Plus the psych problems, disorders.

      He father is a doctor and her mother a society maven. They do charity work in one of the states they live in. They have a multitude of opportunities to find help for her. I'm not sure what went wrong. They all have to be secret and it is toxic. It's a killer, if Track doesn't get to them first.

    3. Anonymous9:41 AM

      Shit oh dear! The Palins would more than likely love, love, love being part of their own soap-opera TV series!

      There is no shame to that family and it seems to run entirely through all of them (perhaps with the exception of Willow?).

      What we see as them being a 'totally messed-up family' they see themselves as being 'stars of social media'. What a sick bunch of idiots!

  23. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Alternative Sentencing
    The veteran “opts-in” to the Anchorage Veterans Court by entering into a plea
    agreement. The veteran must agree to plead Guilty or No Contest to a least one charge, and agree to receive one of two sentences: a regular court sentence if the
    participant does not complete his or her VA treatment plan or a lesser sentence if the participant completes his or her treatment plan.

    Does this mean that Track has to plead guilty or no contest to his domestic violence charges?

    1. Anonymous8:15 AM

      Will this Court schedule for Track Palin be open to the public? Is anyone going from this blog that can report on it? Can photos be taken?

    2. Anonymous8:59 AM

      By going through Vetetans' court, does that mean his record re these garges will be expunged if he completes requirements? I, certainly, hope not !

    3. Anonymous9:37 AM

      It means that Track will not have to deal with anything. This court can give him a pass. Who would know?

      Don't forget about John McCain's life with military privileges from his father and grandfather. They know how to work the system and go on to live a life of lies.

    4. Anonymous11:44 AM

      Anon 937 I wonder if Old McCain will make a few calls on behalf of his lil darlin and get Track's record scrubbed squeaky clean...

  24. Gryphen,
    OT, do you know whatever happened to Dirk Diggler from Alaska WTF? I loved his blog as a supplement to yours.

    1. Anonymous8:13 AM

      Who is that? Never heard of him!

    2. Anonymous8:49 AM

      He was audacious and entertaining. He just slipped away.

    3. Anonymous9:29 AM

      Here's a few links for you 8:13!

    4. Dirk was a little less cautious than Gryphen. Alot actually. I'm pretty sure he got too far out in front of a story and the Palin's lawyer made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

      I liked his blog too.

  25. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Let us not forget Sarah Palin blamed Obama for the domestic violence and other charges. Perhaps the veterans court will determine what if anything Track Palin did or treatment sought for his alleged PTSD versus reported long history of substance abuse including alcohol.
    which one is it, a proud combat vet or OMG poor victim PTSD suicidal threats, life threatening violence, gun wielding and two more out of wed lock babies and history of violence?
    Newsworthy given the mother has garnered adoration for public fiction about her son while possibly neglecting his mental health needs her family could afford.

    This gets more attention due to blame shifting the POTUS is all at fault. Also prior boasting Track is a PTSD counselor. This is similar to the spin of the drunken brawl including trolls viewing even illegal and life threatening behavior, violence, as upstanding. No doubt because violence is their standard also while claiming to be godly.

    1. Hmmmm... Which pResident started an unnecessary war against Iraq?

      Not President Obama. If $arah wants to blame anyone for Track's alleged PTSD, W. Bush/Cheney were the most prominent ones who thought going to war was such a hot idea.

    2. Anonymous10:24 AM

      Will the "Veterans' Court" have access to his military records, including his medical records? I have not seen any proof that Track was diagnosed with PTSD. If that diagnosis is not in his records . . .

    3. Anonymous11:28 AM

      Most miltary personel are against anyone who pretends to be a victim of their service. One of these times, when the PayMe family all gets together, drinkin' and such, Duh will confront Trick/Track about his "service" Military guys love to brag about where they were stationed, what they did. Duh will realise Trick/Track is a pussy, ang all hell will break loose. Someone at that compound should hide all the weapons before a tragedy occusr.

