Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bristol Palin blames hunting for making her who she is today. Damn you hunting!

Courtesy of of some blog that I think might be written by Trig these days:

Hunting has always been a part of my life. It has helped form the person I am today. I am so thankful that my parents took me out into the wilderness and let me explore America the Beautiful. I would hope more and more children have the same experience.

Somebody who may or may not be, or have ever met, Bristol then continues on with 7 ways that hunting made her what she is today.

It's essentially a click bait focused post, so I did not bother going through all seven. (But it appears that she stole most of them. If not all of them.)

However it made me reflect on my one and only hunting trip with my father.

I was sixteen and we were hunting for moose, out of season of course.

As the hunting trip progressed my father got more and more drunk, and less and less appreciative of my inventive moose call which sounded a little bit like this, "MOOSE! Run for your lives, MOOSE! He has a gun!"

Anyhow after I managed to lead us back to the road and convince my father that emptying his rifle at me would probably alert the State Troopers we drove back home together with only the occasional "Not my damn kid" and "That's it I'm getting a blood test" to break  the silence.

Later, after the screaming stopped, by dad attempted to explain to me that he was taking me hunting to teach me something about life. I had no idea.

I thought he just wanted to kill something.

Imagine if I had learned the lessons from hunting that Bristol learned from her father.

Then I too could have two different children from two different partners (That we know about.), have a failed reality show career under my belt, be hawking weight loss products on the internet, and currently be married to a person who I tricked into marrying me.

Yep, it would be an entirely different life alright.

In all seriousness even though I have mixed feelings about hunting it does not deserve to be blamed for Bristol Palin. 


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Hunting is only for jerks but I fail to see how she "tricked" Dakota into marrying her. She also allegedly "tricked" others for various things (Levi, etc).

    For someone who is as dumb as you claim, she sure is able to "trick" lots of people. Are they more dumb than even a Palin?

    1. Anonymous4:47 PM

      Actually, we have ZERO proof of their (cough) marriage. A standard vacation photo doesn't cut it with us around here.

    2. Anonymous5:09 PM

      She got pregnant in February before she even hooked up with MOH. She got herself engaged to him very quickly, with a May wedding planned. THEN he finds out that Ms. Perfect is pregnant, so he kicks her out. She runs back to Mommy, and let s the world know how 'disappointed' she is to have let us all down again with another unwanted baby. Mommy trashes Dakota, calls him out, and insists he was nonexistent during the pregnancy. Bristol delivers in November, does some fancy photoshopping to make it seem like they had their bundle of joy in December, and suddenly, Dakota comes running and even more suddenly, they are all on a Hawaii beach sporting Sarah's engagement ring again (Sarah bought the ring Bristol says is from Dakota.)
      That is the brief version of how she tricked him. I suspect that Dakota had a vasectomy before he went to Afghanistan or Iraq or wherever he 'earned' his MOH, and that's why he threw Brissy out. Then he decided that being a 'family guy' would be better for his image, so off he ran to Alaska, where he isn't working, and can't even vote, nor collect the nice oil check. I guess SARAHPAC is footing their bills.

    3. Anonymous5:44 PM

      SarahPAC doesn't have the money remaining to pay their bills.

      Suspicion that Dakota had a vasectomy is not proof, by any means.

      We have these things called DNA tests now which can confirm paternity.

      You have no direct knowledge of when they first hooked up.

      You're hopelessly stupid is the only thing definitive here.

    4. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Great comment @5:44.

    5. Anonymous6:23 PM

      5:44 is responding to themselves. Sad.

    6. Anonymous6:40 PM

      You have no direct knowledge of when they first hooked up.

      It isn't public. People do have knowledge and want to be secretive and mysterious like Bristol. HA! Ha! HA! Ha! You don't know.

    7. Anonymous7:16 PM

      All of Bristol's tricks are via lawyers. Her mother brought her up that way and her mother can fund her nastiness. If Sarah wasn't a millionaire none of Bristol's shit would have happened.

    8. Anonymous9:19 PM

      4:36, Perhaps.

    9. Anonymous3:51 AM

      7:16 Oh, I think Bristles would still have become a nymphomaniac, unwed mother of 5 or 6. Even now, she is STILL trying to become a star. No talent, nothing special to look at, certainly uneducated. What does she have to offer, apart from her well worn, used up hoohah?

  2. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Did they only hunt during rutting season? Because that would explain a lot.

    1. Anonymous3:52 AM

      Yes it would explain a lot!!

  3. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Like no one other than alaskans hunt. What poor under educated people or hicks. NM, AZ are well known for hunting. Nothing interesting. Just a dumb and dumber picture.

    1. Anonymous5:09 PM

      Does anyone in that tribe think before they post? I guess not!

    2. Anonymous7:14 PM

      My New Englander husband grew up in urban South Boston, the son of a poor widow- he became an excellent hunter out of hunger. No government was crookedly giving him a per diem to sleep in his own bed and eat at home.

    3. Anonymous8:43 PM

      CA, NV, TX, AL, GA, FL, MN, etc., etc. Hunting takes place all over America. These comments are lacking in intelligence.

    4. Anonymous3:54 AM

      During hunting season in Wisconsin, the bars hold "Ladies Nights" THAT would be more along the PayMe's line. Unless she would have gone hunting for someone else's hisband out in the wild?

    5. Anonymous4:54 AM

      umm PA. KY, NJ, W VA....every fucking state has hunters....maybe not Hawaii but I can't say for sure.

    6. Anonymous7:40 AM

      The only hunting paymes do is for take out at Taco bell. They're too lazy to cook so why hunt to fill the freezer? So,I call Bullshit, Barstool.

  4. Anonymous4:59 PM

    And Colorado.

    1. Anonymous5:29 PM

      And the woods behind my house. Not sure what's out there or if it's legal, but there sure is a lot of shootin' going on.

