Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton's debate prep includes weathering attacks about Monical Lewinsky, her e-mail server, and the death of Vince Foster. Donald Trump's preparation includes advice from that troll who used to run Fox News..

Courtesy of Politico:

It’s one of the most uncomfortable and important jobs in Democratic politics: trying to embarrass the woman who could be the next president. 

The person picked to be Hillary Clinton's sparring partner in her upcoming debate prep sessions is expected to confront her about the death of Vincent Foster, label her as a rapist's enabler, and invoke the personally painful memories of Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers. 

Clinton’s team is beginning its preparation ahead of the first general election debate scheduled for Sept. 26 at Hofstra University. And one of the key components of that prep, campaign allies said, is finding a person who can stand in as Donald Trump during mock debates and launch personal attacks on the former secretary of state that will make the real Trump look tame by comparison. 

“It needs to be someone who is naturally smart, glib and utterly irreverent,” said Democratic strategist Bob Shrum, who oversaw debate prep for Al Gore. “You can’t learn to be utterly irreverent.” 

When I first read this I thought that Hillary has already seen how low Trump can go, so she is probably already prepared. That is unless he has Beelzebub, the Prince of Darkness in his corner.

And then I read this:

Roger Ailes, the former Fox News chairman ousted last month over charges of sexual harassment, is advising Donald J. Trump as he begins to prepare for the all-important presidential debates this fall. 

Mr. Ailes is aiding Mr. Trump’s team as it turns its attention to the first debate with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, on Sept. 26 on Long Island, according to three people briefed on the move, who insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter. 

Two of them said that Mr. Ailes’s role could extend beyond the debates, which Mr. Trump’s advisers see as crucial to vaulting him back into strong contention for the presidency after a series of self-inflicted wounds that have eroded his standing in public opinion polls.

So the man who would defeat the Clintons is being aided by the man who created an entire cable news outlet to do just that.

If I were Hillary I would use that against Trump, like so:

"So did that incredibly misogynistic and ugly question come from one of your many alter egos, John Miller of John Barron perhaps, or from that serial sexual abuser who is now advising you?"

I actually heard one of Trump's surrogates suggesting that Hillary will try to find some way out of these debates. But I disagree, I think she is chomping at the bit to rip this idiot a new asshole in front of the American people.

And I would imagine that no matter on which day or time it is scheduled that very few people are going to miss it.

I know I won't.


  1. Randall2:12 PM

    All Hillary has to do to win these debates is lob softballs across the plate and let him swing away. She doesn't even have to work hard: just ask him where he stands on any given subject and let The Donald speak his mind.

    Set him up - and let him knock himself down.

    He's brilliant at it. The best. No one has ever been able to do it better. It will be bigly YUUUUUGE.

  2. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Get Bill Maher.
    He would be perfect!

    1. Anonymous3:14 PM

      David Letterman

    2. That's s terrific idea!

    3. James Carville.

    4. Remember both Bill Mayer & Michael Moore both volunteered to help prepare her on Bill's show a few weeks back!

    5. Balzafiar4:25 PM

      I recommend putting an orange wig on Don Rickles and giving him free reign, not that he needs permission.

  3. Dinty2:46 PM

    It has to be someone who's not going to kiss ass, someone who will challenge Hillary and be able to the smarmy evil of Roy Cohn (Trumps mentor).

  4. Anonymous2:49 PM


    THIS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syU0WZovTFg

  5. Pat in MA2:50 PM

    Every time he says he'll do something (build wall, deport all illegals, defeat ISIS, etc) Hillary just needs to keep asking him "HOW". And I predict when she is answering a question and drowning everyone in the details of how...the camera will pan to Trump and he'll be making some smirky obnoxious face. It'll make Nixon's sweaty forehead look almost normal in comparison.

    1. Anonymous3:15 PM

      Or Romney's!

  6. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Have you noticed that Trump's tact is to project onto Hillary all the crap that is wrong with himself? She's afraid to debate? Seriously?

    Betting that Trump dumps out before the debate with some weasly excuse.

    He is a loser and a coward. Besides being completely incompetent and utterly ignorant. And a fraud. And just so dayum hard to look at and listen to. A repulsive short-fingered vulgarian gollum.

    1. Anonymous3:16 PM

      He gets harder to look at every day.

    2. Anonymous4:07 PM

      Projection is what the RW does. They deny their essential nature by projecting it on their foes. It is a form of primal human evil.

    3. Anonymous4:37 PM

      4:07 BINGO!

    4. Anonymous5:09 PM

      I'm surprised he's preparing at all. It won't gain him electoral votes. If he even does the first debate, if he crashes and burns he won't bother to do the other debates. What's the point if he's going to lose anyway. Lose the debates too? Look like a fool on national TV?

