Thursday, September 01, 2016

MSNBC to give Brian Williams his own show.

Courtesy of TV Newser:  

Brian Williams has his own show again. 

The former NBC Nightly News anchor will debut “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams” Tuesday night at 11 p.m. ET., MSNBC announced today. Williams’ likely move to the 11 p.m. hour was first reported last month. 

“This new assignment is a natural extension of the hundreds of hours of political coverage Brian has anchored through this campaign cycle so far,” said MSNBC president Phil Griffin in a statement. “He and Rachel Maddow and the team have been great on the big nights, and now he’ll build on MSNBC’s prime-time momentum by taking us live into the 11 p.m. hour every night.”

I have to admit that I was never the biggest Brian Williams fan when he was anchoring the NBC Nightly News. No real definitive reason, I just wasn't.

However I felt a little badly for him when he was asked to step down from his post for exxagerating about his experiences covering the war zones, and then this crazy person starting going after his jugular like it was a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme.

When one of their own repeats a lie for 12 years but is excused with the help of the media's herd mentality, tragic distrust and despondency blankets our land. The veil is torn, however, with the revelation of exaggerated, self-centered falsehoods like NBC's perpetual lie that belittled our soldiers and their truly courageous missions. The face of that network’s news lied about combat experiences in Iraq and then with false humility accepted the title of "war hero" while the press ignores, disrespects, and often destroys the good name of our true war heroes. To me, that's like soiling sacred ground.

Leftist media and their minions in politics tried for too long to fundamentally transform America with their shared assumption we would fall in line and bend our backs as they rode us with reins to control our individual sovereignty. America said enough is enough and we strengthened our spine so we could fight for freedom, sometimes requiring battles against our own leaders. 

Damn, has she EVER made any sense?

So ultimately Williams was fired, and for quite some time laid low.

And when he showed back up earlier this year to start covering the election cycle and debates, I was actually surprised at how good he was with his dry humor and ability to keep things lively and interesting during hours and hours of coverage.

So I am looking forward to watching Brian Williams in his new show, and even though there is no promise that it will last beyond November I think we will soon see a permanent place for him in the MSNBC lineup.


  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Sarah's cartoon mind Back then" geez, I rilly sounded cool I wonder what I meant".
    Still a stupid hateful imbecile.No change.

  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    How long before she actually starts selling authentic Alaska-made hand woven Screechy® brand despondency blankets to the handful of idiots who still think she's still the cats meow?

    she isn't now, never was and never ever ever never ever will be the cat's meow.

    1. Anonymous12:33 PM

      cats don't like her at all! they bite her! lol

  3. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Dang, Sarah- he might have had you on his show if you weren't such an ignorant bitch with no self-control.

    Enjoy the gutter.

  4. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Not even Brian Williams would stoop so low. The Don was in control and no lame stream media on the planet should have been allowed to make a bogus report. This is not presidential. I hope he sues!

    Disheveled Donald Trump forgot to take the bobby pins out of his hair during Mexico speech

    1. Anonymous5:58 PM

      Bobby pins! Bwaaahahahahahaha! Please, may it go viral!

    2. Anonymous6:27 PM


      Bobby pins?

      What will the Cheeto with bad hair fuck up next?

    3. Anonymous9:46 PM

      WOW! If ENP saw that he is a master to hold himself together as he did. Noting the Dons bobby pin would not say presidential. It could cause one to have a serious attack of uncontrollable laughter.

  5. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Wouldn't it be fun knowing what Brian Williams thought of Sarah Palin?

    He's never been a favorite of mine, but I did enjoy he and Rachel Maddow doing the coverage together.

    1. Anonymous6:23 PM

      My guess on Williams thoughts:
      "Omg ! Who is this fucking dense person? Wow"!
      " where did she inherit those thick ankles? Hmmmmm!

    2. Anonymous10:49 PM

      Didn't Brian embellish 'war' stories? He was possibly very impressed to meet such an important Commander-in Chief and par excellence embellisher. Sarah is still going strong, her embellishing has a life of its own to live on as if it is actual.

      He had to make amends and wait for a come back.

  6. It's about time.

  7. Anonymous5:22 PM

    Wasn't Sarah fired in July of 2009?


    1. Anonymous10:31 PM

      She was Commander in Chief, First Line of Defense. You don't just fire someone like that. Even if she was bogus. It had to be darn serious for her to leave so fast.

      She and or Todd were getting security briefings in the category of Joe Biden. Or the military up there is a sham?

