Friday, September 09, 2016

Somehow I think feminists will get over it.

Here is the column that this tweet refers to.

Get a load of this:

If you look for a reason to hate men, chances are you’re going to find it. 

The truth is, I don’t blame women, (especially in my generation) for hating men. They’ve been told there’s a wage gap (I disagree). That there’s a culture of rape on college campuses (I also disagree). And the patriarchy is keeping them oppressed in almost every facet of their lives (I really, really disagree.)

So first this guy refutes any evidence which supports a woman's feelings about gender inequality, and then demonstrates his ignorance about women, relationships. and even love.

People who are more loyal to their gender and not their significant other don’t make good partners. They will always look at you as inherently more fortunate than them. They’ve bought into the “battle of the sexes” mentality and it often pervades their perceptions of romance. Romance turns into a power struggle rather than a partnership.

I don't even know what it means to be more loyal to ones gender than to their loved one.

That sounds like a made up circumstance from a guy who does not get a lot of female attention.

I don't believe romance is often a power struggle, though relationships certainly  can be.

And that can happen in ALL relationships, not just those involving members of the opposite sex.

It’s a shame, really, that this divide is widening between the sexes. It’s evident that gender politics is hurting our culture. More marriages are failing and women are reporting that they’re unhappier now than ever. Perhaps in several decades this won’t be the case. 

Maybe one day, men and women will stop trying to eliminate the lines between us and realize it’s the differences between the sexes that make romance, family and love an enjoyable experience.

"Gender politics?" Is that even a thing?

If you are getting the feeling that this guy might be a woman hating conservative, his Twitter feed will do little to dissuade you.

He seems to have a real issue with women and liberalism in general. Go figure.

(And yes he supports Donald Trump.)

Personally I have never heard of the guy, but this article is blowing up all over the interwebs.

So here let me offer my two cents.

I grew up during the so-called "sexual revolution" and I was often confused by the changing perceptions of what it was to be masculine or feminine.

Should men be more like John Wayne or Alan Alda. Should women be more like June Cleaver or Mary Tyler Moore?

My mother was a very strong woman, who dealt with misogyny all of the time on her job as a waitress. In response I grew up being more than a little overly sensitive about how men treated women.

So the idea of being dominate in a relationship with a girl was not something I with which I was terribly comfortable. I just did not feel the need.

So as it turned out my first real relationship (In other words one that lasted longer than the weekend or the double feature at the Fireweed Theater) was with a self identified feminist.

She was a bad ass. 

Not only was she my intellectual equal, she was not even remotely intimidated by me and could easily hold her own in a conversation about politics, philosophy, or religion.

I loved it.

In fact all of my relationships since have been with strong independent women.

If that is what it is to be a feminist then I probably would ONLY date somebody who was a feminist, even if they did not identify themselves with that title.

After all what kind of a man really wants to be with a woman who acts helpless and needy simply to feed their ego?

As for gender roles, they are becoming more fluid all of the time. And while that might seem confusing to some of us old fogeys the younger generation is adapting quite readily.

So if this smoldering mound of man meat is uncomfortable with strong independent women that says more about his own insecurities and shortcomings and nothing about the state of "gender politics."

Whatever in the hell that is.


  1. Anonymous4:33 AM

    I'll bet he's a racist too.

  2. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Gryphen - Is there a reason why the links under Blogroll on the left column are all mixed up. Most of the usual sites like Politico, Politicususa, Daily Kos have been replaced with things like "Sleeps til Noon" "Blue Gal" etc. Is this intentional or some kind of glitch?

    1. I just noticed a little "Show all" at the bottom and it expanded out to show all the usual suspects. To collapse you click on "Show 10" so I guess it's just showing the first ten unless you click "Show all".

    2. Anonymous6:53 AM

      You'll also notice that the more recent blogs don't have dates, so they appear at the bottom. I wish Blogger would fix this issue because I've been using this site as my daily blog link (as well as enjoying Gryphen's views on the world).

    3. Anonymous8:46 AM

      @6:53 Agree 100%. I never bothered to link directly to the major sites, since they were all here tied up in a pretty blogroll. It really needs to be fixed.

  3. Anonymous4:43 AM

    What a shame it's too late for Gryphen's post about why he'll never date Phyllis Schafly. :P

    1. Anonymous7:03 AM

      She died on Sept 5th. It was NOT-Not just old white men, THAT 92 Yr old HAG bitch is gone..YEH!

