Monday, July 18, 2016

Somebody is finally reporting that Track Palin has a serious alcohol problem. Well that's a start.

Courtesy of Radar Online:  

Sarah Palin’s son is heading into treatment instead of jail after his January domestic violence arrest — and his own lawyer told he needs help for his alcohol problem! 

Track “has been assessed” by the VA, his attorney, Kevin T. Fitzgerald told Radar, and at a hearing later this month, he will receive his proposed treatment plan. 

“I would expect it has some alcohol component,” Fitzgerald said. “In all candor, Track could be well-served by treatment.”

That is a fairly significant admission since up until now Sarah Palin has refused to admit that Track has a substance abuse problem, instead blaming his most recent difficulties on PTSD and oddly enough President Obama.

Fitzgerald had more to say: 

Getting the domestic violence assault charge dropped was “not an insignificant dismissal,” he said, insisting that the possession of a weapon while intoxicated charge “really more accurately tracks what went down” when Track was accused of drunkenly attacking his girlfriend in January. 

Still, Fitzgerald said they weren’t altogether pleased with the final charge that stuck. “I believe it’s got constitutional infirmities because it precludes people form possessing firearms, even unloaded firearms, in their own homes if they’re under the influence,” he insisted. “We weren’t going to make a big constitutional issue of it, but that’s what the situation was.” 

(Yeah, after all what is a Palin without their guns? Besides you know a drunken asshole who abuses women?)

Now, Track, 27, will enter a therapeutic program through the VA, which could last “several months,” the Anchorage DA, Clinton Champion, told Radar. 

Said Fitzgerald, “If he completes the treatment, the last charge too will be dismissed. If he doesn’t then he’s looking at 180 days … with two years of informal probation.”

I will argue that the chances of Track finishing this treatment program successfully are slim.

Because while they seem willing to admit that Track has a drinking problem from what I have heard from just about everybody is that alcoholism is only the tip of the drug addicted iceberg.

And Track has been abusing these substances since he was in high school, so the idea that he can suddenly break the addiction cycle is a high bar to set in my opinion.

I mean do not get me wrong, I really do hope that he is successful because he has two small children to care for, but working on all of this while living with his ever ready to enable, excuse making parents, seems like a recipe for disaster.


  1. Well, duh Cain't Get Right does. Wonder why it took so long for this "news" nugget to circulate.

    Also too, Track soon will have two small children to support--it makes me shudder to think that this gun-lovin' nimrod actually would "care for" them himself.

    1. Anonymous2:06 PM

      Jordan is working. She can support one of his children and him. Britta just appeared that she wanted out. He got the guns and the money. Britta their daughter Kyla. I never heard of child support with them. He never works. If he isn't disabled and collecting benefits for him and his children, I bet the Hansons had to pitch in until Britta could be independent.

      Britta may have taken hush money. If there was domestic violence as is said, the Palins would not want her to say a word.

      See something, say something does not apply to the Palins.

  2. Anonymous1:39 PM

    As crass as it may sound, I have not one nugget of sympathy for the Palin family.

    1. Anonymous4:10 PM

      Neither do I except that Trig, who is not really a member of the immediate family, has suffered the most because he has been denied the treatment and therapies he has needed since his birth.

    2. I feel sorry for Jill too. Wonder if she is still alive.

    3. Anonymous5:34 PM

      I think only of Lucy and Jill as well. The rest of the human Palin family can engage in a circular firing squad and both America and Wasilla will be grateful.

      But please, leave the dogs out of it. They are the only sentient creatures in any of their homes that have any redeeming qualities.

    4. Anonymous5:37 PM

      I have not seen Lucy. What happened to her?

    5. Anonymous8:15 PM

      Maybe Dakota made her get rid of her since she was a gift from Junker.

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    If 'trailer trash' wasn't already a descriptor they'd have to invent it for the Palins.

  4. Anonymous1:42 PM

    They've determined Track needs treatment for alcohol abuse and not for PTSD. However, this was too good not to repeat:

    PTSD = Parented by Todd and Sarah Disorder
    (h/t Tallmutha, commenting at Wonkette)

    1. Anonymous8:01 PM

      The irony is that, as part of the VA-supervised drying out process, Track will have to submit to unannounced urine tests. Once those tests are processed, there will be scientific evidence for what the rest of us already know: Track uses drugs. Such evidence would be turned over to state and/or federal authorities, who would then (presumably) prosecute Track for his possession and use. This melodrama is far from over.

  5. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Good luck to Track with his issues. I hope he gets the help he needs.

    1. Jimmy Crackcorn2:07 PM

      And I don't care.

    2. Anonymous2:33 PM

      Jimmy crack corn, and I don't care...

    3. Anonymous2:37 PM

      Is there a cure for being a mean, spoiled and vulgar douchebag?

    4. Anonymous3:07 PM

      @2:47 It's called hypocrisy, common sense family values my ass. Petty Punk Ass Thuggery is all I see from the palins.

    5. Anonymous3:08 PM

      Ask the dead lake tribe.

    6. 2:37, being a mean, spoiled and vulgar douchebag is a largely untreatable condition.

      Okay, Palins: surprise me! /snark off

    7. Anonymous5:35 PM

      I hope he shoots himself in the head and saves us spending our tax dollars to send him to freebie Veteran rehab.

  6. How about 'McMansion trash,' 1:41?

    1. Anonymous2:21 PM

      Yeah, that works.

      Imagine what an embarrassment and what a burden they are to their nice neighbors just trying to enjoy their lakeside peace.

    2. Anonymous3:50 PM

      Can't help but wonder the current values of the homes in the area of the Palin compound - on the dead lake - in Wasilla!

      Have the values appreciated in the past five years?

      Remember, the realtors, when selling properties near the Palins probably are required to disclose to a prospective buyer that the Palin compound is nearby.

      Know you'd never catch me buying anywhere near them! They'd bring an automatic negativism to the neighborhood!

      That is why their home in AZ isn't selling even through they have decreased the listing price!

      Who in their right minds would want to purchase and occupy a home formerly inhabited by the Palins? Not inviting at all!

  7. Anonymous1:53 PM

    FFS, the only reason she's letting this come out now is for a good excuse for not getting invited to the Republican National Convention. No speakin, no pageant walking, no nothin!

    1. Anonymous2:37 PM

      Boo freaking Hoo, $arah!

    2. Anonymous3:25 PM

      Politicusa says Trump asked Chachi at the last minute. Trump rides his "horses" and puts them away wet.

      Palin never gave up anything for an infant with needs that needed one-on-one time with a loving mother. Track is 27!

      I bet Sara has handed Trigg over to the State for care because she didn't want to take care of him any longer. Someone should check to see about that.

    3. Anonymous5:36 PM

      Trig is really messed up and if she hasn't given him up to a state disabled home yet she should. He'll never be functional and he probably won't even live to be 13.

      She needs to divest herself of him and let experts give him decent care for the rest of his short life.

