Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sarah Palin suddenly and inexplicably becomes outraged again over being blamed for the shooting of Gabby Giffords.

I just remembered something else I've been pissed off about for years.
Courtesy of the Queen of Denial's Facebook page:

Another epitome in media double standards, in my opinion: A schizophrenic shoots an Arizona representative and the media goes berserk blaming me for the crime. That year's SarahPAC electoral map had included a "target" icon, and media erroneously claimed it somehow spurred on the criminal.  (This links to the 2010 Facebook post that preceded Gabby Giffords being shot.)

The attack on the Arizona politician and innocent bystanders was beyond horrific, and many of us continue to lift up in prayer those who are affected by any unwarranted violence, as the nation witnessed that day in Tucson. Also unwarranted is the blame game liberals capitalized on then, as they continue to do today. 

Back then, unable to defend myself with the obvious message that I had nothing to do with the shooting, and wanting to remind the media that using target icons in graphics is used universally by democrats and liberal media (including the liberal "Crossfire" news program), I finally disobeyed my employer's directive (FOX News) to stay silent about the false accusations. Days after the tragedy I made my own video to post a defense, hoping to help exonerate ALL who are falsely accused.…/sarah-palin-gabrielle-giffor…/story… (This links to the jaw dropping "Blood Libel" video that essentially destroyed all of Palin's future political aspirations. For some reason she wants you to watch it again.)

The apoplectic media pinning me for the crime caused turmoil and threats that are inexplicable, stretching still to this day. I say this not to claim any sort of victimization, but to point out the power the media has to try to destroy someone's career, reputation and spirit, by employing its common double standards.…/remember-when-the-gabrielle-gif…/  (This links to a Breitbart article that is almost four years old. I swear I'm getting whiplash here.)

This morning on MSNBC the liberal media once again features their "target" icon in their political graphics. And all is well in the lamestream media. Let's hear it for consistency...…/cnn-puts-sarah-palin-cross… 

- Sarah Palin

Okay the link at the end of her rant goes, not to a recent example of CNN using a target icon, but to a 2014 Sea O'Pee post falsely accusing CNN of using a "target" icon.

This is what they use to support that claim.

 As you probably know CNN has a wall filled with screens that often show a number of breaking stories.

 When they need to make an image larger they expand it over more than one screen which provides an image like this.

Apparently in the minds of the 2014 Palin sycophants this exonerated Palin's use of this image.

It didn't.

Now I have to admit that I was racking my brain to figure out what could have triggered this outburst from Palin.

And then I remembered this story from last week.

It featured this image that Arizona Republicans used against the Democrat challenging John McCain for his Senate seat.

Now for some reason Palin herself does not mention this poster, but since it caused news agencies all over the internet to reference her target icons it was most likely what triggered this latest psychotic break.

You know, a week later.

Boy it must be a real joy to live in the same house with this lunatic.


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Wouldn't you like inside that "mind?"
    Batshit crazy, and a thesis in waiting.

    1. Trying to figure out Sarah's batshit crazy is like trying to baptize a cat.

    2. Anonymous10:25 AM

      haha and I bet that is what Sarah was like being baptized!

    3. Anonymous10:53 AM

      Doesn't she realize how RETARDED she sounds screaming about the "liberal" media?
      Well maybe it IS liberal compared to the Nazi channel aka Breitbart.
      Does anyone notice how she is hardly defending Trump
      or bashing Hillary? Which is unusual.
      She is involved in so many crimes & Hillary knows it, she had better not attack her if she knows what is good for her.
      I really think Trump has overplayed his had. Yesterday Senator Boxeer calling on a DOJ investigation of Trump.
      I don't believe he will come out unscathed. I don't know if he would actually serve any time, he is going to be running around as he gets sued and investigated and stupid Saree doesn't want to caught up in it.

    4. Anonymous11:21 AM

      @10:53 + this>

    5. Anonymous11:47 AM

      This is one subject where I tend to support Palin, since you routinely censor comments that recommend the abortion of certain Palin children. You censor those comments while allowing comments calling Palin women c*nts. So you're just as hypocritical about self-censorship and your feminist creds.

    6. Anonymous2:18 PM

      Anonymous11:47 AM
      Ummmm, we don't care.
      Palin is the most Hypocritical bitch there is and Manson did not pull the Trigger either in fact he WASN't EVEN there the night that some were killed!
      And you are FOS about aborting palin kids, what a jerk you are and a Ki$$ a$$ also,too!

  2. Anonymous8:36 AM

    She seems to have a serious addiction to attention and being a victim. So Narcissistic. I am sure that it drives her crazy that people notice less and less.

  3. Anonymous8:38 AM

    The GOP fuc_ed up. The 2016 Republican ticket should have been

    PUTIN / Palin 2016

    Secretary of GEDs - Willow
    Secretary of Beatin' Women - Track
    Secretary of After 2 Bastards I'm Married  - Bristol
    Secretary of Pimpin' & Pimpee - Todd & Shailey

    1. Anonymous10:26 AM


    2. Anonymous10:44 AM

      at least three bastards! Don't forget the DWTS pregnancy.