    2. Anonymous5:03 PM

      Well, gender politics is a "thing" but this guy is typical if the types that spend their Valentines Days and NY Eves at the strip club because that's the only place they can get any female attention, at least until the money is gone. Guys like this are really pathetic.

  4. Anonymous4:54 AM

    I've seen pictures of Gryphen's mother. She was a total babe- and probably hit on ten times a day by creeps like the one above, that kidded themselves they had a chance with her.

    The good people are all feminists, whether they're little old ladies or little boys.

    1. Anonymous11:19 AM

      Well she managed to get knocked up at age 14. And Gryphen complains about his ex-wife and "custody struggles". He sure discusses "philosophy" a lot on this blog - not!

    2. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Why shouldn't Gryphen complain about his ex-wife dragging him through the courts from one side of the country to the other? It's not like he can just pose with some product or person to get money to pay for lawyers like Dumbkota Meyer did when Bristol Palin did the same to him.

  5. Anonymous4:55 AM

    That guy. Really, the doughy pasty looking ones are the worst. Insufferable crybabies...

  6. He left out the most important reason why he'll never date a feminist; he'll never be asked to.

  7. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Gryphen, now is an excellent time for a post featuring this documentary- Miss Representation- which I saw on Netflix:


  8. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Gee, I bet if Bristol weren't so happily married, she'd be all over this one.

    1. Anonymous6:42 AM

      You win the internets today! How I wish there were "like" buttons for such comments!! Nearly sprayed the keyboard with my last morning coffee on this! Thanks!!

  9. SallyinMI5:44 AM

    Gender politics is a dog whistle to the Trump legion--'anyone voting for Hillary is only voting for her because she's a woman.' Look at how Trump talks about her: weak, sick, bad judgement, no decision making skills, not a good negotiator, angry...those are all words that frightened men in power use to describe a powerful woman. They can't fault her intelligence, but they can sure as heck fault her 'personality, her fitness, her mind."
    Were he even a month younger than she, he'd be all over her age as well, which we are hearing from the TV talkers anyway. Funny how Donnie isn't 'too old,' but Hillary might be. Women are often more vital in their 60's and 70's than they were in their 50's. I know a gal who spent four weeks in Thailand last summer working on peace issues-she's 70 and has more energy than the 40 year olds in my church who are working and running after kids.
    So this guy is just another RW white guy who is threatened by women unless they are subservient and eager to do whatever the master demands. Pitiful in 2016.

  10. Anonymous5:44 AM

    He mentions women becoming unhappier. There used to be a credible statistic:
    -- The happiest people were unmarried women.
    -- The unhappiest were unmarried men.
    -- Married folks were in the middle.

    Wonder how that looks today.

  11. Anonymous6:25 AM

    As my Navy Vietnam vet hubby said: "This 'smoldering mound of man meat' couldn't get laid in a whorehouse."
    True dat.

  12. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Within the next 5 years, you can bet we will be seeing this guy's picture in the news after he is arrested for stalking and/or threatening women. When they search his house they will find a huge amount of porn of all sorts but mostly involving abuse of women and young girls.

  13. Anonymous6:56 AM

    My husband and I were both grad students in the 70s. I finished and got hired first. So he took care of the kids. I've always made more money, had a more demanding job (only because it's full time not part time - it's the same work). 45 years later I don't see it as anything unusual- we did what was best for us and our kids. Never even discussed "gender roles", it is what it is.

    1. Anonymous7:46 AM

      Frankly, he sounds like most grad student husbands I've ever met. Always had an excuse to never work as hard as his father or his fathers father. Soft hands.

    2. Anonymous8:14 AM

      Anon 7:46--This is one of the most disrespectful and disgusting posts I have ever read here.

      As the saying goes--who died and left you God??

      Soft brain much?

    3. Anonymous8:34 AM

      Typical snooty 8:14. That is the other thing about grad students. They sit around patting themselves on the back reassuring each other how smart they are, and so much smarter than everyone else. Often over Sunday grad student brunch lol. Most can't even change a spark plug (hell whats a spark plug?).

      I've been around so many grad student groups, it is almost always the same joke.

    4. Anonymous9:25 AM

      Somehow I doubt that 8:34AM actually socializes with anybody, much less graduate students.

    5. Anonymous9:42 AM

      Your probably the butt of the joke among that crowd!

    6. Anonymous10:09 AM

      Hah. Thanks for proving my point 9:25 and 9:42. Self inflated stature supported by nothing but egotistical fluff.

