Monday, July 11, 2016

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Britain now calls the Iraq War "illegal" and apologizes for his part in promoting it.

Courtesy of the BBC:

John Prescott, who was deputy prime minister when Britain went to war with Iraq in 2003, says the invasion by UK and US forces was "illegal". 

Writing in the Sunday Mirror, he said he would live with the "catastrophic decision" for the rest of his life. 

Tony Blair has apologised for mistakes he made but has said he stands by his decision to take the country to war.

Lord Prescott said Mr Blair's statement that "I am with you, whatever" in a message to US President George W Bush before the invasion in March 2003, was "devastating". 

He said he now agreed "with great sadness and anger" with former UN secretary general Kofi Annan that the war was illegal.

"A day doesn't go by when I don't think of the decision we made to go to war. Of the British troops who gave their lives or suffered injuries for their country. Of the 175,000 civilians who died from the Pandora's Box we opened by removing Saddam Hussein," he went on. 

He also expressed his own "fullest apology", especially to the families of British personnel who died.

This of course is in response to that Chilcot report that I posted about earlier

I have long ago given up hope that we could see something happen in America like what is happening in Britain right now concerning the Iraq War decision.

However I have to say with what we are seeing in Britain gives me the tiniest amount of hope that if the Democrats were able to regain the Senate, and possible the House, that they would launch a Chilcot-like investigation of their own and we could finally bring a little justice to the families of the soldiers that fell in that bloody and completely unnecessary conflict.

And how gratifying would it be for Hillary Clinton, who says that her vote in favor of Bush's "resolution to use force" is the vote that she regrets the most, to be the person in the White House when that justice finally came to pass?

I know, I know, I am fantasizing out loud.

But do you know what, before the findings of that Chilcot report so were a number of like minded British citizens.

So many things that I have hoped for have come to pass, so who's to say that this fantasy might not one day become a reality?


  1. Anonymous4:05 AM

    Another "I told you so" post. It's gotten boring.

  2. Misquoting Winston Churchill: Never was so much owed TO so many BY so few.

  3. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Per Politico, Trump chose Paula white as his spiritual advisor. And, she has tons of baggage too similar to Trump!!

    I guess Sara isn't even respected by Trump in her own Christian wheelhouse. Maybe it's because White is prettier? It's not the baggage
    Sara, How much is Trump's campaign costing you in $s and damage to your brand?

    I enjoy watching trump treat Sara like crap.
    Karma at its best!!

    1. Anonymous5:06 AM

      That and the press. Other than the extreme RWNJ sites, I have seen no mention of her past appearances. May it forever be so!

    2. Anonymous5:33 AM

      She was probably told not to speak on anything unless trump requests it. Palin is trying to prove her loyalty with hopes of getting crowned prom queen.
      This is a sick game that trump plays with his sycophants. It's about proving fidility though self-degradation.

  4. Anonymous5:10 AM

    They also need to do an investigation of 911.

    And I still say that Hillary wasn't fooled at all by the disinformation by the Bushies. That vote in 2002 was a calculated political move with her POTUS ambitions in mind because as a Dem she could not afford to look "soft on terror" as they are always accused of. To be wrong in a hawkish direction was the least worst option. If she had voted No and they they found WMD she was toast as a POTUS candidate.

    1. Anonymous9:05 AM

      Of course the vote was one of political expediency. Because she was voting in her own self-interest is not a reason to excuse her though. If she was toast as a POTUS candidate, perhaps we'd have had a stronger candidate this election.

  5. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Dream on.

  6. Balzafiar6:10 AM

    Unfortunately our politicians don't have what it takes to bring some of their own up on charges; that's just the way it's done here. Instead they let some pea-brain nose-picker like Trey Gowdy or slime-oozing Ted Cruz hold their farcical public spectacles for all the wrong reasons -- but nothing of substance ever is done.

    If this country were to be led by anyone with real rectitude we would see some current and former politicians serving very long prison terms. Instead it just a good 'ol boy game and the one with the deepest pockets controls the game.

    1. Anonymous7:18 AM

      In full agreement.

  7. That is not going to happen here because deep in the hearts of many Americans, they don't think we were wrong. People of different ethnicities, cultures, and religions will always be suspect because they haven't embraced democracy and Christianity. That attitude and a fundamental misunderstanding of other cultures is the single biggest failure of our government. How could others not want what we have? To be sure, despots are tyrants and oppressors, and while those countries may not function as we prefer and egregious violations of human rights occur, sometimes those nations function even if we don't understand why and why people don't rise up.

    Personally I am tired of hearing that our proud men and women in uniform are fighting to preserve our freedoms and rights. Our enemies don't hate our freedoms, they hate our involvement in their countries. The legacy of Cheney and Bush
    will be long lasting and far reaching.

    1. Anonymous7:26 AM

      Personally I am tired of hearing that our proud men and women in uniform are fighting to preserve our freedoms and rights. Our enemies don't hate our freedoms, they hate our involvement in their countries.

      That is for sure, more Bush Administration propaganda perpetuated by the Republican Party.

      The war in Iraqi was all about George W. "saving daddies face"

      Now look at the mess it left behind, ISIS being only a part of it.

  8. Anonymous7:57 AM

    "“Whatever Hillary Clinton’s faults, she’s not ignorant or hateful or a nut,” wrote Mark Salter, who was a senior strategist to Arizona Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. “She acts like an adult, and understands the responsibilities of an American president.”"
    Stipanovich believes it would be best for Trump to lose big ― to be “clubbed like a baby seal,” as he likes to put it.

  9. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Since these were war crimes of the highest order, the miscreants (any of 'em, all of 'em) should be tried in the Hague.

    It is absolutely criminal NOT to indict for said crimes. Looking at you, Obama...

    1. Anonymous6:38 PM

      Other countries have already charged them with war crimes. Indonesia is one.

  10. Anonymous9:01 AM

    More Americans died in the Iraq Fiasco than died in the Revolutionary War. This fiasco was used as cover to loot the treasury, steal artifacts from Iraq, and attempt to take their oil as Spoils of War. The fiasco caused instability that is currently manifested in the Cult of ISIS/Daesh. The refugee crisis in Europe has its roots in this fiasco. Yahzidis who have lived in the area for millennia are nearly wiped out.

    Oh, and not a single high-level official in the US or the UK will spend 1 dollar or 1 night in jail for causing this.

    1. Anonymous10:09 AM

      Don't forget the billions in American cash that was never accounted for, some of which was used for bribing tribal leaders and buying favor, favor that ran out as soon as the cash did.

      However most of the cash was pilfered and stolen by our own military.

    2. Anonymous6:30 PM

      The republican neocons lied for contracts,oil ,and $$$$. When obama came in the neocons warhawks that had gone on to a local think tank started the false narrative that our president is a Muslim. The race war gained steam with the help of the neocons,and sarah palin. Fortunately these days palin has about as much influence as a yapping mutt 2 blocks away and everyone that's anyone wants her no where near their campaign because she's toxic.

  11. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I am from Florida and our family is well acquainted with Ms Paula White. She has been through trying circumstances and managed to survive while still preaching the word to the less fortunate. We had to give up supporting Sister Sarah; she wasn't a good role model. Sister Paula is the real thing. We advise Sister Sarah to look to her for spiritual guidance to return to the road of salvation.

    1. Anonymous10:10 AM

      Please tell me that you forgot the ;-)

    2. Anonymous6:35 PM

      Sarah could pick up some rill good pointers on grifting from that White lady. Ya see sarah,this is how it's done . Ya show those suckers these seeds.....boda bing,boda boom $$$$$!! Fine tuned grifting,Florida style.


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