  8. Anonymous1:58 PM

    I hope media will wise up about Track's fake service and delve into all that the military and Sarah reported about him going to Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Is any of it true? Was it all a ruse? Track, son of Sarah. As they wrote about him, he was important to John McCain and his VP pick, since Sarah was a great 9-11 mother and all that.

    Sarah not only gave birth to Trig and did not abort. Sarah wasn't just the commander in chief of the Ak Nat'l Guard, she was almost super woman, humble of course, but what a frontier woman.

    She was a mother of a combat vet who went to dangerous places to fight for us. Free speech and all the guns we would want. Track, poster boy, was also a recruiting tool to take men and women where they could die or end up crippled and with critical injuries. Not a good reason to lie.

    The mythological life of Sgt Track Palin helped many people with their heinous goals. They were a success at RNC convention 2008. Thank heavens they went downhill after that.

    1. Anonymous3:20 PM

      It is not believed that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig, the mentally retarded child. It is believed that Bristol is the birth mother and Sarah covered for her!

    2. Anonymous4:04 PM

      3:20pm - You may not know that Gryphen, the owner of this blog has written several times that Bristol is not Trigg's birth mother. Why not stick with the part about Sarah faking the pregnancy/birth? We have evidence for that.

  9. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Sarah Palin must be so proud of her oxycontin using, alcohol abusing son who killed her chance to speak at the RNC. Karma is a bitch.

  10. Anonymous2:00 PM

    I say this with Sincerity, Track and Jordan should place this new baby for adoption. That is his best shot in life.

    1. Anonymous2:28 PM

      I agree, no child deserves to be brought into this shit storm with a violent alcoholic parent.

    2. Anonymous2:44 PM


    3. Anonymous3:05 PM

      Jordan is as sick or sicker than he is.

      That is why they encourage people to speak up. Before it is too late, if someone like Britta could speak it would mean more possibility Jordan or her family could begin to handle reality and do something to better the situation.

      If adults are too selfish, hope one of them could think of the innocent child. Either Track or Jordan could end up dead or crippled, too.

      Not that I am concerned for Track but someone could be paying for years of life support and things like that.

      Would he go to a VA hospital? The tax payers would pay.

    4. Anonymous3:18 PM

      No more babies should be born to any of the Palins! They are a messed up family that will always be under scrutiny due to Sarah Palin herself.

      Remember, it was Sarah who brought her kids on the national stage when she ran w/McCain and showed off her pregnant, unmarried teenage daughter to the world.

      What sane mother would ever do that? Is it any wonder that Bristol is as fucked up as Track?

    5. Anonymous5:06 PM

      The majority of expectant moms seem to care enough about the child they are creating to avoid any substance that may be harmful to a fetus. While avoiding smoking, drugs and drinking have long been on the avoid list, many more commonplace things like caffeine, aspirin, cured meats, raw fish, certain cheeses have become suspect as well.

      Jordan happily continues to treat her unborn to the potential toxic effects of its sperm donor. If she truly cared about the child she is carrying she would give Track Palin wide berth until he can prove that he has rid himself of his demons with intensive therapy and some clean living. It seems the mother of his first child certainly saw the dangers of out-of-control Track and took steps to ensure her daughter would not be in his care without additional adult supervision.

    6. Anonymous5:18 PM

      While I agree with your summary about Track Palin’s ability to parent a child; I really know nothing about Jordon Lowe. I can’t imagine suggesting she give her baby up for adoption. How sad. I think she ought to leave the Palin family and find a new life. That would be sane.

    7. Anonymous5:28 PM

      3:18, I also agree with your assessment regarding the ugly behavior exhibited by Sarah Palin toward her pregnant teen-age daughter during the 2008 campaign. Bristol Palin is damaged. Track Palin is damaged. We IMers did not accept the McCain’s campaign's Palin family narrative as the “typical” American family. I will not accept Track Palin is a victim of PTSD. He and his sister were victims of poor parenting and the outrageous opportunism of the McCain/Palin ticket.

    8. Anonymous5:39 PM

      Jordan still has time to go to Seattle and get a second trimester abortion. I'd do that in a heartbeat if I was in her position.

      Hello, she just graduated and is in the position to actually explore her career options but what? Now she's going to have a baby and be out of the work force until her pharmacy degree is all but defunct.

      What sort of young girl like that would get pregnant and decide to keep it with she and the father being absolute pugnacious alcoholics?

    9. Anonymous7:15 PM

      5:39 PM

      Jordan is ambitious. She may become a brain surgeon. She wants to help Track. He may need a snip or two.

  11. They are not going to stand up for track's right to bear arms while hopped up on the sweet nectar? Don't retreat, get loaded.

  12. Anonymous2:09 PM

    The ONLY way Track can get ahead is get as far away from Alaska as possible

    1. Anonymous2:57 PM

      It is one of our smallest states. They will always be on top of each other there. He would have to leave and that will never happen. The whole family is one of the sickest symbiotic families I have known about.

    2. Anonymous3:09 PM

      Huh?? Alaska is the largest.

    3. Anonymous3:14 PM

      From Alaska and his parents! But, he won't. He's never had to be responsible, didn't complete school, is uneducated, has no job skills - has never held a job and has a booze and/or drug problem.

      Plus, he has one child and another on the way w/no means whatsoever to care for them or be a positive influence on their lives!

      Track has been fucked up all of his life and I doubt will come out of it on the right side. His parents are to blame - 100%!

    4. Anonymous3:28 PM

      Yep, I don't think this can be fixed.

    5. Anonymous3:30 PM

      Aha, you mean population. Wasn't dissing you in first reply. Apologies.

    6. Anonymous3:45 PM

      3:09 PM population

      somewhere like 700,000 in entire state. tiny.

  13. Anonymous2:11 PM

    As harsh as it may sound - I frankly do not care what happens to HIM. I am concerned about those innocent people around him who might be harmed.
    This entire family - from Todd to Piper have ridden the wave of entitlement and reveled in it. How interesting all of this is. Quite frankly - I thought it would be some interesting info about Sarah/Todd/Bristol that would bring this family to reality. And yet - it is simply the stories that are leaking out about Track that have made a difference. Sarah can no longer lie about her "warrior" vet and wallow in that pride. Many people have been on to her lies for such a long time - but going forward there will be less patience with her outrageous claims.
    Hopefully - some day the true info about Todd's prostitution business will be exposed.
    Hopefully - some day the truth about Bristol's many pregnancies will come out.
    Some day the many scandals of the Palin/Heath family will be exposed.

    I can wait.

    Pat Padrnos

    1. Anonymous5:46 PM

      I seriously don't care about any of them. Looking forward to an ID TV "Snapped" show starring Track and his massive rampage.

      Too bad, so sad. None of them are innocent.

    2. Anonymous8:12 PM

      Yes, even his scum of an attorney is more concerned about "the constitution" than the fact he could have killed an innocent by stander.

