Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Donald Trump and his children have made over 7 million dollars so far from campaign contributions.

Courtesy of Vice: 

Republican Donald Trump has so far paid $7.7 million in campaign contributions to his own companies and children, according to a filing with the Federal Elections Commission, and as the campaign transitions to the general election those payments are increasing. In May, they totaled at least $1.1 million—nearly 20 percent of all campaign spending that month—and in July, another $800,000 came into the Trump brood. 

Campaign finance laws on the topic are hazy and contradictory, largely because no candidate for federal office has ever had such a sprawling business empire that could be employed for a campaign. The FEC allows candidates to rent themselves their own office space—as the Trump campaign does at Trump Tower—but bans them from collecting royalties on any memoirs purchased by the campaign. Money ultimately flows back to the candidate in both cases but the FEC has issued divergent rules.

In July alone, Trump's campaign paid $169,758.33 in rent to Trump Tower Corporation LLC, $48,239.77 for rent and catering at Trump National Golf Club in Weschester, $1,000 to Trump Restaurants LLC, and $428.53 worth of Trump's bottled water Trump Ice. In May, Trump's campaign spent $3,938.58 at the vineyard run by his son Eric. Campaign dollars are also funneled to allies of Trump's children. Each month, the campaign spends millions on apparel like the "Make America Great Again" trucker hats. The manufacturer, Ace Specialties, is owned by Christl Mahfouz, a board member on Eric Trump's charitable foundation.

I wonder if Sarah Palin lays awake at night and thinks to herself "Running for President and using campaign donations to make my family rich instead of PAC contributions, why didn't I think of that?"

Around the internet folks have started to call this the Trump "scampaign" and I think that hits the nail right on the head.

This is just like Trump airlines, Trump University, and Trump steaks. All the Donald is doing is marketing his name in order to line his pockets with every intention of getting out before anybody gets a chance to examine the product closely.

And after this he will take his new notoriety and use it to launch that cable TV news show we keep hearing about, a reality show, or a new product line. Or perhaps all three.

While we are on the topic of this "scampaign" according to this article by the former Commissioner of the IRS Trump's supposed audit is NO reason not to release his tax returns:

He can and should immediately release the first two pages of his Form 1040, along with his Schedule A, for the past 20 years. This would tell us how much he makes, how much he pays in taxes, and how much he contributes to charity. 

Releasing this information would have no impact on any pending or future IRS audit of Trump. Zero. None. It is a risk-free first step with no downside. While painting a far from complete portrait, it would answer a few of the questions that Trump himself has raised during the campaign: He claims that he makes a lot of money; he claims that he makes significant charitable contributions; and he claims that he reduces his tax liability as far as current law allows. 

The first two pages of his enormous tax returns, along with his Schedule A, will shed important light on these claims. The first two pages plus the Schedule A of the Clintons' 2015 tax return tell us they made $10.6 million; that they made charitable contributions of $1.0 million; and that they paid federal taxes of $3.6 million, for an effective tax rate of 34 percent. We have that same information about the Clintons for the past 20 years. The first two pages of Trump's tax returns, together with his Schedule A, would provide us with the same information for him. He can and should share that information with no audit risk whatsoever. 

But Trump's not going to do that.

Because if he did we would know for a fact that he is full of shit and that all of this is indeed a "scampaign." 

This is why I don't really care about how the Right Wing attacks Clinton over her e-mails, the Clinton foundation, and her supposed "health problems."

First off those are all complete bullshit, but more importantly they don't matter.

Ultimately we really only have ONE candidate who can win this election, ONE candidate who is preparing to do the job, and ONE candidate who is even really running a campaign.

Donald Trump is putting on a show, and trying to grift as much money as possible while doing it.

He is NOT an actual Republican candidate.

And the GOP does not have the time or the machinery in position to replace him.

In other words, and I have said this before, everybody needs to start practicing the phrase "Madame President."


  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Madam President really rolls nicely off the tongue and leaves your mouth minty fresh.

  2. Anonymous2:16 PM

    The Trumps are going to need the money. How can they allow protests from fellow Republicans like this?

