Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fox News hosts respond to Michelle Obama's speech by claiming that the slaves who built the White House were just "workers" who were "well fed."

Courtesy of Mother Jones:

On his show Tuesday, O'Reilly lauded Obama for "referring to the evolution of America in a positive way." But he then proceeded to fact-check her statement in a way that appeared to excuse the US government's use of slave labor. 

"Slaves that worked there were well fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government, which stopped hiring slave labor in 1802," he said. "However, the feds did not forbid subcontractors from using slave labor. So Michelle Obama is essentially correct in citing slaves as builders of the White House, but there were others working as well. Got it?" 

And there you have it—the worst response to Michelle Obama's 2016 Democratic National Convention address.

Well I might quibble with that definition as the "worst response" since O'Reilly was not alone.

Courtesy of Fusion:

While the veracity of Obama’s historical reference has been widely confirmed and backed up by a number of historians, that did not stop Fox News Radio host John Gibson from penning a tone-deaf blog post bemoaning the fact that the First Lady did not mention the white laborers who also participated in the construction of the White House. 

A couple relevant facts: it was 1792. The land for the District of Columbia was ceded to the federal government by two slave states. Slaves lived in the area and were employed in building much of the capitol,” Gibson wrote. “What, then, is the purpose of appropriating the construction of the White House to black slave workers, neglecting to mention other workers?” 

What Gibson, like so many other racist revisionists, fails to understand is that slaves cannot be “workers” in the sense that they signed up for a job with the expectation of financial compensation and fair treatment. To compare slave labor to the work done by free white laborers is to erase the fact that slaves were subjected to lives of disenfranchisement, horror, and systemic abuse.

Okay so Roger Ailes is out, so just when can we expect the hosts of Fox News to stop being such racist, misogynistic, assholes?

Never mind, I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that question.


  1. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Also unsurprisingly, Fox completely missed the point. Michelle Obama's ancestors were slaves. Slaves built the White House. Her ancestors could have been among the workers...and here she is, FLOTUS, living a life they couldn't even have imagined a black person might live. It's humbling when you think of the sacrifices the ancestors made that brought us to where we are today.

    1. Anonymous2:03 PM

      Yes, her point wasn't taken, instead the audience jumped the gun and then the media ran with that because they're stupid people.

    2. Anonymous2:12 PM

      Well, isn't it nice to finally be able to occupy the family home?

  2. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I can't believe this is even an issue in today's America. Hello, this is akin to the Jews still complaining about being enslaved by Pharaohs.

    Hello, the past is the past. Let's all move forward. Reparations have been made, Affirmative Action worked as intended.

    Talk about fracturing America, well, this is a fine example of the fracturing of America.

    1. Is this snark? The Pharaohs? My great grandfather was born a slave you poor silly creature. I feel you are what happens when the public school system fails us.

      Reparations? You call people who have been oppressed and are still being oppressed getting a semi fair shake at jobs and education---reparations? Do you know who Affirmative Action helped on a wider scale? White women. Yes--white women.

      Whoa you can't make this crap up---until someone posts it, of course.

    2. Otto Katz2:15 PM

      Anon. !.42, Reparations have been made, OH REALLY???? Did you get your check?? What the fuck are you talking about? You mean the giant hole African Americans have been trying to dig themselves out of since 1865? Being kicked, shot, hanged, back down into ever since? Denied the right to vote, eat, ride, get an education, housing, Oh why bother.

      Sarah, go watch the DNC and take your meds. You sound off them. Burns, that you weren't invited to Cleveland last week, doesn't it.

    3. Anonymous2:34 PM

      Is there some sort of expiration date on your ignorance? 2,000 years ago the Jews can dismiss their slavery? Are you telling them they need to get over it and stop celebrating Passover? Do you also suggest we forget about the Holocaust because the past is the past? Or does anything that happened within the last 100 years qualify for you? Civil war over 100 years so dismiss it. What about Civil Rights? Strange Fruit? The killings that are still happening? Exactly what is the cut off date for when the past is the past and we should stick our heads in the sand and sing la la la la la?

      I think you're wrong on both reparations and affirmative action given our Supreme Court's recent actions regarding voter rights.

      You apparently have been oblivious to the many race tinged insults aimed at our current president that directly relate to slavery. Watermelons on the White House lawn ring a bell?

      The past isn't the past. Anyone that refuses to learn from it is doomed to repeat it. Which is why Herr Fuhrer Drumpf is the Republican nominee for Chancellor of Amerika. Sieg HEIL! (Thank you Dr. Laura).

