Friday, September 09, 2016

Donald Trump appears on Russian backed TV to suggest that Russia "probably unlikely" was meddling in American politics. Suggests that Democrats are "putting that out." Update!

Courtesy of CNN:

Donald Trump gave an interview Thursday that aired on a television station funded by the Kremlin, arguing that the Russian government was "probably" not meddling in the American presidential race. 

Speaking to Larry King on RT America, which is an arm of government-funded news outlet Russia Today, Trump said it would "not be appropriate" if Russian forces were looking to influence the race, which is suspected by some investigators and has been fanned by Hillary Clinton's campaign as recently as Thursday morning. 

He also suggested that the allegation was politically motivated. 

"I think it's probably unlikely. Maybe the Democrats are putting that out -- who knows," Trump told King. "If they are doing something, I hope that somebody's going to be able to find out so they can end it. Because that would not be appropriate at all."

Trump surrogates are now suggesting that Trump was tricked by that sneaky old Larry King.

Okay I think we have fully established that Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin's bitch.

The only thing that could further prove that would be a sex tape of Donald Trump getting plowed by Putin while biting down on a hammer and sickle clenched in his teeth.

Update: Here is Hillary Clinton responding to this news.
She just looks so incredulous that this is who she is running against.


  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    It's 2016. This is now a country where women who view themselves as more than a man's kitchen slave aren't ostracized. A world where men aren't mocked for staying home. A world where women can choose to breastfeed or not, spank or not, work or not. And not be judged.

    Who am I kidding? It's 2016 and working moms who pick up pizza or subs are ridiculed. Men who raise families while their wives re breadwinners are called pussies. And mom wars are out of control.

    Newsflash. There is no such thing as a bad parent. a bad mom. a bad dad.

    If your kids are happy, youve succeeded.

    Democrats of all people cannot understand this.

    My father just died. He was a stay at home dad for my entire childhood because my mom was starting a business that is now a huge regional success. He was home when she worked late. Sometimes they had to miss a couple ballet recitals and softball games (something "Experts" even say is healthy because it shows parents have a life outside kids, which helps show kids they're not the center of a person's world which could create entitlement problems. Just read an article on that.

    Haters are gonna hate but an intelligent person should realize their third party opinion isn't changing a person's inner thoughts and pasts. A third party knows nothing about another person.

    1. Wrong thread I think.

    2. Anonymous2:49 PM

      What? Is there another thread where this makes sense? If so, go there. And take your damn meds!

    3. Anonymous2:50 PM

      I think your comment is on the wrong article.
      Sorry for your recent loss of a loved one.

    4. Anonymous3:18 PM

      Go away Alicia.

    5. Anonymous3:50 PM

      What makes you think that "Democrats" don't understand modern life and the choices that families make that work best for them? Seems more likely that the departed Phyllis Schlafey (? spelling) and her acolyte Sarah Palin are the kind of people who don't understand. Besides, using the middle-school term "haters" is just that, so middle school.

    6. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Sorry but it is the Republicans that want women to stay home and men to work.

      Really your obsession with Democrats and liberals is pathological and your comments are incoherent.

      Obamacare covers mental health issues, you should show your postings to a shrink.

    7. Anonymous4:06 PM

      James Mangelsdorf died? Did you seriously just lie about a dead parent to fit your narrative, Alicia?

    8. Anonymous5:07 PM

      No such thing as bad parents?!
      Ask the kids in foster care.
      There's PLENTY.
      Sorry for your loss. Been there twice.

    9. Anonymous9:41 PM

      I will not run you down 2: 22. if this is real. I repeat if this is real.

      There are such things as bad parents . Parents who never taught their kids responsibility, parents who bailed there kids out [ Track Palin] and called it love but really only cared about how it would affect themeselves over what their duty as a parent is to raise a responsible independent kid who can make it on their own because every parent knows we will hopefully die before our kids.

  2. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Dayum Gryphen, I could have done without the graphics of that last paragraph. I think the Putin-Trump bromance was pretty obvious at the Commander-in-Chief forum.

