Friday, September 02, 2016

Another reason to vote against Donald Trump, more access to delicious tacos.

I think the whole country took a spit take after this statement by Marco Gutierrez of Latinos for Trump.

Personally I was not sure I heard him right, but fortunately MSNBC played it like nine more times yesterday. 

I don't know about the rest of the country, but I love me some tacos. So if electing Hillary Clinton means more food trucks with Mexican delicacies on every street corner, then I think that might be her most compelling campaign slogan to date. 

"Hi, I'm Hillary Clinton. And I promise you more tacos." 

Yep, I'm ready to vote right now.


  1. Connie8:35 AM

    Mmmmm. Tacos.

    The saddest look ever is my dogs watching me eat tacos.

    Mom - I see you have tacos. I like tacos too. I have no tacos!!!

    This is usually accompanied with significant glances at the tacos and their empty food bowls.

    More taco trucks? Everybody vote for Hillary for the wins!

    1. Anonymous10:10 AM

      We NEED more taco trucks! The one down the street from me is always so crowded!

    2. Yeah I can only think of one here in Anchorage, "Benny's Food Wagon." And that one has been here for over forty years.

      We need more up here.

    3. Anonymous11:10 AM

      This is a list of all of the food trucks that come to the Food Truck roundup downtown. There are some good mexican trucks in the mix.

  2. Anonymous8:50 AM

    OT? Found on FB
    "NEW THREAD ON THE CLINTON FOUNDATION. Invitation to to consider the following proposition:
    WHEREAS the Clinton Foundation was established precisely as a venue to redirect the global resources of power, influence and wealth to respond to the challenges of poverty and disease throughout the world; and,
    WHEREAS the Clinton Foundation's principal strategy is "force alignment", I.e., stakeholders engaged in matters of poverty and disease should be strategically aligned with the objective of multiplying the effects of resources; and,
    WHEREAS governmental leaders and the leadership of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are critical in that alignment process; and,
    WHEREAS Private Capitalists and industrialist are providers of resources and infrastructure that exceed the capacity of most governments and NGOs, and,
    WHEREAS a strategic alignment of capital, infrastructure, governmental authority and NGO expertise LOGICALLY REQUIRES the interaction of Capitalists, Industrial interests, Government leaders and the heads of NGOs;
    1. That there is a rational and logical framework for the existence of the Clinton Foundation.
    2. The goals and objectives of the Foundation are understandable and humanitarian;
    3. The outcome being sought is laudable; and LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED
    4. That there is nothing illogical or untoward or deceptive or illegal in convening meetings and interacting with capitalists, industrialists, heads of governments and heads of NGOs to achieve and secure the strategic outcomes described above.
    LET IT FINALLY BE RESOLVED, As a consequence of the foregoing, it is difficult to grasp what all the carping, bitching, whining and shit-fanning is all about via-a-vis the Clinton Foundation except that it carries the name "Clinton" and is an easy target for well-resourced detractors, ideologues, disappointed and disaffected Sanders supporters, Julius Assange, crypto-Murdockians w the Wall Street Journal, the poisonous insects infesting the rotten carrion on the Right Etc. Not to mention the numerous bottom feeders, the grasping ambitious, and the berserkers who excitedly stuff themselves with fish heads and fart into the bonfire." I love REFRIED BEANS!

    1. Anonymous11:52 AM

  3. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Here too, love tacos. And would love the authentic ones right off the grid, instead of the mass produced boxed kits.

    What is the problem with people reverting to bully mode associated with Trump? Now, is being mean and name-calling trendy? What kind of examples are these to the children of America?

    When the Mexican President stood there with Trump and stated that Mexican people were insulted and hurt by things Trump said, Trump just disregarded it and NEVER apologized. Right there at the press conference, he had an opportunity to show true statesmanship and address that, and refused to. It shows how stubborn and dangerous a human being he would be as President.

    1. Leland9:05 AM

      "It shows how stubborn and dangerous a human being he would be as President."

