Saturday, October 22, 2016

David and Nancy French learn all about irony, the alt-right way.

Courtesy of TPM: 

David French, a columnist for National Review, and his wife Nancy French, a columnist for the Washington Post, have come under what French called “an unending torrent of abuse that I wouldn’t wish on anyone” in a column published Friday. He describes how, more than a year ago, he began seeing images of his daughter’s face photoshopped into gas chambers or slave ships, and how the comment section of his wife’s blog on Patheos filled with images of extreme violence. 

French’s adopted daughter is black and was called “niglet” and “dindu” by French’s online harassers, who also claimed his wife cheated on him with black men while he was deployed to Iraq. It's a common charge among far-right internet trolls who often accuse others of being cuckolded, both sexually and ideologically. 

French recounts how, immediately after he declined to mount an independent run for president, his wife received an email from a Trump supporter “who informed her that he knew the business end of a gun and told her directly that she should shut her mouth or he’d take action.” In another incident, French wrote that a phone call between his wife and her elderly father was interrupted by a third angry voice on the call, spurring “a brief, anxious search inside my father-in-law’s home for a potential intruder and yet another call to law enforcement.”

This is how French ends his National Review article 

Two weeks ago Nancy and I were enjoying lunch with friends after church. My son’s football coach asked if “things had calmed down” after the tumult of the summer. I grabbed my phone, said “let’s see,” and opened my Twitter mentions. I laughed at the first one, a standard profane rant calling me a traitor for opposing Trump, but when my wife looked, her face twisted up in shock. There they were, just below, more tweets from more men, aimed directly at her. She burst into tears. 

So, no, things have not “calmed down,” and I’m always amused when people tell me that I belong to Never Trump because it makes me feel good about myself. There’s nothing that gives me pleasure about this election season. But if I can do anything to expose and oppose this latest debasement of our politics and culture, and to defend my wife and daughter, then at least I will have purpose.

Look I don't think it is okay for ANYBODY to be treated in this manner.

But it hard to feel sympathy for somebody who had no problem supporting the beta version of Trump, but then acts terrified to see who supports Sarah Palin 2.0.

In many ways Nancy French was instrumental in helping Sarah Palin expand her brand and fire up the very same group of right wing nutjobs who are currently suggesting that she be burned at the stake.

Nancy French helped to put the words in Palin's mouth that her knuckle dragging fans found so inspiring, and even helped her wayward daughter attempt to repair her reputation by writing a book accusing Levi Johnston of rape.

I wonder if she ever lost any sleep at the notion of his face "twisting up in shock" at reading those words?

You know there is a passage from a widely discredited book that I once read, I think it went a little something like this:

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.

The reaping part is always a bitch, don't you think? 


  1. SallyinMI11:09 AM

    I read his column today and have to admit that I do not feel sorry for them. He was going to run himself, wasn't he? Another non-educated inexperienced "Christian" who finds it all well and good to criticize Democrats, but when someone is being nasty to him? Oh dear. Oh dear. Where will he turn now? The hateful "Christian coalition" he and Nancy helped build, is turning on him. He might find out that Democrats are decent folks with the best interests of everyone in mind, not just the pre-born and white males.

    1. Anonymous3:27 PM

      Yes, the coalition tried it, to guffaws.
      The hateful Christian.
      That he is.

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  2. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Gryph, I read the French's post in NRO yesterday and was hoping you'd write about. Very little sympathy here either - I think it's a case of chickens coming home to roost.

    Didn't Nancy French ghost write Bristol' blog for a while? Think you've mentioned that here. Was this ever proven?

    1. Anonymous11:45 AM

      It been proven. Vino said it on the show and was promptly deserted on the side of the road. There was a time when a link to a copy of the blog with Nancy's name on the byline showed up and was replaced with Palin's name, but there's a screencap.

    2. Anonymous11:53 AM


    3. Anonymous12:33 PM

      Did you read the comments after??

