Sunday, September 11, 2016

The culprit behind Hillary Clinton's heat exhaustion is revealed, it was PNEUMONIA.

Courtesy of The Guardian: 

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia and has been advised to rest, the Democratic presidential nominee’s doctor said on Sunday, after Clinton abruptly left the 9/11 memorial ceremony in downtown Manhattan because, her campaign initially said, she “felt overheated”.

“Secretary Clinton has been experiencing a cough related to allergies,” Dr Lisa R Bardack said in a statement. “On Friday, during follow up evaluation of her prolonged cough, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule. “While at this morning’s event, she became overheated and dehydrated. I have just examined her and she is now re-hydrated and recovering nicely.

There we go.

Why her campaign let her go out in that heat knowing this about her health, I have no idea. 

After all it would have been MUCH easier to deal with the optics of her not showing up to the 9-11 event then to explain away her damn near passing out from the heat.

Of course this news will do nothing to convince Donald Trump's "basket of deplorables" that she is not dealing with some candidacy ending terminal condition, but let's face it if she were to suddenly start doing back handsprings across the White House lawn they would criticize her technique and claim that she was hopped up on Amphetamines.

And we might as well be prepared to see that video of Hillary stumbling into that SUV over and over again during the next two months, and likely long after that.

So from this point forward Hillary needs to demonstrate health, strength, and endurance during every single appearance she makes until the day she takes the oath of office.

Because we simply cannot allow that racist orange asshole to win this election.


  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I'm glad she got diagnosed, it's curable. Wonder what they'd find if Trump had a physical that isn't a lie written by a buddy whose palm Trump greased.

    1. Anonymous5:48 PM

      Really. The guy takes an aspirin and cholesterol drug every day. Clearly, he needs to because he's in bad shape and eats red meat all the time (and brags about it and how he hates veggies). It's practically a given that a doc's visit showed that he needed to watch his heart health and the medicine was prescribed.

    2. Anonymous6:07 PM

      I really hate to be sexist, but this is a basic difference between men and women.

      Jim Henson died because he was sure he was fine and he kept working until he dropped dead.

      Hillary saw her doctor and was already taking meds. Her big mistake was not fully resting and making sure she was hydrated. At least she saw her doctor, got a diagnosis and treatment.

      My Dad is like Jim Henson. He didn't even tell my Mom he had some verbal problems and dizziness until a week later when it happened again. She hauled him to the doctor. When she has something serious or suspicious she goes to the doctor. My Dad ignores it. He had a toothache and needed a root canal but had to take antibiotics first. After his tooth stopped hurting he simply didn't go back to the dentist. THREE TIMES. Until my Mother finally made him go.

      Sorry, but this is a basic difference between the sexes.

      Like that generalization about asking for directions.

    3. Anonymous6:40 PM

      She was diagnosed Friday they said. Which makes it weird to me.

    4. Anonymous6:58 PM

      Hmm. I have this. It's called "walking pneumonia". Antibiotics, REST, lots of fluids. Easy for me, difficult for someone who is campaigning for election to the most imporatant political office in our nation.

    5. Anonymous7:13 PM

      6:40, why?

    6. Anonymous8:26 PM

      I had walking pneumonia too. Felt 'just ok', but the cough, esp at night, was awful. Lasted a good long time. I also have allergies, sinus issues (two sinus surgeries). At the time I was in my late 30's. Can't imagine how she keeps up at her age.

  2. Gryphon - Haven't gone through all the comments on your previous post but has anyone else noticed that the asshole secret service guy that came up on her right is the one that stumbled first off of that high curb which then caused her to almost fall into the vehicle?! Watch his body language as he comes around from the left to roughly grab her arm.

    1. Anonymous5:15 PM

      do you think he might've just been so concerned about Mrs. Clinton that he didn't look where his foot landed? Why the evil intent implied?

    2. I think that she fainted as he stepped, and her added weight caused him to stumble. She seems to sag a second before they stepped too...just sayin'. Probably not the Man's fault ,imo.

    3. Anonymous7:06 AM

      Yeah sure thing donthatethegame. Clinton fainted and stumbled. You make yourself out to be a moron attempting to rewrite the story that is on video. Blaming the people protecting her? lol.