      I could care less what happens to Track, he has been out the military for many years and this behavior did not just start on that night.

      I maintain the only reason he is going to rehab is because Jordan was really drunk and made the mistake of calling the police, if she hadn't, it would be business as usual, drugs and alcohol.

      Also when he "finishes" rehab, he will be going right back into the same environment and will the booze and drugs. What is Jordan doing for her problem, is she going to keep boozing it up when he gets out.

      Good riddance to both of them.

  14. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Maybe I missed it but did Track admit he has a problem? Or is it just one of his handlers and enablers that admits he has a problem for him?

    It certainly seems like he needs some help to turn whatever is wrong that leads to these problems of allegedly assaulting people when he is allegedly intoxicated. Allegedly handling weapons while allegedly intoxicated also too.


    Until Track thinks he has a problem and makes a sincere effort to change (probably at least 5 to 10 attempts for real results) this is all so much pissing into the wind imo.

    One more repeat do over bought with his mommy's influence and her fame whoring money.

    I don't wish him ill, but he'd better fix this shit quick before it's his prison sentence that's soaring.

    People end up maimed and dead regularly because of stupid shit like he has been allegedly doing.

    0.189 BAC is a problem even if you aren't driving or beating on someone.

    1. Anonymous2:21 PM

      Well, no. The veterans' court assessment determined he has a problem.

    2. Anonymous2:34 PM

      Maybe I missed it but did Track admit he has a problem?

      I have heard nothing like that.

      Track is the kind of boy that wants to get out of any consequences. He will agree to what they tell him is the best deal they can get him.

    3. Anonymous2:35 PM

      ^^^^^THIS^^^^^ Until Track WANTS to fix his problem, NOTHING is going to work. Full stop.

    4. Anonymous3:52 PM

      @anon 2:34pm
      Track is not a boy, he is a violent 27 yr old thug.

  15. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I hope he can recover. He needs ALOT of therapy. He has Sarah's fucked up genes, his bio father was denied him and murdered, Sarah used and neglected him. People with lesser slams against them woukd also self medicate.
    Can I hope oart of his recovery journey leads him to break free of his mother? Any therapist worth their degree would have this as a first step. Distance himself from the toxicity and let his anger towards her OUT. Don't suppress the anger with substances.
    Go track. Your dad Curtis wAs decent you are part of him.

    1. Anonymous2:39 PM

      Honesty is vital to recovery. Track has a a lot to deal with. I know a guy with similar problems. The lies he was living don't just go away. He still believes in things that were never true.

  16. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Splodey heads are splodin!

    Sarah Palin's Son's Domestic Abuse Officially Blamed On Alcohol — NOT President Obama — As He Receives Treatment Instead Of Prison!

  17. Anonymous2:20 PM

    If he has been "assessed," his treatment will likely include drug treatment, as well as alcohol treatment.

    1. Anonymous2:54 PM

      Dual diagnosis.

    2. Dual diagnosis is substance addiction (drugs and/or alcohol) and mental illness.

  18. Anonymous2:23 PM

    I will argue that the chances of Track finishing this treatment program successfully are slim.

    He will complete like he was in combat. That is how the Palins operate. They will have a way to cover up and hide him.

    Even if he uses antabuse or whatever it is and they medicate him as they do in some cases. Those are temporary fixes.

    Substance abuse is a family disease. To stop the alcohol and use drugs, medications is not going to work for long either.

    1. Anonymous3:09 PM

      But, but, but - he was never in combat per the DD214 that was published on Track a few years ago. Sarah lied about too! God, that woman!!

    2. Anonymous3:43 PM

      Remember in the Anchorage report about that brawl. Track was in Anchorage but when asked by police he said he was in another town.

      He sounds like he is far gone. Not only drugs but alcohol also kills the brain. There is a progression of the disease you can read about. It gives you an idea of what stage a person is in.

      There is a point of no return.

    3. Anonymous3:55 PM

      See haven't read the research. Medication assisted treatment is much more effective than that 12 step b.s.

    4. Anonymous5:31 PM

      Which medication assisted meds and what doctors? The ones I've known show that it sucks. Great for awhile, people can believe they don't need alcohol. The wrong medications can be another addiction and worse.

      If you know one that works leave a link. Or to name and link to doctors.

      There are people that want to not use alcohol or drugs. If there are good medications now, please share. I know a guy that is suffering with a medication and is in tears over it.

    5. Anonymous7:04 PM

      12 step programs mean honesty and make amends.

      The Palins are going to want more drugs.

    6. Anonymous7:18 PM

      I'm not a trained substance abuse counselor. I don't want to do that work. Families who have been taught that everything they need will be found within their family will be disappointed. Sayree is certainly not a trained substance abuse counselor in her family since she is untrained and has no credentials.

    7. Anonymous7:19 PM

      The problem with medications is that they require the person to actually continue taking them.

      It's too easy to say, I'm better and skip the meds and it's right back where they were if not worse.

      AA and 12 Step groups help a person look at themselves and their issues and make steps to fix the problem.

      Like anything different things for different people.

    8. Anonymous7:24 PM

      I'm not a trained substance abuse counselor. I don't want to do that work. Families who have been taught that everything they need will be found within their family will be disappointed. Sayree is certainly not a trained substance abuse counselor in her family since she is untrained and has no credentials.

  19. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Track is in his late 20's and so far has never had to be responsible for his actions. Not his criminal behavior, not holding down a job, not paying child support( can't pay that without an income).
    So I highly doubt he will follow through with treatment and I am very glad it reverts automatically to a jail sentence.
    I am all for using treatment of mental health issues, substance abuse issues instead of jail for many offenses, but I am saddened that he really got a walk on a very violent crime.
    At this point I can only hope Britta goes father than she has and demand he has no visitation unless it is done under the eye of a state representative( usually a CASA or social worker) he is too dangerous at this point to have access to his child anywhere there are weapons available to him.

    1. Anonymous3:06 PM

      He'll either be dead or incarcerated within the next two years and Sarah and Todd Palin will have no one to blame but themselves.

      They've been awful parents! Sarah especially doesn't seem to be able to show love, warmth, concern, happiness or gentleness. She comes across more as a nasty, mean, vindictive, cold bitch that probably should never nave had kids!

    2. Anonymous6:02 PM

      What Gryph failed to point out about the jail sentence, because he always waits for his readers to do the legwork, is that it is a "suspended" jail sentence with 2 yrs probation. Track will never do time.

    3. Anonymous7:26 PM

      @6:02 PM A suspended sentence means that he will do time if he violates the terms and conditions of probation. Do you really believe that Track Palin can stay sober and out of trouble for 2 years? If so, you are a fool.

  20. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Track Palin just wants help to get out of trouble whenever he fucks up. That's what he's used to.

    I think it's perfect that Track Palin keeps making the headlines while his mother is so busy angling for a cabinet gig as Secretary for Pageant Walking or whatnot.

