Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I am typically not a big fan of graffiti but you have to admit, this essentially speaks for most of us.

However as a progressive I feel that I should encourage Trump to keep right on talking up until November 8. Because that does nothing but help us.

After that I am absolutely on board with never hearing another peep out of his orange anus shaped mouth ever again.


  1. Randall2:42 AM

    The only thing worse for Trump/Pence than allowing Trump to continue talking would be for that to happen PLUS have Sarah Palin start stumping for him, also, too.

  2. Anonymous3:03 AM

    WTF does he even have a str? He must have paid bigly for it.
    What a joke. These major stars do not have one:
    Robert De Niro. Leonardo DiCaprio. Judi Dench. Tina Fey. Diane Keaton. Brad Pitt. Julia Roberts. Jerry Seinfeld, George Clooney, Will Smith, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie,John Cleese, Denzel Washington
    Hmmmmmmmmmm those sans star are liberals......hmmmmmmmm
    Sad. Trump turns everything into a joke. Who would want one now since that clown has one. And for WHAT?????????? Reality TV????

    1. Anonymous5:12 AM

      They also have to pay to have one there. Ego much, Donnie?

    2. Anonymous11:34 AM

      It does have to be paid for, plus you have to be "nominated" by your fans as it were. So he put up someone to suggest him, it was approved and then the money was paid.

      Does anyone think for a moment that Trump wouldn't wait one second longer than necessary to get a star?

      It's not like an Emmy. You don't earn it. You just buy it.

  3. Anonymous3:05 AM

    Anus shaped mouth: that is exactly what it looks like and the words and "thoughts" he spews out are what come out of it.
    He is a disgrace. Can't wait for him to get busy making an ass out of himself on Trump TV.

  4. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Florida spirals away from Trump
    With the GOP nominee trailing in poll after poll and lacking a ground game, a low turnout may be Trump's only hope of carrying the state.
    By MARC CAPUTO 10/25/16 05:14 AM EDT

    From polling to early voting trends to TV ad spending to ground game, Donald Trump’s Florida fortunes are beginning to look so bleak that some Republicans are steeling themselves for what could be the equivalent of a “landslide” loss in the nation’s biggest battleground state.

    Trump has trailed Hillary Clinton in 10 of the 11 public polls conducted in October — according to POLITICO’s Battleground States polling average, Clinton has a 3.4 point lead. Even private surveys conducted by Republican-leaning groups show Trump’s in trouble in Florida, where a loss would end his White House hopes....

    Read more at http://www.politico.com/story/2016/10/trump-clinton-florida-230275

  5. Anonymous3:26 AM

    After that I am absolutely on board with never hearing another peep out of his orange anus shaped mouth ever again.
    From your lips to the media's ears, Gryph!

  6. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Cashman: Ivanka Trump's brand endangered by derailing train

    Jaclyn Cashman Tuesday
    October 25, 2016

    Ivanka, it’s time to ditch your dad and protect your brand.

    Your father’s take-no-prisoners campaign could be doing irrevocable damage to your $100 million fashion and lifestyle empire. You need to detach from the Trump Train....


    1. Anonymous6:44 AM

      I was shopping and picked up a cute shoe at a dept store to try on. When I saw it was Ivanka's, I set it back down and moved along. I wouldn't try it just because it was her's

    2. Anonymous9:00 AM

      6:44am, perhaps you can figure out who she stole the design from and buy from them. It's probably a more reasonable price too.

    3. Anonymous9:54 AM

      9:00: exactly my feelings! She stole all the designs for her merchandise and is selling her stuff, which is a knock-off of other brands.
      I would not be caught dead buying her stuff!

  7. Anonymous3:46 AM

    'Thank you for your service, Obama style.'
    Bristol Palin

    This to is Obama's fault.


    1. Anonymous7:51 AM

      Too bad that Obama style didn't force you Palins to stay in school. Did Obama style force you to have all of those bastard babies? Did Obama style force Dakota to accept the MOH?

    2. Anonymous8:24 AM

      The link doesn't work 4 me.

    3. Anonymous1:20 PM

      Tank you Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rie for getting us into that shitshow in the first place. Obma didn't build this but he inherited it.
      Perhaps this will make people who sign up for the military think twice about risking their life , limb and now $$$ for some asshat war. If that happens, I would be very happy. Young disadvantaged citizens need another opportunity instead of the military to make something of themselves.

    4. Anonymous2:37 PM

      Obama had nothing to do with it and can't fix it. Talk to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

  8. Very restrained. Like it.

  9. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Notice that it isn't a swastika or a cross hair or some kind of weapon. It's a mute button. Must be a liberal thing.

  10. Anonymous5:04 AM

    He is an ass, I can't wait for him to disappear. He appeals to the worst in people

  11. Vote Orange Anus To Make Murrica Great6:12 AM

    Trump Spent $300K Of Donor Money On Books From ‘Art Of The Deal’ Publisher


    "The Oct. 15 FEC filing lists three entries paid to Penguin/Random House for “Collateral: Books”; one for $91,866 on August 30, one for $98,975 on September 1, and one on $98,975 on September 22, HuffPo reported. The publishing house has printed five Trump books including "How To Get Rich" and "Think Like A Billionaire." "


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