Saturday, August 27, 2016

Elizabeth Warren attacks Donald Trump, Jill Stein gets hit in the crossfire.

Courtesy of the Boston Herald: 

Bay State Sen. Elizabeth Warren stepped up her attack on Donald Trump last night, calling him a “racist bully” — and saying that a vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein is effectively one for the Republican nominee. 

“Donald Trump is a thin-skinned, racist bully and he has proven that day after day, week after week, month after month for more than a year,” Warren said last night after a speech at Roxbury Community College, adding later: “He has made hate part of his campaign, and I think there comes a time when you just have to call him out on it. We have to say we are a better country than that.” 

When asked what she would say to far-left voters who would consider voting for Stein over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Warren sought to warn them off. 

“Anything you do that helps Donald Trump get one inch closer to the White House is a danger to all of us,” Warren said, adding that a vote for Stein “moves Donald Trump closer to the White House.”

Well she's not wrong, in fact I have been saying that for some time now, however I can only imagine how that will be received by Stein and the Green Party.

Oops never mind, don't have to imagine it.
Did Stein really suggest that Senator Warren was being controlled by Wall Street? Oh hell no!

Crazy anti-vaxxer lady you do NOT want to start a flame war with Elizabeth Warren. She will break you into tiny bite size pieces and feed you to her dogs.

P.S. I STILL think that Warren would have made a better VP pick. 


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren, say what you wish about Donald Trump but you cannot say Donald doesn't love his daughter Ivanka.

    “….If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father …”
    -Donald Trump

    1. Anonymous12:30 PM

      Trump smacks of 'incest'! (Concerning his daughter, Ivanka!) He's a sick, sick bastard! I smell it in him and know a great deal about the subject.

  2. Anonymous11:42 AM

    She said "on behalf".

    Meaning Hillary Clinton's is the Wall St financed campaign.

    And she is not a crazy anti-vaxer.

    But don't let facts or reading comprehention get in your way.

    1. Anonymous11:58 AM

      Stein is a physician who is pandering to the paranoid progressives who somehow think they are smarter than millions of doctors and researchers who know that vaccines are safe. Nothing is 100%, but Stein should be saying WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE that everyone who can should be getting the appropriate vaccines.
      The fact that she's a physician and hasn't said that= pandering anti-vaxxer.
      Shame, shame, shame on Jill Stein.

    2. Anonymous12:27 PM

      OMG! She is not against vaccines. That was a lie put out against her. You sound like the pee pond. It was debunked a long time ago.

    3. Anonymous12:29 PM

      Stein is no one I would vote for EVER!

      Love Elizabeth Warren. She is one of the best in going after the asshole Trump!

    4. Anonymous12:41 PM

      @11:42 AM Before you criticize anyone for 'reading comprehen(t)ion', you might want to spell it correctly.

    5. Anonymous2:05 PM

      Stein should be a Rethug. If anyone can see a definitive answer in her lengthy blathering in response to does she support vaccines then you are a magician. The Rethugs almost all take over any conversation and go blah-blah-blah and never answer the question. Lies and lack of information abound when the rwnj's are involved and Stein, though previously a registered Democrat is guilty of that same word salad in response to the vaccine question.

    6. Anonymous3:41 PM


      Thanks for the misdirection.

      So sorry I was in a hurry on my tiny cell phone keyboard. I apologize for being too careless to proof read.

      Not that many here do.

      Try attacking the message instead of the messenger. Oh, that's right. Gryphen's blog.

      I stand by the CONTENT of what I wrote.

      While I would never vote for Stein it is disingenuous to label her an anti-vaxer when she isn't.

      And the Wall St. jab was aimed at HILLARY's campaign, not Warren's.

  3. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Elizabeth Warren is fine where she is and Tim Kaine was an excellent choice. If you'll recall, Kaine was one of the finalists for Obama's VP. The Democrats are fortunate that they in fact do have a deep bench of people, to use Palin's words.

  4. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Steins a better person than all of Em.

    1. Anonymous12:32 PM

      @11:51 AM No shit, Sherlock?

    2. She may be, but:

      What exactly do you mean by 'better'?

      I know tons of people I respect beyond belief, and would not want a one of them to be President of the United States because I don't think they could handle the job, despite how good, noble, honorable, and intelligent they are.

      I'm sure Dr. Stein is intelligent (as are my friends). But what is her experience, her background? What is her expertise in foreign affairs? What is her knowledge of how government works at the federal level on a practical basis?

      How would a President Stein get along with Israel? How would a Pres. Stein work with congress to get laws passed?