      Move forward? Stop fracturing America? Tell that to Gryphen and the panty sniffers that are still flinging their hate filled feces at anything Bernie.

    4. "Anonymous1:42 PM Hello, the past is the past."
      You are absolutely correct, you stupid damn fool. And those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

      Michelle's message was uplifting in describing an America which could advance so much in the time from its beginning. How is that "fracturing"?

      Are only white Americans allowed to discuss their history?

      Are black Americans only allowed to discuss their history in a way which won't upset white fee-fees?

      And no, reparations were never made for slavery.

      Grow up.

    5. Anonymous2:51 PM

      Oh, but she had her room reserved and everything, Otto, she said so! Believe that?! Just as much as I do "too far away" no doubt!

    6. Anonymous3:44 PM

      It takes a special kind of stupid to deny institutional and judicial racism exists today.

      Racism in lending:

      Racism in housing:

      Racism in the judicial system:


    7. Anonymous4:23 PM

      Oh poor Angela, should we play a mini violin for you. Grow the eff up and take responsibility for yourself and your actions like the rest of us poor slobs of all colors and races have to. How long is this poor me race card going to be played?

    8. Anonymous4:44 PM

      There was a movement afoot after the Civil War to repatriate all freed Africans back to their countries of origin.

      Perhaps since life sucks so bad here in the US that would have been the better option then we'd only have immigrants that came here by choice.

    9. Anonymous4:50 PM

      WTF are you taking about ignorant jackass @ 1:42? Reparations? Huh? And I'd say that what our beautiful FLOTUS said was a sign that she sees us as beginning to move on, with the election of a black president. YOU, not so much.

    10. Anonymous4:55 PM

      4:23 you despicable piece of shit. Go fuck and flush yourself.

    11. Anonymous5:10 PM

      Typical moronic liberal response 4:55.

      Can't take a little hard truth!

    12. Anonymous5:19 PM

      Liberals hate reality and the truth. Fact.

    13. Anonymous8:06 PM


      Read a fucking book you stupid waste of flesh. Or maybe just read the fucking news. Such a stupid and hateful thing to say.

    14. Anonymous8:08 PM


      And conservatives think pronouncing a feeling to be FACT makes it so. You haven't met a fact in your stupid life.

    15. Anonymous9:42 AM

      Slavery? Wasn't that over 150 years ago? Guess Mrs. Obama, who has never even come close to witnessing slavery, as per above mentioned timeline, has nothing better to talk about except these made up grievances.

  3. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Bill O'Reilly survives by getting attention focused on HIM. It has made him very rich. A blatant dog whistle is just more money in the bank for him.

    As for the conditions of life for an American slave, contemporaneous accounts give the best picture. For example, consider the words of our esteemed former president and author of the Declaration of Independence talking about the relative profitability of slave holding:

    "I consider a woman who brings a child every two years as more profitable than the best man of the farm," Jefferson remarked in 1820. "What she produces is an addition to the capital, while his labors disappear in mere consumption."

  4. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I wish to offer a Bill a chance to come work on my farm as a slave for one month.

    Bill will be well fed, but if he does not work hard he will be whipped and beaten.

    After working sixteen hours a day in the hot sun and a few beatings, we will see if being well fed makes for an easy life.

    1. Anonymous2:14 PM

      We should send him down to central Florida to pick tomatoes with all the illegals! Or lettuce in California, or strawberries in California, or apples along the Eastern seaboard or cranberries in the fall in the northeast. Really, let's just send him anywhere to pick anything as 90% of that work is done by illegals basically working for nothing.

      Also too, he could go clean some hotel rooms for less than minimum and iron some sheets in a large Vegas hotel. Once again, work done for pennies by all the people that are here illegally.

    2. Anonymous2:19 PM

      Don't forget to waterboard the s.o.b. for napping on the job!

    3. Anonymous2:29 PM

      First time he tries to escape cut off his toes with an axe ... second escape will lead to hanging.

    4. Anonymous2:40 PM

      2:03 PM - I'll work for free for first turn with the whip@ss.

    5. Yes, and if someone offers you a good price for Bill's wife and children, go ahead and sell them. Bill has no say in the matter, though he will be well-fed so goshes, what would he have to complain about?

    6. Anonymous3:16 PM

      @anon 2:14pm
      All hotels on the strip use union labor, including maids.

