Sunday, August 07, 2016

Malia Litman's explosive Secret Service expose hits the MSM.

So as a number of you are no doubt aware fellow blogger, and friend, Malia Litman has been doggedly pursuing stories about Secret Service malfeasance and scandalous behaviors.

Malia originally started her inquiries based on information she received from Shailey Tripp and it just exploded from there.

So here she is a number of years later and all of her hard work has now been vindicated.

According to The Dallas News this is just a portion of what she has uncovered: 

Here, though, are lowlights of behind-the-scenes mishaps of our vaunted Secret Service. 
  • A culture of "wheels up; rings off" meant even married agents could party on foreign trips. 
  • Secret Service K-9 units brought their dogs into their hotel room, which the dogs trashed. The agents made payoffs so the incident wouldn't be reported. 
  • A agent who missed his flight later showed up drunk with two prostitutes. He was not disciplined. 
  • Agents "engaged" with prostitutes in Amsterdam's red-light district during an advance team trip. 
  • A supervisor choked a female subordinate because she rejected his sexual advances. 
  • A supervisor offered a subordinate a larger office in return for sex. 
  • A supervisor took a subordinate to a sex show while on duty. 
  • A male agent's gun was stolen by a male prostitute he solicited online. The gun was never recovered. 
  • A manager in the National Threat Assessment Center forced employees to drink alcohol in his office "so that he could trust them." The same manager was accused of multiple incidents of sexual harassment.

The article goes into more detail, but that right there is enough to take your breath away.

None of this information came easily and Malia spent $100,000 of her own money on legal fees to gain access to the documents which tell these troubling tales.

Which goes to show the kind of dedication it requires from citizen journalists to get to the truth, and then get that truth out to the American people.

All I can say is congratulations Malia! You do us proud!


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Malia has done an incredible job. I hope somewhere in all of this she is able to get the info out about Shailey Tripp.

    Pat Padrnos

    1. laurensd19:36 AM

      I hope so too, Pat Padrnos.

      The Agent Chaney, oogler and security guard for Sowah, has been lost in the shuffle. His involvement with Tawd's prostitution business is crucial to Shailey's credibility.

      Hopefully, this could be a case for bad infomercials..."But wait! There's more!"

    2. Anonymous11:39 AM

      Malia did finally find out that Chaney resigned from the service due to his part in the Colombia scandal and she did finally receive that redacted interview transcript which, presumably is his, although names are redacted, all indications point towards it being his statement.

      In this he does admit to pursuing prostitutes prior to Colombia, in 2008 and 2009 but all names, including his are redacted, but that does mean there is a possibility that Shailey Tripp could have been the prostitute in 2008, although we'll probably never know for sure.

    3. Anonymous7:06 PM

      Lol. Good luck with that 'prostitution buisiness' that you have bought hook line and sinker so foolishly. Malia received a bunch of documents that are just additional detail to what was already exposed within the ss several years ago. None of this is new news.

    4. Anonymous9:43 PM

      7:06 PM Always the Palin damage con'troll', never here to offer constructive criticism.
      You are an expert at denying that which you know nothing about. Produce Trig's birth certificate, Tripp's birth certificate, or even Track's birth certificate. The Palins have more secrets than the C.I.A.

    5. Anonymous10:56 PM

      9:43 I could care less about the Palins or any of their stupid birth certificates lol. Do you go back and look at what you write ever? You are insane!! Who gives a crap if they are all alien spawn!? They are nobodies.

      But by all means, keep believing that one of your Palin hate blogs is finaly, this time, got em lol. With information released that was already well known when the SS was exposed recently.

      Nothing new!

    6. Anonymous11:49 PM

      You are pretty excited about this huh 9:43?... All worked up are you? Birth certificatey demanding and all. Unfortunately, for you, it will likely be yet another fizzler lol.

    7. Anonymous11:54 PM

      Controllies pollute many online news outlets. Poor things, I don't know if they are paid to 'undermine' the facts the and/or truths about their heroes and/or idols. The information that is useful for public education (4th Amendment, freedom of the press)is important.

      It's sad, irritating, and sometimes distracting when controllies litter so much on posts that are most useful threads that do inform because of commenter discussions.

      I've learned over time to spot them and read them or not as most do on Gryph's blog.

      I appreciate the effort and dedication of blogs like this one and citizen journalist bloggers around the web who work hard to keep the reasonably sane among us aware of what is happening to our democratic republic.