    3. Anonymous12:14 PM

      According to certain geniuses here, the count us 5-6. Incidentally, a few months ago I spent nearly 2 days in Wasilla (long story). I was stunned by the number of very young (under 21) pregnant women that I saw. Do they not know how to use birth control there? Is it a Bible thumping thing? And the names these people give their children is embarrassing and this is coming from a female with a traditionally male name. Orion? Adonis?

    4. Anonymous2:15 PM


      We're full up of churchy fundies out here and they neglect to teach their children about birth control, plus those fundie religious kids are screwing at much earlier ages than the educated ones, just to act out against authority ya know.

      They get knocked up early and frequently and generally the parents banish them so they are left to live in their cars and eat from the food bank and live off the federal largesse of WIC, Welfare and EBT, for the 5 years that they can, after that they are truly shit out of luck.

      It's sad but perfectly preventable, and you'd expect the churches to support these woman, but you don't follow "god's rules" and those fuckers turn their backs on you and your demon spawn.

    5. Anonymous10:53 AM

      Correction: Secy of MORE than 2 bastards. So sorry for all those kids. And who knows how many more there are. Barstool isn't the only one who is probably dropping little ones.

  4. Anonymous8:47 AM

    I guess she forgot to mention they were "surveyor" marks on her map not

    1. Anonymous9:08 AM

      Update- "surveyors marks", that statement is no longer operative.

    2. Anonymous9:27 AM

      Exactly. If they had influenced anyone to attack Gabby Giffords she would have been beaten with a theodolite.

    3. Anonymous9:43 AM

      This ^^^^^^. You win the internet for civil engineers everywhere.

    4. Anonymous9:59 AM

      Surveyors marks. What the surveyor uses to see the target?

  5. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Ah, yes, in $carah's mind those were the good old days. When she was relevant, even though it was for somthing no decent person would be responsible for. You reap what you sow, beotch!!

  6. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Shouldn't we remind ourselves that if there had been no short term gov, and no failed VP Payme, we sure as hell would not be dealing with a rabid, crazy, madman Drumpf? Think what she has wrought besides a lifetime disabled, innocent G Giffords. If you can't take the blame then stop the dammned lying, hatred, BS and just go away - forever.

    1. Anonymous9:53 AM

      I have ALWAYS blamed Sarah Palin for the death of that little child and the near killing of Gabby.

      The idiot is and was to blame for it. She spread racism, hate, anger and fear and is very much disliked throughout the country today.

      She is getting everything she deserves! Which has included harm and hate to her family members brought on by Todd and Sarah themselves! Hell awaits both of them!

    2. Anonymous10:56 AM

      I blame her for the shooting, she was careless and it cost people their lives. She should know better than anyone her bots are a bunch of gun totin' morons just like her family.

    3. I will always blame Sarah as well.

    4. Anonymous1:04 PM

      For as much as you're trashed here by trolls, SPHASH, you know that she knows she's complacent; hence her post. That she doesn't give a shit is what's scary. Who's next on their list? Evil incarnate.

    5. Anonymous2:10 PM


      Did you mean "complicit" instead of "complacent"?

    6. Anonymous2:23 PM

      Actually, a little of both.

    7. Anonymous2:32 PM

      Anonymous9:53 AM
      I have ALWAYS blamed Sarah Palin for the death of that little child and the near killing of Gabby.
      ME TOO! She is as guilt as Charlie Manson!
      She should be in Jail yet she keeps that stupid shit on her FUCKBOOK page!
      Proud of it.
      Well, she is a White supremacist what do ya expect from a braindead idiot!

    8. Anonymous3:07 PM

      @2:18 + @2:32,

      Get off the Charles Manson rant. That was in 1969 fer chrissakes. Your (sic) not only showing your age, your (sic) clearly an Alaskan! Get yourself an edumucashun, ya hear?!

    9. Anonymous3:36 PM

      Is Sarah copacetic or coprophilic? Maybe both?

    10. Anonymous9:43 AM

      We will always know Sarah is to blame for the deaths. She knows it too or she would not keep bringing it up. The Palin family reeks of hatred and evil. Tripp has a better chance since he had the Johnstons.

  7. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Another epitome in media double standards, in my opinion: An armed suicidal alcholic schizophrenic beats a pregnant unarmed woman in my driveway while in possession of a firearm threatening suicide and the media goes berserk blaming me for the crime and how I raised him and not getting him help for his problems while he was a teenager. Everybody knows it was President Obama's fault. He was innocent and that's why the courts and my favorite judge released him with no Domestic Violence record, prison or jail time.

    1. Anonymous9:03 AM

      Also too: I say this not to claim any sort of victimization, but to point out the power the media has to try to destroy someone's career, reputation and spirit, by employing its common double standards.

    2. Anonymous9:07 AM

      Thanks mommy. You have always been our Mama Grizzly

    3. Anonymous10:00 AM

      Fitzgerald says Track, who served with the U.S. Army in Iraq for one year from 2008

      He is a combat vet like Sarah said. He made Sergeant, that is impressive for such a young man.