    7. Anonymous3:41 PM

      Yes, 2:48,although Bill's master will surely want to enjoy Bill's teenage daughter before selling her off.

    8. Anonymous4:56 PM

      Oh no. Bill should be made to pick cukes or watermelon - as prickly as he is.

    9. Anonymous5:01 PM

      @ 2:14 - you are incorrect - and oh, look who is anti-union - the ReTHUGS favorite wallet: The Culinary represents food and beverage, housekeeping and other service staff at 33 of the Strip’s 40 properties and all but one downtown casino. Members are predominantly immigrants and represent 84 countries.

      Non-unionized properties include the Venetian, Palazzo, Hard Rock Hotel, Palms, the Quad and Casino Royale. Las Vegas Sands Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson has been among the most vocal union opponents. Workers at those resorts have not asked to organize.

  5. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Where the hell is that "god" guy when we need some serious smiting?

  6. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I think Gibson and O'Reilly have the White House confused with the Pyramids, which were built by well paid, well treated and well fed workers.

    1. "...the Pyramids, which were built by well paid, well treated and well fed workers."
      Yes, I believe they had free access to the grain stored in them there pyramid/silos.

    2. Anonymous3:18 PM

      Actually, they've recently found some "account books" listing how much the workers were paid. In red and black ink no less.

    3. Anonymous5:29 PM

      The account book lists how much the owners were paid.

  7. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Why does Hillary refuse to have press conferences?

    1. Anonymous3:12 PM

      Why do you continue to troll?

    2. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Asking a simple important question is trolling? Why do you insist on proving you are an asshole idiot?

    3. Anonymous4:07 PM

      Donald J. Trump did a press conference today complete with treason. That's a first for a presidential candidate. He crashed through the glass ceiling.

    4. Anonymous5:04 PM

      Don the RED Con troll @2:35: why should Hillary get in front of Red Con selected 'journalists'? Maybe your candidate should FIRST disclose his taxes like every President wanna-be has done the last, oh, maybe 50+ years?! What does HE have to hide? His RED connections? Or the fact that he has paid ZERO in taxes for the last 20+ years?

  8. Anonymous2:36 PM

    He should check in after doing research on the wages paid for a) growing loofahs and b) frying falafels since he gets those two mixed up.

    Shoulda been out years ago for sexual harassment and
    indiscriminate use of the above.

    Wild Tortoise

  9. A J Billings3:26 PM

    O/T and far worse.

    Feminist writer may have to abandon social media because the Trump voting misognyistic bastards are now threatening to rape her 5 year old daughter

    This is the cultural corruption due to Palin, Limbaugh, Trump, and right wing hate radio stirring up white nationalism and hatred

  10. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Bill O'Reilly ...... Abigail Adams has some words for you... “The effects of Slavery are visible every where; and I have amused myself from day to day in looking at the labour of 12 negroes from my window, who are employd with four small Horse Carts to remove some dirt in front of the house. the four carts are all loaded at the same time, and whilst four carry this rubish about half a mile, the remaining eight rest upon their Shovels, Two of our hardy N England men would do as much work in a day as the whole 12, but it is true Republicanism that drive the Slaves half fed, and destitute of cloathing, or fit for [Mayfa<, i,>]re, to labour, whilst the owner waches about Idle, tho his one Slave is all the property he can boast, Such is the case of many of the inhabitants of this place.”

  11. Our Lad3:48 PM

    Bill O'Reilly is a fake tough guy cock rubber whose own fuckin kids can't stand to look at him. Fuck him in his dark heart with John Hinkley's dick.

  12. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Whizthizguy. SendhimbacktoIrelund.

  13. Anonymous3:56 PM

    O.M.F.G.!!! ROFPIMP!!!
    Totally O/T, bit did you know that Tundra Turd helped raise $25K for Hillary last year???


  14. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Billo is all about making money off his so-called history book series, and about presenting himself as some type of actual scholar (he wants to be seen this way so badly). Every time one of his "Killing ___" books comes out, the historians take it apart and show just how lazy and full of errors the book is. There are tons of articles online on all of his inaccuracies (and of course he insists he's right and everyone else is wrong).

    1. Anonymous7:05 AM

      I am particularly troubled that O'Reilly and other conservatives have been publishing largely fact-free books about pseudo-history for children as well. Be sure you know who is writing any books that you give your children or grandchildren. We should not want them to be brainwashed by the far right.

  15. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I assume Bill thinks the slaves should have been grateful for the food and lodging. Sick fuck.

