Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bill Maher interviews GOP pollster and "public relations guru" Frank Luntz on last night's Real Time. You might as well start grinding your teeth now.

I usually like to share the New Rules segment with all of you the day after Real Time is on, but last night I found myself fixated on his interview, which came right after the monologue, and thinking about it for the remainder of the show.

Now let me just warn you that this is rage inducing if you are even remotely liberal.

However it is also quite informative as it relates to what is happening within the Republican party regarding the damage control they are utilizing in the wake of Trump's nomination.

Notice that essentially right out of the box Luntz starts pandering to the Sanders supporters and pretending to commiserate with them over the fact that the "better" candidate did not win the nomination.

He then suggests that Sanders should have run as a third party candidate knowing full well that would have helped his Republican party candidate in the general election.

He then dramatically exaggerates the FBI's e-mail server investigation and virtually accuses FBI Director Comey of letting Hillary off because that's what the President wanted him to do.

When Bill sticks a pin in his arguments, Luntz changes the narrative and starts throwing out one straw man argument after the other, essentially trying to bury Maher in mounds of bullshit Republican talking points.

My favorite part (And by that I mean the part that I found the most irritating.) is when he attempts to paint Maher as an elitist and actually tries to smear him in the eyes of his own camera crew and employees on the show.

Luntz is a poorly bewigged, corpulent, toad-like POS (Think of Dakota Meyer in about fifteen years.) but he is very good at what he does, and watching him do it should serve as an abject lesson for those of us calling out the Republicans are their bullshit.

Because I can tell you right now that this is the guy who gives master classes in the dissemination of that bullshit.


  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I found Luntz pathetic.

    1. Anonymous10:07 PM

      I found Luntz to be a pathetic Karl Rove wannabe, desperately. He may be more successful in his desperation at some point. Intelligence can be evil especially for those who are desperate for validation from the people who recognize evil intentions, IMO.

      Frank Luntz confirms his association with CBS/MSM 'credibility' as legitimate/acceptable media vs FoxNews as the GOP media outlet of record.

      The GOP Fox talkers are successfully being embedded into MSM to push Republican issues and lack of 'real' journalism that of course benefits most of the 99% of us.

      When Bill O'Reilly begins guesting on MSM or God forbid Sean Hannity, we are more screwed that we can begin to imagine.

      Consider Donald Trump's stated ideas about how to deal with media who dare call him out.

      We's better be ID'd up and ready to vote for Hillary and Dems down ballot in November and there after in the off-year elections, local, county, state.

      Lord have mercy on us all.


  2. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Totally disgusting. And spin all the way.

  3. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Frank Luntz is an odious piece of shit. Always has been.

  4. Anonymous5:15 PM

    I so badly wanted to reach through my laptop screen and punch Luntz in the face. This is sad because I am mostly a pacifist. But, damn it would have felt so good!

    1. Anonymous9:48 PM

      I, too, wanted to do the same thing! Luntz was a horrible representative of Republicans on Bill's show. The party should have been embarrassed by him!

      Bill maintained his cool - something I'd not have been able to. I'd have kicked Luntz off the show - once he started demeaning Bill as to his coworkers and employees!

      Vote for Hillary Clinton and return sanity back to our world of this national voting cycle.

  5. Anonymous5:17 PM

    They can't win if they told the ignoramuses who vote for them what their plan is. They want an oligarchy. BS for the masses is all the have. They are a bunch of greedy power hungry sociopaths.

  6. Anonymous5:19 PM

    I thought Luntz an ass on Bill's show last night! I'm surprised Bill was able to contain himself as well as he did.

    Not only did Luntz have on ugly tennis shoes, but he had the nasty personality to boot! Plus, he seemed defensive as hell to me.

    1. I actually thought Bill Maher gave as good or better than he got from Luntz. That's more than most hosts or anchors do on just about any program that invites a "Republican strategist" (spinmeister) on for a discussion. They usually just sit there and let their guest spew.

  7. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I was especially appalled how he demeaned Bill as to his crew and employees. Thought it shocking and totally uncalled for!

    Republicans truly are jerks in every sense of the word! Don't think I've met one on the entire national scene that I like or admire!