    1. Anonymous3:50 PM

      Some Republicans are sick of the Trumps and they want to say why:
      The Austin Chronicle reported that Robert Morrow — chairman of the Travis County Republican Party — will join the ranks of protesters expected outside the appearance at Austin’ Luedecke Arena.

      “Donald Trump’s psychopathy has been on full display on the national political stage for over a year,” said Morrow in a press release. “I want folks to know that Trump is a child rapist and that he is currently being sued in a civil action in NY federal courts for raping, slapping an 13-year-old girl at a Jeffrey Epstein party in 1994. Trump also threatened to murder the girl, now age 35 and a Jane Doe plaintiff, and also murder her family if she ever told how he (Trump) sexually abused her.”

      Ivanka was raised and grew up to be soft porn rich girl that her father would date. It is what he said.

      This photo of Donald Trump and his daughter will chill you to the bone

      The now mother of two or three was never as hot as the escort he married but she tried with numerous surgeries. She was a child.

      It is all Trump and Fox style theater and should get attention pay days for the family. Trump does not want to release things like his taxes and he doesn't care what they say about the audit not being a good excuse. He is happy to follow in Sarah Palin's wake because he won't blow it like she did. Trump and family will make more money and not end up fools who end up too far away.

    2. Anonymous8:12 PM

      3:50 that pic of Ivanka on the pigmans lap is nothing compared to one I saw recently.

      I've been waiting for it to hit MSM, it's been a couple of days. I don't know if he shut it down or not, but it's Ivanka on his lap in his bed in a very very short skirt and I'm telling you it's sick. I downloaded it... don't know how to post it here.

    3. Www.ifyouonlynews.com/politics/newly-surfaced-photo-of-trump-and-a-young-ivanka-show-creepy-way-he-used-his-daughter-as-a-prop
      I believe this is the pic you are talking about ☺

    4. Www.joemygod.com/2016/4/13/new-york-pro-cruz-super-pac-runs-radio-ad-about-trumps-creepy-praise-for-his-daughter-audio/

      Look at the header pic, the one on the right is, also "new" to us...

  3. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Trump will release his taxes after Sarah says a sentence that can be successfully diagrammed by an English professor.

    Neither will ever occur.

  4. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I can't even comment on the money because I can't get beyond what a weird bunch of alien-looking kids he and Ivana spit out.

    Unusually small heads. Check.

    Oddly elongated necks. Check.

    Oddly elongated upper torsos. Check.

    Long simian arms. Check.

    Very large ears. Check.

    You can't see this in this photo but also too: Long, emaciated legs with knock-knees and underdeveloped calves and weak ankles.

    All of these offspring share these deformities, which is odd because usually only 1 of 3 would be physically identical regarding deformities, but damn, Trump and Ivana must have had some powerful combo of really messed up recessive genetic traits for them to have become dominant in all 3 kids.

    D. Trump and Ivana should have put a stop to procreating after seeing how the first one turned out!

    They may all be rich, but damn, they are today's version of "the funky bunch".

    1. And Tiffany got that anus-looking mouth of Donald's.

    2. Anonymous4:11 PM

      It's from weak genes on Donald's part, he looks like an alien himself and his knuckles drag on the ground. It comes from years of inbreeding to keep the money in the family, along comes Mr Slovak mail order bride fetish, and it shows in the offspring. Either that or they were probed in a spaceship.

    3. Anonymous4:33 PM

      4:11 P

      His grandfather was a poor immigrant. He made money. His father made money but where was the years of inbreeding to keep money in the family?

      It would have been poor inbreeding in Germany or funny things in Alaska or Queens. There may have been something his grandmother or mother forgot to tell their mates.

      The grandfather was a some kind of whore monger in Alaska. Who knows where, what he took for his children to raise or where his children came from.

      It may have been more like the Heath and Palins of Alaska. Something more like legends of Skagway.

      It was not rich inbreeding.

      Poor mans inbreeding is more like it.

    4. Anonymous5:32 PM

      It is true that aliens came to earth and mated with lizards. Now we have the proof.