      Anchorage District Attorney Clint Campion, a military veteran who oversees the local veterans court, told the newspaper that Palin received no special treatment.

      He clearly earned and deserved to be in a veteran's court.

      According to this article there is nothing about an assault weapon or the girl being so terrorized she hide under the bed. Being a terrorist would not be a crime or worth mentioning. How long did that fear and terror go on for her?

      She was drunk and in a possible black out. The police also blacked out since they did not take him where he would be on suicide watch for 3 days.

      No mention that they are a happy couple now and with a new baby.

      Has the baby arrived?

      Sarah has hinted at a wedding plan. She is not saying that the baby is born or about the bogus baby gift register that says the boy is due Oct 7.

    4. Anonymous10:11 AM

      Her career? Didn't she give that up for fame, fortune and Hollywood? Unfortunately (for her), most of saw her for what she is, untalented, racist, grifting and lazy. Her uneducated family of grifters also, too.

  8. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Maybe LOUIE (thread below) was talking about Palin!

  9. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Did Sara Shoot Somebody this week??????????

    1. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Whether Sarah shoots them dead or just stones them with her rocks, no one will ever know. Those things are always top secret. Wasilla, a baby. Alaska, baby.

  10. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Gee Missy, I find it odd that the communist independent party and boring bundy boris rump kisser has trouble CONvincing the American people that they have the healthiest smartiest bestiest actor on the planet to represent America.

  11. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Humpty Dumpty sat on his wall humpty dumpty had a great fall. All the dopes were roped as they followed old humpty when the wall came down. Trojen trump and the Bamboozled all fell down.

  12. Anonymous9:24 AM

    aaaaaaaa one ringy dingy aaaaa ring ding dong...hello? trump? It is time for your briefin. Trump? here is the threats to America. you....and your rump kissers. Click.

  13. Sharon9:24 AM

    This is really rich....if anyone has a reason to bitch its Clinton. She has been a target for 30 years, the same lies over and over and over until now its all fact. The emperor has new clothes is classic....esp with the ignorant left.

  14. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Gee? I thought missy and sari were into real estate and extortion. Acting is never good in court. Better to tell the truth girls.

    1. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Yes girls where is the old old man? Kenai?

  15. Anonymous9:31 AM

    She was wrongly blamed by a psychopaths actions. A psychopath who had shown an obsession with gabby for like 4 years.

    1. Anonymous9:52 AM

      LOL! Keep trying to convince yourself of that. Sarah doesn't believe in coincidences. She posted the SarahPAC map with the target on Gabby, Gabby gets shot. Put two and two together and you have Sarah Palin, instigator of violence, which resulted in Gabby's career ending injuries, but the loss of life of an innocent little girl and other upstanding public servants. Sarah may as well have pulled that gun on them herself, because she was ABSOLUTELY advocating 'taking out' the Dems on that map. She can rant all she wants, she is an accomplice to a violent and deadly act. And NO ONE is buying her Blood Libel crap, they never did, and after that video she lost her Fox gig and was forever mocked for playing victim when people actually died due to her direct influence. She is lower than pond scum.

    2. Lindsay9:57 AM

      That's debatable--I never blamed her directly I just thought the map was tasteless. But even if true why harbor a grudge for FIVE YEARS and why suddenly again start whining and being a victim again five years later????

    3. Anonymous10:19 AM

      >>>why harbor a grudge for FIVE YEARS and why suddenly again start whining and being a victim again five years later????<<<

      She can't help herself.

      She's fallen and she can't get up!

    4. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Lets not forget Gabby actually addressed the graphic prior to being shot. She said words and this type of graphic have consequences. Sarah still didn't take the graphic down.
      In fact she left it up after the shooting until she realized a lot of people held her responsible for stirring up this crazy and plenty of others. She's called for blood from the second she slimed onto the national stage.

    5. Anonymous10:30 AM

      Wouldn't you just love to know WHY? Perhaps Team dRumpf told her once again that there's no place for her? Someone/something set her off. No one puts "baby" in the corner.

    6. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Tundra Twatwaffle is a disgusting, useless piece of shit and waste of skin. Enough said.

    7. Anonymous11:31 AM

      10:19 AM McCain brought back the pesty annoyance.

      Sarah wants to have a spectacular 911 day that everyone of her admirers can praise. It is good to remind them she is a victim, too, and she never made a wrong call with those rifle sites, like when she kills things.

      She will be great at 911, along with the fabulous charitable giver, Donald Trump. He will be praising firemen, first responders, waving flags and uniting so he can fix everything.

      Sarah wants to have a clean slate and join him, he can always give her a TV show if he decides not to be president.

      Track has been saved and successfully treated. He can go back to his work. Wearing tee shirts with his messages and posing with kids as such a great father.

      Track is her 911 darling and she may want to give him some of her journalistic praise. Bristol is set up and doing great as a wife with a Medal of Honor, what's his name? Oscar Mayer? ISIS hears his name and they run.

