Sunday, July 03, 2016

Hey remember that anti-Semitic anti-Hillary tweet Donald Trump posted the other day? You'll never guess where he got the image.

Holy shitballs! Is that a Star of David against a backdrop of money?

Why yes it is, but don't worry folks Donald Trump fixed that so nobody has to talk about it anymore.
Yep, nothing to see here let's just move along now.

Well, not so fact.

Courtesy of News.Mic:

Mic discovered Sunday that Donald Trump's Twitter account wasn't the first place the meme appeared. The image was previously featured on /pol/ — an Internet message board for the alt-right, a digital movement of neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and white supremacists newly emboldened by the success of Trump's rhetoric — as early as June 22, over a week before Trump's team tweeted it.

 That's right folks the exact image that Donald Trump used first showed up on a neo-Nazi internet message board.

Which I guess leads to the obvious question, is Donald Trump a neo-Nazi?

Though to be honest I really think we already know the answer.

P.S. By the way if you have a minute might I also recommend the New York Time's piece on Donald Trump's birther crusade?

It sort of goes hand in hand with this post.


  1. Anonymous2:21 PM

    A dog whistle to his whites only fans.

  2. Anonymous2:29 PM

    “Burr I’d rather be divisive than indecisive. Drop the niceties.” —Hamilton, “A Farmer Refuted”

    1. How'd that work out for him?

  3. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Trump is not going to expand his base with more bigoted tweets. Hopefully there are some 'sane" Republicans that will either vote for Hillary or not vote at all.

    And all his low IQ supporters, like Sarah Palin and family, be careful what you wish for, you might just end up in a "work camp".

  4. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Trump has no ceiling for being offensive. I certainly would not trust his brand. His daughter is the same, just packaged differently. And that relationship is very creepy. I would hate to be his wife.

    1. Anonymous3:20 AM

      @Anonymous 3:15 PM

      Someone on another blog called Melania and Ivanka Trump's sister-wives. I laughed hard when I read that.

    2. With each daily outrage, I console myself that whatever money he claims to have, actually has, it buys no man a day of his youth back.

      When he strips he's a bloated and sagging 70 year old, and I hope the money is enough for Melania to summon the requisite pretense when Dondy is feeling frisky. Yuck.

  5. Anonymous3:23 PM

    After all Trump's bullshit, it will be fun to see him lose. America is still at least 51% thinkers and not sheep.

  6. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Should Donald J. Trump continue to be allowed to carry and possess a firearm?

    Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald John Trump has said a lot of controversial things in his time. Part of his so-called appeal to his dedicated base of voters is that he “tells it like it is” in a brash no-holds-barred style that defies “political correctness.” In his best selling book The Art of the Deal he argues that “Sometimes it pays to be a little wild” as part of his negotiating style. So some of the things he says are merely a tactic—merely a strategy to either focus or divert attention—and need to be taken with heaping grains of salt.

    On the other hand they might also indicate a long pattern and tendency of intimidation and violence......

  7. Anonymous3:31 PM

    I was offended when I first saw this, even more offended when I was told that I was overreacting, and thoroughly stunned that the republicans do not shun him after finding out the origin of this meme. This meme in the past would not have been tolerated. I don't care if his daughter had a Jewish baby. This couple was rumored for divorce last year anyway. Trump just loves White Supremiscists.

    1. Anonymous5:12 AM

      sigh... a White House divorce would be tres romantique!

  8. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Donal Trump doesn't give a shit about America. All he cares about is himself.

    1. I predict he will drop out the day before the election. He hates losing and looking small -- that way he avoids the first at least. But could he even do this? Withdraw his name?

      This is, if he is the nominee... still predict the GOP "elites" will find a way to get one of the other (marginally less horrible) goppers on the ticket.

      I really hope this doesn't happen as then the anti-Trump Repubs will vote the Repub ticket and put the election outcome on a knife edge again.

    2. Anonymous4:44 PM

      Reminds me of screech's bulleyes. RIP CHRISTINA TAYLOR GREEN

  9. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Wait until the neo-nasties hear tRump's defense that, like the Clintons, his daughter married a Jew and converted back in 2009. That'll be no issue at all for regular folks, but the neo-nasties tRumps been palin' around with may have issues with it.

  10. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I guess the Bernie supporters who detest Hillary Clinton get their news from Fox.

  11. Anonymous4:15 PM

    To all people who hate on famous people,

    "People push you to your limits, but when you finally push back, you are the mean one."

    No one is mean to be mean. People get a response they reaped.

  12. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Meh, there just was "no there, there". Carry on.

    1. Anonymous6:29 PM

      You would think that. Moron.

  13. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Oh now I realize why trump screwed up; it's shark week.

  14. Anita Winecooler5:22 PM

    Yep, he has the kkk on his side and has to "look up" David Duke, because he's a busy man on twitter all the time and calling in to any show that'll give him a platform. Kind of explains the hairdo, he must sleep with his toupee and hood on.
    Then there's splodey head, who isn't jewish, wearing jewish bling from the dollar store.

  15. AKinPA6:09 PM

    We're in Philadelphia for the July 4th festivities. Visited Independence Hall today. Next to Independence Hall is the National Museum of American Jewish History. On the wall facing Independence Hall is this quote from George Washington: "To Bigotry No Sanction; to Persecution No Assistance.” It made me terribly sad to stand on the grounds of Independence Hall on a near-perfect summer day and read those words and know that in 2016 a hate and fear monger running for president has based his entire campaign on promoting bigotry and calling for various levels of persecution. It actually brought tears to my eyes. An ugly man inside and out is encouraging his followers to engage in this ugliness because in the words of his paid surrogate at CNN, political correctness has run amok. Even if he loses, the ugliness won't go away. If I were a praying person, instead of God bless the US, I'd be praying, God save the US.

  16. Anonymous7:07 PM

    And when they "fixed" the image, there were still a couple places where you can just see the tip of the star poking out.

  17. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Oh come on. That's 4Chan.

    Yes, they're racist, and a lot of them support Trump, but I wouldn't call them "Neo Nazis".

    Actually, likening them to any group would be misleading. It's more like a group of anarchists, or schizophrenic monkeys at a zoo. There's a lot of shit flinging going in all directions, but no one should take anything they say seriously unless all of the shit starts going in one direction (which it has been known to do on occasion. They have had some pretty epic raids.)

  18. Anonymous12:09 AM

    He's going to get his @ss kicked and deservedly so.

  19. Anonymous4:30 AM

    I think Trump is an ass hat, but please, getting all upset for a picture with the Star of Remphan in front of a bunch of Federal Reserve dollars? AS IF Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, and the rest of them who run that bank are goys. Cry me a fucking river! It's the Israel ass-kiss lobby and their money that brought us Palin (and her natural successor Trump) in the first place!

  20. Trump says things two or three times in a row for every subject he talks about. I guess his minions would not really understand what he is saying if he only says it once. Kind of like when you teach a dog-- sit-- sit--- sit.


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