Friday, September 23, 2016

New Frontline investigation confirms that it is quite likely that Donald Trump's campaign was inspired by President Obama mocking him at the 2011 White House Correspondent's Dinner.

Courtesy of Yahoo:

It was a painful moment for Donald Trump. As he sat in his tuxedo at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, President Obama mercilessly mocked him as a loony conspiracy theorist. The real estate mogul, grim-faced, watched helplessly, unable to respond, while hundreds of journalists and their celebrity guests convulsed in laughter. 

But it may also have been a transformative moment, according to a new “Frontline” documentary on the presidential race, called “The Choice 2016,” which airs next Tuesday night on PBS. “I think that is the night that he resolves to run for president,” Roger Stone, a longtime Trump adviser and confidant, says in the film. “I think that he is kind of motivated by it. ‘Maybe I’ll just run. Maybe I’ll show them all.’”

Donald Trump himself has dismissed this idea as silly, but it WOULD seem to match what we know about Trump and his thin skin,

Here is what his friend Omarosa had to say about that night: 

Omarosa Manigault, the former “Apprentice” star who now serves as director of African-American outreach for the Trump campaign, notes that when she talked to Trump at the start of the evening — he was a guest of the Washington Post, no less — “he was in just such a great mood. And he was very jovial.”

But as the president “kept going and going and he just kept hammering him,” Trump’s mood changed, she says. His face became “incredibly serious. He just put on a poker face.” And by the time the skewering was over, she suggests, Trump wanted payback. 

“Every critic, every detractor will have to bow down to President Trump,” Manigault says. “It’s everyone who’s ever doubted Donald, whoever disagreed, whoever challenged him. It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.”

Well if that does not chill your blood I don't know what would.

I have already gone on record as suggesting that this was likely the moment that Trump decided to teach President Obama and the smug journalists in the room laughing at him a lesson.

I just think it's obvious.

After all Donald Trump had made a living out of manipulating the dumbest human beings on the planet by convincing them that he was some kind of super capitalist, now all he had to do was reach out to their friends and neighbors, who were just as stupid, and convince them that he would be a super President.

After all how could he fail, he is white.

I still don't think he really wants it. 

But he wants to know that if he wanted it he could have it, and he wants his enemies to know it as well.


  1. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Blame it all on President Obama?

    Splodey heads are splodin!

    1. Anonymous12:18 PM

      At least they're not blaming it all on Bill Clinton.

    2. Anonymous12:52 PM

      I remember video of that dinner well. It was obvious that Trump was seething with rage.

    3. 12:52, you are so right. I remember that too. Trump was furious and looked like a sore, bitter loser.

    4. Anonymous9:22 AM

      No one--then or now--has been more effective than President Obama at eviscerating Trump. I have suspected this was a prime motivation for Trump's running from the start of his campaign.

  2. Anonymous8:45 AM

    $ex, Bullying, and Money>

  3. bummer......I'm inGermany and cannot watch the video :(

    1. Anonymous9:12 AM

      Donald Trump, Bavaria’s disfavored son

      In the idyllic hamlet of Kallstadt, there once lived a man named Friedrich Trump. Now his grandson is running for president, and these tolerant Germans want nothing to do with him.

    2. Anonymous9:22 AM

      Why Europe secretly roots for Donald Trump

      They won’t admit it in public, but some European politicians wouldn’t be too upset if The Donald wins.

    3. Anonymous9:25 AM

      Keep looking i'm sure it will be on youtube and other places soon.

    4. Anonymous2:34 PM

      Subscribe to a VPN service & connect to a US server. It's the way to be wherever you want to be.

  4. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Hillary Clinton Channels Her Inner Teddy Roosevelt

  5. Anonymous8:53 AM

    That was the night Skroob finished losing his mind, and decided that, even though he didn't want to be President, he wanted to show us losers that he was the best of all of us.
    This week shows how bad he doesn't want to win, with all his contrary statements, quick-on-the-draw retorts, and his being everywhere at once. He wants to go back to being The Skroob, not the contender. Hahaha. What an ultra maroon.

