Thursday, September 08, 2016

Watching Ann Coulter getting ripped to shreds during the Rob Lowe celebrity roast might be the best thing ever. Update!

Do I even need to warn you that this is NSFW?

I loved her face during this, and that is something that I have never said about Ann Coulter before.

And probably never will again.

Update: This is what I alluded to in the comments.


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Wow! They really roasted him.

    I wonder what would be said if Sarah or Bristol were the target?

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      Boy, would I EVER like to be in the audience if the subject was either of them or both, but they've already proven they are so thin-skinned that they would never agree to it.

    2. Anonymous6:44 PM

      the same things, probably.

  2. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I hate the ugly bitch, but I don't like abject cruelty either.

    1. Anonymous5:34 PM

      You do realize that she AGREED to be there - for the publicity. She deserved every bit of this, and more.

    2. Anonymous5:36 PM

      Did she show up uninvited? It seemed more like an ambush on Coulter than a roast on Lowe. Jokes like that aren't off the cuff.

    3. Anonymous5:39 PM

      It's called "roasts."
      Old enough to remember Dean Martin?
      How about a WHCD?

    4. Anonymous2:03 AM

      @Anonymous 4:45 PM

      It was NOT cruel. IT WAS GREAT!!!!!
      She deserved every bit of it.

  3. Anonymous4:55 PM

    TOTALLY OFF TOPIC: Gryphen, What's going on with you Blogroll? Stories that are 5 and 6 years old? What's up?

  4. Anonymous5:03 PM

    That was actually pretty mean. She's evil, but that was over the top.

    1. I am going to have to imagine that you are not familiar with the format for these roasts, and therefore do not know that EVERYBODY is subjected to devastating jokes at their expense.

      Essentially that is the selling point for this program, a complete lack of political correctness and buckets of nastiness.

      However most of the time the people involved know what they are getting into.

      What makes this funny is not only the glee with which these typically liberal Hollywood types go after Coulter, but also the fact that she was clearly unprepared for the onslaught.

    2. Anonymous5:37 PM

      Well said, Gryphen.

    3. Anonymous1:04 AM

      No, I understand roasts, and have never liked them. I despise Coulter, but public humiliation is not funny to me. Call me whatever, but I was bullied some in elementary school, and I just don't see the humor in people being so nasty to each other. It's one thing to comment online where only a couple hundred are around, and quite another to be on a public stage. I can stay away from Fox and not listen to the hate, but this was liberals seeing who could be nastier. It just wasn't funny to me.

    4. Anonymous2:05 AM

      @Anonymous 5:03 PM

      Ann got what was coming to her. It was GREAT. I loved every bit of it. It could not happened to a more deserving cretin.

    5. Anonymous8:35 AM

      a complete lack of political correctness and buckets of nastiness.
      Ann Coulter and all the GOP hate political correctness. She should have been flattered :)


  5. Balzafiar5:04 PM

    Jeff Ross told another Ann Coulter joke on Conan: "Ann Coulter is the only woman ever to sexually harass Roger Ailes."

    That is believable.

  6. Anonymous5:10 PM

    FN brilliant. And for those who at opposed to "abject cruelty" here a few Ann Coulter quotes:

    And just yesterday she called Oasis Kahn a "snarling Muslim"

    1. Anonymous5:35 PM

      that would be Khizr Khan

    2. Anonymous5:38 PM

      Yes she does not deserve sympathy for the amoral remarks she has said many times over.

    3. Anonymous5:52 PM

      Young Frankenstein Frau Blucher.
      Some people here need a sense of humor.

    4. Anonymous8:43 PM

      5:10 PM -
      Thanks for the link. Love this one the best.

  7. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Those comments were tough, but Coulter got her due after all the horrible things she has said in her past!

    I'm surprised she didn't get up and leave the stage!

    1. Anonymous5:50 PM

      You are correct. Auto correct is the enemy

  8. Anonymous5:36 PM

    That was fabulous and so VERY true! Loved it! She dishes it out, now she had to take it. Wonderful.

  9. Lindsay5:51 PM

    I've never really enjoyed roasts but if she agreed to go she should have known what she was signing up for. It's really common knowledge.