    2. Anonymous6:42 PM

      Even California! Our neighbor regularly went hunting, and he would give us a small piece of whatever kill he brought home...

    3. Anonymous3:56 AM

      When we were in Colorado, my daughter (in grade school) wanted to take the the hide to school for Show and Tell!!

  5. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Todd sure did make a quick recovery from his 'near death' snow machine collusion with that tree. I wonder who was in that hospital bed when the girls were so happy. I've never broken a bone (damn, I just don't know vibrancy!) but it would seem that breaking multiple ribs and a collarbone would require more than a month's recovery (remember him slouching in that couch with the kids so close?) The whole family is a wonder Sarah though Trump would embrace them. I guess the Palin lies were a bridge too far for even The Donald.


    1. Anonymous5:24 AM

      4:59 A tree named Track?

    2. Anonymous11:05 AM

      The picture isn't that old....Bristol is sporting her fake chin.

  6. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I am a vegetarian. I wish everyone was. But, if people must eat meat, hunting is much more acceptable to me, personally. Raising animals in small pens, never allowing them to graze, transporting them in crowded cattle cars, using prods to keep them inline at the slaughter houses and the process of the slaughter are much more offensive and inhumane. Veal and lamb? At least hunters are required to hunt adult animals.
    I do hate the proud, throphy mentality so prevalent in hunting, though.

    1. Anonymous5:19 PM

      Good thing these people don't kill animals to kill animals.

    2. Anonymous5:54 PM

      Don't get your point, 5:19.

    3. Cracklin Charlie8:37 PM

      The stalker troll is trying to say that the Palins hunt to eat, instead of for trophies.

      I think the only thing they hunted was a good place to take a picture.

    4. Anonymous9:14 PM

      5:19 PM That would be the Trump family of 3 sons 2 daughters, and 3 mothers.

    5. Anonymous3:59 AM

      8:37 The PayMe's hunt to eat, alright. Hunt for any available restaurant where people will not be drunk and insult them!!

    6. Anonymous7:45 AM

      Likewise I hate penned animals doomed to slaughter. My folks knew their kids wouldn't eat the animals they raised. We did hunt and I will again this fall. The thought of the slaughter houses sickens me.

    7. Anonymous7:49 AM

      Modeling the clothes $$ doesn't make you a hunter,bristles. Momma got in trouble doing that while half gov. Was it Polaris, or Skidoo?

    8. Anonymous10:07 AM


      Likewise the thought of a beautiful wild animal being baited, or pursued to exhaustion only to be wounded and chased as it is bleeding to death then caught and given the "kill shot" makes me sick.

      Face it, most of the hunters out there are poor shots and the highest percentage only wound the animal with their first shot. Often the animal is lost and left to die a long and horrible death through blood loss or infection.

      Slaughter houses at least perform a quick and guaranteed kill thus the meat doesn't have the taint of the stress hormones that wild meat contains.

    9. Anonymous8:35 PM

      Anon@ 10:07. Do you have any sources to back up your claim about most hunters being bad shots. I hunt deer in Kentucky and the hunters I know take pride in their shooting abilities. I also put any deer I take into my freezer, my wife and I haven't bought any beef in three years. Stereotyping all hunters to suit your agenda just makes you appear ignorant.

  7. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Wow. Bristol is really, really short. And Todd is not tall, either.

    1. Anonymous5:19 PM

      Todd and Levi are the same height. Bristol is like an inch taller than Sarah.

    2. Anonymous5:40 PM

      Who said Levi is tall. Why do you need to bring him up at every turn?

    3. Anonymous4:00 AM

      Levi is GOOD LOOKING, with a beautiful wife and daughters. Maybe we would rather talk about that than the PayMe grifters?

    4. Anonymous7:56 AM

      Troll family. Speaking of trolls, what's the Russian Porno troll up to these days,barstool? Don't you "troll" the office where she works? Oh,haven't been working for Dr.Feel Good lately? Looks like that hockey puck/garden shovel you call a chin needs to be recalled.

  8. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Definitely getting tired of liberals victimizing people. Especially when the liberals are hypocrites.

    1. Anonymous5:41 PM

      Nobody gives a fuck what you're tired of Alicia.

    2. Anonymous7:34 PM

      Victimizing? I don't think you understand the meaning of the word. Get an education.

    3. Anonymous7:39 PM

      We need to get rid of some laws and come up with better ones.

      Interesting concept.
      "Russian plan to allow men to escape jail for using a prostitute – if they agree to marry her!"
      In California prostitution is defined as offering to, agreeing to, any lewd and or sexual act between persons for money or other consideration. Other considerations can include goods or services such as drugs.



    4. Anonymous8:44 PM

      What a tired, old meme.

    5. Anonymous6:17 AM

      junker907 Cute

    6. Anonymous11:23 AM

      Whatever you think about her you have to admit she is still working it one way or another.

  9. Anonymous5:19 PM

    ...hunting it does not deserve to be blamed for Bristol Palin.

    Is there any chance that anything the writer wrote for them is factual? She posed and did the gun things after the family was doing the publicity to sell them as 'family value'. It was all scripted. Todd was also a failure.

    Bristol is upset when Levi writes a book about his experiences with her and the pregnancy and decides to head back to Alaska, in this extra from episode 3.
    "Bristol, a Book, and the Beach" June 26, 2012

    After barely registering in ratings, "Life's a Tripp" loses

    JUNE 29, 2012 Lifetime Yanks Bristol Palin From Primetime, Replaces Her With 'Dance Moms' Repeats. After barely registering in ratings, "Life's a Tripp" loses its spot to encores in its third week.
    Bristol appears in promotional photos. June 11, 2012
    Books and Shotguns

    The Ten Worst People on Reality TV

    People - military and civilians - die in ways that are anything but entertaining.”