    8. Anonymous5:32 AM

      Hey dowl, what exactly does any of this release of information have to do with the Palins- who you are obsessed with? Other than in your mind. Maybe we need to bring back cousin for you lol.

    9. Anonymous12:41 AM

      It's the Palin Brigade team! Loonie here! @5:32

  2. Anonymous8:39 AM

    It's a start!
    I admire Malia's tenacityand willingness to spend ger own money to expose injustices.

  3. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Thanks for the shout out to her, Gryph, now THERE'S a Mama Grizzly! The other "self proclaimed" not so much if at all.

    1. Anonymous10:31 AM

      The other one is Mama Greasy.

    2. Anonymous12:03 PM

      Or Mama Gristley

  4. Anonymous8:58 AM

    She would have better spent the 100k on psychological counseling to answer why she is obsessed with the Palins and why she would believe Shailey Tripp.

    Also, I do not believe dogs trashed a hotel room. Those dogs are very well trained. The agents may have trashed a room and tried to blame it on a dog. That is a far more likely scenario.

    1. Anonymous9:31 AM

      8:58 is a-ok with Secret Service corruption and the millions of taxpayer dollars it cost us ALL, you included 8:58.

      Amusing as hell, you trolls who MUST masturbate over the Paymes in comment sections not favorable to the KKKlan. Godam, you're so stupid!

    2. Anonymous9:31 AM

      Oh poor dear. Shailey was telling the truth, you twit. Malia has vindicated the women that Todd was pimping. None this would have hit the mainstream media were it not true.
      Dogs left alone in a hotel room could certainly have 'trashed it.' It only takes one dog peeing on the bed or the furniture or pooping on the carpet, to trash that room. If these drunken agents left to go party, I have no doubt the dogs were left to their own devices for hours.
      Interesting that you focus on the dogs and not the pitiful excuse for men that spent our tax dollars on drinks and hookers. Are you a Palin?

    3. Anonymous9:38 AM

      Or she could have spent 100K on psychological rehab for the dogs. They were trained by the Palins.

    4. Anonymous9:40 AM

      Malia has more money than Palins will ever see and knows how to live life very vibrantly.
      Jealous much?

      Oh. And her kids are accomplished and normal. "Nuff said.

    5. Anonymous10:27 AM

      I don't think thatdogs with the level of training that these have had would trash a hotel room

      They are very accustomed to traveling to and staying in new places. They probably just slept while their handlers were gone. Plus, they are housebroken better than most humans. They are better behaved than almost all children, even special snowflake Alaskan brats.

    6. Anonymous10:43 AM

      @8:58 AM Maybe Track Menard Palin trashed the hotel rooms like he trashed the School buses, the drunken brawl limo, other hockey players in high school, and Jordyn Loewe. Track and Dakota both threatened suicide and have alcohol abuse problems, so why don't you explain their behavior?

    7. Anonymous4:20 PM

      8:58 and 10:27
      Dog trainer here, search and rescue to be precise. If the dogs were not kenneled and left alone, it is absolutely likely they damaged the room. These dogs are picked partially for their high energy, inquisitive personalities. Please refrain from making statements about that which you DO NOT KNOW.

    8. Anonymous5:24 PM

      Anonymous 4:20,

      I am a dog trainer too (over 40 yrs) and also have handled show dogs of all breeds for the past 30 yrs.

      My dogs are VERY accustomed to travel and staying in hotels. They are not left uncrated in a hotel more for their own safety than anything. If hotel mgmt or housekeeping entered the room and the dog was loose, they could get out. When we're in the room, they are left out and generally sleep when there is free time. The travel and show schedule is very tiring for them both mentally & physically. Herding or Working Breeds like you describe can be given toys or stuffed Kongs to occupy them if necessary. Often, I may leave for a short period of time (to get ice or food) and they are fine unattended for 5-10 minutes. Dogs that are used by the Secret Service are very well trained and even GSDs or Tervurens that have a high working drive know what kind of behavior is expected of them. They are dogs - that does not mean they are stupid! You should refrain from making statements about that which you DO NOT KNOW. Or maybe you are just a terrible dog trainer.

  5. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Malia started out as the rest of us (anti Sarah Palin) did, searching for information to make some kind of sense out of Sarah Palin being chosen as the VP nominee in 08. It was probably smart to concentrate on the scandalous behavior of Homeland Security and not on Sarah and Todd Palin as not many were interested in exposing them. Now that she has received national coverage maybe some will pick up on the much smaller but as disgusting behavior of The Palin's.

