Thursday, July 14, 2016

Former leader of the Minutemen border vigilante group sentenced to 19.5 years in prison for sexually abusing two young girls.

Courtesy of AZ Central:

Chris Simcox, the former leader of the Minuteman border vigilante group, was sentenced to 19.5 years in prison Monday, bringing an end to a sex-abuse case involving two girls under 10.

A Maricopa County Superior Court jury found Simcox, 55, guilty last month of two counts of child molestation and one count of furnishing obscene material to a minor after a three-week trial. The jury composed of three women and nine men, found him not guilty on three other counts of sexual conduct with a minor — a charge that carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison. 

Simcox was arrested in 2013 after two girls, ages 5 and 6, accused him of touching them inappropriately between 2012 and 2013. 

Simcox was sentenced to two concurrent sentences of 17 years for each of the molestation counts and an additional 2.5-year sentence for furnishing obscene materials to a minor.

Why am I not surprised this happened in Maricopa County?

Or that this Simcox guy was once a favorite guest on the Sean Hannity Show?

Or that he was once a Republican candidate for the Senate?

Look I'm not suggesting that one HAS to be a child molester to run for the Senate as a Republican in Arizona, or appear on Sean Hannity, or live in Maricopa County, I am just pointing out that this child molester did all three.

Kind of like you don't have to be a sexual deviant to run Fox News, and yet there's Roger Ailes now accused of multiple incidents of sexual harassment.

Just things that make you go, hmmm. 


  1. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Maricopa County again. Sarah Country. Has she introduced any of her daughters to this good conservative?

  2. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Listen, Gryph and everyone else - - - I understand that we Democrats/liberals/progressives/whatever we are have our share of weirdos, pedophiles, perverts, and the occasional wackadoodle.

    HOWEVER -- I am certain that any study of the political leanings of weirdos, pedophiles, perverts, and wackadoodles would find that the vast majority of them are concentrated on the rightwing -- most likely, FAR rightwing -- of the political spectrum.

    I have one in my own family -- radical rightwinger, pervert, did jail time and now on probation for possession of child porn and still doesn't understand what he did wrong.

    And now they are running one for President.

    1. Being a hypocrite -- prerequisite to RW inclusion?

    2. Anonymous6:46 AM

      I'm a gay American. We watch these types of people vilify us over and over and over again while they hide in plain site and rape children. FRC anyone.

      We are tired of it and we are fighting back hard these days and are grateful for our many allies...

  3. WA Skeptic5:32 AM

    I was surprised to see that he wasn't a youth minister in a church, but then saw that he'd been a kindergarten teacher. All the access he needed.

    1. Anonymous8:16 AM

      Yeh teaching this shit to kids will make it all better:

  4. Anonymous5:37 AM

    OT -

    There is a strange article about Sarah Palin om RadorOnLine. Something about someone hacking DNC documents.

    Pat Padrnos

    1. Anonymous6:01 AM

      Supposedly the hacked DNC docs showed they were tracking Sarah's twitter in 2011 when they thought she might run in 2012.

  5. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Why do I have the feeling that a lot of people are going to get shot/killed/hurt in Cleveland?
    GOP Convention Speaker Lineup Includes An Opening Night Hatefest

  6. Anonymous5:46 AM

    What the hell? Do these asshats think that calling themselves a politician automatically gives them a license to perv? Fucking freaks!

    I always thought public castration and exile to perv island could help.

    This obsession with children is so far beyond sick.

  7. Anonymous5:46 AM

    These sickos truly see nothing wrong in what they do - they are "loving" children - first hand experience with a bible thumping going to heaven for sure Christian - who said over and over I was going to hell because I wore makeup but he would be heaven because he believed in God and Jesus ( even though he molested children !!! he never admitted it of course and even with proof - still the church and others defended him as a good christian)

  8. Anonymous5:59 AM

    O/T Another day, another lie from Trump !!