    4. Anonymous2:56 PM

      All the details are here-

      "Nancy says:
      March 15, 2012 at 8:07 pm

      Dear “Salad,”

      Hey — that was my fault! I’m supposed to be helping Bristol with the technology part of all this, so I entered the posts that she sent me under the wrong name.

      Sorry for the confusion!

  3. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Sounds like a Palin to me...fits them like a glove!

  4. Too bad for them. Yeah, yeah, karma's a bitch...

    Here is what the alt-right/new ass-for-Jesus acquaintance I used to know now says about Trump:

    "He never said he was perfect."

    This is all they have as an excuse for his wall-to-wall crap fest. Sad.

    We don't want perfect candidates, we sane people want authentic, sometimes failing, human beings, ones who realize they are sexual predators, racists, cheaters, adulterers, narcissistic liars, etc., etc., etc. who don't run for any office, in the first place.

    Self-awareness and self-control -- basic attributes for the Presidency. Friggin' BASIC! How is this not understood by 30 million (!) Americans? 'cause they don't have any so don't understand them as important, I guess.

    1. Anonymous11:38 AM

      Or my favorite, "God sends who he thinks we need".
      There is no arguing with them. If they can't explain the bad behavior it becomes "God Plan".

      Who are we to question? sheeesh

    2. As my sister says of this mutual acquaintance , he "got God" recently, and is currently "an ass for Jesus".

      His last FB message to me: "I can see the evil attempt on your part of contentiousness, but I shall not succomb to it. Trump never said he was perfect. His intuition is better than anyone I have seen in a long time. I don't think you realize how close to the cliff our country is. The best thing I can do for you is to pray for you daily (which I will). Jesus warned us abou these times. I shall not war with you or take part in angry discourses. Goodbye, Barbara !!!"

      I had posted this on his FB (re Buyer's Remorse):

      Only fools argue with fools. What was I thinking? Perhaps one of his followers would see my post and reconsider their vote....?

    3. Anonymous5:28 PM

      Trump never said he was perfect.

      Wish I hd a dime foe every time I've heard that one. Although I wouldn't doubt there is a video out there somewhere that shows him actually saying he is.

  5. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Or, 'what goes around, comes around"!

    When folks do or say horrible things, they eventually get theirs! Sometimes it happens quickly and other times the movement seems to take forever!

    We've watched it happen to The Palins and now it's occurring to Donald and his!

  6. Lindsay11:26 AM

    Well said. Great post.

  7. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Wonder if David and Nancy ever see that Hillary supporters don't attack Bernie supporters and vice versa.

    Why are all the deplorables on one side?

    1. Anonymous1:35 PM better back up and rethink that statement, I did come across Bernie supporters that leaned to the alt right and said nasty things to me because I am biracial. I won't say there were a huge percentage, and I do think they were more of the Rand Paul libertarian types that glommed on to Bernie, but there were racist Bernie supporters, and in fact, there were racist and misogynistic Bernie supporters, but again....a low percentage overall.

    2. Anonymous2:21 PM

      Hillary supporters treated us Bernie supporters like crap from the get-go. It wasn't until we found out that the Democratic party supported Hillary and not Bernie that we all realized the truth; when DWS had to step down and then, what, of course get a job working for Hillary did we all realize that the American "two party" system is insurmountable.

      That being said, all of us Independents were for Bernie regardless if he sold his soul to run as a Dem. We still appreciate him and all he stood for and will vote appropriately.

    3. Anonymous4:25 PM

      2:21 Not sure 'two party' is insurmountable but it will take a stronger showing from those who claim they have a better way to run the government. There is an "Independent Party". It's just not strong enough or large enough yet. Similar for Palin's attempt to run her tea party bots as a legitimate party. She didn't sell her wares very well.

      Bernie Sanders came to the Democrat party to challenge another Democrat with a larger base. I don't know why anyone would assume the two factions would be lovey-dovey anymore than we would be BFFs with any of the Repug supporters. It's just one of those silly 'opponent' things.
      Rude words and rude behavior came from ALL sides, including the Bernie side.