    4. Anonymous12:25 PM

      Sarah Palin blamed the President.

      Now McCain is blaming him.

      He wants to be clear it is not personal. He is blaming Obama's policy for terrorism.

      President Obama is at fault for Track Palin's violence and breaking the laws. Now President Obama is to blame for Track Palin, terrorist, and Omar Mateen, terrorist.

      If it wasn't for President Obama Jordan Loewe would not be in the same category as the 49 victims in Orlando.

      Where is that picture that Jordan posted right after she was terrorised by Track Palin.

      She has a picture of herself and she referenced the 'thanks Obama' meme.

      It was funny to her that Sarah blamed Obama and sure enough right away she was back with the innocent one, Track Palin, and they were blaming Obama.

      Remember when the Palin's old dear friends, the Morlocks, had the son that was on a kill team and he had to go to prison?

      The Morlock mother blamed the government. I forgot her exact spiel, it would be worth revisiting.

      Since there is definitely a pattern here.

  26. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Didn't Sarah Palin tell the world that Track is a PTSD counselor? How can Track be a counselor when his life is screwed up? How can Track treat others when he beats up women and he can't have personal visitations with his daughter?

    1. Olivia8:15 AM

      Yes she did. He can't. Sarah Palin is a fucking liar.

    2. Anonymous9:06 AM

      I'm sure IF Track Boy was actually doing the counselor thing somewhere in Alaska, that an 'undercover' anti-Palin non fan would have leaked it by now!

      None have been published! And, he's no more a man w/PTSD from combat (never saw it nor participated in it) than I am!

      The Palins surround themselves in untruths and the majority of them have been proven throughout the years. This is one of them!

    3. Anonymous9:25 AM

      8:15 Just like fucking chris KKK tried to be "Within the military community, embellishing medals and achievements — so-called stolen valor — is considered a serious ethical violation."

      "He created a foundation to help them overcome post-traumatic stress disorder by providing exercise equipment and counseling."
      <Report NYT2/4/13

    4. Anonymous10:08 AM

      It was right before the Anchorage brawl. She went to Houston for some PTSD deal and she said something about Track and counseling for PTSD.

      Like Chris Kyle, I guess.

      When she got back they rented the stretch limo for Todd's birthday and the rest is violent family history and more cover up.

      There was plenty to arrest them for and the police and DA gave them a pass.

      The authorities and too many citizens do not care about the safety issues in their community. The criminals can rule and keep everyone's life at risk.

      Drunk driving, mentally ill drug addicts going nuts and doing terrorist acts.

      The authority's priority is to protect the Palins. They shit on the tourists and the people in Alaska. It is if not the most corrupt state, it is one at the top of the list.

      You can see what the public does in Alaska. Nothing to improve the situation or their infamously bad, bad reputation.

      Not enough tourists are boycotting the state, too.

  27. Anonymous8:11 AM

    So much for those Alaskan people on here who keep on telling us that the PayMes have no influence/clout anymore!

    1. Anonymous9:54 AM

      Smacking Moh and Ho around is mere entertainment now

    2. Anonymous10:11 AM

      The transfer of Track Mark's case is not a show of favoritism - it was an option he was given and he took it.

      It in NO WAY shows that the PayMe's have any influence in Alaska. Anyone else who did a stint in the military would've been given a similar choice. At least this dangerous loser might get some help - something he never got from his despicable family. It remains to be seen if he can stick to it.

  28. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Track is no more a PTSD counselor than is his lying mudder! The entire family is a joke to Alaskans and the country. They'd be a horrid family to be a part!

    1. Anonymous10:17 AM

      They are not that much of a joke to Alaskans or they would organize and git 'er done.

  29. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Delay, delay, delay and stall. No matter how long the Palins keep delaying Track's trial, the police reports won't go away.

  30. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Classy photo. Somebody was good to enough to snap the picture and then they give him/her the finger.

    1. Anonymous9:01 AM

      Aren't they cute! (Snark)

      Seriously, I wonder if the Menard family ever thinks about what a violent mess Track has become and if they could have done anything to help Track years ago, after Curtis Jr. died?.

