Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sarah Palin is not even pretending that she is not regurgitating conspiracy theories from the Right Wing fringe anymore.

That's right folks, Info Wars.

That is the home of Alex Jones that tin hatted gargoyle who thinks the monsters under his bed are possessed by demons hired by Harry Reid.

This is the guy who literally thinks that Hillary Clinton is out to kill him.

And that is who Palin is now linking to on her Facebook page.

No longer is she bothering to link to The Independent Journal or Breitbart News.

Now she is simply bypassing them and going to the same lunatic asylum where they get THEIR stories.

Just like your crazy uncle who thinks that the fluoride in the water allows the government to read your thoughts.

And while Palin thinks it reasonable to panic her Facebook fans with news that Russia will position a military division only fifty miles from Alaska, she says not a word about their hacking of government agencies or their attempts to interfere in our election. 



  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I saw that as her utilizing her incredible sense of humor.

    1. Anonymous12:35 PM

      That's a joke! She has never had a sense of humor. Ask Alaskans that know her and Todd!

    2. Anonymous12:50 PM

      Thanks for yours.

    3. Anonymous12:58 PM

      I saw that as her utilizing her incredible curse of stupidity.

    4. Anonymous1:52 PM

      speaking of that dipshit ( sarah palin, notwithstanding ) alex jones, but i got a huge belly laugh outta this the other day ..

  2. From the article: military division only fifty miles from Alaska … not a word about their hacking … or their attempts to interfere in our election.

    But the latter can't be seen from her house! :-)

    1. Anonymous3:25 PM

      If Russia is positioned that close to Alaska, you just know they're already hacking Palin's e-mails.

    2. Anonymous5:33 PM

      They're probably illegally using her wifi.

    3. Anonymous6:46 PM

      Naw they are watching KK walk around naked!

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Every blog that reports her "injury from rock running" is filled with comments about her sanity. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Some think she got hit by Taaahhhd, others think someone else walloped her. Rock running? Nobody is buying that!!

    1. Anonymous12:12 PM

      Scope Kickback Cut?

    2. Anonymous12:35 PM

      I think Todd beat the crap out of her as she did him a few months back. They have always been known to fight a LOT and physically.

      Such a happy household, those Palins! Haha!

    3. Anonymous12:56 PM

      Well that and the fact that every one assumes she's a drunk and probably some sort of addict as well.

    4. Anonymous1:00 PM

      Notice her fav rag, Daily Mail UK. If they were just doing stories about quasi celebs they would have had headline, breaking news about her head injury.

      Instead they print the publicity Sarah wants them to print. The wonderful family values garbage.

    5. Anonymous2:17 PM

      @11:46 am
      Finally people are seeing Scara how I've seen her from day one. I heard her speak for the first time at work in 2008 seeing my coworkers reaction immediately made me quit my job and finish getting my bachelor's degree. I knew immediately she was a dumb ass. I went back to school out of fear because I believed there were enough people in America that felt her ignorant ass spoke to them directly. I personally feel glad to see she no longer has any influence on any subject matter. Good riddance.

  4. Just a matter of time before all the aluminum foil gets bought up in Wasilla.

  5. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I recognize the two on the right side of photo .. it is Todd and Track.

  6. Anonymous11:55 AM

    It wasn't long ago she was gushing about
    Putin's muscular, hairy bare chest he
    shows off while riding his horse. That compared to President Obama , Putin is
    a real tough man's man, in so many words.
    I think you put her quote on one of your
    past Blogs.

  7. Lindsay11:57 AM

    I think she was trying to further prove her point that Alaskas proximity to Russia qualifies as foreign policy experience. After all, she never let's anything go. But, by the comments on her own FBT this point seems lost.

    1. Anonymous1:12 PM

      Wasn't one of Sarah's selling points to McCain that she had experience as Commander in Chief? (How long until she quit that job?)

      Why would he need to vet her when she had that position? Who cared that it was a farce, propaganda crap? Todd was the shadow gov. It was a title and she did need it for that time.

      Is the AK National Guard dark? They didn't say why but their Facebook with all the history was shut down. Why? Is it back now?