  6. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Ya know. I saw that video some time back and thought when Trump didn't laugh that shit was gonna happen. Now it's happenin. My son who may have aspergers or something like it, he's like Sheldon from big bang theory, well he doesn't forget either. I think Donald has that whatever it is. The inability to laugh at oneself. Thin skinned. I wonder if his mother ever had him tested. That may be why Donald hasn't ever played well with others. Putin, they say may have Aspergers. It would bear looking into to see if Donald is special. Just sayin.

    1. Anonymous10:30 AM

      They say he rode the short bus to Wharton. I don't know, but that is what people are saying.

    2. Yes, I saw it "live" that night and thought -- heads are gonna role and his wife (or whoever the woman was sitting at his side) looked terrified, was holding her breath.

      Then he did try to run (2012) and the elite GOP laughed at his bid, so he quit, saying his children begged him not to run, but now he's back and is like a bear with a sore head, thrashing about, slashing and threatening. A very, very angry man.

      I'm told by long-careered, professional social workers that his kind of mental psychopathology sociopathology/ "aspergers"... cannot be cured: he would never understand he needed any help. Be outraged at the suggestion.

      Will he step down before election, proving (to himself) he COULD win, but doesn't want to risk losing by staying on the ballot?

  7. By the time of the dinner, Trump had been hammering away at POTUS. Birth certificate, college applications and transcripts, religion, etc. It was behavior that would have had him incarcerated under G W Bush for being "unpatriotic" (see Dixie Chicks). Did Trump think that he could insult the President, over and over and over and over......and not get hit back? The man's lack of concern with other people's reputations is appalling. I cannot believe he ever made it this far.

    1. Anonymous9:20 AM

      President Obama Roasts Donald Trump At White House Correspondents' Dinner!

    2. Anonymous11:54 AM

      The way Trump went after Obama before the roast, it seemed he had become pretty obsessed with Obama and envious, although of course he'd never admit it, even to himself. I think he hated seeing a young, handsome, very fit and very smart easy-talking man up there running for office--someone who drew crowds like no one had in many years--and then becoming president. Obama was a lot of things Trump liked to think he was. He's so envious. Always has been. And it kills him that Obama looks so damn cool playing golf, too.

    3. Anonymous12:27 PM

      Yes, I'm sure that's exactly what he thought. Because he's rich and white and Obama is black.

      What gets me is how stupid he was to go. What did he think? They were going to pin a medal on him for exposing the Kenyan Muslim usurper and declare him president for the remainder of Obama's term as a reward?

      Everyone knows what the Correspondent's dinner is. After Colbert they better. How could Trump possibly believe he would escape unnoticed and unscathed?

      Of course, the Washington Post is equally guilty here. He was their guest. I'm sure they were tickled to be the ones to lure the lamb to the slaughter.

      This clearly shows the real Trump, a thin skinned whiney little bitch who gleefully dishes it out but is so easily offended when anyone dares to give it back. How *dare* they. And it coming from Obama makes it even worse.

      It would have been wonderful to have seen a debate between nominees Obama and Trump. Obama would mop the floor with him. Trump really dodged a bullet when McCain and then Rmoney were chosen. I wouldn't be surprised if he waited until just this election because he knew the field would be easy pickings and he'd only have Hillary, a woman, to defeat. Maybe because he knew her socially he thought she'd be an easy pushover.

      Just one of the many poor decisions Donald Trump has made in his life.

  8. Anonymous9:04 AM

    This is good stuff>

  9. Anonymous9:06 AM

    I always thought that Obama's skewering of Trump was the trigger too. I agree with you that Trump probably doesn't want to be the president - he just wants to prove that he could be if he wanted to be. Having said that, I hope he loses, and loses badly.

    If he loses, I believe he will have irreparably ruined his brand. Sure, he will have accumulated a yuuuge number of new followers, but they aren't the people who can afford to build things and rent out his name to attach to them. They won't be the people who can afford to stay at his hotels, and golf at his courses.

    People like me, who once had a bit of a fascination with him as a successful business man, have seen him for what he really is - a childish, thin skinned, mean spirited, lying, cheating, egomaniacal sociopath who is "all hat and no cattle". We have lost all respect and wonder for the tiny handed idiot, and will never be fooled again by his self centered bluster, and will avoid anything associated with him forever forward.