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM

      It seems she began just like all the other bloggers with "who is the woman" and then tried to make sense of the "wild ride".

      She did tend to spend a bit more energy on the Shailey Tripp tales than did other bloggers but what that did was lead to a wealth of documentation which led to her current expose having found so much more culture of corruption than just one prostitute saying that she slept with officer Chaney. While that account was never resolves satisfactorily for Mrs. Litman it is a nice compensation that her FOAI documents provided so much more in terms of SS malfeasance.

      If there is a federal agency that should be above reproach it is the SS however the classic tale of abuse of power is alive and well within its ranks and thanks to Malia Litman some of that has been exposed.

    2. Anonymous11:44 PM

      Uh, 10:25... all this was exposed about the SS several years ago. This is all old news you are getting excited about.

  6. Anonymous9:16 AM

    There is a thread on Reddit about the article

    1. Anonymous3:04 PM

      Link, please.TY

  7. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Good, but THIS seems a real outlier in otherwise very inappropriate instances of behavior: Secret Service K-9 units brought their dogs into their hotel room, which the dogs trashed. The agents made payoffs so the incident wouldn't be reported.

    Excuse me... where were the dogs supposed to be housed?! They are legally "fellow officers" after all and while I certainly question WHY such well trained dogs would have trashed a room, it is clear that the SS handlers took it upon themselves to do the responsible thing and pay for any and all damages. So, exactly HOW is this a scandal?!!! Would you prefer (as happens far too many times with local cops), that the dogs be left in a parked car to perish in temps that can exceed 125 degrees and in the most horrific manner possible? KUDOS to those SS dog handlers and shame on Malia or anyone else trying to make hay off of acting appropriately towards an animal who serves all of US--trained to be put in danger without a choice of their own.

    1. Anonymous9:59 AM

      Is this all ya got??

    2. Anonymous10:03 AM

      Properly trained dogs wouldn't trash a hotel room under normal circumstances. If these dogs were left too long without bathroom breaks then y'know what happens next.
      The part about the "payoffs" indicate inappropriate behaviour on the part of the human agents, not nec. the dogs. These dogs were left alone for too long, plain and simple.

    3. Cracklin Charlie10:10 AM

      Dogs, like children, should never be left alone in a hotel room.

      Shame on you for defending these clods.

      And how exactly is Malia "making hay"? She has spent 100K of her own hay to get this information.

    4. Anonymous10:23 AM

      To CC 10:10 and Anon 10:03
      You are jumping on someone who started out their post agreeing with Malia's major points and giving her dudos-- while likewise pointing out that one "misdeed" is clearly not like the others. YOU need to get a clue. While there is a question as to why well behaved official law enforcement dogs would trash a room--EVEN IF LEFT ALONE-- the point is that the SS officers did the right thing in paying for the damage AND NOT leaving their canine partners at risk of harm. Some here are so ready to lump in anyone who disagrees on even small points in with Palin apologists that they absolutely discredit THEMSELVES.

    5. Anonymous10:30 AM

      9:21 is right. If the dogs tore up a room, restitution (not a payoff, Malia!) would be necessary. It is very expensive to train those dogs. I think they're being unfairly blamed.

    6. Anonymous10:55 AM

      Quit using the dogs to deflect and focus on the real issue.

    7. Yeah no shit.

      Here we have several instances of sexual coercion, an agent who choked a female subordinate for not sleeping with him, drunkenness on the job, a stolen gun, missed flights, etc. and everybody is all bent out of shape over the dogs being blamed for damage to a hotel room.

      WTF people?

    8. Cracklin Charlie11:42 AM

      Trolls be Trollin'.

    9. Anonymous11:52 AM

      Hey Gryphen --

      Have you ever enjoyed the services of a prostitute or are you too chickenshit to even respond? You are a feminist when it suits you, otherwise not so much.

    10. Anonymous12:09 PM

      Splodey heads are a'splodin!!

      Someone sure struck a nerve!

    11. Anonymous1:03 PM

      Damn, Uncle G that was a great cold buuuurn! Left a mark on 11:52 with that one.

    12. Um, no 11:52.

      Why is your mom looking for work?