      Those damn bad guys that targeted the towers. Can't they blame the secret Muslim president? When there is a will there is a way. It worked so well for Trump when he knew where the president was born and not born. He just had to prove it and admit what he found.

      9 Sept 2016

    8. Anonymous1:48 PM


      Sarah knows why all the gun images. She knows what the intentions are. She also knows the API, militia types, there are those crazier than Alex Jones. Sarah would make sense to that type. Who do you think will talk to her? There are those that have to take the country back if it means killing their enemies. There are people that are ready for it to start.

      She just has to pretend she is more like the not dangerously insane Republicans.

      I doubt she has a conscious. What she blames the media for doing to her has come back to cause her butt hurt. She felt she needed to do a 2016 version of blame to justify her screw up.

      She is not going to mention 9-year old Christina-Taylor Green. No Christina was not the target. When you suggest solving the problems as Sarah did, some nut picks up on the energy and uses a deadly weapon. Collateral damage is what anyone that suggests killing with guns is also responsible for.

      Now that McCain is following in Palin operational procedures she may feel vindicated in what she did. She will never have anything effective or deep to say about any of this.

      If she would feel responsible for Gabby, she would be responsible for the death of the 9-year old and be able to talk about collateral damage. That will never happen and she will never apologize in any way.

      I think she is only bringing up this latest bull for what she is told about how this will never go away and it makes her look bad. May be she wants Trump TV or for Fox to hire her. She is told this has cursed her. She could think she is fixing things for herself and doors will open now. She is not doing this for the right reasons. It is all about Sarah and how she thinks she can save herself or her brand name.

    9. Anonymous1:56 PM

      Sorry, $arsh, but now you should have figured out that those doors are closed. Not for your political ideology, sweet cheeks, but the fact that you're a moron.

    10. Anonymous2:21 PM


      Responding to Palin's rhetoric last year, Giffords herself told MSNBC's The Daily Rundown, that "the rhetoric is incredibly heated."

      Giffords - who is a gun owner and supporter of gun rights - went on to say: "The way that she has it depicted has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district, when people do that, they have got to realize there are consequences to that," she added.

      Mansour. She also said that "it seems that he people that knew him said that he was left-wing and very liberal -- but that is not to say that I am blaming the left."

      Around the time of the Palin post, Giffords's district office was vandalized with a window being shot out. CBS News's Jill Jackson reported at the time that staffers were "kind of shaken up" after receiving numerous threats including "nasty language, foul language."

      In August of 2009, someone dropped a handgun at a Giffords town hall meeting, prompting calls to police from Giffords' staff. A spokesman said then that "We have never felt the need before to notify law enforcement when we hold these events."

      Asked by the New York Post in the wake of the shooting if Giffords had any enemies, her father responded, "Yeah. The whole Tea Party."

  16. Anonymous9:32 AM

    How low can she go? Low baby low. How hilarious. The poor sick woman has no pride. Sad!

    1. Anonymous10:24 PM

      Dumb bitch is going to API when I get done with her! Hey Sarah! Run bitch run!

  17. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Anonymous 9:09 AM

    Did Sara Shoot Somebody this week??????????


    Or last week?

    Has anybody seen:

    Or the Class of 2005 to 2009

    1. Anonymous9:46 AM

      Has anybody seen Glenn Rice?

    2. Anonymous10:14 AM

      What about Bristles missing babies? What happened to the DWTS child?

    3. Anonymous10:39 AM

      or an old old man she extorts from for how long now Sarah?

    4. Anonymous4:47 PM

      Yeah, we saw him come out with a grin from a dorm room thinking I will sink you bitch!

  18. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Sarah Palin proves

    Any news is good news.
    Any press is good press.

    Sarah Palin has to make her own news about herself since her 15 minutes were up years ago

    1. Anonymous1:07 PM

      She should go back to sports casting. She can do the Olympics over and over until the next one.

  19. Anonymous9:46 AM

    People always warn against Drunk Dialing, but I think that Palin was Drunk Posting. She was reviewing some of the highlights of her career and hit the button for an old post. Or, Sarah just can't let anything go and someone must owe her a big apology.

    1. Anonymous10:40 AM

      for what being an asshole? really? hahaha

  20. Anonymous9:46 AM

    There was a time in life where everybody thought this woman was a vulgar unrefined no talent foul mouth white trash smelly woman.

    Surprise, this time I'm not talking about Sarah Palin.

    If you watch this video I think you will be interested in what she has to say.

    Maybe if this woman ran as a third party candidate she would probably be elected 2016 POTUS.

    She has matured, looks elegant and has toned down her rhetoric and vulgarity and if elected president you would love to hear her curse words in her speeches and how she would deal with Congress, Russia, China, North Korea and the Trumps (the legals and illegals)

    Who would vote for her?

    Blacks, Whites, Mexicans, Jews, the poor, middle class, vets, homeless, college students, Gays, straights, bisexuals, young and old.

    1. Anonymous10:10 AM

      Didn't she already run?

    2. Anonymous3:34 PM

      Didn't she already run?

      Ran all the way way home in 2009!

      Dead salmon and lame ducks!

