Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hey remember when we used to think of the Associated Press as a non-partisan news outlet?

So yeah this is an AP executive editor admitting that a story is misleading and refusing to alter it.

Here by the way is what the AP got wrong on that story: 

The AP analysis includes only 154 meetings. It excludes all meetings with domestic and foreign government officials — the people who a Secretary of State spends most of her time meeting.

Clinton actually participated in over 1700 meetings as secretary of state during that time period. That means, in truth, fewer than 5% of Clinton’s meetings as Secretary of State were with Clinton Foundation donors. (The AP’s story also does not allege that any of those meetings were improper.) 

Nevertheless, the AP refused to delete the tweet.

And here is the original tweet that the AP refuses to correct.
Gee if I did not know any better I might think that the AP was trying to purposefully create a false narrative.

You know if this were the only recent transgression perhaps we could let this slide.

But it is not.

Okay seriously I have used the AP quite frequently here on the blog, did something change or have they always been secretly working for the GOP?


  1. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Why can't you admit it? The foundation is the epitome of shady.

    1. Maple6:34 AM

      Charity Watch (much more of an authority than you) says that the Clinton Foundation is the very epitome of what a charitable foundation SHOULD be.
      As for AP -- why should anyone trust a news organization which does self-confessed "sloppy" work? If you can't trust a news organization to tell you the truth about what's happening in the world, who can you trust?

    2. Balzafiar6:42 AM

      You seem to have inside information about the truth. Provide information to substantiate it, please.

    3. Anonymous7:42 AM

      Is the AP covering the International Harbor Foundation? Human trafficking is nothing to deride. It is 2nd only to the deadly drug trafficking. Charity Watch.

      What is on the grift agenda today?

      This grifter is full of crap. Like we are to believe today he finally got a chance to test his badass rear? August 29, 2016.

      Partner in sin. Alaska State Fair August 29, 2016.

      "Finally got a chance to shoot my new SRS-A1 from Desert Tech. What a badass piece of gear. I was really impressed how accurate the gun was, with it having the ability to change calibers so easily."

      Looks like when he was living in sin in Kentucky.

      Bristol and Sarah will never be able to repay him for all the lies he tells to help their grift.

      Sarah Palin gets a Scope Eye injury.
      She was teaching gun safety and showing kids how to handle a gun.

      That is worth another cover up.

    4. Anonymous8:45 AM

      How do we know if Dakota Meyer is just another military scam artist or not?
      The 7 Most Common Veteran Scams

      International Harbor Foundation has done zip. No one can tell you if they are a scam if they are just in limbo. For how many years now?

      Dakota Meyers choices of people are more clear.

      Sarah Palin is big on who a person pals with. We know who Dakota pals and conspires with them to target others.

      That team shares the same Alex Jones cons conspiratorial ideology.

    5. Anonymous11:35 PM

      News Corp. Ruppert Murdock own media giant bought a piece of AP a few years ago. They also bought a piece of the Wall Street Journal around that time. Neither have been the organizations they were before Murdock got to them.

  2. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Lets call it what it is in the Republican playbook by cons and liars. And then lets call them what they are Deranged delusional radical bigoted racist terrorist and bullies living in America.

  3. Anonymous6:53 AM

    The Clinton Foundation is a charity foundation that has helped so many around the world. The republican face once again has shamed America with his lies and twisted sick example of humanity and compassion for those in need. What a selfish leech on society he is.

  4. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I detest most Republicans - they have proven themselves to be one nasty bunch of white (majority) men who are liars and frauds!

    And who trusts the media? I know I haven't for a good number of years! Research - use the internet - don't believe everything you read!

  5. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Donald Trump’s Tweet About The Murder Of Dwyane Wade’s Cousin Was Bad. The Associated Press’ Tweet Was Worse.

    Trump Says African Americans Have ‘No Education, No Anything’

    OT . "Share it and make it trending" Dakota Meyer

    How did that marketing endeavor turn out for that trio?

    Palin's MOH fiance may have had his ass kicked by a girl.

  6. Anonymous7:11 AM

    The AP,like most of the media, needs a horse race to drive up revenue. if the shoe were on the other foot, you might not see as much anti Trump crap but you would see more than you do now.
    None of the media is for the country, if they were they'd not give Trump all the free advertising they have done nor would they take him seriously like they do.
    They are all whores for profit for their stock holders and CEO's. Nothing more, nothing less.
    If the AP and their ilk had not given trump so much free advertising, he would not be where he is today.

  7. Anonymous7:14 AM

    First time in life that I will use primary strategy vote to push out the entitled lifetime politician's. And the carpetbagger's, And the hateful, the racist, the do nothing bags of dung. I will cast my vote in primary to push out the worst and weaken the general.