      May be Track and Todd are back with the National Guard and fighting off the Russians. Dakota has joined a TV crew to film him fighting the human slave war with the police.

      The police are treated so bad, they need Marines like Dakota to help them out and shoot up some bad guys. Hope there is no collateral damage because they would never tell us that part.

  8. Olivia11:59 AM

    Fortunately for Palin, her supporters are just as brain damaged as she is so she makes perfect sense.
    Poor Alex Jones,always bleating for attention. If Hillary were going to kill anyone, Anthony Weiner would have been dead years ago.

    1. Anonymous1:34 PM

      If that isn't the truth, Olivia, starting with the pee pond! I'm sure the mark1955 dude is under his bed never to come out again after this latest screed of hers.

    2. Anonymous1:43 PM

      For that matter, so would Bill.

  9. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Worse than that, Bristol let's her kids drink fucking sody pop! Fucking sody pop!

    1. Anonymous12:21 PM

      Bristol's instagram has a photo showing just how illiterate her son is. The writing is pathetic. I hope he has some emphasis in learning from his father but I fear their emphasis is just on hunting and fishing.

    2. Anonymous12:33 PM

      Sunny is a school teacher and college educated so he will be fine. He will probably get a full academic schloarship under her tutelage.

    3. Lindsay12:37 PM

      I thought the same thing. My niece wrote me a story when she was 6. The hand writing and the grammar far exceeded that on the instagram pick. But I must say that my niece is a genius ha ha ha!

    4. Anonymous1:09 PM

      He is 7 or 8 and although his spelling and penmanship are not great, it is not out of the norm for an average student of his age. Not a troll, just a retired teacher.

    5. Anonymous1:10 PM

      Yes, same here, Lindsay! My daughter was 'quite a bit younger' than 6 or even 5, when she wrote way better - better spelling, and better penmanship! (She went to a Montessory preschool and elementary school).

      BTW: looks like Barf$Tool changed her name to Bristol Meyer.
      Who would want to use the (almost)same name as a pharmaceutical company?!

    6. Anonymous1:12 PM

      Kinda interesting to me. I seem to remember seeing a MUCH BETTER penmanship a year or so ago, when he wrote a note for Sunny and Levi...

    7. Anonymous1:16 PM

      I thought it was a note from someone trying to escape from danger. They were under duress and had to write it in the dark and make sure no one could see them hoping to be rescued. That was the best they could do.

    8. Anonymous1:24 PM

      On the contrary, most children I know that are entering school in Kindergarten and first grade must already know the alphabet and basic penmanship and spelling. Schools are very competitive from day one. I doubt anyone in that family cares one bit about learning and the importance of good grades. Both his parents barely finished high school. Tripp will be no different and will probably be a father by his 18th birthday.

    9. Anonymous1:31 PM

      Tripp is supposedly either in second or third grade.
      I cannot believe a second or third grader would have such a lousy spelling and penmanship as this picture shows. UNLESS this was maybe written by TriG!
      I find it kind of 'interesting' that she always calls TriG as if he is her son ('my baby', etc)!

    10. Lindsay1:54 PM

      A certain troll around here loves to make claims about Tripp's college fund (like she knows). Judging from what I'm seeing, there have to be some dramatic changes made if college is going to be an option for him. I hope that this happens

    11. Anonymous2:30 PM

      Wow! I am stunned by how pathetic his writing is! What kind of schools do they have in Alaska? That is really pathetic. He belongs in a remedial class if that is the best he can do.

      Dakota's penmanship is surpringly good.

    12. Anonymous2:56 PM

      @1:10 PM DRUG ADDICTS.....

    13. Anonymous3:33 PM

      Tripp's extremely poor penmanship may be because he has dyslexia which is usually hereditary.

    14. Anonymous4:01 PM

      How is his diet? If he can stay on a healthy diet. I bet you would see improvement.

      If he was told what to write, his tensions and lack of focus might show up.

    15. Anonymous6:30 PM

      >>>BTW: looks like Barf$Tool changed her name to Bristol Meyer.
      Who would want to use the (almost)same name as a pharmaceutical company?<<<


      Only on her BSMP2 IG apparently!

      Bristol Meyer wife, mom, & part time blogger ⬇️"

      Name change doesn't appear at Courtview yet.