    7. 8:34, that is one of the stupidest and most ignorant comments I've seen in a long time.

      You obviously don't know a damn thing about graduate school or graduate students.

      I'm the coordinator of graduate programs in a hard science in a well-respected midwest STEM university, and your description does not fit any of the grad students in this department, or for that matter, those in other departments at this university.

      You do sound vicious and bitter, though. Maybe you should see someone about that. They will probably have a graduate degree which I hope won't be too big a problem for you.

    8. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Oh god the grand puba Nefer chimed in. As if the head cheerleader can see objectively!

  14. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Why I'll never date a feminist

    By Dave Hon Columnist Updated 11 hrs ago (1527 comments)

  15. Anonymous9:16 AM

    WTF?>" I’m making fun of the mentally impaired and that’s not right,”< THIS little prick dick is MENtal.

  16. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Meet The First Openly Gay Miss America Contestant In History.

  17. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Let's see. If we responded to him the way that MRAs respond to feminists (or basically any woman with whom they disagree), we would comment on how he is too ugly to worry about getting a date in the first place, he should probably just shut up since he knows nothing about women obviously, and, for good measure, he ought to be raped.

    But we aren't like them. Rather than just dismiss his ridiculous claims out of hand, we will actually give him the basic respect of addressing them, if only to show how wrong he is. We will correct his erroneous "facts", show him true data, and point out the fact that his own post acknowledges the existence of a power struggle between the sexes. Such a struggle would not exist if there were not a power differential in existence too. So he has implicitly admitted that women and men are different in terms of societal power, he just apparently thinks that is an acceptable state of being.

    As for dating feminists, should he be so lucky, maybe he best just accept the inevitable fact that women are people too, deserving of as much respect, agency, authority, and power as men. So buddy, if it's inevitable, just lay back and enjoy it!

  18. Anonymous9:51 AM

    This article showed up in my messenger with a big "Thank you" from my very intelligent daughter. LOL!
    This gentleman is doomed to low intelligence offspring because he obviously couldn't handle a smart woman!

  19. Oh my god. This kind of man-- Geeze pisses me off like no other. I can tolerate a lot, I really can but men like this one and I damn near go into critical mass angry. Bottom line: He's insecure around around strong women because they have more balls than he ever will.

    I want to take the high road and say gosh, he's just ignorant or he's just one in a cast of thousands needing some facts and education. But I can't. I just can't. Maybe it's all the attacks on HRC and the feminazi crap Rush and his ilk throw around, or because I live in Texas, land of misogynistic assholes I dunno. I just can't be nice about this crap anymore.

    It's a new world neanderthals, learn some respect, adapt, and roll with it or get the fuck off the damn field.

    Sadly, there probably is some sweet girl out there that will wind up with this dipstick. Then one day she'll have a moment of reckoning and realize he's a grade A asshole after they've had their two kids and she's stayed at home being a quiver wife. Breaks my heart.

  20. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Well, he's never going to lose his virginity with that attitude.

  21. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Actually, it's his looks AND his personality.

    This guy is going to have to pay for it the rest of his life. Literally. Hope he lives in Nevada.

    Unless he manages to score a Duggar for a wife.

  22. Anonymous11:41 AM

    I too grew up in that time and understand what you say G. I believe in balance and that a woman can be feminine and strong and same with Men, they can be strong but yet compassionate. There were lots of confused souls in the 60's 70's 80's.

  23. Anonymous11:47 AM

    And this is why guys like trump cannot handle American women. Too wise for rumps. Unfortunately mail order models from Russia and all get Americanized and become worst to deal with than any American born woman.

  24. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I read quite a bit of his essay (couldn't stomach the whole thing) and it read pretty much as those all the information was culled from a small swath of alt-right/conservative websites. I got the distinct feeling he has never had an honest conversation with someone he's disagreed with philosophically and rather gets all his input via an echo chamber. Seriously, this essay should be held up as an example of the dangers of not seeking out diverse opinions--something people of all persuasions are increasingly susceptible to.

  25. Anonymous4:17 PM

    He's happily married to Rosie Palm, well actually, they're living in sin. I just love men who overestimate their own looks/personality while putting down successful, strong women.
    Wonder if he ever stood naked in front of a mirror, or better yet, a woman who isn't a blood relative? He comes across as a big bore who never made it to a second date.

  26. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Another loser who spends his whole life hoping , every day, that today is the day that he gets laid.


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