Friday, August 05, 2016

From the official Twitter account for the Riverside County Republican Party. Well that's not nice.

Courtesy of The Press Enterprise:

Two tweets from the official Twitter account for the Riverside County Republican Party featured illustrations of a hangman holding a noose with the words, “I’m Ready for Hillary,” below. 

The portrait of the masked hangman features gallows with two other empty nooses in the background. The hangman wears an axe at this side and blood is visible on his shirt and apron. The tweets, dated Wednesday, Aug. 3, were sent in response to another Twitter user who tweeted a picture of a man holding a “Republicans for Hillary” sign. The user asked where the signs could be obtained. 

Two pictures of the hangman were sent. The second included the caption: “sorry they never arrived but this is pretty popular.” 

The tweets had been removed from the GOP account as of 2 p.m. Wednesday.

Of course later the chairman of the Riverside County Republican Party apologize, but most likely only because the tweets attracted negative publicity. 

You know the media keeps talking about what a train wreck the Doanld Trump campaign is and what a shame that is for the Republicans party.

But that is really bullshit.

This right here IS the Republican party. A party just bulging at the seam with misogynists and racists.

All Donald Trump did was lure them out of the woodwork.

Just like Sarah Palin did before him.


  1. Anonymous3:29 AM

    I, too, have no sympathy for the GOP right now. They have been heading down this slippery slope for many years now, beginning with Nixon's "southern strategy." I thought they couldn't get any worse that the Koch brothers and their "Tea Party" but, with Donald Trump, they've reached a new low. The GOP's hatred of Hillary Clinton has always been totally irrational. Now we're seeing it in full view. And it's terribly ugly.

    1. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Riverside, Thousand Oaks, San Diego are GOP bastions of hate but since Cali is ALL BLUE their pathetic bleatings don't hit the radar so I guess they had to come up with some kind of hatefest to get "noticed". The chickshits have scrubbed it from their twitter but this is just why its not only important to vote in presidential election but all elections where ever you live! BLUEWAVE! Fuck the GOP!

  2. Anonymous3:32 AM

    I'm waiting for the meme that has a photo of T.Rump and his adult kids and his wife (any of all f 'em) that says "trailer trash with cash." Problem is, we wouldn't know which party it was from.

  3. Anonymous4:07 AM

    Open letter to the nominee

    Dear Mr. Drumpf,

    Congratulations! You're just ONE small step from being President - or Emperor, if you prefer - of the States of America! (Yes, we'll be dropping the "United" part just before your coronation.)

    Despite a few minor setbacks of late, you should be very confident that soon you and your lively wife can start redecorating 'the people's house' in your own inimitably tacky style.

    In order to assure an electoral outcome that's most beneficial to the country and to you personally, I strongly urge you to continue your relentless attacks on 'the others'. It's the only way to energize your base of old white men with high school educations.

    For your convenience, I've assembled an extensive, non-exhaustive list of groups you should focus on attacking immediately and without restraint or mercy: women, muslins, blacks, hispanics, eggheads with college degrees, atheists, jooz, bald people, albinos, cancer patients, the amish, union members, chadians, journalists, reterees, roman catholics, the developmentally challenged, the handicapped, bass fishermen, multi-racial people, recent immigrants, poor people, people who don't support you, elevator repairmen, unattractive people, overweight people, COBOL programmers, unemployed people, people with learning disabilities, crossword puzzle enthusiasts and people with red hair.

    If I think of more groups for you to disparage I will add to the list, but this is a good starting place for you, your Excellency.

    Good luck! Don't forget to vote! I sure won't!

    Your pal,
    (proud member of
    Americans for Hillary Clinton 2016)

    1. Anonymous9:18 AM

      I love you, Beldar! Stop by more often :)

  4. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Bel, I have red hair. I told my sister Trump may decide to send his people to put people with freckles on a train to a "camp" like Nazi Germany. I was making a sick joke but now I realize that plans to round up Mexicans, brand all Muslims as terrorists and all immigrants as terrorists, criminals, rapists and murderers could justify murdering masses. If an email alleged scandal incites demands for prison and death from his supporters worse is predictable for people deemed guilty of plotting to rape,kill Americans.

