Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Joe Scarborough finally states the obvious: "Republicans are not going to win the presidency."

Courtesy of TPM:

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on Monday declared matter-of-factly that “Republicans aren’t going to win the presidency” with Donald Trump as the party’s nominee and the focus should now be on avoiding huge losses for down-ballot Republicans. 

“People say if you don't support Donald Trump, then Republicans aren't going to win the presidency. Well, Republicans aren't going to win the presidency,” Scarborough said on “Morning Joe.” 

“At this point, and I'm just being a selfish Republican, for me it's about saving the Senate, it’s about not getting wiped out in the House, it’s about not getting wiped out in the state legislatures and governorships,” he continued. “We have a lot to lose.”

Well that is good to hear, and I agree wholeheartedly.

I myself think it is quite likely that the Republicans will lose the Senate and certainly lose a number of seats in the House.

However I also feel that whatever Clinton wants to accomplish in her presidency she better get done during the first four years, because the deck is stacked against her for winning a second term.

That is unless the Republicans allow another human train wreck like Donald Trump to win nomination that is.


  1. WA Skeptic11:05 AM

    What we really have to be on guard for is Rethuglicans rebranding themselves, lying to make themselves appear to be sympathetic to Progressive and Democrats, and then being elected to office. Remember: they are all lying snakes. That's why they don't put the "R" on their campaign materials.

    Remember: they are all snakes and liars.

    There hasn't been a decent Republican since DD Eisenhower. But that's only my opinion.

    1. Anonymous1:58 PM


  2. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Scarborough is a great GOP-er. None of us with any active brain cells want to see the GOP Senate leadership continue. Obstruction, nothing but obstruction since January 2009. Retaining the White House, regaining the Senate and making as many inroads as possible in the House are absolutely essential to Democrats this November.

    1. Anonymous12:00 PM

      If you ever run for for office, you definitely have my vote! And I doubt that I'm the only one here that thinks that way. You're great!

    2. I agree with 12:00. You would have been so much better than Benishek and I think you might be in his district.

    3. Has everybody forgotten that Joe and Mika fawned all over trump and pushed for him to be the nominee ?

    4. Anonymous1:58 PM

      My vote, too Beaglemom.

  3. Rebecca11:19 AM

    I agree with Joe here. Trump isn't going to win, thankfully.

    This was the GOPs fear, when they created all of their voter suppression laws. Most states included a party line voting ban. Good thing those laws are being thrown out. Dems may just sweep the November elections this year.

  4. Olivia11:23 AM

    She needs to work like hell to get things done in the first 2 years because the midterm elections could change everything. I would hope she would remember that from the 2010 midterms. And I agree with you that she very likely will be a one term President. With any luck, that is all she will need.

    1. Anonymous1:59 PM

      Agreed. I'm voting for Hillary, but I will be shocked if she goes two-terms. The White House does tend to flip back and forth. And the GOP hates nothing more than the Clintons. But I imagine that Hillary herself knows this. She's not as smooth as Obama, but she's as intelligent & knows damn well what she's getting into.

    2. Anonymous5:18 PM

      Hillary is experienced enough she won't make the same mistake Obama did squandering his supermajority. The question is, WHAT will she do with that supermajority? That is how we'll be able to gauge her true character; whether she is truly progressive or just giving lip service to appease the Bernie Sanders supporters.

    3. Anonymous6:28 PM

      @Anonymous 5:18 PM

      ''Hillary is experienced enough she won't make the same mistake Obama did squandering his supermajority. ''
      President Obama didn't squander anyway, people just do not vote in mid-term election, they just do not take mid-term elections serious. It is common, it even happened with Bill Clinton, and other presidents, both Dem and Repub. I

    4. Anonymous7:51 PM

      Obama went 2 terms and all of us who worked to make that happen will do it again for Hillary. Don't dismiss her--bitch gets stuff done.

  5. Anonymous11:23 AM

    My dream is to see every GOTP and all elected repugs who ever showed any support for dRUMPf as president, be voted out of office then tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. Never to be heard from again in politics.

    1. Seems Koch Bros are not going to fund Trump, but flood the down-line elections with millions. Which means, every vote for a Democrat candidate for the Senate and House is extremely vital -- knowing how much gerrymandering has been done by Red states to skew the election in their favor, esp. in the cities.