  21. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Where's Sarah?

    1. Anonymous4:00 PM

      That's funny, that's what the Alaska state legislature asked about Gov Sarah Palin. They even wore buttons asking where is Sarah?

  22. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Any guy that punches a girl is a TOTAL LOSER.

    Track will keep drinking and doing drugs and end up in prison one day.

    Sarah will be proud of Track. LMAO

  23. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Alcohol is only part of Track's problems. I assume that he also used drugs at some point in his life, and drugs can affect the brain long term. There are anger issues. We see Track's hostility when he repeatedly gives the middle finger to every photo op.

    The evening of his arrest, there were several parts to the complaint. Drinking and arguing with Jordan. Driving while drunk back to the Palins house. (Track was too drunk to drive so he said that Jordan drunk drove). There are the guns being waved around, where Track threatened his life and Jordan's. There is Track beating Jordan, and frightening her enough for her to call the police and hide under a bed.

    Treating an alcohol problem is a start. But, Track got angry over Jordan talking about an ex-boy friend.She may have said it to provoke Track, but the fight turned into something dangerous. Is Jordan still dating Track? What is she planning to do about Track if he is the father of her child? Remembering Track at The Brawl,this is his typical behavior, and Sarah routinely covers up for him.

    1. Anonymous3:18 PM

      If that happened to me. I would say I was terrorized. I don't get why they can't say the words. They have to pussy foot and they can't say the truth and the T word. It was terror.

      Try to imagine how you would feel in Jordan's situation? I would feel terror.

      Jordan is part of a sickness and she wanted to go back to the scene of the crime and live through it again (not that she knows the latter).

      People think they are helping not to be forthright about what happened and who Track Palin is.

      Track is a terrorist. Whether alcohol and drugs were part of it or not.

      One day hopefully people will be free enough call this as it is.

  24. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Won't Track go to a live in facility for what they call treatment? Todd on his pain killers and Sarah famous for all the drunk speeches. How likely is it that his parents are sober? He can't clean up with them.

    One of the professions with most addicts is in the medical field. His girlfriend had social media accounts where she was thrilled to post drunk most of the time. She is a pharmacy tech and works in the medical field. Since she and Track partied together she will be a trigger for him. I don't see how that can work out for long.

  25. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Are we at all surprised that once AGAIN the quitter and loser, Sarah Palin, was caught in another lie? She never is, or has been, truthful about her kids - as to their wrongdoings, problems or issues.

    Track has had alcohol problems since he was in high school! As has Bristol! Just ask kids that went to school with either of them in Wasilla!

  26. Anonymous2:57 PM

    You know that there are alcoholics that don't hurt people. Alcoholism is not an excuse to beat up women. We had an alcoholic in our family and as soon as that person was identified as an alcoholic, they had an excuse for everything they did. Also, alcoholism is linked with sugar issues so they had that excuse too. The pity parties as they tried so hard not to drink. They were pains.

  27. This is out-patient rehab? You're being generous if you think he has a slim chance of being successful. He needs in-patient rehab. It's going to take a long time to deal with all this issues Track has.

    1. Anonymous3:33 PM

      Why not put him in a wilderness rehab? Not exactly like the sniper Kyle but where his therapy was to replay the combat he suffers from. Dakota sort of does that, he plays with guns all the time and sells everything to do with guns that he likes. If he didn't have all the guns and paraphernalia he might act out for real like some of the shooters from the military that are attacking police.

      If Track was too far from civilization he couldn't go to the store on a snow machine, like happened to Todd.

      He would be in the wilderness at survival level and no drugs or booze near by.

    2. Anonymous3:47 PM

      3:33 pm
      Trackmarks has only seen combat in Mugshots Saloon in Wasilla. He never saw even one day of combat in the nat'l guard.

    3. Anonymous4:06 PM

      Lock him up with the other guys that hit women. They were probably drunk too. Rehab only with jail time.

    4. Anonymous4:57 PM

      I don't think it's clear whether it's inpatient or outpatient, but outpatient is more likely.

  28. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Shit, Sarah Palin has always covered up for 'herself'!

    Why should we think she wouldn't cover up for any member of her family? (to include Todd, Track, Bristol and Willow) Each of them is known to have done unlawful things throughout the past ten years! Every dang one of them!

    They are hardly representatives of a good Christian family!

  29. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Yes he has a serious problem and more than likely, it started early in high school. Drinking and guns are to the Palins what screwing and praying are to the Duggars. Well, you get the idea. How Sarah (hockey and grizzly mom) can possibly blame Track's behavior on the president and 'combat stress' is beyond me.

    1. Any excuse, however bizarre, will do when people will not face up to the obvious.

      I moved thousands of miles away from a toxic family, and spent many thousands fixing myself. I couldn't fix them.

    2. Anonymous3:37 PM

      Mrs. TB,
      Me too. I have never regretted the decision.

    3. Anonymous7:28 PM

      Anon and Mrs. TB, good for both of you! It's not easy. At. All.

      There's a saying in Alaska that fits:

      "There's a reason we live up here so far from the rest of our family."

  30. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Good thing there is a baby on the way. That should help things. :-(

    1. Anonymous8:50 PM

      If he is "the father" it's obvious to me he has no emotional space in his life for parenting. He is in grief for: the loss of his own parents. His grief is real. He needs to choose new "parents" who are willing to care about him and realize caring isn't free. You can't make "parents" care about you. Move on. Fix yourself. You aren't the only one with strange parents.

    2. Anonymous9:03 PM

      If he is "the father" it's obvious to me he has no emotional space in his life for parenting. He is in grief for: the loss of his own parents. His grief is real. He needs to choose new "parents" who are willing to care about him and realize caring isn't free. You can't make "parents" care about you. Move on. Fix yourself. You aren't the only one with strange parents.

  31. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Track is not a drunk, right Sarah? He just had ....

    What am I saying? Sorry Sarah, your son is known as the Wasilla Drunk. His own lawyer gave him up.

    Now can you finally get him some help?

  32. Anonymous3:24 PM

    What time is Sarah Palin's speech? Oh, that's right, she lives too far away. Will Track start selling 'STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE' t-shirts?

    1. Anonymous3:55 PM

      I thought I saw him in a pink and blue pastel tee that said Pause Before You Beat the Baby. It had some strange symbols. A rill dill at $49.99 and a free gun holster from Jordan's auntie dear.

  33. Anonymous3:28 PM

    If Sarah says Track has PTSD which causes him to get drunk and violent then I guess Todd, Willow and Bristol has PTSD as well. When will Piper contract PTSD?

  34. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Next thing he will say is that Todd who is not his real father, was sexually abusing him. This will stop Todd from writing a book and making millions.
    Btw, first chapter of the book, The Day Sarah and Her Dad Begged Me to Marry Her.

