Wednesday, September 28, 2016

After the debates the #Trumpwon hashtag appears on Twitter. Originating from Russia. Update: Oops.

They're not even trying to be cagey about the connection between Russia and Donald Trump anymore.

I would not be surprised if some future Trump advertisement just features him and Vladimir hanging out at Mar-a-Lago playing pool and talking about how much they both hate reporters and fact checkers.

Update: Okay so it was bound to happen eventually, but it looks like I fell for a false story about this tweet.

According to the Washington Post, the tweet did not originate in Russia.

Of course that does nothing to minimize the fact that Russia has hacked data and released it to benefit Donald Trump, and that Putin and he seem to be butt buddies, but this one story at least seems to be false.



  1. Anonymous2:32 AM

    Trump and a Cocaine problem? He sure behaves like it. He pals around with druggies. He looks like he has a drug problem. He is in the bigly jet set circle of ignorance. He has a nasal problem of some snort besides being plain ugly. I don't know maybe that Russian vodka and cocaine has taken a toll on the Donald and ASSociopaths

    1. Anonymous6:15 AM

      The sniffling is a tic. Brain damage from long term use of stimulants. Many people are saying. They tell me. Many people. The best people. Tremendous use of stimulants.

    2. Anonymous8:44 AM

      He sounds like an old horse that loses lung elasticity and gets emphysema.

      People have told me that he has COPD or emphysema. He has to carry an oxygen tank with him, but has kept it hidden.

  2. Anonymous3:11 AM

    What's sadder is that none of his followers seem to care. Confounding.

    1. Anonymous8:47 AM

      The only FACT little donnie has stated is he could murder someone and his supporters wouldn't care.

      I believe it because they don't seem to have a problem with his lack of morals, ethics, business acumen or intelligence.

  3. Anonymous3:13 AM

    Anyone that missed Frontline's "the Choice" on PBS should definitely look for the repeat. I expect little donnie will be suing them soon.

    Now I understand what makes little donnie tick. If he weren't out to destroy my country for his ego and revenge, I would pity the guy.

    1. Anonymous8:42 AM

      Hope Melanomia has a good prenup, even after Ivana got plastic surgery and breast implants he still dumped her because little donnie is not attracted to women that have given birth. I image he makes an exception for his daughter.

    2. Anonymous8:58 AM

      I love that he even lied about how many floors there are in Trump towers. He tells everyone there are 68 instead of 58,so they think they are living on a higher floor. Are they that stupid they can't count.

      He should also use some of his billions to redecorate his hideous penthouse, same decor since the 80's. Oh right, he doesn't have billions.

    3. Anonymous10:01 AM

      @Anonymous 8:58 AM

      '''I love that he even lied about how many floors there are in Trump towers. He tells everyone there are 68 instead of 58'''
      Word on the street is Trump can see Russia from the top floor of Trump Tower.

  4. Anonymous3:56 AM

    Sadly Washington Post evidently debunked this.

  5. Anonymous4:08 AM

    This is yuuuuge! Believe me.

    The Arizona Republic ed board has endorsed @HillaryClinton. See why: via @azcopinions #elections2016

    Since The Arizona Republic began publication in 1890, we have never endorsed a Democrat over a Republican for president. Never. This reflects a deep philosophical appreciation for conservative ideals and Republican principles.

    This year is different.

    The 2016 Republican candidate is not conservative and he is not qualified.

    That’s why, for the first time in our history, The Arizona Republic will support a Democrat for president.

    The challenges the United States faces domestically and internationally demand a steady hand, a cool head and the ability to think carefully before acting.

    Hillary Clinton understands this. Donald Trump does not.

    Clinton has the temperament and experience to be president. Donald Trump does not.

    Clinton knows how to compromise and to lead with intelligence, decorum and perspective. She has a record of public service as First Lady, senator and secretary of state.

    She has withstood decades of scrutiny so intense it would wither most politicians. The vehemence of some of the anti-Clinton attacks strains credulity.

    She does not casually say things that embolden our adversaries and frighten our allies. Her approach to governance is mature, confident and rational.

    That cannot be said of her opponent.

    — azcentral (@azcentral) September 28, 2016

  6. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Son of a bitch!

    It is not just Donald who is overly friendly to the Russians. It is the entire family.


  7. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Hey, hey, hey. That is great AZ! Huge paper. Well stated.

  8. Anonymous4:48 AM

    The trumps should renounce their United States of America citizenship and pledge their allegiance to Mother Russia. Melania may not be a legal citizen of the US but go ahead and renounce it anyway.

  9. Anonymous5:54 AM

    It was bound to happen eventually?

    Your ego is as bad as Trump's.

    1. Anonymous4:04 PM

      au contraire, nimrod. He admitted he fell for something, a quality Trump never possessed. Here's a quarter, try again.

  10. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Ok so rigging the polls for city counsel, mayor, gov, dancing with stars, and now rump a Russian rama attempt. Really?

  11. Anonymous6:45 AM

    You can be sure that the little bots that rack up votes were created by Russians.

    And you can be sure that Trump would make sure that his campaign had those bots.

    Just like Lou Sarah, he thinks that something that everybody else laughs at is a real thing.

  12. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Did anyone watch Frontline on PBS? Are these petulant leader boys playing RISK? It REALLY looks like that board game is happening with NUCLEAR consequences at RISK!
    Putin, drumpf and kim jong-un are all in.........

  13. Anonymous7:36 PM

    They may not have started it but I'll bet they're retweeting and tweeting using it.

    As for the sniff, yeah, Dr. Howard Dean said Donald has four characteristics of cocaine use, but I've also read that this is one of Donald's tells. He sniffs like this when he's nervous and giving a big speech in front of crowds. The more that's on the line, the worse it gets.

    I also read somewhere that this nasal drip thing is a symptom of some types of dementia. Since his Dad had Alzheimer's it's possible it is a symptom of a mental condition that should be diagnosed before the election. The last thing we need is Melania running the country behind the chair like Nancy did with Ronnie.


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