  21. Anonymous9:48 AM

    For someone who supposedly lives her life vibrantly old Sarah sure spends a lot of time living in the past, the negative, and being perpetually butt hurt.

  22. Anonymous9:59 AM


  23. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Stfu sarah. You are still a loser. Even in 2016 as in 2007, 2008,...
    You are still stupid too. Never wised up, never will.
    You were partly responsible for getting Giffords shot and now disabled, you are still a pos. I just wish the mirror would happen and you can live through what Giffords does since the shooting.

  24. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Oh boo hoo. Stfu. You brought it upon yourself b/c you wanted to be in the lime light. You are so back in time old hag.

    1. Anonymous12:03 PM

      Lord knows that Hollywood gave them their chance and then some. Didn't sell to the public then; stink factor beyond expiration date now.

  25. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Due to the hate palin tried to drum up during Mcassholes campaign, then afterwards,palin was asked to take the sites down. She refused knowing full well we knew what they represented. Then,she cries Foul when people died and she's called on it. Sarah,you're Such a cunt.

    1. Anonymous10:54 AM

      As I recall at the very first Sarah's map with rifle scope cross hairs WAS taken down while Mansour was proclaiming it was surveyor symbols. Then they put it back up.

    2. Anonymous11:03 AM

      Sara the

  26. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Sarah Palin Is The Victim

    If it's never our fault,
    we can't take responsibility for it.

    If we can't take responsibility for it.
    We'll always be the victim.

    -Richard Bach

  27. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Would I ever love to chop that finger off with a newly sharpened ax. Who the double hockeys does she think she is?

  28. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Trump is a threat multiplier. He is a conscienceless marketer, ready to steal language to appeal to different groups of people: one example is Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sander’s word “rigged.” He steals language without intending to deliver, just to persuade and incite.

    He is digging deep to create hostility. He encourages his fans to blame the less fortunate and those who are different. He suggests that all our problems can be solved with simple violent solutions, and questioned why we couldn’t nuke those he regards as our enemies. He admires dictators, even Kim Jong Un, Saddam Hussein, and most definitely Putin. He had Roy Cohn, Joe McCarthy’s evil genius, as an adviser. He’s taken on Roger Ailes and others who demean and exploit women.

    1. Anonymous10:57 AM

      Matt Lauer’s Pathetic Interview of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Is the Scariest Thing I’ve Seen in This Campaign

      ...Lauer’s attempt to press Trump was the completely ineffectual technique of asking repeatedly if he is ready to serve as commander-in-chief. Lauer probably believes the answer is no, but nothing about this question would drive home Trump’s extraordinary lack of knowledge. Instead it allowed him to performatively demonstrate his confident, alpha-male reality-show character as a prospective chief executive.

  29. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Today when I read Sarah Palin's post, I thought today was the anniversary day of the Tucson Shooting and Sarah Palin was going to apologize for her part in the Tucson Shooting if her Target Cross hairs instigated the shooting. So I looked up the Tucson Shooting and to my surprise it wasn't today. Sarah Palin just wants to be the victim as usual, stir up shit and stick her fingers into the broken hearts of the relatives of the true victims.

  30. Anonymous10:22 AM

    They weren't targets, they were rifle scope crosshairs.

  31. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Why are some of Donald Trump’s worst tweets sent on Jewish holidays?

    1. Anonymous10:58 AM

  32. Anonymous10:25 AM

    @10:10 I could be wrong, because the @9:46 post mentions Roseanne running in the year 2016 they are talking about her running against Trump and Clinton in the 2016.

  33. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Poor, poor pitiful palin. Just loves to marinate in her perceived pathos. Mrs P, the 'lamestream' media didn't beat you up and take all your expected glory. You did the beat-up by coming to the table with no qualifications and a hard-on for McCain's opponent. A man you thought the two of you would easily take down because he was a black man and in your, and John boy's, mind the American public would never go for electing a black man as president of the 'white' nation you hold so dearly. But surprise, surprise, this handsome accomplished black man was a constitutional professor, a graduate of Columbia and Harvard. A man who had served two terms as a State Senator and then a term as U.S. Senator from IL.

    How could his meager accomplishments over shadow a local council member who had become mayor of a town of 4,500 you thought???? A woman who managed to become guv on a three way split vote? A woman who attended six, count em, six colleges when Obama only had a 'couple' on his resume. Even a near miss at earning a 'journalism' degree counts for more than a rill bachelors degree that led to a juris doctorate. Right, $carah?

    It's become quite apparent the 'lamestream' media didn't take you down, it was your own lame ideas and behavior. Once you decided to go on the attack against the President with your lies and distortions you sunk any chance of making new friends. All it did was illustrate how feeble your qualifications for any public office were. You offended enough people who got sick and tired of your constant unfounded attacks that they began to fire back at your attempts to foment hatred and division and call you out for your BS.

    So here you are today still trying to relitigate old arguments in an attempt to reestablish your prized state of victim-hood. Go home, lady. Spend some quality time with your growing family, read some books, do some actual work for a real charity, get anger management therapy. Whatever, just go away with your pitiful behavior over your dashed dreams of political importance.