      Hang on a second, 8:15. You mean to say that Humpty Trumpty is HUMAN?

      Geez. What an insult to the rest of us!

  4. Anonymous9:17 AM

    We all knew this already - but there are folks who are gullible enough to think trump was doing something positive by speaking at the Black Church... at least the media is exposing the scam for what it is

    Trump “Interview” At Black Church Exposed As Propaganda Designed To Fool Voters
    Donald Trump has taken what was supposed to be an appearance in front of an African-American congregation in Detroit and turned into a scripted interview that will be edited for broadcast by his own campaign.

    1. Anonymous11:34 AM

      When a campaign is editing an interview so that the final product reflects their wishes, that’s not journalism. It’s propaganda.daH.=
      (information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.)"The Trump campaign thinks the free press should behave like state-run media, and staged propaganda interviews such as this one are an escalation of Trump’s war on the First Amendment."

  5. Anonymous9:23 AM

    DUring Trump's immigration speech, he said he wouldn't just drop illegals near their side of the border, but he'd drop them off far far away. That utterly ignorant remark got lots of applause.

    Trump sounds like a drunken man spouting off. Do these crowds believe him when he makes stupid remarks like this? Do they think a POTUS would have his DHS people fly them off to some deserted mountain range and just drop them off 'far far away' in Mexico, far away from the US/Mexico border? Doesn't he know there is protocol and laws requiring things be done by Mexical law and that illegals would be required to meet Mexican authorities AT THE US/MEXICAN border?

    Trump's cartoonish reality might make the crowds applaud, but what they might not realize is that this is what goes on in Trump's head. He thinks POTUS is a job that is like Head Mafia leader.

    1. Anonymous10:11 AM

      i would love to see the diplomatic paperwork that would allow US Customs to enter "far far far away" in mexico or canada or russia or turkey or any other freaking country the castout is from. what a loser.


      best hashtag evah

  6. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Donald Trump Isn’t Even Winning Twitter Anymore. Sad!

    1. Anonymous10:57 AM

      What is unavoidable is that the future direction of Fox News is tied to the fate of the Donald Trump campaign. If Trump loses and decides to launch his own cable network to compete with FNC, the current cable news ratings leader will be faced with their nightmare scenario of talent overturn and outside competition at the same time.

      The house that Roger Ailes built is crumbling, and if Trump goes down to defeat in November, it could set the wheels in motion for a very different and more uncertain future for Fox News.

    2. Anonymous11:46 AM

      Are you assuming that Donald Trump would have a successful network? I seriously doubt it! I don't know anyone that would watch it!

  7. Sarah9:26 AM

    What about Taco Bell?

    Are they going to be screwed over by the messican bean wagons just like Obamma screwed the Detroit auto workers and the 'Murrican oil drillers?

    Where will I get my Crunchwrap Supremes?

    We'll have to get Joe Arpaio to investigate to see if Shillary is behind this plot!!

    Watch for more!

  8. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Does anyone but Hillary realize we are in an election process? The media has made it into an unreality TV production - leaving her out except to demonize her and promoting and repeating, repeating, repeating EVERY nonsensical thing the orange bald bastard spews. Sick of it!

    Why is it an "unreality show" - because Drumpf can't do any of the things he is promising - there are THREE branches of government the misogynist idiot doesn't understand that.

    Also, all the crap about HRC's health is exactly that, crap. If you know anything about doctors - remember - they are the ones who prescribe - it is the nurses and patients themselves who observe and evaluate the efficacy of prescribed drugs. Those 5-15 minutes the doctor observes or talks with the patient amount to almost zilch. The actual knowledge of how effective or ineffective a treatment is rests with the patient, the lab and the family members who observe the results ongoing.