  10. WalterNeff6:11 PM

    They made jokes about Pete Davidson's dad who was killed on 9/11 - they are merciless with everyone

  11. Ann Coulter would go anywhere to hawk her book she sits back and smiles at the insults.. she rests assured her books will be gobbled up by the haters.. free publicity for her

    1. Anonymous8:41 PM

      Except....her and Donald's fans don't read books.

    2. Anonymous10:19 PM

      More like her books get bulk-bought by the Heritage Foundation so she can claim it was another best seller.

  12. Anonymous6:48 PM

    When the jokes were over and the credits were rolling, the camera panned wide to show Ann standing stage left ~ all by her lonesome little self. The other roasters were gathered center stage hugging and congratulating each other. I was glad because Ann needs to know she's hated.

  13. Happy To Pay My Own Bills7:04 PM

    OT, but concerns a woman who is the antithesis of Coulter...

    My cousin just showed me a photo of Michelle Obama that I think is coming up in an issue of InStyle magazine. Sorry that I don't have the link, but she is wearing a sleeveless dark teal dress and looks absolutely breathtaking. We have been so fortunate to have both Obamas lead and represent our country these past 7 1/2 years. Anyway, if Gryphen or anyone else runs across this article or photos, please post. I will do the same.

    1. Anonymous7:34 PM

      With apologies to the poster that days ago said, "if you refuse to learn HTML, I'm not wasting my time!" hahahaha

      Drop dead gorgeous, that she is.
      Am I ever going to miss this family when they leave come January.

    2. Anonymous7:36 PM

      It's a beautiful photo but they photoshopped the hell out of her, making her look almost unrecognizable; she looks more like Beyonce than herself. The magazine is catching lots of hell for it. Here's the link to the cover photo and the article:

      Looking more like herself on Essence:

    3. Anonymous3:18 AM

      I like our first lady and admire her class and intelligence. But I do not think she is a great beauty. She is pretty enough, but her chin is too big to call her a great beauty. No disrespect, but she kind reminds me of the Grinch in a way...

    4. Anonymous8:32 AM

      3:18, inner beauty (or inner ugliness) seeps into our judgement of a person's outer beauty, whether we realize it or not.


  14. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Ann Coulter is vile. SHe deserves every insult she gets. Remember when she said about 9/11 widows"I have never seen any broads enjoy there husbands death more"?She is despicable.

    1. Anonymous7:44 PM

      Right up there with "blood libel" from the Tundra Twat.

    2. Anonymous9:03 PM

      I would just love to slap Coulter's face! *seriously*

  15. Anonymous7:38 PM


  16. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Don't anybody dare feel sorry for Ann. Comedy roasts are full of brutal jokes... everyone there got skewered equally.

    Also, and more importantly, Ann Coulter is a worthless hatemonger and a whore. She has said much worse than these jokes for decades. The only difference is, her comments are never in jest, and she spews filth about innocent people, all to sell her books and garner attention for herself.

    1. Anonymous12:43 AM

      Full of jokes....except when Ann was talking.

      Apparently the research studies are true, conservative Republicans have no sense of humor. She didn't laugh and she couldn't tell a joke. I suspect many of the jokes aimed at others were lost on her as well.

      Personally, I think they could have been much worse. I think a few of them took it easy on her. I think David Spade in particular was very kind in his insults. Peyton Manning also lobbed a soft one using that old Kentucky Derby joke. Even though Ann is older, having run in the FIRST Kentucky Derby.

      I doubt anything that was said penetrated her thick scales, er, skin.

      No, what really hurt would be that snubbing afterwards, when everyone was hugging and congratulating each other and she was left by herself off to the side. If a decomposed heart could break, I'm sure it would have. But I wouldn't worry about her too much. I don't believe snakes cry as they have nictitating membranes.

    2. Anonymous2:02 AM

      I would NEVER feel sorry for her. I LOVED IT!!!

  17. Anonymous8:03 PM

    OT? This is pretty good "Mr. Big Stuff"< not>

  18. She'll be at the Egan Center a week from Sat. Tickets start at $102. It would be great if nobody went to hear her kind of nastiness.

  19. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Cutthroat comedy at its very best. Loved it.

  20. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Why was Ann Coulter there? Aren't the roasters usually friends of the target? What's her association with Rob Lowe?

    1. Anonymous8:54 PM

      I found my answer:

      "Coulter, whose loose connection to Lowe was presumably predicated on their shared conservative politics..."