    13. Anonymous2:40 PM

      If my mother got pregnant at age 14, I would keep my mouth shut. All you Alaskans seem to be able to do is breed like rabbits.

    14. Anonymous3:58 PM

      It's something about dogs. Never, never insult a dog. Not being a dog (or cat) lover I always turn off the evening news at 6:55 when they do their pet story of the day. Some of us don't really care. (Sorry dog lovers, sometimes you're over the top.)

    15. Anonymous4:28 PM

      Canine trainer here again to set the record straight and not to hijack the thread like the troll.

      It is customary to kennel the dog when the handler is not in the room and even when the handler is. It's complicated, but the short answer is that the dog becomes more eager to go to work when he is released from the kennel. This troll knows absolutely nothing about service dogs, so please ignore her ignorant remarks about them. Obviously, this post has hit a big nerve, WHICH MEANS, Malia is getting closer to the Palins pimping connection to the Secret Service and the Palins are scared shitless.

    16. Anonymous5:29 PM

      You are an idiot.

      You are the troll. You sound like you don't have the foggiest clue about dog training. The crate or kennel is not a CAGE or a means to punish the dog. It is their den and where they eat/sleep, which is very important to a dog. Try using some pisitive reinforcement techniques & read up on dog behavior, FFS.

    17. Anonymous9:23 PM

      Uh, who said it was for punishment? FFS, do you have a reading comprehension problem or do you just ASSume? It is someone else's blog, so really, I didn't think I should go into the long, complicated explanation. BTW, dumbass, you only make good service dogs through positive reinforcement and not punishment, soooo.........I'm done playing with you troll.

  8. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Malia is a hero!!!! I admire her gumption and ability to say no to the corruption.

  9. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Melia, if you're reading here congratulations on your hard work and willingness to stick to it!

  10. 66gardeners9:57 AM

    Dan Bongino was a SS agent who left the agency one year away from being able to retire. He then ran for US senator of Maryland and for a set in the House of Representatives in Western Maryland.

    Dan's brother was involved in the SS Colombia scandal involving prostitutes.

    This guy is a genuine grifter. He is running in Florida now for congress. The primary will be the end of this month. He can't get rehired in the federal gov't, so he wants to pick up that additional year+ by getting elected as a politician by the stupid party.

    1. 66gardeners10:18 AM

      After Dan Bongino was forced to retire prematurely from the Secret Service, he blamed Obamacare as the reason for him losing his federal health insurance plan provided by his employer after COBRA expired.

    2. 66gardeners10:21 AM

      Bongino did not mention one family affected by the scandal — his own. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Bongino confirmed that his brother, Joe Bongino, was on the Secret Service detail that traveled to Colombia.

      “He was on the team that made some bad decisions, but multiple witnesses have said he was not a part of the prostitution,” Bongino said, “He is not part of the prostitution investigation.”

      Bongino said that his brother has given statements as part of the investigation.

      When HuffPost asked why Bongino hadn’t mentioned his brother was there, Bongino said, “It’s not my place.” Besides, he said — nobody asked.

      “If someone asked, I certainly would’ve said it,” Bongino said. “It’s not my place to give up those names.”

    3. Anonymous10:37 AM

      Dan Bongino pals around with Allen West

  11. Anonymous10:00 AM

    I think the "expose"is a little small scale when you think about our presidents and related people in power from decades ago engaging in identical behavior. While I'm not sure people take th kennedys seriously, no one cares about their British royalty level of drama.
    And really, isn't that kind of stuff mainstream in average joes anyway? Drama is drama. Everyone has it. Considering Ashley Madison showed proof that monogamy isn't natural and that every country has thousands of accounts to the site, nothing shocks me. I'm not sure why Malias findings would. Our two main candidates this presidential cycle have long term scandals and similar behavior. And Considerinf Obama is at least bisexual if not gay just shows you no one cares. (I lived in Chicago for 8 years in the 90s).

    1. Jesus Christ!

      Nobody believes your bullshit.

    2. Anonymous10:19 AM

      Just because some backwoods peckerwood like 10:00 am claims they lived in Chicago in the 1990s we are to believe the recycled RWNJ shit they continue to leave here?


    3. Anonymous10:20 AM

      Not to worry, Gryph, like clockwork here they come when you've once again hit too close to home!

    4. Anonymous10:28 AM

      That's a whole lotta delusion for so early on a Sunday morning, wowza!