      It's very clear that if you want what Stein wants, you will be closer to getting it with a Clinton presidency than a Trump presidency.

      Stein may be a 'better' person than all of them. But I have many, many reasons why I do not want her for President of the United States.

    3. Anonymous2:04 PM

      Stein is a serial candidate, running for office since Grandma was a girl. Never elected to anything.

    4. Anonymous2:07 PM

      @11:51 AM - You would do well to read Stein's past history. Please, inform yourself and then make a decision. Clearly you have not familiarized yourself with her stumbling past history.

    5. Ferry Fey2:30 PM

      Stein has won election to exactly one post in her life: she had 2 terms as one of some 200 Representatives to the Town Meeting of Lexington, MA, a town of 31,000. (Note that this is different from the Town Council that actually has to work at their jobs). This has been her hometown for more than 10 years, yet she was only able to persuade 10 people in her town to vote for her in the MA primary in March. She has zero relationships with anyone in Congress who has enough faith in her abilities to step into the Oval Office to endorse her (her highest government level endorsement is from a Seattle Town Council member). She runs for something every two years, with the same result -- conspicuous failure. If it wasn't for Bernie raising issues this year, her publicity stunt would sink without a trace as usual.

    6. Anonymous11:56 PM

      Hmm.. Dwight D Eisenhower didn't hold political office before, and he was just fine, in fact, the "usual" politicians are part of the problem. They're stuck in the corrupt system and continue to vote in favor of the 1%. I for one prefer someone who is fighting for the 99%. Hillary Clinton showed at the DNC, silencing opposition (Fascism), promoting the one woman who got caught rigging the election, and we all know Trump is racist and insane. That only leaves Jill for me.

    7. Ferry Fey4:12 PM

      Ike was a five-star general in the United States Army during World War II and served as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe, and later the first Supreme Commander of NATO. Gave him somewhat more executive experience than founding and serving as co-chair of the Lexington Solid Waste Action Team, a recycling committee in Stein's hometown of Lexington, Massachusetts.

      Stein has also run for (and of course, lost) the House of Representatives and the Mass. governorship, yet not for Senator from Massachusetts. Wonder if she'll challenge Warren in a Senate primary next, just for spite?

  5. Anonymous12:23 PM

    She isn't an anti-vaxxer. That's a false meme. Let's not spread rumors.

    1. Anonymous3:04 PM

      She's not exactly pro vaccine.

    2. Anonymous9:01 PM

      Yeh, she is.

  6. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Dr. Stein ISN'T an anti-vaxxer. They tried to Swift-boat her on that issue.

    1. Stein has been notoriously ambiguous on the question of vaccines ( continues to be vague on this topic to this day. (

      Stein is a doctor and her answer should be a pro-science one which encourages parents to protect their children from diseases that we thought were long ago eradicated.

      She also thinks Wi-Fi might be hurting our kids. (

      Oh yeah, she's the best one alright.

    2. Anonymous3:41 PM

      Stein also waffles on the scientific and medical legitimacy of "homeopathy" which is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated.

      If you have the title of Dr. preceding your name then at the least you can realize complete and medical bullshit when it's put right in front of your face.

    3. Anonymous9:04 PM

      Gryphen, you would do well to investigate two things. First, the frequency of vaccines and slamming the immune system with too many at once which only profits big pharma. There is no question that it is an assault on the immune system. Tell me, if tetnus is good for 10 years on humans, why are we vaccinating horses etc. every year? Big pharma. Second, you should look into the concerns about being too close to WiFi. Nothing definitive yet, but concerning.

  7. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Yeah, I don't understand it either. Why anyone would want to help Donald be president. What's in it for them? That's how the Donald works, anyways.

  8. Anonymous1:09 PM

    It's simple. Since Stein has no chance of winning, a vote for Stein is a vote for Trump. I suspect the ideologues inclined that way will vote for Stein. It is better to be pragmatic. It increases the odds Hillary will win.

    1. Anonymous2:04 PM

      Oh bullshit. A vote for Stein is a vote for Stein. People in this country have a right to vote for the candidate they want without being harassed and insulted that they're really voting for someone else. That's why we have curtains and privacy screens when we vote. Stop belittling people who disagree with you.

    2. Ferry Fey2:21 PM

      “I think a vote for Stein would be good — that’s the Green Party — because I figure anyone voting for Stein is gonna be for Hillary. So I think vote for Stein is fine.” — Donald Trump

      Does a vote for Stein, who has no chance of winning, make it easier to beat Trump, or harder?