    1. Satan was making him do all those things... now he's been saved -- didn't you see the vid?

    2. Anonymous12:31 PM

      Exactly. Donald can't make any money off his "base". Once he loses, those donations will dry up. He won't be able to get any loans. I imagine his brand will be so tainted those that can afford to patronize will avoid anything Trump. After all, they can afford to go anywhere.

      His loans will be called in. He'll declare bankruptcy yet again. He'll hoard what little he can skim from the PAC and charities. If he's lucky, he'll die in Trump Tower before he can be evicted. Baron and Melania will have nothing. It's not the kind of family that is going to take in Daddy's third wife and new competition, er, offspring. I suppose Melania can always fall back on that architecture degree to get a job. (LOL) I hope the jewels are real.

  10. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Drumpf "even told a lengthy story about how much he enjoyed throwing a superwealthy Japanese businessman out of his office. But his anti-Japanese comments came back to haunt him."he nearly destroyed his own empire by missing an interest payment on the Trump Castle that June—and Trump's beloved Plaza Hotel in New York, which he'd once called a "Mona Lisa" in a full-page open letter in the New York Times.>some of the hotel wound up in the hands of a prince from another favorite Trump punching bag: Saudi Arabia."

  11. Anonymous9:23 AM

    It has to be Hillary Clinton

  12. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Fuck donald trump, I hope Mr president rips him a new one before he leaves office. I hope takes the gloves off, the man has absolutely nothing to lose or prove at this point. If u did not like him before, it does not matter now. He has been one of the best presidents despite numerous people challenging him just because he is an African American. Donald trump and sara palin don't even deserve to be a pebble in the soles of his Oxfords. Fuck both of those mental degenerates and people of their ilk.

    1. Anonymous12:35 PM

      Well, there will be post election speeches so he'll have a chance to call Donny the biggest loser then. Not sure if he has one more major speech before Hillary is inaugurated. I guess he might have a last state of the union speech in January before Hillary is sworn in. But I doubt he'd stoop so low as to put in any Donald digs in that.

      But after he's out of office and making the talk show circuit, he won't be holding back anything.

  13. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Trump is exactly like Palin...never forgets a slight.

    Donald, if you want to investigate a real political scam, there is Sarah Palin's fake pregnancy with Trig--the event that gave her credibility with the RTLers.

    You do remember Sarah, the one you dumped after using her to gain followers. The mother of fake combat vet Track Menard, now best known as a domestic abuser. Mother of Bristol Palin, the dim-witted town tramp and fake blogger.

  14. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Trump just wants to fling as much poop as he can before he gets his own cage (in prison).

  15. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I believe if Hillary could remind Trump of that night he would utterly & completely go crazy on the debate stage Monday.

    1. Anonymous11:57 AM

      Yes, she could quote some of Obama's roast statements about the kind of things that occupy a president's mind, and they aren't what an entertainer spends his time pondering. It'd be hilarious.

  16. Fuck Donald Trump9:54 AM

    Trump campaign staffer testifying about Chris Christie administration passing out the goodies for political endorsements.
    A national field coordinator for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has described how in 2011 staffers in Gov. Chris Christie’s office drew up a “Dem elected target hit list” of potential endorsements for the governor’s re-election campaign."

    What would you give to Dems?

    " The spreadsheet included a list of favors done for elected officials, such as giving their town a piece of steel from the World Trade Center or inviting officials to sit in the governor’s box at sporting events."

    Giving out 9-11 relics as campaign trinkets? Wait- more like pay to play bribes.

    Shutting down the bridge on 9-11?


    Send this fat fuck Chris Christie to a federal prison! After he is impeached.

    What a bunch of fuckin' tough guys!

    Don't blame the victims.

    They could have been threatened with a lead pipe upside the head.

    "It was still dark when I arrived at the federal courthouse in Newark Monday morning, but I wanted to be sure to get a good seat for the start of the Bridgegate trial. This was going to be delicious.

    The judge was a stickler about bringing in popcorn, it turned out. But my spirits picked up when prosecutors charged for the first time that our black-hearted governor has indeed been lying to us all this time, that he knew about this insane stunt from the start.