    5. Anonymous6:00 PM

      And no chins. Trump's mother's side of the family looks to be the alien side. Man, and poor Tiffany is just so...well. Ivanka is always said to be so pretty, but she never ever would have had a single modeling gig if not for being Trump's daughter. And then she got plenty of plastic surgery, most noticeably to create an actual chin. When she smiles, she usually looks like she's wearing an older person's dentures. Her mom got plenty of dental work done and her 1980's smile is nothing like what it is now, and Ivanka's fake smile looks like her mom's new one.

      And speaking of Ivanka, I was glad to see Huffpo's story on her shoe stealing actually show 3 designs (so, not just the red fringed style) that Ivanka stole. She denies and denies she stole, but she so obviously did. Ivanka's supposed to be the creative one in the family, but she is as dishonest as her old man is. They are all just mediocre but have someone managed to convince people that they are special.

    6. Anonymous6:02 PM

      Yep. I wouldn't trade my face for any of theirs for anything. I could lose some weight and I know I'd be better looking than any Trump. They depend on plastic surgery and still look bizarre.

    7. Anonymous8:16 PM

      They are an ugly bunch. The one on the left looks like a naked mole rat. And Ivana? Holy shit she's deformed looking.

  5. Anonymous2:37 PM

    The 2016 presidential campaign is not about "Making America Great", it is about 'Making The Trumps" rich some more.

    Who else can run for president and have their campaign headquarters at their family hotel and hold their press conferences at their golf courses while over charging their campaign and America with over inflated facilities rental expenses?

    By the way, Donald only uses his custom personal jet and it wouldn't surprise me if the Trumps flies to their campaign stops on their personal gold plated jet at way over inflated expenses to the Trump campaign as compared to Hillary Clinton's campaign flight expenses.

    Another thing to consider, after Donald holds a rally in another state, he flies home to New York so he can sleep in his personal bed and am willing to bet he charges those unnecessary expenses to the campaign.

    Should we care? Probably not since he's using up the Republican Party's money and using up the public's campaign donations on frivolous expenses that lines his pockets.

    1. Anonymous5:04 PM

      I think more like make Drumpf solvent again. He has run out of family, friends & banks to borrow from.

    2. Anonymous3:54 AM

      I found this at Juanita Jean's.


      What's nice is sending a letter to the Trump headquarters, and use a color printer to make that modification.

  6. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Madame President it is.

    1. Her negatives are 60%. Every Democratic vote will count, but it's not who votes, but who counts the votes. I'm too cynical to think that Trump or his vile party gerrymandering, voter suppression and ballot rigging are down for the count. They have stolen elections before and will again.

    2. Anonymous11:53 PM

      Trump's negatives are even higher so it is truly an election of the lesser of two evils.

      Very few are voting FOR Hillary. Many more are simply voting AGAINST Trump.

  7. Anonymous3:04 PM

    The forgot to add in how much they are "renting" the corporate airplane for?

    Also we need to see Schedule B- interest and dividends from all of his investments from stocks etc and would show foreign investments (unless he doesn't check the boxes at the bottom of the page).

  8. Anonymous3:04 PM

    I saw a tweet the other day which I paraphrase:
    You want me to get worked up over some emails about using rich people's money to help poor people?

  9. Anonymous3:12 PM

    There was also something on the news that a celebrity from celebrity apprentice said the Donald never coughed up the money he said he was going to match for their charity.

    This guy is one giant pyramid scheme.

    1. Anonymous5:02 PM

      Dakota Meyer is doing charity now. He did the same charity twice, he wanted to get it out so much. People look but no comments.

      Has anyone checked out this #turnsfortroops now that Dakota Palin is in the charity business? It's his latest promotion. Is it like something Palin or Trump would have you do? Of course it appears to be a good deal. Instagram celebrity sales are getting the attention that they are bad when celebrities are not up front about what they are promoting or selling.

      'Unless it’s self-evident that an Instagram post is an advertisement, a clear and prominent disclosure is required so that consumers understand that what they are viewing is an ad.'

