Tuesday, July 26, 2016

As we predicted, Bernie Sanders will return to the Senate as an Independent. I guess the charade is over now.

THIS is why many real Democrats did not take Sanders seriously.

He was never really part of our party.

He did not want to fix the Democratic party, he wanted to change it into the Independent party.

And as for all of those DNC e-mails that showed officials being frustrated with Sanders' campaign and wanting him to get out of the way of the true Democrat? Who can blame them?

So later on today there will be a roll call vote, and a whole bunch of these Bernie bot pinheads will vote their little hearts out for a candidate who is not even interested in staying in the party at whose convention they are casting that vote.

And here I thought Fundamentalist Christians were easily manipulated.


  1. Anonymous11:06 AM

    MSNBC reported that Bernie Sanders I-Vermont will not be fundraising for Hillary Clinton or sharing his email list with anybody. Now that makes sense, why share your email listing with a political party you do not to anymore.

    1. Anon@1106

      I find the report highly suspect that Sanders will not be helping Hillary Clinton since, in his speech last night, he vowed that he would absolutely do everything he could to get her elected.

      I intend to vote for Clinton; however, it does her no favors to be lobbing hate bombs at Sanders--neither he nor his supporters are the ones we ought to be attacking.

    2. Anonymous12:17 PM

      I am a registered Democrat (40+ years registered). I donated to the Sanders campaign. I do not want my email or any other information shared with the DNC or the Clinton campaign.

    3. Anonymous12:41 PM

      Hey, here's a helpful hint to all of you who freely share your email, cc info, address and phone number only to donate to a political campaign...Don't do it! Just say no, they really don't want your $100 bucks, they really just want your data...

    4. Anonymous12:51 PM

      I just tuned into the DMC live and got really ticked off.
      Some church choir singing "Glory,glory alluahullah" WTF?
      If that is true they said shit about Bernie because he is atheism or what ever he is that is WRONG! We are supposed to be all inclusive and to pander to ONE fucking "god" is bullshit!
      Also too, they should add to the platform to take out that "godbless america" crap. Unless they want to name every god in every religion, that is NOT what America is today.
      We are not the RW and this shit doesn't represent me or many other Dems!I just turned it on AGAIN and another church choir? THIS IS A POLITICAL EVENT! WHAT HAPPENED TO SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE?
      If this was DWS good she was fired.
      This is Bullshit!

    5. Anonymous1:23 PM

      Well since a good share of his email list was stolen from Hillary she doesn't need it anymore than Michele Obama needs Melamona tRump to write a speech for her.

    6. Anonymous1:46 PM

      I hear ya 12:51pm. That fucking "prayer breakfast" that our government puts on each year is bullshit, as is the xmas tree thing and easter egg hunt and all the other crap that happens at the White House regarding celebration of religion.

      I hate the fact that prayer at public events is considered normal and that our government is all wrapped up in jesus's robes.

      Hopefully one day sanity and critical thinking will prevail but I'd say we need to give it another hundred years before it wins.

    7. Anonymous1:47 PM

      The top four responses above that of 1:23 PM sound like you are all fucking nuts!

      Hillary Clinton will be elected POTUS over Donald Trump! She is qualified - experienced - calm - knows foreign affairs inside and out and ready to step into the job as POTUS!

      As to 12:51 PM - this is a Christian nation - typical song that is sung often - I'm atheist, but respect that the Christian themes are used often by our leaders and candidates. And, religion and government are ALWAYS mixed together! It's been like that for eons! Check your FACTS if you know how to do that - there is always prayer, etc. at most every event!

      You are truly full of shit, 12:51 PM!

    8. Anonymous2:29 PM

      Meh. He signed a contract with the DNC; he has to share his data.

    9. Anita Winecooler4:36 PM

      Heard a funny joke, the punchline was "Sander's lips were moving". The DNC shared it's resources and accepted him as one of their own, now that things didn't go the way he fantasized, he's taking his ball and going home as an independent.
      Ranks just below something Sarah would do.

    10. Anonymous3:04 AM

      Og puhleeese ya'll
      Bernie always caucused with the Dems.
      as an indy he would never have gotten as far.
      It's not his fault we allow only two lame parties in this country to to have a true chance.

    11. Anonymous8:19 AM

      @Anonymous 12:51 PM
      @Anonymous 1:46 PM

      Why are you folks so intolerant of people who have different beliefs than you? People who belief in God has just as much right to do so, as you have to disbelieve. You can't go around dictating other people beliefs and emotions.
      Now, if someone is in tolerant and disrespectful of gays you would have a fit, but you think it is OK to be intolerant and disrespectful of those of us to believe in God

      Grow up!

    12. Anonymous2:40 PM

      MSNBC are incompetent dicks.


      "The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said Tuesday that it has been talking to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) about how he can assist their candidates in recapturing the Senate in 2016.

      “We’re working with him to see how he can help, where he can be helpful,” DSCC Political Director Christie Roberts told reporters.

      Sanders has already jumped into the Wisconsin Senate race on behalf of Russ Feingold, another populist progressive hero. Former DSCC Political Director Martha McKenna said she’d like to see him help not only with fundraising ― since Sanders has been a powerhouse with small-dollar donors during the primary ― but also with getting out a progressive economic message that will help Senate candidates.

      “Anywhere where we’re going to be talking about standing up for middle-class economic values and sort of fighting back against big money in politics and Republicans who are part of that problem, who take a lot of corporate money ... I think Bernie is really good about bringing those issues to light,” McKenna said. "

      And they are going to need Bernie in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

      Because Donald Trump's bullshit is resonating very well in those states and he only needs the traditional red states and those four rust belt states to WIN.


      So I'd say Bernie is more than doing his part against Trump. And against Trump would be for Hillary, wouldn't it? According to the Bernie Bashing Assholes on this board.

    13. I'm in Wisconsin...i HATE Donald Duck! He scares the shit outa me!
      I am doing everything I can to get Hillary elected! Most everyone (that has an iq over 90) understands that Hillary needs to be elected over the orange Jesus. Even if they don't like Hillary and were for Sanders, they would elect Hillary over dTrumph. I personally am in that category too. I was a cashier supervisor at Sam's club when she was elected to the board by Sam's kids after he died (I got to meet him and shake his hand a month before he died. He made it a point to go to every store and shake all the supervisors hands). Hillary was the one that suggested that in order to increase profits, to stop the "everything thing sold at WalMart and Sam's club is made in the USA" and start getting things cheaper from other countries. Also reducing supervisor's and above pay by 25% and give cashiers, stockers etc to minimum wages!
      But that won't stop me voting for her, because the alternative is SO much worse! But I am not a glassy eyed follower who thinks that she'll be as good as her husband or Obama! She is for big Business, millionaires and wall street, NOT the average little guy. Unlike the orange one who is out only for himself...