    1. Anonymous10:34 AM

      St. Sarah, patron saint of all victims.
      Walk a mile in a black person's shoes you whiny little bitch.

  34. Anonymous10:28 AM

    The above CNN picture is showing target crosshairs on Sarah Palin's face and Sarah is correct in bringing up the media double standards.

    1. Anonymous10:36 AM

      I concur whole heartedly.

    2. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Hardball uses those large photos, too, with a type of narrow windowpane superinposed on top. If Sarah wants to try it, photoshop makes it easy. IE the way to put together large images. If CNN hadn't used that method to deal with large images, palin would scream bloody murder that her images were smaller than others.

    3. Anonymous10:53 AM

      Sure Sarah yank that well worn shroud of victim hood out of your closet.

    4. Anonymous10:54 AM

      "correct" ?

      She is using the same old excuse and her wimpy blame game. Sure the media can be full of it and the old double standard. That is not always the case.

      Palin is stupid and can't come up with a better excuse.

      She doesn't want anyone to look at her mistakes, flaws, crimes and dumbness so she is like a robot.

      Look at the other guy, look at the media bs.


      Sarah is wrong, which is who she is.

      You would have to be honest and watch CNN to know the truth. That will never happen with the despicable lying fools that have sold their souls so cheap.

      " When they need to make an image larger they expand it over more than one screen which provides an image "

      It is not rocket science. You would need to open your eyes.

    5. Anonymous10:55 AM

      BULLSHIT. Those are not crosshairs at all, those are different screens. You are so full of shit and we aren't buying it.

    6. Anonymous11:02 AM

      10:28, get your fucking eyes checked.

    7. Anonymous11:08 AM

      Since when are target crosshairs contained in squares?

    8. Anonymous1:41 PM

      10:28 Crosshairs are contained within a circle you dope. Obviously you'll believe any conspiracy theory Sarah puts out there for victim hood. You & her both need to pull up your big girl panties and get a new eyeglass subscription. Geeze you're both desperate. Get this through your head - Palin will NEVER be president or in anyone's cabinet or head of any government department ever again.

    9. Anonymous10:28 PM

      she's a victim of her own domestic terrorism and now that no one can wiggle out of what is to come down the pike soon?
      oh she's gonna shit and piss galore indeed!

  35. Anonymous10:32 AM

    10:28, are you as retarded as sarah? Waddle back to britefart or wherever you came from you imbecile.

    1. Anonymous10:56 AM

      I think 1028/1036 is the same person talking to themselves! shrug...

  36. Anonymous10:34 AM

    WATCH: Barbra Streisand Re-Writes Song For HILARIOUSLY Epic Lampooning Of Donald Trump

  37. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Typical coward, Sarah, didn't have the cojones to write Gabby Giffords' name in her post.

    Target icons?, please! The only phrases that would come out of Sarah's maw at the time were "it's Obama's fault" and "don't retreat...reload!"

    Seeing this haggard, two-bit con artist begging for attention on social media warms my cold black heart!

    1. Anonymous12:05 PM

      Agree totally 10:37. What a disgusting piece of shit Palin is to refer to Gabrielle Giffirds as "a representative from Arizona". She has a name. It's Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Palin did a graphic putting a target over Giffords face and Giffords was shot in the head and suffers irreversible brain damage.
      Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Say her name Palin, you cowardly low-life. I am not in the media and I know damn well what you did. Say her name you demented sick bitch: Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

    2. Anonymous1:00 PM

      She was so very compassionate when she talked about the collateral damage and the dead 9 year old.

    3. abbafan1:31 PM

      Anon @ 12:05 P.M. - Fuckin' A Bubba; best comment EVER!!! palin IS a fuckin' demented sick bitch!! I always believed not to speak ill of others; however, she and her dysfunctional, lazy, slacker couch-slugs ARE the exception!

  38. Anonymous10:40 AM

    accusing CNN of using a "target" icon.

    That's a stretch. Don't I remember Becky in a painful excuse how the now "targets" were surveyor symbols? Why the sudden change. Sarah?

  39. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Gabby Gifford, Curtis Menard Jr and Dar Miller all have something in common with Sarah. Why is that Sarah?

    1. Anonymous11:30 AM

      Next will be Dakota Meyer: death by hunting "accident". In 2 years.

    2. Anonymous12:56 PM

      He'll die by natural causes. Choking on boxes of Mac'nCheese.

    3. Anonymous2:01 PM


      Or hamburger helper, because you just know they eat that shit.

  40. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Sarah has to live with what she has done!

    It's maddening for her!

    That is why you don't do evil Sarah!

    1. Anonymous11:39 AM

      But...but...but....GOD. I can do anything by day as long as I pray at night. -- $arah

    2. Anonymous12:52 PM

      in your imaginary mind 1139 but here on earth you go to court for crimes you did!

    3. Anonymous1:07 PM

      Everyone but the Palins, 12:52PM!