    And then, a surprise: My name came up. And not in a gentle loving way.

    One of the defense attorneys in the case read aloud from an e-mail about me sent by Mike Drewniak, the governor's press secretary.

    "Hate that," Drewniak wrote to David Wildstein, the chief Bridgegate conspirator. "I want to beat him with a lead pipe...That would put everyone on notice."

    Okay then. You may have heard about the sordid culture of the Christie administration. Well, there it is.

    "I don't even recall writing it," Drewniak said when I called him later. "You and I had our fights, but they weren't always...I mean, sometimes they were actually constructive. We swore a lot, but so what?"

  17. Anonymous9:56 AM

    off topic:

    Could be YOOGE!

    Well known tRUMP nemesis Mark Cuban gets a front row seat for the debate.

    "Mark Cuban to take his trolling of Trump to the front row of Monday's debate"

    1. Anonymous12:41 PM

      So, Drumpf will see Cuban's face from the podium. Cuban can make faces and little gestures to rattle Drumpf.


    2. Anonymous12:47 PM

      Elizabeth Warren needs to be in the front row right next to Cuban. Drumpf will pee his pants. Especially if both have phones in their hands and are texting and he's stuck on that stage with nothing for an hour, unable to read what they were tweeting or respond. That would make him pee his pants.

    3. Anonymous6:11 AM

      It's 90 minutes with no breaks. Drumpf better be wearing his Depends! Hillary too, for that matter, or drink no water all day but then she'll end up being dehydrated and we all know what happens when she does that. lol

  18. WA Skeptic10:01 AM

    I have to agree; I saw that clip and watched Trumpf's face and KNEW he was going to get revenge because he couldn't bear to be mocked to his face.

    Well, wake up, Donnie; all those people who were laughing at you are STILL laughing at you. They'll eat your food and drink your liquor and F**k your women, and still laugh at you. You are as much white trash as the Tundra Twat.

    Poor you...

    1. Anonymous12:51 PM

      Well, he doubled down on his birther thing for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and ... nothing.

      He was pissed Obama got re-elected and it must have stuck in his craw to have to admit to the press that Obama was born in the U.S. The only consolation was being able to accuse Hillary of starting it and taking credit for finishing it. Of course, he was immediately called out on both lies, repeatedly, not to mention the fall out from his little rick rolling informercial gag he pulled on the press.

      Donny's has always had poor judgement and been the victim of his own desires and prejudices.

      They will take him down this time too.

  19. Anonymous10:02 AM



    Did the cops use a drop gun in Charlotte?

    1. Anonymous12:51 PM

      I'm sure they planted a vial in Tulsa.

    2. Anonymous1:00 PM

      You can see and hear the cop facing her drop something around 1: 25-30ish (the gun then reach later to "mark it then end picked it back up....hummm

  20. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Can we very soon credit Barack Hussein Obama with the destruction of the do-nothing, hate-filled Rethug party? I firmly believe that is collateral damage that our very strong, very savvy President Obama set in motion when he dissed Drumpf at that dinner that night.

    I really don't believe anyone is out in front of Obama when he is planning/strategizing/executing his serious movements. Destroying those non-working right wing nut jobs was a long overdue exercise in order to get our country back on track. Obama has begun it and HRC can put our legislators back to work for us. Vote blue!

    Repubs - you better be very careful what you wish for....

    1. Anonymous12:56 PM

      If they shut down the government, obstructing the budget, they can kiss Congress goodbye. Even some Republicans are disgusted with Congress. They won't hesitate to vote out those fucking teabaggers they were stupid enough to put in office in 2010.

  21. Anonymous10:02 AM

    There was nothing better than watching President Obama take Trump down at that Correspondent's Dinner.

    The Donald will never be elected POTUS! He's a fucking joke and unpatriotic as Hell. Plus, he's a racist and needs the black, brown and Asian vote in order to win. He's publically stated he was anti them - a year ago!

  22. Anonymous10:04 AM

    He is nothing but a preteen schoolyard bully who launches a nuclear attack at anyone bold enough to stand up and dis him.