    Hopefully, Bill will never have the jerk on his show again. Know I wouldn't be interested in listening to anything he has to say!

    The guy wasn't even respectful knowing full well he and Bill wouldn't agree on much! At least, Bill is ALWAYS respectful!

  8. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Here is exactly what he means. The difference between a patriot and a terrorist is chilling.

    We are at the point where actual terrorism (unless you’re Muslim) is not terrorism, but activism – exercising your First Amendment right of free speech – is. That’s the world as Republicans know it.

    We’ve seen it from Bill O’Reilly and Rudy Giuliani and others, and Fox News’ Charles Gasparino just told us Friday that “Multiculturalism,” of all things, “is at the heart of a lot of this stuff” (terrorism). In other words, if we were just all white people, or at least acted like white people, there wouldn’t be any terrorism.

    You know, except for people like the Bundys and those other well-armed, anti-government “patriot” groups. But that’s the thing: Republicans say those guys are “just” patriots.

    Just think about that for a minute: Occupy and Black Lives Matter are terrorists, but the Bundys are not.

    And Republicans who claim to be against an intrusive federal government not only want federal agencies to spy on Americans; they want them to spy MORE.

    A new CREDO ACTION petition tells us,

  9. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Heads up, North Carolina! Be diligent.

  10. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I kept expecting Bill to punch him.

  11. Anonymous6:25 PM

    The new Trump Pence logo

    1. Anonymous6:46 PM

      卐 or 卍 That is what i first saw..yesterday..

    2. Anonymous6:49 PM

      They could use either one, the first for how they plan to screw America and the second for their core supporters: neo-nazis, white supremacists.

    3. Anonymous12:41 AM

      I kinda like this one:

      Then there's this one. Very subtle. Look for it. It's hilarious.

      Personally, I think this is the one Trump is going to steal. Some guy posted it while disparaging Trump's people saying he created it in five minutes with Photoshop. It's actually quite good. Since Trump doesn't pay people for their work, I think it is likely he'll just steal it off the internet, claim he doesn't know who made it and use it for free. He's that kinda guy.

  12. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan scores prime time slot on Republican National Convention stage


    Sullivan will take the dais Tuesday evening with nine of his freshman Republican Senate colleagues in a bid to recount the party's 2014 wins that allowed Republicans to capture the Senate majority, which they hope to retain this year, according to the senator's office.

    Sullivan will deliver a speech on stage.

    Nationally, viewers are sure to eye Sullivan in comparison to the state's most famous politician, Gov. Sarah Palin, who captured the country's attention in 2008 when she was announced as Sen. John McCain's vice presidential pick and spoke at that year's convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

    1. Anonymous7:04 PM

      Now wait just a doggone minute, Donnie said AK was to far away for Sarah to come, but Dan can make it?

      Does Dan come from the more eastern part of AK?

    2. Anonymous7:39 PM

      Dan comes from Washington, DC

    3. Anonymous8:39 PM

      7:04 PM-
      Dan was born in Ohio and parents live in Ohio. So it would be lovely for him all around. ;-)

    4. Anonymous9:36 PM

      Dan is no more an Alaskan than I am. He married an indian/native gal from Alaska though, so I guess that makes him 'feel' Alaskan!

      He's a do nothing Republican in the United States Congress that hasn't done a thing to represent Alaska!

  13. There are numerous reasons I avoid conversation with repubs.
    However, the one thing that makes me want to smack them is this - they all look down their noses at the working class.

    That Fatass Luntz pointing out the "help" was offensive. He obviously tried to appear so concerned and supportive of the poor overlooked hired help - yea, whatever mr Fatass.

    They have attacked President Obama in ways I've never witnessed with any other candidate in my life - my first eligible year to vote was when Nixon ran so I've been around for a while.

    It's almost impossible for me to get past their snobbery and meanness to ever find the patience to listen to anything they spew.

    I'm proud to support my party for all the right reasons. I care about those who don't have enough to eat, can't afford a home or basic healthcare, women's rights and equitable pay, I oppose discrimination against gays or anyone else, I believe in separation of church and state, I'm against violent cops who should NEVER get a pass for shooting unarmed civilians and I'm fed up with the way politicians have become rich, fat and corrupt on our tax dollars.