    14. Also 12:51 and 1:46 I agree with you 100%, 8:19 they have every bit as a right (or more) that you do to say SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE! This is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!
      You want church music and prayer, go to church not a DNC Convention, or go to a RNC convention as they want to disassemble the constitution. But religion of any kind should not be part if politics. If a preacher (if any kind) speaks from the pulpit about politics, then their no tax privileges should be revoked IMMEDIATELY! Separation of church and state goes both ways. I don't give two shits how long it's been going on,it needs to stop now!

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    So that S.O.B. Sanders solicited Democrats for money and now he is taking his loot with himself to the Independent Party. Sounds like something Sarah Palin would do.

    1. Anonymous11:51 AM

      It makes one very sympathetic to those Dem. donors whose DNC emails have been the fodder of Fox News for the past couple of days.

    2. Anonymous1:48 PM

      Past. There is no such H this g as an INdependdnt Party. He is an 8ndependent, meaning unaffiliated with any party.

    3. Anonymous10:21 PM

      I'm sorry.

      He was supposed to track the money he raised and make separate piles for Democrats, Independents and undisclosed and then give the Democratic money to the DNC?

      Are other candidates required to do this?

      As a matter of fact, are other candidates required to turn over any of their campaign funds?

      My understanding is that they can give it to any candidates they want to aide them in campaigns, and can use it for their future political campaigns.

      Or does that only pertain to Democrats? Or just anyone except for Sanders?

      I think the Sanders Hatefest here has gone on long enough.

  3. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Did the Democratic Party get a thank you card or something from Benedict Jane and Benedict Bernie Sanders or is bending over while they ream us is their way of thanking us?

  4. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Fuc_ You Democrats we never liked you in the first place. We just wanted your $27 donations, have you pay for a private chartered Boeing 767 jet for us, our children and grandkids to Rome.

    So long SUCKAS!

  5. Anonymous11:24 AM

    That's also what attracted many voters to him. That he wasn't establishment and still represented oureally interests.

    This tribalism has got to stop. It's killing us.

    1. Anonymous11:45 AM


      The gloating in the Clinton camp (this means you, Gryphen) is pointless and loses the entire point of what has happened.
      Of course he's returning as an Independent -- that's what the citizens of Vermont elected him as.
      And, frankly, the Democrats probably won't allow him into their party.
      The DNC shows the shallow, cynical nature of the establishment partisanship.
      I've stuck with you Gryphen for many years, but I can't stand the infantile triumphalism and lack of comprehension about what the entire Sanders campaign was about. So long.

    2. Anonymous11:49 AM

      Bernie Sanders fomented the "tribalism." He attracted voters because he made promises that he always knew he could never make reality. Sanders knows the pitfalls of the GOP-controlled Congress. He's hid from it for 20 years by being an "independent."

    3. Jesus Christ 11:45, you're quitting?

      Must be Tuesday.

    4. Anonymous12:03 PM

      11:45 AM Your weakness is showing, quitter.

    5. Anonymous12:06 PM

      That he wasn't establishment
      Wow, you must have another definition of establishment. Bernie is the poster boy of political establishment, except for a few odd jobs his whole career has been in politics.

    6. Anonymous12:20 PM

      Gryphen, you are a real prick, lately. I am not 11:45, but I agree with the sentiment. You are so much like the c4pers in so many ways.

    7. Anonymous12:43 PM


      Let them have their "triumphalism" as you put it because really, they are on top of the world right now, but not for long, and then we get to enjoy anything but their "triumphalism" after November.

      Just wait, it's gonna be awesome!

    8. Anonymous1:03 PM

      I hope none of you maligning him and/or leaving Gryphen's site are under the delusion you will be missed.

      In my lifetime I am unaware of anyone who allows such freedom of expression in their dominion and puts up with criticism and sarcasm and yet does not ban you.

      Lucky for those of us with an appreciation of Gryphen's news, valid comments and all those great sites readers alert us to and I cannot compliment or thank him or them enough.

      I am an isolated octogenarian living many miles from any neighbors or town and on satellite. Using my limited funds to further the education of my seven grandchildren in college so I am not in a position to be a reliable donor but still Gryphen allows me the privilege of accessing the site for free and for that I am more grateful than words can express.

      He makes my day every day, some serious stuff and often a lift and a laugh or two.

    9. Anonymous1:21 PM

      Tribalism? Gee, Bernie is the poster child...first he' Democrat, then he's Independent. Then he MIGHT be a 'lifelong Democrat" as long as the DNC plays by BHIS rules, sends him money and lists, lets him debate, pretends he's one of us, and lets him control the platform. Fox is showing a teeny group of protestors (100?) across the street holding signs and shouting.
      Gryphon and the rest of us are not 'gloating.' We are pointing out the obvious-you were used by Sanders to enrich his wife and give him the spotlight.If he turns on Dems in the next week, we'll be there not surprised.
      And where are his tax returns? And why don't you care?

    10. Anonymous2:04 PM

      Wow, 11:45 here -- the mysogeny toward Jane Sanders is awesome and nasty.
      Gryphen, I've submitted some of your most popular comments over several years. I live just below Vermont. Perhaps you don't get what it was really all about. And your small, little response to my leaving is, sadly, just demonstrates a personality that's turned sour this year, and not worth my time. Sayonara.

    11. Anonymous2:32 PM

      Pro tip; constantly saying goodbye and not leaving makes you look unstable as hell. You do seem to have a problem with letting go.

      The "citizens of Vermont" must also be very disappointed that Sanders ran for prez as a Democrat after having been elected as an indy, right? That wasn't what they voted for when they elected him. Right?

    12. Anonymous4:41 PM

      you know there's free porn on the net? Can't speak for Gryphen, but whatever contributions you've commented over the years just helped Gryphen's blog's popularity, Toodles, bubbeye, been nice, oh my how time flies.

    13. Anonymous9:35 PM


    14. Anonymous10:47 PM

      I love dramatic blog goodbyes! Let me buy more popcorn now and see you here tomorrow, 11:45!

    15. 11:45 are you Sarah Palin? She is also a quitter.

    16. Anonymous4:16 PM

      Yeah, flattery is the sincerest form of quitting. Gets Sarah every time.

  6. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Fuck the people who votrd for this jackass.

    1. Anonymous12:43 PM

      Hey who did you "votrd" for? Obviously someone that doesn't love you enough to give you a modern device that employs auto-correct :-)

    2. Anonymous3:31 PM

      Watch it 11:25. I voted for Bernie, because I think we should be moving towards more socialist civilzations. I saw merit in both candidates and really would hVe been happy with Bernie or Hillary as the nominee. I decided to vote Bernie, because O knee if he didn't win, it would at leaat make Hillary ans the DNC come more left. and it has. A realistic college affordability plan. Medicare age lowering (55). They were both pro choice. But Bernie vs. T.rump was too dangerous
      Two old white guys. So very glad Hillary got the nom.