    3. Anonymous2:29 PM

      Huh? What bullshit and belittling? It's simple. A vote for Stein is a vote for Trump.

    4. Anonymous3:05 PM

      2:04pm, people like you are so annoying.

    5. Anonymous3:12 PM

      I agree, 2:04, that anyone can vote for anyone. I imagine they should be able to do so without being harassed. I don't see any harassment. I hear opinions. There's a big different between peeking behind your privacy screen (I've not heard any allegations of that), and voicing an opinion about strategic voting.

    6. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Baloney, it's opinion about "strategic voting".

      "A vote for *insert-not-Hillary -name-here* is a vote for Trump" is about badgering people and setting the stage to the blame people who voted for Johnson or Stein if Clinton loses.

      If Trump wins, it will be entirely on Clinton and the Democratic Party for throwing behind someone with so much fucking baggage, deserved or undeserved.

    7. Anonymous3:38 PM


      We also have the option of voting for no one, in any race that we choose we can leave that spot blank on the ballot.

      If there is no candidate that fits your taste then just leave that section of the ballot blank.

      I can honestly say that I've never filled out every space on every ballot that I've been in front of and most years I leave at least 1/3 blank because really neither choice is satisfactory or a candidate is unsatisfactory and running unopposed.

      Part of the beauty of voting rights is not having to vote for anyone :-)

    8. Anonymous8:49 PM

      Anonymous3:29 PM,

      How absurd. Are you seriously saying there was another viable candidate other than Clinton?

      Sanders? Stein? Johnson? Can you seriously see them weathering the right wing attack machine and getting a majority of the votes? You are fuckun out of your mind.

    9. Anonymous8:52 PM

      Anonymous3:38 PM

      What a cop out. And you seem to be proud about abdicating your civic responsibility

    10. Anonymous9:07 PM

      A vote for STein helps Trump. It's that simple. Feel better now?

  9. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Hillary Clinton’s New Ad Shows Trump’s Make America Great Hat is a Huge Lie

    "He wears it like a crown -- Make America Great Again -- but Trump made his shirts in Bangladesh, his ties in China and his suits in Mexico."

  10. Anonymous1:12 PM

    An analysis of RNC fundraising data has revealed that beyond losing, Donald Trump’s drain of a campaign is literally bankrupting the Republican Party.

    According to Open Secrets, RNC contributions are at their lowest point since before 2004:

  11. Anonymous1:13 PM

    It was Saturday morning and the Trump campaign had once again allowed the candidate access to the Twitter app on his phone. This never goes well, for when Donald Trump gets to be Donald Trump, it offers a stunning glimpse into his rather troubling values.

  12. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Boston Herald: What a staunch Republican newspaper. Ugh!

  13. Anonymous1:28 PM

    P.S. I think Warren would have made a better VP pick, too, but Biden would have made a better Presidential candidate than Clinton.

    1. Anonymous3:33 PM

      But it was her turn!

  14. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Donald Trump is fixated on Hillary Clinton’s appearance and gender.

    During his speech at Joni Ernst’s Roast and Ride Event in Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said of Hillary Clinton, “She doesn’t even look presidential to me. She certainly doesn’t.”


    1. Anonymous3:36 PM

      And, the obese jerk thinks HE looks presidential? Give me a fucking break! I'd take Hillary Clinton over him any day!

    2. Anonymous3:52 PM

      Well, he thinks he's handsome and presidential so his perception of reality is very suspect!

  15. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Trying to get a female VP elected with Hillary would be like trying to get two black candidates elected.

    Republicans can never get their minds out of the pants of women and black men... and the whole country pays for it.

  16. Anonymous2:10 PM

  17. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Anti-Trump Republicans To Run Ads Against Trump In Key States

  18. Anonymous4:11 PM

    A man wearing make-up and fake hair thinks a woman doesn't look presidential?

  19. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Well, this is good news.

    Not surprisingly, Trump has decided he doesn't need to prep for the debates (he's so brilliant, ya know!). While Hillary is studying, practicing, and meeting with experts in numerous pertinent fields, Trump is having snacks at the golf course.

    "The Post reports that Trump believes that he is so talented that he doesn’t need to prepare or study ahead of the debates. Instead, Trump plans to show up and overwhelm Clinton with “zingers” that are being written by the team of Rudy Giuliani, Roger Ailes, and Donald Trump."

    That's right, Donnie, keep working on those zingers and ignore anyone who says you may need to brush up on some actual information. While Hillary demonstrates her extensive knowledge of foreign policy, government, and economics, you just stand there and think of some great new nicknames to call her. THAT will make you look REALLLLY presidential!


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