  6. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Clinton may get to serve two terms. Remember that the Republican postmortem of the 2012 election concluded that they had to find a way to include more minorities. Forward to 2016, and the situation is worse. I don't see the Republicans being able to turn themselves around unless the sane section of the party splits from itself, and forms a new political party. If they do split, then they'll spend the 2020 election fighting with the remnants of the old party to see who are the "true" conservatives.
    If they don't split, then the teaparty faction will force another person like Trump or Cruz as their nominee in 2020.
    However, I don't really see the Republicans being able to save themselves. Just my $.02.

    1. The anger, etc. Trump has unleashed is more dangerous than he is, being "just" a bully/victim caricature.
      Those millions and millions of rabid supporters are not going to slip quietly back into their below--the-surface resentment. I just hope there will not be blood.

  7. Anonymous11:25 AM

    This is one of the few times I have ever praised Joe. Along that line - I am seeing more and more articles about Trump's instability. The more this comes out - the more unhinged he will become. He is very fragile right now - not too far from totally cracking up.

    Pat Padrnos

    1. Anonymous1:33 PM

      I can't be the only one hoping for a full meltdown.

    2. Once his slide begins to drop him, the media will be just as ruthless in covering it -- because ratings. I just don't want Pence to take over the nomination -- because he just may win, looking better than Trump to Republicans.

  8. Anonymous11:26 AM

    How can you say the "deck is stacked against her" for another term? What, is there some super Republican candidate for POTUS that we've not yet heard of? Someone who is not one of the 25 that have been trying to run for this last two election cycles?

    They seem to have no young, up and coming superstars so I'd be surprised if the party can even survive the Trump disaster to even organize enough in 4 years to launch a reputable campaign. The only young Republicans they have are Ryan and Rubio, and they've already proven that they are not presidential material and I doubt that will change in the next 4 years.

    Whether it is Hillary or not in 2020 I see nothing more than a disorganized, "too many candidates" type scenario for the GOP in 2020 and the time is ripe for another strong Democrat to step in. Could be Kaine, if Hillary ages out, which she might, who knows, but the GOP is in a shambles and it'll take more than 4 years to fix it.

    1. Just Google how many terms any political party has held onto the White House consecutively and then you will understand why I say what I say.

      Americans have short memories and they will soon come to blame ANYTHING that is not going right on Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party.

      Count on it.

    2. Anonymous12:25 PM

      How many terms any political party has held the W. H. may have something to do with who the candidates were.

    3. Anonymous1:22 PM

      Only a few days into the general campaign I am already sick of commentators whining that Hillary Clinton is talking policy in her speeches. Isn't that what a general campaign should be about? I'd like to see the commentators refuse to talk about what Donald Trump wants to talk about for a change and discuss policy issues. The nothingness of Trump's GOP and the insanity of the GOP platform should give them lots of fodder. The media in this country wants an ignorant electorate. They aim as low as the GOP does. Americans are smarter than that and we deserve better journalism.

    4. Anonymous1:37 PM

      It absolutely boggles the mind how many people in this country don't know how our branches of government work.

  9. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I am a lifelong Texan and never thought Dubya would be Governor much less a two term President. It's not over until Nov 9th, folks. We have to vote!

  10. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Hillary MUST win 270 electoral votes. No matter what.

    Or this:


  11. Anonymous12:20 PM


    Sarah? Is he talking about you?

  12. Anonymous12:21 PM

    So true 11:45! Complacency is one of my fears for this election. I think this is why Michael Moore wrote this frightening article. We need to vote!


    1. My sister who is in California (my birth state) will be volunteering with other "Bernie Bros" to help register people to vote. Most of them, she says, understand the consequences if Dems don't win.

  13. Anonymous12:24 PM

    I was just asking my dad today, who is left for Traitor Trump to insult. I never thought he would go after a baby:
    When Trump Kicked A Baby Out Of His Rally, He Got Hillary Clinton Elected President
    At first, Donald Trump said all the right things about a mom who was trying to get her crying baby to settle down, but as the baby continued to cry, Trump couldn’t help himself and let his real character show.......

    Baby cries
    Trump: "I hear that baby crying, I like it!”
    Trump: "you can get the baby outta here"
    — Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) August 2, 2016


    1. He really insulted the mother, sneering at her and mocking her to the crowd for being such an idiot as to believe what he was saying (that he didn't mind the baby).

    2. I think he is subconsciously trying to lose -- but he will have somebody to blame it on. His stupid staff? a rigged election? the media?

    3. Anonymous3:07 PM

      He will blame it all on Hillary and Bill!