    5. Anonymous10:35 AM

      @10:00 AM You are a lying troll with nothing to back up your fantasies. Your parents have been paying your way for far too long. You are a parasite to them, waiting around for an inheritance. You are a psycho bitch with no life. The state of Florida must be tired of your stalking ass. The local Sheriff has been to 1050 bella vista #208 many times to serve you restraining orders. Don't you get it, you are not liked?

    6. Anonymous10:38 AM

      Have you no decency?

    7. Anonymous10:50 AM

      I lived in Chicago in the 90's and that proves President Obama is not Bisexual.

    8. Anonymous11:31 AM

      WTH is in your local water, 10:00 am? Or did you forget your meds this morning? Are your handlers gone for the day and they left the gate open?

      Go back under the rock where you belong!

    9. Anonymous12:13 PM

      10:00AM "(I lived in Chicago for 8 years in the 90s)".

      So. Were you a male prostitute back then? Otherwise how would you know about Obama.

      What was your going rate? Did Obama tip you or come back for more, later? Give us some details, something we can check out. Otherwise...

    10. Anonymous12:24 PM

      I was young single gay man in Chicago in the 90s. No Obama sightings. And I looked at a lot of men. You're full of it.

      With that said though, I also wonder why its important who the agents had sex with when off duty assuming consensual participation.


    11. Anonymous4:01 PM

      The problems with agents "misbehaving" is that they can then be blackmailed. Not something you want going on when they are supposed to be guarding the nation's leaders.

    12. Anonymous6:13 PM

      Oh yeah. Duh, wasn't thinking so hard. Thanks, Dave

  12. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Much appreciation for Malia's FOIA effort and the outstanding article by Dallas News' Dave Lieber and Marina Trahan Martinez. The incidents, especially those involving sexual abuse of children, disclosed by the FOIA documents are very disturbing.

    I wonder why the article doesn't mention Malia's FOIA requests involving Shailey Tripp, SS Agent David Chaney, and Todd Palin and whether Malia's done with that matter.

    1. Anonymous10:15 AM

      Malia Litamn said in a comment at yesterday's post:

      "There is a second article in the DMN that describes some of the documents. I think the Shailey Tripp story will come out later."

      Link to her comment:

    2. Anonymous12:55 PM

      10:15 AM - Thank you for the info and link!

    3. Anonymous1:07 PM

      It's because the Palin fandamily is untouchable.

    4. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Not untouchable, just irrelevant.

  13. Anonymous10:10 AM

    A lawyer with time to spare and plenty of money ... Sarah's worst nightmare.

    Good job Melia.

    One day the main stream media will write the Todd is a pimp story.

  14. Anonymous10:15 AM

    And she shows dogged determination in spite of the fact that she suffers from MS. So hats off to Malia for being able to get to this information.

    1. Anonymous1:18 PM

      I was going to mention Malia having MS, but decided not to because she doesn't bring it up.

      I also have the disease and marvel at her stamina even with the disease. She is a 'real' trooper and good example to others - no doubt about it.

      I've followed her for years and am happy seeing her finally gain national attention. The Palins should be very concerned!

    2. Anonymous5:41 AM

      Concerned about what, that she obtained already well known information about the extra curricular of the SS boys club?

  15. Now why do you suppose a Federal Judge is denying Malia compensation? Me thinks that if he rules in favor of compensation he is acknowledging...(waste,fraud & abuse)..but most likely he may be endangering his life or these SS agents will face discipline and caused to compensate the government. Government must compensate Malia for expose.

    And do these men take an oath...are they college educated?

  16. Remember when I used to be hot?

    Even before veteran agent David Chaney became caught up in the Colombia prostitution scandal, there were warning signs. To wit: he decided to put up a Denver Post picture of himself with Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin on his Facebook page. Alongside the photo, taken at a Colorado fundraiser during the 2008 campaign, was the caption “I was really checking her out, if you know what I mean?” Following the latest scandal it didn’t take long for the post to be discovered; it quickly went viral and even earned a response from Palin herself. “This agent who was kind of ridiculous there in posting pictures and comments about checking someone out,” she fumed to Fox News. “Check this out, bodyguard. You’re fired! And I hope his wife sends him to the doghouse.”

  17. Hey Toad...YO Sarah! Enjoying this development much? You're next! lol

  18. Anonymous11:18 AM

    All right, twitter users, get it out there!

  19. Anonymous11:26 AM

    I have followed Malia closely throughout the past ten years or so because she was anti Sarah Palin and so was I.