    I am told by people who immigrated here and are citizens that people they know and speak to from other countries are alarmed about USA because of Trump.

    1. Anonymous8:10 AM

      Plenty of us Americans are "alarmed" about the candidacy of Donald Trump. As President Obama has said, he is "unfit" for the office of the presidency. He lacks every quality that a president needs.

    2. Anonymous9:38 AM

      Plenty of us Americans are "alarmed" about the candidacy of Donald Trump.
      But let's not tell the GOP that, they might have an intervention and choose a "sane" candidate.

      We could risk having Cruz, Kasich, Pence or Ryan in the White House because many of the Republican lemmings might not jump ship for Hillary.

      After November the GOP will be totally destroyed !!!Good riddance to bad rubbish

    3. Anonymous10:24 AM

      They haven't backed a sane candidate since John McCain, and then they saddled him with Sarah Palin which consequently pulled the rug out from under his campaign.

      Jon Huntsman, sane Republican, he didn't even bother throwing his hat into the ring this time.

      Many of us life-long Republicans are left without a Presidential candidate and we wonder how many more cycles it will be before we have someone to vote for again?

      Me, I think Trump has forever tainted the party and that we'll have to organize and eventually craft an entire new party, but I'm not even sure if anyone cares enough to do that!

  5. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Bern HRC< Don't forget:

    1. Anonymous9:43 AM

      Are you saying that Bernie did this?

      Exactly what is your point?

      We all know Ted is Cray Cray.

  6. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Donald Trump is a republican on steroids

  7. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I am getting a little tired of their so-called sense of “humor”. This is not free speech it is disgusting.

    Since the Republican Party published it, I say they should have to pay a fine for their “joke”. Since they do not understand civility, hit them where it hurts, in the bank account.

  8. Anonymous9:42 AM

    To be fair, there is at least one extremist right wing crazy either volunteering or even a paid employee in each of these offices.

    That's how those photos get out there. Their filters have never worked and they think this stuff is funny and represents the party.

    There are some sane, moderate Republicans that are socialized to work well with others. They usually climb to the higher strata of party leadership while the crazies are delegated to the copy room, envelope stuffing and manning the phones. And occasionally to the twitter feeds et al. That's how those racist, bigoted and outright offensive things get out.

    One would hope the low level dunce responsible for this one was fired or asked not to return. But likely they're desperate so they put them on the phones with a script to follow.

    The problem with Donald Trump being the nominee is that suddenly the crazies think this sort of thing has become acceptable and they can get away with it. We all know there are saner heads in the GOP leadership and they are trying to keep this stuff in check. Donald makes it difficult to do that. I'm sure they will heave as big a sigh when he's gone as the rest of us will.

  9. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Okay, you gotta admit that it was pretty funny!

  10. Anonymous11:01 AM

    The KKK has always been on the fringe of the American reality. They have not gone away, and yes, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin's madness has bought these cockroaches out into the light. Not only that but Donald bought Putin to light. We think Russia is mindin' their own business but after that fiasco last week with the email hacks we are now enlightened that just maybe Russian is trying to manipulate us because of our unrest. Hmmmm. Any ho, if not for the pied pipers, Donald and Sarah, we would have never have seen with our own eyes how much work we still need to do in this country concerning racism, sexism, misogyny, and what every other negative isms that the Republican party now supports. Oh, yes, they have their scare tactics don't they. And if Bernie is making this pac to support his lifestyle like Sarah did, nothing we can do about that. I mean the churches do that all the time. Look at Joyce Meyers trout snout. Her congregation paid for that mess.

  11. Anonymous5:09 PM

    OT Trump, reading off a piece of paper, says he endorses Ryan, John McCain and Kelly Ayllott (sp?) Wonder how much the RNC paid him to say it?

    As for this disgusting POS, the apology was for getting caught. This isn't free speech, it's a threat, plain and simple, and I hope Hillary takes advantage of it as she sees fit. Yes, the KKK are everywhere and Racism is alive and well in America, fueled by an entire political party that chooses to stay silent.


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