    That is who he is - the leopard won't change it's spots if elected.

    1. Anonymous10:54 AM

      tRUMP is one of those shit talkers.

      Always talking shit and never doing nuffin.

  23. "“Every critic, every detractor will have to bow down to President Trump,” Manigault says. “It’s everyone who’s ever doubted Donald, whoever disagreed, whoever challenged him. It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe” [says]
    Omarosa Manigault, the former “Apprentice” star who now serves as director of African-American outreach for the Trump campaign.
    She says that about Trump and is absolutely okay with trying to put him in the White House?

    What is wrong with these people?

    1. Anonymous10:37 AM

      Omarosa just gave the best clip and line for an anti-Trump ad. She will be on her knees in front of the Donald serving him well. The Trump women all look like "working girls." Some kind of creepy bondage.

    2. Anonymous11:30 AM

      She has been sucking his you know what since she was on the Apprentice! Bowing down to him? She's already been doing it for a long period of time. Seriously doubt many black women would follow her lead!

      Holy, holy, holy Trump is NOT! He'll never be elected POTUS.

    3. Anonymous11:59 AM

      Her words were disgusting. And one couldn't help but wonder if she'd also be happy to shine his shoes.

    4. Anonymous12:57 PM

      Kiss his ring or he'll nuke them? That's the kind of president she wants?

      And what is this most powerful man in the Universe crap? Been reading too many comics?

  24. Anonymous10:35 AM

    She is as messed up as Trump - obviously! Didn't like her on the Apprentice and still don't. She was a bitch on the show and still wears the title.

    Bowing down to Donald Trump? Give me a friggin' break! I'd rather see him kicked in his fat ass! He'll never be elected!

    1. Anonymous12:00 PM

      That fat ass of his is so gross to see when he's walking away from the camera up onto his plane. Imagine having to see that for the next four years.

  25. Anonymous10:35 AM

    3rd Straight Poll Shows Clinton Leading Trump By 6 Points Because Experience Matters

    Hillary Clinton is leading based on the same factors that have been swinging presidential elections for decades. Voters favor Clinton on experience, temperament, and the issues.
    McClatchy reported:

    Clinton dominates when it comes to experience, with likely voters by 57-30 saying she has the know-how to do the job. She wins on temperament, with voters by 50-38 giving her the edge.

    New Poll Shows Voters Overwhelmingly Agree With Hillary Clinton on ‘Deplorables’

    The math is unforgiving: 60 percent say Trump does not respect 'ordinary Americans' and more than half say he's a racist

    1. Anonymous12:06 PM

      And the polls would be so much better for Hillary if Trump hadn't lucked out when disaster and tragedy struck. He lucked out with the recent flooding and then with the NY/NJ terrorism and now with the police shootings. These are such important stories to cover, absolutely. I'm just pointing out that Trump has benefited from them very much. There would have been so much coverage of his cowardly birther statement and idiotic behavior in African-American communities and about the many stories that have come out about his financial misdeeds. The media became obsessed with H's pneumonia and spent a ridiculous amount of time on it (Wolf Blitzer was the worst--so embarrassing), and Trump should have had to deal with that same amount of time.The media was ticked at how he faked them into covering his event on the day of the birther announcement, but all that should have followed never got a chance to because of other news that needed coverage.

    2. Anonymous5:30 PM

      She's back up to291 electorals. Colorado is more solidly blue.

      I'd feel safer if she had Nevada and Florida.

  26. Anonymous10:36 AM

    In my perfect reality, The US hates Trump more than Bristol hated filming, which isn't possible because Bristol HATING filming.

    I hate that I have to vote for Hillary but we're not ready to go third party so I will.

    1. Anonymous12:21 PM

      I hate that the Clintons associate with the tRumps.

    2. Anonymous12:35 PM

      Evert other word is HATE. Are you taking your meds?

    3. Anonymous5:32 PM


      Get used to the new normal.

      Donald Trump has made America hate again.

  27. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Donald Trump’s Properties Were Sued At Least Eight Times For Disabilities Violations

    Trump dragged some cases out for years.