    Fuck you republicans - I'm proud to be 'working class" and unions are my heroes. ��

  14. Anonymous6:37 PM

    WTF is all this regressive shit? So disgusting...and scary.

    WHOOPS: Republicans Rushing To Hide ‘White Elevators’ Sign At Convention (PHOTO)

    ...Republican officials are reportedly scrambling to tear down signs at the party convention site in Cleveland in order to avoid yet another racial incident.

    Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau photographed a sign in the Quicken Loans Arena labeled “White Elevator.” Tau noted on Twitter: “I’m told it’s being replaced for obvious reasons.”

    Spotted at the #RNCinCLE. I'm told it's being replaced for obvious reasons.

    — Byron Tau (@ByronTau) July 16, 2016

    Republicans have struggled to shed the image of their party as racially hostile to minority groups, especially blacks. But the rhetoric of many of their leaders and elected officials, including presumptive nominee Donald Trump, have made such moves difficult.

    Signs that echo Jim Crow racism, with segregated water fountains and schools are just the latest headache.

    Party bosses are already keeping their mouths shut over the controversy.

    It’s unclear who vetted the signs or why they were hung in the first place. Neither RNC organizers nor Trump’s campaign immediately responded to the Daily News’ request for further comment.

    The “white” banners are eerily similar to the signs that once kept America segregated: Everything from bathrooms to restaurant entrances were labeled for “white” and “colored” use until segregation was abolished in 1964.

  15. Anonymous6:40 PM

    THIS IS HYSTERICAL on Trump! #11 is spot on.

    Bill Maher Lets Us Know The ’25 Things’ We Have Yet To Learn About Trump (VIDEO)

  16. Anonymous6:44 PM


  17. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Donald Trump and two of his kids have been named as "material witnesses" in a huge tax-avoidance lawsuit. Who'd have thunk it?

  18. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I was watched a program (doc zone?) on CBC Canada about the problem with all these "experts".

    In reality, just about anyone today can call themselves an expert or political analyst with no credentials and spew "their opinions" as fact.

    The big issue is that there are no longer any real journalists, that aren't entertainers, to challenge them when they present lies as facts.

    But, the GOP really likes it that way and if we think the media is crap now, just wait until Herr Donnie takes over the country.

    1. Anonymous8:11 PM

      Morning Joke and Mika would disagree if they've come up for air yet.

  19. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Donald Trump and two of his kids have been named as "material witnesses" in a huge tax-avoidance lawsuit. Who'd have thunk it?

    You might want to sit down for this one, kids: Would you believe that Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka, and his son Donald Junior have all been named in a lawsuit involving a massive tax avoidance scam related to four Trump-branded real estate deals? Astonishing, we know - we'll give you a nanosecond to catch your breath.

    The story comes to us once again from the Daily Beast's David Cay Johnston, who has made dogging Trump on taxes his personal beat. Now, it's worth noting, as Johnston does right up front, that Trump is not personally accused of wrongdoing in the suit. Not yet, at least! Here's the dealio:

    He is described as a "material witness" in the evasion of taxes on as much as $250 million in income. According to the court papers, that includes $100 million in profits and $65 million in real-estate transfer taxes from a Manhattan high rise project bearing his familiar name.

    However, his status may change, according to the lawyers who filed the lawsuit, Richard Lerner and Frederick M. Oberlander, citing Trump's testimony about Felix Sater, a convicted stock swindler at the center of the alleged scheme.

    This Felix Sater guy is quite the "colorful character," as we'll see in a moment. But how about the Trumps? What's their involvement in this? Mostly, getting buttloads of money while others do the work (dirty or not), as is their lot in life:

    Trump received tens of millions of dollars in fees and partnership interests in one of the four projects, the Trump Soho New York, a luxury high rise in lower Manhattan. His son Donald Junior and his daughter Ivanka also were paid in fees and partnership interests, the lawyers said, and are also material witnesses in the case.

    As usual, there's a nice record of Trump and his family hanging out with Sater, the convicted stock swindler guy: Trump and Sater traveled all over the place together, and "were photographed and interviewed in Denver and Loveland, Colorado, Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, and New York." The younger Trumplings also met with Sater at least once, in Moscow, according to an attorney for the Trump Organization.

