Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It is appears that there is little to no chance that the Bernie Sanders backed candidate will defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida. And that's not all. Update!

Courtesy of the Washington Post:  

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz — the former head of the Democratic Party — appears to be leading by about 10 points in her primary against progressive challenger Tim Canova. 

Canova was backed by Bernie Sanders in a Miami area district that overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton in the presidential primary. Some progressives say the fact that the race is even that close is a win of sorts for their movement. (Thought not, as of now, an actual win, in the sense of receiving more votes.)

Oddly enough while Schultz has had both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden out campaigning with her, Sanders has not bothered to show up to support Canova.

And though former aides to Bernie Sanders did work on the campaign for a short time, they all left abruptly with no reason given as to why.

As I have said in the past I am not exactly a huge fan of Wasserman Schultz, but neither am I terribly critical of her time as head of the DNC.

Ultimately I think it is good for the Democrats that Schultz wins this race and that it sends the kind of message which I am sure the Republican party would have liked to have sent to the Tea Party back in 2010.

The last thing the Democratic party needs right now is their own version of a grass roots revolution challenging their every decision and playing the obstructionist when the party needs to negotiate of compromise with the Republicans in order to move forward.

In other news it appears that Sanders has no intention of giving up his mailing list, even though it could greatly benefit the party which graciously allowed him to run in their primary.

Courtesy of Roll Call: 

Despite his plan to help the Senate Democrats win a majority, Sanders still intends to draw the line on support somewhere: He will not turn his donor list over to the DSCC. 

Instead, according to a source, he will send his own fundraising pitches on behalf of candidates.

So clearly Sanders wants to "help," but only so much, and only those candidates who pass his litmus test.

He clearly has no intention of giving away his bargaining power.

Another recent event in the world of Bernie Sanders was the release of a study which claims to show that he would have won the primary by a landslide if not for Targeted voter suppression, Registration tampering, Illegal voter purges, voting machine tampering, and unsecured voting machines.

Now if your bullshit meter started pinging, good for you, because as the folks at Daily Kos and Reddit quickly pointed out the poll was conducted by unqualified individuals, with no experience, and with a very obvious agenda.

From one Daily Kos visitor put it:  

Wow, I just did some searching on Election Justice USA (which appears to have been established in April 2016), and found it’s staff had some VERY impressive credentials. One of the main authors of the report is Lulu Fries’dat, who’s claims she is an “Investigative Journalist”, but who’s IMDB page lists her as an editor, who’s many contributions to investigative journalism include: 

“In 2004, she developed, directed and edited a series of voter registration public service announcements for VH1 featuring Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. “ 

Seems legit! 

I love the smell of bullshit propaganda in the morning... 

Do you think 3 months is enough time to do an analysis of primary elections in all 50 states for a new unknown organization? Hmm…. I doubt it.

The problem with this, besides the sloppy methodology, is that it perpetuates the same myth which the Republicans are pushing, and that is that the Democratic party is corrupt and Hillary Clinton cheated to win the nomination, and will cheat again to win the general.

While in fact we are seeing in real time the Russian government attempting to cheat on Trump's behalf, and the Republicans resorting to every dirty trick in the book.

So these never say die Bernie supporters, whether they know it or not, are essentially working in tandem with the Republican party and the Russian government to undermine American democracy.

If we really want to keep this country moving towards progressive goals we need to work together to fight against foreign hackers and GOP merry tricksters to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.

If there are liberals who do not yet understand that cold hard fact, they might want to go up to the nearest mirror and ask themselves who they really are, and what they really believe.

Update: Schultz has won her primary.

So apparently nobody is feeling the Bern in Florida.


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Uh oh! You're gonna piss off the fangirls!

    1. Anonymous5:20 PM

      More likely he will piss off Bernie's fan boys.

  2. Anonymous4:46 PM

    I love the fact Debbie is winning! Once again, the press/media have been horribly wrong and Bernie Sanders is a jerk as I always thought!

    Go Democrats and fuck Republicans. Donald Trump is going to lose big time in spite of the media/press constantly trying to bring Hillary Clinton down.

    Vote Hillary Clinton due to her being the most qualified and best suited for the job as POTUS! She assuredly has my vote!

    MSNBC and CNN are the worst reporters, or whatever the Hell they are called. Stop watching them America! Especially Chris Matthews and The Wolf! Both sorely need to retire! They are so obviously anti Hillary Clinton and all I want to do is deck their elderly white faces!

    1. Anonymous5:21 PM

      he biggest mistake that Debbie allowed to happen in her tenor was the fact that Bernie's hackers walked away scott free.

    2. Anonymous6:36 PM

      And here I thought she was a first soprano. :)

  3. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Actually, I think people who bought into Bernie's bullshit revolution are fools from the get go.

    1. Anonymous8:26 PM


  4. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Rubio has won too - in spite of what the fucking media/press has been saying. They are horribly WRONG about ALL they report. Fuck them! Wasserman is winning too! Yea!!

  5. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Now all Bernie supporters are Putin stooges, too. You Hillary supporters sound like Cold-War-commie-paranoia straight out of the '50s.