      "Coulter told The Hollywood Reporter that she has “no idea” why she was invited by Comedy Central to roast Rob Lowe and claimed it just showed up randomly on her publicity schedule to promote her new book"

    2. Anonymous9:36 PM

      Hate-filled Ann Coulter said Justice Stevens should be fed rat poison.

    3. Anonymous10:04 PM

      Sometimes there are a few random not even tangentially associated folks thrown into the roast, for example the roast prior to Lowe was the roast of Justin Beiber. Martha Stewart was one of the roasters and she stole the show. Apparently she got stoned with Snoop Dog and Jeff Ross (the host) prior to the roast (who know Martha toked...) and she was on fire and absolutely hilarious.

    4. Anonymous12:47 AM

      They needed a token conservative and her agent thought it would be a great opportunity to hawk her new book?

      Yeah, someone's going to need a new agent.

      I bet they never find the body. She better hope they don't. How do you explain the complete absence of blood in the corpse?

  21. Anonymous9:31 PM

    If anyone deserves this, she does, but for the same reason I don't like hearing the cruel and nasty things she says, I didn't like hearing this. I would hope that it would, at least, make her realize how awful she sounds and what people think of her.

    1. Anonymous12:55 AM

      She's probably heard worse.

      I suspect the real injury was when she was snubbed after the roast. Everyone else joining together in congratulations and Ann left all alone and ignored. That probably hurt worse than all of the clan and bitch jokes.

      All that was second only to her completely bombing during her speech. She must have known she was judged and hated when no on laughed at anything she said. She failed big time. Not only was she not funny but her delivery was awful. Her performance stunk. Even a professional athlete, Peyton Manning, had a more polished delivery than she did. The singer, Jewel, was hugely more successful in both content and execution than she was.

      You could probably pull someone in off the street and they'd do better.

      Ann Coulter stunk. She fell flatter than her chest. Her jokes weren't funny and she didn't tell them very well.

      The silence while she was "performing" was a deadly indication. She knew it. She had no one to blame but herself.

      Ann Coulter was a loser.

      She was even worse than "The Situation" and that is saying a lot.

  22. I actually only caught the last ten minutes of this roast before posting this video.

    However it just came on again, and Coulter's time at the microphone telling jokes was so painfully awful that I literally had to turn the volume off.

    Trust me, she deserved every nasty thing they said about her.

  23. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Totally off topic.

    Someone with an ADN comment account can let them know the "missing" arsonist has been dead since 1974!

    Charles Thessen:

    Thessen was stabbed to death while an inmate at Leavenworth Penitentiary on June 27 1974 where he was serving time for the 14 people killed in the Lane Hotel fire in 1966. Thessen was on his way to make some paint brushes and another inmate killed him.

    The ADN reporter ran out of clues.

    "The unemployed cook was charged with murder. His trial was moved to Fairbanks where, on June 2, 1967, he was convicted of 14 counts of manslaughter and sentenced to three consecutive 20-year sentences.

    And then, as they say, the trail goes cold. Spokespersons at the Anchorage Fire and Police departments told me files from so long ago were unavailable; the agencies didn't have them and didn't know where they went. The Department of Corrections likewise couldn't tell me what became of Thessen, only that he is not currently in their custody.

    So did Charles Thessen die in prison? Was he paroled? Did he leave the state? Is he living next door? No one I spoke with knows."

    IM knows!

    Maybe it's time for the ADN to start looking for Trig's birth certificate!

  24. Anonymous10:37 PM

    People on the Right, Alt Right, whatever, will slam progressives for being mean to this despicable hatemonger, but you know what? You started this shit. Eff you!

  25. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Like most self-centered people she was probably clueless, thinking this was just another book promotion opportunity. She probably also figured that since it was a roast of Rob Lowe, all of the insults would be directed at him.

    After the many nasty things she's said, I have no sympathy for her whatsoever.

    It's worth believing in Hell just to hope after she dies she'll burn in it.

  26. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Roasts are always nasty to everyone. They are funny, but sometimes groan worthy. Coulter went there to push her horrible book. She deserved what she got. She is a hateful person, absoutely disgusting. She portrays herself as intelligent, but she really isn't. She just screams louder than anyone else in the room.

  27. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I think it's horrible when people make fun of a pre op trans sexual whose so poor she's only got one black dress from the seventies era. Who did your chin, sweetheart?


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