      As for the Bernie Bros, mLe or female. Enough already. Either go away in a huff or just go.

    3. Anonymous4:24 PM

      Watch it 11:25. I voted for Bernie, because I think we should be moving towards more socialist civilzations. I saw merit in both candidates and really would hVe been happy with Bernie or Hillary as the nominee. I decided to vote Bernie, because O knee if he didn't win, it would at leaat make Hillary ans the DNC come more left. and it has. A realistic college affordability plan. Medicare age lowering (55). They were both pro choice. But Bernie vs. T.rump was too dangerous
      Two old white guys. So very glad Hillary got the nom.

      As for the Bernie Bros, mLe or female. Enough already. Either go away in a huff or just go.

    4. Anonymous4:44 PM

      They got all that in Vermont????? dayum, I'm packing up and moving. Do they re imburse you if your kids already graduated?

  7. Anonymous11:33 AM

    If Bernie Sanders is now an Independent, why should the Democrats put Sanders name into nomination tonight at the DNC?

    1. Anonymous3:33 PM

      Uh, he got x # of delegates. If he got the nom he would run as a Dem. I think it shows integrity to his constituents to return to the Senate a they elected him -I. But he'll still caucus with the Dems.

    2. Anonymous4:24 PM

      Uh, he got x # of delegates. If he got the nom he would run as a Dem. I think it shows integrity to his constituents to return to the Senate a they elected him -I. But he'll still caucus with the Dems.

  8. Anonymous11:33 AM

    He's still the only good person in that race.

    1. Get over it. He's just not that into you.

    2. Anonymous11:45 AM

      11:33 AM Still drinking the koolaid,eh?

    3. Anonymous11:57 AM

      You like being snookered by someone who just uses people? I said from the get-go that that has been his life style and he only finally got a job at age 31 because people were tired of providing for him. Screwed! Need new rules - longevity (year or more?) in a party before you can use them for your "front" money and try to change the party to your own structure!

      Sometimes I so wish I were wrong but if Trump wins the election it is BS' fault!!!!!!! Undeniable!

    4. Anonymous12:20 PM

      1157, already getting your excuses ready?

    5. Anonymous1:27 PM

      One thing Bernard has never been is a "good person" He started out being a selfish deadbeat Dad and is still only for what's in it for him.

    6. Anonymous4:47 PM

      Seventy what, four? Seven? LMAO

    7. I cannot believe that after the multiple instances when Bernie Sanders disrespected, villified, and lied about HRC and the Democratic Party someone has the temerity to label BS "good," insinuating that HRC therefore must be bad. Stop listening to false narrative and believing in the false cariacuture provided by Faux Noise, Limpballs, and other rwnjs. My goodness!!! WJC explained this rather cogently last night. Explainer-in-Chief was on point most definitely!

  9. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Do all the Bernie Sanders' "Democratic" delegates know that "Independent Socialist" Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat? So why should they vote for him tonight.

    1. Anonymous10:31 PM

      They've always known.

      It's not about the "team" or "tribe".

      How sad his message resonates with voters more than Hillary's central right Wall St. hawkish politics as usual win at any costs with my good friend DWS on the inside. And DWS will be rewarded first in the campaign and after that. Well, Debbie will be needing a job after she loses in Florida. What cabinet position do you think Hillary will gift her with?

    2. Anonymous10:48 PM

      10:31 - Hillary is not center right any more than Barack Obama.

    3. Anonymous4:30 AM

      Anon at 10:31 pm. If you had watched Bill Clinton's speech on day 2, you would know that Hillary Clinton is not "center right." She's as liberal and as committed to representing all of the people as a politician can possibly be. A really remarkable woman.

  10. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Well it is a good thing that Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nominee.

    Imagine if that traitor was inaugurated as our president and on Day One his first presidential duty is to switch political parties and becomes America's first Independent Socialist President.

    1. Anonymous12:07 PM

      I don't think Bernie ever registered as a Democrat, maybe the DNC needs to review their policies.

  11. Anonymous11:46 AM

    OK. This has been tough. I truly admire Sanders for what he tried to achieve - and respect his followers. It has been a tough fight and I would hope those Bernie followers will see we have to save this election. (And - yes - my wonderful grandson who is a Bernie fan.) There is so much more at stake here than whether Bernie wins or loses. We are faced with an absolute crazy person who could win this election - simply because of all the ignorant people who vote.
    In addition to that - we have this disastrous situation concerning the DNC that should not have happened. Schultz - what the heck were you doing or thinking?? Thanks!! You really screwed us over!! Prior to this I really thought she was a capable and admirable person. Now I am wondering - what did I miss?
    In any event - we must redouble out efforts - Hil has to win.

    Pat Padrnos

    1. Anonymous12:33 PM

      I'm surprised you fell for "The Bern", Pat! Really surprises me.

      But, you are correct in one thing - we need to elect Hillary Clinton as POTUS - our first woman president! I've always been behind her!

      She's FAR better qualified and experienced than ANY of the candidates considered for the presidency effective January, 2017!

    2. Anonymous12:45 PM

      You really think you can go door to door or employ your little phone banks and make all this go away? Sparkle ponies and rainbow farts aren't real, you realize this right?

    3. Anonymous2:19 PM

      I fell for what? I said I respected Bernie and his followers. Please tell me what I "fell" for"? Is it somehow not allowed to respect someone even though you might not agree with them? Thank you.

      Pat Padrnos

    4. Anonymous2:39 PM

      We don't think we can win YOU, 12:45, and we wouldn't bother trying. You're too cray.

      We KNOW we can win the large majority of people who are rational, adult and understand policy and how it affects their lives. "Little phone banks" work. So does precinct walking, data entry, fundraising and all the other things that go into getting people elected. Those things all involve WORKING instead of merely bitching and demanding, so they're unfamiliar concepts to you. Had you any acquaintance with campaign labor, you might have gotten your candidate the nom.

    5. Anonymous10:50 PM

      Andrew Sullivan is now all in for Hill. Let's win in November!

    6. Anonymous11:15 PM

      On Monday Bernie did everything that was expected of him and more to try to unite the party despite the sabotage of DWS and the leadership.

      I'm not sure what more is expected of him. Oh, turn over all of his money and information? Suck him dry before running him out? Got tar and feathers while you're at it?

      He's hated and vilified, he still stepped up to the plate to give that unifying speech, endorsing Hillary and encouraging everyone to vote for her and it STILL WASN'T ENOUGH, and for thanks he's still hated and vilified.

      She won, OK? Get over it.

      I've had enough of this shit.

      After November I'll be leaving the Democratic Party too, after 40 years. Because if this is an example of what the Democratic party has become, I no longer want to be part of it.