  3. Trump needs to release a real medical report … AND his taxes, starting with the first two pages and Schedule A for each year.

    1. Anonymous6:09 PM

      Pence, Kaine and Clinton have already released theirs

      The pressure is on.

      But considering the scrutiny his charity has already undergone I doubt it's gonna happen. With the charity in mind, just imagine what kind of dirt Trump's personal taxes will uncover.

    2. Anonymous6:05 AM

      I completely agree. There should be an independent doctor to give a medical report, and he SHOULD release his taxes. I can see where some could go the conspiracy theory way- she has pnemonia, but didn't say anything until later. It gives an opportunity for some in the middle to wonder what else she's hiding. Get an independent doctor to go over medical history,and to examine them, and make every presidential candidate do this. Then there's no conspiracy theories about it.

  4. Anonymous4:13 PM

    All you bitches who was wishin' the worst for our queen,..


    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      @Anonymous 4:13 PM

      '''All you bitches who was wishin' the worst for our queen,..

      FUC_ YAUL'''


    2. Anonymous5:49 PM

      Agreed, 4:13.

    3. Anonymous6:08 PM

      Who is Yaul?

    4. Anonymous6:49 PM

      6:08 -

      The misogynist "disciple".

  5. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Yes. I thinks she should take a few days off. Release some important trump info and compile her cabinet of great women and men. She could work on the immediate action to be taken first month in office. And get those binders and baskets of voters in order. (o:

  6. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I'm glad she saw a physician and the info was released timely. Even with her already known health "issues" (actually non issues but the GOP takes what they can) I've never been concerned about her physical or mental fitness at all. Overall, she's an exceptionally strong woman and healthy as a horse. I expect this to be a minor blip on the screen receiving more attention because it is 9/11. Pneumonia happens at any time and to a person of any age.

    1. Anonymous5:55 PM

      Exactly. And we know from the fact that she has spent hours on end in front of the congressional interrogation squads that she has stamina.

  7. Anonymous4:37 PM

    This comes down to who do you believe? Whose letter is more professional?

    "The Battle of the Doctors"

    Once you watch these
    two videos you will give
    the nod to Doctor ________

    Fox News Reveals an Exclusive Interview With Trump’s Doctor

    This is the mysterious case of the letter that was allegedly written by Trump’s doctor.

  8. I'll vote for wasn't hot out. High 70's, medium humidity, with a west breeze off the Hudson. (as of 9:00 am today) Maybe pneumonia makes a person overheat easily?

    1. Sure but standing in a crowd of thousands raises the temperature and she was all ready weakened by pneumonia and dehydrated. The temp and humidity level is only part of the equation. As long as she is ready for the debate

    2. Well, sometimes you walk around with or without a fever; but you are walking around. Thus---walking pneumonia.

    3. Anonymous5:22 PM

      Yes. Maybe it does. Try having it.
      Earth to you:

      Maybe you can insert the "I'll still vote for her" where people don't catch on and you are feeling especially magnanimous...

    4. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Or maybe pneumonia makes you weak no matter what the temp. Makes no fucking difference if it was summer or winter.

    5. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Pneumonia gives you a high temperature. When I had it I also vomited non-stop for two days. It's also painful. It used to be a death sentence.

      Any further questions?

    6. Anonymous6:11 PM

      When you are standing in the sun on concrete or asphalt, the temperature is higher. That's why outdoor thermometers are supposed to be hung in the shade. To measure the air temperature.

    7. Anonymous6:17 PM

      All of the concrete in NYC tends to absorb heat and radiate it. I'm not sure where the temperature was measured that people have been quoting, but the National Weather Service measures it in Central Park, which is covered in grass and has a lot of open space. Put several thousand people on a concrete slab surrounded by tall buildings and that temperature will be significantly higher. Now stand still for over an hour while dressed in a dark suit under which is some type of protective body armor - likely with some level of fever from the infection - and see how perky you feel.

    8. Anonymous7:03 AM

      That is right 6:17, it is hard, and clearly displays that Clinton is not physically capable of handling the stress and rigors of the job.

  9. Anonymous4:45 PM


    Secret Service followed atypical protocol with Clinton’s early departure from Sunday 9/11
    September 11 at 6:02 PM

    Editor's note:
    This story has been updated to remove the assertion that the Secret Service may have broken protocol in responding to Clinton's illness, which was published before the agency was able to respond. In a statement sent later, a spokesman for the agency said that "at no time did any Secret Service personnel violate security protocols."