      So your chosen candidate lost. Now what. It's certainly your choice as it should be. But like in baseball, whining is a silly option.

    4. "Whining is a silly option," Boy do I ever subscribe to that comment en total.
      Thanks. I will use that endlessly.

  8. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Delicious. Sorry, but not really! That's how I feel. This is karma. These two deserve this heapin' helpin' basket of deplorable comments! Think back to 2000, when Karl Rove floated the rumor that John McCain fathered a black child. This is the Republican playbook, folks. These cretins reap what they sow.

    1. Anonymous2:21 PM

      Remember too all the attacks on Chelsea Clinton when Bill was President. She was a young kid then but that didn't stop the hateful pigs on the right.

      The only benefit then -- there was no facebook, twitter, social media as there is now.

      As for the Frenches -- when reading Gryphen's post -- it broght a smile to my face. Bet Nancy's not going to 'ghostwrite' now!! Strike it in the pocketbook too!! Love it!!

      What goes around comes aroung and smacks you upside the head or 'wherever'!!!

    2. Anonymous7:47 PM

      Totally agree with you, 11:30 AM and 2:21 PM. Love karma, just wish it didn't take so long to happen sometimes. But when it does--it's glorious.

  9. Anonymous11:34 AM

    OT? PIGS>"Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier is the official who sets the tone for police actions in Morton County North Dakota. He alone determines how prisoners are treated. He holds the authority to enforce humane treatment or encourage cruelty designed to instill fear, humiliation, embarrassment and shame. And shame is the ultimate weapon—utilized by the narcissist in a pitiful attempt to gain control and break the spirit of his victims."The woman with decades of life experience is having difficulty processing the humiliation and violence condoned by Sheriff Kirchmeier."How in the world is a 19-year-old expected to deal with such violence and humiliation? Is the Sheriff proud of his vicious campaign of aggression and humiliation—a crusade of human rights abuses ordered against a defenseless teenager?"Legality is in the eye of the beholder and requires a MORAL compass."The Sheriff and the deputies who carry out his orders are all progeny of Narcissus. They pursue their gratification through violent intimidation, and are falling in love with their images as reflected in press conferences where the Sheriff can term a PRAYER service a riot and get away with it."

    1. Anonymous2:09 PM

      Thank you. I gladly signed their petition!

    2. Anonymous2:13 AM

      I can understand why drumpf hasn't mentioned this, but why the radio silence from the Clinton campaign in regards to the water protectors vs Corporate?

  10. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Gee Missy..bring on the suits....If ya accuse you must be deposed exposed and sent to the microscope of forensics under oath. Just like donald and a few other liars. He too will be deposed, exposed and sent to the forensic microscope.
    I have found that the constitutional republicans have replaced and placed imposters in very important areas around the country and in position since 2012. They changed their registered party to democrat in order to create crime and chaos. Dumb shits are Busted.

  11. Best summation of Trump's character ever. 8 minutes.
    The constitution says he need not concede; it just doesn't matter. It is only a tradition.
    The founding fathers thought of everything.

    If he doesn't, it will show conclusively he has no respect for anybody or anything, including democracy and he will become a dirty footnote in the history of American presidential candidates, in the face of a black president and a woman president.

    Lawrence does not think his followers will rise up because they are losers and will inevitably turn on Trump who did not deliver on his promises.

    I'd like to go with that assessment and sleep better at night.

    1. Anonymous1:16 PM

      "he has no respect for anybody or anything"
      "including democracy itself"!

  12. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Nope. Huge bigly ugly list of the house of un-American losers since 2000. Traitors, treason, liars, cheats and espionage crimes all owned by the current republican party.

  13. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Once again, AGAIN, it is a situation of it's meh or even okay if it happens to someone else but when it happens to THEM.. then it is the MOST AWFUL thing.
    SO tired of the right and their poutrage. No these things shouldn't happen to anyone but where were they when it happened to someone else? I personally am enjoying the spate of articles lately about how the religious right has held themselves up for years and now they are nobody and nothing because they decided to sell their souls for DJT.