  7. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I wonder if he'll utilize Sorry Sarah's infamous "I don't want to talk about that; I want to talk about THIS" because he's clueless as to the subject just like she was and still is.

    1. Anonymous5:11 PM

      He absolutely will.

      And that is where a strong moderator needs to pin him down to answer the question.

      I so want Jon Stewart to moderate at least one debate.

  8. Anonymous3:15 PM

    It's disgusting that he has Ailes on board. They've been pals all these years while both people have had their share of piggishness attributed to them. Two peas in a pod. But Ailes is now more like a Cosby with the many allegations that Trump shouldn't be waving aside. But Trump doesn't care. It's a big sexist dismissal of the value of women. And a reminder of what he said about Ivanka when the Ailes story had broken and Trump was asked what he'd expect Ivanka to do if sexually harassed. Because of the Ailes story being the reason for the subject coming up, Trump shouldn't have just looked at Ivanka as theoretically being sexually harassed, but he should have thought about how disgusting it would be if she worked for Fox and Ailes harassed her. Really, in that case, would he have expected his daughter to just quit? Of course she works for herself and the Trumps all live in a bubble and don't have to deal with things that we do, but this was Trump's chance to show that he could imagine what other people go through. Trump simply has no soul. His kids talk about him as a loving father, but in some important ways he's not even acted like a father. In any case, Trump shouldn't be getting closer to Ailes. But he just doesn't care how it insults women that he is seeking Ailes' company even more than before or at the very least is unwilling to distance himself for at least during the campaign. Such an insult to all women.

    1. Anonymous3:17 AM

      And now he has the Breitbart lie-manufacturing factory helping out. That must have been Ailes' idea.

  9. Anonymous3:19 PM

    BTW, today makes 1 week since he said that Melania would be holding a news conference at some point during the next two weeks. So, it could be any moment now. Or not.

    1. Yeah, right after we hear from those investigators in Hawaii who were finding out amazing things about President Obama's birth certificate. It'll be YUUUGE!

  10. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Congressional subpoenas could not keep Hillary from the debates :)

    She is going to show those wimpy republicans just exactly how they could have destroyed him in the primaries and I seriously doubt Traitor Donnie can lob anything at her that she hasn't already heard.

    I am interested in what her strategy is going to be, ignore his insults and talk about her policies or respond by throwing it back at him requiring him to answer.

    In the mean time little Donnie’s preparation will consist of figuring out who to blame when he loses, complain the mediators were against him ahead of time, get the message out that the debates are worthless and rigged, call his doctor for a Xanax refill and wear extra Depends the night of the debate.

    Maybe he will just stay home and send his responses in by Twitter.

    1. Anonymous5:47 PM

      Better frisk him before the debate for technical devices that he is wearing for the answers to any and all of the questions that he will be asked. Look for an earpiece also and too.

    2. Maple6:02 PM

      Hillary has been dealing with bullies and woman-haters like Trump all her life. You can be sure that she'll use some very well-chosen put-downs every time he tries. She's not terrific in front of crowds but she's excellent in one-on-one situations. He has no self-control. She'll have him sputtering and swearing within the first 10 minutes -- count on it!

    3. Anonymous9:20 PM

      5:47 PM:
      Another BINGO!!!

  11. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Sorry for the O/T but, Gryph, one of the Oregon Refugee has plea dealed. You'll remember Ritzheimer!


  12. Anonymous3:35 PM

    I fail to see how Roger Ailes can bring anything but conspiracy theories to the table.

    I am hoping Hillary gets little Donnie so angry he yells out some national security secret that lands him in jail or has a complete melt down.

  13. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Two fifteen year old bullying sexual predator misogynists huddled together planning the best attack. This is a scene out of 'Idiocracy'. Millions will vote for this clown. I think "Stupid American" is a benchmark.

    1. Every now and again during the debate, Hillary should just point at Donald's stubby little fingers and laugh.

      That should push him over the edge quite nicely.

    2. Anonymous5:14 PM

      Not point. Just look at them and smile

  14. Blaming Hillary for her husband's sexual misdeeds, or attacking her for not treating the women her husband cheated on her with in a warm and supportive way, or accusing her of enabling a "rapist" is not going to set well with the millions of people who have had to cope with the effects of infidelity in their marriages.

    What if she had left her marriage, divorced Bill, and held him up for public scorn and condemnation as the republicans now are claiming she should have done?

    The republicans would have flayed her alive for leaving her marriage and abandoning her husband instead of virtuously forgiving him and standing by her man as a good christian woman should do.

    I suspect that if they are so stunningly stupid as to try to attack her in that way, Trump won't know what hit him.

  15. Anonymous3:57 PM

    OT - Gryphen, do you really want a severely mentally ill woman part of your Blog Roll? She can't even identify the enemy. She's lost in conspiracy nonsense just like a Alex Jones RWer. "The Clintons killed them all" Her mental illness is painful. She is terribly frightened of anyone she thinks has any connection to "authority."