      For the best GOP resignation letter ever, read this:


      "No sensible adult demands moral purity from a political party, but conscience is meaningless without constraints."

      I've reached my limit.

      Like Chris Ladd, I need to preserve a sense of my personal moral accountability and define the boundaries I am not willing to cross. I will not be complicit in the unethical games and selling out the current Democratic party not only participates in but is unapologetic for. I certainly will not be a party to the HATE that this board is a symptom of. The Democratic Party is divided. They have been for quite some time. Well before this election. Bernie didn't do it but he'll be blamed. Bernie can't fix it but he'll be blamed.

      I will not associate myself with such a party of HATE be it the GOP or the Democrats. They are two sides of the same corrupt coin. The Democrats have become the New Republicans. Both corrupt. Both indefensible.

      It is the HATE that has run rampant and unchecked on this board that has convinced me I no longer want to associate with the Democrats. As a liberal progressive I thought this would be a safe place but it has turned out to be nothing like.

      It used to be.

      But it's not any more.

  12. Anonymous11:47 AM

    My theory is that he joined the Democratic Party to obstruct Hillary Clinton as much as possible. i also doubt that he ever wanted to rein in his "supporters." I think he fully approves of their mischief. It's only the country that suffers.

    1. Anonymous12:06 PM

      I agree with you & he's a sneaky traitor now in my book! Even now at the very last minute he's fighting Hillary's people making demands about tonight.

    2. Regrettably, Bernie Sanders has revealed and reveled in a surprising amount of misogyny. Yet, he is labeled a far left progressive while HRC is called everything negative, verbally abused and scorned with such contempt! How can this be?

  13. Anonymous11:49 AM

    "One day after calling for Democratic party unity, Bernie Sanders says he’s an independent"

    Vermont senator Bernie Sanders took the stage last night (July 25) at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to offer a full-throated endorsement of his one-time presidential-race rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...

    Despite this clear and emphatic plea for party unity, Sanders sang a somewhat different tune at a breakfast hosted by Bloomberg Politics the following morning (July 26). According to Susan Page, Washington bureau chief for USA Today, who was in attendance, Sanders told reporters he would return to his post in the US Senate not as a Democrat, but as an independent...

    Read more at:

    1. Anonymous11:18 PM

      Why not and so what?

      He was never a member of the Democratic Party. He was elected to the Senate as an Independent.

      If you're pissed that Bernie was never a Democrat but running in the Democratic primary, why don't you ask the DNC leadership and Debbie Wasserman Schultz why they allowed Bernie to run in the Democratic primary. Be sure you get them to tell you the absolute total truth about why they allowed him to run.

      Like maybe they USED him so that Hillary had an opponent but be assured they would never have let him win. We have proof of that.

  14. Anonymous11:55 AM

    He has caucused with the Democrats for his entire career. We Vermonters are happy with that arrangement. Why are you still so fixated on Bernie? Can't your girl Hillary stand up for herself and get elected like a big girl?

    1. That's happening as we speak.

      And guess what?

      She did not have to take advantage of children or lie about her political affiliations to do it.

    2. Anonymous12:39 PM

      Given your political leanings I'm surprised that you're so hostile to the concept of and Independent. In New England, we're happy to have Bernie in VT and Angus King in Maine speaking for those of us who choose not to register in one of the dominant parties. It seems that an Alaskan would get why that's so important.

    3. Anonymous1:13 PM

      She only had to have all her deals cut with the DNC behind closed doors before she even announced her candidacy. Money, support, attacks against other candidates. Enjoy your fools gold fool.

    4. Anonymous10:51 PM

      1:13 - enjoy your idiocy! You're wearing it openly!

  15. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I officially can't stand him now. A LOT of people in both Dem camps are going to be pissed off at him. He USED our party all the while trying to force & bargain. He should have been more upfront. He's not going out in a good way. EFF YOU SANDERS and your wanna-be shadow president wife!

    He's shown his true colors now and I hope he accidentally gets run over by a secret service car.

    Next week he be urging his crybaby fan club to support Trump. I knew he wasn't to be trusted!

    1. Anonymous11:21 PM

      Oh, and they didn't use Bernie so that Hillary wasn't running unopposed?

      Who is going to be the crybaby when Hillary walks back every progressive promise she's made after she's sworn in?

  16. Anonymous11:56 AM

    What a selfish asshat!

  17. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Thank you Captain Obvious.

  18. Anonymous12:07 PM

    If he were younger and there was the possibility of another go at the presidency, I guess he'd be stuck being a Dem and wouldn't be able to revert back to what he really is. He'd keep using the Dem party. I know people think there's good reason for him to switch parties again--people in VT had voted for an Independent--but it absolutely calls into question his candidacy and ethics. If he believed in himself as an Independent, he should have stayed in the party and been a third-party candidate. And, yeah, while many people would have still given him their money, many others would not have donated to him--he has been very dishonest that way.

    1. Anonymous10:52 PM

      He never changed his Senate profile to "Democrat"; that was always the tip off.

  19. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I have never liked Bernie....he's just never come across to me as being honest. He seemed to want the center stage and to hear the constant applause provided by the members of his 'revolution'!!!

    The money given him by the members of his 'revolution' will enhance the lives of ugly Jane and he for the rest of their lives! The 'revolution' members were idiots!

    What we just watched Bernie and Jane do was nothing more than a political scam! Some American are truly fucking idiots.

    He was never a Democrat and as I've said time and time again - they never should have let him into the Democratic Party. His ass should have been kicked out immediately. He joined the party to create havoc and that he did! Along with his very nasty wife, Jane! Fuck them!

    1. Anonymous7:48 PM

      12:07 I'll vote for Hillary but I don't need to go for the throats of people who supported Bernie. Seek therapy. You're as hostile as any Trumpeteer.

  20. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Well, I hope there is the ability now for delegates to change their votes from him to Hillary. There are many Dems who only wanted to vote for a Dem. They shouldn't be forced to vote for him during roll call.

  21. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Oh, knock it off, Gryphen. The reason he ran as a Democrat was because we have a two party system. If he didn't he'd have gotten as much traction as Jill Stein (who'll get < 1% of the vote). Don't act like this is a surprise--it is the only real way to make any kind of impact, which he has done and I for one congratulate him.

    Hillary is an awful, weak candidate. She is a caricature of an "Establishment" politician: from her buddy-buddy relationship with Wall St. to her lackluster foundation. She knows how to play the game to her advantage, but she is not charismatic, she is not going to bring new ideas to the table.

    If Trump wins, it won't be because of Bernie, so let's stop that talk right now. It will be because the Democrats will do what they do best: snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    1. Anonymous12:37 PM


    2. Anonymous12:43 PM

      So it's okay for Bernie to fool gullible kids out of their $27 with his dishonesty? NO! I hope they turn on him & vote for Hillary.