  14. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Palin. History. Rancho Del Cielo.

    Near East Camino Cielo.

  15. Anonymous11:49 AM

    It's called karma. That's what you get, Nancy, for ghostwriting the illusion in your head. I think they call it schizophrenia? Her Bristol posts were the worst and so easily debunked for behaviors, let alone $arah's books.

  16. Anonymous11:50 AM

    This regarding a child:

  17. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I always thought that helping Bristol accuse Levi of rape was about the lowest thing a human could do. It harmed Levi and it harmed Tripp (who will read the book someday). If Bristol was too narcissitic and immature to see that, Nancy was not. She was, technically, the adult in the room. She should have told Bristol that if this is what she is determined to do she would need to find a new ghostwriter because she would have no part in it. It is hard (but I will try) to feel sorry for her now.

    1. Anonymous5:15 PM


      Well said.

  18. Anonymous11:57 AM

    OT: ""For a five-year-old, that may work. But for a 25-year-old, that's not right."""Our policies have done more harm to people and community than marijuana. We demonize people. We unnecessarily criminalized people."
    ""So it's clear that this is about an industry getting rich," Sabet wrote." & HIGH!

  19. Anonymous12:23 PM

    As Christians, you would think they could realize what Hillary is going through now. What happens to them, Hillary is getting in SPADES. Yet, not a word about that. Just themselves. They have been paid to pretend to be Bristles Palin, writing for her knowing what a slut she is. They have tried to whitewash the reputations of the PayMe clan, now the fans of $carah have turned on them. Too bad, so sad. If they had spent quality time at the compound with the PayMe's nothing would shock them. Every vile cuss word has been shrieked out at their drunken brawls. Tripp and Trig could teach the French's new words.

    1. Anonymous4:47 AM

      But...but...but... aren't xtians supposed to turn the other cheek, love their enemies, forgive and forget, and a bunch of other little tidbits they just luv to toss around?

      They don't think much of their own god figure and what he says in his book, do they? But then god told Palin, Bachmann, Cruz, too many to name, that they would be pres. so....there you go.

  20. Anonymous12:26 PM


    1. Anonymous1:52 AM

      The Mary Turner Memorial near Valdosta, Georgia. Constantly getting shot up.
      Read her WWWiki page if you have the courage. You won't forget her story. Ever.

  21. Anonymous12:26 PM

    I read your post a bit ago and needed time to think about it, I guess.
    Yes - most certainly I am sorry their adopted daughter has been used to attack them. She is certainly blameless.
    With that said - - -
    Consider the support Nancy has given to the Palins. Writing worthless books for them and constantly posting for them. (She was able to formulate a coherent sentence and Sarah and Bristol could not). How much money do you suppose the French family garnered from SarahPAC and were not at all concerned about the disgusting things Nancy was creating for the benefit of the Palin family? When did Nancy and David develop a conscience? Was it when the funds from Palin dried up or did they have an epiphany?
    I am not a vicious person and certainly do not derive pleasure in the problems of others - but in this case - what the heck were they thinking all of this time???

    Pat Padrnos

  22. Anonymous12:29 PM

    “I think they want fame,”< All of them , everyone! ME!

  23. Anonymous12:34 PM

    OT? Like Sara?

    1. Anonymous9:01 PM

      This is terrible & should be reported to the Secret Service & FBI.

  24. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Bullies don't like being bullied?! Imagine!

    1. Anonymous1:22 PM

      The Beatles sang it best.

  25. Anonymous12:58 PM

    It's not hard at all to feel completely unsympathetic for the Frenches.

    I am in no way responsible for the miserable treatment they have endured and are enduring and if it's so horrible for them and their family maybe they should talk to Sarah Palin and beg her to call off her flying monkeys.

    Good luck with that, Frenches.

    Now,... what shall I fix for dinner? Decisions, decisions.

  26. Anonymous1:01 PM

    The snakes in the pit turning on each other.