      Alaska may be as corrupt today. They need to stop hiding so much and screwing over their citizens. The nation should care when a state that elects someone to be at the First Line of Defense, Commander in Chief is playing with a full deck or not and they aren't some fraud.

      It looks like the Alaska National Guard would have known about the Trig pregnancy and that it was impossible the Commander in Chief was running around Juneau with a flat belly, racing in heels on ice and all.
      They would know the square belly was not Trig. What all can a Commander in Chief hide and why is the military complicit?

      So what else do they lie about? They are alleged to be keeping Alaska and the nation safe. Why trust them?

      They also are pals with the Iron Dog outfit which are corrupt.

      When is the Ak National Guard going to be back on line? Here is former Gov Parnell

      Camp Atterbury.February 21, 2012

      You would think they would want to keep their history available for the people they serve.

    2. Anonymous12:37 PM

      She resigned due to her hands in things they shouldn't have been! Rape of a Child, Money laundering, murder, attempted murder, vehicle tampering, oh I could go on...

  8. Anonymous5:33 PM

    So when will Bashir get his show back? I don't know what MSNBC was thinking when they let go of some great commentators and are overworking the good ones they have left. Never liked Morning Joe, but he gets three plus hours of the same old bullshit. "When I was......" Well you're not anymore, the GOP and Congress are all loony tunes and Mika's still a natural blonde.

    1. Anonymous7:30 PM

      Wasn't it Sarah Palin that had him fired?

    2. Anonymous11:04 PM

      The outrage about Martin Bresher's response to Sarah's flippant comment while minimizing the plight of enslaved Africans caused msnbc to fire him. Martin used an example of a slave master's unspeakable abuse to the slaves on his Caribbean island to explain how brutal and perverted chattel slavery was as documented by a slave-owning master. The diarist documented just what he subjected his owned human beings to, it was despicably inhuman.

      Of course the quitter AK governatoress cried foul loudly supported by Fox and the rwing radio ranters and (poof) Mr. Brasher was gone, though apparently not forgotten.


      Ol' Sarah P in all her superficial shininess was an object to befoul.

    3. Anonymous5:29 AM

      MSNBC can atone.

      Plans Steps to Atone for Slave Past

    4. Anonymous9:11 AM

      Sarah Palin comments and (Bashir) resignation from MSNBC

      He made a good comparison, sad about the apology. So sensitive of MSNBC viewers that they can't deal with slave poop and pee.

  9. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Joy Reid hosted for Hayes tonight..stellar performance.
    My fondest dream is for her or Rachel to take over Meet the Republicans, for Chuckie to be fired, and for Rachel to moderate a debate. Why is Lauer doing the Wed, night "Commander in Chief" thing and not a real journalist?

    1. Anonymous6:56 PM

      I like Joy Reid's tenacity and Rachel Maddow's in-depth research. I have no use for Chuck Todd at all as IMO he's too shallow to even listen to.

    2. Anonymous7:53 PM

      Chuck Todd has a hairline like Dakota Meyer.
      Both of them comb their hair forward to hide their balding.

  10. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Poor ol mama griz probably didn't spend a lot of time watching Letterman so I'll forgive her not knowing that Brian Williams is a proud Repub. The smarmy 'good guy role was all a well-crafted act.

    1. Anonymous7:05 PM

      You do realize that being Republican and a "good guy" aren't mutually exclusive.

    2. Anonymous9:03 PM

      Yes, I do know that. But, it was mrs palin who referred to him as a leftist and based on several who've worked with him, appears he's not really what I would consider a 'good' guy.

      Anyway, my point was aimed at the no-nothing former pol who lies for a living.

  11. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Oh no does this mean the end of "Brian Williams was there memes"?

  12. Brian WIlliams appeared several times on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the two of them were hysterically funny together.

    1. Anonymous10:04 PM

      They were indeed.

    2. Anonymous11:08 PM

      Perhaps Jon should have spent more time with Brian Williams and less with legitimizing Bill 'Bullshit Mountain' O'Reilly.

      Jon tried hard to 'wake up' the still mind-frozen Billo. It did not work.


  13. Randall6:54 PM

    Sarah Palin... didn't she used to BE somebody?

    1. Anonymous7:33 PM

      She was the Republican's "energy expert" amirite?

    2. Anonymous6:24 AM

      Not only the "energy expert" that John McCain highly regarded. He believed she was the best he knew to carry the football if something happened to him.

      Sarah Palin (Todd and family came with her ticket) was Commander-in-Chief (an officer in charge of a major subdivision of a country's armed forces, or of its forces in a particular area).

