Saturday, September 10, 2016

Donald Trump suggests that US destroyers should respond to ships with Iranians making obscene hand gestures by shooting them out of the water.

Courtesy of CNN: 

Donald Trump vowed Friday that if Iran inappropriately approached US ships, they would be "shot out of the water." 

"And by the way, with Iran, when they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats and they make gestures that our people -- that they shouldn't be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water," he said at a rally here. 

Taking such action would have tremendous ramifications and would likely be considered an act of war. The comments, even given Trump's penchant for tough language, are unusual for a presidential candidate.

Yeah, well it would be unusual for a presidential candidate if that candidate were actually trying to win the election. 

The incident that Trump is referring to happened two weeks ago, and actually similar incidents have been happening for years.

And let's not forget that one of our Navy boats was captured after it went off course into Iranian waters.

These kinds of interactions are troubling, but in no way do they justify anybody being "shot out of the water."

Donald Trump's constant need to overcompensate for his obvious shortcomings becomes increasingly dangerous when the tools at his disposal include the United States Military. (Remember George W. Bush just wanted his mom to love him and to prove he was a batter man than his father. How many American and Iraqi deaths did that cause?)

I never thought the Republicans could put up a worse candidate for President than George W. Bush, but boy was I wrong!


  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    "You sunk my battleship" is a GAME, Dumb Donald.

  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I knew Dubya owned the Texas Rangers baseball team at one point but didn't realize it proved him a "batter man" than his father!

    Seriously, I don't know what more Trump can say to definitively prove that he is wholly unfit for the presidency.

    1. 60 days to go -- surely there will be SOMETHING!?! Daily, the MSM is calling Trump out, challenging his lies. This must continue and increase unrelentingly.

      I repeat, though, it's not what Trumps says or does that is getting him supporters, but how he makes them feel AND what they think of Hillary (with his goading) -- they hate her to death!

      Reading Comments of many political sites is horribly chilling. I think America's future (and the whole world's) is on a knife edge this election.

      How can Trump and Clinton be so close in the Florida polls! It simply boggles the mind. America is in far worse shape than the rest of the world imagined -- and that was far to begin with.

    2. Anonymous4:05 PM

      Barbara, the media IS responsible for this. Click bait and $$ to them. Once they let that POS out of the jar, good luck putting him back. They could have shut this down from the get go, and there goes our respect around the world courtesy of idjits that live here.

  3. Anonymous2:30 PM

    He is demented on so many levels. How sad the once honorable Repub party cannot now do anything but cringe each time he opens his mouth. So pathetic. They are such cowards.

    Pat Padrnos

    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      I disagree, Pat. They seem to be cheering him on as opposed to cringing at his words and actions. The GOP is definitely a party of cowards as well as stupidity, however. I feel somewhat helpless with only one vote against this bastard. I can only imagine how our allies in other countries must feel as they anticipate the election.

    2. Anonymous3:23 PM

      They have no choice BUT to, 2:58 PM, and I'm with you on that vote and how other countries feel. Think he cares?

      To think the c4p types were scared of martial law from President Obama. Really?! Wait until this @sshole takes office.

    3. Anonymous3:15 AM

      Perhaps the best Republican president since Teddy Roosevelt was also the least political: Dwight Eisenhower. Since sometime in the 1960's his name has been rarely mentioned by GOP politicians. They must have wanted to bury him quickly so that they could complete their reinvention as the racist, nativist, ignorant, anti-American-core-values bunch of imbeciles we see today. Between 2008 and 2010 many of the GOP elders in Congress stepped down to make room for the incoming Tea Party branch with barely a croak of criticism left in them. The GOP now belongs completely to the likes of the Koch brothers and is fronted by their own political joke, Donald Trump. It is a joke that is lost on the rest of us.

  4. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I suppose it's a good thing Trump always has a driver. I can just imagine him shooting someone in an act of road rage because he was flipped off.

    1. Anonymous4:17 PM

      He could stand on Fifth Avenue and shoot someone dead. People would still vote for him.

      His words. $arah would reload for him.

  5. Anonymous2:33 PM

    When ya screw around everyone on earth and karma really sucks? Well, He is sensitive and paranoid.

  6. Anonymous2:40 PM

    WWIII. Then, the planet implodes when Trump and L'il Kim empty their nukes at each other.

  7. Anonymous2:44 PM

    George W. Bush, Donald, Vlad, Sarah, are doing groundwork for the devil himself.

    1. Anonymous3:28 PM

      Still say that Muthee prayed the devil into her in that "hands on" thing!

