Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ryan Bundy wants the federal government to pay him a million dollars for being a defendant, or inmate. No, I'm NOT kidding.

Courtesy of KOIN 5:

In bizarre court documents filed Tuesday, Ryan Bundy declared himself sovereign from state and federal government and wanted to be paid $1 million to accept “the role” of defendant or inmate. 

Bundy, the brother of co-defendant Ammon Bundy in the case of the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, is acting as his own attorney. The federal court filings were submitted by his court-appointed legal assistant. 

Ryan Bundy said he does not accept the role as defendant or inmate without fair and just compensation of $1 million. He also said he is willing to play the “role” of “judge” or “bailiff” for $1 million.

He also demanded $100 million if he has to face a judge for the conspiracy matter related to the takeover and occupation of the federal facility.

Okay so how long was that car parked on his face again?


  1. Anonymous4:02 AM

    He is fucked up.

  2. Anonymous4:26 AM

    Child Beater:

  3. 66gardeners4:54 AM

    Too bad Obamacare came too late for Ryan Bundy to receive adequate treatment for his injuries.

    This facial deformity is the result of a sliver of bone that continued to cause nerve damage over time. This did not have to happen. Obamacare would have saved his face. I hope Ryan goes to sleep at night knowing it could have been different.

    1. Anonymous9:54 AM

      His parents had plenty of money to take care of it, they had a ranch they could have sold. And I have( even today) never seen a neurosurgeon not do a life saving/ life changing surgery on a child.

  4. Anonymous5:12 AM

    Please remove your reference to his physical appearance. You are better than that.

    1. Anonymous5:21 AM

      Ha ha! What makes you think that?

    2. I was referencing the accident as a possible excuse for his lack of intelligence not attacking his appearance.

    3. Anonymous6:20 AM

      5:21 - What makes me "know" having followed Gryph's work here for the last eight years.

      Gryph, Even so...

    4. Anonymous6:40 AM

      How about commenting on the article, and resisting getting your panties on a wad over political correctness. Have you ever shunned political correctness?

    5. Anonymous7:13 AM

      5:12 AM - it's HIS blog and he can say what he wants. Whether or not not it offends you is YOUR problem.

      Carry on, Gryph.

    6. Anonymous8:22 AM

      OH, hi there 6:40.

      Here's the can just shove your political correctness comment right up your ass, and while you're at it why not just go ahead and eat shit and die fuckhead. ...and do have a nice day otherwise, eh.

      Mocking a person's unfortunate disfigurement will get me in your face every time. It has nothing to do with your problem with being a fucking political correctness asshole and everything to do with basic human decency.

      8 years of following his work here, and I know that Gryph know's this and that he has a strong sense of the importance of basic decency at his core. ...which of one of the reasons why Palin's treatment of people pains him so much.

  5. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Good luck with that, Ryan.
    Enjoying solitary, are ya?

  6. Anonymous6:11 AM

    "He also demanded $100 million "

    THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS!!!! The MAXIMUM he should receive is $10 million and honestly, probably quite a bit less. It's like Drumpf says, "it's all about the art of the deal." Negotiations. SMART negotiations!

    I say we counteroffer at... oh... how about $2 or $3 million, let them counter with maybe $50 million and then we settle around... maybe... I'm thinking... say... not one fucking penny. How does that sound?

    1. Anonymous8:17 AM

      He shouldn't be offered anything. He and his brother and his father are criminals.

  7. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Sure Ryan, we will consider your blackmail requests just as soon as you pay your back taxes, grazing fees and bills for damage done the wildlife refuge and other federal facilities.

  8. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Shot DEAD by 16 yr old SON>

  9. Anonymous8:20 AM

    WTF? "yesterday that Manning now potentially faces "administrative offenses" for the suicide attempt. If convicted, she could face solitary confinement for the remainder of her sentence, according to the ACLU."
    She already is naked and confined 23 hrs alone in her lighted cell. She is a AMERICAN SOLDIER being mistreated.

    1. Anonymous9:55 AM

      She's a traitor.

  10. He's obviously setting up for an insanity defense. So stipulated.

  11. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Indoctrination from infancy can result in this loss of connection to reality. I have seen it before. It's only going to make it tougher for him.

  12. Anonymous9:37 AM

    A case in point for keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. Living in a world of total delusion could be considered a mental illness. I'm guessing he would have ridden the short bus if he'd ever gone to school.

    Hopefully that won't keep him from serving the rest of his life in the big house where he will become some tough dude's bitch within hours of incarceration.

    1. Anonymous10:30 AM

      The "short bus" should not be used in a denigrating manner. Rude.

    2. Anonymous11:38 AM


      The retarded kids rode the short bus.
      Get over it internet sheriff and help mommy dust.

    3. Anonymous7:30 PM

      Both my kids are on the autism spectrum and ride the special-Ed bus.
      You don't need to agree with me

  13. Anonymous9:56 AM

    In answer to your last question Gryphen

    Not long enough

  14. Anita Winecooler5:33 PM

    hey, money grubber and government owned property abuser, how about giving back all the money you made from that grass fattened cattle you and your family SOLD on the open market. You broke the law, and want to get paid for it? Sorry, buddy, it doesn't work that way. Other people who raise cattle lease or own the land they graze off of, but the law doesn't apply to the Bundy Clan? Pay what you already owe, do your time, and stop whining. Ignorance of the law isn't an excuse. You've got plenty of time to save face and start over.

  15. Anonymous7:19 PM

    What the frell? He's already occupying government property, and getting room board to boot.


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