  27. Anonymous1:04 PM

    "I think hate is contagious." "“bad hombres,”
    "Ramos maintains that he was “right to confront Donald Trump right from the beginning,” unlike some other journalists who he believes came to that conclusion much too late in the election cycle."from 2014 to 2015, the number of chapters of organizations affiliated with the KKK grew from 72 to 190. And that’s really concerning. Last year, 20 people were killed by supremacist groups. Last year, 63 mosques were attacked. So clearly something is going on in the country." I’ve covered rigged elections in Latin America for decades. I know what a rigged election is, and what’s happening in the United States is not a rigged election." you have to confront him. That is precisely what we do as journalists. When you are confronted with racism, discrimination, corruption, dictatorship, violation of human rights, as a journalist you have to take a stand." EXPOSE HIM" "This is a historic election."What I know for sure is that it won’t disappear after Election Day because they feel emboldened, they feel strengthened, they feel validated by his campaign."<ALT-RIGHT.

  28. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I feel bad for their little black kid but for them, I have no sympathy.

  29. ibwilliamsi1:11 PM

    They lay down with the Palins and got sleaze. I don't condone what people have done to them, but I also have no sympathy for David or Nancy. They built that, they need to own it. I'm sick to death of these whiners who can dish it out but can't take it.

  30. Anonymous1:12 PM

    TRUMP'S Number 11 is on MSNBC

    1. Anonymous2:31 PM

      He'll need to file a class action against all women!

  31. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Number 11 produced a picture of herself and Trump.

    My feelings are she should have waited to produce the picture until after Trump said I don't know her.

    It happened in 2006.
    That makes Trump was married to Melania

    1. Anonymous2:42 PM

      Brings to mind the continuation of his lies in that he has said he didn't apologize to his wife yet she put out a statement he apologize (or did she put out that statement?? Put out under her name and not tell her??) Add she did two on air interviews saying he apologized and her further spew that she didn't see it as sexual assault not evidence in that they didn't sue him. She's a money grabbing stunned HO

    2. Anonymous2:46 PM

      Yes because now he will claim it's photoshopped.

  32. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Melania do you have your divorce lawyer on speed dial?

  33. Anonymous1:24 PM

    At this point and time, I am soooo sick of Trump, Palin, and the crazies. I am going to take a break from news of them. I don't know if they were always a faction of America and the media has just made them all important for the sake of ratings but I need a break. Life is too precious. I will vote. And if the world becomes Alt so be it. But if Hillary wins and put us back on coarse that would be wonderful. America is still young and does not need to be given out to the likes of Putin. We have more growing to do. It dawned on me other day, that Steve Bannon is fat and looks like he chews snuff. And Micheal Moore is fat, and he looks like he chews snuff. Just had to share that we have two white guys on opposite of the political spectrum who could be twins. And in between is Palin and Trump, Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum. THe world has gone crazy so gonna log off and do myself a favor and go on a calming nature walk.

  34. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Number 11 looks likes a younger Melania

  35. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Nancy had no problem writing Sara's hate speeches against President Obama that riled up and fed the racists.
    Sorry, but Nancy helped create this world where out and out bigotry and racism exist so openly. And now she is crying when it affects her? Did she cry for what others had to deal with because of her hateful writing?

    1. Anonymous2:07 PM

      As Mr. Garrison said on South Park last week (he's running for POTUS as a parody of Trump) when the women started leaving the auditorium during his latest speech he had this to say:

      “You’ve been okay with ‘f*ck everyone to death,’ all the Muslim and Mexican sh*t, but fingers in the ass did it for you? Cool. Just wanted to see where your line was.”

    2. Anonymous2:08 PM

      "Did she cry for what others had to deal with because of her hateful writing?"

    3. Anonymous2:08 PM

      You expressed more of what I was thinking. Thank you.

      Pat Padrnos

    4. Anonymous7:18 PM


  36. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Is Melania sitting in her Gold Tower saying to herself Donald and I used to watch her sex tapes and he was particularly interested in her. That explains why.