      Does this mean Barf$Tool is using an ALIAS? Like Track Palimo tried to at the ANC drunken beatdown?

      Also too- anyone else notice the 5 hour energy chit in the background of Tripp's letter? Who is cranking on that 5 hour chit? I hope it isn't Tripp or Sayler!

    16. Anonymous6:48 PM

      I would not be surprised if poor Tripp was coaxed and coerced to do that note. Just for Bristol to take the pictures of the 2 notes. They are so desperate to keep up a false front. I can't wait to see the next act.

    17. Anonymous7:02 PM

      Clarification please. I thought Sunny worked as a preschool teacher and had taken some college courses. That has little to do with subject matter courses. And cursivebwriting is no longer taught, and penmanship printing is given little attention as it is no longer a stepping stone to cursive.

    18. Anonymous7:22 PM

      I know someone with dyslexia. Their penmanship is fine. They don't do well spelling.

      What you see with Tripp may be in large part due to how she feeds him. She needs to control him, we don't know the drugs she uses. That would effect development. The child is a victim of trauma. He may be stuck at the age of a toddler. He can identify with Trig and that is where he feels safe.

    19. Anonymous7:31 PM


      Are you questioning Sunny's education or qualifications? How dare you!

    20. Anonymous8:54 PM


      Tripp does have strange swollen-looking knees which is a sign of malnutrition.

  10. Anonymous12:09 PM

    1st the fact that access to information doesn't actually make us smarter. "BULL$HIT $ell$"The point being, there is an entire industry that lives off of conspiracies, and thus needs to manufacture conspiracies in order to survive. " a lot of this is driven by the fact that these people don't want to have to get real jobs." After all, why play by society's rules if the whole thing is a sham? Right Sara?

  11. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Off topic, but I am curious. Where have so many of the long time IMers gone? The many who used to identify themselves by site names and brought great wit and interesting comments to every thread? I started noticing less and less from them and now the majority seem to have left and we are left with a different breed of posters.

    1. Connie12:29 PM

      Perhaps the regulars got tired of being slammed. Perhaps their lives got interesting (in the May you live in interesting times kind of way).

      I'm sure they still read even if they are quiet.

      Ps. I do love the prose of Beaglemom, myself. :)

    2. Anonymous12:55 PM

      I am still here. Used a moniker for a long, long time, but got tired of getting attacked by some trolls.
      I am pretty darn sure there are others on here, too, who used to use monikers and even avatars.
      Once the 'anonymous' option gets deleted, and everybody has to log in, then maybe this blog will become different. I actually like those 'other' blogs, where you have to give some type of info to the host (even though that also can be quite a bit abused.)

    3. Anonymous1:06 PM

      I think the "cousin" threads and the Bernie threads have driven some away. Both brought out a viciousness towards fellow commenters.

    4. Anonymous1:35 PM

      I've been here for many years but prefer to be anon on most blogs after posting on a RW site that published my email (some fellow in New Zealand). The stuff I started getting was truly sick (I had criticized their queen). There are some seriously deranged folks out there. I was terribly naive for not realizing (I really really lapsed at that moment) I was exposing myself at a personal level to these folks. I prefer anonymous now and I still visit regularly. I haven't received an email from one of these demented minds for years. They eventually lost interest after throwing a bunch of shit into a void. These folks were candidates for an asylum. I think one term used now for them is 'alt right'.

    5. Anonymous2:27 PM

      OUt GOTVing (for Hillary)

    6. Anonymous2:57 PM

      Commenter former known as (Censored! Do you think I'm stupid?) now posting as anonymous also too.

      Things have cooled down here some as the Palin Klan have regressed to their mean.

    7. Anonymous3:35 PM

      I post as 6gardeners and anonymous, depending upon the content of the comment. Trolls.

    8. comeonpeople5:56 PM

      I'm still here but usually post anon as it is easier.

    9. Anonymous6:35 PM

      1:06 PM "cousin" was killed off, that was good. Now Assange is saying he has email he will be releasing that can end Hillary... yadda yadda. He has Bernie in the mix of it all and Hillary has to go on thrashing Bernie. Assange will have to wait a long time so no one will notice how he has nothing of interest. Just the drama. I would have more respect for Ass. if he would release crap about everybody. He likes to benefit the Russians and only one side of the US political system.