    By now, you should know what's coming -- Trump, who enjoys telling the media he has the greatest memory of any human alive, insists he barely even knows this Sater guy:

  20. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Fuck This:
    Delegate Michael Folk, R-Berkeley, tweeted to Clinton late Friday afternoon that she should be “should be tried for treason, murder, and crimes against the US Constitution... then hung on the Mall in Washington, DC.”<<<<<<<<<<

    1. Anonymous9:30 PM

      I think there are many Republicans in the U.S. Congress that should be hung from the rafters in D.C. due to their illegal deeds...mainly the fact they don't do a damn thing!

      They are scared to death of her being elected POTUS!

      Vote for Hillary Clinton!

  21. Anonymous7:07 PM

    NOW we know why he won't release his tax returns.

    Donald Trump and Kids Named in $250M Tax Scam

    ...Trump received tens of millions of dollars in fees and partnership interests in one of the four projects, the Trump Soho New York, a luxury high rise in lower Manhattan. His son Donald Junior and his daughter Ivanka also were paid in fees and partnership interests, the lawyers said, and are also material witnesses in the case.

    Trump and Sater traveled extensively together and were photographed and interviewed in Denver and Loveland, Colorado, Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, and New York. The two Trump children were also with Sater in Moscow, Alan Garten, the Trump Organization general counsel, has said.

    Trump has testified about Sater in a Florida lawsuit accusing the two of them of fraud in a failed high-rise project. Trump testified that he had a glancing knowledge of Sater and would not recognize him if he were sitting in the room.

    Sater controlled an investment firm named Bayrock, with offices in Trump Tower, and sought to develop branded Trump Tower luxury buildings in Moscow and other cities. Court papers show his salary in 2006 was $7 million, but it alleges that was a pittance compared to his real income.

    Sater then moved into the Trump Organization offices. He carried a business card, issued by the Trump Organization, identifying him as a “senior adviser” to Trump.

  22. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Besides the thousands of lawsuits against trump and company, what about him owning his media (cbs) newspapers, internet,and yes the lawyerscpac for rump and the oh so very important evesdropping on guest, friends, family, employees, enemies, associates, and bern and hill supporters, world leaders, you name it. How much did ed snowden charge? or Norton? maybe pcmatic, ancestry or shady depts for info used to extort to win? When will the FEC stop it and provide to the American people the security and clearance for this bunch of reality rejects attempting to over throw America?

  23. Anonymous8:38 PM

    It seems as if you've been nothing but pissed off lately.

    1. Anonymous9:43 PM

      Um, it has not been a great week in the world at large, 8:38. Or do you live in a cave?

  24. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Saw Bill on a one-on-one repeat of Hardball this afternoon. He is one smart cookie.

  25. Anonymous8:43 PM

    I couldn't watch. My stomach turned. I turned off the internet. Hard to believe these people want to run our world. Hope against hope they aren't procreating. I notice they seem to be upbeat about something, like they know something we don't. Like they all think Donald is going to President. They all seem brasher and bolder. Wonder what's up?

  26. Anonymous9:22 PM

    The way I see it Maher is giving better than he gets. It seems Luntz is constantly thrown off balance and tries to re-initiate his BS and dominate the dialog. He's clumsy even if he is practiced. Maher is really in control.

    1. I actually agree with you.

      Bill Maher is indeed a very skilled debater.

      However the point of my post was to illustrate the kind of scattershot approach that the Republicans are using in defending Trump and attacking Hillary this go around.

      Luntz is the source for virtually all GOP talking points. So watching him throw everything but the kitchen sink at Maher shows how little they have to work with this year.

  27. Anonymous11:11 PM

    I watched this and the republican talking point is actually very depressing. As a multi tasking person this was way more fun to visit while I was listening:

    Track Palin agrees to rehab and avoids jail for 'punching his girlfriend in the face and drunkenly threatening to shoot himself dead with an AR-15'

    Apparently Bristol and Sarah don't own DM. The comments are brutal and now everyone knows Sarah pulled strings to get her feral cub from facing the consequences of his actions.