    Nobel Peace Prize winners condemn TV reality show for 'glorifying armed violence'
    A group of nine Nobel Peace Prize winners, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, have accused a new US military-style reality televison show of glorifying
    Celebrity entrants include Todd Palin, the husband of former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who is billed on the show’s website as a “one-man army”.

    Todd was unconvincing in his role, then he open his mouth.

    1. Anonymous5:42 PM

      I don't believe that a single Palin hunts without a camera crew. Fucking phonies.

    2. Anonymous6:08 PM

      This ruling has been seven years in the making as the Alaskan first claimed that the famous family was keeping his son from him back 2009. After $100,000 spent in legal fees, we can only imagine that Levi is over the moon with the verdict.

      Bristol has quite the resume.

      Just like her mother Bristol Palin uses children to manipulate and control others, and shield herself from criticism.

      Bristol Palin's message to her critics is childish, as usual.

      Bristol Palin, pictured here with her son Tripp, is fighting to get more money from her ex-fiance Levi Johnston.

      bristol i'm older she'[s cuter two

      By the way here is that photo of Track with Trig and Tripp, that Bristol ripped down from her Instagram account after the news broke that Track is a woman ...

      Anchorage Press: Courtesy; Marina Lupas "The Exotic Russian"
      The aforementioned blogs made much of Lupas’s small business endeavors—she apparently has a company called Exotix LLC, which seems to serve no other purpose than marketing Lupas as an exotic model.
      Wonder what they are hunting?


    3. Anonymous7:09 PM

      In the DailyMail link provided by 6:08, why is it that this seems to be a Palin trait....Track is holding both boys in a (too) tight hand-grip. Just like the most recent photo of Sarah and Tripp and the earlier engagement (or marriage) photo of Bristol with Dakota. All show the Palin party clutching their subject with a vein-popping grip.

    4. Anonymous8:46 PM

      What was the point of your lengthy post?

    5. Anonymous10:02 PM

      @8:46, if you don't like it, don't read it.

    6. Anonymous6:26 AM

      Remember when Dakota faked this Craighead photo to look like they were in church one Easter? Actually their master manipulator was always lurking over her creation as the actual photo made obvious.

      Is there ever a time when any of this miscreants don't look like they are making stuff up. Like the liars and frauds they are....

  10. Anonymous5:20 PM

    She did have a good childhood.

    1. Anonymous5:43 PM

      Prove it,troll

    2. Anonymous7:35 PM


    3. Anonymous7:43 PM

      It is not that hard to look at Sarah and imagine what a childhood her kids had.

      Oh my!

    4. Anonymous9:07 PM

      @5:20 PM From the looks of this 2006 family photo when Bristol Palin was 16 years old,
      her childhood was cut short by a pregnancy.
      BTW, what happened to that fetus? Surely YOU know, aren't you the Palin family historian?

    5. Anonymous10:46 PM

      This 2006 photo?

    6. Anonymous8:06 AM

      What about pregnant young teen barstool in New York at some MTV gig. Where's that kid? Trig.

    7. Anonymous10:44 AM

      Oh Sarah crucifies those she cannot forget!

  11. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Love when lobs out themselves as manipulative liars. Keep victimizing her.

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      No one cares what you love, Alicia. Least of all "lobs".

    2. Anonymous7:37 PM

      What is a lob? Damn you are SO ignorant. No one is "victimizing" anyone! Do you mean criticizing?

    3. Anonymous9:03 PM

      5:22 pm Alicia You love kissing the Palin slobs' asses.

    4. Anonymous8:10 AM

      Alicia needs to take her 400 lb aged out ass down to the homeless shelter and give her parent a break.Hopefully they won't have wifi.

    5. Anonymous11:18 AM

      This is a public blog capable of being accessed by millions of people, yet the IMers like to think they know who is posting.

      You wallow in speculation like pigs in shit. Seek help.

    6. Anonymous1:24 PM

      No doubt about it @522 for sure they know it is the lobs.

  12. Anonymous5:30 PM

    She did hunt on her 21st bday.

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      For cock maybe.

    2. Anonymous6:46 PM

      $he did hunt for a lumbersexual and caught herself a dumbersexual...

    3. Anonymous7:43 PM

      She is definitely a semen hunter/ collector

    4. Anonymous9:01 PM

      5:30 PM In 2012? Isn't that when Mitt Romney ordered Sarah Palin to stay away from the RNC?

    5. Anonymous1:29 PM

      Dumbersexual!!!!! Good one!

  13. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Hey Bristol. bragging or complaining!

    1. Anonymous5:49 PM

      Lol. Haters gonna hate. No matter how many victimize her she will continue doing good and working hard for her kids first. Both of whom have a college fund.

    2. Anonymous6:27 PM

      You really need to stop with the college fund lie, Alicia. Its such a weird lie to fixate on. These people don't care about higher education. And only overgrown 12 year olds say "haters gonna hate". That's why the Palin's are so fond of it.

    3. Anonymous7:38 PM

      A college fund!!?!? Hilarious!

    4. Anonymous8:33 PM

      6:27 PM:
      BINGO! :-)

    5. Anonymous8:47 PM

      Excuse me troll, Palins ALL victimize themselves. It isn't possible for us to victimize them.

    6. Anonymous8:59 PM

      BWAHAHAHAHA 5:49 PM is on one again. Have you personally ever met any of the Palins? Why do they have restraining orders against you? Are they the 'haters' that you are writing about? Are James and Linda stressing out with you still living there?

    7. Anonymous8:18 AM

      5:49. WHICH kids? WHAT college fund? Dumb broad doesn't have a pot to piss in without mommy's grifter fund. Push $$ for keeping quiet about all the missing babies and palin dirty deeds have paid well in the past. Walmart hiring,Alicia,Brissles, Stinky,Two tone Pockadot dude,and Dumbkota!

  14. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Even the 'supposed' hunting photo of Bristol and Toad smacks of phoniness! The Palins are the worst examples of frauds in the State of Alaska!

