Monday, August 01, 2016

Turns out the new Miss USA from Texas is kind of a racist. I know right?

Courtesy of Slate:

Karlie Hay—a.k.a. Miss Texas—was crowned Miss Teen USA last night. The paegant was, as Chrissy Teigen pointed out on Twitter, remarkably homogeneous, with five similar looking blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls in the final five. But, as Chrissy Teigen also noted, that is not the contestants' fault. 

What is one contestant's (Karlie Hay's!) fault, however, is her past propensity for using racial slurs on Twitter.

After I read this story I had to remind myself that Donald Trump sold the Miss Universe franchise, which also runs the Teen USA pageant, back in 2015. Because if he still owned it having a racist winner from Texas would make perfect sense.

However it appears he really dodged a bullet here. (Which not easy when it's fired by a Texan.)

Of course this Karlie Hay is very apologetic for her disgusting use of racial epithets now that the whole world knows about them: 

"Several years ago, I had many personal struggles and found myself in a place that is not representative of who I am as a person. I admit that I have used language publicly in the past which I am not proud of and that there is no excuse for," she wrote on Instagram. "Through hard work, education and thanks in large part to the sisterhood that I have come to know through pageants, I am proud to say that I am today a better person."

Yeah, right. 


  1. Anonymous6:23 AM

    This is just another excuse for you to trash a state that you know nothing about.

    1. Anonymous6:57 AM

      @6:23 AM We all know about the racism in Texas, have you, troll, ever been there? If the shoe fits, wear it. In your case if the coward's white hood fits, wear it to your cross burnings.

    2. Anonymous7:20 AM

      I lived in Texas for twenty years and I'm first in line to trash it. You couldn't pay me to move back there.

    3. Balzafiar7:27 AM

      @6:23AM -- Ever heard of Niggerhead Ranch? The owner is quite famous, a person by the name of Rick Perry.

      Racist? You betcha!

    4. Anonymous8:35 AM

      Every state has racism. In some it is just more overt. I live in California - and quite honestly, if a pageant winner had made comments such as she did - I think she would have been "decrowned". Yes, racism is here also - none of us are immune to the ignorance of some people.

      Pat Padrnos

    5. Anonymous8:51 AM

      You ever spend any time in Boston?

      It always cracks me up when people point fingers at the south for racism, frankly I've never heard the n-word more than in the liberal NE.

    6. Anonymous9:46 AM

      You must have never been in rural GA. I grew up hearing it and still do on occasion. I hate it.
      Lisa in GA

    7. Anonymous8:09 PM

      I don't know who you hang out with but I was raised in Boston area. Met racists but I've never heard anyone say nigger. All you need to do is call them out and they shut up.

  2. Anonymous6:25 AM

    250 and counting dRumpf's tweets>

  3. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Yes, I am better at being devious, saying "nigger" in my mind behind my radiant smile.
    Oh yeah!
    Apologies always work also.hehe.

  4. Anonymous6:54 AM

    You've gone from covering Palin scandals to covering beauty pageant scandals. Cool.

    1. Oh no, we've covered beauty pageant winners before. Remember Carrie Prejean?

      And the fact that racism is deeply embedded in our society is a theme that we have touched on multiple times, so that's really nothing new.

      Oh but you're not interested in an actual discussion on the merits of the post, you were just looking for an avenue of attack.

      Silly me.

    2. Anonymous7:32 AM

      Gryphen, from his all nearly all white enclave in Alaska, busy scratching out another scandal where there is none lol.

      Hey dude why don't you live in an urban area in a state with a large black population? What are you racist or something?

    3. Anonymous7:34 AM

      Gryphon - it looks like you cut off her latest quote. She actually said:

      "I am proud to say that I am today a better person
      than you."

    4. Anonymous7:57 AM

      Excellent point, 7:32. I suggest we judge all Alaskans by Sarah Palin. That is what Gryphen is doing here. Texas is a large and very diverse state. The Houston Chronicle has already endorses Hillary Clinton, but Gryphen wants to assert that some dumb beauty queen has any sort of influence.

    5. Anonymous9:03 AM


      Gryphen lives in Anchorage where there is a very diverse population. Blacks, Asians, Islanders, Alaska Natives, you name it they are there. In fact the Anchorage School District is one of the most diverse in the nation.

    6. Anonymous9:41 AM

      It is really all about the black vs white for the democrat race pushers though 9:03...