  28. Anonymous11:20 PM

    OT, but at least someone has finally brought up the fact that Melania's not been around:

    It doesn't mention the fact that she's been absent for several weeks now, just that she missed the big day of the veep pick. Supposedly she had to practice her speech in a Trump club in New Jersey. Yeah, right.

    Something is very off. Why would the candidate's wife not have been by his side since (I'm pretty sure) June 7? There was a pic taken of Trump, Barron and Melania on June 14th when they ate dinner out the night before Trump's birthday. Before that, I only saw her at his side on stage once. And I've not seen her onstage since.

    Trump supposedly wnats her to be the new Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Maybe he's keeping her hidden for her big Jackie-ish reveal at the convention. But who, really, would have wasted many weeks of no wife eye candy and show of support on stage? To me, it feels like there's been trouble in paradise. I can see her having gotten sick of him and feeling embarrassed and wanting nothing more to do with this campaign. Will there be a separation or divorce announcement shortly after he loses? I'll not be surprised if it happens.

    1. Anonymous4:24 AM

      Recovering from plastic surgery?

  29. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Gryphen, I suspect you'll find this article immensely interesting with your knowledge of people and politics and religion. And wouldn't you know, old Sarah is in the mix.

    Donald Trump’s weaponized platform: A project three decades in the making

    ...Wilson was the first to uncover Sarah Palin’s network of religious extremist associations, within days of John McCain naming her as his running mate, providing the first coherent body of evidence of the sort of candidate she would turn out to be. Given that track record, it’s not surprising that Wilson is once again a step ahead of the pack in bringing hidden connections to light to help make sense of things that are staring all of us in the face.

    Salon interviewed Wilson by email; the transcript has been edited for clarity and length.

    And unfortunately, this is the media we live with.

    The Media’s Gift to Trump: Low Expectations

    When a candidate starts in the cellar in terms of behavior and temperament, there's nowhere to go but up.

  30. Cancel that last one

  31. He said poll numbers were made up then he made up poll numbers

  32. The republicans tell their "fans" how dissatisfied they should be then use that as a talking point that their "fans" are dissatisfied

  33. Anonymous6:24 AM

    My favorite part was in overtime where lunchbox acknowledged that he got his ass handed to him.
    He knows that his sh*t only works on the stoopids.

  34. The GOP has two sets of constituents: the wealthy and those who aren't. For the wealthy, they craft economic policies that allow them to improve their lot: lax regulations, tax incentives, oppose minimum wage and ACA, so and so forth. While benefiting the wealthy, these programs are touted as job creators for those not-wealthy. Policies designed specifically for the not-wealthy are social issues: education, rights, abortion, guns. The GOP knows low information voters who are easily influenced by the pulpit will take the bait every time. Fire them up over a social issue and they forget all about economic issues. Wrap it all in patriotism and God and it works like a charm without fail. The GOP has nothing but contempt for working people, something they demonstrate time after time. It is marvel to watch the needy decry healthcare as if having a national healthcare program is unAmerican. I have seen this gasbag before so I have no desire to see the video. The GOP game never changes. They dress it up a bit and pretend they are the new GOP, but it is always the same. They claim the mantle of values and morality but time after time demonstrate their hypocrisy in incident after incident. A few tears, invoking God, and knowing in their hearts they are forgiven never fails to warm the hearts of their fellow hypocrites and gullible. I would never say Democrats are perfect; they are not. Did Hilary lie? Yes. Did Bill have sex with Lewinski? Of course. Has either of them used values, morality, and religion in the same way as republicans? No.
    Trump is the perfect storm, the culmination of the direction of this feckless party. If he wins, the turmoil we think we've seen since Obama was elected will crank up into high gear.

    1. Anonymous8:10 AM


  35. Gryphen for prez in 2020

  36. Wow -- this clown goes on national TV wearing a terribly-fitting jacket, badly mismatched jacket and slacks, and garish red-white-&-blue sneakers.

    Obviously, he is an accomplished figure who is to be taken very seriously.

    A trip to Goodwill and $50 would make him look much better. Sarah Palin dresses a lot better than he does.


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