Friday, September 23, 2016

Six year old boy writes to President Obama to ask if his family can adopt the Syrian boy from a photo that went viral.

Courtesy of TPM:

A 6-year-old boy from New York is inspiring a lot happy tears this week after he wrote a heartwarming letter to President Barack Obama, asking him to bring a Syrian boy to his house so that boy could become a part of his family. 

The letter writer, Alex, was referring specifically about Omran Daqneesh, the Syrian boy whose image went viral last month after he was pulled out from rubble in the city of Aleppo following an air strike.

Here is the boy's letter:

Dear President Obama, 

Remember the boy who was picked up by the ambulance in Syria? Can you please go get him and bring him to [my home]? Park in the driveway or on the street and we will be waiting for you guys with flags, flowers, and balloons. We will give him a family and he will be our brother. Catherine, my little sister, will be collecting butterflies and fireflies for him. In my school, I have a friend from Syria, Omar, and I will introduce him to Omar. We can all play together. We can invite him to birthday parties and he will teach us another language. We can teach him English too, just like my friend Aoto from Japan. 

Please tell him that his brother will be Alex who is a very kind boy, just like him. Since he won't bring toys and doesn't have toys Catherine will share her big blue stripy white bunny. And I will share my bike and I will teach him how to ride it. I will teach him additions and subtractions in math. And he [can] smell Catherine's lip gloss penguin which is green. She doesn't let anyone touch it. 

Thank you very much! I can't wait for you to come! Alex 6 years old

Yeah I am going to have to go remove something from my eye. Damn thing won't stop watering.


  1. Anonymous4:44 AM

    And compare that with the Dictator in Waiting's son, who called Syrian immigrants killers.
    What a sweet young man.

  2. Anonymous4:44 AM

    The lip gloss penguin. I'm impressed.

    Alex's parents have created a wonderful loving home- I hope some little boy or girl gets the chance to share it.

  3. Anonymous4:47 AM

    I, too, had to wipe my eye, even though I've already seen this on many sites. I also have been very startled by the cynical response by a number of so-called Christian folk, who's reaction is to dis our President, and to point out that older Syrians are all dangerous. I actually have written to a Christian news-site to ask them why their readers are so negative about this Letter to the President. I await answers.
    Meanwhile, bless Alex and his family for their generous love and grace. And I'm an atheist.

    1. Anonymous6:59 AM

      I have a whole floor of my house that I'd gladly give to a Syrian family and I'd be happy to support them. And if this world was a halfway decent place I could do just that.

      Those Syrian people are the bravest people I know. For years I have watched them trying to get their country back from the evil dictatorship of the Assad family and their corrupt army. And now they're up against the evil Putin and the evil ISIS as well!

  4. This is what we need.

  5. Sweet letter! (Suspiciously amazing spelling and punctuation for a six-year old, though. Suspect heavy parental assistance.)

  6. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Well, not trying to be overly pessimistic, but how many six-year-olds can string words together that well or even spell "ambulance"? I suspect publicity-seeking parental guidance behind the child's letter.

    That aside, I strongly agree with the thought of aiding the small Syrian boy. If I had the funds I would personally pay all his expenses to come to this country provided a good permanent family could be found for him. That picture, and the video from which it came, is truly heartbreaking.

    1. I remember asking grown ups how to spell words when I was uncertain. My guess is that he had a parent sitting close by in an editorial capacity because they believed in their own child's good will.

    2. Anonymous9:53 AM

      If he's six then he most certainly has a device at his disposal, either an iPad or his or his family's home computer, with spell check.

  7. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Did you see Michelle Obama impersonate POTUS? Hilarious!

  8. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Role Models

  9. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Barack Obama and Doris Kearns Goodwin: The Ultimate Exit Interview

    As his two-term presidency draws to a close, Barack Obama is looking back—at the legacies of his predecessors, as well as his own—and forward, to the freedom of life after the White House. In a wide-ranging conversation with one of the nation’s foremost presidential historians, he talks about his ambitions, frustrations, and the decisions that still haunt him.

  10. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Girls too!

  11. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Humans are not born fearful, suspicious, bigoted, racist, misogynist or mean. They are taught such things by their parental units.

    Listen again to the song "Teach your Children" - if only the parents were willing to learn from the children.

  12. Anonymous8:31 AM

  13. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Hmmm... call me skeptical but I seriously doubt this was written by a little boy. No way!

    1. me too... looks like a publicity stunt, but the sentiment is one that many should take to heart... I know, preaching to the choir...

  14. Anita Winecooler4:56 PM

    Kids are amazing, and seeing the world through their eyes is pure wonder. I've always said Art Linkletter had my dream job.
    His parents must be so proud.


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