    1. Anonymous5:50 PM

      Agreed but it's not my or your blog so we don't get to pick who Gryphen gives a shout out to.

    2. Balzafiar6:57 PM

      3:57PM Who are you talking about? Some parts of your description might fit several people but not all of them.

  16. Anonymous3:58 PM

    All Hillary has to do is keep her cool and not take anything Donnie sez with a grain of salt. A lot of baiting would be good. He's so thin skinned. He can't talk about serious things just school ground bullshit. He brought out the kid in all his opponents. He has no honor plus he owes a lot to Putin's people so he has nothing to lose to be down and dirty. It's a tasks but someone has to do it, and Hillary can face off with this bloated asshole. We women are behind her 100 percent.

    1. Anonymous4:36 PM

      Think of all the Republican men that Hillary Clinton has been up against for so many years! And, yet she always comes out of their fits and hearings like a calm and steady shining star!

      I've no doubt she will do the same as to Donald Trump in the upcoming debates!

      They are showing so much disrespect of her in bringing up her husband's affairs of years ago. Donald Trump is no fine example sexually himself - due to having his own affairs! Plus, there are many Republicans in Congress that have had multiple marriages and affairs.

      At least, the Clintons worked things out and have maintained a loving and respectful marriage of many years. Remember too, they each have only been married to each other!

      I just feel so badly that the first woman running for POTUS is so terribly feared by the white - elderly - white Republican men! They are all a bunch of assholes!

      Vote for Hillary Clinton!!! She is more than qualified to walk into the White House and lead our country!

      Donald Trump is NOT!

      It's sickening to watch the news and the negative coverage of Hillary as to the 'affairs'. Why aren't they covering Trump's in the same amount of detail. It's Bill Clinton that had the affairs - not Hillary Clinton. Their blaming her is total bullshit!

      Not fair MSNBC and CNN. Get your shit together journalists!

  17. Anonymous3:58 PM

    “The sad state of affairs thanks to a pompous businessman turned reality-TV star (whose show consistently ran LAST in its time period, by the way) who thinks speaking his mind is refreshing,” Greenblatt posted. “It’s actually corrosive and toxic because his ‘mind’ is so demented; and his effect will unfortunately linger long after he’s been told to get off the stage."

  18. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Wow. Those bags under the Donald eyes are BIG HUGE. What causes that?

  19. Anonymous4:22 PM

    I think Trump looks heavier and more bloated since he started this race - to include the primary!

    Think the pressure and tension are actually getting to him. He's not use to having all the negative stuff thrown at him about himself and it's wearing him down!

    Vote Hillary Clinton and I so hope she cleans his clock at the first primary. I want to see him sweat!!

    1. Anonymous5:12 PM

      Last night, I tried RILL hard to imagine exactly what Trump's life looks like when the posse has gone home and he's left schlepping through what's left of his life in the gilded cage.

      Melania has her own floor in the tower. Don has his reflection. What looks back at him? It's been a long time since he's really looked at himself stripped of the glued-in-place hair and all the industrial-strength spandex that's been holding back his gelatinous paunch. Hell he just noticed last Saturday that his unleashed panus has gotten so big now that he can't even see his flacid, shriveled penis anymore.

      He ambles into the kitchen and rummages through the walk-in refrigerator. The help is asleep for the night. He gorges on ice cream. The good stuff. The best. Tremendous. Then maybe whatever else he can find. He just crabs a fistful of that cake on the shelf. No need for a fork.

      He waddles back to the large, cold sleeping wing. It's been a long time since he fuc*ed anyone here. He lays down now and feels a tightness in his throat. It's been a few months now since he stopped his evening ritual of rinsing off the lacquer that holds his long, tortured horsetails of hair in all their odd contortions. His makeup lady will fix all that first thing in the morning. Fuc*ing Manafort. It's his fault he's under fire now. Fuc*ing New York Times. Fuc*ing Katy Tur. Fuc*ing Debates. I don't need that Trog Ailes to prep ME. Fuc*zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. Anonymous4:29 PM

    How does Trump bring up Monica without having people think about the times that he cheated on his wives? Marla Maples gave birth to Tiffany and then they got married.

    1. Anonymous8:26 PM

      Clinton can take the high road that repairing a marriage is a choice as others elect long term infidelity, conceiving babies with multiple women and multiple marriages. Or she could say "Aspen" where Ivana confronted Maples.

  21. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Learn History:

  22. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Uh, shouldn't that be 'withering'?

  23. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I really don't want Trump to drop out now. Another republican replacement could pose problems for Hillary.

    Hang in there, Demento Don. Don't quit until you can show those RINOS just how hard you can choke them with your tiny man hands!