    The U.S. Secret Service followed atypical protocol with Hillary Clinton's early departure from Sunday's commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks at Ground Zero...


  10. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Welcome to the world of women in positions of authority. We don't get to admit we're sick.

    Especially when it's something as important as 9/11 15th anniversary, something near to her heart.

    1. Anonymous5:53 PM

      Exactly. But imagine the stink had she not turned up.

    2. Anonymous6:50 PM

      5:53 I read that Trump didn't show up, so where's the stink on him?

    3. Anonymous7:11 PM

      5:53 I correct myself. The story about Secret Service protocol for the event mentioned two things I didn't know.
      1) Trump did show up, but unannounced. (My guess he wanted to not go, but decided best to go. Or he wasn't sure he wanted to go so didn't commit.)
      2) Trump doesn't have a press pool following him around like Hillary and most presidential candidates have had.

      So Trump, et all are always complaining that Hillary doesn't doe press conferences, when now we learn that Trump doesn't even do the press.

      Also, remember that Secret Service scare of Trump's when the camera moved off him? We learned that he CONTROLS the press at events and only lets them film him if they keep the camera on him. Can't show empty stadiums.

    4. Anonymous7:37 PM

      What sort of question is that, 6.50? You know that absolutely any behavior is acceptable if you're a Republican.

      Please remember that in future.

    5. Anonymous8:18 PM

      7:37 You are correct. My bad. Republican candidate is always right, righteous and wonderful.

      Thus they can rightly attack any other candidate. Especially for things the Republican candidate does also, too.

      Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Makes sense... pneumonia, antibiotics -> dehydrated a few days later.

    Now we'll probably get to hear bleating about how Clinton is dying of terminal diarrhea.

  12. The film of Hilary leaving is not as startling as when Bush senior collapsed and puked all over the Japanese Prime Minister.

    Mind you, I had an unusual moment of sympathy with Bush snr, having myself been prone to catching gastric flu. There is nothing one can do about it.

    Hilary, though, should have had this cough seen to much earlier. There was something odd about her breathing. And whether it looks good for the campaign or not, her doctor should have sent her to hospital for an overnight stay and evaluation.

    1. Anonymous5:52 PM

      You're giving medical advice here at IM?

      Do you think Hillary didn't know she wasn't well, Doctor? Don't you think that today of all days she would buck up and go no matter how she felt, Doctor?

  13. Anonymous5:20 PM

    If you think of Hillary's schedule, her use of her voice to speechify and mingle with people, for years and years, it is amazing that she was able to be out in the warm sun, standing, for 90 minutes given her illness. I need a parasol for all sun, and a chair for at least some part of every half hour, and I'm a decade younger than she is. May she recover with rest soon.

  14. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I had this a few years ago as I am over 65:

  15. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Unfortunately, Hillary is damned if she does, and damned if she doesn't do something. She went to the memorial and paid with dehydration and a fainting spell. If she had NOT gone, she would have been damned by the RePukes as not caring. Now that she paid personally, she gets damned by the RePukes and Don the Con anyway.

    1. Anonymous6:16 PM

      Which is why this incident isn't going to do the damage to her campaign people think it will.

      It will simply be chalked up to just another personal attack on Clinton by Trump and the Republicans.

    2. Anonymous8:00 PM

      6:16: Let's hope so. Seems like Wolf Blitzer on CNN, C No Noose, showed the clip of her stumbling FORTY TIMES in ten minutes. Virtually non-stop, I guess.

    3. Anonymous12:08 AM

      awww how cute- there's somebody that watches Wolf Blitzer...

    4. Anonymous1:53 AM

      There is no way the "optics" of not appearing to commemorate 9/11 would be better than being ill. She HAD to be there.

  16. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Hillary looks a lot better than Trump. If he looked all red and bothered just talking to Matt Lauer then it will be fun watching his bloated ass against a woman and you know how much he hates women. Especially when they know more than him.

    1. Anonymous6:18 PM

      I'm thinking we should make it a real race.

      As soon as Hillary's doctor says she's recovered from the pneumonia, they should have a footrace.