    1. Yes and your vote will be easily identified by the flushing sound.

    2. Anonymous9:10 AM

      Sometimes that strategy works, sometimes it doesn't.

      We utilized that strategy recently here in Alaska to primary some really nasty incumbents.

      We also utilized that strategy in 2010 to primary Lisa Murkowski and it didn't work.

      I feel it's always worth a try.

    3. Anonymous10:30 AM

      Indeed G, That flushing sound happened! I walked in, held my nose and said republican ballot! And then I ask for receipt of my ballot. The big lady said to me that I could go online and see my vote cast from every election ever! Really? and so the hackers know how I voted my entire life? She answered yes. I proceeded with my paper ballot. The little square to mark your vote was not visible without a large sheet of magnified plastic that they provided! Wow. Voting in a sea of old angry white and red voters was a heck of a flush of strategy. As an Independent, I believe that that was the first time that I have ever asked for a republican ballot. Strategy.

  8. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Dan Rather lost his job over a (th).

  9. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Another trusted news source down the drain. Sigh, upon sighs. With the candidates, I will believe Hillary Clinton. She has shown for past forty years that she is a worker. She has worked to make this world a better place. Donald has worked to bring down the world. He even has Putin helping him behind the scenes. Republicans use to harp about communism and now they are helping open the doors. The news agencies are all tainted. This morning, I watched Nora O'Donnel and her team on CBS discuss Anthony Wiener's wiener. And Donald adding to the fiasco by suggesting that National Security may have been breeched. And the reported all taking him seriously when he said that. Ugh! Then CBS moves on to show people in the airports all panicking because of someone sending out false messages. It's gotten to where if someone's car backfires everyone hits the ground. Of coarse we should be weary but we are being conditioned by the right to be downright afraid. We are being brainwashed in a very subtle way, that we don't even know that we are living in fear. Enter Russia. That's how Putin does things over there. It's sad. And there was a piece done on how Putin's misinformation machine has infiltrated our system.

  10. Anonymous8:11 AM

    One thing that people need to egt staright is that the GOP meme if a "left wing media" is one of the most successful fake narratives ever created by the GOP. THERE IS NO LEFT WING MEDIA. The whole media landscape has been purchased by corporations who immediately turned it to the corpoartions favor. There is now only corporate media outlets. Let me repeat - THERE IS NO LEFT WING MEDIA - NOT EVEN ANY "BALANCED" CENTRIST MEDIA.

  11. Anonymous8:39 AM

    "In fact, most of the resistance to Hillary initially was about how “smug” she was in pushing that “Universal Health Care” agenda. How dare she want all people to have health insurance–why that means that health care is a community health problem–there she goes again, with a mind of her own!""What I find profoundly sad is the blatant double standard of how we individually and collectively punish women who seek power, as opposed to how we reward men for the same ambition. "have gone from a true supporter of Bernie Sanders to an apathetic supporter of Hillary to now an excited and enthusiastic supporter of our first female President."

    "swift-boating means never having to say you’re sorry."
    "So if this discussion is really about money in politics that’s fine. But I’m going to need someone to explain to me why we only seem to focus on it when the person making the money has a vagina."

  12. OT., but only to some degree: they have been covering the hacks done to Illinois and Arizona voting systems by. ... (drum roll) Russia.
    There goes my ulcer. What are the odds that they will attempt to force trump on us? Perhaps we should Make noises at every state level to make sure that there is an infallible paper trail?

  13. Anonymous8:51 AM

    That's because the media controls elections. They do it for the ratings. A tie benefits them.

    And between the Russians hacking our electoral system and the media controlling the spin of election information, Trump might win.



    Obama, Michael Moore and Bill Maher were right. We cannot be complacent. We just fight to right up to election day and possibly beyond.

  14. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Several months ago I noticed changes in media, local internet, landline phone, all communication, etc. There have been changes. The hacking caused most companies to draft a quick liability exclusion, exception and privacy update to legally protect from damages caused by lack of security.

  15. Anonymous12:24 PM

    That AP editor who went on CNN is retiring in Sept. She has a short-timers' attitude.

  16. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Gee, is Cory Lewandowski also working for AP?

    It's been a long time since I ever even imagined that a news outlet had a "liberal bias." That's up there with all of the other lies that the GOP has propagated through the past six decades. It's a fiction.

    My favorite fiction today is the NY Times article about Trump's Weiner "scandal" and the statement in the article that Weiner is now a problem for Hillary Clinton. How can the separation of Hillary Clinton's long-time assistant from her exhibitioinist husband be a problem for nominee Hillary Clinton? The problem that I see is that all news outlets are incapable of seeing the truth through the foaming of Trump's insane mouth.

  17. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Edward R Morrow is spinning in his grave. There is no fifth estate, it's all about $$$$$$$ with little, if any, truth. Finding a good news source shouldn't be this difficult.


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