    The MD's fussing over the coumadin HRC takes is probably generated by all the detail folks bending the docs' ears about the new anti-clotting drugs rolled out. Coumadin is the ONLY one for which the patient is tested ongoing. The newer drugs are known to be a problem only when the patient incurs difficulty - no lab tests available to track the action of any of the new drugs. However, no ball tickets, free cruises or trips are awarded for pushing coumadin, only for the new drugs on the agenda.

    1. Anonymous11:44 AM

      The cable networks are treating Hillary Clinton horribly - especially CNN. MSNBC does too w/the exception of Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid.

      Hillary Clinton has my vote. We need to get folks out on November 8th to cast their vote for her.

      The Dictator and second coming of Adolph Hitler cannot be elected under any circumstances!

  9. Crystal Sage9:43 AM

    Does anyone else think that if Gutierrez's Taco Terror remark was said anywhere else but on Joy Reid's show, it might have gone unchallenged? Even Joy did a double-take on that line. Thank goodness she stopped the discussion for a clarification which came in true Trumpian style i.e. a Burrito's worth of verbal diarrhea.

    1. 66gardeners10:21 AM

      Joy Reid is a true professional. Chuck Todd is a dipstick.

    2. Anonymous11:32 AM

      Chuck Todd has been horrible for a long, long time now. Don't know why they keep him on TV!

  10. 66gardeners10:17 AM

    Shout out for Joy Reid who was the interviewer who prompted this response from Marco Gutierrez.

    Joy leaves no stone unturned in her questioning of her guests. I highly recommend recording her show, AM Joy, on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Yesterday she was filling in I believe for Chris Matthews.

    1. 66gardeners10:32 AM

      correction: filling in for Chris Hayes

    2. Anonymous11:31 AM

      Joy Reid is the VERY best MSNBC has on their shows when it comes to interviewing folks. She doesn't let them get away with bullshit stuff. Love her and Rachel Maddow. The rest of them suck on that cable network!

  11. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I'm lucky I live in New Mexico which has the BEST Mexican food! We also have the best green chile (red too). We are also a bilingual state. Trump and his "uncle Juan" surrogate can kiss my ass!

    1. Anonymous12:52 PM

      sadie's in abq and maria's in santa fe and i am partial to little anitas on menaul abq. love love love new mexican food.

  12. Anonymous10:27 AM

    No mas balona mas tacos!! Stank face clown is no friend of mexico. America loves her tacos.

  13. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Donald Trump has responded to being called out by Mexico's president for lying about who will pay for his wall by throwing a fit and scheduling another immigration speech for next week in North Carolina.

    ....Donald Trump has responded to being called out by Mexico’s president for lying about who will pay for his wall by throwing a fit and scheduling another immigration speech for next week in North Carolina.

    Trump will be giving a speech in Greenville, NC next Tuesday, which seems like an obvious attempt at damage control after the Republican nominee was called out by Mexican President Peña Nieto for lying about Mexico paying for the wall, and criticized by his own Hispanic advisors after his “immigration policy speech” ended up being nothing more than an hour of immigrant bashing in Phoenix.

    The Hillary Clinton campaign can barely hide their happiness over Trump spinning his wheels on immigration. Clinton campaign chair John Podesta said in a statement, “This is embarrassing to Donald Trump and offensive to people who are impacted by and care about the very serious issue of immigration. Trump is clearly just reacting to being called out by President Peña Nieto and the Hispanic advisers he betrayed. He has shown us from day one who he really is. No rerun of his plan to deport 16 million people will change the fact that he’s clearly a candidate in over his head.”

    Donald Trump got mad after his last speech bombed and half of Hispanic advisors made it known that they were ready to quit after his bigoted address, so his is going to respond by giving another speech probably doubling down on the same rhetoric.

  14. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Gutierrez's goal was to appeal to white racists by sounding just like one. He succeeded. Other than that--it's pretty much a pile-on by the rest of the country :) I loved the tweets!!!

  15. Anonymous11:03 AM

    The national economic implications of a taco truck on every corner could be astounding.