    Your email smear is a non-starter. Obama didn't give over his email list.

    1. Anonymous5:24 PM

      How can someone be a non starter if they have a PAC and are delivering funds to progressive candidates?
      Certainly the last "grass roots" campaign I worked on was for Sen. Paul Wellstone and after sponsoring the FMLA can hardly be called a non starter. Or are you just covering up for Bernie's grifting?

    2. Anonymous5:59 PM

      PACs are here to stay, and the stupid people that contribute to them. Even a QUITTER can have one!

    3. Anonymous6:13 PM

      It's not a PAC people. Get that through your thick hating skulls.

    4. Anonymous6:34 PM

      Bernie has started a PAC. What "I" was referring to. Get it through yours!

    5. Anonymous7:02 PM

      No, Bernie has NOT started a PAC. Our Revolution a 501(c)(4) Non-profit social welfare organization.

    6. Anonymous3:42 AM

      Anon at &:02 pm. The question then would be, who is going to benefit from this "non-profit social welfare organization" besides Bernie and Jane Sanders?

    7. Anonymous4:32 AM

      7:02pm, you are very gullible. Just the kind Bernie is counting on.

  6. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Great post, Gryphen! Couldn't agree more.

  7. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Hello, it's FloriDUH, they have the worst Governor ever and elected Senator Rubio...I wouldn't call it "winning" for DWS, I'd just call it running for office in a state that loves crooks and liars.

  8. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Will Bernie be releasing his tax returns now?

  9. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Looks like Bongino is losing in his race! Woo HOO!
    Hoping Ward ousts McCain in AZ.

    1. Anonymous8:57 PM

      Isn't Bongino one of Sarah Palin's endorsed candidates? Wasn't Nehlen also?

  10. Anonymous5:02 PM

    It is one thing to find out the president is a crook after the election but another to find before that a candidate is crook and still on ballot. Wow, the trump modeling agency? Really?

    1. Anonymous5:36 PM

      Yes, really, and his supporters turn a blind eye.

    2. Anonymous8:24 PM

      5:02 PM It is a sweatshop for teen models. But you can't possibly believe that, "believe me". You wouldn't believe that Donald attacked Ivana, pulled her hair out, and raped her either. "BELIEVE ME"!

  11. Anonymous5:59 PM

    The stupid is strong here.

    1. Anonymous6:08 PM

      Time for your prayer beads.

    2. Anonymous6:10 PM

      Bernie wants you to send mo money, Jane needs some new shoes.

    3. Anonymous6:13 PM

      Care to elaborate? Or are you incapable of hearing the facts?

    4. Anonymous6:41 PM

      Gladly DWS is a shit representative.
      Look at the gains the republicans made under her time as DNC chair.

      Take a look at her record regarding pill mills and pay day loans.

    5. Anonymous8:21 PM

      5:59 PM You are the stupidest.

  12. Crystal Sage6:17 PM

    I'm glad that the Bernie candidates were defeated. I am especially glad that Grayson had his ass handed to him. He went against the results of the Florida presidential primary as a super delegate and pledged to vote for Bernie. Fine, Alan. Now you can go down with the SS. Sanders which still hasn't produced tax returns nor its supporters list. Bernie wants to carve out support all for himself, not the Democratic Party. We shall see just how much support he gets from the Dems in 2018. (Hopefully nothing.) BTW, Bernie supporters I speak to are going on about the Clinton Foundation and they're demanding that Hillary and Bill close it down. I do not trust them to vote for Hillary in November; they're looking for an excuse to vote for Jill Stein or whomever since their idol lost.

    1. Anonymous6:43 PM

      You want candidates Bernie's backing to lose? You're hoping these candidates lose? What a nasty, ignorant fink you are.:
      - Katie McGinty US Senate for PA
      - Maggie Hassan US Senate for NH
      - Ted Strickland US Senate for OH
      - Catherine Masto US Senate for NV
      - Russ Feingold US Senate for WI
      - Raul Grijalva US House for AZ
      - Keith Ellison US House for MN
      - Marcy Kaptur US House for OH

    2. Anonymous6:51 PM

      I can't be the only one wondering why Hillary has been so quiet. I say that as a legitimate statement. Where is she?

    3. Anonymous7:24 PM

      Health issues.

    4. Anonymous7:38 PM

      6:43 PM - Never heard of any of them, but it IS called a democracy for as long as we have it. One citizen, one vote. Nice name calling, and I am not the OP.

    5. Anonymous8:38 PM

      @6:51 PM Drumpf sucks up all the oxygen, 24/7. Notice every, EVERY opportunity Drumpf's speeches get repeated again and again and again. Hosts faces are not shown hardly anymore except on MSNBC- as soon as they start to speak old orangatang shows up on the screen. WTF is going on?
      If HRC's name comes up it is to denigrate her and it is such a quick clip that if you blink you miss her.
      CNN runs those bimbos supporting Drumpf and the insane REthug guys for him - all have diarrhea of the mouth and no manners at all. No brains either.
      McCain/Payme started it and we need to end it - now! Vote!

    6. Anonymous10:02 PM

      Vote for Hillary Clinton and stop watching the bullshit put out there by CNN and MSNBC! They are both very, very anti Clinton and very, very pro Trump!