    1. Anonymous6:12 PM

      Good thing your opinion, as well as mine, is pointless and fruitless.

    2. Anonymous6:29 PM

      Then why are you responding, 6:12pm?

    3. Anonymous6:31 PM

      "The Palins are the worst examples of frauds in the State of Alaska"
      Shouldn't that be the BEST? Doh!

  15. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I love how charitable she is. Her favorite part of dwts was all the charities they worked with and making friends in production. She just wants people to see that hunting isn't about killing. It's about feeding people. She's always eaten meat caught by a family member. If her dad didn't get one one year her brother or grandpa did. Funny. Her and Levis relationship was strongest in 07 yet Levi never talked about those moose hunts Todd went on? 2 in sept. Remember that from the Gov emails when Sarah was discussing setting up track and his friends army party.

    1. Anonymous5:55 PM


    2. Anonymous6:00 PM

      Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah ....
      Stuff it Alicia.

    3. Anonymous6:11 PM

      I am not a troll. And that is all true and was SAID at the time. What's the point in negating positive stuff, hater?

    4. Anonymous6:17 PM

      Who is that? I am not a troll if that is what you're assuming. You you can hate and lie but that is all true.

    5. Anonymous6:20 PM

      Which was the ugliest failure? Life With Tripp or DWTS?
      Brissy looked like she was a Valley hick that had never been out of Wasilla when they took her to some warehouse to pose like she was doing something charitable. The entire family is documented over and over being fake. They are dull and have no talent.

      'It's about feeding people.' Who doesn't know that is script?

      Sarah is lucky she wasn't caught
      co-conspiring with thugs. 'Gov emails when Sarah was discussing setting up track and his friends army party.' Torched Wasilla Bible church.

    6. Anonymous6:31 PM

      6:11/6:17 True? Prove it! Oh that's right, Alicia! You can't! Because this bullshit only happens in your head, you sick bitch!

    7. Anonymous7:02 PM

      Alicia, you stupid non-Alaskan suburban bitch-when did Track ever shoot a moose, you lying moron? Do better stalking, idiot- NObody shoots a moose unless they get a tag for it - IN A LOTTERY! Got that, you freak?

    8. Anonymous7:06 PM

      Levi talked all about his own moose hunts, and his father's and his grandfather's and his great-grandfather's.

      He also talked about Todd running all around town looking for moose meat because the cameras were coming to film his wife cooking. Naturally they had to send out for moose meat- because the Palins are not hunters.

    9. Anonymous7:21 PM

      Oh go shove it 5:47. Do you know the cost of processing a deer let alone a moose.

      If you carve that deer up yourself it's crap meat. I live in Michigan you ass so your not fooling me at all. You kill a deer here it needs to be tested. Then they add fat to the ground beef which is the only part that tastes half way decent.

      You think the Palin's are poor? Do you have any idea how much meat you can buy for the cost of processing? It's all about bragging. You better be a goddamn good shot so that animal does not suffer.

      I live on 22 acres bordered by state land. My Husband hunts and i can tell you he would never take a shot unless he was sure. Every hunting season people come to our door asking if they can come on our land to look for a deer they shot and it ran wanting to track it by the blood trail.

      This is reality to many hunters out there are bad shots and wound deer to let them bleed out and die for no purpose.

      Any idiot can wield a gun. If you are a real hunter you never, ever take a shot unless you are certain it will kill.

      Don't even get me started on fenced in farms where you are gauranteed a kill, you may as well be shooting a cow like we all saw Sarah do in her stupid reality tv show.

      You honestly think Bristol and Sarah and Todd eat that shit? It's all image baby. You never ate deer or moose in your life you have never lived in a rural setting have you. Nothing special about the Palin's at all. They are multi milloinaires living the good life wearing expensive hunting clothes and you think they need to eat moose.

      Their cost of their hunting clothes alone would feed that idiot family for at least half a year They don't fool real hunters.

    10. Anonymous8:48 PM


    11. Anonymous8:51 PM


    12. Anonymous8:55 PM


    13. Anonymous10:48 AM

      I have noticed most regular commentators - then there is the one(s) who E C H O !
      I wonder when they will realize no one cares!

    14. Anonymous3:35 PM

      @10:48 Your stupid ass cares enough to constantly parrot your "no one cares" crap.

    15. Meghan, why are you posting as anonymous. Your aggressive profanity laced posts are a dead giveaway.

  16. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Reality check: According to Bristol, she didn't know how to handle a gun in 2007. If her parents took her hunting, they were lousy teachers.

    From Bristol Palin's MySpace [typos and all]:

    4/18/2007 9:37 PM
    hey, hahaha i went and shoot a tree!! i was so scared of the kick-back and the noise though..everyone had to help me and i was so embarrassed. but anways how was your day??tracks little bitch ass decited to tell my parents im a stoner..hes soo tight..and when i get home, im gonna kick him in the balls. you should have stayed home this week though, im flying out in like half an-hour..its going to be gay,im going to glenalen..GAY

    1. Anonymous6:32 PM

      4.0 my ass. She sounds brain damaged.

    2. Anonymous8:44 PM

      Bristol is mentally challenged. She was taught by her mother to kick Track in the balls? At 16 years old, Bristol was a 'stoner'? What a history of dysfunction.

    3. Anonymous8:49 PM

      BWAHAHAHA, "i went and shoot a tree"? "decited"? 3.497 GPA? BULLSHIT!!! Those Palin kids were fighting each other just like they fought Todd Palin. What a group of uneducated, raised like wolves fools.

    4. Anonymous5:04 AM

      i wish i was motivated enough to post this on her blog...lmao

    5. Anonymous5:11 AM

      Great find!!
      Good job!

    6. Anonymous7:51 AM

      I think Bristles got brain damage from her head banging the headboard so much.Or else the steering wheel.