      Go to a track and run. Whoever runs the longest wins. That will be Hillary. Whoever runs the fastest wins. That will be Hillary. Whoever doesn't have a heart attack and fall down dead wins. That will be Hillary too.

  17. Anonymous5:58 PM


    "Putin considers Trump a buffoon, easily manipulated by flattery" ... Ha Ha He He

    Huffington Post
    Putin’s View Of Trump: A Pushover, A Weaker Version Of Neville Chamberlain (OUCH!)

    The latest joke in our absurd presidential campaign is that Russian President Vladimir Putin sees Donald Trump as a strong leader. This is causing belly-laughs in the Kremlin.

    People in Putin’s inner circle say that Putin considers Trump a buffoon, easily manipulated by flattery, without a scintilla of knowledge or depth about the world outside his golf courses....

    According to Putin insiders, he sees Trump as a weaker, far more ignorant, wholly self-absorbed version of Neville Chamberlain. Easy-pickin’s.

    Putin also knows Trump cannot resist a good deal, ie, that benefits him personally. If Trump were president, Putin knows he can offer bargain-basement terms on choice property in Moscow and in St Petersberg, for example, for Trump’s company to build hotels in exchange for geopolitical concessions from the U.S. that have no impact on Trump’s wealth.

    And, here’s the kicker: Trump would walk away believing HE got the better of Putin, and brag about it!

    Read more at HP

  18. Anonymous5:58 PM

    I suspect this had nothing to do with her campaign "letting" her go and more about her telling the campaign she was going.

    She's committed to the 9/11 first responders, survivors and the memory of those that lost their lives. She was there. She wasn't going to give it a pass for "rest" now that she had antibiotics. She probably thought she'd be fine. Maybe she would have been had she been hydrated and taken a few days rest in advance.

  19. Anonymous6:00 PM

    No, Clinton’s Health Isn’t a “Real Issue in the Campaign”

  20. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Why Isn’t Anyone Paying Attention to Clinton’s Other Basket?

    1. Anonymous6:59 PM

      Is Hillary beating Trump at his own game?

      So she makes the statement about the Deplorables and it really hits the fan.

      Then she collapses on Sunday from something that was diagnosed and being treated on Friday.

      Would she do that to draw attention from her Deplorables comment?

      Wouldn't Trump do something exactly like that?

      Hasn't he done it over and over?

      Is Hillary beating him at his own game?

  21. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Joseph Gillis
    Frostburg State University

    Even if Mein Trumpf isn't literally a Manchurian candidate on the Putin payroll, Trump has literally--LITERALLY--told the world how to manipulate him. Say nice things about him, he'll do nice things for you. Call him brilliant, and he'll give you all of Eastern Europe. And if you think other leaders--say, Xi Jinping--aren't paying attention, you belong in the basket too.

  22. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Hillary Clinton Is Spot On With Basket of Deplorables

    ...When President Obama was elected and the racist hate started I wrote that I was glad Hillary Rodham Clinton hadn’t won because I could just imagine the terrible insults that she would have to endure as a mere woman. It’s high time media call out the women-haters and that the rest of us do the same.

  23. Oh Skanky had to jump in on Hillary on Fecebook.

  24. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Trump Can’t Handle Hillary Clinton’s Honesty and Straight Talk

    ...Donald Trump’s response to Clinton’s honest appraisal of his supporters was:

    “Wow, Hillary Clinton was SO INSULTING to my supporters, millions of amazing, hard working people. I think it will cost her at the Polls!”

    Nice try big-time wrestling-celebrity guy – not one of those “millions of amazing” racists, bigots, Islamophobes, sexists, misogynists, religious fanatics, nativists and xenophobes were ever going to vote for a qualified candidate like Hillary Clinton and Trump knows it.

  25. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Even With Pneumonia Hillary Clinton Is More of a President Than Donald Trump

    Another Republican conspiracy about Hillary Clinton just got killed and even worse, the truth makes the Democratic candidate look like Superwoman.

    Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday by her personal doctor, Dr. Lisa Bardack. M.D. The former Secretary of State was advised to rest. Since that diagnosis, she has behaved exactly like a President would; going to fundraisers, holding a presser, doing a two-hour national security meeting, and going to a 9/11 memorial event at Ground Zero.