  41. Anonymous10:44 AM

    1953>"Murdoch was awed by the Express and by Beaverbrook—he called the paper “the Beaverbrook brothel.” In one sense this was literally true. One of His Lordship’s sports was to arrange for attractive young women to join him in the bedroom of his villa on the French Riviera wearing only a fur coat that was to be slowly and elegantly shed. At least one of these paramours was on the paper’s staff."“You’ll never be a millionaire working for me,” Beaverbrook told promising journalists, “but you’ll live like one. One of the most creative skills encouraged in the newsroom was the composition of expense accounts; foreign correspondents elevated already generous allowances with limitless extras for “entertaining contacts.”
    "A darker side to Beaverbrook was his vindictiveness toward those whom he thought had crossed him. "
    Beaverbrook himself fed tips from his ring of highly-placed political sources. He also relished scandalous gossip and the paper, restricted by Britain’s aggressive libel laws, became adept at innuendo that only its savvier readers could decode.He grasped what others had not: news could be monetized as a universal mass commodity. To do that required a far looser boundary between news and entertainment. And, at another stage in its evolution, news needed to be aggressively non-elitist, to appeal on a more primal level to base instincts—to play on fear, prejudice and grievances. "Fox News—a tabloid on steroids. Roger Ailes isn’t a journalist by any of the classic definitions of journalism but he has presided over and shaped the absolute and final expression of where journalism has been driven to by Murdoch. Ailes, the most gifted black ops schemer in modern politics, was able through Fox News to take those skills and use them to build a multi-billion dollar business based on the debasement of news."
    Murdoch, Ailes and Trump have all argued that their narratives are directed at people not previously acknowledged to have existed by “mainstream” media. They provide, they believe, a countervailing force to elitism and political correctness, the only messengers who really understand the legitimacy of aggrieved nativism.have carefully seeded their narratives with a whole set of toxins: anti-intellectualism, anti-science, hostility to “the other”—and, most poisonously, a contempt for truth. It’s not that they believe in cultivating an audience of know-nothings, it’s that they have discovered how to dictate to that audience what should be known and what should not be known—an alternative “truth” system.gullibility is more decisive than knowledge."

  42. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Talk about a desperate cry for attention. What's she going to be pissed off about next month? Katie Couric asking "What do you read?". Most likely.

  43. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Sarah and her fan club used to be a little bit powerful in their day. Remember after the shooting a t-shirt was being sold on the internet that had Sarah's face and a cross hair on it. The caption was "Relax. It's only a surveyor's symbol."

    They cried and screamed and probably made death threats until that t-shirt company took it down. Because you know, Sarah is ALWAYS the victim.

  44. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Sarah wasn't in office yet when she had the chance to change time and history! With stars in her eyes she opted to miss that opportunity and went onto the stage! Now all burn out and beat up she is whining? You have got to be kidding me Sarah!

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Yep, she blew it big time. Had the world in her hand there for a bit, then everybody realized she's got rocks for brains and a mean, monumentally bigoted streak that makes everything else about her irrelevant. Plus she lies like breathing. So it all went poof, Sarah, the opportunity of a lifetime slipped away like sand through your bony fingers.

  45. Anonymous10:51 AM

    The Good, Bad and Ugly

    Let's see,

    Whooo isss Hillary, Donald and Sarah?

  46. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Is Hillary Clinton Right About Trump Supporters? This Is What The Polling Data Says

    She has an opinion. These are the facts.

    ...But whether Clinton is correct is a factual matter. Let’s look at the polling data.

    A survey taken this May found that about two-thirds of Trump supporters believe Obama is a Muslim.

    The same poll found 59 percent of Trump supporters believe Obama was not born in the United States.

    These views are incorrect but are also racist and xenophobic. They are rooted in the idea that a black man with an atypical name could not be a U.S.-born Christian but must be a secret Muslim born in Africa.

    So when Hillary Clinton says half of Trump supporters hold bigoted views, she may be understating the issue.

    Survey data shows that significant chunks of Trump supporters hold even more extreme beliefs.

    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      BRAVO for the TRUTH!

    2. Anonymous11:48 AM

      Visit the pee pond sometime. OMG.
      And they're proud of it.

  47. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Washington Post Laments Clinton Email Coverage, Leaves Its Own Errors Uncorrected

  48. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Eyyyeeesss Healed!

    “I do not think I am God. I believe in God. If God ever wanted an apartment in Trump Tower, I would immediately offer my best luxury suite at a very special price,”
    -Donald Trump
    Huffington Post

    1. Anonymous11:29 AM

      If Jesus showed up outside Trump Towers, he would be promptly escorted fifty blocks away and dropped off in Harlem. I mean really..long hair, a dress, sandals, no cash, no credit cards, brown skin....moochers not welcome!

    2. Anonymous11:56 AM

      Aw c'mon, everyone know that Jesus was blonde-haired and blue-eyed. Right, $arah?

  49. Anonymous11:12 AM

    What do you mean I'm fired, get the eff out of here?

