Saturday, October 01, 2016

An image attempting to bring us up to date on Donald Trump's many scandals. tweets, and gaffes.

Of course there are literally new bombshells being revealed every day so I am positive this is outdated. (Here is a cheat sheet which is also probably not up to date.)

Welcome to October folks.


  1. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Gingrich, really? If donnie could keep his cool? Til election? Then he can go back to crazy?! Uneffingbelievable!

    1. Anonymous8:44 AM

      These Republicans are 'trying' so hard to make Trump appear presidential! You don't MAKE a person 'presidential'! You either have the qualifications and abilities or you don't. Donald Trump has zero to offer our country and Americans!

      Compare Trump to President Obama! The latter is pure class, smart, kind, well spoken, a great leader, works well with others and has shown us a great sense of humor. (Correspondent's Dinners)

      Trump would never represent our country well if elected. We'd have a civil war in our country within a month IF he gained the seat! God forbid!

  2. Anonymous4:06 AM

    The Clinton campaign tweeted away in the early morning hours today (Saturday). No admonitions to "check out sex tape", though. Dull.

  3. 66gardeners4:08 AM

    I continue to believe in my heart that when Trump goes down, he will take the entire GOP with him and all will be right with the world.

  4. Anonymous4:41 AM


    Thursday afternoon, Trump's senior communications adviser Jason Miller refused to accept the premise that his boss had anything but an "excellent" debate, pointing to unscientific online polls--broadly dismissed by political professionals--that declared Trump the winner.

    πŸ’‹ASS- "The one dynamic driving this is that it's not about trying to win an election, it’s about trying to please Donald Trump," Stevens said

    πŸ’‹ASS- "Your ability to rise and fall in that organization is predicated on your willingness to say something that will please the boss."


  5. Well, this election cycle's October surprise is here, and it is that the country of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln has allowed this rage-filled bag of foot-stomping, woman-hating, ignorant orange suet to lumber onto the stage as the presidential nominee of an allegedly major party.

  6. Anonymous4:48 AM


    Ivanka did you grow up watching sex tapes with daddy? Melania watched your childhood friend's sextapes with Donnie

    Wouldn't be surprised if daddy had a nanny cam watching you bathe, get dressed, go to the bathroom and sleep.

    Donnie in the Trump Tower do you have a special room made just for you where you have numerous monitors watching what your tenants do behind closed doors?

  7. Anonymous4:52 AM

    As much as we are trying to give Trump the election he keeps effing it up.

    1. Anonymous3:12 PM

      One wonders if Putin is reconsidering his support of Trump. He may decide he has a better chance with Hillary as president.

  8. Anonymous6:04 AM


  9. Anonymous6:12 AM

    Who is one of Donnie's biggest πŸ’‹ass?

    You only see her when Donnie tries to hoodwink (no pun intended) the African-American community into believing he cares about them.

    She was brought out of her brief reality show retirement to kowtow to Donnie and to be Donnie's surrogate to the African-American community.

    She stands next to Donnie when he makes his brief appearances at black churches or communities.

    Before the first season of The Apprentice she was known for nothing.

    She was the villain on one season of the Apprentice.

    Probably has no friends

    You do not see and will never see her at Donnie's Alt-Right functions or predominantly white inbred rallies

    If you haven't guess by now, it is Omarosa



    The secret to @realDonaldTrump 's success in this race is that he simply outworks his opponent! It's a movement- NOT a moment! #MAGA πŸš‚πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
    11:19 AM - 28 Sep 2016 from Trump Tower

    (Does anybody really believe Donnie out worked Hillary at the first debate? Omarosa doesn't believe it either but she has to say it if she wants to get paid and stay employed - kiss ass)

    1. Anonymous8:35 AM

      Omarosa was a pain in the ass on The Apprentice all those years ago and I recall her being very much disliked by others on the show. She didn't reflect herself to be charming and smart at all - more to the side of being sly and smug.

    2. Anonymous8:58 AM

      Omarosa is either an idiot or she is playing her cards, the nastier you are on reality tv, the more media attention.

      I would think the black community considers her an oreo cookie.

  10. Anonymous7:36 AM

    I've changed to the "Donnie don't wanna be POTUS" camp. Somebody or somebodies with lots of money is/are keeping poor little hapless Donnie in the race for the presidency. I am hoping to see more attempts by the Donster to set ignite the dumpster fire for real. He'll surely start tweeting links to sex tapes. Or pics of his penis. The possibilities are endless.

  11. Anonymous7:54 AM

    In the first frame of the picture for this article, he found it "hard to focus" to prepare for the debate. That definitely eliminates him from the presidency. Imagine if he had been president 52 Octobers ago.

    Of course, I'm referring to the Cuban Missile Crisis, which lasted for over two weeks. If he can't stay focused to prepare for the debated with Hillary, there would have been no way in hell that he could have stayed focused for over two weeks.

    That's not even counting his quote that "If we have nuclear weapons, why can't we use them?". or his thin skin? If Nikita Krushchev had said the wrong thing, or something to insult Trump, none of us would be here having this debate. The pool might have been, "when is he going to launch?". Game over.

  12. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Republicans will not allow/are blocking an investigation into Trump's ties w/Russia!

    Another reason not to vote for any Republican up for reelection - in Congress - in State Legislatures and on local levels.

    Republicans are STILL backing Trump even though the majority in our country (and the world) know he is not qualified to be POTUS.

  13. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Thank you, Canada !! Finally a journalist that has been daily fact checking the Donald all along, Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star.

    Shame on the American press, fact checking! Something that you should have been doing for months now, instead of giving the orange blow hard free air time.

  14. Anonymous1:23 PM

    I am still amazed at how many folks living in AK are more than willing to elect the 1st reality TV star president. I shouldn't be as we already allow the oil companies run our state, but still

    1. Anonymous12:27 AM

      Well, they did elect a beauty pageant runner up to the Governor's office.

  15. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Didn't Donald brag that he hasn't changed much since the second grade?

    One wonders why he considers a second grader to be qualified to be President of the United States.

    1. I would have as a second-grader. However, I was 28 years' too young to run, and I also too would have had to beat JFK (had he lived) in the primaries.

      I also would have needed a big box to stand on to reach the microphone.

  16. Anita Winecooler4:08 PM

    For a "over compensater" lie Donald, nothing's more impressive than having a cuban cigar. Add to that his penchant for attracting the lowest common denominators, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he had ties to cuba, our "allies in North Korea" led by a waaay too short elvis wannabe, and other questionable states, countries and organizations like cheap labor from china and other countries. Saying things like "not paying taxes makes him smart" doesn't make him wise, there's a hoooge difference between the two.


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