    The first question we must answer is how many trucks we're talking about. A corner is dependent on an intersection of street, a place where two roads meet or where one road turns. For the purposes of our thought experiment, we will assume that Gutierrez didn't mean a truck literally on every corner — that would be ridiculous. Instead, let's assume that he meant a truck at every intersection.

    But it's where we're headed, apparently, if Trump loses. That's good news for the economy in one way. If you assume that three people work in each truck, that's 9.6 million new jobs created. The labor force in August was 159.4 million, with 144.6 million employed. Adding 9.6 million taco truck workers would help America reach nearly full employment — and that's just the staffing in the trucks. Think about all of the ancillary job creation: mechanics, gas station workers, Mexican food truck management executives. We'd likely need to increase immigration levels just to meet the demand.

    As you consider this important political issue, bear that in mind. :)

  16. Anonymous11:21 AM

    O/T but too funny

  17. Anonymous11:27 AM

    OT? Read this>"We are a representative democracy, a constitutional republic, not a mob, not a military dictatorship. It is our elected civilian government’s job as constrained by the law and limited by the Constitution to decide who is and who is not an enemy. " There is an enormous difference between fear and respect. One is slavery, the other is liberty." "You have to give respect, true respect, to get it back." "It makes me proud to note many of those responses came from veterans, from cops, and from Americans who put their asses on line for their fellows every day without expectation of reward or thanks."

  18. Anonymous11:41 AM

    "A chicken in every pot" is now "A taco truck on every corner" and Election Day will now be known as Taco Tuesday !

  19. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Surprise! Latinos For Trump Founder Is A Real Estate Scammer

    One of the really scummy things to come out of the Great Recession were the predatory real estate scammers who crawled out of the woodwork to promise families they'd help save their houses, only to actually take their money.

    It turns out Mr. "Taco Trucks On Every Corner" Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez was one of those. Here is his LinkedIn profile, screencapped here for posterity.

  20. Anonymous11:49 AM

    off topic

    This could be bad news for Fox. Check out the details of the plumbers/ratfuckers on the Fox payroll.

    Media Matters is not happy.


  21. Anonymous11:50 AM

    FBI releases Hillary Clinton email investigation documents

  22. Cracklin Charlie12:41 PM

    I am thinking tacos will definitely be on my menu for election night!

    And pico...lots and lots of pico.

    Taco Tuesday, Nov. 8th!

    1. Make your own taco shells with small corn tortillas. Brush very, very lightly with olive oil and place in oven at 400 degrees. If you don't have a taco holder, you can upturn a muffin tin and get them sort of shell-shaped while they cook, but be sure to turn over after about 2 minutes and wipe off any excess oil. Can use the upturned muffin tin after you've stuffed 'em too and keep 'em warm and upright in the oven (reduce heat, of course!).

      Taco Tuesday it is!

  23. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Elect "the Donald" and there will be Dicktater trucks on every corner selling a limp Vienna sausage over softened spuds.

  24. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I live on the southside of MIlwaukee and, while we don't have a taco truck on every block, we do have one on every street. I rarely cook. More taco trucks, please!

  25. Anonymous2:31 PM

    With a taco truck on every corner everyone gets a taco- small children, old people, blind people, disabled people, hungry workers in a hurry, mothers with strollers- without having to cross the street.

    A community service, I'd say.

  26. There are twitter responses on the celeb itchy coverage that are classic.


  28. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Maybe Trump will buy Chipolte and send them into bankruptcy sooner!!

  29. Here is some interesting information about immigration laws:

    "Under Mexican law, illegal immigration to their country is a..."felony," punishable by up to ..."two years" in prison. Immigrants who are deported and attempt to re-enter, can be imprisoned for 10 years.

    Visa violations can be sentenced to six-year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals."

    Following is a link of information put out by the Mexican Government advising potential illegals of their rights and the pitfalls if they get caught sneaking into the U.S.:

  30. WA Skeptic1:26 AM

    M-m-m-m-m tacos!!!


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