  35. Anonymous3:39 PM

    National Enquirer reports:
    As news reports originally surfaced of Track's arrest, his “Mama Grizzly” mother tried to blame his arrest on post-traumatic stress disorder from his military service in Iraq. But, as The National ENQUIRER has reported, Track was already a bad apple before he enlisted!
    Insiders also told ENQUIRER reporters that Track was allegedly involved in a school bus vandalism incident in 2005 when valve stems were removed from the tires of nearly half of a local school district’s bus fleet. Track later joined the military and spent a year deployed in Iraq.

  36. Anita Winecooler3:42 PM

    Track doesn't need "therapeutic treatment", what did he see while overseas? A paper cut? And he's got this level of PTSD? I call bullcrap. Track needs three, maybe four jobs with garnishment for child support for his child and soon to be child. He needs anger management help along with hard labor.
    Any man who lays a hand on any woman, especially the mother of his unborn child, isn't a man, and isn't even a boy. He learned this behavior from living around it every day, having momma and papa support his ass.
    Get jobs, pay child support, rent, utilities, insurance, etc. and stop your pity party. They should lock his gun collection up and make him work to pay cash money to buy each and every one of them, or give the money to Britta and Jordan. The kids are the victims just as much as their mothers.

    1. Anonymous4:10 PM

      He is 27. Christ, she is just using him to cover up her humiliation at being discarded. Maybe Trump thinks that she is a thug?

    2. Anonymous4:27 PM

      Track wasn't raised around honesty - beginning with who his biological father really was - Curt Menard and not Todd Palin! That would have been a tough lie to understand!

      It's no wonder he is totally screwed up and on drugs or booze!

  37. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Tea "PeePEE and SEX with MY wife">

  38. Anonymous3:57 PM


    Sarah please let whatever happens happen. Your kids are too old for you to keep wiping their asses.

    The Law, the Willow, and the Wicked Witch of Wasilla

    On December 13, a Wasilla homeowner discovered that the home they had for sale, but were no longer living in, had been broken into and vandalized.

    The lock had been forced, five wooden doors had been so badly damaged they needed to be replaced, the walls and floors had been gouged with knives, and vodka and orange juice containers were strewn all over the house. It also appeared that sexual activity had taken place on some of the beds... between twenty to thirty thousand dollars in damage...

    As you have undoubtedly surmised by now one of the teenagers identified was Willow Palin...

    .... the other teens, every single one of them identified Willow as a participant, and further revealed that it was she who directed the other teens to the house...

    AlaskaWTF called Willow the ringleader.....

    Now confronted with this new information you may assume that the Palins would do the right thing and surrender their daughter to the authorities, allow her to suffer the consequences of her actions, and then treat this as a painful but necessary learning experience.

    If you believed that for even an instant then you don’t know squat about Sarah Palin.

    No instead Sarah circled the wagons (There are rumors she even hired legal counsel) and she started to call in favors. Scandal had to be avoided at all cost. (This was right around the time that her contract with Fox News was being announced.)

    According to sources close to the Alaska State troopers there was a secret weekend meeting. This meeting took place between the Palin’s and some very highly placed people involved in the juvenile justice department.

    Directly after this secret meeting the word came down to the juvenile justice probation officer, Chris Evans, that ONLY the boys who had participated would be charged with the crime. The girls would only be identified as “witnesses” and face no criminal penalties.

    1. Anonymous4:19 PM

      Gov Sarah called in favors for Willow. No charges

      Gov Sarah's appointed judge will expunge Track's Domestic Violence criminal records and charges as if it never happened.

      That's Our Sarah From Alaska

  39. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Hmmm... The thing is, a few mo ths of 'treatment' will not get him off a life-long addiction. Also, too, if he does not get into a residential treatment, there is virtually NO chance of success for him because of his domestic circumstances.
    It irks me beyond expression, that he gets away with the domestic violence, and that his record will be expunged by this time next year, if he can prove/fake that he is sober...

  40. Anonymous4:09 PM

    From page 113 in The Rogue:

    Whether or not Track was involved in the school bus vandalism, his problems were apparently so serious that in November 2006< his senior year at Wasilla High, Sarah and Todd withdrew him from school and sent him to live with friends in Portage, Michigan> He returned to Wasilla in the spring of 2007. but did not graduate from high school. He enlisted in the army on September 11, 2007.

    So that makes 0-3 for Palin kids not graduating from high school. Willow is supposed to be home schooled yet she is in LA with Bristol. Bristol was homeschooled and I wonder if she even graduated from high school like People said.

    I bet Track was expelled from the Mat-Su School District. And if he was why didn't Sarah and Todd enroll him at Juneau Douglas High School where Bristol was attending in 2006-2007?

    The Army has loosened it's requirments regarding you graduate from high school in order to enlist. You can enlist but you have to agree to get your GED. Maybe Track never got his GED so that's why he left the Army.

    1. Anonymous4:19 PM

      The Army would not allow him to enlist without a diploma or GED.. PERIOD!

    2. Anonymous4:32 PM

      Bristol had a 3.497 gpa!

    3. Anonymous4:32 PM

      So that makes Sarah 0-3 for her Palin kids not in college. What else is new?

    4. Anonymous4:33 PM

      @4:19 PM His Mother was Governor when he was allowed into the Alaska National Guard, she could order his enlistment.

    5. Anonymous5:03 PM


      His mother was the Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard!

      Just ask John McCain.

      Or Tucker Bounds!

      Tucker Bounds on Palin's National Security Experience

  41. Anonymous4:17 PM

    From what I've heard, none of the kids have actual high school diplomas from Wasilla High School or Juneau High School. They are terribly uneducated and it shows!

    I feel for the kids being raised in this family. Tripp, etc. They will be harassed if they attend public schools (due to being connected to Sarah, Todd, Track and Bristol especially) - which means home schooling for each of them where they'll learn few social skills! Look who they have to learn from. Holy, holy, holy!

    1. Anonymous4:32 PM

      Bristol had a 3.497 gpa!

    2. Anonymous4:48 PM

      Prove it, Bristol.
      She's dumb as a stump!

    3. Anonymous4:50 PM

      4:32 then she should sound a lot smarter than she actually does. I wonder what happened.

    4. Anonymous4:59 PM

      A 3.497 GPA in Wasilla probably doesn't mean what it used to!

    5. Anonymous5:07 PM

      Hey 4:32 PM PROVE IT!!!

    6. Balzafiar6:04 PM

      I wish people that post "facts" would at least get them right. The correct GPA was actually .3497; I do understand that spellcheck can't detect a misplaced decimal point.

    7. Anonymous6:16 PM

      A high school diploma means nothing these days as far as intelligence goes. You see these straight A students all over the internet who couldn't spell their way out of a paper bag and most don't even know what continent they live on.

      So, it really doesn't matter if Brissie had a 4.0; it's little more than a participation ribbon. Until she pulls those kinds of numbers in college she's just the stump she appears to be.

    8. Anonymous6:18 PM

      Like $arah graduated the UI with a degree in journalism (which was not offered) and posted a pic of "herself" in cap and gown with the wrong tassel? Uh huh. Sure she did.