    7. Anonymous10:06 PM

      I'm glad that Hillary Clinton is letting Trump do his continual repeat, repeat, repeat speeches.

      She really doesn't have to do much as he is doing himself in ALL by himself and that idiot long-haired blond that constantly is now speaking for him!

      Just get out the vote for Hillary Clinton! She IS qualified hands down to be POTUS!

    8. Anonymous10:36 PM

      I'm with you 8:38 I'm sick and tired of the MSM reporting on Hillary as if she's guilty before proven innocent. That includes select "reporters" on MSNBC!

    9. Crystal Sage10:57 PM

      Hey, 6:43, I was talking about Flor-i-duh. Bernie endorsed the candidate running against DWS. I think that was indicative of something that I have disliked about "the presidential candidate Bernie." I want to see progressive Democrats win their elections. I do not want to see Democratic infighting. I was talking about the so-called Bernie Faction that wants to act as spoilers because, I think, they're sore losers.

    10. Anonymous3:39 AM

      Anon at 6:51 pm and 7:24 pm. Among other things, the media almost completely ignores what Hillary Clinton is doing or saying in her appearances around the country. The media pays attention to Hillary Clinton only when it's time to spread some more nasty Trump-ish innuendos and accusations. She's also seriously preparing to debate the GOP lunatic candidate, Donald Trump.

    11. "Anonymous6:51 PM
      I can't be the only one wondering why Hillary has been so quiet. I say that as a legitimate statement. Where is she?"
      Well, if you ever actually read or watched any news you would realize that she, like any other presidential candidate (except Trump) at this point, is engaged in intense debate preparation.

      It is grueling and demanding and generally takes up most of their time in the month or so leading up to the first debate.

  13. Anonymous6:58 PM

    What does Sarah Palin and Bernie Sanders have in common?


    1. Anonymous7:22 PM

      Gryph and his post menopausal hate cult can't stop talking about either of them?

    2. Anonymous7:56 PM

      DO DO be DO.

    3. Anonymous8:18 PM

      7:22 PM Your stale comments are as childish as you are, stalker troll.

    4. Anonymous4:35 AM

      7:22pm, you are tired. Get some new shtick

  14. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Bernie has done little to no good for the country during and since his primary run and nothing noteworthy in his time in Congress. If I were a Vermont voter, I'd be tempted to vote for his opponent when he's up for reelection.

    1. Anonymous11:30 PM

      Vote for Al Giordano! He's running as a Democrat in VT in the primary!

  15. Anonymous8:47 PM

    The tweets about @OurRevolution aren't a very good sign.

    This cartoon illustrates how ex-Bernbots are feeling:


  16. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Dan Bongino was defeated in the House race in Florida. Who endorsed him???

  17. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Are you seriously glad this woman is keeping her seat in politics?

    1. As someone who was in her district for the last 6 or 8 years (but was redistricted back over to Cowboy Hat Lady again), I can say, yes, yes I am. Why Canova thought he had to try to take on the safest Blue seat in all of Florida I cannot understand. DWS really is not the problem in the House - the problem is the overwhelming # of Republicans (and really, had Canova won, he and DWS would in all likelihood have voted the same way on nearly ever vote taken.

      I'd like to see someone like Canova, or someone else with Sanders' blessing, take on Ileana Ros-Lehtinen or run for one of the nearby seats that typically go Red in Fed races. We need to change Red to Blue, not be fighting over who's Bluer than who.

      I'm seriously wondering what Canova is going to do with all that campaign money, mostly from out of state, that he hasn't spent.

  18. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I think he will be remembered best for his theatrical role, where he promised hopeful children, a world of fanciful make believe. Where candy grew on trees, chocolate flowed like rivers, college is free, and that you can spend other people's money forever.

    RIP ummmm.... Gene Wilder

  19. Gryph - you are not helping.

  20. Anonymous3:34 AM

    Debbie Wassermann Schultz is very popular in her constituency. I don't think that she's quite the monster that she's been seen as recently.

  21. Anonymous6:50 AM

    For the sanders supporters-there is a presidential race happening with two candidates:
    Donald Trump
    Hillary Clinton

    These are the two main choices running with Jill stein and Gary Johnson as also running but they may not have enough votes to even participate in the debates.

    Do you want a country run by Hillary or the donald?
    The primaries are over and this is your choice.

    Bernie Sanders has said multiple times now that Trump CANNOT be elected as president. Are you going to follow his lead to beat Trump meaning vote Hillary or jeopardize our very way of life?

    There comes a time to put aside self and work for the good of the whole. This is one of those times. Grieve all you want for your loss but vote HRC!

  22. Anonymous8:12 AM

    The last thing the Democratic party needs right now is their own version of a grass roots revolution challenging their every decision and playing the obstructionist when the party needs to negotiate of compromise with the Republicans in order to move forward."
    Yeah, no kidding. Somebody tell Elizabeth Warren to STFU and fall in line and stop whining about Obama's Wall Street deals and appointees.

    1. Anonymous8:20 AM

      And bring those Black Lives Matter thugs to heel.


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