Monday, August 08, 2016

Things that should never have to be addressed, the so-called "Clinton Body Count." But Snopes did it anyhow.

Damn, y'all are stupid. 
Courtesy of Snopes:

Multiple versions of lengthy lists of deaths associated with Bill Clinton have been circulating online for about twenty years now. According to those lists, close to fifty colleagues, advisors, and citizens who were about to testify against the Clintons died in suspect circumstances, with the unstated implication being that Bill Clinton or his henchmen were behind each untimely demise. 

We shouldn't have to tell anyone not to believe this claptrap, but we will anyway. In a frenzied media climate where the Chief Executive couldn't boff a White House intern without the whole world finding out every niggling detail of each encounter and demanding his removal from office, are we seriously to believe the same man had been having double handfuls of detractors and former friends murdered with impunity? 

Don't be swayed by the number of names listed on screeds like this. Any public figure is bound to have a much wider circle of acquaintance than an ordinary citizen would. Moreover, the acquaintanceship is often one-sided: though many of the people enumerated on this list might properly claim to have "known" Clinton, he wouldn't know or remember having met a great number of them. 

"Body count" lists are not a new phenomenon. Lists documenting all the allegedly "suspicious" deaths of persons connected with the assassination of John F. Kennedy have been circulating for decades, and the same techniques used to create and spread the JFK lists have been employed in the Clinton version.

As many of you know this bullshit story has turned up a couple of times in the comments here at IM.

It was literally so fucking stupid that I could not imagine that anybody would be ignorant or crazy enough to believe it.

But guess what, they are.

All you have to keep in mind is that the Clinton's have been under almost constant scrutiny for four decades, and that includes opposition research during campaigns, GOP investigations of Bill while in office, and of Hillary just recently over Benghazi and her e-mail server, to realize that if there were any truth to these allegations we would have read all about them on the front pages of every newspaper in the country.

In my opinion this is just another example of just how incredibly desperate the Right Wing is in finding ANYTHING they can use to stop Hillary from winning the presidency.

But if this is all they have, they better start getting used to saying "Madame President."


  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Apparently someone needs to forward this article to that link over on the left. you know, the one with the "another Clinton death coincidence" caption next to it.

    1. Anonymous12:05 PM

      Yep! It's so idiotic -- killing a process server would accomplish exactly nothing! A process server cannot be a party to the law suit......

    2. Anonymous12:09 PM

      It's sad. She's intelligent but not well.

    3. Anonymous12:16 PM

      Victim mentality is pretty hard to shake and those people tend to transfer that victim mentality to others regardless of having the facts to back it up.

      Mental illness is a nightmare and I do feel compassion for people who are fighting that battle, but at some point the quest for reality and truth and mental health must supersede the desire to constantly be a victim.

    4. Anonymous12:39 PM

      Why is "Frozen Justice" on your blog page? s it to be fair and balanced?

    5. Anonymous1:21 PM

      12:09 - She's in much better health than you are, mentally and physically. We're sad for you.

    6. Anonymous1:29 PM

      Frozen Justice is owned by Celia Harrison. Need I say more?

    7. Anonymous1:38 PM

      Here is Frozen Justice's (Celia Harrison's) other blog that explains her problems

    8. Anonymous1:52 PM

      Oops, 12:09. Sorry. I thought you meant HRC. My apologies. Now I get it.

  2. But it's on the internet so it must be true. Grrrr. I say if the GOP and the full weight of numerous congressional investigations can't pin anything on them, either the investigators are more incompetent than the Keystone Cops or there is no there there.

    1. Anonymous5:13 PM

      I'm surprised Don the Con hasn't repeated it with his old. I read it, I've heard people say it. Is it true? YOU TELL ME?

      I am so fucking tired of his "you tell me" dodging of responsibility for repeated lies and gossip.

  3. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Obama killed Sarah Palin with kindness. Never once did he respond to her bs.

    1. Anonymous5:14 PM

      That's because the best way to get under the skin of a narcissist is to fail to recognize their very existence.

  4. Anonymous11:54 AM

    "It was literally so fucking stupid that I could not imagine that anybody it[sic] ignorant or crazy enough to believe it."

    They are called Trumpanzees.

  5. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Someone should start a Drumpf body count of all the small businesses that went bankrupt because he didn't pay them.

    1. Anonymous1:25 PM

      With Trump being a 'mobster', I would wager he has more corpses out there than do Sarah and Todd Palin in Alaska! Ya think?

  6. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I'd like to see the room where all the anti-Clinton people work to discredit her. Must be buzzing 24-7, 365 days a year for going on thirty years now.

    1. Anonymous12:45 PM

      @12:11 PM - You can add the idiots at the pee pond to that list:-

      Timothy Jacques • a few seconds ago
      Is Something Wrong With Hillary: Bizarre Behavior, Seizure Allegations Raise Doubts About Her Health

      Further adding to the mystery, Cernovich also points out - in an
      unconfirmed report - that the so called "handler" appears to carry a
      Diazepam pen The device in question is a Diazepam auto-injector pens
      are used for for Acute Repetitive Seizures. Diazepam is one of the
      medications prescribed for patients who experience recurrent seizures.
      • Reply•Share ›

    2. Anonymous1:37 PM

      Probably paid for by Roger Ailes, 12:11. Did you hear about his Dark Ops room yet at Fox?

  7. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Thanks for posting this link. I can't tell you how many times I've included it in my comments to those who continue to spout this nonsense.