    3. Anonymous12:48 PM

      that's right, 12:43. a good portion of the donors were actually lied to.

    4. Anonymous12:49 PM

      I am so sick and tired of people calling Hillary Clinton a weak candidate. The GOP has been very successful in redefining her for the last 25 years if even Democrats are drinking their koolaid. When Mark Dayton ran for governor of Minnesota many of my Democratic friends felt that he was a truly week candidate who lacked charisma. Now they can all see that he has been a very effective governor and is often the only adult in the room. Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate in my lifetime to run for President of the United States and it is time for everyone to recognize how great a candidate she is.

    5. Anonymous1:17 PM

      12:26 So what was wrong with him only getting as much traction as Stein? So now why don't you tell BS to join Trump since they both think young girls are the best for their pleasure? Remember Bernie says make sure those girls in their early teens get all the sex they can because it will prevent them from getting breast cancer when they are adults. Google it for more but here is one of his sexual revelations:

    6. Anonymous1:20 PM

      Bernie do the right thing - refund all those kids' $27 so they can pay off their student loans!

    7. Anonymous1:43 PM

      I partially blame those BernieBot youngsters that seemingly haven't studied up on political history. Nader gave Bush the vote. Back in the day those that sat out ended up with Nixon. Hopefully they'll learn a lesson and put down their Pokemon Go next time around.

    8. Anonymous1:59 PM

      Hillary Clinton is hardly a 'weak' candidate! Most men in our political world would never have been able to stand up to the shit she's had to handle throughout the past many, many years! And, now they talk about killing her - discuss her body parts, etc.

      Republicans are the crud of the earth!

      Thank God we've got Mrs. Clinton! She'll soon become our FIRST woman POTUS! She's making huge history AGAIN and the Republican men and Republican owned media and press cannot handle it!

      These same folks want Trump? What does that tell you about them and their party?

      Hillary will run circles around him in the debates! IF Trump is 'boy' enough to show up! I can hardly wait to watch!

    9. Anonymous10:54 PM

      Hillary is the most qualified candidate we've ever had!

    10. Anonymous4:25 AM

      I hope that many of the Sanders' delegates stayed in the convention center long enough to watch and hear Bill Clinton's speech. They would have learned about Hillary Clinton's achievements that began back when she was still a student. Just amazing work on behalf of children and the poor and the sick and the disabled. Hillary Clinton never just "talked the talk," she also "walked the walk."

  22. Caroll Thompson12:32 PM

    Bernie Sanders and his supporters give me a headache. They are not worth the trouble, quite frankly.

    The extreme left and the extreme right never want to compromise. It's their way or the highway. Politics is all about compromise - one side gets this, the other side gets that and deals are made. That is how the Constitution was created - through enormous effort and compromise.

    So, whether you are sitting in the left or right hand aisle of the airplane, it is better to sit in the airplane than ride on the wings.

  23. Anonymous12:38 PM

    And all you Bernie bots booing and acting like assholes can kiss mine! Either get in line, vote for Hillary or get the hell out of the way. I'm ashamed of you people. It was obvious Bernie wasn't going to get the nomination months ago. I blame him for staying in and splintering this party. The Repubs have the most God-awful candidate possible, and we are losing! It's unfathomable. Utterly disgusted with Sanders and his Bern crew. Get the fuck out of the way and let the real adults in this room try and salvage what should be an easy walk to the White House for Mrs. Clinton.

    1. Anonymous12:56 PM

      Hillary and her team realize if the Sanders voters "get the fuck out of the way" that she will lose to Trump. And that's why Tulsi Gabbard is on stage right now at 4:55 PM nominating Bernie Sanders. And that's why we's gonna have a floor roll call vote. To let the Sanders delegates cast their votes for Sanders like they came to do.

    2. Anonymous12:59 PM

      Yes, telling people to "get in line, vote for Hillary" is exactly how to win over disenfranchised Bernie supporters. Good job, even better choice of words, NOT!

    3. Anonymous1:10 PM

      Bernie's not the problem. It's Hillary, so get over it. She has some work to do, but she should be able to pull it off if she's half as good as you people think. Your anger suggests fear; fear that she's not good enough to beat Trump.

    4. Anonymous1:36 PM

      12:38pm said:

      "Get the fuck out of the way and let the real adults in this room try and salvage what should be an easy walk to the White House for Mrs. Clinton."

      Oh, sweetie, you might want a coronation but a lot of people just aren't feeling it, but you just keep polishing that crown for 'Mrs. Clinton', and while you're at it why don't you throw down some rose petals for her to walk on during her 'easy walk to the White House'.

    5. Anonymous2:00 PM

      1:10 PM You butthurt bernietard.

    6. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Oh, sweetie, 1:36? You don't need to condescend, you've done enough damage to yourself already.

    7. Anonymous10:55 PM

      Children loose in the comments! Alert!

  24. Anonymous12:39 PM

    There is no one that I know that thought he would do anything differently. He is an Independent, lots of us are. It was sort of a bummer to have to watch him running under a party that is one of the two reasons that we are Independents.

    Ce'st La Vie, things are finally back to normal after Bernie dipping his toe into the dark side. Not sure why he did it, as an Indie he'd have raised just as much money had even more supporters. As all the party shackles did was stymie him and make a lot of people think that he'd sold out (which he did).

    Not a biggie, life goes on, it was obviously an experiment for him in entering big party politics and it just proved that the Democratic machine is as terrible as everyone knew it was, it ate him up and spit him out and now a lot of people that supported him are left stymied, confused and no longer interested in the process, as it is now.

    And before you ask am I ready for a President Trump, ya know what I don't care who wins. Trump will be hogtied by a TeaParty House that hates his guts and Democratic Senate that feels the same. He'll just be 4 years of getting nothing done; it won't be world war 3, it will just be stagnation and it will teach a lot of people a lesson regarding how this political process really works. I think America needs that right now.

    1. Anonymous1:10 PM

      You really don't care that Trump might win! Didn't you watch or read any of his brain-cringing speech last week? You really want the country run by someone who is willing to throw countless Americans under the bus!

    2. Anonymous1:33 PM

      Hey, Beaglemom, even if elected there is little chance that he'll do what he's been promising, in fact, he'll be facing opposition on all sides. Even though he has a TP VP I still don't see unilateral TP support for him.

      It will be interesting, that's for sure, one for the history books.

    3. Anon 12:39 Do you know that the internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans was by executive order? And yes while Congress can enact a law that can overturn it and the Supreme Court can vacate it as unconstitutional - how much damage would be caused by an executive order from POTUS Trump before those things could happen? What if Republicans still hold the majority in Congress? This is not a joke and should not be taken lightly.

    4. Anonymous2:42 PM

      I didn't think it was possible to be as poorly informed as 12:39/1:33 and walk on two legs. Truly a textbook Dunning-Kruger case.