      How about charity scams and celebrities?

    2. Anonymous7:26 PM

      Sooooo tired of pyramid schemes. Charity scams. Celebrity charity scams are the ugliest. Stop using people that need a helping hand and just give them lots of money if that is what they need. Just give, stop using. So sick of people pretending to be doing something for others when they are just doing things to make themselves look good.

    3. Anonymous7:58 PM

      Read this. He promised personal gifts to many and money paid was never from his personal account.


  10. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Sooo tired of Trump. Can't even comment on him anymore. It's exhausting. It's like taking care of a hyper kid. The minute you turn you're back and he's at it again. But at least we know what to expect from him.

  11. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I am so tired of media personalities and media reporters ending every mention of Hillary Clinton with some mention that "people don't trust her." Well, no one has asked me or anyone that I know; we all trust her.

    I'm equally as tired of how the media tiptoes around Donald Trump. These facts about campaign expenditures (thank you, Gryphen, for printing them) should be top of the news hour stories on television and radio and headlines in newspapers and online blogs until something is done. What Trump is doing, at the very least, skirts campaign finance laws and should be exposed. But no, why not raise innuendos and false flags about the Clinton Foundation which is totally above board and always has been?

    And then there's the spurious matter of Trump's association with known Mafia leaders and with the Putin gang in Russia. Virtual silence on the part of the media on these matters. The resignation of Manafort was a sop to the media; nothing changed in the basic relationship but it silenced those few outlets that had so timidly raised questions.

    I guess the media in this country, in all of its guises, is too afraid of Donny "the bully on the playground" Trump to raise public awareness of any of his lawlessness.

    1. Anonymous4:25 PM

      I know, people should say, stop saying that it is not true! You have more yes to trust, your just puttig up crazy people.

    2. Anonymous4:47 PM

      "No one I know doesn't trust Clinton, therefore it can't be true"

      This is the logical fallacy called Anecdotal: Using personal experience or an isolated example instead of a valid argument, especially to dismiss statistics. Or in this case, poll results.

    3. Anonymous5:00 PM

      I voted for Bill both times, voted for Gore, Kerry and President Obama both times-but I DON'T trust Hillary. This election cycle sucks!

    4. linda5:46 PM

      This "I don't trust Hillary" stuff gets old. Is it her personality that you don't like or the fact that she's a woman? She is completely qualified to be the President and can be trusted because she's intelligent, has vast knowledge of both domestic and international issues, and does not make decisions hastily or lightly. Who ARE you going to vote for? I don't think you can trust DT, Jill Stein, or Gary Johnson more than you can trust Hillary. IF you think you can, please enlighten us all why you think that.

    5. Anonymous6:16 PM

      "I don't trust Hillary" meme. I don't know where, when it started. What else can stupid people repeat?

      Trump owns it now. It probably goes back to 90s when the Repubs were all about Bill's penis, and on and on and Mena Arkansas, Vince Foster any and everything they could write books about, sell video. The virtuous whats his name that Larry Flint took on, insulted his mother when there was still free speech. So tired of all the spew and spit. They went into overkill and it killed the Repubs. So they find a criminal that really knows how to project and now he owns them and will kill them. No matter how many times they can resurrect they are over.

    6. Anonymous6:49 PM

      It's just men who don't trust Hillary. I mean women too. But they are listening to their men. The first sign that a man is trying to take you down or get into your pants is when they call you a lesbian. They've called her that. It's because, men in this country of the Red persuasion are threatened by a strong woman. I read a book by an author named Ann Schaef (think that's her name) about how if a woman holds open a door for a man, he will literally not go through. They are so trained to be masters of the universe. Hillary is ok. Take away all the conspiracy theories and she should be ok. Now Donald, with and without the conspiracy theories is just too much. We'll all have to up our high blood pressure meds in the next four years if he becomes president. He will either turn out to be this mama drama he's been all year, or really a crazed Hitler rounding up people of color and sending us all to camps to be taken care of humanely.