    7. Anonymous11:23 AM

      If you had a screen shot of this, that might be something.

      As it is... nadda.

    8. Anonymous3:31 PM

      @11:23, What do you have? nada?

  17. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Is this a photo shop?

    1. Anonymous6:49 PM

      It's not Photoshopped, it's just been heavily 'beauty' filtered using one (or more) of the one-click filters that probably came pre-installed on the phone it was snapped with.

      Implying a working knowledge of Pshop is giving WAY too much credit. That would mean that someone sat down and LEARNED something.

    2. Anonymous6:55 PM

      I've noticed that Bristol always uses a filter, she has 5 or 6 that she uses. I have no doubt that she tries several every time.

  18. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Are you implying that Trig is mentally disabled?

    1. Anonymous6:33 PM

      He has Down Syndrome, you twit.

    2. Anonymous8:38 PM

      Who is not mentally disabled in the Palin family? It is in their genes.

    3. Anonymous8:53 PM

      HOLY FUCK! You really had to ask that? Come late to the party?

    4. Anonymous10:50 AM

      Oh the agony! Oh the paycheck to raise him!
      The State of Alaska pays out $150k to care!
      So that is why Sarah has so many LLC's!
      Now I wonder where she learned that from?

  19. Anonymous6:19 PM

    People falsely accuse people as beings trolls just for repeating truth. Haters here scream "you don't know these people" when Gryphen and every commenter does not know any of these people. Considering how hypocritical it is to cover up lies of people you blindly support and let THEM move on from their bad mistakes, while exaggerating the lives of others and refusing to let them move on, it's clear this blogger is mentally ill.

    Everyone needs to stop stalking these people whom none of you all know.

    It was a BEAUTIFUL 65 degree day today. GO OUT AND ENJOY LIFE AND stop fabricating the lives of others.

    1. Anonymous6:34 PM

      Why don't you shut your fucking mouth and stop telling people what to do,TROLL!!!

    2. Anonymous6:52 PM

      I would never tell if I know these people. I don't lie, I just don't mention it. No one has to know who knows who.

      I know enough to know the propaganda from the reality TV and what is a put on and unrealistic.

      It is night time and I have been out already.

      Remember this?
      ruffled ear bristol and mercedes

      This is just funny.
      ‘Necessary For Medical Reasons’
      Sure, it seemed strange when we read famed Hollywood reproducer Bristol Palin was moving “to Los Angeles from Wasilla, Alaska” to live with two black people and will be “working” at “a job” for what will be the most fictional show in the history of American television

      For comic relief. Laughing is good for you, very positive.

    3. Anonymous6:57 PM

      Everybody, the Internet police has arrived!

      Why the hell are YOU inside telling us how to live our lives?

    4. Anonymous7:11 PM

      Yes, we do know these people. No, they are not hated?
      They are self absorbed morons. Not the brightest bulbs in the room. Mostly racists, greedy, grifters.
      Getting ahead at the expense of other people , even dumber then them.Maybe someday they will just go away. A reality show that just doesn't seem to get cancelled!
      They are all retarded.The dregs of society. Trash!

    5. Cracklin Charlie8:23 PM

      You do realize that it wasn't 65 degrees everywhere, don't you?

    6. Anonymous8:37 PM

      6:19 PM Go study your flashcards, stupid. Your English is atrocious. Get out of your Parents' apartment and find a job. Stay away from the internet. The Sheriff is growing tired of serving you with all of your restraining orders.

    7. Anonymous9:07 PM

      I will make you a deal 6:19 when Bristol quits selling her kids pics for a dime , when she finally decides to live her life privately than there is nothing to discuss. It's pretty simple . You either put your life on public or you don't.

      And if you do decide to post your kids pics for public consumption which i find to be a subtle form of child abuse because you have taken away their right to privacy like they are some kind of toy or object and not a person in their own right.

      Unfortunately there are no laws for children being used by a parent for their own gain. Tripp was used by Bristol in her reality TV show. She let her kid look like a spoiled brat to the public for a dime. That show was all about Tripp.

      What does anyone remember about that stupid show except Tripp saying "Faggot" or screaming about his Mother leaving her boyfriend at the side of the road.

      You think he is going to forget it? It's a form of child abuse.Children have a right to privacy and parents have an obligation to protect their kids from public negative opinion. Tripp has been damaged. His privacy has been taken away by his own Mother and she is now doing it to Sailor. A mother is supposed to protect their child not use them for money or publicity.

      And if you don't think this is child abuse your wrong! Those kids have no choice and no voice.

      We go on about rights for everyone but the most vulnerable. We sit here as a society and let kids be used in reality tv shows by idiot parents to make a dime. If Tripp and Sailor grow up to actually go to college or even graduate from High School it will be a miracle.

    8. Anonymous11:46 PM

      K then when she confesses her sins we might leave her alone! In the meantime...

    9. Anonymous1:53 AM

      That was Tripp's mother's boyfriend dumped on the side of the road- that was the man his mother made him call Daddy. I can't be the only one that remembers Bristol telling Tripp not to worry, she'd get him another daddy.

      Those are the lengths she went to just to try to hurt Levi. Bristol is a terrible mother and that footage will always be around to prove what a bitch she is.

    10. Anonymous5:45 AM

      1:53am, It floors me that she let them run that footage. Did she honestly think anyone would look at that and feel sorry for her?

    11. Anonymous9:23 AM

      1:53 & 5:45 Totally agree. That stunt should gouged a HUGE chunk out of her good mom claims. Lest we forget there was also the time she set her son up for a sad disappointment (for the camera) when she told him his daddy would meet him at a fun center knowing full well that Levi had said "no" to appearing in her lame reality video. Another mother/son vignette using a picture of her son's father as a shooting target.

      The list is endless and didn't stop with her latest maternal performance. Do she and her troll patrols think the greater public has forgotten how she and her mommy dearest tried to game, embarrass and humiliate the unnamed father-to-be?