    5. Anon 12:39, Nader allowed W. Bush to steal the election and we got war against Iraq and Afghanistan. Destroying Iraq, the natural enemy of Iran, ended up destabilizing the entire Middle East. Bush also lowered taxes on the rich while declaring war on two different countries, and almost sent us into another Great Depression. Bush appointed two extremely conservative (and young) Supreme Court Justices, and we got Citizens United. Now, Planned Parenthood has been under relentless attack by Republicans as they try a state by state approach which they ultimately hope to take to the Supreme Court and overturn Roe v. Wade. Imagine what life would have been like if Nader hadn't siphoned off just enough votes to allow Karl Rove to steal the election...............no wars, no scores of dead American servicemen & women, no Syrian refugee crisis, no emboldened Putin, no Citizens United, no stopping of stem cell research, and way more progress on addressing climate change. I'm past the procreating years, but I sure did enjoy having the ability to choose what happened to my own body and my own life, back in the day when reproductive services were available to ALL women, even the ones in Texas and Mississippi.

      So yes, it does make a difference who gets elected, and yes, you should care.

  25. Anonymous12:44 PM

    2000: Al Gore lost because Nader ran as a third party candidate. Nader shoulda primaried as a Democrat.

    2016: Sanders primaries as a Democrat and he's an asshole spoiler for doing what the party wanted.

    You're just butthurt that Nate woke you up this morning and you finally realize Clinton needs every Sanders vote. She's showing she's humble enough to do whatever needs to be done to win them. Platform, rules, now a full on state by state roll call vote. You should be following her lead, not slamming the people whose votes she needs.

    1. Anonymous1:47 PM

      @12:44 PM Are you still here???

    2. Anonymous11:29 PM

      They certainly won't be won by all of the insults, name calling and personal attacks that are STILL going on.

      In fact, if they're Democrats they'll probably be driven from the Democratic party.

      So if there is a drop in membership from now until after the November elections, it will be the fault of the petty panty sniffers who can't even win graciously.

      But they'll still blame Bernie for "stealing" their members.

  26. Anonymous12:51 PM

    As much as I want to show respect to Bernie supporters, the truth is that Bernie has always talked in generalities and was unable to really debate in enough detail. He's been around for a long time and knows certain things, but there's a lot he doesn't know and can;t talk about in a useful enough way. As bad as Trump will be in debating Hillary, it's easy to imagine that, with a little work studying up, Trump could have pulled off debate wins against a flustered Bernie.

    1. Anonymous11:32 PM

      Trump can't concentrate long enough to memorize or process any sort of debate prep. It's too boring.

      His debate will consist of the same old sound bites and negative attacks he's been spouting for the last year. It will have very little to do with the questions.

      Like Sarah Palin.

      And it won't matter one bit. His supporters won't care.

  27. Anonymous12:52 PM

    So, how big was the check Putin sent Bernie?

    1. Anonymous1:37 PM

      How big was the one Donald sent Putin?

    2. Anonymous11:34 PM

      Putin didn't write the e-mails.

      The DNC could have easily told Bernie, sorry, but you can't run on our ticket. They didn't because Hillary needed an opponent.

  28. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I think he did it because he & his wife got stars in their eyes much like Sarah Palin in Game Change. They both thought they'd be more famous than The Beatles. Some people let fame go to their heads.

    Well I for one am afraid of a Trump presidency. He would still be able to do some real damage and take us backwards. Now imagine a Clinton presidency in comparison.

    1. Anonymous11:36 PM

      Whereas I think Bernie did it so he could bring national attention to all of the issues he is very passionate about.

      And he did so well, he was able to negotiate them into the Party platform.

      He did much better than he expected.

      I doubt he cares why you think he did it.

      Bernie has done as much as he can. It's now Hillary's job to unite the party and win. If she can't, don't blame Bernie. If she can't she shouldn't be the nominee.

  29. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Seriously very OT and yes, beat me up, but old DUHkota Meyer finally jumped the shark on his Instagram and posed their kid next to a gun...He's so cool!


    1. Anonymous9:23 PM

      WOW Must always protect our,and,all children...

    2. Anonymous4:19 AM

      I think that's an old photo and shows someone else's baby. At any rate, it's a very spooky photo.

  30. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Anyone notice how the Hillary Clinton supporters are being respectful to the Bernie Sanders' speakers? Now who are the grownups in the room?

    1. Anonymous1:33 PM

      I noticed that too. They were saying last night that HRC had said let them have their night. Let them protest if they want. They certainly don't deserve the respect they are being shown.Sarah Silverman, a former Bernie supporter, told them they were being ridiculous.That is kind compared to their rudeness.

    2. Anonymous1:41 PM

      More are than Bernie Bots.
      But good luck thinking Pres Trump is going to get minimum wage raised when he has already stated that it should be up to the individual state to set their own. Good luck earning 2 bucks an hour.

    3. Anonymous4:57 PM

      Reminds me of a quote from Melania Knockers Trump "Ven Day Go the Low, Ve go the Lower".

    4. Anonymous11:39 PM

      How the Hillary supporters are being respectful to the Bernie supporters? On this board?

      Is that supposed to be sarcasm?

  31. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Both Donald and Bernie are wishy washy. Like they just want the attention, and the Presidency. People always say be careful what you wish for, and it's true. Hillary has remained consistant in her stance, and seems to be the only calm one. I said it before, I am voting for her even if I am from Alaska. All things must come to an end, and the asshole thinking system that the Republicans have promoted down the years will one day be a thing of the past. Our changing world cannot withstand fifties ideals.

  32. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Bernie definitely planned in the beginning to use the Dem party for his own shrewd usage. He said so back in March.

    Sanders says he ran as a Democrat for 'media coverage'


    1. Anonymous11:41 PM

      It's basically a two party country. If you don't run as a Democrat or a Republican, you are ignored.

      In fact, even running in the Democratic primary, Bernie was ignored until he started to win. They gave the third candidate, whoever it was, more coverage than they gave Bernie and he was in third place.

  33. When and where is the Independents Party Convention.
    Anybody know.

    1. Anonymous11:43 PM

      Some states actually have an Independent party.

      But in Bernie's case I think it is equivalent to non-partisan or unaffiliated. And no, they don't have a convention.

  34. Caroll Thompson2:01 PM

    For all of you who have commented that we need more than two parties, let me tell you what I told my son. You have to get 270 electoral votes to become the President per our Constitution. If we have multiple parties and no one reaches 270, the entire election is thrown into the House of Representatives.

    I do not want our Presidential election to be decided by the House. So, until the constitution is amended, I will stick to the two party system.

    1. Anonymous11:45 PM

      Then I think those two parties better be very careful or they are going to drive people away to third parties until that is exactly what is going to happen.