    2. Anonymous9:34 AM

      Sarah Palin was once friends with a Menard - think her name is/was Linda, but not sure. She use to be a Legislator in Alaska, but lost her reelection bid when it was learned she was close to Sarah.

      Plus, I don't think she was that effective or smart for the one time she did serve - representing the Valley area.

      They haven't been friends for a long time, is the word on the street.

      We all know Track is one screwed up young adult. What would you expect when he had to learn that he was not Todd's biological son and that Sarah had screwed around on Todd!

      Imagine what their offspring has had to swallow since becoming adults and learning the truths (and lies) about Sarah, Todd and other senior members of their families.

      It's only going to get worse! Think of Tripp and the other offspring of Bristol, Track - Sarah's sister's kids, etc. They are a large brood!

    3. Anonymous10:15 AM

      9:34 AM

      Now they have taken Dakota Meyer into their web. He has a chitload of bad, bad creepy crap.

      They love the military and can get all the cover up from there, so Dakota isn't that much more bs for them.

    4. Anonymous6:57 PM

      Curtis Menard should have used a condom.

  31. Anonymous8:33 AM

    What a shame that the palin crime famdamnily once again doesn't have to pay the full price. Anyone else wonder who in the system ole toady is holding hostage for partaking in his prostitution services?

  32. Anonymous9:57 AM

    "Same old story that I have been telling for over eight years now."

    Isn't that the truth.

    1. Anonymous10:41 AM

      So you, 9:57 am, have been commenting here that long? Trolling must be lucrative.

    2. Anonymous11:16 AM

      It's like the Payme's are vibrantly living out some drunken, oxy-hazed reality tv show, but it's their "life".
      Since I don't watch reality tv, THIS is my brain candy. These hicks are just too fucking funnnny!
      Anybody with a brain can see right thru the stupid attention ploys of theirs, and the 'mysteries', oh my... like who's Trig's REAL parents, who's Sailor's dad (and where are ALL her sibs? When was she actually born?), where's Jill, did Sara really get a college degree, who beat the crap out of Todd, who's Track's real dad, why did Sara suddenly quit being Gov, on and on, are straight outta some cheap soap opera plot! All we lack is someone's evil twin running around doin'some mayhem and suspenseful background music.

  33. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Yep, beat the hell out of a women, throw shit around, threaten to shoot her and yourself, stone cold drunk on your ass, and full of dope.

    Oh, you're a Palin so you can have a hearing, then go to kindergarten court, and be forgiven.

    No harm done, carry on

  34. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Speak of the devil and military manipulators John McCain is keeping all his secrets and spewing about the President.

    McCain: Obama 'directly responsible' for Orlando shooting

    The opportunist thinks this can get re-elected so he is in a position to insure his crimes and criminal pals will be protected and never authentically investigated. In his brain he thinks he is a leader and listen to him about Orlando and all things military.

    Weird that Clinton calls him friend.

    It makes her look shady.

  35. Anita Winecooler4:36 PM

    How wonderful. She's still got ties in Alaska. Guess Track's on a bender and needs to sober up. But everyone gets what they want except for Jordan. Track was there with bells on fighting for his gun collection, and won, Britta fought for her daughter, and she won, and now Track bides time to sober up. What a world.

  36. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Track will fall victim to what happens to many vets. They get well, 'treatment', by giving them more drugs. They have places to recycle them. When they are 'well'enough they come back into society. If they can stay on the meds they are given and they don't go back to their drugs of choice, they can integrate back into society.

    It is not prison but another form of a prisoner's life. A few of the strong ones can over come that prison life. Others just give in to being a blob. Others can't take it and escape. They are usually worse than ever. It is all sad.

    Track will come back to his toxic family and the girlfriend that drinks and drugs. He has never been able to take care of himself. That is not likely to happen at this point with his situation.

    1. Anonymous8:01 PM

      If that is the case it is sad.


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