    1. I often wonder if Sarah and Todd had a similar conversation about Shailey.
      You know after feeling really good with coke on top of an oil drum and Todd feeling a song coming on......

      "And you, you light up my life...."

  37. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Trump will be the First POTUS to face impeachment charges as soon as he says I do on Day One

  38. Anonymous1:51 PM

    I am also feeling an anxiety-fueled fatigue, 1:24. It does help to push away from the computer and take in the goodness around us.

    For me, taking action is another way to feel empowered. Today, I went into the hood with a couple of young people to knock on doors and help get out the early vote.

    FYI Anchortown peeps - early voting begins this Monday - October 24th. You can vote Mon-Friday at City Hall or at the Div of Elections Office at 2525 Gambell St (the small street between Fireweed and Northern Lights)

    Early voting is also available the weekend before the election (Nov. 5 and 6) at the Div of Election office.


  39. Anonymous2:01 PM

  40. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I can't believe I'm watching Fox News right now. It's the only channel I could find that is showing Hillary's live speech in entirety. Unbelievable!

    1. Fox IS being run by Megan Fox, I knew it!

    2. I meant Megan Kelly. Interesting slip, eh?

  41. Anonymous2:53 PM

    The same people who are harassing them are the same people who support Palin. The same people the French's worked with and worked for.

    Schadenfreude anyone?

  42. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Happening now> Jessica Drake>"He pressured her to have sex with him and offered her $10,000 and the use of his private jet to have sex with him, which she declined." 10K? want to bet he would NOT have paid>

  43. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Didn't Bristol, with Nancy French's help, criticize the Obama girls several times on her Patheos blog? Where was the line drawn from the French's to NOT bring children of politicians into their arguments? Now Nancy French feels what it's like to have her family threatened, something that the Obama's endured for the past 8 years.

    1. Anonymous1:58 AM

      That last sentence is a very good point!

  44. Anonymous4:31 PM

    I wonder if either David or Nancy French have ever denounced the Obama Birther conspiracy and Trumps part in it at any time prior to Trumps' candidacy. Did either of them denounce Trump when he endorsed Romney in 2012?

  45. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Oh, how I miss those post church brunches, but I digress. You sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas, poor Nancy's crying now, but she was whistling dixie on pay day while under the employ of Sarah Bristol, and whatever personality showed up that day.
    Wanna be taken seriously as a writer? Don't ghostwrite for stupid. When your daughter grows up and sees the videos and words Sarah used about african americans, how will you explain it to her? Run to Costco and get the huge box of kleenex and start sowing. You defend the undefendable, as if we believe Sarah tells Piper to "shuck and jive".

  46. Randall4:49 PM

    When one sits there and creates an explosive situation and makes their living by making it more and more volatile day after day's difficult for me to feel pity when it finally and inevitably blows up in their own face.

  47. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Chickens => Roost.

    So, all of a sudden David French, ultra-conservative Christianist and spouse of mercenary Palin family ghostwriter/mouthpiece Nancy French is whining about internet trolls. Oh, right, they're bothering *you* now. As Donald would disingenuously say, "Sad!"

    French wrote: "The formula is simple: Criticize Trump — especially his connection to the alt-right — and the backlash will come."

    Let's fix that: Criticize *Palin*, and the backlash will come. E.g., death threats and vile slurs against Gryphen, efforts to get him fired from his job, and endless harrassment. Not to mention what happened to Audrey as well as other original Trig Truthers, Joe "Pedophile" McGinniss, Levi "Rapist" Johnston, Shailey "Wackjob" Tripp, opponents in Alaska, et al.

    This originated with Sarah Palin, whom the Frenches have supported and financially benefited from for eight years. And there's a direct line from Palin to Trump. Of course it's awful that the French family is being subjected to this, but jeez: You're reaping what you sowed, folks.

  48. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Nancy French has incited hate for liberals for years and fan the flames for Palin as Bristols social media and book ghostwriter. No one feels sorry for her. She helped cause this.


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