    1. Cracklin Charlie8:54 PM

      It's too late. Early voting will be beginning soon in many states, ballots are printed, there's no hope of a last minute replacement. Nobody would volunteer to stand in and take responsibility for the shellacking that awaits the Republican party this November. That would be political suicide.

      For once in his life, Donald Trump might just have to stand up like a man and face the consequences of his actions.

    2. Anonymous9:35 PM

      and Fuck them with his tiny WINny dick too...

  24. Anonymous4:57 PM

    To help her prepare, she should get Bill O'Reilly (who secretly loves Hillary but is a raging asshole), James Carville, Bill Maher, and a schoolyard bully, age 11. Trump is going to bait her and go for the jugular by making up tons of shit about her.

  25. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Amazin first twenty minutes or so on TRMS tonight. Old 1988 Trump footage at the GOP convention and Ailes footage, too, and how he was helping GHW Bush (who only did two debates and refused to do more) and now today it's said he's helping Trump--4 sources confirming what Trump's denying. A must watch when the show airs again later.

  26. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Just listened to Trump in one of his speeches. Saying crazy stuff like Hillary is not for the African Americans. Hillary is a bigot. He's basically regurgitating what we've been saying about him. He's just flipping it around. When he says, she's like Hitler, then we know. Wait for it. Wait for it.

    1. Cracklin Charlie8:41 PM

      It's projection...a person will project their own faults/shortcomings onto their opponent, as a method of self-defense.

  27. Anonymous7:06 PM

    What in hell have they got Drumpf dumbed down on? He is really snockered!!!!

    I am no longer familiar with what is out there for use now but he is bombed on something. Measured speech - not too noticeably halting but mimics the behavior of those folks I have helped "put under" before surgery in decades past.

    Who is planning to run the government were he to be elected? There has to be someone behind the scenes with that in mind because they would not be sedating him and writing his crap for him to "read" if they didn't have someone in mind to do the "real work" of the presidential office.

    No one on his team has the balls to keep pushing his campaign forward if they didn't have contingencies for running the show. They can't be dumb enough to keep promoting him if they don't have a method thought out to keep him snowed and someone they think can preside - scary as hell.

    I wouldn't want a doctor that much "under the influence of some Rx planning to treat me. And I sure as hell don't want this mindless SOB in the Oval Office.


    1. Anonymous8:59 PM

      Trump is 70.
      Medical letter? https://www.donaldjtrump.com/images/uploads/trump_health_record.pdf
      There is a genetic component to the disease. Risk increases when a person has a particular type of apolipoprotein E (APOE) gene on the 19th chromosome. The type of APOE gene a person has is testable. Has Dr. Bornstein, the gastroenterologist, tested for it?"
      The case that there may be medical problems with Trump, given the nonsense of his medical letter and his poor family history, is much stronger than that against Clinton."

  28. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Hillary has the best staff and tested strategies from her own 2008 campaign and the President's teams from 2008 and 2012. I have no doubt they have been closely studying video of Trump to analyze what sets him off.

    He will have no substantive responses to policy questions and the Clinton campaign has already pushed the idea that he is unpredictable and volatile. I believe that her main objective will be to bait him into losing control during the debates - an easy enough goal - thereby proving that he absolutely cannot be trusted with the Presidency.

  29. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Huffington Post
    Donald Trump To Bring Adviser With Russia Ties To Classified Briefing

    WASHINGTON ― Donald Trump will bring Michael Flynn ― a former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency who was paid by a Russian state-funded television network to speak at its 10th-anniversary gala ― to his first national security briefing on Wednesday.

    .... ABC News reported on Tuesday that Flynn, along with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, would accompany Trump to his first top-secret briefing, heightening critics’ fears that the Trump camp would gain access to secrets it could potentially leak to contacts in the Kremlin. But former intelligence officials familiar with the the briefings process said it’s unlikely that the presidential nominees or their advisers will be looped in on critical secrets until after the election in November....

  30. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Real HOT weather attacks>

  31. Anonymous9:32 PM

    drumpf quote"We reject the bigotry of Hillary Clinton which panders to and talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes, not as individual human beings worthy of a better future. She doesn’t care at all about the hurting people of this country, or the suffering she has caused them."

  32. Anonymous3:12 AM

    That kind of preparation is probably a good idea in this bizarre election year because Trump has just hired someone from Breitbart for his campaign. Obviously Trump has no intention of addressing any serious issues during the rest of the campaign. It will all be slander, lies and false accusations. God help us all if that is the road to victory in 2016.

    Slightly o/t but yesterday I read that James Carville was complaining that, if Trump were to become victorious without the aid of genuine political operatives like him, they would all be in trouble. It's clear that Carville cares less about the country and its future than he does about his pocketbook.


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