      I see both the Republicans and the Democrats losing members. If they go to the Greens or Libertarians, there will be problems in the future.

  35. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Gryphen and the IM sheep-Trump is ahead in the polls. 46% of the votes went to Sanders. I was OK with supporting Clinton. News of the DNC corruption and the disrespect my fellow IMers have repeatedly shown, I truly am done with this Democratic election. As you hurl your insults about the likes of me costing Hillary the election, please realize that you have had a direct had in my decision and a few others here. You needed us. I certainly don't need you.

    1. And we don't need anybody who would seriously consider sitting out an election as important as this one because they got their feelings hurt.

      To do so indicates that you have no ethics, no sense of patriotism, and no value to the country as a whole.

    2. Anonymous2:41 PM

      polls during and near conventions are useless.

    3. Anonymous2:44 PM

      Nope,nope, nope. It has zero to do with ethics or patriotism. I have serious concerns about Hillary, and am disgusted that my party is corrupt. I was willing to hold my nose and vote, but fuck it and thank you for saving me the trouble. That IS on you.

    4. Anonymous2:56 PM

      If you stop your feet and hold your breathe maybe your Mommy will care.

    5. Anonymous3:40 PM

      2:56, "mommy" died years ago. No foot stomping. I just was not enthusiastic about voting for a corrupt politician, so I will stay home. No worries. Hillary doesn't need my Sanders vote.

    6. Anonymous4:32 PM

      Gryphen, with all due respect, you need to take a long walk. Hillary and people like her, including you, need to build bridges. Instead, you denigrate anyone who supported Sanders and anyone who is greatly disappointed in the DNC. Use your intellect, and your podium here, to bring Sanders supporters into the bigger tent. If you can't do that here in your piece of the world, how is Hillary going to do it?

    7. Anonymous9:21 PM

      2:44 It is called "FREE WILL"
      Bitch! it is and will always BE ON YOU.
      Whatever you CHOOSE to do....

    8. Anonymous10:59 PM

      It's impossible to build bridges with negative thinkers devoted to self-victimization.

    9. Anonymous11:59 PM

      @ Gryphen. So speaks the "good nazi".


      I suppose you dismiss what DWS and the DNC did in the e-mails because Hillary won?

      "If compromise is the key to healthy politics, how does one respond when compromise descends into complicity? To preserve a sense of our personal moral accountability we must each define boundaries. For those boundaries to have meaning we must have the courage to protect them, even when the cost is high.

      "Preserving a party is not a morally defensible goal if that party has lost its legitimacy.

      "No sensible adult demands moral purity from a political party, but conscience is meaningless without constraints."

      Putin didn't write the DNC e-mails.

      The DNC didn't forbid Bernie from running in the Democratic primary.

      There is no excuse for the vile, nasty, personal attacks that continue on this board.

      Nor do we need the fear of a President Trump to BULLY us into voting for Hillary while at the same time being subjected to the continued disrespect and insults.

      Obviously those that are objecting to the corruption of the DNC and the continued nastiness of you Hillary Panty Sniffers are the only ones WITH ethics. They certainly value this country and it is an insult to them to question their patriotism because they won't goose step to your own personal drummer.

      You don't like that people are leaving the Democratic party or not voting in November?


      You don't need anyone that won't sit down shut up and vote the way you tell them?


      Fuck you.

      Don't blame them if Trump wins.

      Because it's YOU and your brown shirts that drove disgusted them enough to leave. That's all on you.

      Who's the fucking asshole now?

    10. Anonymous12:09 AM

      If a blogger online can so easily make you stay home - you were just looking for someone else to blame as an excuse so you wouldn't have to take responsibility for your choice - throw away your vote it is your choice but at least own up it - getting your feelings hurt by a blogger is not an excuse

    11. Anonymous11:40 AM

      Not A blogger.

      A community I used to be a part of. A community that USED to be tolerant. A community that used to be open to all opinions and see the big picture.

      Now, thanks to Gryphen leading the way, this is just as much a hate filled, myopic, panty sniffer blog as C4P or whatever the Trumpsters have.

      Left or Right. Doesn't matter.

      And you still can't mentally process that this is not about getting feelings hurt. That's just the red flag, the top of the iceberg, the SYMPTOM of a much deeper problem.

      I'm not going to continue to lend my name as a member of a corrupt party just because the other party is even MORE corrupt. That violates my personal morals and ethics. To do so would condone what DWS and the leadership did, which seems to be just fine with the "end justifies the means" people on this board that are defending her or simply ignoring the whole thing.

      Once again you're trying to convince those that don't agree with you to vote the way you want by insulting, denigrating and vilifying them.

      I don't respond well to "or else". Never have.

      You're all filled with hate and you are ALL driving those of us that are still adults away.

      You've been bashing Bernie and his supporters from the start and you've enjoyed it so much you just can't stop yourselves, even when it is at odds with what you claim is your desired goal; to get Hillary elected.

      So if Hillary loses it's ON YOU.

  36. IMHO, Bernie is an authentic Democrat. The rest of them are just GOP-lite.

    1. Anonymous10:48 PM


    2. Anonymous10:59 PM

      He's an authentic Socialist.

    3. ...and the problem with that is?

    4. Anonymous3:06 AM

      What is the definition of an authentic Democrat?

    5. Anonymous4:16 AM

      If Bernie Sanders is an "authentic Democrat," then he should have been a member of the party for the last 20+ years. He's enjoyed being an outsider, always being begged to vote one way or another. It's a good way to get attention.

  37. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I have my doubts this is true. A google search doesn't have any hits about it on the first page. It would be remarkably stupid for him to do it at this time, and I believe him that he doesn't was a President Trump.

    Maybe he will go back to I. Hard to predict the future. But it's a serious self-inflicted injury if he does it now, before Hill is even elected to represent the party, before the convention is over. A gift to Trump. Doesn't make sense.

    1. Anonymous10:47 PM

      the majority of people are Independent or Unaffiliated. Neither Democrat nor Republican actually reflects the majority of people's values.

    2. Anonymous11:02 PM

      Lucy. It's true. Read the link at 11:49.

  38. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Don't be so smug, Gryphen. It's almost a very probable certainty that Bernie will be back in 2020 to run again for president as a proud Democrat!!

    (or Republican, of course. No reason to make a commitment now. He's smart to keep his options open...

    Also, too, rumors are swirling he may run as a Whig if they're willing to suspend their requirement that all balding male candidates wear whigs while campaigning )

    1. Anonymous4:59 PM

      If the president does well, that's eight years from now. How old is Bernie? Add eight years, he'll be retired by then, on another wife.

    2. Anonymous6:05 PM


      Thank Jeebus Bernie's such a patient man, then.

  39. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Ya know, Berniebros, had you not been so aggressive, belligerent, and downright obnoxious, you would have been better received - both online, on the street and on the convention floor.