    10. Anonymous8:51 PM

      I'm an Alaskan who has been here since 2007 but I always comment as Anonymous as I don't have a Disqus account.

  12. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Alaska's premier goofball is just trying to keep herself in the news so she can continue to milk the alt right. I suspect revenue is severely down and trending even further downward. What's a talentless grifting group of idiots to do? Splodey shakes won't keep them in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

  13. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Oh, Sarah, honey! You are such an idiot. But, just in case the Russians are in Alaska, or are coming, I suspect you are first on their list!

    You'd better get your guns out - have them loaded - because you are going in front of some very masculine men that Toad and you will never be able to fight off!

    Be prepared - they are coming to get you!!!!

    1. Anonymous3:36 PM

      At the very least, they're hacking her e-mails.

    2. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Shit ! Can they hack into sealed birth records and such????? Please??

    3. Anonymous6:47 PM

      Oh if they wanted to they could expose quite the scam in Alaska! And Sarah knows it!

  14. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Sorry, 12:09 PM, but I'm one that has been coming to this blog, on a daily basis, since its inception. Wouldn't miss it!

    1. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Me also, too! I prefer to be "anonymous"

  15. Caroll Thompson12:36 PM

    Sarah and Donald Trump are always saying how much they love Putin. Sarah said that Putin would be preferable to Obama and that Putin is a real man while Obama wears 'mom jeans'. So, why is this a big deal to Sarah? Isn't it what she wanted? She is always saying she wants Putin. Trump loves Putin.

    You can't have it both ways Sarah. Praising Putin and then posted this trying to scare people. But if the Russians are coming to Alaska, I hope they go straight to your house, seeing how you love Putin so much.

  16. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I don't know about an entire division BUT there are russian troops within 50 miles of the Alaska border.

    1. Anonymous3:37 PM

      how long have they been there?

  17. Crystal Sage1:08 PM

    Alex Jones thinks that there are alien slimy lizard people infiltrating our world. He also believes that Sandy Hook was a false flag - totally scripted with child actors playing the victims. Fans of the Bob And Chez Show have been entertained (in a very uncomfortable way) by the antics of Alex Jones.

  18. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Did anyone go to the link to see where exactly these Russians are supposedly stationed?

    Correct me if I am wrong, unless they are on a ship, in Canada, or on Big Diamede Island it is geographically impossible for them to be within 50 miles of Alaska.

    Big and Little Diamede are the two islands where Alaskans and Russians can practically wave to each other. That was part of Sara's vast foreign policy creds.

    Also, too, that photo isn't accurate unless they are in British Columbia Canada as there are no trees on Diamedes and you'd be hard pressed to find such 'bushy' or well formed trees in Alaska's northern regions. (I assume Canada as well.)

    1. Anonymous1:42 PM

      FACT>2.4 MILES:
      Little Diomede's neighboring island, Big Diomede, is less than 2.4 mi (3.9 km) to the west, but is part of Russia and west of the International Date Line. Unlike its larger Russian neighbor, Little Diomede retains a permanent native population."<Alaskans

    2. Anonymous2:51 PM

      My bad I was thinking the gap between Russian Mainland and AK Mainland was several hundred miles not 55 miles.

      So back to the point of this. This whole Russian troop thing is a non story. Like saying Mexican troops are just over the border.

      Or Communist China has a stronghold in Wash DC. Locked and loaded. ..right there in that embassy building.

  19. A J Billings1:21 PM

    $tupid $arah, you can install your Belmont tit-bags, tape on your ass pads, cover your face in shit, shadow, and lip slime, and pick any fugly wig from your collection of dead skunks, but your looks are gone, your reputation is a joke
    and your relevance to anything or anyone are 99% over.

    And FYI, youaren't doing a fucking thing to help that disgusting fat pig DrumpF.

    You lost him Iowa and Wisconsin and you couldn't even give him the state that hates you most (Alaska).

    You are so desperate for mention in the press that you'll post doctor visits? WTF $ARAH?