      Sarah (family) kept not only Alaska, but the United States of America safe.

      McCain was so impressed he would do anything for her to be his running mate. Sure he first wanted someone like Joe Lieberman. Once he knew her credentials she was an easy choice for him. Because, Country First. He knew we would be safe since Sarah and Todd had such a vital and important position in Alaska.

    3. Anonymous9:35 AM

      Lowell 'Bud' Paxson was instrumental in forcing John McCain to select Sarah Palin as his VP. Paxson was the 'fundie' connection with 'dirt' on John McCain. Paxson's paid lobbyist, Vickie Iseman had compromised McCain romantically. Paxson used Palin to be his 'puppet' because he knew that Sarah Palin had NOT given birth to Trig. That is why Sarah Palin named Trig...Paxson Van Palin. Van was for Sarah's then attorney, Thomas Van Flein, who had covered all of the legal bases for the Trig adoption. Is it a coincidence that all of Sarah Palin's family records have been 'sealed'? If McCain had been elected, he would have been in Paxson's pocket.

    4. Anonymous12:42 PM

      'it's not who you know it's what you know'
      sound familiar? oh Sarah don't go chasing waterfalls now!

  14. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Just poppin in Gryph with an OT. NO photos of pregnant Jordan? Is she in Mexico or something? -sjp

    1. Anonymous9:18 PM

      Aren't her social media accounts private? I wouldn't imagine that she'd be sharing photos with anyone but family, and maybe she just decided to abort it since things didn't work out?

    2. Anonymous11:01 PM

      Her mother knows all the charities that work with out of wedlock mothers to be. They get them hooked up with medical care and needs.

      Most states consider crimes against a fetus so when Track knocks her about, he is doing it to the fetus also.

      They are probably keeping him on downers.

      Her mother raises money for abused children from bad homes. You know violent alcoholics.

      In Alaska Jordan would know Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson. She would go all out for Jordan, as she did for Sarah with Trig.

    3. Anonymous6:31 AM

      Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson is almost a Saint. She protects abused children and saves lives with her dedication. No abortions for any reason.

      You can see how much she has cared for Trig over the years.

    4. Anonymous7:02 AM

      “She will not rest until children’s voices are heard and they are safe, nurtured and well cared for throughout our state.”

      Dr. Cathy must be resting well after hearing Trig's "favourite word": "Bullshit"

      Providence in Anchorage? Is that one of the hospitals where Sarah thought Trig was born? That may be true. Dr. Cathy may have delivered him. She last delivered a baby in 2008, doesn't say who the parents were or if it was a boy or girl. Is there any documentation that Dr. Cathy was anywhere near Mat-Su Regional April 18, 2008?

      Somebody is lying.

      April 2008
      part 1

  15. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Hey Sarah, the man can't ride you if you don't bend your back.

    Famous last words- remember when Sarah babbled that same crap a couple of years ago and the media turned their collective back on her? Nobody likes an incoherent drunk.

  16. Anonymous11:14 PM

    "Today, we pause to wish Track a happy birthday and to thank him for his service to our nation and honor Gov. Palin as a mother, a grandmother and a Blue Star Mom."

    1. Anonymous6:00 AM

      Track's b-day is 4/20 just like Hitler's and pot day.

    2. Anonymous9:23 AM

      Track is a dysfunctional drunk.

  17. Anonymous11:53 PM

    I kind of miss the old christian bumpit. I prefer it to the dirty dog hair piece that she wears now. RIP bumpit.

    1. Anonymous6:33 AM

      Rip Bliss.

  18. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Obviously Palin has no pride. Everyone laughs at her and her ridiculous family. What a bunch of mooches!

  19. Anonymous3:36 AM

    How sick or stooopid must Sarah be to keep kicking the dragon? Sarah, hon , we KNOW you ut a pillow in your panties and called it a TriG. WE KNOW your 6 week pregnancy was impossible.
    Yet, you never shut up about it and vilify others who lie.
    Karma is going to destroy you and we can't wait.

  20. Anonymous3:47 AM

    I always like Brian Williams; he read the news and kept his comments to himself. On talk shows he showed his dry sense of humor.

    Everyone knows Sarah hates Brian because he dared to ask one of those gottcha questions: so when are you going to release your medical records?

  21. Anonymous3:48 AM

    Now let's see Keith Olbermann (? sp.) back.

  22. After the whoppers Trump has thrown out there Brian's take is quite welcome to me.
    NBC did a good job moving Lester Holt to nightly news. It is good to see some things can be forgiven....go Brian!


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