    7. Anonymous11:41 PM

      I totally trust Hillary. I will feel quite safe when she's our Commander in Chief. Obama says she's got the right stuff and I believe him.

    8. Anonymous11:55 PM

      They trust Trump even less.

    9. Anonymous5:58 AM

      ""I don't trust Hillary" meme. I don't know where, when it started. What else can stupid people repeat?"

      It's not a meme. A number of polls have asked if you trust her and a majority say they don't. It's a problem for her that can't just be dismissed as sexist, RWNJ babble.

  12. Anonymous4:09 PM

    I was watching John Oliver last night on youtube. He's got some pretty funny stuff. There was this three episode skit where he actually started a church and people mailed in money, along with actual seed, and semen even. It was hilarious. But it is so easy to start a church and rake in some tax free money. Donald is no different. In fact that's the grand secret the Right doesn't want just anyone to know that's why they are fighting for the upper hand in the scheme of things. The Pat Robertson's don't want you to know how actually dumb you are to mail in your dollars to him so he and his can live good. What Donald is doing is exactly the same. Sarah did that too. It's the name of the game. Give in the name of this and that, and make some pulpit barker your messiah, and a rich one at that. While we stay poor and hopeful. Enough. Vote Hillary. Enough of this age of ignorance.

    1. Anonymous4:55 PM

      That's why I said a soon as Palin had squeezed all of the grift she could from politics she would turn her attention to religion and start her own megachurch. Just imagine all the tax free money she could rake in with even less accountability.

    2. Anonymous6:00 PM

      Satan needs a megachurch too. More power to the Palin if she can get that going.

    3. Anonymous8:35 PM

      $arah was NEVER a Christian and still isn't unless she found God through her family problems. Considering eight years later, still not.

  13. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I hope Kellyanne has the forethought to write a concession speech and practice "Madame President" with him for weeks.

    1. linda5:39 PM

      I doubt Kellyanne will be around long enough to witness the concession speech. It seems to me that she's already totally out of touch with what Trump is doing or plans to do. She'll be "stepping aside" pretty soon.

    2. Anonymous5:49 PM

      5:39, I hear you. I mean, at first I was shocked that Trump had picked someone like her and was actually listening to her advice and he had what was for him a decent week. But then came the immigration talk and the cancellation of this week's state events that were supposed to focus on immigration. Trump was right back to being insane yesterday and KA Conway seemed left out of the loop or Trump had just gone rogue after they'd talked. Now, I can't imagine her being kept on for long, although it feels like she really wants to stick around and save him. Plus, when he's not completely insane he might tell himself that he needs a female around if he is going to get women's votes.

    3. Anonymous5:51 PM

      4:13, his concession speech is going to be so baaaaadddd!!!!! It's going to be so hard for him to say what he should say. But I don't care--it's going to be great seeing him admit to being a loser!

    4. Anonymous6:19 PM

      He is a maverick. He can just tweet he from where he watches TV.

    5. Anonymous11:57 PM

      I doubt he'll give a concession speech.

      He will give a blame and attack speech. I'm sure "rigging" and "crooked" will be mentioned.

    6. Anonymous12:08 AM

      Yeck y'all, Donald Trump is undefeated too, and also therefore; any and all of 'em, but undefeated yet and still even and therefore also too.


  14. Anonymous4:17 PM

    And don't forget, the money that Trump put into his campaign is a 'loan'....

    Sarah, you missed this grift completely, dummy.

    1. Anonymous4:44 PM

      Sarah comes out looking like the biggest dope. Especially with the way he dumped her and her excuse.

      Donald Trump: Sarah Palin won't speak at RNC because Alaska is too far away.

      I haven't had a laugh that hard in a long time. For once I loved what he said.

      Sarah, the Facebook journalist joke, had to spew at some far nut rightwing place about what became of her after Republicans and even Trump found her to be a loser, I mean too far away in Alaska. Now she posts with her Wasilla brood wasting away in that far off place watching the boob tube where Sarah can't get any of them a job.