    Trump won't even let you show up and spin your pasties after the right wingin' bitter clingin' taint fest you spewed all over his campaign.

    You lost and were DEFEATED in 2008
    You quit in 2009
    You failed to run in 2012
    You failed to get an invite to Repub convention 2012
    You failed to get an invite to Repub convention 2016
    Your reality shows failed

    Your blood libel really showed us what a viciously stupid, and racist pig you are.
    Your brawl with the kids was a perfect show of "family values"

    Your favorite abstinence preacher had yet another out wedlock kid.

    Your Queen Esther myth is dead, and Mary Glazier has moved on to other grifting sources.

    Your last few "speeches" for Drumpf were so bad that many conservatives thought you were drunk.

    You've finally arrived at infowars, the bottom most under sewer of the alt right racist lunatics!

    Wake up and smell the zombie $arah, DrumpF is walking dead, and you've been that way for 8 years.

  20. Anonymous1:21 PM

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Looks like neither Alex Jones nor our Tundra Turd has taken geography in school. Otherwise, they would know that the shortest distance to former USSR and Alaska is about 55 miles in the Bering Sea! And actually even shorter, if you take the small island of Diomedes!
    So, YES, there ARE Russian soldiers that close to Alaska. DUH! They are on their own soil!

  21. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Since Siberia is part of Russia, it is not unusual for Russian troops to be 50 miles from AK. I believe the distance from Diomede to the shore of Russia is about 50 miles?

    HIDE Twit, HIDE! "The Russians are coming".

  22. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Sorry, 1:01 : I did not see your post before I posted mine.

  23. Anonymous1:26 PM

    You'd think she'd give up soon. All her attempts at getting attention lately have only gotten her laughed at. Get a clue, Sarah!

  24. Randall1:29 PM

    WHO is the Sarah person you refer to?
    Is she significunt somehow?

  25. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Imagine this woman could have been vice president. INFOWARS. Jesus Christ, this is an insane group of people and every one I’ve met is unhinged.

  26. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha some drunken member of her family hitting Sarah in the head with a rock didn't get her enough sympathy but did get her tons of laughs.

    Only yesterday she was giving Putin some love for wrestling polar bears bare-chested with his big stick & man jeans. But today? Putin's head is floating in a cloud over her backyard again getting nearer by the hour to Piper's bedroom window when what she really fantasizes is Putin whisking her away from Wasilla on his snowmobile.

    What's a girl to do? Reality tv shows appear to be done with her. Obama ignores her. Trump told her to sit down and shut up. She just may have to wait out this election and divorce Todd so she can find a new man - a POWERFUL man - ANY powerful man! Is Roger Ailes available?

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Steven Bannon is available

  27. Don the bluesman2:18 PM

    These could be the gentlemen that visited toad and left him in the snow. Just a black eye and selfie from the boss and the boys. Happy Anniversary and where is our money?

  28. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Sarah Palin is WANTED. This is a way to get people to say they wish she was relevant. Bristol is wanted on the tv and Sarah wanted for a cabinet job.

    Some may just be jokes

    Jesse Hancock Can't blame them. Obama's trying to be sneaky about wanting war with Russia. Plus something tells me Putin has our back if 1776 begins again.

    Shawn Person Hahahahaha I freaking DARE them to try it on Alaskans. They will all die.

    Harriet Clifton Old Putin is taking advantage of the fact that we have a weak government. No telling what he will do.

    Jean Smith I miss you in public politics, Sarah. You have great vision for America and amazing insight of pretty much all things going on in respect to corruption within Government. You so accurately discern and vocally expose these evil works of an enemy spirit ...See More

    1. Anonymous6:13 PM

      You make about as much sense as the old bobble head queen herself.

    2. Anonymous7:10 PM

      It doesn't make sense because those are comments from Sarah's Facebook. They are like the old bobble head queen.

    3. Anonymous7:12 PM

      Poster is just reposting the crazy from an alt-right site.

  29. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I have a question not about Russians invading Alaska.

    In her Facebook post that accompanied the photos of her bloody face, Sarah said she was going to go home and -- not a direct quote -- "bake cookies, have a Down Dog day, and (something else)."

    WTF is a "Down Dog day?"