  42. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Tip of The Spear!


  43. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Anonymous September 27, 2011 at 9:31 PM said:

    I didn't realize that Track was banished to Michigan at the same time that Bristol was banished to her aunt's house in Anchorage. Both of them banished? At the same time? What...?

    What was the real reason Bristol was banished to her aunt's house? They said it was Mono.

    So did Sarah send Bristol away from her house so Bristol wouldn't spread Mono to Sarah's family?

    What about the aunt's home? Didn't the aunt have small children of her own that Bristol could infect?

    Why was Track banished to Michigan? Did he have PTSD while in high school?

    1. Anonymous5:18 PM

      Maybe Track + Bristol and a fast one pulled on Levi. Did Levi have a DNA test done?

    2. Anonymous7:18 PM

      Bristol Palin in 2006 pregnant. Mono? Naaaah.

  44. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Not implying anything. Just found this to be interesting. Some would blame PTSD:

    What are the symptoms of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders?

    According to the CDC, some of the following characteristics or behaviors may occur in children with FASDs:

    Hyperactive behaviors

    Learning disabilities

    Developmental disabilities

    Intellectual disability or low IQ

    Problems with daily living

    Poor reasoning and judgment skills

    Long-term problems in children with FASDs may include psychiatric problems, gang and criminal behavior, poor socialization, unemployment, and incomplete education.

    The symptoms of FASDs may resemble other medical conditions or problems. Consult a doctor for a diagnosis.

    1. Anonymous5:49 PM

      Sailor is the FAS baby. It will be fun to watch her grow into her retarded self!

  45. Anonymous4:42 PM

    There was a good reason why Willow dropped out of Wasilla High School. Willow wanted to go to hair school instead of learning her ABC's and 123's.

    1. Anonymous5:49 PM

      Willow is a mean-spirited little midget girl who just can't be who she wants to be because her parents won't let her be the dyke that nature made her.

  46. Anonymous4:46 PM

    'Splody heads sploding' right, Sarah?

  47. Anonymous4:49 PM


  48. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Anonymous4:32 PM
    Bristol had a 3.497 gpa!

    Don't forget Bristol moved to Arizona and was accepted to Arizona State University

    + Bristol Palin's College Decision -- Signs Point to Arizona State University Sun ... › 2010/12/24 › bristol-palin-s...

    1. No, she was NOT accepted at ASU.

      And no she did NOT graduate with a 3.947.

      In fact she did not graduate at all.

      Her mom paid for her diploma.

      As you so often like to say, fact!

    2. Oops, meant 3.497.


    3. Anonymous5:06 PM

      @4:54 PM You can never show any proof that Bristol Palin had a gpa above 2.0 and you know it. Her classification was Special Ed student. Bristol Palin could not even attempt to pass a college entrance exam.

    4. Anonymous5:14 PM

      Some people will believe anything, Gryph!
      Holy crap, what idiots.

    5. Anonymous5:14 PM

      "Bristol boasted a 3.497 G.P.A., regretting only that she was "point zero-zero-something" away from graduating with Honors. A budding activist in the cause to prevent teen pregnancy, she says she hopes to go to an area college for a two-year business degree and then a job, possibly in real estate. ",,20279197,00.html

    6. Anonymous5:17 PM

      What about the report that Bristol works for Dr. Jack Meoff?

      Anything to that?

    7. Anonymous5:24 PM

      @5:14 PM You think that is proof? They print anything that the Palins tell them. Why not show her High School transcripts? Why diddle around with Palin paid rags? You Palinbots would believe that Bristol and Willow were class valedictorians.

    8. Anonymous5:26 PM

      bwahahahahaha 5:14 PM

      Of course she did, and in reality could not keep her legs closed while preaching abstinence, selling scam diet drinks, and hawking sweatshirts. What a gal!

    9. Anonymous5:31 PM

      5:14 PM Is this the Bristol Palin(November, 2010) who was a budding activist in the cause to prevent teen pregnancy? Wasn't she pregnant while being paid by Candies Foundation?

    10. Anonymous5:33 PM

      The claim that Bristol had a 3.497 GPA seems kind of ridiculous. I personally doubted it as soon as I saw it.

      After the past few years of epic Palin exploits and douchebaggery it seems even less likely that Bristol did graduate

      ""point zero-zero-something" away from graduating with Honors". From anywhere.

      What to do?

      Should everyone act like this ridiculous 3.497 GPA claim was never published by People?

      How about posting that exact quote with link it on occasions where it seems to fit into the discussion?

    11. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Hi Alicia,
      Bristol lived in Arizona for a few months. She never went to school there. In your dreams.

    12. Anonymous7:12 PM

      "Point zero zero something"'d think a near-honor student could math more accurately than "something".

    13. Anonymous8:04 PM

      "Point zero zero something"

      Should have hardass workered more in that abstinence class?

      3.500 GPA for the win!

  49. Anonymous5:08 PM

    When people lie about the Palins, it just makes them stronger.

    For instance this is another lie

    Willow Palin Accused Of Taking Part In Drug Deal

    Margaret Hartmann
    11/22/10 1:45pm

    Several former peers of the 16-year-old have gone on-record to exclusively reveal to Life & Style that Willow took part in a 1am drug deal, and that she “chugged” vodka when she was just 15.

    Lance Nezaticky, a former classmate of Willow’s, tells Life & Style that he watched as Willow took part in a drug transaction in a deserted Target parking lot in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, around 1 a.m. on a December night last year. Lance, 18, watched as a male driver pulled up, with Willow riding in the passenger seat. The driver bought $20 worth of marijuana, says Nezaticky, then handed it to Willow. “It was definitely her,” Nezaticky tells Life & Style. “There’s no question. I had met her before.” After buying roughly 2 grams of pot, Willow and her companion drove off. “Willow had been told that the pot was really good stuff,” Nezaticky recalls.


    1. Anonymous5:40 PM

      When people lie about the Palins, it just makes them stronger.

      Track is a weakling, pussy as he says. Does that mean people are not lying about him?

    2. Anonymous8:10 PM

      5:40 PM Is Sarah Palin showing her strength by staying at home and obeying Donald Trump's wishes to keep her mouth shut?

    3. Anonymous9:21 PM

      Sarah is staying far away...

  50. Anonymous5:13 PM

    I feel bad for these kids. They never really had a chance. And it's hard to find your way when your parents don't sacrifice for your greater good. I can't condemn them when they were never cared for. Stupid, selfish people should not breed.

    1. Anonymous5:48 PM

      Here, let me fix it for you, morons shouldn't breed.

      Eugenics is a very valuable tool. If it is enacted then we DON'T end up with people like Heath/Palins.

      Time to bring it back.

    2. Anonymous6:19 PM

      I can condemn them. As adults they have a choice to be decent members of our society and have chosen not to. Many people come from horrid home lives and turn out great, in fact, I married one.