    12. Anonymous10:27 AM

      Ah, the You Don't Know Them troll. How sweet.

    13. Anonymous10:29 AM

      "For comic relief. Laughing is good for you, very positive."

      I agree with James Clavell.

      Whoever finds quotes for Meyer does a pretty good job. Now that they read IM and they are saying whose quote it is, that is improvement.

      “Isn’t it only through laughter that we become one with the gods and thus can endure life and can overcome all the horror and waste and suffering here on earth? …Isn’t it only through laughter we can stay human?”
      ― James Clavell, Shōgun (Dakota Meyer 5 hours ago)

      Now Meyer can show his humanity. There is no excuse to delay work on the latest publicity or it is just a stunt.
      Meyer, show your friends from Missouri.

      He is posting for this one #‎turnsfortroops‬. Today 8/27/16. Dakota, don't stop with that. Child Labor, Sex Slaves, trafficking are critical. Second only to Drug Trafficking. Get on it. Clean up and do the publicity you were trained by the Marine's to do. You would not take the challenge unless you thought you were up to it.

      Aug 28 Dakota Meyer 24 minutes ago: Donald J. Trump's speech in Iowa was substantive and on point. It's exactly what America needs to hear.

    14. Anonymous12:50 PM

      Drug trafficking, sex slaves, and child labor? Dakota can find all of those at the dead lake in Wasilla. Drug trafficking=Track, Todd, and Sarah, sex slaves=Todd and Bristol, and child labor=Sarah and Bristol. Throw in Domestic Violence with weapons involved and Dakota has hit the jackpot without leaving home.

    15. Anonymous1:18 PM


      The APD and Wasilla law are famous and well known to serve the Palins and not the public. Now they can have Homeland Security and a Marine serving and protecting the criminals. Isn't that how it goes with good organized crime? I think it is just better protection for the Palin crime family. Not the little small time criminals. They are going to have to use and bust them to look like Dakota is legit.

  20. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Bristol please publish your best moose chili recipe and a video of you gutting and dressing out a moose carcass.

    Bet not even a single photo exist of Bristol with a dead moose, nor one of her cooking chili.

    What a fake and a fraud.

    1. Anonymous8:31 PM

      The skank can't even cook boxed mac & cheese without burning it.

  21. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Well, $HE might not have really grown up hunting, but Levi's son, Tripp, sure is growing up hunting and fishing! Sunny has a picture up of Tripp with one of his friends, Tripp holding a gun, and his friend a bird kill.
    At least Tripp is really learning to hunt for food, not for trophy, which I am totally fine with.
    Barf$tool, on the other side, more likely than not has never had a real hunting experience.

    1. Anonymous4:21 AM

      You mean apart from her hunting lumbersexuals and other bed partners at local bars?

    2. Anonymous8:31 AM

      The barstool has plenty of experience hunting for dick. Not something you'd put on a resume but gotta use what ya do best..huh,bristol?

    3. Anonymous12:20 PM

      I don't think he is her type and she is not his type.

  22. Anonymous6:46 PM

    A Bristol post always gets the obsessed and mentally ill agitated. Her mind is mush.

    1. Anonymous7:02 PM

      Yeah, it really gets Alicia and her ilk riled up.

    2. Anonymous8:30 PM

      @6:46 PM Yes, the lol troll gets super agitated.

    3. Anonymous4:22 AM

      Maybe it is not Alicia, maybe that is Bristles??

    4. Anonymous5:38 AM

      At one time it may have been Alicia. There was a brouhaha about her. It looked like the Palins did not like her. That may have been a ruse.

      Currently, I think it is Bristles, Sara and others close to them that are their help with troll work. Who else cares?

      Who would care about Levi as much as Bristles? Possibly Willow, Sara or Piper? Track may have times he is at a higher functioning level. He may want to fantasize that he is doing black ops in Eagle River again.

      The thing about Track is how they have to keep him hidden and no one can be seen with him. That is very telling.

      This is not a family that faces any of their issues and they are all trapped in the enable each other syndrome.

    5. Anonymous9:00 AM

      I believe some of these troll posts come from a new, captive/paid source: DumbkotAH.

    6. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Possible it is one of the house hub duties Sarah is demanding of him.

      We will be seeing him on a marine style major publicity tour to save captives if he is free enough to escape and do the humanitarian his advisers want him to create.

      There is no excuse for delay.

      He could have delayed launching the charity spiel. He must be ready to shit or get off the pot.

      Timing is critical.

    7. Anonymous10:52 AM

      900 haha their on a law budget! poor bastard

    8. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Or gee, I don't know. Maybe it's people whose lives don't revolve around rehashing the same old shit for 10 years. Or 9 or whatever. I don't keep tabs like the rest of you do.

    9. Anonymous12:43 PM

      @11:29 AM No, you just come here for Palin
      damage control, troll.

  23. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Just how old is that picture anyway?

  24. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Bristol is a Palin ... dull, uneducated, conniving. This is all an attempt to build a base for whatever she hawks. The last I heard it was spoldey colon cleansing shakes. The dullard knows nothing about hunting.

  25. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Very low IQ Bristles knows little about anything but cussing, being a teen mean girl, and spreading her legs to any male within 500 yards.

    Is that picture pre chinzilla?

  26. Anonymous7:20 PM

    A little story I haven't forgotten:

    Shannyn Moore (from Homer), who in fact DID grow up solely on game and is still a hunter and fisher and smoker, was visiting family in Virginia with her parents when she was about 6 years old. Dinner was served. Little Shannyn was horrified, and spat out the meat.

    "This moose tastes terrible!" she wailed.

  27. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Look at those dog damn clothes people. The people i know who have hunted for years don't look like like this. Shit. Are we now into designer hunting?. That dog wont hunt here. Brand new clothes never been dirtied at all. Photo fake op.