  3. Anonymous3:32 PM

    hmmmm? Gee missy! Well, all of them are into eavesdropping on each other, taping, bribing and extorting money. And all are nasty, kinky, ugly pervs. And steal real estate.

  4. Anonymous3:32 PM

  5. Anonymous3:37 PM

    You guys made fun of Melania's:
    - Plagiarized speech
    - Artistic female spooning
    - Her occupation before becoming Mrs. Trump
    - Her college degree
    - How she got her Green Card
    - Her past due immigration speech
    - Her vanishing Web page
    - Her campaign disappearing act
    - Her speech impediment

    Now this? Shame on all of you

    Melania Hoe Moments

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      The Russian background music was hilarious.

  6. Anonymous3:42 PM

    So Trump is claiming he was tricked by that devious, nefarious Larry King.

    If he can be so easily tricked by a has-been radio host, how does he expect us to believe he can negotiate with adversarial foreign leaders?

    1. Anonymous4:30 PM

      Doesn't it remind you of the Canadian radio guy who called Sarah, claiming to be Prime Minister?

  7. Anonymous3:47 PM

    If Traitor Trump had run as a Democrat, the GOP and the media would have crucified him long ago. Instead of actually doing their jobs, the media has pandered to this buffoon and put Hillary under the microscope. Heavens she was coughing, she must be dying, it certainly couldn’t be the result of having to speak 24/7.

    St. Ronnie would be very proud his party’s candidate is working for the evil empire :)

    Some good news, the Republicans lost their fight to repeal the straight ticket voting law, enacted 145years ago, in Michigan.

    1. Anonymous4:31 PM

      Poor AG Schuette. He was so sure he could rig the ext Governor's election for himself. He even pretends to be going after the folks responsible for the lead in Flint's water-except for the guy who knew it all along and is really responsible-nee Gov Snyder, the Koch puppet.

    2. Anonymous3:50 AM

      We were delighted with the US Supreme Court ruling (6 to 2, not even close). The GOP law, enacted by our Tea Party Michigan legislature, made absolutely no sense at all. The rationale for the law was to make sure that "we, the people," informed ourselves well enough about every name on the ballot (and it will be a long one this November) before we vote. Does anyone really believe that the GOP here or anywhere wants voters to be well informed before they vote? Of course not, they want long lines at the polls after work hours in order to discourage working people from voting. Now it can't happen - at least not until they try again.

  8. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I love Hillary Clinton's answer to the final question.

  9. Anonymous3:52 PM

    In Hillary's update video she mentions about Putin's aggression towards our friends.

    No need to worry about our friends Hillary. Once Trump becomes president we are dropping out of NATO and getting into the importing teenage girls with low self-esteem from European countries business and marrying them off until they get too old then they will be replaced with newer younger European models.

    1. Anonymous11:36 PM

      @e:52 am
      This Trump importation of 'teenage girls with low self-esteem from European countries(modeling)business and marrying them off' serves to increase the 'rill' Umerkin growth rates, right?

      Is this part of the Trump business long-range planning too?


  10. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Trump Camp Says Appearance on Russian Propaganda TV Was an Accident and/or Larry King’s Fault

    Larry King's fault? Man up and own up Donald. You wrote the book Art Of The Deal which contains an 11-step formula for business success and you're telling us you let an old man get one over you.

    Where's Hillary? I'm voting for Hillary

  11. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Road Runner Hillary just handed Wyle E Trump his own acme lesson for today. I can't WAIT for the day he spills information from the daily briefings. Good Job, Madame President on putting Trump in his place, closing the lid and flushing.

    1. Nice. Really well said.
      I am putting an extra bleach tablet in my toilet bowls. Just precautionary you see.
      Give it to him, Hillary!

  12. Anonymous4:08 PM

    How many times is Trump going to let his Russian friend play him for a fool? Starting to get ridiculous if you ask Hillary and President Obama.

    Huffington Post
    How Could Donald Trump Have Possibly Known His RT Interview Would Air On RT?