    3. Anonymous6:46 PM

      True. But many cannot and do not. And it's not in my best interest to condemn anyone. Condemnation is not my job or my responsibility and my condemnation helps no one. But if helps you, go for it.

  51. Anonymous5:19 PM

    29005 N 82nd St, Scottsdale, AZ 85266

    Still on the market. 209 days. $2,375,000.

    Median price of houses in the neighborhood: $773.500

    1. Anonymous5:49 PM

      I guess it is really easy to sell that expensive house in the Arizona heat.

    2. Anonymous6:05 PM

      They'll sit on that forever, Old Redneck!
      Who would ever buy that?

    3. Anonymous6:18 PM


  52. Anonymous5:21 PM

    -- quote

    Despite widespread rumors to the contrary, Bristol Palin will not be attending the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.

    It is true that Bristol, the eldest daughter of Sarah Palin, recently purchased a home in Maricopa, the outlying Valley suburb in Pinal County.

    She bought the five-bedroom home in a community called Cobblestones Farms for $174,000.

    Exactly why she purchased the home - investment? quiet winter getaway? - remains such a mystery, that apparently rumors were necessary to make sense of it all.

    So reported that Bristol was "telling friends" that she may enroll at an Arizona college. And because Maricopa is "just miles" from the Cronkite School, the website connected the dots and reported that Bristol would soon be a Sun Devil.

    Never mind the fact that the Bristol's home is more than 35 miles from the school.

    But the Washington Post started repeating the rumor, and the Huffington Post repeated it and the Wall Street Journal got involved.

    The problem, of course, is that it was never the case.

    "She is not a student. She hasn't applied. It is pure fiction," the dean of the Cronkite School, Chris Callahan, said Tuesday morning. "If anybody had called and asked me that, we would have been glad to tell them."

    So now there are two facts: Bristol bought a home in Maricopa. Bristol is not going to be hitting the books at the Cronkite School.

    -- end quote

    1. Anonymous9:08 PM

      So what was the real reason mommy and daddy bought bristol a house in AZ?

      Also it seemed like it was out in the boonies, odd place for a single mother with a child to "buy" a house.

  53. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Okay Gryphen I think you are correct Bristol did not attend ASU. But she was a radio host in Arizona.

    Bristol Palin Offered Phoenix Radio Gig | ...
    Fox News › politics › 2011/01/07 › brist...
    - Jan 7, 2011 - She may be moving from snowy Alaska to the Valley of the Sun, and now a Phoenix radio station has offered Bristol Palin a job ... Arizona, about 25 miles south of downtown Phoenix

    1. Anonymous5:31 PM

      She NEVER was. Get your facts straight.

    2. Anonymous5:31 PM

      She never did that. She turned it down, that was during the time when she was "mysteriously fat" after dancing with the stars.

      Bristol was in Haiti with her mother and Franklin Graham during that time, once again while looking very fucking fat for a girl that had been dancing and training for 8 hours per day all fall of 2010.

    3. Anonymous5:34 PM

      Was this before she started working for Dr jackmeoff?

    4. Anonymous5:41 PM

      Hey 5:21 PM Are you drunk or stupid or both? Take a look at Bristol Palin's pregnant body in 2010.

    5. Anonymous5:42 PM

      Fanning the flames!

      Here's another good "Bristol" quote. From her blog in August 2015.

      "I don’t endorse everything Donald Trump says or does… Mainly because I actually have to work for a living and I don’t pay as much attention to politics as professional pundits. But I know that I hate the “politics of outrage” that people engage in.

      Give me a break.

      We only have so many opportunities to hear from the fifty million candidates who are apparently running for President. And we get the Fox moderators asking questions that the New York Times applauds? Please. Let’s don’t use the Democratic “war on women” talking points when we have ISIS to worry about."

      GIVE ME A BREAK? lol Ok Bristol.

    6. Anonymous5:49 PM

      Bristol was never a radio host. Bristol was lucky to finish high school, maybe. She had no training at all to serve as a radio host. And, she had no personality that would make her a great talent on the radio.

      Bristol, on the radio in Arizona? Biggest laugh of the night.

    7. Anonymous6:03 PM


    8. Anonymous6:08 PM

      Fat or DWTS baby?

  54. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Will Sarah show up at Jordan's baby shower or will she be to embarrassed. Will Jordan have a baby shower and will Track show up? It would be awkward to say the least. The guest's can say "Sarah is Track going to be here?" and Sarah will have to say "Uhmm, maybe if they let him out of rehab. The punch isn't spiked is it? Oh sorry i said punch."

  55. Anonymous6:01 PM

    The Palin children, er, losers, have been pampered all of their lives. Just like the Trump children, except the Wasilla hillbillies are ignorant, uneducated misfits. Just look at the way Track has lived. He hasn't gotten off his ass and done anything, except for maybe an odd job here and there. For the most part his girlfriend has been his caretaker and the bread winner. Track got off with a light sentence, but unless he gets treatment for his anger issues at the same time as alcohol/drug addiction, he will not succeed.

    1. Anonymous8:41 PM

      Oh me oh my, just another woman thinking she can change a guy. Well, she will need support.

  56. Anonymous6:16 PM

    He doesn't take care of his first bastard, why would you assume he'd be interested in caring for the second one?

  57. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Bristol Palin ASU college student
    Bristol Palin Realtor
    Bristol Palin Radio host
    Bristol Palin trinket salesperson
    Bristol Palin health shake salesperson
    Bristol Palin shirt salesperson
    Bristol Palin office medical manager
    Bristol Palin reality star
    Bristol Palin author
    Bristol Palin abstinence spokesperson
    Bristol Palin ballroom dancer
    Bristol Palin cosmetologist
    Bristol Palin mother of 2 half siblings
    Bristol Palin birthday party boxer
    Bristol Palin ???

    Bristol pick something and try to excel at it

    Bristol Palin 2009

    ... she says she hopes to go to an area college for a two-year business degree and then a job, possibly in real estateq

  58. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Jordan Loewe is having a baby shower? How about a wedding shower?

    Where is Jordan registered at?

    Everlast Boxing
    Title Boxing
    Dick's Sporting Goods
    Nike Boxing

    1. Anonymous6:49 PM

      A girl has to protect herself

    2. Anonymous7:24 PM

      Forget about having a baby shower, is her jaw okay?

  59. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Why was Bristol Palin wearing a winter scarf with a t-shirt in 86 degree Haiti heat December 11, 2010?

  60. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Sarah would you say that Bristol and Track had PTSD in 2007? Sarah's children Willow, Bristol and Track sure did party hard.