    Does Donald Trump Really Want To Start A Race War?
    Donald Trump made a wild claim during his interview with Bill O'Reilly Tuesday night which so far has escaped much scrutiny by the press. It was intentional, malevolent, and tossed like a match on gasoline to light up a race war.

    Trump's outright lie comes at about the 40-second mark in his interview with Bill O'Reilly, in the middle of an attack on Black Lives Matter.

    "I've seen moments of silence called for this horrible human being who shot the policemen, and you know, I've seen it! And I think it's very divisive," he claimed.
    Except, for this: There have been NO MOMENTS OF SILENCE called for the monster who shot the policemen in Dallas. None whatsoever. This would be what we call an outright lie.

    Chris Cuomo confronted Sam Clovis with Trump's claim, saying they could not find any evidence such a thing ever happened. And as Tapper points out, "It is once again him calling on an image that is a very dangerous for his own perceived sense of momentum in a situation," Cuomo said. "Kind of like the 911 celebrations that he believes he saw."

    Clovis did his best to defend Trump, but it's just repeating the same lie. He's "seen reports." From whom did these reports come? His pals at Daily Stormer? He finally just said, "It depends on the context, I guess."

    Yeah. Context that doesn't exist. .....

    1. Anita Winecooler4:51 PM

      There's some female representative of Trumps who was calling the slaughter at Pulse a "Racial issue" that had nothing to do with homosexuality. Trump thinks he can lie without reproach, but when a president's elected, he's everyone's president. Trump doesn't have what it takes to make sense, everything's about him and his widdle feewings.

  9. Janice A Soderquist6:13 AM

    OT... Huffington Post has a long line of all the speakers at the convention. Where is Sarah?

    1. Anonymous6:36 AM

      Sarah is busy building a wall in AK, she can't make the hatefest unless the Donald sends his plane because she is on the no fly list.

    2. Anonymous7:59 AM

      The fact that she remains left out of the convention demonstrates how the Republican Party is still exerting a degree of control over Trump. There was no Sarah Palin, Mike Tyson, or any of Trump’s other zany ideas were on the list released by the RNC.

      The Republican Party wants America to forget that Sarah Palin was once their vice presidential nominee.

      Palin has been dumped by Trump. The GOP can try to erase Sarah Palin, but the seeds she sowed in 2008 have grown into the nomination of Donald Trump.

      Republicans are trying to forget, but the American people will always remember that living monument to Republican incompetence that is Sarah Palin

  10. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Right on cue here's Sarah and Bristol Palin's good friend

    Josh Duggar won’t apologize for sex abuse and adultery: ‘He believes external forces were to blame’

    1. Anonymous12:15 PM

      So he believes he wasn't at fault huh? I wonder what external forces made him sexually abuse multiple young girls since he was home schooled and only went to church approved activities as a child? And as an adult in DC he only hung around with religious repuglicans?

    2. Anita Winecooler4:53 PM

      Yeah, the devil made him do it, but God forgives, you get free passes to do it all again.

  11. Anonymous6:51 AM

    You left out the fact he also abused his three young daughters on multiple occasions, which makes it even worse. Scumbag should rot in hell.

  12. I was hoping for consecutive terms for this pos.

  13. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I am confused. The woman who said that Trump raped her, tying her down, when she
    was 13, where is she . She said that Trump
    said if she didn't do as he said, that she would disappear like another little girl
    named Maria. Where is Maria, and why is
    not the FBI checking out the Maria
    disappearance or story. At that time
    Trump and his billionaire , convicted and
    jailed BFF pedophile Epstein had young
    girl parties at Mara largo and other
    sites. Did the woman back off.
    {Epstein, I think is the name)
    I wish the woman would comply and take
    some lie detector tests, and talk more.
    What about facing off on Trump about a little girl named Maria. Also confront
    his pedophile BFF. Wish I could show up
    at one of his speeches, and I would
    hold up a big sign saying, Trump, what
    happened to the little girl named Maria!
    That sign would attract attention of reporters.

  14. Anita Winecooler4:57 PM

    Put him in a room with the girl's fathers and close the doors. I guarantee he'll shit his pants.


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