    Back when Todd had his alleged snowmobile accident, Willow said something about one of Todd's machines being called the "Leaning Dog" because of a suspension problem.

    But a "Down Dog day?'

    1. Anonymous3:06 PM

      Down Dog = Yopa reference!

      Sarah's into fitness and healthy eating and exercise doncha know?

    2. Anonymous3:09 PM

      Well there are a couple of phrases oft used. "Dog days of summer" and "Down dog days of summer".

      Meaning summer is in it's last days and almost over.

      Never heard of a "down dog day" just like no one has ever heard of "rock running" either. Leave it to Sarah's mangled brain to come up with yet another stupid thing.

    3. Anonymous3:18 PM


      Down Dog = Yoga reference!

    4. Anonymous5:25 PM

      Down Dog, Yoga pose, on your knees with your ass in the air and elbows on the floor and you flex and stretch your mid back, like a dog does when stretching, or when a woman is having sex doggy style.

    5. Anonymous7:51 PM

      Thanks for clearing up the "Down Dog" comment. I discovered that in yoga there's a "downward facing dog" position that is described exactly by Anonymous 5:25.

      Does Sarah wear yoga pants during her yoga sessions??? The thought of Sarah in yoga pants . . .

  30. Anonymous2:43 PM

    DNA from Trig, DNA from Sarah. Poof! Chimera evaporates. Difficult to accomplish? Extremely! But as Trig get older, how will they coral everything he touches? Expect a "she's winning" response to this. It is probably a Palin or Palin surrogate whose psychopathic mind thinks perpetuating a massive lie is winning. Their response already admits the deception. After all, all the Palins do is lie. Square pillow into baby after tubes were tied. Yeah, right. Tick-tock.

    1. Anonymous6:01 PM

      Yes please. Let's get the show on the road.

  31. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Russian troops within 50 miles of Alaska???

    HOLYSHIT!!! WE ARE SURROUNDED!!!! Cuban Commie troops are only 90 miles from Miami!!!! And those evil Mexicans and Canadians ARE RIGHT ON OUR BORDERS!!!!

    Not to mention the Texans who are RIGHT HERE IN OUR MIDST!!!

    1. Anonymous3:55 PM


    2. Anonymous6:36 PM

      Right! Giggle...Paranoid much Sarah Palin?
      I think she is beyond that Redneck! ;)

    3. Anonymous6:37 PM

      Marilyn Manson - Dope Show

      Their all stars now 'in the dope show' lol

  32. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Don't worry, Sarah's 2 drunken gun nut combat vets can handle any invasion.

  33. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Countdown to Sarah's first chemtrails fecesbook post or tweet!

  34. Anonymous3:23 PM

    gryhen, you sure have scratch pegged

  35. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Yes, Sarah, you are paranoid and for good reason. There's a chip in flatscreen tv's that watches you, even when it's turned off. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    1. Anonymous6:26 PM

      hahaha now stop encouraging her to be paranoid

  36. Anonymous5:23 PM

    It's so funny that Sarah doesn't realize that we're full the fuck up of Russians right here in Wasilla.

    They dress funny, they wear strange head scarves and all drive really nice cars because they come here and get lots and lots of EBT and Welfare bennies and generally are making big bucks under the table doing something that earns them enough for a brand new Mercedes each year without having jobs...or paying taxes, or being legal.

    Why isn't she complaining about the ones that are here in town, all around us?

    1. Anonymous6:15 PM

      The Russian Mafia is notorious. You can read about them in many places. Not Alaska. You have to pretend no Russian Mafia in Alaska. Did they ever vet the Palin girlfriend that traveled with Bristol and Palins?

    2. Anonymous7:56 PM

      Doesn't Sarah realize her daughter is BFF with the ringleader of the Russian invasion, none other than the Exotic Russian, Marina Lupas?

      Marina does a lot of undercover work.

  37. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Sarah regurgitating? Eeeuuuuwwww. Palin puke.

  38. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Future - F*ck Up Some Commas

    1. Anonymous4:54 AM

      @ 7:11PM

  39. Anonymous3:39 AM

    Well since Russia is actually only 25 miles from Alaska I say it's possible and you guys are just a bunch of butthurt assholes.


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