    In fact, she has used a photo (for her blog) of Sarah Palin surrounded by male security - focusing on a specific guy that was later brought to the forefront in national news as to being involved in prostitution.

    Alaskans wanted to learn more about the security forces (nationally) and within the State that used Shailey Tripp's prostitution services as outlined in her book "Boys Will be Boys".

    It's been disclosed that Todd Palin used Shailey sexually as well as having referred other males (in security and government) to her, for which they paid. Some payment copies were provided as evidence in her book "Boys Will be Boys".

    Sarah Palin was also very much aware of the services of Shailey Tripp because she personally received massages from her as is also outlined in the book.

    Alaskans want to see this matter thoroughly investigated with the Palins being brought before the Alaska Court System and/or Federal Court.

    They both knowingly involved themselves in this illegal activity for their personal use as well as the others they referred from the U.S. and State of Alaska governments to include the security guys. (Especially dealing in the time frame of the McCain/Palin campaign!)

    I strongly recommend folks read Shailey Tripp's book.

    It's interesting to note that neither Todd nor Sarah Palin sued Ms. Tripp for the writing and publication of her book! They knew they'd not stand a chance in Court were they called to the stand to testify and answer questions under oath!

    1. Anonymous11:56 AM

      More like the Palins saw no reason to spend the time and money on a loser like Shailey Tripp.

    2. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Tell that to Tawd, 11:56 AM, he spent plenty of both!

    3. Anonymous12:59 PM

      Nice try, 11;56.
      The paymes sue at the drop of a hat. Or the drop of an insult.
      Haven't you noticed?
      Shailey accused them of pimping her out , in essence. Wrote a book about it, gave interviews.
      Your payme idols/whores have neglected to sue for libel OR slander. Seems like an open and shut case to me, if Shailey's such a 'loser' and a liar.
      But she's neither. She's been telling the truth all along. She's no loser, hun, you are for defending such trash as the paymes. Troll!

    4. Anonymous1:13 PM

      Shaley Tripp was hardly a loser! She was abused by Todd and Sarah and their male cohorts!

      Read the book and learn something about the horrific Palins, 11:56 AM. They are NOT folks to be admired or respected, which the majority have learned in Alaska and throughout the country!

      You obviously have fallen way behind in your analysis of the Palins, based on your counter to "Boys Will be Boys"!

      Notice that Bristol named her kid, Tripp, spelled exactly the same as Shailey 'Tripp' the prostitute. Sick!
      The poor kid is going to have to deal with that comparison for the rest of his life!

    5. They also (too) have neglected to sue for slander over;
      The wild ride
      Her pregnancy
      Shailey Tripp
      Brad Hanson

    6. Anonymous4:46 PM

      Yes but in all those cases you mentioned except Shailey Tripp they very publicly threatened to sue all those people.

    7. Anonymous10:07 AM

      Uh, no they didn't.

  20. A nony mouse12:39 PM

    Gryph, way beyond time you took public notice of Malia's FOIA campaign to make this country a more informed, and hopefully a more truthful place to live.

    It not only cost her big $$$$$$$, but a lot of dogged determination and stress when she should be avoiding stress at all costs.

    Malia is the kind of person people should be hailing as heroic.

    1. Anonymous1:00 PM

      Exactly and she got this media attention once she started to expose a much bigger issue than just the Palins.

      I realize it was research on the Palins that led her to this USSS issue but it became so much bigger and more people are interested in the USSS malfeasance than the fizzling Palin saga, thus the larger attention paid to her work.

      I doubt that anything will ever change within the ranks of the USSS but at least a wider audience now realizes that the USSS is nothing but a "bad boys club" being compensated by our Federal tax dollars, and that the corruption is much more widespread than just one instance of they officers hiring hookers in Colombia.

      Nothing will change but you can bet that the organization is going to now do a much better job of keeping their shit secret.

  21. Anonymous12:56 PM

    The question is will this bring Palin down? As much as I'd love to see Palin in an orange jumpsuit, I doubt it will happen.

    1. Anonymous1:17 PM

      Nah, and she knows it.

    2. Anonymous7:09 AM

      This actually has nothing to do with the Palins. Like not even a little bit.

  22. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Very impressive. I tried to post a congratulations, but no option to do that. She's probably getting threats.