  16. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I can't believe the presidents wife was talking about slavery. What utter bullshit. She is an idiot.

    Slavery ended over 150 years ago.

    How is this helpful to the nation?

    It is time to move on folks. How long are dumb people going to keep playing this card from distant history, which nobody alive today, or their parents, have ever been a part of? It is used up.

    What is the purpose of this?

    1. Anonymous4:34 PM

      You can be a better troll than that.

    2. Anonymous4:58 PM

      4:19: Dumbkota?
      I betcha that you are also flying the Confederate flag and saying it is nothing.


    3. Anonymous5:30 PM

      OK, I'll bite - just to rub your troll (likely white european) nose in it.
      Ever hear a white of European ancestry liek your self make the when my (parents, grandparent, great great grandparents cam ehere, tehy didn't have_________ and couldn't afford _________. And today, I've bought the house that's bigger than that owned by the guy who employed them, or the guy who owned the bank or tenement that that they were thrown out of. Often, this is followed by "we unionized", or organized and "demanded our rights."
      I never heard cries of "it's in the past" then. Why, you'd almost think there were different rules for black folks and white folks in the US.

    4. Anonymous5:56 PM

      Yet you probably celebrate your European heritage.

    5. Anonymous6:57 PM

      Have no idea what you are saying or what point you are trying to make 5:30. It is nonsensical. But you do come across as unbalanced, so we should all take note of that.

      Most people these days will never afford or have half of what their parents have accumulated, as all the old stalwarts of investment half tanked, or stalled. Houses being a prime example. Pensions slashed. Stock market up again after tanking, but watch out it will tank again. Other than CEO's, bankers, doctors, lucky business startups... most of us are staring down a middle class life at best.

      It does seem like you think the rules are different, but they are not for the working class or the lower class regardless of race or skin. Grow the fuk up junior, don't expect anything from anyone. It is all on you.

    6. Anonymous7:03 AM

      Anon at 4:19 pm. You posted an ignorant and insensitive comment. It is a fact that slave labor was used in the construction of the White House and presumably of other buildings in Washington, D.C. As well, there were stoneworkers and masons and lots of other workers who were not slaves. But it is an important fact that slaves were part of the people who gave us the White House. When the White House was largely rebuilt in the late 1940's and early 1950's, President Harry Truman was very careful to retain as much of the original building as possible, including the exterior. He wanted to preserve its history because it is the story of all Americans and was an amazing achievement for its time.

    7. Anonymous9:39 AM

      Beaglemom you are a fool. This is all about using black minorities by stirring up racial animosity. This is no way to move forward by looking backward. It helps no-one, and bringing up slavery (during a fucking convention in 2016!) is a fucking joke. Don't be such a sucker. It was over 150 years ago, the history of slavery is NOT a current political issue.

  17. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Trump Campaign responds to doubts about Melania Trump's university degree by deleting her website from the internet.

    "Digitally speaking, all we have to go on is that an internet archive of Trump’s homepage shows that it has been scrubbed of content, dating back at least a year, in the last week.

    " now redirects to a home page for husband Donald Trump’s golf resorts and rental properties."

  18. Anita Winecooler4:40 PM

    Hey bigot, take your quizzies and shove them where your shrunken testes should be. Got it?

  19. Anonymous4:48 PM

    WTF? Slaves were NEVER, EVER employed or hired. They were rented from their owners.
    The definition of employemnt: the condition of having paid work.
    Slaves were not paid, they did not negotiate their pay, they never saw it. Their owner did. They could not stop work if they chose.
    Hire: employ (someone) for wages. See above.
    Wages: a fixed regular payment, typically paid on a daily or weekly basis, made by an employer to an employee, especially to a manual or unskilled worker.
    Again, the slave never saw a wage. His employer received a rental payment for use of his/her slave.

    These people like B.O.R.e are nuts. (see INSANE.) They must have the country PERFECT. And will lie cheat and steal and likely murder to see that even a fact does not remain. That's not love of cuntry or patriotism country- that's a fanatical cult.

  20. Anonymous6:04 PM

    No matter how good you fed them they were slaves, asshole so don't go twisting words to benefit your warped way of looking at the world. (Speaking to ORiley.The world's biggest asshole)

  21. Anonymous12:39 AM

    Reilly should be fired for that, set on an ant hill and covered with honey. What a jerk.

  22. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Lmao, "piece of sh$t, go flush yourself" bill, lol


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