    Anonymous October 22, 2011 at 5:52 PM
    I am very interested in the sinking of the M/V Pacifica in Juneau in March 2007. From the little that remains on the internet, Bristol and Track were quite the hard partiers at that time in Juneau and some of that partying was on this yacht. Bristol was rumored to have been an "item" with the son of the boat's owner, Dylan Kolvig. This would be Sarah's first year as gov. of Alaska, and it appears that the two oldest kids were out of control. Bristol got pregnant and was sent to Anchorage and Track was sent to Michigan. The absence of any news coverage of this yacht sinking is most curious indeed. I am sure there are people in Juneau who know the story. I wish they would come out and tell the truth.

    1. Anonymous8:37 PM

      I guess that it's a good time to mention to Sarah Palin that over time most stories do come out. We heard about JKF's mistresses and FDR's mistress. We learned who Deep Throat from Watergate was. And, eventually, we will learn the Palin secrets. Sorry, Sarah, but you know that's the truth. You can threaten and muscle people, but eventually the stories will come out.

    2. Anonymous9:20 PM

      Maybe one day they will have a sudden realization that the secret keeping and lies contribute to causing their family and personal problems?

      Never mind.

  61. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Don't forget about the Cheeky B in 2007

    1. Cheeky B?
    2. Pacifica?

    Curious, is Bristol's pontoon boat at the bottom of the lake?

    Damn! Talk about coincidences. Two boats, slips were next to each other, both sunk within a couple hours of each other.

    Anonymous December 21, 2011 at 3:06 AM

    There was another boat, the "Cheeky B" that sunk in the slip next to the Pacifica on the same night/morning...they sunk within a couple of hours of each other. Supposedly Track and Bristol were there. FOIA requests were took months to get them back and both reports were completely blacked out. The reports were send to an Anti-Palin blogger.

    What is the cover up? Anything to do with a Palin is always covered in secrecy.

    Something rotten happened that night in 2007. The Pacifica was owned by the father of Dylan Kolvig...the suspected biological father of Trig Palin.

    1. Anonymous8:30 PM

      I guess that's an Alaskan warning not to say anything.

  62. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Melania Trump just finished speaking at the GOP Freak Show. Someone over on Raw Story just commented that Melania was the first person for whom English is a second language to address a political convention since Sarah Palin in 2008.

    1. Anonymous8:01 PM


    2. Anonymous8:38 PM

      Oh, that explains it, why she took Mrs O speech.

    3. Anonymous9:18 PM


      The dRUMPFs can't even hire a ghostwtriter that's honest.

      What are the wingnuts at the convention saying about Melania and her daring to expose those bare arms?

  63. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Gryph, you may wish him well. I surely do not. He is a serial abuser and there will be no change in his behavior, alcohol free or not. I dry drunk can be as bad or worse than a wet one.

    And what about all the other drugs he has been abusing for 10 or more years?

    I wish him KARMA.

  64. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Two adjoining boats (Pacifica and Cheeky B) sunk within hours of each other, schools had to close because of buses were tampered with, Curt Menard Jr's airplane gas can contaminated with water and his plane crashed, Dar Miller perished in a mysterious house fire, church where Trig's birth certificate was located also burned down. What is the common factor in these unexplained accidents and tragedies? Are you guys located in the Bermuda Triangle?

    1. Anonymous7:43 PM

      Up in these parts we call it the Palin Triangle

    2. Anonymous7:46 PM

      Nothing to joke about. Somebody knows what's going on and they are not talking

  65. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Re Gryph's comment about how long Track has been substance abusing: that really doesn't have anything to do with his chances of successfully addressing his addiction(s). People in their 70s and 80s get sober. The key isn't how long you've been addicted but whether you've hit bottom and fully accept that you're powerless over the substance (this doesn't mean you're powerless to change/stop -- it means you accept that you simply can't drink moderately or use casually like other people because you're not wired that way, so the only answer is stopping drinking/using completely).

    Some people who are court-ordered into addiction counseling are resentful about or bored by the remediation; they aren't ready to change and just see the treatment as something to get through and get done. They won't be sober for very long. But for many people, getting arrested under these violent circumstances (and losing overnight custody of a child) would truly be hitting bottom and would inspire a sincere desire to get and stay sober.

    I don't know which category Track falls into yet, and neither does anyone here. I wish that he has been held legally responsible for his violence. He wasn't, though, and at this point the best outcome for the people he might hurt in the future, including himself, is for him to 1) recognize his life has become unmanageable because of alcohol (and possibly other drugs) and 2) truly desire to get and stay clean. I'm rooting for that.

    1. Anonymous8:00 PM

      Me too.

    2. Anonymous8:05 PM

      Obviously, that should have been "I wish that he HAD been held legally responsible for his violence."

    3. Anonymous8:37 PM

      And when you have an enabling family, that will NEVER happen. The best thing that any of them could do FOR their family is to get out of public life and truly work on their issues, but they never will.

  66. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Isn't it odd that all the tabloids are not buying Sarah's version about the Obama induced PTSD and are printing Track is an alcoholic?

    Is Sarah planning on suing all of them?

    When does the rest of the family begin rehab, they could get a family discount.

  67. 7:50PM - Are you a friend of Bill W? I agree with your comments - I've been in a 12 Step program Since 04/1990.

    I've expressed my own outrage at the palins numerous times since 2008. However, when it comes to alcoholism and/or drug addiction, I have to speak from the heart. Otherwise, I'd be a hypocrite to pretend I'm above all that effed up behavior.

    The Palins are the face of dysfunction, chaos, secrets and lies which are directly tied to the untreated alcoholism/addiction in that family. It's why we refer to it as a family disease.

    Sadly, comments like the one from 3:55 PM contribute to the stigma of 12 Step recovery - to suggest that "medication is more effective than that 12 Step BS" - is irresponsible and obviously ill informed. We have a massive addiction problem in our country from prescription Meds - unless that person has been hiding under a rock, they can't possibly believe there's a magic pill to fix alcoholism/addiction. It does not exist.

    Sobriety is more complex and it takes work - it's simple but also hard as hell. Honesty is the foundation - Track is surrounded by distortions, lies, manipulation and coldness. If he can separate from that compound long enough to come up for air, he just might find his way out of that hell.

    It took me a while before I finally hit my own bottom and experienced that moment of sanity. It was one of the hardest things I've ever faced - but my worst day sober is a thousand times better than my best day drunk.

    I don't usually break my annonymity but sometimes I will if I believe it's appropriate. I want others to know how dispicable, damaging and insidious the disease is.

    The Palins have given this country a picture of what alcohol/addiction looks like. The crazy we've all witnessed since 2008 is only the tip of the iceberg. Believe me, that family likely has far more ugly secrets hidden within the code of silence and mistrust. I'm convinced Sarah has some very dark secrets of her own demons.

    If just ONE of them seeks help, they would probably be sabotaged by the others who reject honesty and sobriety. Too much of a risk. Track is dangerous. His mother has likely known that for a very long time - I'm guessing he's the one that beat Todd to a pulp and it's probably not the first time.

    As we say - There, but for the Grace of God, go I.

    I know Gryphen is an atheist - I'm not. I respect his personal beliefs as I know he respects mine.


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