    You’ve never seen such a cunning plot.

    One day after Donald Trump told NBC News’ Matt Lauer that he would be the best and most shrewd negotiator Russian President Vladimir Putin had ever met, the Republican presidential nominee went on Putin’s favorite network ― the fun, freewheeling propaganda-palooza that is RT America ― to blast the media and U.S. foreign policy in an interview with Larry King.

    It was a big night for the Russian leader, to whom Trump has promised: “If he says great things about me, I’m going to say great things about him.” It’s actually very rare that Trump makes an upfront payment in a contract, so maybe he really is “pivoting”!

    Naturally, however, many observers were left wondering things like, “Why did Trump go on Russia’s state-owned news channel?” Or, “How did they not know how this would go over?” The Trump campaign’s day-after excuses boil down to: “We were duped by one of the world’s most cunning men, Larry King.”


    1. Anonymous3:44 AM

      What's old Larry King doing putting an interview on a Russian-owned news channel? Is that where he works? And how did that happen?

  13. Anonymous4:33 PM

    The Soviet people welcomes Donald into the Soviet Block. Together we will invade and occupy, the United States of America, Mexico and Canada and to the victor goes the spoils.

    1. Anonymous9:19 PM

      Oooo. I'll bet they'll invade Alaska first.

  14. Anonymous4:36 PM

    O/T This is what frightens me. That many have handed in their brain just to be entertained.

    WTF happened to critical thinking?


    1. Anonymous5:23 PM

      The one and only time I will ever give $arah credit. "Lame Stream Media." That they are, else she would have been relegated to persona non grata after '08 never to be heard of again, and dRumpf would have never been this close to The Oval.

      Watch ANY news media on television; it's all titillation! True investigative journalism died years ago with very few exceptions.

      Even my local news; I don't consider anchors journalists. "Personalities" that can read a teleprompter.

  15. Maple4:46 PM

    Jack Beatty on NPR this morning described Trump as "Putin's Useful Idiot". I think he nailed it.

  16. Just read this over at the Daily Mail:

    US and Russia announce breakthrough ceasefire - and then they'll team up to tackle ISIS and Al-Qaida, John Kerry promises...

  17. Anonymous5:06 PM

    My husband and I are both VN vets. Though he was a sniper and I was a nurse I am the better shot.
    For the very first time in my life as a dual citizen I am scared of what will happen in this election.
    My herds are moved to Calgary, we will be moving as soon as we can after early voting.
    I will be gone before November, I can only hope at this point that my main country doesn't elect tRump.
    Is this it? Should I have been more of a "prepper" than I thought?
    What is going to happen to our world if tRump is in charge of the USA?

    1. Instead of worrying, or moving your herds, your energy would be better spent--for yourself and everyone else--registering voters and GOTV for Clinton

    2. Anonymous9:21 PM

      I think you'll be OK unless Donald gets antsy and decides to nuke Canada.

  18. Anonymous5:40 PM

    LEFT NAKED>"Manning’s ACLU attorney said: “I am deeply saddened and very concerned for Chelsea’s well-being. The government has long been aware of her medical needs and continues to ignore them.”

  19. Anonymous9:09 PM

    I have donated to Hillary Clinton and got a card a Woman Card in the mail today.

    It looks like a credit card and on the back it says.

    Lower wages, 79 cents or less for every dollar a man makes.

    No paid family leave! 25% of women in America return to work within 10 days of having a child.

    Limited access! to making your own reproductive health care decisions[ varies by state]

    Power! to head to the polls and elect our first woman president.

  20. Anonymous1:29 AM

    Trump threatens to go to war with Iran if they flip the bird to our sailors.

  21. Randall6:23 AM

    Wait... what?
    Donald Trump got tricked into performing a propaganda piece for Russian television?

    The guy with "the best brain, a very good brain" got fooled by wicked old Larry King?

    THIS is the guy you think can out-maneuver world-leaders practiced in the art of deception and mendacity?

    You need to take a step back, take a breath, and re-think your political affiliations.


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