  14. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Next generation Trump supporter:

    A Kid at Donald Trump Rally Yells of Hillary Clinton “Take That B*tch Down!”

    If you were wondering who Trump was going to attack after attacking a baby…. The answer is our children.

    Donald Trump kicked a baby out of his campaign event on Tuesday, so it should be no surprise that the kinds of people who follow Trump have a 10ish-year-old child who screams of Hillary Clinton, “Take that b*tch down!”

    Yes that happened. ....


    10-Year Old Child Yells 'Take That Bitch Down' At Trump Rally

    ...Mommy Dearest had more to offer, too:

    The adult escorting boy who yelled "take the bitch down" about Hillary Clinton said the child learned the language in "Democratic schools"

    She also said of roughly 10-year-old boy shouting "take the bitch down" about Hillary. "I think he has a right to speak what he wants to"


    1. Anonymous1:45 PM

      "I think he has a right to speak what he wants to"

      He sure does. And he also has the right to suffer the consequences. However, he's not a voter yet and may never be, so he needs to keep his smart-ass mouth shut in an adult forum. Obviously he was put up to it by his double-digit IQ parents.

    2. Imagine how the drooling Trumpazoids would go after either of the Obama girls for talking like that.

  15. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Help! Some scandalous info about the Palins would be so welcome right now to distract from Trump's horrible presidential campaign and disastrous impact on our democracy.

  16. Anonymous1:04 PM

    People, don't be complacent and believe what Joe Scarborough says! I strongly believe that apathetic Democratic voters need to get out and vote for Hillary in November or Trump will win.

  17. Anonymous1:08 PM

    OT get on it Gryphen........Trump won't support McCain Ryan and Ayotte. He's basically just blowing up the GOP at will.

    1. Anonymous1:26 PM

      He's mental, he says he's ahead of Ayotte in the polls, he thinks he's running for the senate!

  18. Anonymous1:38 PM

    O/T but you were wondering why Sarah is in Arizona? John McCain is in a tight primary race and early voting starts this week. Hmm... However, McCain has blasted Trump over the remarks Trump made against gold star families, and now Trump has said he will not endorse McCain in his re-election bid. Very interesting to see Sarah stuck in the middle between two assholes who ARN'T Todd and Track...

  19. Anonymous1:39 PM

    “New Hampshire is one of my favorite places,” Trump said. “You have a Kelly Ayotte who doesn’t want to talk about Trump, but I’m beating her in the polls by a lot. You tell me. Are these people that should be representing us, okay? You tell me.” He has gone off the rails and taken the whole GOP with him..... https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-refuses-to-endorse-paul-ryan-in-gop-primary-im-just-not-quite-there-yet/2016/08/02/1449f028-58e9-11e6-831d-0324760ca856_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_trump-440pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory

  20. This just in: 5:30 EST.

    Donald Trump begins contemplating the unthinkable: He might lose
    Trump has now taken to saying the presidential election will be "rigged."

    I posted a question just 2 minutes ago (below on a previous post) -- who will he blame? his staff, a rigged election system, or the media?

    Gawd, he is so depressingly predictable.

  21. Here is the link of my previous post.

  22. Anonymous3:14 PM

    The candidate from central casting was soundly beaten in 2012 but any Republican that can walk and talk at the same time can beat Hillary Clinton in 2020?

    You're overlooking one simple fact: the Republican party will go through exactly this same mess unless the necessary schism happens. You're forgetting that the Republicans' second choice of candidate was Ted Cruz. There has to be a break and the real Republicans will have to rebuild their party, their platform and their brand. Anyone that believes that they can do that in four years hasn't been paying attention.

  23. Anonymous3:30 PM

    My happy dance will wait until I am absolutely certain Trump's chances are squashed. It will be some time (Dog willing and a whole lot of votes) before good times can roll. My special vintage is not even in my mind much. Anything can happen in the ensuing days. I will remain on pins and needles.

  24. Anita Winecooler5:32 PM

    If I didn't have a computer, I wouldn't know ONE policy Trump has that makes sense, Hillary's not wasting time "calling" in, she's out there listing what she wants, how it'll be funded, etc.
    All I hear from Trump is perpetual victimization, how poor Trump was viciously attacked, and hat to "hit back hard" He was for Putin, now says he's against him, he was for pro choice, now not so much, I don't want a crybaby whiner for Commander in Chief. He's not running a campaign, he's bashing anyone and everyone he perceives doesn't like him, and having a hard time keeping up with the tweets and cutsey names for Hillary.


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