  15. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Reading at the pond and wanted to share this for the IMer who feels the need to shame those of us who wish VG would make the world a better place and go meet Satan already, this was posted today by a man who claims to get on his knees to pray nightly:

    6 hours ago
    Have you ever had the urge to see just how sharp your pocket knife is when you see pictures of those monsters on the left with that 'regal' uplifted jutting chin, exposing their stretched necks as they talk down to you? Just wondering.
    4 Reply

    famouswolf virginiagentleman1
    4 hours ago
    Now you mention it, I do have a serrated Cold Steel voyager, and I've been wondering just what it could do.
    Just sayin'."

    1. Anonymous5:27 PM

      I always thought VG was a plant at C4P . He always comes across like an old Faygo commercial, stuck in a time warp and pretending to be so christian when he is really an angry old loser with no christian values at all.

      Bitches about Obama phones and accepts money from others to pay his bills. His wife is supposedly a nurse and he a farmer, nurses make good money and so do succesful farmers. I have a feeling old VG sat on his ass while his poor suffering wife had to carry his lazy ass and still does!

      You can tell he is the show and it's all about him all the time. He is constantly looking for compliments and or sympathy. I bet he is a supreme ass in real life if he exists at all. He is the honored C4P mainstay appealing to all the other old farts that want to live in the 1950's and blaming Democrats for the fact that times have changed and the world marches on as it always has.

    2. Anonymous5:55 PM

      Whether he drank or smoked, which may have caused his issues, I believe vg1 to be real. He claimed he had his little "birdie" that said $arah would be nominated VP; oops, didn't happen. Stop talking to Chuck Jr., Johnny.

      I don't make fun of anyone reaching their "twilight" years. He is only in his 60s, if memory serves, and his nurse wife retired and now takes on breast cancer.

      MY problem is that he wants to take things back to the "forefather's constitution," but does not realize that the amendments made, and laws passed since allow him to be alive today.

      Some people just don't get it.

    3. Anonymous5:57 PM

      I thought he was an old Heath fart.

    4. Anonymous6:01 PM

      Yep, he rants about Democrats wanting freebies while accepting donations, and he seems to have a "spell" whenever the $$ stagnate. He plays the pity card about having to shop for a cheaper car, using library internet, etc, while bragging about his massive farm with orchards.
      He also Pat's himself on the back, affirming his good Christian soul, while suggesting he would, as the earlier post said, slit the throats of Democrats.
      I also doubt that he is who he claims to be. He and Ases and Mamcgriz are all one and the same, I believe.

    5. Anonymous6:58 PM

      That is his "in" with C4P 5:55.They all think he has some kind of inside knowledge and talks to Chuck Jr. so they hang on his every word. He brags about his farm who is probably all of two acres in the middle of nowhere. I don't think poor suffering Kay is a nurse either i think she is a nursing assistant who made 10 bucks an hour and he calls her a nurse. If the asshole had gone with the affordable health care act plus his age than he could afford his bills.

      He sells his "Sitting on my deck watching the sunrise" bullshit all the time. One day he is dying and the next he is taking a walk.

      It's bullshit. And there is no Special Forces Ases who only shows up once in a blue moon when the troops at the PeePond get disheartened. Once again only the King of C4P has an "in" with Ases.

      I call a bullshit artist out no matter what their age is and i'm no Spring chicken. He used to say M"lady all the time flirting with the ladies at C4P! Ha i bet that old fart hasn't gotten it up in years! At least he dropped that part of his persona.

      How his wife stands his ass is beyond me.I still think he is a plant to keep C4P going, either that or he is an idiot.

    6. Anonymous7:17 PM

      I don't know that he is an actual person. He may be a collaboration and fictional, although one or more people are assigned to play him. Chuck Jr. may feed him or he may be one of the people that do the "Sitting on my deck watching the sunrise" bs.

  16. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Gryphen, why do you have to be so cynical about everything??? Don't you think that if Drumpf were your father, you would want to be compensated for your pain and suffering, also too? Those poor kids deserve every penny they get from the campaign and the clueless contributors thereto.