    In other words, Hillary Clinton is more Superwoman than sickly candidate.

    ...So much for Trump’s suggestion that Clinton lacks the “mental and physical stamina” to fight ISIS.

    Meanwhile, Trump has refused to release anything resembling real medical records. All we have from him is a bizarre note penned in a car proclaiming that all of his tests are positive. Donald Trump also failed to do the presidential thing of wishing her well and hoping she recovered quickly.

    It turns out that Hillary Clinton is made of steel. Not even pneumonia can keep her down. She continued on with her job just like a president needs to do.

    So, this isn’t exactly the direction the Republicans were hoping this conspiracy would take, but it’s kind of perfect. Hillary Clinton has the excellent physical stamina required of a president. Even when she has pneumonia, she takes care of business…

    While Donald Trump picks fights on Twitter and divides his own party.

  26. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Did you read what Andy Borowitz wrote about this? Very funny. Here is a sample:

    "(a) new poll released on Sunday reveals that likely voters find an unconscious Hillary Clinton “substantially more fit” to be President than a conscious Donald Trump."

  27. Anonymous6:13 PM

    According to the NYNY hourly weather report for today that I read up at:

    at 7:51 this morning NY time it was 78 degrees, the wind was at 7mph, and the humidity was 79%.

    at 8:51 this morning it was 79 degrees, the wind was at 5mph, and the humidity was at 79%.

    and at 9:51 this morning it was still 79 degrees, the wind was now 9mph, and the humidity had dropped to 54%.

    She was there for an hour and a half standing in the heat and with little in the way of a breeze and with very high humidity. She had already been there well before the breeze slightly increased and the humidity decreased to a level that was still very high.

    Anyone who lives in the city knows that two things happen every day that are heat related. Tall buildings create shade and also wind tunnels that can make the day seem colder than it is. But in the sun and with the heat radiating off all the concrete and brick, it feels much hotter than it really is.

    1. Anonymous8:13 PM

      She was probably wearing kevlar under that suit.

  28. Anonymous6:18 PM

    So Trump took $150,000 from the needy and after being criticized he donated $100,000 to the 9/11 museum and made $50,000.



    Washington Post
    On 9/11, Trump noted on TV that he now owned the Financial District’s tallest building

    By Jenna Johnson Post Politics
    September 11 at 5:46 PM

    On Sept. 11, 2001, Donald Trump called a New York television station to share what he had seen from his skyscraper apartment and what he had heard from associates closer to the World Trade Center. At one point during the nearly 10-minute interview, Trump mentioned that he was now the owner of the tallest building in the Financial District...

    "You had two 110-story buildings come crashing down. I saw them come down. Thousands of people killed," Trump said. "I was down there, and I’ve never seen anything like it. And the people in New York fought and fought and fought, and we saw more death, and even the smell of death — nobody understood it. And it was with us for months, the smell, the air."

    But several of Trump's statements about what he witnessed that day appear to be greatly exaggerated or false. Trump has said that he watched from his apartment in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue as the second plane hit the World Trade Center and that he saw people jump to their deaths, even though the twin towers were more than four miles away....

    And Trump has been criticized for applying for and accepting a $150,000 federal grant given to businesses near the World Trade Center that were negatively affected by the attacks.

    Amid criticism about accepting that grant money, Trump and his wife visited the National September 11 Memorial Museum for the first time in April, and Trump's foundation — which gets most of its funding from donors other than Trump — made a $100,000 donation to the museum...

  29. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Thinking about death for 90 minutes, standing up, the heat, the sun, the warm bodies all around her, her antibiotic meds, her allergy meds, and surely she was EXTREMELY tired. But she went, because she has been plowing through discomfort all her life. The bad hair is a giveaway that she was v v tired. I say good for her to make the effort. and now listen to your body and rest a little. Rest a lot. The main importance of all this is to show how we overreact to something like this.

  30. Anonymous6:30 PM

    "ALT-RIGHT" for Donald Trump

    The alt-right is a segment of right-wing ideologies presented as an alternative to mainstream conservatism in the United States. It has been described as a movement unified by support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, as well as by opposition to multiculturalism and immigration.

    The alt-right has no official ideology, although various sources have said that it is associated with

    white nationalism,
    white supremacism,
    right-wing populism,
    and the neoreactionary movement.