      Anchorage: 4.2 percent black lol.

    7. Anonymous9:48 AM

      He's not making up the fact that this story has made the news.
      Lisa in GA

    8. Anonymous3:52 PM

      9:41am Our blacks in Anchorage came up through the military, when I was growing up there were none and then when more started to join military they showed up in the early 90's. There were always Natives, but the Islanders and Asians showed up in the 90's too, not sure why as they don't seem like cold-loving people, just like why I always questioned why the black people stayed here after leaving military as they don't really like cold either.

      None of them seem really happy here, so not sure why Anchorage is so diverse because they all seem to hate cold and winter, unlike the white people and Natives who are ok with it.

      I always thought it was for the dividend but now since it is basically going away it will be interesting to see how many stay now that the free money is gone.

    9. Anonymous1:08 AM

      At 7:57.

      Is this surprising?

      He's judged and smeared all Bernie Supporters on the basis of a few trolls and Cornel West.

  5. Anonymous6:56 AM

    I just want to know if her breasts are real or just real expensive.

    She is a cute racist.

    1. Anonymous9:03 AM

      She looks like she should be on Fux News, or in porn.

    2. Anonymous1:09 AM

      There's no rule against contestants having had work done. Some states may or may not have age limits for elective plastic surgery.

  6. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Oh noes! Stop the world! Miss teen USA used the N word jokingly in conversation!! Only black people get to drop that word 5 or 6 times in a sentence right?

    Don't Be mad Gryph just because she is way out of your league.

    1. Anonymous9:05 AM

      Usually the white people use the word "nigga" as in "he's my nigga" when referring to friends, usually other white friends, and acquaintances in the vernacular.

    2. Anonymous11:53 AM

      Poor white people, not allowed to use the word "nigger." We really feel sorry for you.

    3. Anonymous12:31 PM

      No, now we must destroy her life. That's the only thing to be done at this point. A teenager does something stupid, and even with no malicious intent, we still must railroad her into the dustbin of history. That is the ONLY way we can move past this and have society survive intact.

    4. Anonymous2:32 PM

      Lol exactly 12:31. At least some people still get it.

      It is a word 11:53. Nobody owns it, and everyone is allowed to use it. However anyone that does feel the need to drop it left and right, regardless of color, just displays they are devoid of class, decorum, and lack self awareness. May as well walk around with your pants halfway down too.

    5. Anonymous1:09 AM


      Like you can hear the inflection in her tweet?

  7. Anonymous7:18 AM

    People are so stupid! What you post on the internet lives forever. What a nasty ill bred young women. She's only embarrassed because she was caught.

  8. Anonymous7:18 AM

    OT -

    G -

    Check out a recently posted article on Raw Story by Tom Boggioni regarding Trump's mental health.

    Pat Padrnos

    1. Anonymous7:41 AM


    2. Anonymous9:15 AM

      I have a problem with that article, they seem to be minimizing Trump's mental illness by saying he is just a narcissist.

      He is a sociopath, much worse !!

      I also found this statement very offensive:

      Do we need to then extend a diagnosis to go along with that, to make it really objectionable?” Perry said. “It hasn’t really worked in eroding Trump’s popularity, but it certainly makes people who actually have these conditions feel very uncomfortable — feel that the message is: ‘If you have a mental health condition, you are not fit to be president.’ And frankly, I suspect we’ve had lots of presidents with mental health conditions, and we’ll probably have lots more.”

      Yes, I think if you have a mental illness like Trump you are not fit to be president !!!!

    3. Anonymous1:11 AM

      Did you read the Olberman article in Vanity Fair.

      Trump passed the "yes he's crazy" test with flying colors. 32 out of 40 when 30 is the cut off. Personally, I think Olberman was cutting him some slack.

  9. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Go malia Obama. You get your twerk on. You're lucky the media allows you to be normal without judgment. Republicans kids aren't allowed the same respect.

  10. Anonymous7:23 AM

    I think Duh is up early this am and mad at you Gryph for exposing him. Go back to sleep Duh!

  11. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Grypen, it looks like you hit a raw nerve! The Texas defenders of racism are out in full force. I can always tell the level of butt hurt with Rethuglicans based on the comments.

    This story scares the hell out of them, because they have all done the same thing as Miss Hay.

  12. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Well, we all know that TexA$$ is racist, and that the whole South pretty much is racist. Not everybody, but most of them.

