Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Hey kids let's go to the parade! I hear there's a really fun float featuring Donald Trump electrocuting Hillary Clinton.

Courtesy of WCPO: 

Residents in Indiana are up in arms over a parade float Saturday that depicted Donald Trump throwing the switch on Hillary Clinton in an electric chair and President Obama as a Easter Island figure with an oversized head.

A public protest started when an Aurora mom posted a photo of the float on Facebook and condemned it as sexist and racist. Most commenters agreed with her, but others defended it. "Who thinks this is appropriate for a fair parade where children, some of them minorities and girls, are marching and playing instruments and watching? 

Who thinks this is something to laugh at or be proud of?" Penny Britton said on her Facebook post. "This is disgusting. This makes me embarrassed to say I live here. This is Aurora, Indiana. Congratulations."

The float was part of the Aurora Farmers Fair Parade Saturday morning in the small Ohio River town 35 miles west of Cincinnati. It's sponsored by the Aurora Lions Club, according to its website, and touted as Indiana's oldest street festival. The theme of the parade was "Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future."

And that's really the key phrase here, "embracing the future."

Because if Donald Trump were really to be elected President this is exactly the kind of future for which this Indiana woman and all of us need to prepare ourselves.

Increased racism, misogyny, and anarchy will rule the day.

Someday this woman might look back on this incident as a quaint reminder of when people could still feel outrage at its disgusting lack of sensitivity.


  1. Anonymous4:12 AM

    The brain trust that made the float said it was suppose to be funny!! That he could have just as easily put Trump in the electric chair. OMG they can't even defend their ignorance and incivility.

    Yes, this is a preview of Trump's America.

    1. Anonymous5:59 AM

      From Pence's Indiana no less.

    2. Anonymous3:35 PM

      We call it Hoosierstan. Thankfully, I'm a refugee.

    3. Anonymous3:36 PM

      Funny? Just goes to prove Republicans are so brain damaged they just don't know what is funny and what is in bad taste.

      If you read the signs this is clearly a political float that has nothing to do with the theme of the parade. It's a hate float.

  2. Jim In Texas4:12 AM

    There's a reason we call them "Deplorables".

  3. Anonymous4:21 AM

    It's sponsored by the Aurora Lions Club, according to its website, and touted as Indiana's oldest street festival. The theme of the parade was "Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future."

    According to the Rules & Regulation on the website, Fair officials "reserve the right to reject or evict any entry from the parade line-up that they deem unsuitable."

    On Monday, the trailer holding the float was in the driveway of a man named Frank Linkmeyer. A Lions Club board member, Tom Scott Petty, told WCPO the organization was not prepared to make a statement.

    The parade manager listed on the website, Michael Feustel, did not return our call.
    So, TIIC had no problem with it.
    Pence Country.

    1. Anonymous6:25 AM

      Yup, Pence country. Where this happened last July 4th:

      "In July, an Independence Day parade float sparked a similar reaction just north of Indianapolis in Sheridan, a town of 2,900. That float depicted Obama in a toilet and a sign with the words 'Lying African'."

      The float driver, a Trump supporter, said he was a patriot.

      Yup, Pence country.

    2. Anonymous3:36 PM

      Hopefully the Lions Club on the national level bars them.

    3. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Yeah, they're all patriots. Until it comes time to pay their taxes.

  4. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Imagine they are applauding Trump's latest statement -- that Jesus is a loser, he likes people who don't let themselves get crucified.

  5. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Trump and his slavery days...

  6. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Tes, and its not only people of color, it is Hrc and trump on the float, white people! Yes, please inform us of the names of all involved in this float.

  7. Anonymous5:11 AM

    I worked in that part of Indiana a few years ago. Surprised me to find out that it was still a stronghold for KKK and, of course, the John Birch society. 10 cats

  8. Randall5:47 AM

    In our history, four presidents have been assassinated:
    and Lincoln
    including those four, there have been sixteen assassination attempts on our presidents.
    Presidential candidates have been shot: Robert Kennedy and George Wallace, for example.
    The death of any political candidate is no joke.
    All of those involved in conceiving and creating that float as well as every one who condones it should be deeply ashamed of themselves and should be shunned as disgusting human beings.

    1. Anonymous3:43 PM

      Don't give a pass to the Lion's Club who apparently approved of it, since they let it pass.

  9. Anonymous6:08 AM

    Imagine the uproar if Trump was hung in effigy? This kind of crap just eggs racists and angry old white men on. Our country is disgustingly sexist and racist.

    1. Anonymous3:44 PM

      If I had made a float with Trump dressed as a nazi with a Hitler mustache and his arm raised, do you think the Lion's Club would have given me a pass too? That would have been both the past and the future right there.

  10. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Breaking news - Indiana Voter Fraud Investigation - GOP can't win unless they cheat - 45,000 African Americans disenfranchised

    “After all is said and done, when this partisan investigation finds no wrongdoing by the organization, Connie Lawson and the Indiana State Police will have prevented 45,000 African Americans from voting in this year’s elections. That is why today we reported their outrageous actions to the Department of Justice.”

    1. Repubs know how to win: cheat.

    2. Anonymous6:14 PM

      "The IVRP uses quality-control procedures to catch issues with voter registrations. Varoga said any of the applications that have been earmarked as fraud were already earmarked by the IVRP as incomplete or incorrect.

      "If they transpose a number and that’s inaccurate, that’s a mistake," he said. "That’s not fraud."

      Varoga said he does not know the status of those 45,000 applications but said the seizure of cellphones and laptops during Tuesday's search warrant impedes the organization from further registering people to vote before the Oct. 11 deadline.

      Varoga said State Police have been coordinating with the secretary of state's office, which he said became clear because of the timing of Lawson's statement and the onset of the State Police investigation. He said the investigation is a partisan effort "designed to make it harder to vote in this election."

      He also said investigators seized personal cellphones during the search and denied staff the opportunity to contact an attorney, then told them that if an attorney were contacted, a state trooper had to be present. When an attorney did arrive, Varoga said, he was denied access to the office.

      The involvement of a State Police trooper who is interested in running for sheriff in Johnson County as a Republican causes concern, Varoga said."

      This happens every election. At least Indiana has a means to check your registration.

      But it's going to go red anyway, so while it is tragic for the individuals who are being jerked around by this sham, it won't change the outcome of the election so far as the state is concerned. At least not on a national level. For the downticket, who knows?

  11. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Then this>
    "“I would’ve preferred he not give the speech at all, and if he was going to give it somewhere, maybe in ALASKA,” he said. “I personally thought the speech was embarrassing for all involved.”

    1. Anonymous6:16 PM

      Ah, that's our Donny. Continuing to piss of and alienate the people. Keep it up, Trump. They'll be no one to blame by yourself, not that you'll recognize that.

      When is he firing Kellyanne and hiring campaign manager #5?

  12. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Makes me sick. I'm from northeast Ohio. Being from there, the hateful backwardness of the surrounding GOP states--IN, KY, and WV (yeah, this state has some old Dems but it's basically like the others)--and southern part of OH is so embarrassing during election years.

    1. Anonymous11:40 AM

      This is exactly what friends from that area have explained to me. It is a racist backwater country.

  13. Anonymous9:30 AM

    OT: Hummmm Interesting....

  14. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Trumpf rally:

  15. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Not quite mensa material, but I'm sure Donald would be fine with a float of the love of his life in the electric chair, but then they'd have to shave Ivanka's hair.


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