    It has been said to be a largely online movement with Internet memes widely used to advance or express its beliefs, often on websites such as 4chan.

  31. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I've been in a severe state of depression these past few months. I honestly don't know if I can go on if Donald Trump is elected president. I know he's not the source of my depression, but the thought that there are enough people in this country, including close friends of mine, who are willing to hand their futures over to this evil person, is certainly a contributing factor. I used to think that most people were basically good, but watching his poll numbers go up every time he spouts pure evil makes me want to curl up and die.

    1. Anonymous6:54 PM

      Think quantum physics.

    2. Anonymous7:02 PM

      I am sorry to hear that you have depression, 6:35! Please do yourself a favor and TURN OFF YOUR TV and REFUSE TO READ THE POLLS. They are all more or less made up by the MSM, because that is the only way they make tons and tons of $$$! If that alone does not help you, and you have other issues, please do seek medical help - either from a psychologist, or a 'regular' doctor, or a naturopath or osteopath. Depression IS treatable.

      That said: hubby and I just today discussed the (very slim) possibility that Don the Con gets elected, and we agreed that if that were to happen, we would pretty much immediately sell our house and move out of the country. There are many countries where a family of four could live on around $20,000/year. If you are retirement age, your Social Security check most likely will cover that very nicely - and you most likely would not have a family of four anymore, but just the two of you, or you yourself. Medical care in those countries is also MUCH cheaper, and quite often comparable to -or better - to what you get here in the US!

      My parents lived their childhood through the Nazi years in Germany, and the years before, from about 1930-36, sounded just like what Don the Con is trying to whip up now. I will not make the mistake to live through the same here, and our daughter, thankfully, is already overseas.

    3. Anonymous7:09 PM

      You're not alone. I often feel the same way. Stay strong and try to look forward to the day you can vote against Trump. Depression is never easy but once this malignant person is removed from the political landscape things will get better.

    4. Anonymous7:53 PM

      Thank you both so much for your concern. I really appreciate it. I do believe that Hillary will most likely win, but the fact that there are so many people lauding this evil man, that they admire the fact that he uses his power and money to destroy people who are just trying to live a productive life...that's not going to go away no matter who gets elected. Sometimes I wish I had children, so I wouldn't feel so alone. But after all this, I thank my lucky stars I never brought any children or grandchildren into the ugliness this world is turning in to.

    5. Anonymous8:37 PM

      Don't ever give up 6:35.

      I wish i knew you so that i could tell you, you are not alone.

      But believe me the world will go on whether Trump is President or not but that wont happen.

      You got to have faith. Faith in yourself. You never know what is just around the bend whether it's a few years down the road or tomorrow that changes your life.

      You have a friend here, right now just by your post i see a caring person.

    6. Anonymous8:56 PM

      You are distraught by finding out that your friends don't share your value systems.

      So it has created a conflict. You need to take a stand and you have seen your friends in an atmosphere you never have seen before.Have they been hatefull to you now because of your beliefs?

      If so it's a hard price to pay to learn who respects you for being you and who does not.

      Stay true to yourself.

    7. Anonymous2:23 AM

      I feelt he same way - adding also that I just don't fit here in this country. If there is one person who thinks Drumpf is a good choice - this is not my place. I will leave as well if he is elected. If you cn. you might also leave. As others stated, lots of beautiful healthy countries are cheaper to live in with affordable health care. And nice coastlines lol!

    8. Anonymous5:27 AM

      All tRump knows is money, how to use other peoples, cheating, paying people off. Nothing more. America needs a better candidate.

    9. Anonymous5:30 AM

      I think the polls are just white people polls. Just like mccain and romney polls. They dont have people of slightest color in them. I wouldnt worry. But I still go vote and with 10 freinds anyway.

    10. Anonymous7:00 AM

      Trump is going to win.

      You folks are just waking up to Hillarys health issues. Her episodes are becomming more frequent and noticeable, she can't hide behind the curtain forever.

  32. Anonymous6:37 PM

    At trumps age? He is experiencing prostate, gallbladder, eye sight, sleep disorders, personality disorder, skin disorders, skin cancer, along with any genetic issues. All the money in the world cannot buy health. Were all in the same boat man!!