  8. Anonymous2:51 PM

    The meme for this photo should be..
    This is how many clues I have about leading this country, and I am rrounding up

  9. Anonymous3:34 PM

    " In tax records, the last gift from Trump was in 2008. Since then, all of the donations have been other people’s money — an arrangement that experts say is almost unheard of for a family foundation."
    In two cases, he has used money from his charity to buy himself a gift. In one of those cases — not previously reported — Trump spent $20,000 of money earmarked for charitable purposes to buy a six-foot-tall painting of himself."
    “The foundation was being used basically to promote a moneymaking fraudulent venture of Donald Trump’s. "

    1. Anonymous3:59 PM

      The Trump Foundation ranks up there with people who steal military valor for attention.

    2. Anonymous8:46 PM

      Little finger prick>

  10. Anonymous4:09 PM

    "they will be shot out of the water"

    He's REALLY anxious to use those nuclear weapons, isn't he? He forgets, however, that a pissing contest on the international level causes the deaths of thousands of American men and women, at minimum. His sons show what big strong he-men they are by killing defenseless animals but Trump is all too willing to send other people's children into combat because his bloated ego is bruised.

    He forgets that being Commander in Chief of the US military is very different from sending your lawyers to intimidate a contractor that you don't want to pay for plumbing work.

    He has demonstrated over and over again that he is much too easily goaded into a volatile response by the slightest provocation to allow him control over our military. To Trump, 'diplomacy' is a dirty word.

    On the contrary, it's going to take a very real threat to push Hillary into major military action, especially with Tim Kaine's son in the Marines.

  11. Anonymous4:14 PM

    There has to be some way he can be declared unfit to run, so he can be removed.

    And, we desperately need to institute "fitness testing" of all serious candidates in the future. They should be tested on knowledge of our country's history, the Constitution, how the 3 branches of government work together, and what their respective responsibilities are. And, most importantly there must be sound and thorough testing of each person for mental stability and any and all mental health concerns. No one like him should ever be allowed to run for federal office, NOT EVER AGAIN.

    1. Leland2:21 AM

      "They should be tested on knowledge of our country's history, the Constitution, how the 3 branches of government work together, and what their respective responsibilities are."

      Don't you think it might be a good idea to have the POPULATION know those things first? It frightens me there are so many who believe this country's government is christian!

  12. Anonymous4:17 PM

    He doesn't "forget it". He just doesn't care. No one except himself is really real, you know?

    The rest of us are just scuffed-up pieces in the "Donald Trump wins everything" game.

  13. Anonymous4:25 PM

    If he wins, we can expect none stop international crisises.

    The Sec of State will be run ragged putting out the flames of potential wars on all continents.

    1. Anonymous12:52 AM

      Ivanka Trump as Secretary of State will always be fashionable. What a great position to promote her trumpish brand!

      Trump Dynastic Empire rules the world?


  14. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Wow, Clem Cadiddlehopper got an itchy trigger finger. Poor Donald never had the pleasure of getting blown out of the water. And he wants access to the codes? I don't think so.

  15. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Dangerous Donald - He can't control himself, he's got to provoke the other side and put us all in danger. He needs some psychiatric intervention and will have blood on his hands, whether elected or not, if he doesn't stop this ugly rhetoric. What legal laws are there, in this democracy, to stop this man from egging on our enemies? Innocent Americans and the world are begging this man to stop this.

  16. Anonymous7:01 PM

    So now there's an article out talking quite blatantly about how Trump and the Republicans admire Putin, and think he is a strong leader. We have had many presidents who were slightly weak on some things but never have people gone against their president and sold out to a dictator. America woke up and it wasn't America anymore. What the hell happened? The hollywood movies like Red Dawn happened but not with invasion but with admiration. And we are so saturated with Donald and his flighty rhetoric we are mind numb on how to react. Some people are outraged but others are saying "yeah, that's how I feel too." What in the hell happened to our America? Are we really going to go there with Trump and his lies. Oh, and see, he is saying that Hillary insulted his fans. Well, he insulted the whole United States and no one blinked an eye. He literally called out to Russia to hack into Hillary's account. On TV and not one person blinked. Now Trump is twisting something he said months back into making more trouble for Hillary. If Hillary shot into a place with people she would not be prosecuted? WHF? Hillary would be trounced upon and pulled bodily apart if she did that, and Donald would be the one to be exonerated if he shot anyone. Why is he twisting all that's been said about him and pointing it back to Hillary? He can't even be original. He borrows what we said, and gets all that tv coverage and spews it loudly at the cameras as if those remarks were his own. We said all that about you for a year you orange buttboy of Putin. I hope Americans aren't so bedazzled by this ugly American that they actually think he has a plan. Wake up America. Your' ass is about to be handed to Putin. Then what?

  17. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Dump on both a big shit pile and spit on that hags grave.


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