    In fact, as Thor is my witness, if I were stoopid enough to send a nickel to that lying sack o'crap I would want the ENTIRE nickel to be divided equally between all the members of the Drumpf family and its allied closely held corporate entities!

    Make America Grate Again!

  17. Anonymous4:51 PM

    And as soon as donors started picking up the tab, rent on those offices the Trump campaign is using in Trump Tower suddenly went up almost FIVE TIMES.

    Donald is padding the costs for everything that has anything to do with his properties and businesses. He's making money off of campaigning. This is why he will NOT drop out. He's got another 10 week she can make money hand over fist.


    "Trump nearly quintupled the monthly rent his presidential campaign pays for its headquarters at Trump Tower to $169,758 in July, when he was raising funds from donors, compared with March, when he was self-funding his campaign, according to a Huffington Post review of Federal Election Commission filings. The rent jumped even though he was paying fewer staff in July than he did in March. The Trump campaign paid Trump Tower Commercial LLC $35,458 in March ― the same amount it had been paying since last summer ― and had 197 paid employees and consultants. In July, it paid 172 employees and consultants."

    "In addition to the rent for Trump Tower space in Manhattan, Trump has paid his eponymous golf courses and restaurants more than $260,000 since his campaign and the RNC struck a joint fundraising deal in mid-May, after he essentially locked up the GOP nomination. On May 18, the day the fundraising deal was announced, Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach was paid $29,715; Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida, was paid $35,845; and Trump Restaurants LLC was paid $125,080, according to FEC records. Such large payments were much rarer when Trump was self-funding.

    It’s unclear from the campaign filings the purpose of the golf course and restaurant payments, although both of the Florida golf courses hosted Trump campaign news conferences in March."

    "Trump continues to fly to campaign events on his personal Boeing 757 airliner, even though the aging jet burns some $10,000 in fuel every hour. That has made air travel one of the biggest expense categories for his campaign. In July alone, $495,000 went to Trump’s company that owns the plane."

    1. Anonymous7:11 PM

      What's sad about Trump's Texas campaign stop isn't just the content of the teleprompter speech, but the fact that he was forced to travel to the state in the first place.

    2. Anonymous7:52 PM

      Trump cant fly commercial, not even first class commercial . He is "special" like that.

      Would Nero or Hitler fly with commoners? Air Force One would have Trump painted on the side in gold letters. All hail to the King Trump.

      The White House would have gold plated toilets and Melania would be autographing her nude photos at White House dinners for a buck. If you get to dance with her it will cost you a lot more than 10cents baby.

      Every First Lady has a cause that they pick and Melania would pick fighting for escort women's rights and how much they are worth in divorce settlements! Women's rights champion right there people. Hookers lives matter.

    3. Anonymous8:10 AM

      His plane is getting old. Anything can happen. He is foolhardy and acts like a speed freak that doesn't think things out.

  18. Anonymous5:11 PM

    The fools that donate to him deserve to be taken.

  19. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Berning down the revolution on Wednesday?

  20. Anonymous6:35 PM

    First Thiel, now the Trumps: how billionaires threaten free speech
    Less than 24 hours after Gawker.com was killed by billionaire Peter Thiel’s legal crusade against it, another billionaire couple – Donald and Melania Trump – is already using the same law firm Thiel did to threaten more media organizations into silence. And this time, it could have a direct effect on the presidential election.

    O’Reilly Spits on Gawker’s Grave: Bullying ‘Garbage’ Killed by ‘Heroism of Hulk Hogan’
    By drawing a contraposition between Gawker and “legitimate media,” O’Reilly may have been trying to negate the several unflattering investigations Gawker published on him over the years. Gawker may be gone, but their considerable body of reporting on O’Reilly is still available here for the time being.

    1. Anonymous12:12 AM

      I heard on the news today the tail end of something about an apology to Trump. The gist was the guy said he was apologizing under duress because he couldn't afford to fight Trump in court.

      Ah, here it is:


      "This is being written under duress because I don’t have enough money to fight a legal battle against the Trump machine. Yesterday, I wrote a story based on Melania Trump allegedly having been an escort or paid sex worker when she arrived in New York. A few hours later, the owner of Liberal America received an email threatening us with legal action if we didn’t do as the Trump attorneys instructed — remove the “false statements.” So this is my apology.