    1. Anonymous7:01 PM

      You forgot to mention Erectile Dysfunction ED.

    2. Anonymous7:25 PM

      He is definitely on an aspirin and cholesterol med regimen. That's a fact. And speaking of eyesight, people have talked about how he gets some words wrong when reading the teleprompter most likely because of a need for glasses (of course he'd never get caught dead in them).

    3. Anonymous7:44 PM

      I read that both trumps dad and granddad died of pneumonia. Also mentioned that the father had complications from alt timers. Really. This could explain the flip flopping and odd behavior. But does not excuse him nor his family and associates from the insulting outrageous behavior from an inherited genetic medical condition. Yes and the ED, This must hurt the most! The viagra causes melanoma now. He should be spending his time helping to fund research and cure for his children and grandchildren's sake instead of run around hurting America. Oh By the way. It is national Grandparents day today.

    4. Anonymous9:30 PM

      It's the obvious signs of neurological impairment that concern me the most. He is JUST like my granddad (God rest his soul), who started to lash out and get increasingly irrational as he started to slip. My granddad was a little older, closer to 80 than 70, but he was a lot fitter than Trump, and they've always said that a healthy body is a healthy mind (and vice versa). Trump scares me. If he talks in words salads now, imagine what he would be like 2 or 4 years from now.
      I've been hearing that the GOP is very concerned about this. Small wonder.

    5. Anonymous5:23 AM

      And he has a woman that speaks for him his campaign manager. What a joke.

  33. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Does trump know dr oz is muslim?

  34. Anonymous6:48 PM

    I saw that Barstool was all giddy on her Facebook page about Hillary being sick today but never mentioned her fit as a (seasoned and used up fiddle) momma pig's latest drunken fall. Weird.

    1. Anonymous7:32 PM

      Sarah's giddy too. She's tweeted five times today. It's really a sign, though, if how she has never accepted that she was never ever meant to get anywhere near the White House. Fuck you, Sarah!!!!!!!

  35. Jesus. Now a presidential candidate* has to have absolutely perfect health and cannot have the slightest ailment while subject to an incredibly punishing schedule that most people could not keep up with?

    Especially considering that most of the stupid prattle about her health has been complete and utter bullshit.

    I don't want to hear another peep about Clinton's health until that bloated tub of angry thin-skinned orange lard puts out an entire legitimate health report.

    Or until Trump's intellectual, educational, emotional, physical, fiscal, criminal, ethical, moral, oh, yes, and loyalty failings get as much scrutiny as Clinton's cough when it comes to handwringing about whether someone is fit for the presidency.

    *That is, presidential candidates named Hillary Clinton.

  36. Anonymous7:39 PM

    It just shows her stamina and that she wont give up even though she may be ill.

    This has nothing to do with being old. I was in my forties and had pneumioa and went to work the next day and almost passed out.

    Look at Trump. I bet that fat ass cant get his dick up even with viagra. Where is Melania? Is she being sick of an object put out there as a sign of her husbands so called health? Why the hell did she think he married her in the first place. Here's a hint it wasn't because of her intellect.

    Look at that tacky penthouse they live in that has not changed since he was married to Ivana.

    She has no say in their lives and she must be miserable being married to a pig and feeling like she always has to live up to his standards. She sold herself.

    I don't want a First Lady who has sold their soul for a ticket to money.

    No class.How many women living in the real world can relate to that.I may be old fashioned but by God i still find it embarassing to have nude photos of the First Lady out there for all the world to see as classless and to tabloid. Jesus Christ how could anyone take any cause she would pick seriously.

    When i think of all the insults Michelle Obama has suffered over the years from being called a wookie to a transvestite because she is tall and she has put up with it in grace because she knew the price and paid it. She paid it because she believed in her Husband and her Country.

    We live in a world that celebrates Kardashions and plastic surgery [ Bristol Palin] as something to aspire to. How can we as women have gone backwards? How can we as women allow this to be our measure of worth?

    Women judged other women all the time on looks. We are way too hard on each other be honest. Fat Trump gets a pass and we put up with it.W don't demand he be thin or attractive he has his wife to prop up his ego.A prop for a First Lady.