    “I believe God is everywhere and in all of us, and I want every decision I make to reflect well on me when it’s time to go to the big boardroom in the sky. When I get permanently fired by the ultimate boss, I want the elevator to go up, not down.”
    -Donald Trump
    Huffington Post

    1. Anonymous11:28 AM

      OMG. That is not God in you, Donnie. God wants nothing to do with your hate and cheating and lying and conning. And dear Don, your elevator will to go UP.

  50. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Is Sarah still all wee wee'd up about July 3, 2009?

    Will she have a rant about that soon?

  51. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Aw shucks, she just wants some attention or her meds need to be adjusted.

  52. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Oh please, the Retard of Wasilla did not write this post. She just puts her name on the bottom.

    1. Anonymous12:43 PM

      I kinda think she did write it. It's nasty, cowardly, ungrammatical, dishonest, embarrassing, stupid - oh yeah she wrote it herself all right.

    2. Anonymous1:40 PM

      Angry and unhinged?

      You Betcha! That rilly is our Lou Sarah!

    3. Anonymous1:51 PM

      It's Sarah. And she's having a real episode of regret and misery. Poor poor Sarah. I hope the next thing I hear is that you were committed Britney Spears style, like, on a gurney. And that no one comes to your side.

  53. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Another new word for Sarah Palin - epitome! It must have popped up today on her Word-A-Day calendar.

  54. Anonymous11:49 AM

    I was assuming that she was trying to sell her stupid show and it wasn't working, so someone told her it was because of this, instead of telling her the truth, which is that she's stupid and everyone hates her.

    1. Anonymous12:50 PM

      The enablers, all of them, use the media did it meme. It is automatic. Certainly she has to remind her like minded supporters how she had good intentions and she again was a victim.

      If she is still around in 5-10 years, it will be the same. We can count on it. She doesn't change much.

  55. Anonymous12:05 PM

    "Look at me! Look at ME!! LOOK AT MEEEEE!!!"

  56. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Now that no one is interested in her and she's twiddling her fingers at home, it's starting to hit her. But instead of being aghast at what came out of her mouth she is not accepting any blame for her run of the mouth. If Donald wins this election and years down the line after the government sanction of minorities people will look back and if Donald doesn't blow his head off like Hitler did, he will not accept blame. These people do not know how to work with people to resolve problems. They just know how to blame and destroy. It's a mental illness you see more and more. How we got here? Don't know. Just know that we are here, and if we don't all get our poop together, it's all gonna hit the fan. Then we'll be shit out of luck.

  57. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Dakota Meyer Responds to ISIS Warning

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a warning to U.S. military members about ISIS using social media to target them for attacks.

    Bristol, Trigg, Sailor and Sarah are all well protected. They have Track. He can have all the assault weapons he wants.

    Track and Dakota are free to carry concealed.

    1. Anonymous10:40 PM

      I can tell ISIS where you live Dakotex!
      No not a problem! Your welcome!

  58. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Somebody, please notice Sarah.

    She is becoming very tiresome.

    She gets one dollar per click on her hate site.

    You know how hard it is to put food on your family.

    1. Anonymous3:47 PM

      If the Palins are so broke financially, then what about the nearly million dollar lot they Safari Invested in last August 2015?

    2. Anonymous11:35 PM

      with WHOSE money is the REAL audit question!

  59. Anonymous1:23 PM

    In her pea brained head, it isn't about the victims or the killer. It's all about Sarah Palin! What a POS!

  60. Enjay in MT1:25 PM

    Bit off-topic, wondering if Palin is going to be signing up for the Fox sexual harassment suit since she's scraping the bottom of barrel financially. It couldn't have been her poor network ratings and word salad analysis that caused her non-contract renewal, could it?

    1. Anonymous2:43 PM

      Can't because it didn't happen as much as she would have liked it to. "Boys Will Be Boys."

  61. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Well, at least she's moved on from surveyor's marks to target.

    Of course, we all know they are GUN SIGHTS.

    And yeah, blame where blame is due.

    Just because he's a nutcase doesn't mean he wasn't influenced or motivated by Sarah "reload" Palin.

  62. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Hey, Sarah, keep your back straight so they can't screw you, not that they want to, mind you. Anything to remain relevant. Where's your apology and "hold her up in your prayers" for Christina Taylor Green? She lost her liberties and life, but to you kids are just collateral damage, I suppose.
    Too bad Sarah quit too soon or she'd get a settlement from Roger too.

  63. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Sarah, just stop making excuses about your own behavior; stop blaming others and the media. Just own up to the fact you defied those on the receiving end of your map and even when they showed concern for their lives, you upped the ante and dug your heels in. Admit you were wrong. Admit to the parents of the little girl who was gunned down that the angry rhetoric is what incites the crazies to go act out and kill.

    Confess it, Sarah. Then, you won't have to keep harping on it, you'll know you are forgiven by the One who is in charge.

    1. Anonymous11:07 PM

      Sarah always wants to have to last word. She's obsessed with it.

  64. Randall6:42 PM

    Wow - the desperation to seem relevant wafts off of Palin like stink steaming out of a sewer grate.

  65. Anonymous6:43 PM

    This woman has made a career out of being a 'victim of the media'
    Yawn, bore me Sarah, it's old


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