    I once thought Bernie was a good thing, in it to make life better for the 99% (where ARE those pesky tax returns?). It turned out I was mostly wrong. I quit being a Bernie fan when he was promising things he could never deliver. The straw that broke the camel's back was when he chartered that jet to the Vatican.

    1. Anonymous11:59 AM

      "aggressive, belligerent, and downright obnoxious"?

      I read the comments on this board.

      Bernie supporters were pretty nice, even after the constant bashing. There reached a point where they had enough and their replies reflected it.

      But by far the "aggressive, belligerent, and downright obnoxious" has come from the Hillary panty sniffers. It came early, often and was very nasty.

      And it STILL IS.

      The ridicule for exercising a constitutional right to vote for the candidate of your choice, the personal insults and the downright hate and nastiness towards both the candidate and his supporters. It has been constant from the time that Bernie entered the race.

      And even after Hillary won, Bernie conceded, Bernie endorsed and even Bernie NOMINATED, he is still being vilified. Now it's he should turn over all of his money, his info and campaign for Hillary.

      After all of the hate I have to ask, why? Why should he? He's done more than he had to, more than was asked of him. Why shouldn't he go home?

      In fact, I don't understand why Bernie doesn't give a big FUCK YOU to the entire "machine". But he won't. Because he is Bernie. He will do all that he can to see that Donald Trump is defeated. That's what he said he'd do and that's what he'll do.

      So despite all of the petty nitpicking of how he has run his campaign, he's stayed true to himself and to me that makes him a more moral and worthy candidate for political office than the majority of the Democrats in the Party (aside from Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren who also display true morals and ethics.)

      If Debbie Wasserman Schultz is an example of a great Democrat, then thanks but no thanks. I'll find some other party that reflects my personal values.

      I don't fault Bernie for remaining an independent if DWS is an example of what the DNC is now.

      Just as the GOP is no longer the party of Eisenhower, the Democratic party isn't the party I joined 40 years ago. It has moved too far right.

      So yeah, I'm with Bernie. He represents more of what I believe and want to work towards. He's stayed true to his beliefs and values.

      He worked hard and stayed in as long as he had to to get as much of his values into the party platform and for that I am truly grateful.

      You don't like he went to the Vatican? Who's petty now?

  40. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Watched the DNC. Was fun. Meryl Streep, my favorite. Hope Hillary wins. I'd rather have a happy, progressive America than a dark, sad, unhappy, woman hatin, bible thumpin', woe is me, sad sack of a nation. Look at Putin. His country is corrupt. He and his cohorts are running on the backs of the people. Anyone opens their mouth and wham. They're dead. Donald is one short of this type of leadership. Only in America can an asshole like Donald waltz toward the white house while Hillary worked hard, and put up with a lot of accusations, and obstacles. This is basically the world of women. When I first heard that she was running I made mention of this, that America in general was misogynistic. Wasn't wrong. Now we are at that threshold of crossing over, and there's a buttload of men guarding that gate.

  41. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Bernies 2 words>

    Mine: "Fuck Off"

    1. Anonymous12:00 PM

      Mine: Fuck you.

  42. Bernie is getting sort of scary.

  43. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Remember that Bernie was invited to run on the Democratic ticket. The Democrats could easily have said no. But they didn't.

    Could it be the Democratic Party used (misused and abused) Bernie Sanders?

    Without Bernie Sanders Hillary would have had NO ONE to run against. No one heard of that third guy, the *other* Democrat who dropped out early.

    What kind of race would it have been if Hillary ran unopposed?

    The DNC is just pissed that Bernie gave her a run for her money. The didn't expect him to do so well.

    Is it any wonder they were undermining him?

    Keep in mind that Russia didn't write those e-mails. And had the DNC not been conspiring against Bernie, there would be no e-mails to leak.

    And while Bernie was trying to unite the party, just like all you bashers were saying he *had* to do, the DNC divided it all by themselves by failing to adhere to their own policies of neutrality and impartiality. No wonder Bernie's supporters are outraged. They have a right to be.

    The DNC elected DWS even knowing what she was.

    BTW she was supposed to solicit Joe Biden to help the DNC in fundraising and do a digital piece. Instead she got him to help her own fundraiser for her run in Florida and do a video for her daughter's Bat Mitzvah. DWS isn't quite on Trump's level of selfishness and self serving but she is way above Bernie Sanders. He's giving a speech to get his supporters to support Hillary (just like you all demanded he do) and DWS is insisting on speaking and gaveling at the DNC even after she has resigned. Is she too dense to understand how divisive that is or is she just so self-absorbed and craving of the spotlight she can't see it was a bad idea? Luckily the DNC leadership stepped in on Monday after that breakfast and told her "you're done".

    I understand the are personally going to every state delegate meeting and personally apologizing. Which makes them better men than many on this board.

    1. Anonymous10:45 PM

      agree 100%

    2. Anonymous11:05 PM

      Oh, please. Bernie never had the votes. End of story. He was a protest candidate who never intended to win. He was not a real Democrat. He only ran to use the Democratic machine. Now he has his book deal so Jane is happy.

    3. Anonymous4:13 AM

      I think it was the other way around. Bernie Sanders used the DNC. He got lots of perks not the least of which was being part of the Democratic debates. Would the GOP have allowed him to join their debates as an independent?

      Well, it's now Day 3 of the convention. And the votes have been counted and Hillary Clinton has won the nomination. I hope enough Sanders' delegates stayed to listen to Bill Clinton's speech. Most of the country learned more about Hillary Clinton's accomplishments during that speech than we ever knew before.

  44. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Good article to refer when someone says they are voting for trump

    16 Years Ago, William F. Buckley Wrote This About Donald Trump And It’s Eerily Accurate

  45. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Let's see, the Governor demands testing of old rape kits, why no coverage, Gryph ?

    Leave Bernie alone already, he's an honorable man.

    Your dickish behavior is quite unbecoming of you.

    Or is it ?

    1. Anonymous1:29 AM

      Bernie Sanders got way too many votes in the primaries to be treated like a joke. He is an honest man who wants a better life for everybody who isn't a millionaire. He told his supporters to support Clinton, and he couldn't have done any more than he did in his speech. I dislike many things H has done, from cluster bombs to fracking, to selling weapons to countries with dismal human rights records, to that pesky speech thing. But I'm not an idiot. She's not TRump. At my age, I don't go much for heroes. Bernie Sanders is my hero. He showed tremendous grace in defeat, taking the mic in the roll call and giving H her win. He may be an I in congress but he has caucused with the Ds for years, and when Nader ran for president, Bernie endorsed the Democrat. I think it's time to tell the mocking, sneering Bernie haters to Get Over It. They are also being ridiculous, at this point. Harry Reid said today that "everybody" knew it was rigged. Apparently that's okay with some people. Shame.


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