  37. Anonymous8:06 PM

    I've had walking pneumonia 4 times. My respect for Hillary Clinton has increased 100 fold as has my disrespect for Trump and the media. She's a beast to have kept up her schedule while dealing with this illness. She deserves admiration for showing up at the event today. She deserves praise for her transparency and the media should focus on the lack of the same from Trump.

  38. Anonymous8:13 PM

  39. Anonymous8:14 PM


  40. Gryph, why did her campaign LET her go out like that? That's pretty funny. I bet it's because she is in control of what she does. I pitta th foo what tells her what she can and can't do.

  41. Anonymous9:41 PM

    25 logical reasons to vote for Donald Trump:


    1. Anonymous1:31 AM



  42. Best comment I saw on Facebook, today:

    If Hillary has walking pneumonia AND the boogie woogie flu, then admittedly there is a problem.

  43. Anonymous12:36 AM

    I just remembered something that happened in 2006.

    I live and work in a small town and one fall the surrounding orchards were burning off and smoke was coming into my office. I coughed non-stop from it but nobody else could smell it. Then one morning after about 10 days of coughing my boss walked through my office and could suddenly smell the smoke and promised me a new office. A couple of days later I was admitted to the hospital with chest pains and it turned out I had pleurisy, from my lungs rubbing against my ribs when I coughed. It's not hard to see that Hillary could have given herself pneumonia from coughing. Until the chest pains I hadn't felt unwell, merely victimized: those fat bastards couldn't smell the smoke that was making me sick, therefore I wasn't believed.

    When I returned to work my office had been relocated. All it took was for someone important to realize I wasn't imagining it. My week of violent coughing wasn't enough to convince anyone.

    I left that job a few weeks later.

  44. Anonymous1:54 AM

    And where is this melanoma person? Does she have walking pneumonia too? She disappeared when the plagiarism scandal broke and hasn't been seen since even thought the campaign promised to explain themselves and have her speak. Does she even go out during the daylight hours?

    1. Anonymous5:16 AM

      That drag queen? Liar. tRump and his liar wh...

  45. Anonymous2:27 AM

    It is concerning that she got pneumonia in the SUMMER from pushing herself to hard.
    She is our only choice. She needs to take better care or we are really really screwed. I don't know if office is less hectic than campaigning? But it is not even pneumonia season. Typically bedridden people get it in summer.

  46. Anonymous2:59 AM

    As a man I will tell you when a man gets sick the wife takes care of him with soup and goes to the store to get medicine then she gets the kids ready for school and also them picks them up helps them with their homework and then makes dinner feed the kids do the dishes and puts them to bed.

    When the wife gets sick the husband goes to work while the sick wife gets her own medicine and as sick as she is she does the routine above.

    A woman is stronger than a man period.

  47. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Out of all due respect, Donald Trump suffering from Alzheimer disease? Is this Genetic-Hereditary?

  48. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Get well Hillary. Rest, rest, rest. I hope you get back on campaign trail in a couple of weeks fully. Gee news cycle get a life, people get sick. Get on with tRump health orange fat arse over and over.
    Just now, again deplorables, get over it more tRump money laundering.

  49. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Conspiracy theory tRump put a sick bug on her unknowingly.

  50. Anonymous5:19 AM

    tRump should try another country is he thinks America is so bad himseld. Oh brother he is so ilogical and just plain stupid.

  51. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Hillary having no press core for awhile, omg maybe the campaign doesnt want to pay for them until 2 weeks prior to election. Boo hoo press core.

  52. Anonymous6:55 AM

    A 68 yo woman, running for president, contracting pneunomia a couple months before the election... no big deal? Really folks?

  53. Anonymous7:53 AM

    WTF? Coki the i love jesus bullshit insider:
    "I was at the beauty parlor yesterday and this was all anyone was talking about."

  54. James Day11:37 AM

    Ok... I'll give her the illness thing. But please explain her use of an unsecured computer, lack of security at our embassy in Libya(ending in the death of four, Clinton received enormous amounts of donation during her tenure as Secretary of State, and all the lies she said during her congressional hearing (FBI Comey even admitted she made some serious and indictable infractions of the laws, only to downplay it later)... Do you trust Hillary to keep us safe from terrorist and to secure our borders? NO.... she wants to invite them ALL in for a tea party and THEN watch them cause havoc across our great nation.


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