    Of course, the true "tin foil hat crowd" will always respond with "everyone knows that Snopes is a liberal-controlled website meant only to cover up the lies and deceptions of the left". Of course, Snopes is completely apolitical and will debunk the lies surrounding the right just as much as they will the lies surrounding the left, and anything in between.

    Some people just refuse to see the truth, because really, conspiracy theories are just a whole lot more fun, just like tabloid gossip is a lot more fun than is real news.

    1. Anonymous1:14 PM

      ..."everyone knows that Snopes is a liberal-controlled website meant only to cover up the lies and deceptions of the left" = my parents. Any source that contradicts their right-wing talking points is automatically a left-wing propaganda outlet. You can't win arguments with people that irrational.

  8. Anonymous12:14 PM


  9. Anonymous1:01 PM

    (mostly tongue in cheek, but....)

    How about just putting a different spin on it?

    In addressing a comment about Putin killing journalists, tRump said, "At least he's a leader." tRumpy also waxed poetic about what a fantastic job the little fat North Korean kid did in exterminating his opposition when he took power.

    So....Chill Hill Kills 100 or so in maintaining control of her nefarious underworld empire of crime for over 30 years?!! Even though the Republicans controlled the entire govt. for over 6 years, she still managed to avoid arrest? FKNA!! Make that BITCH king of the USA and we'll win, win, win and no one will dare mess with us. She Bad! Believe me.

    I mean, they could just spin it that way and just own it and use it. She could even remind tRumpy that it's rumored to be around far. drop mic here.

  10. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Maybe Snopes could look into the Palin Body Count list. That would be interesting.

  11. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Just read this the other day as I am sick of conservatives I know saying the Clintons are big murderers.

  12. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Here's a great link on the subject:

  13. Anonymous1:19 PM

    I so like both Clintons and can hardly wait to see two Presidents Clinton in the White House! Hillary Clinton has my vote!

    Donald Trump is totally unqualified to serve in ANY office ANYWHERE in the U.S. government!

  14. Anonymous1:23 PM

    I don't believe any of the crap Republicans have been spreading about the Clintons for years - other than President Clinton having a finger sexual affair with Monica!

    OMG! That is so terrible and his wife stood by him in their marriage! Good for her! She forgave him and continued to love him! I have total understanding of a similar situation and have nothing but admiration for her.

    Hillary Clinton is a fine example of a woman and will be outstanding as POTUS.

    YOU GO GIRL - whip Donald Trump's ass!

  15. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Ha ha ha ha ha... I stumbled across this site randomly. It's hilarious to me that you all only talk shit about conservatives in your safe haven of a leftist website. You are all extremely pathetic.

    1. Anonymous3:03 PM

      Is that comment supposed to demonstrate your superior intelligence and knowledge of the key issues we're facing as a country? Ha ha ha ha ha. Clown.

    2. Anonymous8:17 PM

      I stumbled across alot of conservative websites, and am always shocked that people choose to live in another dimension. Geez! No wonder Donald was able to infiltrate your party. You guys all have your' head stuck in the fifties. Stay there if you must but don't try to drag us back there.

  16. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Fuck you 1:41 PM. Bet you read this blog daily! Gotcha, sweetie pie!

  17. Troll at 1:41: Please feel free to stumble back out. Nobody caaaaaaaaaaaares what you think.

  18. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Let me make sure I understand: Shrub killed 600,000 Iraqis on a lark and yet it's HILLARY who's called The Bringer of Death by RWNJs?????

    1. Anonymous5:18 PM

      She's a woman, a Democrat and Bill Clinton's wife.

      Not sure which is worse in their eyes. But anticipating having to call her President Clinton for four years has them shitting kittens.

  19. The Clintons leave a trail of bodies for 40 years piling up wherever they go, but with their diabolical brilliance they manage to flawlessly and perfectly cover up their evil deeds preventing even the most dedicated cops, government agencies, and republican controlled congresses, with access to all the most modern forensic techniques, from ever being able to pin even one itsy-bitsy death on them.

    Oh, and Hillary is also "extremely careless" with email and can't figure out how to get Parks and Rec on a hotel room TV.

    Which is it, rwnjs?

    1. Anonymous5:20 PM

      They are the most successful serial killers ever.

    2. AKRNHSNC2:58 AM

      Hillary Clinton's mental health status has been declining for years yet she's still considered to be a frightening opponent by the GOP. Which is it? She's far more sane than the RWNJ's and has outwitted all of you for 25 yrs. or she's in failing health, diminished mental capacity and yet you still can't defeat her? Either way, she has the GOP running scared.

      Celia Harrison, who often posts on here has a blog called Frozen Justice with a post about an allegedly new murder that she ridiculously and falsely blames on Clinton. She's also a Bernie supporter who still swears the election was rigged.

      Who is it again with the diminished mental capacity because it sure as hell isn't Hillary!

  20. Anita Winecooler5:19 PM

    I've read and heard so much rwnj bullshit, I'm almost immune to it. If true, there wouldn't be a Donald Trump to run against, a video I saw showed Donald and Melania tossing immigrant laborers into trucks with pitch forks. I saw it so it must be true, right? The Clintons have been through so much scrutiny, one would think this would be a question from one of the committees or Trey Dowdy. 

  21. Anonymous10:01 PM

    That is a great picture of Bill and Hillary pointing at all the people they got Uber Rich off of.


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