  23. Anonymous3:14 PM

    There is no way to fully process the betrayal by Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, a police lieutenant in Illinois who an investigator said Wednesday had committed a “carefully staged suicide” after years of stealing money from a local youth group that he ran.

    Immediately following Gliniewicz’s death, a former United States Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino, went on Fox News and, as images of the search for Gliniewicz’s phantom killers played on the screen, said of President Obama:

    “The man has been a complete disgrace when it comes to dealing with police officers, and it really gives me no joy in saying that. I know people can engage in hyperbolic statements here, but it’s just the truth. I mean, how many people are going to have to die, how many police officers, before President Obama has that Sister Souljah moment President Clinton had and he comes out and says ‘enough is enough’?”

  24. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Through this tedious process, I have always wondered why it took you so long to give her some support and coverage. I wondered if you would ever speak up about the scandal.

    1. Anonymous5:29 PM

      Gryph has always been supportive of Malia. We are also talking USSS. Perhaps he gave her the respect she was deserving of in her own investigation?

      Why oh WHY do people think that they have the right to know every last thing that's going on behind the scenes? You DON'T.

    2. Anonymous6:46 PM

      Her blog is on his sidebar. I think he knows that a lot of his readers visit her blog as well. Many people in the comments mention IM so there is a lot of cross traffic, no need or him to also cover what she's doing.

    3. Anonymous9:26 PM

      Nor do you. You are not the blog police.

  25. Anita Winecooler5:15 PM

    Congratulations, Malia! I've followed your blog over the years and you've proven you CAN have a fish picker from Texas. For your hard work, dogged determination, and your wicked sense of humor, we're all in your debt.

  26. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Remind me if I ever wrong Malia Litman, I better not think about if I hold her off long enough she will give up and walk away.

    Sarah Palin wished Malia Litman and her readers and Immoral Minority and his readers would give up and walk away and forget that Todd Palin pimped out single struggling mother of Special Needs children to Sarah Palin's Secret Service detail.

    The way I look at it if Todd is bold enough to pimp out Alaskan mothers to the United States Secret Service, he had to be stupid enough to be involved in interstate sex trafficking.

    Also what about the rumors in Alaska about the lodge for exclusive out of state rich men that Todd was part owners with. Is it true he was forced out because he was bringing in too much suspicion for supplying women from out of state to service the rich visitors?

  27. Anonymous6:41 PM

    GO Malia!!! :)

    By the way, Frank AND Claire have a three-way with one of their SS agents on House of Cards. Frank traced the agent's hand behind one of the pictures hanging on a White House wall; later, that agent took a bullet for Frank. There was a political advisor and strategist (Jay Carson) working on the show, and maybe he thought he was approving things beyond belief.

  28. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Republicans will now use this to claim that the SS went to hell when Obama was elected. Just watch.

  29. Thesis Schmesis10:37 PM

    Malia is well known here in the Dallas professional corridor. Usually when any couple earns tens of millions of dollars, everyone is jealous. But with David and Malia, all you ever hear is "good for them, they deserve it".

    I know $100,000 is not make-or-break when your bank account accrues that much in interest alone every month as the Litmans' does, but it's still an ASTONISHING amount to have to spend on a FOIA request; Malia should have had all the requested documents within ten days, and incurred a cost of only the xeroxing/shipping.

    The Litmans aren't beloved here simply because they're nice, either- Malia's name is spoken in reverence by trial lawyers and corporate litigators. She is highly respected in the medical profession as well, having earned a nursing degree along with her law degree. They are both fascinating people and their children are unfailingly polite, compassionate, and well educated. Basically, the litman family is everything sarah palin WISHES her loser family could be! Sad thing is, they could have been just that- honestly rich instead of thievingly rich, educated instead of ignorant, compassionate instead of judgmental. COULD have been. But their matriarch encouraged dirty deeds, false "achievements", and stamping on the backs of others. (Or in Bristol's case, tramping on her back FOR others)

    Interesting tidbit: Dirk Nowitzski, one of Dallas' most beloved athletes, used to stop by Malia's home every day when he first moved in the area- their grounds are so beautiful, he would slow down and stare! David Litman has worked hard to make it an absolute oasis of beauty and I love thinking that if Malia had to toil away all these years to procure those documents- at least she has this lovely place to do it in.

  30. Anonymous11:00 PM

    She should right a book and get it published.

    1. Anonymous7:10 AM

      Or she could left a book. Either way.


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