      First of all, I’m very very sorry that I wrote an article about the past of Melania Trump. I got my information from reputable sources and reported on what was being reported there, but apparently that isn’t good enough to pass muster in the version of American freedom of the press envisioned by Mr. Trump and his team of legal vultures."

      "My source was the The Daily Mail, via Inquisitr, and the Inquisitr has since removed their story. A screenshot from The Daily Mail website is below, and their article has not been changed as of the time of this writing on 8/22/16. It seems that Trump’s attorneys are targeting smaller publications that they think can be bullied."

      Bullied by a "so called" millionaire who doesn't understand the First Amendment, Bill of Rights or Constitution, yet wants to be the President.

      This sort of control of the media is one of the danger signs of Fascism.

      Cheeto Hitler.

    2. Anonymous12:30 AM


      Hmm. Trump didn't separate from Marla until 1997.

      But he could have met and been dating Melania from 1995-1998 on the hush hush. Perhaps something to do with the pre-nup so he could cut Marla off with the divorce?

      Serial adulterer?

      So, if Trump wins, what do we call Melanomia?

      First Slut?

    3. Anonymous3:50 AM

      Third lady (TLOTUS)?

      Charitably, we call her nothing.


  21. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Maybe the Russians have called in some loans now that they see he is headed for the gutter in the election. The Russian Mafia doesn't just break legs...

  22. Anonymous9:14 PM

    I have tried a new tactic with trump supporters ing - not reasoning with them but "pretending" to be "disappointed" in finding out the truth about trump and how disheartening it is - for example one woman on facebook said she knows trump and pence are destined to be in the white house because they are mentioned in the bible, you know the Trump[pets] -- well after I stopped laughing I realized there is no reasoning with a crazy person -- so I replied - I know but how disappointing to find out trump has lost his way and is now stealing from his contributors, so sad that a man who lives in penthouse worth millions and golden chairs to sit on (and who we all thought could truly truly relate to the struggles of real folks to put food on table) has turned his campaign into a cash machine for himself and his children

    of course I get the replies like how dare you, what are your sources, etc. from her and various commentors on the post - so I have ready a list of about a dozen good articles all laying out the loans he made this campaign, his children and friends making money and the increase in rent for tiny office space in trump towers, renting the plane and even selling the campaign trump water....and as I sum up each article - I toss in a few things like - maybe he started out wanting to help america but has lost his way, gave in to temptation of greed, and how it really his a shame he fooled so many us

    and top it all off with the quote of him saying years ago how if he won he'd be the first person to make a profit from running for office -- and comment how shocking it is to find out maybe he was planning to con America all along

    so rather than argue with them...I slip in the truth with various sources...and "pretend" to be sympathic to them and to be as disappointed as they are to find out the truth (implying I did or would have supported him except for the campaign profits he is raking in)

    after a few back and forth with this woman -- she went from saying it can't be true, to being shocked, to saying she may have to think about not voting
    so maybe at least one person (and maybe a few of her friends) had their mind's changed !!! I won't say their eyes opened - because they are way to blinded by the bible to ever see anything near the truth - but at least a few less voted for trump !

  23. Anonymous2:22 AM

    And, after the election, Donald and Barron can star in the remake of the NBC sitcom "How I met your mother"

    1. Anonymous3:57 AM

      @2:22 AM

      Brilliant! Thank.


  24. Anonymous4:44 AM

    It is my very sincere hope that Donald not just lose "bigly", but that his business interests are hit hard. Much like Palin, he may recoup for awhile, but I have trouble believing he hasn't tarnished his brand. Not only that, I hope that his kids' business interests are hit hard too. I own 2 pairs of Ivanka's shoes, but will never buy from that brand again. Toxic.

  25. Randall6:26 AM

    That's pretty much the whole Republican Party approach to 'governing' anymore: grab that cash with both hands.
    And it puts the lie to the meme that 'both sides do it'.


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