    1. Anonymous8:02 PM


      Seems just you and me have good, 20/20, eyesight...

    2. Anonymous4:10 AM

      Bingo, 742p. It looks like an ad for high-end hunting gear.

  28. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Wonderfull"the case came before at one point Judge Maryanne Trump Barry — Donald’s older sister.”"he complained that virtually no one had called attention to Trump’s “lifelong business dealings with Russian mobsters, con artists, violent felons, swindlers, and this big time cocaine trafficker.”

    1. Anonymous8:56 PM

      Random (eye roll).

  29. Anonymous8:23 PM

    The advocate for celibacy until marriage. Not looking good when she pops out two bastards out of wedlock.

    which doesn’t look so great when one pops up pregnant (twice) out of wedlock.
    Note the image on the right where the date the IV was inserted is clearly 11-4-15

    Note the image on the right where the date the IV was inserted is clearly 11-4-15

    1. Anonymous8:57 PM

      Three times. Definitely pregnant on DWTS

    2. Anonymous12:41 PM

      The Palins and the Palinbots don't like facts, right 'lol' troll? Dakota Meyer doesn't seem to know when Sailor was born, why should he? Joey Junker is the Father. The Palins have given Dakota Meyer the opportunity to pose as a Daddy without the responsibility of paying child support.

  30. Anonymous8:27 PM

    I'd really love to know if Bristol is wearing heels in that picture, like that time recently that she dressed in shorts and heels to take Tripp outside to pose with a gun.

  31. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Gryphen, I think you can safely say three different kids as it isn't questionable that she was pregnant on DWTS.

    1. Anonymous7:52 AM

      Dancing with the Stars. Who would ever think Bristol Palin was pregnant at that time?

      Of course the public will believe every word a known liar says about putting on weight because of all the hard work and exercise.

    2. Anonymous8:16 AM

      7:52 AM Everyone but the Palins can see that Bristol Palin was PREGNANT in that photo. The question is, what happened to that baby? Was this photo after the birth?

  32. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Bristol Palin and her folks seem to believe no other children in the lower 48 enjoy the outdoors. They seem to believe there are no mountains and valleys and brooks and rivers and streams and woods and oceans anywhere else. They appear to believe no other families enjoy outdoor activities all year-round, as Bristol states she 'would hope all children have the same experience'.

    This fake pretend BS they push on how only they hold the honor on outdoor hunting and outdoor fun is pathetic. It's just more 'we're so wonderful and Alaska is so prized, and everyone else is so unlucky'.

    Not to insult Alaskans, but I wouldn't trade my surroundings in the lower 48th parallel with that cold desolate tundra.

    1. Anonymous9:55 PM

      They are too toxic for anyone to feel love of Alaska from them. What they demonstrate is destructive. They may enjoy taking out the Earth's Atmosphere as it is with sick and twisted.

    2. Anonymous11:02 PM

      Most of Alaska is just like northern BC and even northern Washington State, no one hardly lives in what you call "tundra" but one can fly there or go a few thousand feet up a mountain to find it, but really only the indigenous villagers live in that sort of world (and a very few white people that live in their towns).

      Mostly we live like anyone else, with trees, lawns, homes, subdivisions, paved streets with lights, you know, just basic boring American life.

    3. Anonymous5:10 AM

      I agree.
      They have a very insular and uneducated perspective.
      And it shows.

  33. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Sgt Meyer was trained by the Marines to raise funds. The Human Trafficking will be his second Foundation mission.

    Following is publicity he did the first project. International Harbor Foundation will be his second project. We can expect he will be as busy or more so. There are other projects and Bristol.

    Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Fundraising September 12, 2011

    We're committed to raise $1 million by the Foundation's 50'th anniversary on May 28. 2012.

    MARCH 22, 2012 Marine hero Dakota Meyer launches new blog

    Medal of Honor recipient - Sgt. Dakota Meyer's Million Dollar Challenge

    DAKOTA MEYER, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, at Lindsey Wilson College, November 9, 2011.

    Late Show with David Lettermen at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City on 9/22/2011
    'Letterman' Arrivals . In This Album: Sofia Vergara, Dakota Meyer

    MoH recipient teases run for office Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer, right, helps lead a formation of Marines during the Tunnel to Towers run in Manhattan on Sept. 29, 2013. Tunnel to Towers, a 5-kilometer run, is held annually in honor of firefighter Stephen Siller, who lost his life helping others on 9/11.

    End of 2013. Bristol Patheos The Winter Project

    Can’t Wait Til Christmas!


    Couldn’t Sleep

    1. Anonymous11:03 PM

      Anyone dumb enough to enlist in the armed forces and spend their life getting shot at has a few screws missing.

    2. Anonymous7:17 AM

      They pay him, wait a minute, we are all paying him a monthly stipend because of his MOH. This is just return on investment. The military needs good PR so Congress will vote them lots of money for their over inflated budget. Dakota is just a walking and talking advertisement for military spending.

    3. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Sgt Meyer may be trained to be a Marine fundraiser, he has yet to show what he will do. So far he is on the side of the family of enablers. Not a chance any of the women or children can escape any kind of bindings or entrapment.

      Track's poor pathetic punching bag posted a cry for help back in August 2015. She covered it with jokes about the Maytag man. Now she is bound to the cycle of violence and to a life of enabling. That is not going to have the happy ending with the baby carriages she wants. Perhaps the ghost of Nicole Brown Simpson can get through to her before it is too late. The Palin family fix things by taking away her freedom of speech and carrying on the deal about combat vet that was fighting for your freedoms. gag... what an un-American family of louts.

    4. Anonymous11:02 AM

      So did DUHkota's first shill raise the Million dollars? Anyone know?

    5. Anonymous12:14 PM

      I saw a date when the million was to be raised. Another million for the public, to make it 2 million. I haven't seen what amount was actually raised.