    That said, my daughter, who is half Asian, half white, decided to go to University down there and to live there for quite a few years. She has moved out of there, thankfully. She got to know one of those highly racist teens, but realized that teen just was racist because she was raised that way. Over time, the teen realized that what she was taught at home was completely wrong, and she 'turned around'.
    People DO change, and especially young people, once they are exposed to the truth/reality.

  13. Anonymous8:09 AM

    For all the GOP rhetoric that Democrats hate the military, why is it their candidate the one to degrade the family of a fallen solider? Why has it taken so long for any Republican to denounce the insults of Traitor Trump? Why are they so complacent, is it because they agree with him or are they afraid he will sue them?

    Shame on the Republicans.
    Gold Star family members have a few things to say to Donald Trump

    Trump feud with parents of slain soldier enters fourth day

    Read more:

    Clinton wonders 'where the bottom is' in Trump's ugliness

    1. Anonymous1:17 AM

      I think that is going to be Trump's McCarthy moment, where his fellow Republicans finally stop and say "Where is your decency?"

      He is now being scrutinized for dodging his service in Vietnam. Four deferments during college, then he suddenly develops "bone spurs" which apparently don't give him any problems when it comes to golf or tennis, but keep him out of the military. But he "feels" he was in the military because of the private school he went to. He is such a fucking putz.

  14. Anonymous8:40 AM

    O/T Alaskans Witness Collapsing Mountains, Shattered Lives

    Against a backdrop of record heat waves, dramatically receding glaciers, changing cloud patterns, submerging island nations and unprecedented water wars, young Alaskans share their experience of a lifestyle irrevocably altered by climate disruption.

    "I've lived in Unalaska all my life, and we are watching the climate change dramatically, and I talk to my friends all over Alaska and they tell me the permafrost is melting and their houses are melting into the ocean," 18-year-old Lynett Tham told Truthout. "I can't even understand the emotions they must feel, because their whole family histories are being erased. Yet people don't believe them... that is hard for me to get my head around."

    Tham was referring to her frequent run-ins with ACD deniers, both in and outside of Alaska. She wonders how people can continue to refuse to see the facts, when the physical evidence of ACD is right in front of them.

    "We are watching massive bird die-offs, the ocean water keeps heating up, there are less and less fish, and it's scary," she said. Tham plans to attend the University of Alaska to study public health next year. She spoke ever more quickly and intensely, now that someone was finally listening to her. "We're watching the seals go extinct, and every single year there is less and less snow."

  15. Anonymous8:44 AM

    A pub in Dublin has posted Donald Trump’s photo on the urinal in the men’s room, allowing patrons an opportunity to pee on the Republican nominee’s face.

    The Adelphi pub told Irish media that they haven’t had any complaints yet, but if Trump is elected by U.S. voters in November, they will remove it.

    “If he is elected by the people of the United States, we will take it down immediately as we feel it would then be disrespectful to the American people,” Tony McCabe, the bar’s manager, told

    “I just felt that it was a way for some people to express their feelings towards Mr. Trump’s views and to make their trip to the bathroom a ‘wee’ bit more entertaining,” he joked.

    After a posting on the pub’s Facebook page got such a warm reception, the bar owners are considering doing some upgrades to the women’s restroom now as well.

  16. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I'm 28 and look closer to 18 than this racist, ignorant twit does. Why do all of these girls look straight from the Real Housewives instead of the teenagers they are?

  17. Anita Winecooler4:41 PM

    The excuse is even worse than the offensive racist words. She was going through what? A shortage of hairspray? She probably took a course in Trump University and tackle shoppe. At least Vanessa Williams had smarts and talent enough to become a superstar with a fantastic voice and beautiful looks.

  18. Anonymous12:50 AM

    That might be the story above the fold, but there is another.

    A former Miss Teenage USA or Miss USA, don't remember. posted a group photo of 5 of the finalists. All blonde. She tweeted something about "diversity". I guess the pageant is carrying on the Trump tradition of giving the crown to beautiful blondes. And apparently the Trump tradition of not giving a damn about anything but outward appearance. If you're blonde and a 10, you're IN.

    As for Texas. Is anyone surprised? She obviously wasn't from Galveston.

    So, she's learned to be a better person because of the sisterhood of all those other white, blue-eyed pageant blondes? Wow.

    As far as I'm concerned, she should relinquish her crown. Now that this has come to light, she will not be able to fulfill her duties. So it gets passed on to the next lily white blonde.


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