    1. Anonymous12:08 PM

      Just read this. The pig is more of a pig with everything I read. he had so many years--sixteen in one case--to update his building for handicapped access, but of course he just blew it off.

    2. Anonymous5:33 PM

      Donald Trump is just like ISIS. Only he doesn't destroy art from some warped and twisted religious ideology. He does it because he is a cheap ass son of a bitch.

  28. Anonymous10:40 AM

    $113 Million For Hillary Clinton

  29. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Donald Trump Either Lied to the Republicans or Broke the Law (Exclusive)

    1. Anonymous1:16 PM

      "Finally, the lie here matters because it shows how shameless Trump is and how reckless. He told this lie even though he knew he was standing next to a credible witness—Bush—who could contradict him, and he gambled that no one would discover his sworn testimony."Trump must be called upon to answer the troubling questions raised by the episode regarding Bush and gambling in Florida"

    2. Anonymous1:21 PM

      He couldn't do both?

  30. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Muslim refugees of another era could put Missouri in play for Clinton

  31. Anonymous11:21 AM

    North Korea has got Christie's number:

    Once boastful fat man Chris Christie said to be in tears, as US senator Ted Cruise usurps place as chief bootlicker to Donald Trump.

  32. Anonymous11:26 AM


    Just the kind of guy the former half governor of Alaska would endorse!

    Actually, she'd probably endorse Jeb if she thought there was something in it for them.

  33. Anonymous11:44 AM


    Check out the latest at Bristol's blog.

    This is a new low for the Palins.

    "A group of Syrian rebels has probably taken their last selfie together after using a phone that was rigged to explode to take the photo."

    With video.

    "It’s equal parts horrifying and a bit hilarious at the same time."

    This looks like something a Palin would post all by themselves no ghostwriter needed.

    Sick sick sick.


    1. Anonymous12:31 PM

      The stupid Palins don't realize that they are just as unsafe as the Syrian rebels. They live for selfies. They are disliked in Alaska as well as everywhere else. The Palins like to throw stones from their glass house. Track should experience the same demise as the Syrian rebels who died from that selfie. He is a worthless POS.

    2. Anonymous1:45 PM

      They must have been using a Samsung phone, exploding batteries have been a problem for quite some time.


    3. Anonymous2:30 PM

      Is it any wonder the Palin klan is so despised and constantly ridiculed? They truly are idiots - proven time and time again throughout the past ten years.

      Imbeciles - every one of them!

  34. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Omarosa is a stupid hag. Bow down to orange boy? Not in a million years. She has been licking his boots for fame and money for years.

  35. Anonymous12:29 PM

    The fact that tRump and his minions think we will all have to bow down to him is one more reason to vote for Clinton.

  36. Anonymous12:39 PM

    "University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds, a conservative blogger and newspaper columnist, was briefly suspended from Twitter on Thursday after urging vehicular violence the night before against black protesters in Charlotte, North Carolina."
    "Reynolds, known as Instapundit, tweeted, “Run them down.”CALLING FOR MURDER , WTF? he gets "USA Today, which publishes his columns twice a week, suspended Reynolds for one month."

  37. Caroll Thompson12:39 PM

    We are Americans; we bow to no one.

    But I was reading this article in Slate about how so many people are having anxiety over this election. I know myself that I have never felt such anxiety.

    For those feeling like me, this article helped me realize that I am by no means alone.

  38. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Damn! It's Obama's fault again!

  39. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Obama will get Trump good again.

    Unfortunately, probably after the election.

    "I am who I am. You sort of get what you see with me. The two exceptions are that I curse more than I should, and I find myself cursing more in this office than I had in my previous life. [Laughter.] And fortunately both my chief of staff and my national-security adviser have even bigger potty mouths than me, so it’s O.K. And the second thing is that I can be much more sarcastic and, I think, sometimes withering in my assessments of things than I allow to show in my public life.

    Once he is out of the White House, the gloves are off.

  40. Anonymous2:27 PM

    President Obama WILL get Trump again! Don't forget, he's going to be on the campaign trail w/Mrs. Clinton.

    He's going to have lots of time to go after him in his varied brilliant ways!

    Vote for Hillary Clinton!


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