      I think there was a date and it would all be over sometime in 2012.

      I don't know what is going on. It looks like it is a shady deal and he uses it to appear as if he raised or raising that million + million = 2 million.

      He is doing it for school scholarships.

      Education. But he is an example of the uneducated, so how does that motivate kids to go to school?

      So far it looks like one of the shady military do good scams.

      If he didn't do it for money, he did it to have all the publicity in uniform and to look like he is the hero that was a recipient.

      He is shady and he gloms onto shady people and schemes. We'll see if he can get the old 2 million $ scholarship foundation to look legit.

      He needs to get on top of this other foundation set up. He already started the publicity tour.

      Is it a stunt?

    6. Anonymous7:26 PM

      Anon @ 11:03. Your freedom to post the crap that you do is because of those that enlist in the military to protect your rights. The last two war's were unjustified and wrong, but the troops in the fray cannot choose who they are to fight. Our country would not survive if that was the case. If we were to be invaded, you would be crying for this volunteers to protect you. Just because the military is not your calling (I suspect it's because you're a coward) doesn't mean the military is not needed.

  34. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Wow! Her chin is hawter than ever!

  35. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Clearly Brizzy didn't get the memo about birth control....

  36. Anonymous6:38 AM

    What is it that a Palin has not faked?

    This is one of the dumbest pieces of propaganda the fools put together and used to shit on their fans. They use this so the lame will think Track was a combat vet and like the mistake MOH scam artist.

    How many families are connected to two cases of stolen valor? A mother. Ma Barker was a mother.

  37. Anonymous7:15 AM

    I have seen more of America the Beautiful that Bristol, Sarah, Todd, Dakota and the whole famn damily put together. My folks thought that a good family vacation meant visiting our state parks and the national parks. (Happy Birthday, National Park System of the United States of America). We've seen the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, the western parks, beautiful Yosemite, and the remote Big Bend National Park on the Mexican Texas border. The only thing that we shot were photos. And, we probably have a greater appreciation of wild life that does not include putting on our plates, next to the mashed potatoes. You don't have to kill a creature in order to appreciate the beauties of Mother Nature.

    Keith Olberman should have included all of the members of the Palin family when he said that Sarah Palin was an idiot. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  38. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I wonder what Daddy really taught her on those hunting trips

    1. Anonymous8:55 AM

      Did Dakota Meyers finally figure things out regarding Heath/Palin?

      Meyers has a new inspiration and motivation. He is going to be working damn hard if he is for real.
      When doing all that publicity for International Harbor Foundation you would think his passion comes from his life experience.

      He is not moved to do any PTSD activism. Something he knows and is close to, along with a family (he in said to be married). He talks a lot about being a new father and protecting. If he can't tell the truth and be open, it may be his way to help the abuse he knows with his current foundation job. He does get paid?

  39. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Sorry, IM, that you didn't click through Bristol's blog. Much of it was written by Molly Carter, whose name and link shows up associated with a few of the comments. Kind of like Nancy French writing for Bristol when the post sounds too literate for her.

    The pictures do not match the text. There is a photo of Sarah posing with a dead wild pig which was shot on Ted Nugent's ranch, meaning confined hunting. The caption says that it is all about family togetherness, but Sarah was there alone with Ted. Bristol wasn't along and neither was the rest of the family.

    There are many ways for a family to have activities together outdoors without killing something. Besides going for a hike in America the Beautiful, they can also go for a bike ride together.

    Bristol knows nothing about how a normal family enjoys family togetherness. For much of their lives, the kids were Sarah's props for her political ambitions. Life is the Palin Family is one big photo op. Does Sarah hunt? Does it kick, Daddy? asked Sarah as she waved a loaded rifle around.

    1. Anonymous10:44 AM

      One time more recent I scanned the patheos. I thought it was strange, not like remembered. I was wondering if someone had deleted or changed some of the posts?

  40. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Shocked! Shocked I tells ya! Barstool did not earn any kind of mother of the year when she was teaching Tripp to huff and encouraging all the brain dead followers to screw up their kids. It is so much fun, ya knows?

    She is free to go on and birth all the bastards she wants and hand them over to continue the family myths.

    How to birth your child into a life of lies when mommie dearest will find a sucker who will carry on the gift of prevaricating and confusion for an innocent child. If you say you are a parent and you love, it must be true?

    1. Anonymous10:40 AM

      Actually the State of Alaska pays an home health care facility to care for a child who requires 24/7 care. It would seem in Alaska anyone can open one as long as they have an RN on staff? That seems low standards to me!
      Then to get paid for the care of your child?
      Leave it to Sarah to find a 'grift' $$$

  41. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Will Dakota Meyer try to search for Bristol's 2006 High School baby & 2010 DWTS baby? That would be a start for his latest scam job.

  42. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Has Marina Lupas been banned from the Palin gatherings? Isn't she Bsmp_2's BFF?

  43. Anonymous11:19 AM

    And an old hand and natural with guns?

    Bristol is a paragon of a frontier woman. Alaskan frontier.
    She poops out a kid one day.

    A few weeks later she is keeping up her game. So you think she would not want to be wearing her sexy ass shoes? Not stupid boots or what a lob would wear. Hells to the NO!

    Bristol wears what the certifiable wear!


  44. Anonymous1:08 PM

    the only way to help Donald Trump is to spread fake documents.

    Dakota must be glad he can relate to Trumpism again and support him with the MOH Facebook ads. He and Sarah must be getting a long well and on the same page. She and Bristol can catch a ride to a rally.

    Birds of a feather. Trump can do more charity for vets again. Dakota can hit him up to donate to his current causes.

  45. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Thanks for the invite, Bristol. Publish your ,and the time and date and we'll bring the young un's over to learn what you did from hunting. Will food be served? One has peanut allergies, the other's allergic to stupid women oops, oh well, thanks anyway!


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